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Buy Your Rangers Season Tickets Now! Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain!

Football clubs operate with wildly fluctuating income streams. In May, June and July, whilst there are no games being played, the season tickets are sold and this stocks up the coffers for the forthcoming season. Once the games start to be played, then there is still some income, although much less than in the season tickets sale time.

Most football clubs operate with some form of credit facility, or take advantage make use of companies such as Ticketus, who buy tickets in advance, smoothing out the ups and downs of annual income.

What is vital therefore is to ensure that season tickets are sold! Football clubs do their best to talk up the coming season, no matter how bad the previous one might have been.

Teams promise new signings … maybe Wayne Rooney will be signed by Falkirk … how about Messi for Cowdenbeath … could David Beckham be tempted to Cliftonhill? Continue reading


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Charles Green’s Last Hurrah for the Rangers Share Issue

There is some interesting phraseology here. (I have put on my “Ibroxologist” hat here). My comments are in bold.

From the official Rangers website:-

CHARLES GREEN, chief executive of Rangers, last night released the following statement.

He said: “I am delighted we have been able to fulfil our promise to give fans the opportunity to once again hold shares in the club as that has been our stated aim from the beginning.

Two things – he has fulfilled his promise to give fans the “opportunity” to hold shares. I am sure he is not being negative about share take up, as all the comments from official and unofficial Ibrox mouthpieces has emphasised the fantastic numbers of shares in which interest has been expressed. But the sentence almost has the unspoken addition of “we gave them the chance but they did not take it”. I am sure that is incorrect on my part.

Secondly, the shares are not shares IN THE CLUB. They are shares in the holding company which will own 100% of the company which owns the assets which make up the club. This is a perfectly normal and legitimate structure for a football team. However, if we are looking for precision of language, what is being sold is NOT a share in the club. Continue reading


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A Look at the Sevco Scotland Website – aka Rangers.co.uk – The Spin-Meisters Take Over

In which I have a look at the Rangers.co.uk website and see that the Barnum style season ticket promotion is in full swing, and that the website is putting across the message that all is well – steady as she goes. I also offer a few thoughts about season tickets, and what power they give, which is not what people have been claiming.

Steady as she goes!

The Power of This Blog  🙂

If I had a grand conceit, I would think that a change to the Rangers.co.uk website was due to a blog post I wrote recently. However, I am not claiming the influence to effect such a change. It is noteworthy, at least to me anyway, that the small print at the bottom of the webpages no longer mentions that the Rangers Football Club PLC is being run by the administrators, but it now says the following:- Continue reading


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