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Rangers Website Has Removed Mr McCoist’s Comments About Green’s “Contempt”

I posted not long ago about the reaction of Rangers’ manager Ally McCoist to the defeat by Forfar.

In that piece I complimented Rangers for its open-ness in publishing Mr McCoist’s severe criticisms of Charles Green, blaming him for the loss today. I suggested that it would be “Pravda-esque” for the official site to ignore what Mr McCoist had said publicly in his press conference.

The story on the Rangers website was posted under the heading “Contempt for our Club”.

I also made the wry analogy with a revolution where the rebels take over the TV station to put across their message. I think that the Ibrox computers might have been seized by rebel forces! Continue reading


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Are #Rangers Already Falling Apart On and Off the Field?

Is it possible for events at Ibrox to become even more bizarre and farcical than they have already been?

Today proves that indeed that is the case.

Remember we are dealing with a football club which has been described as the second most important institution in Scotland, and one with a worldwide fan base of over 500 million.

More prosaically it is a PLC, quoted on the AIM Stock Exchange, in which £22 million was invested recently in a share issue, as well as millions more by institutional and other investors before the IPO.

(Strictly of course it is a football club made up of assets and business which are owned by a company which is owned by the PLC.)

It is also an organisation with a sizeable PR department, as well as having expensive PR professionals on retainer. Indeed the club has its own Director of Communications, who is one of the titanic figures of Scottish sports journalism of the last 25 years. Continue reading


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“McCoist Must Win the League AND the Cup” – Charles Green Speaks!

After yesterday’s fun I wondered how long it would take before Mr Green started straight-talking.

There was not long to wait.

Today’s Scotsman reported the following from the Sun:-

Charles Green has fired his first shot in the civil war at Ibrox. The Yorkshireman, speaking to the Sun said that Ally McCoist must win the league and the cup this year.

Green said: “He (McCoist) knows he has to win the league, but in my opinion, has to win the cup as well. Continue reading


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“Rangers Down to Bare Bones” – No, Not In Money But In Players – Yes – That’s What Mr McCoist Said!

Last night marked the first game in the super-duper all-singing and all-dancing SPFL. However it was overshadowed by the continuing efforts of Rangers to ensure that the Ibrox outfit is the only one ever discussed in Scottish football.

In baseball Alex Rodriguez, star third base for the New York Yankees, and already an unpopular figure, lost many of his remaining supporters when his agent announced, in the middle of a game in the 2007 World Series (the Yankees had not reached the World Series) that A-Rod was opting out of his $252 million contract in an effort to get even more money. This smashed through the unwritten MLB rule that teams should keep quiet about player and in-house issues during the World Series so as not to distract attention from the sport’s showcase occasion. Continue reading


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Why Jumping to Conclusions About the “Rangers Coach” Fire is Wrong

The amateur sleuths are out in force already today, after police confirmation that the fire at Bruce’s Coaches in Salsburgh was deliberate. Amongst the vehicles destroyed was the new Rangers team bus, leading some of the would-be Sherlocks to have attributed the blame to Celtic fans.

The police are investigating and the full resources of Police Scotland will be directed to finding those responsible, and rightly so. Continue reading


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