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An Appreciation of the Rangers Tax Case Blog

On 27th March 2011, events of major importance happened all around the world.

The Syrian government deployed the army to the country’s main port to help bring the national unrest to an end – that hasn’t worked.

The Libyan government under Colonel Gaddafi was claiming that it was in charge of the country despite the efforts of the Libyan rebels to capture Sirte – that definitely didn’t work.

Scotland lost 2-0 to Brazil – ah well.

The UK census took place – you could have counted on that.

David Cameron was complaining about demonstrations in London the previous day – plus ca change.

Rangers FC was on the way to winning another SPL title – plus ca change parte deux.

David Murray was negotiating to sell his team to the Motherwell born billionaire, Craig Whyte – we all know how that turned out, thanks to the next entry.

And a new blog appeared on the internet…

Yes, it was then that the Rangers Tax Case Blog first saw the light of day. Continue reading


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In which I wonder about the operator of the “Rangers” website, and am rather surprised to see who the only Director is. I also look at the possibility that the liquidator of Rangers Football Club PLC could end up taking court action for payment against Ltd, now owned, presumably, by one variant of Sevco.  I am also happy to see that Mr Green is quicker with his forms than Mr Whyte was. Finally I consider whether there is the slightest possibility that the administrators could have missed the chance of raising additional sums for creditors.


The website is the official website of Rangers Football Club. The terms and conditions of the site state:-

“This website is operated by Limited (“”), a joint venture between Rangers Football Club and Perform.”

“Perform” is still listed at the bottom of each page of the site as “powering” the site.

As Ltd is a separate company, I thought I would have a wee look to see how it has got on, and what its present status is. Continue reading


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A Look at the Sevco Scotland Website – aka – The Spin-Meisters Take Over

In which I have a look at the website and see that the Barnum style season ticket promotion is in full swing, and that the website is putting across the message that all is well – steady as she goes. I also offer a few thoughts about season tickets, and what power they give, which is not what people have been claiming.

Steady as she goes!

The Power of This Blog  🙂

If I had a grand conceit, I would think that a change to the website was due to a blog post I wrote recently. However, I am not claiming the influence to effect such a change. It is noteworthy, at least to me anyway, that the small print at the bottom of the webpages no longer mentions that the Rangers Football Club PLC is being run by the administrators, but it now says the following:- Continue reading


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