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It’s Free Speech Jim (Spence), But Not As We Know It – Rangers v BBC – Guest Post By JohnBhoy

An event has occurred that should prove a second watershed in the history of Rangers FC. The first turning point introduced the lexicon of business insolvency into the sporting arena, under the tombstone headed LIQUIDATION; the second pivotal moment is no less seismic. The orchestrated campaign by The Rangers and their fans to formally complain about Jim Spence of BBC Scotland Sportsound ought to have but one ending: the formal announcement by a pillar of the establishment – the BBC – on the status of Rangers FC.

Let us recap. Jim Spence had the temerity on BBC Scotland Sportsound to voice a view, not necessarily his own, that the current club plying its trade at Ibrox is not the same club pre and post liquidation. On the 4th September Jim uttered the immortal line: “John McClelland who was the chairman OF THE OLD CLUB, some people will tell you the club, well, THE CLUB THAT DIED, possibly coming back in terms of the new chairman…” This caused outrage amongst Rangers fans who, encouraged by Chris Graham, immediately complained to the BBC. The Rangers website issued a “Club Statement”, wherein they disclosed that they have instructed “Rangers’ lawyers to write to the BBC Trust” to ensure that “uses of the terms ‘new’ and ‘old'” are not used when referring to Rangers. Continue reading



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My Thoughts on Chris Graham’s Comments in the Rangers Standard about his Sportsound Boycott

Chris Graham is a Rangers fan. Since the descent into administration he has had the mantle of “reasonable Rangers fan” thrust upon him and as such has popped up several times on STV to talk about the latest development in his team’s remarkable saga.

He and I have exchanged light-hearted banter, dating back to October 2011 when he classed me along with RTC and Phil Mac Giolla Bhain as “barmy bloggers”. That was august company into which he had placed me, especially as his writing about me, and his blog then being linked to on Follow Follow by a poster called “Fury” lead to the most views of my blog on any one day up to that point.

Since then he has told others that I do not possess the moral qualities to have a guest article posted on his Rangers Standard website, and he has pointedly remarked on a few occasions that he does not read what I write, on the basis that I am “discredited”, “disgraced”, “a Rangers Hater” etc.

Last week’s BBC Scotland invitation to me to appear on Sportsound almost gave me the chance to converse directly with him. However, as Chris himself has explained, he would not take up the invitation.

After I had written my piece about it and Andy Muirhead at Scotzine his, it was Mr Graham’s chance to take up the pen. Continue reading


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A QUESTION OF BALANCE – a Guest Post by JohnBhoy

JohnBhoy posted this as a comment on an earlier thread. I thought it worth a “guest post” slot.

Thanks JohnBhoy!


The old Rangers understood the theory of balance. If all competing influences have parity – similar club size, domestic fan base, financial clout etc. – then this could present the dangerously unpredictable fiasco of a level playing field, leading to ludicrously unfair equal competition between two city rivals, namely Celtic and Rangers. Thankfully, EBTs came to the rescue and redressed the balance in Rangers’ favour. That is the kind of equilibrium that appealed to the old Rangers. For every fiver that you pay in tax, we’ll pay ten less.

The new Rangers likes balance too, in a variety of contexts: financial balance (no debt, courtesy of unpaid creditors), football balance (leapfrogging The Spartans FC to gain entry to the SFL without the need to follow the same rigorous, competitive application process), social balance (march on Hampden, boycott etc.) and msm balance (James Traynor, writing for The Daily Record while seeking, and finally securing, employment with Rangers). Continue reading


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JohnBhoy has posted the following as a comment on a thread below. I think it is worth a slot of its own, so here it is.

The views expressed are John’s.


BBC Scotland has failed us all by capitulating to the mob. Its overall remit for radio is to provide “a speech-led service for listeners seeking programmes about the life, culture and affairs of Scotland”; and within the BBC’s six statements of “public service” is a key function to foster citizenship and civil society. Abandoning a planned programme on sport because of the strident and intolerant views of one section of society is to deny freedom of speech to others and acts in clear opposition to a broadcasting body constituted of the people and for the people. Continue reading


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Andy Muirhead on Why Our Invitations to Discuss Rangers on Sportsound Were Withdrawn

Andy Muirhead at Scotzine was due to be on BBC Radio Scotland Sportsound last night along with me.

BBC Scot

As readers will know, that invitation was withdrawn and, according to what I was told by the producer, the item, a discussion about social media involvement in the Rangers story, was pulled as the BBC could not find anyone from the Rangers side of the fence to “balance” the conversation.

Andy has written, at some length, about his involvement in reporting on Craig Whyte, and the subsequent developments in the story. This culminates in his description of how and why he was told that he was not on the programme.

At first reading what he was told does not seem to fit with what I was told. Continue reading


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