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Why Did Sir David Murray Sell Rangers and Other Points – A Response to Adam

It is always good when Adam pops back in to offer us his views and thoughts, which I appreciate greatly. I also liked the Fitzcarraldo comment! He has been party to a cracking debate running on the blog as we speak, and I thought I would take advantage of my position as the blog host to write a response to some of what he has been saying tonight.

For those who have not been following the debate (and why not?) one strand of discussion has been what the Rangers debt would have been without the “Big Tax Case”, whether Lloyds wanted their money. There are a couple of points where I think something needs to be added.

First of all, here are some of Adam’s comments. Continue reading


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Random Thoughts – My Annual Blog Report for 2012

WordPress is kind enough to generate an “annual report”.

It is quite scary to see some of the stats it shows up. Fortunately it does not disclose how many words I have written this year, or else I would have a marker for how much time I could have spent doing other, more productive, things!


First of all, the report tells me about visitors:- Continue reading


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Adam Answers the Walter Smith Mystery – The Rangers Website Got it Wrong!

I posted a piece a wee bit earlier today, which was prompted by Adam and Ecojon talking at cross purposes (that being a charitable explanation) about Walter Smith’s position as a Director of Rangers.

I have mentioned before, regarding other Ibrox directors, that there is a duty to notify Companies House of Directorial appointments and departures within 14 days. Ecojon was wondering why Mr Smith’s appointment, trumpeted all over the press on 11th and 12th November did not seem to have been noted by Companies House.

I looked at what the official Rangers website said on 11th November, and what it is saying today, and pointed out certain inconsistencies.

Adam, who has in the past had access to the inner workings of Rangers came up with a fine “nothing to see here, please move along” response as noted below. Continue reading


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“Rangers then, Rangers now, Rangers forever” – Guest Post by Adam

“Rangers then, Rangers now, Rangers forever” is the popular phrase bandied about by all and sundry of the blue persuasion recently.

“You are deid.” “You are a new club” “You have lost your history”

Popular phrases from the green side of the city recently.

So who is right and who is wrong ?

I don’t profess to know the answer in law, but I hope to put some evidence out there to be considered and give reason as to why I think the club that I “still” support is the same club that I have cast a thousand tears, joy and otherwise, over the years. In making a ruling in law, a judge will often turn to precedents.  So with that in mind, I would like to raise the precedents of AFC Fiorentina and Leeds United. Continue reading


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