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Rangers’ Imran Ahmad Lets Slip 2007 Link to Craig Whyte

The storm around Charles Green shows no signs of abating. I have a post coming later today about the Ibrox reaction to all this.

As well as his SFA complaint about his comment regarding Imran Ahmad, it appears that the main sponsors are making a complaint about him too for that remark.

There are rumours he is to face an additional disrepute charge for saying “no surrender” in an interview given last year, and only now aired. (Frankly that seems a ridiculous charge, if indeed it is being made, both in terms of the allegation itself, and of the fact that it is prompted by a broadcast. It is not as if it was said last week. Surely the bringing the game into disrepute comes from the organisation which has now, months later, decided there is some reason to broadcast it? If it was seen as an earth-shattering remark, then presumably the media company involved might have released it then?) Continue reading


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The SFA Disciplinary Case Against Mr Green, Or Was it?

In which I offer a few thoughts on press coverage of the SFA disciplinary process involving Mr Green and Mr McCoist, some fine work of spinning by Rangers FC’s own media people regarding the same matter, and the possibility that Mr Green’s comments about the decision could themselves have been a breach of the rules!

Spot the common theme in the following extracts from reports about the SFA disciplinary hearing on Thursday:-

The Press Association

Chief executive Charles Green escaped with a censure for comments he made in the media claiming “bigotry” was one of the reasons his newco club were denied entry to the SPL.

From the BBC

Ibrox chief executive Charles Green was censured for claiming bigotry was among the motives for punishing the club. Continue reading


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I recently posted on Charles Green and bigotry but having just watched him on STV lunchtime news repeating his ‘agenda’ comment I am left stunned at the dangerous game he is playing and have revised my post in view of the growing seriousness of his stance in relation to Scottish football and the wider public.

If the SFA don’t take the strongest of action then the Scottish Government must immediately step-in to deal with this lunacy before we actually do end up with civil disorder.

Green stood outside Ibrox as supporters queued for match tickets and played and worked them like a Barra-Boy. (Btw as an ex-stallholder I am in a position to judge.) Continue reading


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Some Comments on Lord Carloway’s Decision to Uphold the Rangers Signing Embargo


The SFA Appeal Panel sat yesterday (Wednesday) and issued its decision last night. The summary can be found here on the SFA website.


Once I saw the Judicial Panel verdict, ably crafted by Gary Allan QC, I thought that the prospects of appeal which I had first entertained seemed very slim indeed. Mr Allan’s decision, written as Chairman on behalf of the Panel, was, it seemed to me, legally watertight, and the only real decisions for the Panel had been (1) whether to reject Rangers “appeal to equity” (otherwise known as the ‘come on Gary, gie’s a brekk’ argument) and (2) having found Rangers guilty, what penalty to impose.


That view was bolstered by the restrictive terms of the permissible grounds of appeal.

Continue reading


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