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Rangers Blow Whistle on the SFA – by Ecojon

Ecojon posted this as a comment, but I think it is worth a full post, as I sit here watching the rain batter down against the windows of Paisley Sheriff Court.

Take it away Ecojon!


BOMBSHELL documents show how outraged Rangers directors accused chairman Malcolm Murray of spilling sensitive information on the club.

It would appear that the smear campaign to force Malcolm Murray out the door continues apace. What is particularly fascinating is that he is accused of ‘leaking’ by someone presumably very close to the Rangers International Board who has leaked the board minutes. A leaker leaked on the alleged leaker so to speak :)

But the real bombshell in the leaked minute is the involvement of the SFA in the private affairs of one of its member clubs. The Rangers board minute stated: ‘The SFA mentioned to the acting chief executive (Craig Mather) that the Rangers board situation needed addressing as the SFA understood information was leaking from the chairman’. Continue reading


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SFA v Craig Whyte Calls At Glasgow Sheriff Court This Week (On Conference Call)

Glasgow Sheriff Court has a very 21st century (or at least 20th Century) method of dealing with court actions under the Commercial Procedure. For disputes of a commercial nature, and if the pursuer in the action chooses to do so, there is a streamlined process designed to focus quickly on the issues in dispute and to reach a determination as quickly as possible.

This is achieved by having cases allocated to a particular Sheriff to take the dispute through all of its stages, and by having a procedural hearing (or Case Management Conference (CMC)) take place by conference call, rather than dragging lawyers from across the city or the country to the court to sit awaiting a slot in the diary.

Instead the nominated Sheriff assesses at an early stage what is in dispute in any case, and what each party is going to have to do to achieve victory. This can include the Sheriff pinning down solicitors as to the nature of a defence, or regarding witnesses to be called to court and the nature of the evidence they will give. The Sheriff can order production of expert reports and tell parties to have experts meet to clarify issues in dispute. Continue reading


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What’s Wrong With Scottish Football? There Are Far Too Many Teams

So, barring last-minute changes (and we know Scottish football can provide them when needed) reconstruction is off for now. Bearing in mind Neil Doncaster’s views expressed before the SPL vote it is not simply postponed but it is back to the drawing board.

This settles the biggest questions in football here for now. Rangers will play in the 3rd tier (as opposed, under reconstruction, to playing in the 3rd tier!). The Ibrox fans will not face the dispute they might have had with Mr Green if he was seen to take what they view as the tainted SPL shilling. The decision also means that the bonuses due to Mr Green and Mr Stockbridge for getting their team into a different league will stay sitting in the overflowing Ibrox vaults.

It also means that Cliftonhill, home of Albion Rovers, won’t get the chance to welcome Rangers in the league. So my plan to have a seat amongst the Rangers fans to ask them what they think of Murray, Whyte and Green will need to be postponed. Continue reading


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Charles Green’s Alleged “Offensive and Racist” Comments – Guest Post by Martin

Martin, one of the many regular commenters to whom I am indebted for their attention to the site and their thoughtful and thought-provoking comments, wrote a few days ago about Mr Green’s reference to Mr Ahmad. Martin picked up on the issues raised by Mr Green’s comments before there was any real publicity about them.

I therefore reproduce his comment below, followed by the Notice of Complaint issued yesterday (Wednesday) by the SFA and finally Mr Green’s apology from the Rangers official website. It is good to see that Mr Green has unreservedly apologised at the very first opportunity he had to do so after disciplinary procedures were started against him.

Martin, the floor is yours…


The ability of Charles Green to rally support among the Rangers faithful has produced results. Season tickets and shares have sold like hot pies on a cold afternoon.

The big guy from Yorkshire with his plain speaking was always going to be appealing to those who wanted simple answers to complicated questions. And he garnered an already willing support in droves. Continue reading


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Guess Who Has Been Ordered to Pay Legal Costs of 5 Players With Whom It Was In Dispute?

There are occasional moments, when I have had my last mug of tea for the day (Vanilla Earl Grey, if you’re putting the kettle on thank you) and I think if I should write a blog post for the next morning. Has anything happened which justifies me looking at the legalities of some situation?

On those occasions I can generally depend on one particular football team to be involved in something which has a legal aspect to it.

People ask me why I keep writing about Rangers – is it an obsession?

The short answer is that there has been no other entity in Scotland which has been involved in so many different aspects of the law over the last two years.

Tax, company law, insolvency, family law, damages claims, breach of contract, employment law, defamation, privilege, Data Protection, breach of confidence … you name it, and it has been there. Continue reading


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