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So Long Charles Green (Part 3) – Rangers Shares Up 10%!

So, he has finally gone!

The BBC is reporting that Sandy Easdale, brother of Rangers Director James Easdale, has agreed to exercise his option to buy Mr Green’s shares, and therefore become, as he says, the largest shareholder in Rangers.

“Between my family holdings and through other supporting investors I now have the largest shareholding in Rangers Football Club,” he said.

“There has been continued speculation and constant enquiries to buy this largest holding in Rangers. But Mr Green gave me the first option which I exercised.” Continue reading


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Why Doesn’t Rangers Web Statement re Green Match the AIM Announcement?

I wrote last night about the sad end (or is it) to the relationship between Mr Green and Rangers.

But, as regular readers know, I delight in finding nit-picking inconsistencies which might (but probably don’t) signify something bigger.

Ladies and gentlemen, can I offer you the Rangers website statement and the Rangers Stock Market announcement regarding Mr Green’s departure? Continue reading


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Rangers Bid Farewell to Charles Green (Again)! But Has He Gone or Is It a Fatal Attraction?

Most readers of the blog will have seen a horror film where the evil monster/zombie (by the way that is not, nor should be taken as, any reference to a “Sevconian”) is killed off but, to then shock of the audience, reappears from the dead.

Many great, and some not so good, films have used that as a plot point. Traditionally, for example, vampires might be killed off but, until the stake is driven through the heart, you can always expect Count Dracula to rise again … and again … and again.

For some reason part of the announcement below from Rangers today brought those images to mind. Continue reading


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Imran Ahmad v Rangers – It’s Terrible When Friends Fall Out!

Mr Ahmad was one of the key members of Mr Green’s consortium which bought Rangers* last year.

(By Rangers* I mean the assets and business which make up Rangers Football Club and which were bought by the company which is now 100% owned by the PLC – clear enough?)

In fact, if one accepts the version of events put forward by some of the Rangers-supporting bloggers, Mr Ahmad in fact pulls the strings of Mr Green and is the eminence grise behind the recent boardroom strife at Ibrox.

Mr Ahmad is now, according to many press reports and to some detailed posts on the blog of my good friend (though we have never met) Bill McMurdo, proceeding with a claim against Rangers for £3.4 million of damages for his departure in April. Continue reading


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Revealed! Secret Plan Shows Why Rangers’ History Repeats Itself!

My excellent private investigators, Charley Farley and Piggy Malone, have found a secret document which is the blueprint for a unique brainwashing process. It plots the stages through which Rangers fans are being driven in relation to their team.

Farley and Malone, Private Investigators

Farley and Malone, Private Investigators

But it can be revealed that, rather than be the result of blind faith repeatedly betrayed, it is in fact a carefully orchestrated plan to force the faithful through every emotion possible conducted by broadcasts of subliminal messages.

I am sure it is coincidental that two shadowy figures, one known only as “the Law-well Man” and the other as “The Archbishop” were seen together in a building with a high spire from which the mind-bending messages are beamed. Continue reading


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