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Ecojon on the Green/McMurdo Discrepancy and Mr Naqvi’s “Investment” in Rangers

The following is a comment by Ecojon on the previous post, but I thought it worth putting it up as a post in its own right.

Take it away!


Some “Rangers Haters” at the time suggested that the very wealthy gentleman in question had indeed invested at least £2 million but that when the original investors were told that they were to be paid in an equity for cash swap that he demanded and received his cash back as per the original agreement.

Now I have no way of knowing whether this is true or not or indeed of checking it.

However the McMurdo outpouring of grief is either sloppy journalism on a par with the Record, Sun, STV or Glasgow Herald or he has been fed mince in the guise of succulent lamb from a man in Ibrox. Continue reading


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Does Anyone Check Charles Green’s Statements Before He Makes Them? An Occasional Series

Following on from comments some, including me, have made about the declaration by Mr Green that his company is presently loss-making, I see from the excellent Bill McMurdo that a statement has been released by Mr Green “clarifying” matters.

It reads:-

“We are a public company and have to publish accounts at both the half year and full year stage. Everything will be laid bare. The trading position of the company up to the float was in the prospectus. There is absolutely nothing to hide and all will be disclosed.”

Who can have any argument with that? After all, as he says, the company will publish accounts at 6 months and one year. Although as this is the company formed in November 2012, even the six-month accounts will take a wee while to arrive. Continue reading


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Bill McMurdo Passes on Great News about the Rangers Share Issue!

Bill McMurdo, son of the most famous football agent in Scotland, and a distinguished, popular and prolific blogger on matters Rangers related, is full of positive news today for his favourite team.

According to Bill, who is generally on the button when it comes to all things Ibrox-related:-

“It is my understanding that institutional investor interest for the Rangers IPO has far exceeded club expectations. In fact, Rangers are anticipating that the share issue will be over-subscribed, a positive thing in today’s gloomy economy.”

Fantastic stuff! That must mean that even more than the twenty fund managers who were clamouring to meet Mr Green and to invest their clients’ funds in Rangers shares are beating down the door of the Ibrox Chairman. As Mr McMurdo points out, to do this in the run-up to Christmas, in the midst of dire economic circumstances generally, marks out Mr Green and his talented team of financial wizards as people who might usefully be asked to tell John Swinney or George Osborne how to kick-start business in Scotland and the UK! Continue reading


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Star Chamber Judgement – Prominent Scottish banker cleared of destroying Rangers – Post by Ecojon

In a grotesque throwback to the era of witchcraft trials a Rangers Blog has conducted what amounts to a Star Chamber Inquiry over the guilt or innocence of a Scottish Businessman.

And the crime the Scot stood accused of? ‘That he hounded David Murray into selling Rangers to Craig Whyte’.

But the actual charge cloaks the rampant bigotry involved centering purely on the highly respected businessman being a Celtic supporter with a Catholic-sounding name.

This retired banker has an MBA from the University of Strathclyde, is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland and a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers with extensive Board experience in the public, charitable and voluntary sectors.

After a lifetime involved in the banking sector he ended up Executive Director for Lloyds TSB Scotland – responsible for all corporate and commercial banking activities including business banking, asset finance and treasury. Continue reading


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