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One Day Closer…Rangers FC’s Race for A Licence + RFC’s new Slogan – “Bring a cheque and join the team!”

A quick roundup of news from Ibrox as Rangers FC approaches at top speed the deadline for a licence being granted.

The phrase “subject to SFA membership” has started to appear on Rangers.co.uk. Reality hitting home?

Where are they with membership? Mr Green and the BBC disagree.

What about Mr Kennedy’s offer from three weeks ago?

How did Rangers sign new contracts with players a few weeks ago, if they can’t do so now?

What does Mr McCoist want to sign SPL players, and, if membership is issued, will Mr Green allow him?

What is the Sevco/Rangers new battle cry?

And some good news, as the head of youth development at Ibrox talks in glowing terms of his leading lights and their ability to cope in SFL3. Continue reading


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And Here Is the News From Ibrox – More Chaos and Confusion

A quick run round the developments of the last couple of days in what is becoming the greatest show on earth.

Some thoughts on the return of Mr Kennedy and his dispute with Mr Green – could Mr Green have been taken out of the loop by the investors?

What about the season tickets – you cannot charge Rogano prices for a Blue Lagoon product.

Why did Southampton pay anything for Steven Davis, and can BDO use that transaction as evidence of an undervalued sale? Why did Sevco get the cash?

Is it of note that football agents are gathering round the running of Sevco Scotlands’s team?

Four business days for transfer of membership…the clock ticks ever louder…

Lots of questions – fewer answers! Continue reading


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The SFA v Rangers – Part 2- Duff & Phelps React and Rebut the Blue Knights

In which I look at D&P’s view of the appeal, their comments about Brian Kennedy and Mr Kennedy’s creative structuring of the deal, the appearance that the Blue Knights deal can be criticised for doing exactly what Craig Whyte was castigated for, and that the Blue Knights business plan seems to be founded on the failed strategy which led Rangers to where it is now, the never ending bidder story, and I pose a quiz question.




Yesterday D&P released a statement. It dealt with the SFA judgement, the state of the bidding and the Blue Knights complaints.

As before, I though a wee look through it might be helpful.

And we can start with a quiz question. Can the reader guess what word does not appear in the statement? This, as I am sure you will recall, is a statement issued by the administrators of Rangers Football Club PLC (In administration) who are obliged to act at all times in the interests of the creditors. No prizes for guessing…

Anyway, on with the article, and my comments are in bold. Continue reading


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More Duff and Phelps Analysis – Confusion Reigns – Guest Post by Den

Den has been kind enough to review an article from last night with some scintillating quotes from Duff & Phelps. If a week is a long time in politics, 24 hours is a lifetime in the affairs of Rangers.

However, other matters need to be attended to before I offer my thoughts on the Judicial Panel report (all 63 pages of it).

For now, Den will take you back to the long lost days when everything looked positive for Rangers and the Blue Knights were still in the game…ie yestyerday!



I was taken by this piece last night.


Former Rangers manager Graeme Souness says he has not been contacted about being part of a takeover bid for the club – and that he is not interested.

With all the disinformation we have been fed I expect to see Graeme outside Ibrox being applauded by the fans before the end of the season. I expect that the season will last beyond Sunday, possible into next season. Continue reading


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