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Who Should Be “A Certainty for … Journalist of the Year”? Kevin McKenna’s View on Downfall

This year saw the publication of a book described in this article by Kevin McKenna in the Scottish Review of Books as “what will probably be the biggest-selling sports book in Scotland this year”.

The book is written by an author described as “a prolific and respected freelance journalist and author in Ireland”.

As Mr McKenna says, the book “charts the gestation and birth of the most momentous story in the history of Scottish sport”. He ascribes his own sub-title to it – “how was one of the richest and most powerful institutions in Scottish society brought to its knees and destroyed while the rest of us were looking the other way”.

He goes on to say that, if the author was a staffer on a Scottish newspaper “he would be a certainty to be crowned sportswriter of the year, news reporter of the year and journalist of the year for his work on the … story”. Continue reading


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