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Bilbo’s Guest Post in Response to JohnBhoy – “What About Truth and Justice?”

Whilst I agree with the sentiment of JohnBhoy’s post I would just ask for 2 things from this little banana republic of a country that we call Scotland, and that is Truth and justice

As a Protestant who has supported Celtic all my life, I have suffered sectarianism and bigotry, especially in my school years.

Going to Hamilton Grammar in the late 70’s when 10 men won the league was not the best place to be for a known Celtic fan and when the bigots beat me up and spat on me, I recall a teacher saying “what do you expect being a tim in a school like this?”

The truth is that this was almost seen as acceptable and expected and although we have moved on a bit, the same bigots back then now have kids and I only hope they look back and realise how bigoted they were but I really doubt it. Continue reading



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Guest Post By JP – On Football, Bigotry and the Way Ahead

I herald from a rather notorious area of religious divide, an area which even by your west of Scotland standards is something of an odd and antiquated village, rooted in a by-gone age of bitterness and resentment.

I like, JohnBhoy, had, still do and will continue to engage in constructive relations with dear friends who are considered by others within this small and closed society, as different to me, as more of ‘their own kind’ and as being more acceptable and less offensive…I am sadly, somewhat of a tarnish upon this towns self promoting image.

I abhor bigotry, I am saddened by it’s on-going presence within our society and I am ashamed by the inability of two sets of ‘supposed’ football fans to act out their rivalry in a more genuine show of mutual respect, with more humour and less hate and with an overarching ethos of healthy competitiveness and less of bitter resentment.

I must therefore congratulate JohnBhoy and the many other decent individuals, who have over the years attempted to step back from the raging inferno fuelled by bigotry and to offer something of an olive branch, a hand of friendship and a far more wholesome, pacifistic platform. Continue reading


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I recently posted on Charles Green and bigotry but having just watched him on STV lunchtime news repeating his ‘agenda’ comment I am left stunned at the dangerous game he is playing and have revised my post in view of the growing seriousness of his stance in relation to Scottish football and the wider public.

If the SFA don’t take the strongest of action then the Scottish Government must immediately step-in to deal with this lunacy before we actually do end up with civil disorder.

Green stood outside Ibrox as supporters queued for match tickets and played and worked them like a Barra-Boy. (Btw as an ex-stallholder I am in a position to judge.) Continue reading


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Green rides into battle with SFA backed by Goth Hun-slayers by Ecojon

I remember reading Rangers Media within hours of Charlie Bhoyo using the ‘Bigotry’ card at Brechin and had a good laugh when posters started defending him by arguing that ‘bigotry’ was an Old French word meaning disagreement and had nothing to do with religion. I think they full well knew what ‘bigotry’ means in Scotland and were on the case immediately attempting to mitigate the blunder.

I certainly never cease to be amazed at how football forums throw-up instant experts on the most arcane of subjects but I didn’t really give it another thought till today when I read Green’s defence to the SFA charge being aired.

I have now researched the etymology of ‘bigotry’ and, as with everything Charlie says, there is a grain of truth there.  But I think you’ll all be fascinated by the way in which Charlie has helped unearth ancient Hun history which might have been better remaining hidden. Continue reading


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