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“Nimmo Smith Blasts Green” … Or Maybe Not…

Lord Nimmo Smith’s Commission has been subject to some rather inconsistent baying and comments which clearly misunderstand what its purpose is after it released its Opinion on the preliminary hearing into the Rangers EBT inquiry.

Whilst it is not unexpected that supporters of the club in question would rail against the possibility of a guilty verdict and an “unfair” punishment, it was surprising (well actually it was not) to see newspapers mis-report the matter. However, I have scooped the press with what is believed to be the only photograph showing Lord Nimmo Smith meeting Mr Green, which can be found at the foot of this piece.

Newspaper headlines referred, for example, to Lord Nimmo Smith “blasting” Charles Green.

There were also complaints voiced about the Commission addressing suggestions of bias, or lack of impartiality, or even the suggestion, unfounded though it would be, that there was impartiality. Continue reading


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Stewart Regan Speaks about Rangers Appeal – and Compromises SFA Independence in Doing So?

A blog post in which I question what Mr Regan had to say about the appeal, and in which I wonder if he may have, through inadvertence, compromised the SFA’s role as an appellate body. Plus discussion regarding Boycott.


Things move fast with the Rangers story. Today Mr Regan issued a statement in relation to the disciplinary findings against Mr Whyte and Rangers. I have added some comments which are in bold.


Stewart Regan, Scottish FA Chief Executive: “In light of last night’s outcome from the Judicial Panel Tribunal, it is important to clarify the process through which such cases are heard.

“The Judicial Panel Tribunal is an independent body made up of three members appointed from a list of more than 100.

“The implementation of the Judicial Panel process was approved unanimously by all member clubs at last year’s Annual General Meeting to bring efficiency, transparency and independence to the execution of football rules.

“The Scottish FA acted on the advice of our members to implement a robust disciplinary system that reflected the demands of the modern game.

“The sanctions imposed by the Judicial Panel Tribunal last night are subject to appeal. As the Scottish FA is the appellate body, it is inappropriate to discuss the findings of this particular Tribunal at this stage. “ Continue reading


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