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Vince Cable Looks For Good Press By “Interfering” In Criminal Investigation re RBS and Ignoring Devolution

Vince Cable is the Business Secretary at Westminster. He is a Lib Dem. He has been an MP for a long time, so, one would assume, actually knows something about the constitution.

Mr Cable is a silly man.

Mr Cable is a silly man.

However he seems to have decided, in one fell swoop, to forget about the separation of powers and about the independence of the prosecution system. He also seems a bit clueless regarding devolution

The BBC reports today :-

Business Secretary Vince Cable has written to the Scottish legal authorities urging a rapid decision on whether to prosecute former directors of Royal Bank of Scotland.

Mr Cable said the matter had been referred to them in January last year.

He said he was very keen for a decision to be reached as quickly as possible to maintain public confidence. Continue reading


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Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Myth! Myth! Myth! – The Independent Points Out Much We “Know” About Her is Wrong

The Independent today has excellent coverage of the late Baroness Thatcher and her legacy. I would thoroughly recommend it to readers.

One particular piece is the one I have posted extracts from below, addressing ten things we all know about her and her policies, which turn out to be wrong. The full piece is well worth a read and it can be found here.

Remember when reading this that the ten bold headings are the myths.

And, especially when we come to the last one, can I ask that any discussion does NOT descend into a tit for tat abuse session? I have added some comment about that one at the end of this piece.


1 She commanded the support of the silent majority

Margaret Thatcher won three elections, two of them by large margins, but she was never as popular as her ardent admirers imply.

She set a record for unpopularity as PM that has not been matched by John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown or David Cameron: 16 per cent satisfied and 79 per cent dissatisfied in March 1990 (Ipsos Mori). Continue reading


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Craig Responds To Ecojon’s Comments on the Belgrano

Ecojon’s comments are indented, with Craig’s comments thereon beneath.

“There is nothing in any of these statements that I would wish to retract and I have no intention of going through Craig’s point by point defence of the sinking of the Belgrano as my Guest Post was aimed mainly at the effect Thatcher’s warped economic vision had inflicted on UK mining communities.”

I must say I’m disappointed that someone who has made many reasonable factual posts about Sevco over the past year is unwilling to consider the facts on this matter.

“I will, however, make some general comments in a broader context of the Falklands War although I am all too well aware of the skilled dissembling that the MOD is capable of in keeping its secrets and the myths that were hurriedly spun by them and senior politicians over the Belgrano which – and I clearly stated this – ‘presented no immediate dangers’ to British forces. No matter Craig’s defence of the UK myths that was the actual position at the time the almost 50 year old cruiser was sunk.”

Then you are clearly wrong. Any Argentine warship in the South Atlantic posed a serious threat to the British task force. In addition to her own capability, her very position restricted Woodward’s room for manoeuvre. Continue reading


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Guest Post – Craig Scotches Some Falklands War Myths

One of my readers, Craig, contributed this piece as a comment in response to some of Ecojon’s comments about the deceased Baroness Thatcher.

I thought it worthy of being a “guest post”.

Thank you Craig – the stage is yours.



“anyone with a crumb of intelligence knows that this could have been dealt with through diplomacy but she needed a ‘good’ war to ensure electoral survival.”

No, anyone with a crumb of intelligence would’ve done their research and know that there was no hope of a diplomatic solution. Argentina wanted nothing less than complete sovereignty. For all our negotiations about “Lease-Back”, the Government still accepted that it had to have the consent of the Islanders. Neither side could compromise these positions, especially once Argentina invaded. Continue reading


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Ecojon’s Thoughts on the Passing of Baroness Thatcher

I have had many thoughts over the milk-snatcher’s death and have tried hard to control the hatred I once felt for her over the savage destruction not just of the mining industry but of the tight-knit communities and their people also destroyed as part of their punishment for opposing the Tories and bringing them down. I lived through these times and was deeply involved in the struggle and it is hard to forgive.

But being older, and definitely no wiser, and having attended a funeral of a good person on Saturday I have tried to see her not as the cruel and very damaged piece of work that she undoubtedly was, but as just another human being with all her frailties who has reached the end of the road. Not that I have any criticism for those who have celebrated her passing – after all the Establishment will celebrate it in a slightly different way at her State Funeral. Continue reading


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