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“Anti-Rangers” Hearts Fans on Collision Course with Administrator? – by AD Bryce

Joint Administrator Trevor Birch, along with his BDO colleague Bryan Jackson, is the man charged with leading Hearts out of their current financial predicament. Although he gained a high profile recently having “saved” Portsmouth Football Club from their administration, an analysis of his actions at the English club may create cause for concern for Jambos.

April 2013 and administrator Birch hails the good news, as he saw it, about the future of Portsmouth Football Club. He happily announced the deal that would see completion of the “purchase of Portsmouth Football Club,” a deal that “safeguards the club’s future”, that would set the stage for “the new owners to begin the urgent task of rebuilding the club”. The achievement was clear: “keeping Portsmouth Football Club alive despite what, at times, seemed like insurmountable obstacles.” Thanks in no small measure to his efforts, “Portsmouth Football Club can once again look forward to the future with optimism”! Continue reading


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UEFA’s treatment of Derry City – a cause for celebration for Rangers fans? By AD Bryce

The discussion surrounding the ‘Rangers FC – new or same club’ question has always included, bubbling below the surface of superficial taunts and assertions, a reasoned debate with arguments presented by both sides. The position – or alleged position – of UEFA is never far from mention, usually as a weapon in the armoury of “new club” advocates. However, evidence relating to a direct precedent of Rangers’ financial meltdown , Derry City FC, calls into question how UEFA officially treat instances of liquidation of football clubs.

Background – UEFA rules and the Derry City precedent

UEFA’s definition of a football club “a legal entity fully responsible for the football team”, contained within their Club Licencing & Financial Fair Play Regulations, is used to argue that – as far as UEFA are concerned – newco Rangers FC (being a new legal entity) are a new/ different/ separate “football club” to now-in-liquidation-oldco Rangers FC. That means founded 2012, no major trophies, old club is ‘dead’ etc. Continue reading


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Crystal Palace – why this club is NOT returning to top-flight football – by AD Bryce

Before you ask…

No, I haven’t just woken from a coma.

No, the Championship play-off result has NOT been overturned!

Yes, I am aware of the record books showing that back in 2004-05 Palace were relegated in their first season back in the top flight since 1998.

Yes, I am aware that during their 107 year history, dating back to 1905 – a year of founding which graces their team badge, Crystal Palace F.C. has spent 14 seasons in the top flight of English football.

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“Rangers FC Survived: 3 Indisputable Justifications” – Guest Post by AD Bryce

A quick introduction from Paul –

Whilst it is disputed whether or not Rangers FC “died”, it appears that the question itself will live forever!

Stephen posted recently about why, in his opinion, the die was cast and Rangers FC had ceased to be. You can read his piece here.

The piece provoked various reactions and AD Bryce asked if he could put the contrary view – so here it is.

Two things – he suggested that people who wanted to engage him regarding his thoughts on the point could do so via Twitter – @Bryce9A.

Secondly, it would be great if commenters could hold back on the invective and abuse. Otherwise comments will be disapperaring and commenters pre-modearted, which disrupts the flow of the discussion, annoys those who are moderated, and takes up my time. But more folk are telling me that wading through pages of sniping back and forth to no great purpose is putting them off reading – and that is a shame for all (the majority) of comenters who have sensible points to make and who do so in a courteous manner.

Thank you – and now I leave the stage clear for AD Bryce.


The record books show that no football club on the planet – possibly even in the universe – has bossed its own backyard to the extent of Rangers FC – 54 times wearing the badge of national Champions. As a result, when the financial meltdown of the club hit the headlines, there was no shortage of people to interpret the news – euphorically in many cases –as consigning Rangers FC to those very same history books.

However, things haven’t quite gone according to that script. A football club bearing the name “Rangers FC”, retaining substantially the same colours, badge, stadium, team management and playing staff of the club of that name prior to summer 2012, is currently in existence drawing crowds and media attention to Govan.

The question is whether such observations are best explained by positing that Rangers FC survived the liquidation of its corporate incarnation, or whether the facts point to the SFL3 Champions being an entirely new club, not recognised as existing prior to 2012.

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