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Guest Post By JP – On Football, Bigotry and the Way Ahead

I herald from a rather notorious area of religious divide, an area which even by your west of Scotland standards is something of an odd and antiquated village, rooted in a by-gone age of bitterness and resentment.

I like, JohnBhoy, had, still do and will continue to engage in constructive relations with dear friends who are considered by others within this small and closed society, as different to me, as more of ‘their own kind’ and as being more acceptable and less offensive…I am sadly, somewhat of a tarnish upon this towns self promoting image.

I abhor bigotry, I am saddened by it’s on-going presence within our society and I am ashamed by the inability of two sets of ‘supposed’ football fans to act out their rivalry in a more genuine show of mutual respect, with more humour and less hate and with an overarching ethos of healthy competitiveness and less of bitter resentment.

I must therefore congratulate JohnBhoy and the many other decent individuals, who have over the years attempted to step back from the raging inferno fuelled by bigotry and to offer something of an olive branch, a hand of friendship and a far more wholesome, pacifistic platform. Continue reading


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How Unreasonable is the Offensive Behaviour etc Act – Guest Post by searriagh

In a continuation of the Scottish government’s determination to bludgeon football fans with their Offensive Behaviour at Football Grounds and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012, Mr Joseph Anthony Cairns, recently acquitted of the heinous crime of singing two Irish Republican songs at a football match is to be dragged once again through the courts.

After an appeal by the Prosecutor Fiscal’s office, three law Lords, Brodie, Phillips and Lady Paton have decide to overturn the original Sheriff’s decision in the trial. Mr Cairns was charged with breaching Section 1(2)(e) of the Act. That is to say he allegedly indulged in behaviour that a reasonable person would be likely to consider offensive.

The original Sheriff had decided that Mr Cairns had no case to answer as the evidence showed that there had been no obvious reaction from the opposition supporters to the songs sung, possibly due to the fact that they could not sufficiently hear the lyrics being chanted and therefore could not possibly be offended. Continue reading


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Crystal Palace – why this club is NOT returning to top-flight football – by AD Bryce

Before you ask…

No, I haven’t just woken from a coma.

No, the Championship play-off result has NOT been overturned!

Yes, I am aware of the record books showing that back in 2004-05 Palace were relegated in their first season back in the top flight since 1998.

Yes, I am aware that during their 107 year history, dating back to 1905 – a year of founding which graces their team badge, Crystal Palace F.C. has spent 14 seasons in the top flight of English football.

Continue reading


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Dundee’s “Rescuer” Keyes Capital – Remarkable Change in Investment Strategy?

Dundee Football Club has had its share of financial trouble over recent years. Administration (twice). The ruinous Marr Brothers regime. Ravanelli. Caniggia. Giovanni Di Stefano. Arkan.

Despite this, and as a result of Rangers own woes last season, they had managed to make it back to the SPL before falling back out of it and missing a last minute reprieve because the SPL decided that Hearts have not quite yet suffered an Insolvency Event.

The latest saviour to turn up at the gates of Dens Park is Keyes Capital of Texas, represented by John Nelms.

Sometimes I read things that baffle me – this is one of them.

The BBC reported on its rescue bid, which is apparently hanging in the balance. Continue reading


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One Night in Blantyre With One Phil, Two Pauls and Twenty Six Questions – Part 1

On Friday night I had the pleasure of being on a panel witrh Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and Paul Brennan, answering questions from the audience at a charity event at the Blantyre Columba Club.

Last year I took part in two such sessions there – one of which also had the great Archie MacPherson on the panel as well.

It was a full house, and raised over £2,000 for the Columba Club’s charitable activities. The event was a credit to Phil Agnew who organised it, and to John Fallon, the former Celtic goalie, who runs the Club so well. And after the variety of issues we discussed, there was even a comedian, the excellent Pat Rolink, to leave the audience splitting their sides with laughter.

I have seen mentions before the event which grossly misrepresent the nature of the evening, and what would be discussed at it.

To show the range of issues which were raised by the audience, I took note of what the questions were and I have summarised them below in this post, and in one or two to follow. (By the time you get to the end of this post, you will see that I have dealt with 4 of the 26 questions – so it might be more than two additional posts to come!) Continue reading


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