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“Newcastle’s Ashley ready to buy Ibrox share” – A Study in Succulent Lamb

Chris McLaughlin is the BBC Scotland Senior Football Reporter. This piece is not intended to be critical only of him, but of the wider issues known by the phrase “succulent lamb”.

Succulent Lamb Shanks

It seems that the media are still willing to churn out stories about the Rangers Football Club, apparently without any checks at all as to whether the story makes any sense.

We can treat the following story from the BBC website yesterday as a case study.

The headline is “Rangers: Newcastle’s Mike Ashley ready to buy Ibrox share”. Continue reading


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Peterhead v Rangers FC – A Graphic Representation + Today Rangers FC’s Worth = £50m

In honour of the first game by the Rangers Football Club in SFL3, I thought I would look at some of the interesting statistics from the game. I have listed each team, with the age of the player and international caps. After that I have some pie charts (in honour of mick) showing graphically what I am looking at.

And do not worry – I am not seeking to step into the Chick Young style pundit shoes, so you will not see this statistical analysis every week!


Peterhead: Continue reading


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Can Someone Explain How Rangers FC Fielded Trialists in a Cup Match?

I wrote prior to the Rangers FC v Brechin game about what seemed to me to be technical problems with the match taking place.

There is one further point arising from the game which I know has been raised elsewhere, but, as yet, I have not seen a convincing explanation, apart from the agreement of the SPL, SFA and SFL to “facilitate” Rangers FC’s entry to the Third Division. Maybe someone can enlighten me?


From the BBC report of the Brechin City v Rangers game on 29th July:-

“Receipt of a Scottish Football Association membership, albeit temporary because of continuing negotiations over conditions of entry, had gone to the wire on Friday.

It meant that their first signings – former Hearts midfielder Ian Black and returning forward Little – had to be listed as trialists, while manager Ally McCoist could only muster enough personnel to fill four of the five substitutes places.” Continue reading


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The SFL’s Rules? Ignored in “Exceptional Circumstances” – Guest Post by Hugh

I recently wrote to the SFL regarding the draw for the First Round of the Scottish League Cup.

I pointed out that the Format rules (as published on their website) state that the First Round draw will comprise of the 30 lowest teams of the SFL and SPL as at the end of the preceding season (i.e. the 30 then SFL teams). Thus Ross County should have been included in the draw and not ‘The Rangers FC’. I did acknowledge that this would cause an imbalance with only Eleven SPL clubs joining in later rounds due to Rangers’ absence, unless the Format rules were changed. Continue reading


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The Brechin Ultimatum – Did SFA Botch Rangers FC’s “Membership” – Are Any RFC Players Registered?

In which I look at the joint SFA/SFL/SPL/Sevco statement.

Who owns Rangers Football Club right now? Not Sevco Scotland according to the statement.

Plus why Brechin have three chances to defeat Rangers FC, one on the pitch and two off it.

Why it seems to me that the SFA have granted Sevco Scotland Ltd a membership which does not exist and why possibly there are simply no players of Rangers FC registered to play tomorrow. Continue reading


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