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My Thoughts on Chris Graham’s Comments in the Rangers Standard about his Sportsound Boycott

Chris Graham is a Rangers fan. Since the descent into administration he has had the mantle of “reasonable Rangers fan” thrust upon him and as such has popped up several times on STV to talk about the latest development in his team’s remarkable saga.

He and I have exchanged light-hearted banter, dating back to October 2011 when he classed me along with RTC and Phil Mac Giolla Bhain as “barmy bloggers”. That was august company into which he had placed me, especially as his writing about me, and his blog then being linked to on Follow Follow by a poster called “Fury” lead to the most views of my blog on any one day up to that point.

Since then he has told others that I do not possess the moral qualities to have a guest article posted on his Rangers Standard website, and he has pointedly remarked on a few occasions that he does not read what I write, on the basis that I am “discredited”, “disgraced”, “a Rangers Hater” etc.

Last week’s BBC Scotland invitation to me to appear on Sportsound almost gave me the chance to converse directly with him. However, as Chris himself has explained, he would not take up the invitation.

After I had written my piece about it and Andy Muirhead at Scotzine his, it was Mr Graham’s chance to take up the pen. Continue reading


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Andy Muirhead on Why Our Invitations to Discuss Rangers on Sportsound Were Withdrawn

Andy Muirhead at Scotzine was due to be on BBC Radio Scotland Sportsound last night along with me.

BBC Scot

As readers will know, that invitation was withdrawn and, according to what I was told by the producer, the item, a discussion about social media involvement in the Rangers story, was pulled as the BBC could not find anyone from the Rangers side of the fence to “balance” the conversation.

Andy has written, at some length, about his involvement in reporting on Craig Whyte, and the subsequent developments in the story. This culminates in his description of how and why he was told that he was not on the programme.

At first reading what he was told does not seem to fit with what I was told. Continue reading


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