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The Sun Says Mazen Nabil Houssami Behind Rangers Board Moves – Who Is He?

Today’s Sun reports that Mr Houssami is the man behind the EGM requisition at Ibrox. Thanks to Ecojon’s efforts, readers of this blog know a lot about Mr Houssami. He was discussed here some time ago and the full posts … Continue reading


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Rangers’ Green Reveals All Re Blue Pitch Holdings…Or Maybe Not. Who Is Mazen Houssami?

In June Mr Green promised that all of the questions about his consortium and investors in Rangers would be answered “in seven days”. Well, he did not say which seven days! However last night he has addressed one of the … Continue reading


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Ecojon on the Green/McMurdo Discrepancy and Mr Naqvi’s “Investment” in Rangers

The following is a comment by Ecojon on the previous post, but I thought it worth putting it up as a post in its own right. Take it away! ————————————- Some “Rangers Haters” at the time suggested that the very … Continue reading


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Who Are the Mysterious Sevco/Rangers Investors – Some Answers – Guest Post by Ecojon

The new Rangers investors remain shrouded in mystery as the names released by Charles Green mean nothing to most people. However, investors have allegedly suffered death threats, had a website hacked and pulses soared when a one supposed investor was … Continue reading


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