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The Royal Television Society – Is It Full of “Rangers Haters”? TV Journalism Award News

I have just caught up with news from last night’s Royal Television Society Awards Dinner. The area being lauded last night was Television Journalism.


Two names familiar to readers of this blog, and more so to followers of the “Rangers Story” were recognised for their work.

The full list of winners can be found here.

The two whom I want to mention are as follows:-

Drum roll please ….


…. Continue reading



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HMRC Given Leave to Appeal Tribunal Decision re MIH/”Rangers” – Plus Clarification of “Tomo Blog”

As broken by Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News yesterday, HMRC have been granted leave to appeal against the majority decision in the EBT tax case known to one and all now as the “Big Tax Case”( © RangersTaxCase.com.)

After a flurry of anger on Twitter and elsewhere about this “leak” to Mr Thomson, and even more misplaced anger by people who thought this meant the appeal itself had been decided, Mr Thomson published a blog post on the subject. You can find it here.

As far as leave to appeal being granted was concerned, no one I spoke to with knowledge of the appeal system thought that the application for leave would be refused. An appeal can only be taken forward on a question of law.

What, some have cried, was the question of law in this case?

The answer to that question is very simple. (Though the answer to the legal question is not).

Put simply the majority interpreted the legislation and case law to allow them to look at the form of what was done whilst the minority judge applied the same law and reached the conclusion that the substance of what was done was more important than the form.

Therefore there is a clear distinction about how the law should be applied.

That is, undoubtedly, a “question of law”. Continue reading


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Mark Daly and Alex Thomson at Napier University – Important Info

From the Screen Academy Scotland Website –
Mark Daly BBC Scotland Investigates
Alex Thomson Chief Correspondent Channel Four News
Earlier this year the Rangers story unravelled before our eyes. From hero to zero, from the SPLto the Scottish Third Division in a matter of months. TV led the way in exposing the goings on at the club. The two reporters who were at the forefront of  the pack discuss how they got the story, how they built it and the aftermath of it.
Come and discuss the journalism with them on Monday 19th November at 1.00pm at the Merchiston campus of Edinburgh Napier University.
Space is strictly limited to 20 of those without a Napier University Card.
Registration is essential and entry will be refused to unregistered people.
You can register via this link – http://www.screenacademyscotland.ac.uk/content-32


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“The Rangers Story – Unpeeling the Rotten Onion” – Daly + Thomson – Edinburgh 19th November

On Monday 19th November Mark Daly of the BBC and Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News are scheduled to speak at Napier University’s regular Media Mondays event.

You can read more about the Media Mondays events here.

The event takes place from 1-2pm on 19th November at the following venue: Continue reading


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SFA Licence – Sevco Don’t Need Audited Accounts Because Rangers Did Not Produce Them Either?!

Alex Thomson has been able to get some feedback from the football authorities for his latest blog post.

Read the whole piece, which comments on what FIFA and UEFA have said, but I hope he excuses me repeating below the response he got from the SFA.

“Looming large, how can “Rangers” gain league/SFA membership when they cannot produce requisite three years of accounts?

The SFA answer:

” the…policy relates to applications for a new membership. In this case, Rangers Newco will be applying for the transfer of an existing membership held with the Oldco.

Rangers Oldco submitted the necessary financial information for 2009 and 2010. It did not submit for the year 2011, which resulted in the Judicial Panel sanctioning the club a total of £160,000 for various breaches of its Articles of Association, and also imposing a transfer embargo which has been subsequently set aside after the Court of Session ruling by Lord Glennie.”

That is – transferring old to new is not the same as a new club pitching up and wanting in.” Continue reading


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