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Charles Green – Businessman of the Year? Brief Prospectus Thoughts by Me at Scotzine

I greatly appreciate all the commenters who have been beavering away at the prospectus. I am gratified that people have taken the time and trouble to analyse the document and comment.

Some of my initial thoughts are over at Scotzine – click here to be taken there.

There will be more to come!

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Rangers Share Prospectus Sees the Light of Day – Discussion Here Please

At midnight the “big reveal” took place. The Rangers Share Prospectus was released.

You can read the full document here – RIFC Prospectus

There is a lot contained in the document. For the first time for several years, there can be no complaints about the clarity and openness of information from Ibrox.

It is clear that Mr Green and his cohorts have brought a hugely successful share issue to market, and they deserve full praise for doing so.

It might help the structure of the debate if comments on the Prospectus, for now, are kept in this thread.

If anyone wants to post a “Guest Post” analysing parts of the document, then get in touch with me as indicated in the “Guest Post” section above.

Please note that nothing contained in this blog post, or in any other blog post on this website or comment hereon, should be taken as constituting an offer to sell shares, nor financial advice to buy or not to buy shares. It is simply a few folk having an interesting academic discussion.

If what is stated here forms the basis for anyone deciding to invest or not in Rangers shares, then they are a fool.

For clarity, I am not a shareholder in Rangers at present, nor do I hold any position in relation thereto.

Enough of the health warnings!

I will contribute thoughts as I look through the document.

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