Myths and Legends – the SPFL and the £250k Fine of “Rangers”

A couple of days ago the BBC reported, as did various other sources, that the SPFL was considering pursuing “Rangers” for the fine of £250,000 which was levied upon oldco Rangers by the Lord Nimmo Smith Independent Commission.

As the report read in part:-

The Scottish Professional Football League board is considering pursuing Rangers for £250,000.

The amount relates to a fine levied by an independent Scottish Premier League commission on Rangers Football Club PLC’s (RFC PLC) use of a tax scheme.

SPFL lawyers examined recovering the money under an agreement that led to the transfer of Rangers’ membership of the Scottish FA going ahead.

Any claim to the company’s liquidators would likely yield a smaller amount.

Liquidators BDO are in the process of examining claims of creditors of RFC PLC.

As such the SPFL board has decided it is reasonable to try to pursue the full amount from The Rangers Football Club Ltd under the terms of the deal known as the Five-Way Agreement, although no timescale has been set as to when to do this.

In February, Rangers Football Club PLC was fined £250,000 by the Lord Nimmo Smith-chaired SPL commission after it found that payments from its Employee Benefit Trust scheme were not disclosed to the football authorities.

The commission found that the company’s management did not take professional advice on disclosing the payments.

The findings also stated that the current owners should not be held responsible for any breaches made by the previous company.

The reaction from Rangers fan sites has been universally negative to this news, as one would expect. This is part, apparently, of the “vendetta” that the football authorities, under the malign influence of Peter Lawwell, has mounted against Rangers.

Amongst the reactions I have read comments from Rangers-supporting bloggers that the fine has “nothing to do with us”; that it would be “illegal” to pursue Rangers for the fine; that the fine came about at a hearing where “Rangers” were cleared; that the Nimmo Smith Commission found that there was no “sporting advantage” gained by Rangers; and that Rangers should refuse to pay.

All of the above comments are, with respect to those who propose them, nonsense.

First of all, in terms of the “that has nothing to do with us” argument, we see the schizophrenic way in which, when it suits fans of Rangers, the fine distinctions between club and company seem to be appreciated. Rangers fans maintain universally that there is one Rangers, which is, was and is to come. They must accept that the club is owned by a new company, but the distinction between club and company is made a great deal of. But from the fan perspective, if it is all the same Rangers, can they absolve their team from guilt based upon the owner being someone they do not like? It seems so.

Secondly there is the cry, repeated from last summer when the registration embargo was imposed, that it was “illegal” for the football authorities to impose the penalty because of the previous disciplinary decision. This too is an incorrect analysis. What the SPFL is looking to do now is the same as the SFA did regarding registrations – not to impose a penalty ruled out by the courts or Disciplinary body, but rather to enforce a condition of membership which was AGREED by the new owner.

Of course if the fans can abdicate responsibility by saying that the club is not to blame for what its owners do, then they can try also to disown the agreement reached by the Green ownership which agreed terms to be allowed to play football. Sevco Scotland Ltd (now Rangers Football Club Ltd) agreed to pay all of oldco’s “football debts”. A fine payable to the football authorities by oldco, being the club owner and responsible for all the operations of the club, must be a football debt. How can it be anything else?

Fans of Rangers complain about SFA “blackmail” but the blackmail was not very good, was it! After all, the supposed goal of title stripping was not achieved, but a “Rangers” still took the field in 2012-2013.

Thirdly, was “Rangers” cleared? Of course not – it was found guilty – that is why a fine was imposed! This argument seems similar to that which suggests that somehow Dave King’s acceptance of liability under criminal charges and payment of huge fines and penalties was NOT the same as criminal convictions.

A fine of £250,000 is not meant to be loose change. It reflected the Nimmo Smith Commission view that there had been a long-standing and deliberate policy of failing to declare all payments to players to the football authorities.

What about “sporting advantage”? It is true that the Nimmo Smith crew did not find that there had been any sporting advantage gained. But this was NOT based on a full analysis of all of the evidence and a determination that there had not been an attempt to gain advantage. Instead the verdict was that the “prosecution” had failed to prove that there was an advantage gained – because the prosecution did not lead any evidence to allow the Commission to decide if there was any advantage.

Equally the Commission did not determine if there was the intention to gain advantage. Quite frankly that must have been the intention! Whether it was within the rules or not, it must have been an attempt to gain “sporting advantage” – making players happier or saving the team money generally gives the team advantage.

And then we come to whether or not Rangers should refuse to pay.

If it did then that would appear to be a clear flouting of the deal which gave newco membership of the SFA. In the absence of a published version of the 5-way agreement we can only surmise the exact terms of the deal. However, if there is a failure to meet any of the conditions, might this allow the SPFL to seek to withdraw membership? After all, if one party to a contract breaks an agreement the other can, in some circumstances, tear it up.

There is of course no way that the football authorities will try to kick Rangers out for refusing to pay, but in theory it could.

More directly the SPFL would formally demand payment. If Rangers refuse to pay then what happens?

The SPFL has two choices.

It can proceed through the normal football channels and leave it to Rangers to go to court to prevent action being taken against it.

Or it can raise a civil action for payment, similar to the one presently proceeding in connection with Mr Whyte and the fine he did not pay.

(As a side issue, the fine imposed on Mr Whyte as an official of “Rangers” is payable by the club/team if he does not pay – the SFA might be pursuing Mr Whyte so that it can say that it has tried, and that it has no choice but to pursue that penalty too – and if it did, then one can only imagine the anguish from Ibrox way!)

If it goes into a civil court, we can put it on the back burner for a year or more …

And what about the bearing of this on the old club v new club argument?

At first sight, it has no bearing at all! The SPFL does not need to tread in the mess which is that argument. If they refer, as they do, to the companies involved, rather than the nebulous entity which is a football “club”, then they are taking no part in the discussion. It is evidence to support neither contention.

But at the bottom line?

The SPFL is owned a quarter of a million pounds in a fine which is payable by one of its members. If the SPFL refuses to pursue the fine then it gives, I would suggest, members carte blanche to ignore disciplinary penalties. This is why football penalties stick to the “clubs”. Otherwise, if an evil football club owner wanted to engage in extreme behaviour, then, if caught, they could simply sell the club to someone else and the new owner could argue that the cheating of the previous owner was nothing to do with him, even if it was proven to have advantaged the football team.

It would be interesting to see if any clubs tried to push the SPFL to chase this amount, if it decides not to do so – and would that member be prepared to accept the enmity which would come from Rangers for having the temerity to urge pursuit of the mighty Rangers.

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  1. cam


    November 22, 2013 at 8:08 am

    What a great result in Amsterdam; Justice 5 Beggars 1.
    The scoreline reflects the riot reasonably well although the Dutch police goalie will rightly be annoyed at letting one beggar slip through his firm chokehold.
    Unlike Dave King these convicted rioters now have a criminal record and although in any other decently run club,this would result in banning orders,fatbhoy Coyote will be terrified of losing anymore fans.
    What a club,their jolly craicsters are being well deffo exposed now.Battering the captains mammy,destroying Amsterdam in an orgy of drunken violence,assaulting innocent police horses,being in possession of offensive coupons and needing a damn good kettling everywhere they urinate.
    God bless Orange justice,god bless the SAS for keeping us safe.
    God bless the Glasgow Rangers. WATP!!!!

    I thought it was only fair to begin the day in the proper manner.
    I may read Paul’s latest assault on the red brick walls later on and tear it to shreds,,,but meantime,,,,c’mon the Dutch justice system!! 🙂

    • Frankie

      You are the peepul who celebrate a battle a battle over 300 years ago when a bunch of traitors in Ireland fought with a foreign army against the British monarchy.
      Loyalists or hypocrites

      You are the peepul who supported religious & racial discrimination for over a hundred years.

      You are the peepul who lied to and cheated your fellow sportsmen for decades to win some trophies.

      You are the peepul who stole at least £30 million from YOUR Queen’s collector of revenue, money that could have saved the lives of British
      forces. The same forces you claim to support.

      You are the peepul who stole almost a half a million pounds from your own charity.

      IF you are the peepul then I thank God I am not one of you.

    • Steven brennan


    • cam’s job interview, recorded for training purposes

    • barcabuster

      It was 8(eight) nothing. 🙂

    • cam. you are a sad littel man how can you say justice innocent men were slaying by men that were there to pretect bouth sides but shot just cathlics says all about you and your lot we forgive you for your bile cam as we can keep our heads held high.

    • Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

      Dutch system would suit you ,,,,, who has there finger in the dyke ,craigy , craigy Whyte

    • alfredthepict

      Absolute piffle !

    • Huns of Strewth

      You tell ’em Camshaft. WATP. Can’t wait till we have our first foray abroad in a competitive European match – although that could be a long way off. But we’ll show the Tims how to stage a proper riot. Total novices, no shops or cars vandalized, two month sentences! Pah! At Manchester one of our boys got 2 1/2 years! Worst of all they couldn’t manage to desecrate a sacred building of an other religion! Putting British football fans in a bad light.

  2. cam

    Ok, at a cursory glance this seems to be an attempt to goad a club into assaulting the integrity of the famous Glasgow Rangers.
    All written on the bus as well!
    Gone are the days when you drew wee faces on the steamed up windows and tried to catch the eye of the big stoatir who got on the stop after you.
    The important word is “considering”.
    They have considered it and thought better of it.
    Rangers are hurtling back to the top of the game,the best quality board in world football has now been assembled and HMS Rangers will now be turning its guns upon the enemy pirates ships.


      As much as it sticks in my craw to reply to a toxic Gullibillie like you, Monsieur Merde, it is important to stress that your FD forecast insolvency in April. This was prior to the severance package of Mather and the squandered thousands in defending the original AGM. Your so-called board do not even own their bus company, in a nomination tax avoidance scheme. How fitting that someone jailed for VAT fraud is now a non-executive director at Sevco. King was convicted of tax fraud in the tradition of the EBT scroungers who went bust last year. A new CEO, one million more one penny shares, diluted equity for the ripped-off institutional investors and no dividends. HMS TRIFC is as bouyant as a Struth rowing boat. Tick tock Monsieur Merde. It will soon to be time for jelly and ice cream. I fancy a large bowl and a mocktail. S’amuser

  3. cam

    Paul,you must accept my ruling that Dave King doesn’t have a criminal record.
    You’re still a bit ring rusty and i’ll be a good sport and lend you my Scots Law for Dummies library book.
    There are five chaps who need legal representation in Holland,i suggest you contact them through the KOC network and attempt to become a hero of the republic.

  4. Henrik Moravcik

    Which one are you ?

    • Sevco United

      WTF ?? 🙂

      Where do they get people like that from ffs ?

      • cam

        Me and my fellow klan members had a rather good barbie that day.
        My own personal highlight of the day was when Hurlock, my American mastiff was first to catch the wee poodle we dressed up in a Celtic top.
        Pure dead brilliant day oot!

      • Steven brennan

        Unfortunately its because their grampas shagged their grannies.
        I didnt watch all of the above, lasted bout 30 seconds.
        I believe they definitely are the people, special people.

      • coatbrigbhoy

        @ Sevco United
        Where do they get people like that from ffs ?

        Three places .off the top off my head, all with links to TRFC

        Ibrox, Orange lodges and Scottish masonic lodges

        Did you notice the clown with the England top, showing off his three lions, then later slags of the English and comes over all Welsh,

        If the queen did not bring in £20m in tourists money the country would be skint, said a loyal fan of a club that went bust owing how much ?
        He defends the queen, in his mind she brings in £20m the fact she takes £38m in payments,eludes him and he’s the spokesman

        watch the guy, it could be Cam, or any the rest of the Sevconians that come on here,
        thats the mind set of those that think they are the PEEPIL

        • Sevco United

          Thats what i love about you guys.

          “Ibrox, Orange lodges and Scottish masonic lodges”

          Like there isnt the equivalent dafties to be found at Celtic Park, Republican bars and Knights of St Columbas ludges. 🙂

          As for the idiot talking about the queen, you are right, it does cost £38m and you are right to pull him up about not alluding to that, just as im right to ask why you allude to point out its nearer £200m in tourism and not £20m 🙂

          Though for the benefit of any doubt, im not pro-Queen. Just pro-facts. 🙂

          • coatbrigbhoy

            you are a fool,
            that’s a very embarrassing reply you posted

            he said £20m, am i to blame because he is as thick as you ?

            you asked where do you find these people, i told you,
            you then indulge in whataboutry for some unknown reason, as i said a fool

            you say …why you allude to point out its…..,

            where did you go to learn to talk like that ?

            • Sevco United

              I missed “fail to” in my sentencing. Again i apologise for my omission though i think you got what i was meaning. I will be sure to watch out for other grammatical errors in the future.

              As for the reason i raised that, it was based on the fact that you were pulling him up for only telling half the story which then made the position look bad.

              IE – he said £20m in tourism money but forgot to mention £38m in costs which would then suggest an £18m loss.

              By bringing the £38m into the conversation to give a truer picture, surely you should have also corrected his very wrong statement on the income.

              As for whataboutery ? I asked where these people came from. You chose to pigeon hole one section of society for reasons only known to yourself. 🙂

            • coatbrigbhoy

              I assumed you had watched the video before
              you asked “where do these people came from,”

              you go on to accuse me of pigeon holing “one section of society”
              when you asked the question, where do the come from, where you asking for their home address ?

              identifying that an anti independence loud mouth Rangers/Sevco fan could be found at one of these three places, at Ibrox, the Orange lodge and Scottish masonic lodges, is some how pigeon holing a section of society, let me be blunt, your needing sectioned for your stupidity,

              tell me where else do you suggest you would most likely find a loud mouthed drunk Rangers/Sevco fan

            • coatbrigbhoy

              IE – he said £20m in tourism money but forgot to mention £38m in costs which would then suggest an £18m loss.

              By bringing the £38m into the conversation to give a truer picture, surely you should have also corrected his very wrong statement on the income.


              sorry i missed it before

              this guy in the video is Steerpike, he does numbers the way Steerpike does numbers,

              you say ” surely you should have “……why ?

              who am i to correct a knuckle dragger that screams in to a video camera, do you think he would take a telling from a bhoy from coatbrig ?

            • Sevco United

              I asked “where do they get people like that from” I was meaning in relation to how stupidly thick they were and not just the fact they were Sevco fans. As someone stated, it was more rhetorical than anything else.

              I can see how you misconstrued my question though and thanks for pointing out that if i was looking for a really thick Rangers fan, i could probably find him at ibrox or in an Orange Lodge. 🙂

              FFS 🙂

          • Norfolk and chance

            All this talk about the queen bringing in a fortune from tourism, they may have a point.

            After all, the French got rid of their monarchy and no tourists go to France, do they?

            Hang on…

          • Ian4300

            Troll boy,

            Go try a few Proper facts then & compare Total cost of Royals upkeep against income.

            Your whataboutery gets worse. Are you DeNIALL or just an Attention seeker?.

            • Sevco United

              Im not a pro-Royal though.

              I would get rid of them.

              I dont feel any need to have them.

              How does that work out ?

        • Maggie


          You know how the camster et al are always telling us that they own this fine Protestant country and that we are merely “tourists” here,and they very helpfully acquaint us with the “ferry timetable” to enable us to “go home” cb ?
          Isn’t it strange that those fine articulate,upstanding examples of Scottish Protestantism are about to abandon their fine Protestant country in droves at the mere hint that it might become truly egalitarian.
          I wish they’d make up their minds,don’t you 🙂

          • coatbrigbhoy

            most of them are not really Scottish, they are the sons of Ulster men or woman, or English men,or Even the Welsh,

            i had one with a Welsh mother tell me to go home, another with a Ukrainian father that married a true blue from the Gorbals after the war, he hated immigrants with a passion, a member of the N F then the BNP, i nearly passed out when i found out about his father heritage, he wants every one thrown out, just not his family ‘cos they are special and different,

            the truth is that that loon on the video speaks for the majority, he is just putting a face to the rubbish that gets posted on here from the son’s of Sevconia

          • alfredthepict

            With a bit of luck they,ll maybe b****r off to Larne or somewhere !

        • alfredthepict

          Coatbridge Bhoy
          I am not and never have been a mason. Ido and have known several masons who have been fine upstanding persons with not a shred of bigotry in their blood. You cannot label people simply by association.
          Any way hail hail

          • Gortnamona

            ” You cannot label people simply by association.”


            The N. I. Unionist Party

            The Orange Order

            The Ku Klux Klan.

          • coatbrigbhoy

            label people, in what way ?

            is it a secret that some SCOTTISH masons are Rangers /Sevco fans ?

            I did not know i was talking about EVERY mason, you appear to be for some reason.

            i watched a video,of a loud mouthed drunk group of Rangers/Sevco fans running off at the mouth,
            SU asked where do you find people like this,
            i replied,

            you can find them in IBROX, that did not bother you,

            i then said Orange lodges, that also did not bother you,

            i then said “SCOTTISH” masonic lodges, that annoyed you, because you met several that are not bigoted,
            do they cancel out the Scottish masons that are clearly bigots,
            i never said all masons are bigots, i made a point of highlighting, SCOTTISH masonic lodges, i did that for a very good reason.

        • The Hidden Fortress

          Heading for Wales cos ‘there’s no immigrants there…’ Well, except for him and all the other immigrants of course. I would’ve thought that most people claiming allegiance to the UK might be aware that the same immigration policy obtains in all its constituent parts. How others see them indeed – the questioner’s face reflected total shock at the idiotic venom encountered.

          • coatbrigbhoy

            Running around at Sevco games in his England top,
            i have met loads that left Scotland as children that live in England ,that do this stuff, they are just racist sectarian bigots ,it has been handed down,in the homes, by their proud loyalist RFC following* Daddies,

            * i had original typed supporting Daddies,
            but your not SUPPORTING your club by wearing an England top, Sevco don’t get any financial gain when their fans don’t buy Sevco tops, Scottish loyalist, they prefer to wear a foreign country’s football top, his toothless friend was wearing an Argentina top

      • Monti

        @Sevco united

        Dundee 🙂

      • Maggie

        @Sevco United

        That’s a rhetorical question,right? 🙂
        Oh we all know where you get people like that from.

    • barcabuster

      Fear not !

    • Best laugh! since the 12th June 2012,pissin ma sel’ thinkin how Cams Sevcoite pals watchin’ this hilarity, would be screamin’ “Oan ye go! you tell them son!” Must make sure ma grandson show this to his English friends at Uni.just to give them an insight into how they are really Loved by the Decent Ayrshire Sevcoites!

      • Fra

        Saltcoats, Kilwinning, I’m beginning to see a wee pattern.

        They must’ve let them loose from school at age 7 to have that mentality s grown ups. Hee hee. What an embarrassment. I blame the schools.


    • Monti


      I’m certain me & the guy with the England top wouldn’t get along…..:)

      Cam is definitely the other one lol.

      P.S. What has Wales ever done to anyone?

      • coatbrigbhoy

        sorry Monti,
        we all know Cam has one tooth, unless Cam has let his dental hygiene slip,

        maybe the toothless guy is the mystery director the Admirable Crighton

    • Ffs, where did it all go wrong for these people? If this is not eternal shame upon them and their kin i don’t know what is.

  5. cam

    What a good mood i’m in today,sun is shining,Ibrox boardroom getting its act together,Craigie inching closer to his final countdown,Monti doing his gnome routine,5 convicted criminals dealt with properly,fatbhoy Coyote put in a Dutch chokehold.
    All i need to complete my day is crazy Gort to put up a few of his quotes and to go tonto.
    Paul’s rather desperate attempt to lob a dead cow over the red brick walls is now being looked upon as a mere sideshow,a bit like the nutter who tells us the end is nigh,,,hang on ,,that’s mick!

    • Gortnamona

      Cam the Scumbag Sectarian Rat

      Sits staring fixedly at the computer screen.

      He must get in the first post on the new blog.

      What a pathetic life?

      What a fucking pathetic loser

      But he is just one of many

      “In every hick town in Caledonia across the pseudo nation,
      You can see the most ****** up scum who were shat into creation,
      Where a blue McEwans’ lager top equals NO imagination!
      “Think you’re a success?
      “Your psyche’s a mess!
      “Your economy is in distress,
      You’re HUN-believable!!!”
      Irvine Welsh,


  6. BB

    Lawwell has no choice but to ban the thugs who shamed the club. Celtic ‘no excuse for violence’…5 Celtic fans convicted in a court of law…..of violence against Police officers, 8 of whom needed hospital treatment… It’s a no brainer. …also, what about the ones who have already been fined….will they be banned too? Maybe they will gp onto the banned waiting list Celtic seem to be operating. …you know…the ones who throw missiles onto the park…or display offensive banners…c’mon Peter, let’s hear you. Don’t be shy now.

    • Not a court of law……… not a trial as they all pleaded not guilty.
      “One” judge does not in my opinion make a court of law. The Dutch for all their liberal pretensions have a remarkably heavy handed legal system.
      I’ve worked in Holland for a very short time & seen the Dutch Police in action on a few occaisions. Shooting first & not bothering to ask questions is their mode of operation. I’m not a great fan of our own errrm… British Bobby, but they make the Dutch Police look like the Stasi.
      The Ajax fans caused their club & government huge embarrassment. This was a manufactured situation to shift attention elsewhere. .

      • BB

        Did they manufacture themselves into getting kicked unconscious and chibbed with bottles?….deary me! Integrity no pwa!

        • BB

          It seems putting 8 people in hospital, lobbing bottles at offensive trams, attacking cop vans cleverly dressed up as human beings -disguised as dutch football fans is fair game, such is the lack of condemnation on here. Credibility. Zero. Morality Zero. You lot on here reserve the right to complain about anyone or anything but when it’s closer to home, so to speak, you look away, dilute mitigate deflect. It’s always someone elses fault. Always. The cops, opposing fans, opposing players, the ref, politicians and now the Dutch judicial system. Tiresome and pathetic.

          • @BB….I did not say Celtic fans did not behave badly. You seem to only view the footage that suits your own prejudices.( Have you seen the footage of Celtic supporters being “apprehended” by getting their heads kicked in). Rather like your selective reading of religious scripture.
            The judicial system in Holland is this instance proves it is motivated by efficiency not justice. If some one pleads “not guilty” to a criminal offence they should be entitled to a trial by a jury of their peers. Not in all likely hood a judgement from an establishment figure such a middle to upper class member of society.
            Jeez….. how you huns love authority. Is servility part of your genetic make up. Or should we blame the schools………. Sevco….. forelock tuggers FC.

            • BB

              No. I have remarked on the heavy handed tactics before, it doesn’t excuse any of what I mention on here today regarding the thuggish behaviour of Celtic fans. If it was Gers fans in the slammer they’d be bang to rights. You KNOW it. Your hand wringing rights are removed forthwith.

          • BB

            Given they have already said violence is unacceptable, if Celtic Football Club do not issue a statement condemning the guilty five unequivocally and banning them from Celtic Park, they are EFFECTIVELY CONDONING THE VIOLENT BEHAVIOUR OF THIER SUPPORT, THUS RENDERING THEMSELVES DEVOID OF ANY MORAL CREDIBILITY WHATSOEVER. Over to you Peter. Don’t be bashful…..

            • Fra

              Ball bag,Celtic fans would never misbehave and it was all the fault of heavy handed policing. Oh and your a bigot sir. Don’t let your blue mascara run into your peepers or it may cloud your judgement. FUD.

              TIOCFAIDH AR LA

            • Steven brennan

              You have already stated many times that you dont believe anything celtic say or do, so why are you asking now?
              Take a look at the topic of discussion and add the fact that Laxey are backing the spivs, what have you to say on that?
              Or just deflect away as usual.

            • barcabuster

              And given that judged are normally selected from the highest echelons of society. It is fairly safe to assume that the Amsterdam judge is a drug dealing pimp.

            • Ian4300

              Old BB the HYPOCRITE full of Sanctimonious Tripe as usual.

              The day after the British Forces, whom he defends, are proven to nothing but Murdering Scum,h Ignores this completely but is outraged by the goings on in Amsterdam, complete with a one Sided description.

              A True Christian would be outraged at The Organised Murder committed by his Country.

              Why am I not surprised at the lack of comment from our resident Religious Bigot?.

      • willy wonka

        ““One” judge does not in my opinion make a court of law. ”
        Haw haw haw !
        Pull down the whole legal system. McTattie thinks it’s an injustice. Lol.

        • wonka……….. Is one judges opinion enough to send people to prison?. It was effectively a hearing not a trial, & yes I do think it was unjust, & I also think your a total fanny………….

          • Monti

            @Mac Tomas

            Totally agree WW is a sac boulle extraordinaire 🙂

          • willy wonka

            Apart from appeal hearings, how many judges sit on the bench in the UK ?
            Is “one judges opinion enough” here ? Or is it only when those damned foreigners , or when a load of rioting hooligan Celtic fans are involved that it becomes “unjust” ?

  7. cam

    After a more thorough read,is it just me or does anyone else detect a more strident note in Paul’s bus journal this morning?
    I sense a growing frustration that the mighty famous Glasgow Rangers are dancing through the enemy minefield like Fred Astaire.
    Here we are a year later and Sir Billy Nimmo’s judgement is being exhumed in a desperate attempt to give the bhoys something to take their minds of the latest defeat by the Orange forces of justice.
    Boyne Mk2 and the score is 5-1 to the good guys.

  8. Dave S.

    The timing of this report is interesting. Just when the RIFC board is trying to rally support for the AGM (look at our nice new board, hardly a conman in sight, vote for us), we have a nice paranoia-inducing story to rally the faithful. Maybe the SPFL is considering it, maybe they aren’t, like anyone else they no doubt consider doing lots of things which they then decide not to do, so it’s not really a story, but it serves it’s purpose.

  9. cam

    If the SPFASLAPFASLPFA are short of a few bob then they can turn up at Harry Hoods boozer wi some collection tins.
    Rangers should sue the incompetent buggers for the stolen prize money!
    Blackmailed into accepting the Coyote’s 5 way shuffle,,,shockerooney!

  10. cam

    While they’re at it they can chase wee Craigie for his fine.Guy is a multi billionaire is waiting according to the nutters in here!

  11. Steve

    All over the world attitudes and opinions are changing: peoples are becoming more respectful of others, more tolerant, and more sensible about interpreting the past. One or two small pockets of darkness exist, albeit their numbers are small. Unfortunately in this small soon to be independent nation we can witness one such grouping. Not surprisingly it boasts a large number of what can only be described as the white underclass. CAM is not one of them, however he does put into words the nonsense that is spouted in defence of a once powerful club. His motivation is to rile us, however it is frightening to think that others agree with what he says.

    • cam

      I’m fed up with folk not taking me seriously!
      In the upcoming cooncil elections the voters will turn out in droves to support my policies that are derived from KKK mantras,BNP ideologies and UKIP meets Orange Order doctrines.
      In keeping with Movember i now have a Hitlerite ‘tache and my goose-stepping is coming on a treat.
      The new ATOS tests that i have devised should provide much needed finances to pay for the coronation of King Walter and build the 16ft wall surrounding Croy and Coatbridge.

    • BB

      Cam is both incisive and hilarious. Take your pick why some on here hate him the most.

      • barcabuster

        Cam is not widely hated, because as Steve points out, he doesn’t believe half the pish he posts……You! On the other hand? ………
        Neither incisive or hilarious………..In fact your a bit of a FUD!

      • Monti


        I hate him 🙂

      • coz he’s a fud……….!!!!

      • Maggie

        btw are you Sleekit Sally and does BB stand for Big Breakfast ?
        I digress,sorry.
        I totes love the camster,his price is far above rubies ( I know you like a wee biblical quote, so thought this one appropriate )
        He’s such a brilliant representation of your clubs,dead and nearly dead.

      • Fra

        Cams ma favourite proddy buddy and ah love him to bits. He tries to twist melons and fails dramatically but we humour him coz he’s no well


        • Maggie


          He’s our pet Sevconian Fra 🙂
          He reminds me of so many weans I’ve taught,you know those attention seekers who practically do somersaults and say anything contentious to get noticed, only he calls it melon twisting. 🙂
          Normally these kids outgrow that predilection,sadly the camster hasn’t.

  12. barcabuster

    This throws up many conundrums Paul as you rightly point out. Not least of which the route which gives protection to “football debts” over and above the rights of Joe Blogs creditors.
    I understand that it is a requirement of SFA membership, but fail to see why the administrators or liquidators have the legal right to offer any kind of preferential treatment.
    To my mind, a company whose business is playing football who accumulates company debt, is doing so in the pursuit of football, ergo, a football debt.
    Football is a no-goer without St John’s or the police, or any of the service providers, but unless they themselves have a football team they are fecked! Crazy!
    Rant over.
    I recall CF producing a side letter relating to the Top secret, 5 way stitch up. In it The DungCaster offered the bentest team in world history freedom from further actions.
    I would like to see this matter pursued just to force this crooked e-mail into the limelight.
    ps. Still nothing on the SFA website regarding a complaint against big Peter. The DR surely wouldn’t be lying to us…..Would it???;

    • cam

      The Coyote and Rangers have hatched a cunning 5 bellied agreement.
      If Peter can lose a stone by Xmas and apologises sincerely then we might let him off with a warning.
      What about those CONVICTED jailbird rioters?
      Assaulting the polis!!!
      Jeezo what an advert for Scotland and Ireland!

      • barcabuster

        I think we both suspect that the DR is slinging a dinghy and there is no complaint.
        Working on that assumption, I suspect that Sevco have bottled it, because taking on Big Peter, will expose the same club sham that Sevconians even lie to themselves about.
        A poster on TSFM theorises that for Sevconians to admit a break in history, would represent a break from 1690, No surrender, and WATP.
        Do you agree?

      • daviecooperonthewing

        Yes Cam… From Ireland they came, brought us nothing but trouble and shame… And now they have tarnished Scotland’s good name.

    • @barca

      All true my friend, the only escapee from it all is SDM, the metal mogul; he should be outed for what he is and should IMO face public humiliation for his part in their downfall, their downfall happy as i am about that.

      SDM is a charlatan of the highest order, knighthood ffs, a bigger fraudster were never likely to encounter again.

  13. cam

    Well off to bed i go,a smile on my big stupid bigoted coupon,content in the knowledge that i’ll awake as a fully paid up member of the Peepul and my mace shall be pointing skywards!
    Busy weekend ahead.Me and the lads from the Chucky Yer Da Loyalist Flute and Accordion band are Fife bound.
    We’re looking for a garden with a burnt oot caravan,tricolors,and a one toothed banjo strummer sitting on the porch.
    We have a burning cross to deliver!

  14. BB

    ‘…the current owners shouldn’t be held responsible for any breachings of the previous company’. Funny how this little diamond isn’t addressed by our esteemed host. Is he really suggesting the football authorities disregard the findings of a commission they themselves set up?? Maybe Neil should tell clubs they can dip into the Rangers spl prize money they withheld (if they still have it)……. Meanwhile, have Celtic said anything about those thugs what shamed the club yet? You know, the Amsterdam Five who were convicted of assaulting police officers , 8 of whom wound up in hospital. No excuse for violence Celtic said……..

    • barcabuster

      Would that be the SPL prize money you won in the season you STOLE PAYE and Nat Ins from your own players and staff and refused to send it where it belonged?
      So let’s re-cap that eh!
      Rangers Football Club Ltd (Y’ know, the deid mob!) Stole £14m from their own kind to see out the season, and now want the prize money!………Priceless!

      • BB

        You? Who would that be? Celtic fans hero whyte? Cmon you either hate tax dodgers or you don’t. Re Cam I said ‘some’ – attention to detail please. There’s a sweetie.

        • barcabuster

          So Whyte done the crime, and kept the lights on, Not You!
          But it is YOU who is entitled to the prize money.
          Maybe you could elaborate on how that works?

          • BB

            It’s a reference to the hypocrisy of the footballing authorities. The fines exist but the prize money doesn’t.

            • barcabuster

              I agree about the hypocracy. The prize money should have been bounced down the league. Putting it in the creditors pot would see it eaten in liquidation fees, but there is no point in throwing it in the coffin.

            • Ian4300


              Rangers should have been bounced into Administration when they began using Tax to trade.

              Instead the SPL & SFA turned a blind eye & allowed them to limp on to the end of the season..

              This Cheating between the SPL, SFA & Rangers had a knock on effect, to the detriment of every team who finished below RFC, especially Dunfermline, look how they ended up.

              I agree that Every Penny owed is a Football Debt.

              Cheating & Bleating, it was the Rangers way… Those Sevco eejits are as bad, some things never change..

        • Ian4300


          RFC(IL) withheld the money, The Board of RFC(IL) all failed in their duties, all those “Rangers Men” Guilty as sin..

          RFC(IL) Traded while Insolvent using the withheld Tax to do so.

          That’s not Tax Dodging, that’s Stealing…Withholding TAX DUE, or in RFC(IL) case OVERDUE, collected by RFC employees, but not passed on to HMRC.

          Your Hypocrisy is amazing & YOUR recognition of the truth is very poor.

          You seem to live in denial, does it make the loss easier to bear?

          RFC(IL)… Soon to be finalised.


    • Ian4300

      BB & his musings, Did you not know the SFA is a Law unto itself?

      Still waiting for your Condemnation of Her Majesties Undercover Murderers.
      A Bigot & a HYPOCRITE, your some piece of work BB.

      I Blame the stuff they taught you..

    • @BB

      Funny how your second coming ever got a licence to grace scottish football innit.

      No grace, no shame, no dignity and absolutely no class.

  15. “Myths & Legends”…… The premier myth being pedaled today is that that Rangers are still appearing at the Asbo Dome.

    Rangers…………. DEAD…………….

  16. Ed Paisley

    I think you are right Paul If the SPFL allow Sevco dodge this football debt then all moral authority is fatally undermined.

    Let’s face it, much of the penalty suffered by the Sevco Cloven Hooves FC has been self inflicted – by Craig Whyte, by dear Charles Green, by feckless Craig Mathers and now by Ron and Reggie Easdale, the kingpins of organised serious crime in Inverclyde.

    Long may the self destruction continue. This is truly a Godless bunch of money grubbing anti-sport crooks.

  17. portpower

    no abdicate sevco

    Worthington Are The People

    sevco new twist FC

  18. Sons of Truth

    Another suggestion that might help yous out. You know they big daft gates? They’re possibly worth a right few bob. Whoever gets to flatten the place will do well to hold on to them.
    Not think they’d look great for Charles’ holiday home? Could get them opening and closing with one of they wee zapper things.
    Seriously though…they have to be worth a right few bob.

  19. @gortchomhor

    Thanks for the seemingly thorough explanation of the fine, etc., Mr McConville. I say seemingly thorough because it didn’t cover all the possibilities and, in particular, it failed to account for the most likely scenario; that RIFC will go into administration in the next 12 weeks and these fines will be an irrelevance.

    I suppose we could put some time into contemplating how the next administration would go and consider what might happen with these fines and other debts, but that would most likely be time wasted; there is a very good chance that this Rangers will disappear altogether when they go into administration.

    Even those of us who enjoyed watching the real Rangers go into admin’ last year would struggle to conjure up the emotional energy required to find interest in yet another phoenix being dragged out of the gutter/ashes. From a potential investor’s perspective, another resurrection would be a lot of work and it’s hard to see where the required credibility, hope, and energy would come from. Easier just to weigh up the value of the bricks, mortar, fixtures, and fittings and get it over and done with.

    A more stark financial assessment, one that offers the rest of us some cause for celebration, is that the orange pound just isn’t what it was; and that’s why they seem to be constantly struggling when it comes to funding. Sure, they sold plenty of season tickets, but at what price? And, clearly, they’d need to sell a lot more to be sustainable.

    It’s a classic example of a capabilities-expectations gap — the few lunatics that remain just don’t have the cash to bridge the gap between what they aspire to and what they can afford.

    • Sevco United

      Sevco is a mess but they wont be in admin in the next 12 weeks.

      I tell you what. 12 weeks today is Valentines day. I will wager a £50 charity bet for Yorkhill Hospital that Sevco will not be in administration by then.

      Do you accept ?

    • @gortchomhor

      Nice to see you back again with your honest take on things.

      Like you, i believe cash is of an urgent need, more so than the forecast of april/may next year but will the hedge funders etc pay up to sustain it until new season ticket money comes in?

      Next season sevco if they survive will play in our championship league, there’s only a limited amount of cash chargeable for a ticket in that league; their costs have dramatically risen again in the last week with three new senior appointments, surely a further drain on cash.

      And for what cost to sevco fans?

      The sevco fans do not have the money to go again if new money is reqiured, never did, Murray’s time proved that.

      If there is a next time, i don’t believe either that the SFA nor the SPL will be as lenient as they were first time round.

      as you say, there may be no way back the next time.

      • @gortchomhor

        Well, thanks for the warm welcome. Seems weird exchanging pleasantries on here though, eh dibble?

        I sense that Rangers fans themselves wouldn’t have the heart for another admin’ scenario and my guess is that a high proportion would throw in the towel.

        Their complete disappearance looks more likely now than ever and I’d say was probably the most likely outcome.

        We are dealing with people that are quite nutty though and you can never predict the behaviour of one nut never mind several thousand.

        I half hope they make it to January. I’m busy for the next 4 or 5 weeks and Januaries are usually uneventful and bleak so it would be nice to fill that gap in the schedule with some high quality entertainment and drama.

        • officer dibble


          Agree with all of your post. One thing though gort;

          If most rightthinking guys/gals do eventually walk away, the what remains?

          The bitter nutters? If this be the case, what institution would invest?

          I’m old enough to remember the pre-SDM day’s, there was a very poor following then. Very poor in fact.

          SDM revived that in the form it now is. If that’s what remains, heaven help us all.

          • @gortchomhor

            I’m sure they could find something other than football to channel their bigotry into. They certainly did so in the 20s and 30s — unions, politics, etc. Let’s not forget what SPL used to stand for.

            Anyway, like I said, they’re a dying breed. History will judge them accordingly. Scotland’s version of the KKK, but too poor or tight to bother wasting good bed linen. Interesting that they didn’t feel the need to cloak their faces here.

          • @gortchomhor

            Yes, I remember how bad it was for them in the early 80s. Noteworthy that when they were so poor on the park, Orange Order membership rocketed and if I remember right that was the high tide for them, when membership was at its highest.

            So I’m sure they could find something other than football to channel their bigotry into. They certainly did so in the 20s and 30s — unions, politics, etc. Let’s not forget what SPL used to stand for.

            Anyway, like I said, they’re a dying breed. History will judge them accordingly. Scotland’s version of the KKK, but too poor or tight to bother wasting good bed linen. Interesting that they didn’t feel the need to cloak their faces here.

  20. Sons of Truth

    Then there’s the hallowed playing surface. If enough of you get together it’s there for the taking. Not really stealing is it? Just get in there..take back what yous paid for. Hack it up into manageable chunks and get yirselves off to the Louden. Easy money, and the smart ones will be getting their gardening gloves on as i speak.

  21. hector

    God I love a happy ending. All is well in Mordor ,the hedge funders are in a cosy clinch with the bus boys, the rebels are beaten and the likes of old Leggo and the Sons of Struth will be banished to the wasteland. Rangers are on the way back to the top and I know this to be true as Melin McMurdo predicted it and lo it came to pass. Aye right Lanark Thistle will win the Champions League before that happens.

    • Monti

      Good morning sir,
      There has been a sighting of a 5’1″ man walking around Gasworks park, Police Scotland are asking the public to remain vigilant.
      The man is described as white, 5’1″ ‘tall’, clinically obese & purple in the face, aged between 60 & 12 :), the man was last seen wearing a XXXXXXXXL sized the rangers top, pink tracksuit bottoms & yellow puma flip flops, he was also carrying a large packet of Crayons & a folder of felt tip pens.
      Answers to the name ‘David’.

      hector you are a silly little laddie 🙂

      • hector

        @Monti You are a man of the world old boy perhaps you can help me. On the last thread the boy David is banging on about a clan I presume called the McStays of john clark. I can find the Mac Donalds of Glencoe and the MacNeils of Barra but no mention of the above. He also calls you some vile names. So much anger in one so young.

        • Monti


          David is speaking in riddles, someone has taken his favourite blue crayon & he’s not amused.
          I am obviously aware of the Mcstay family & of course our Lisbon Lion John Ckark.
          I have never heard of the clan Mcstay’s of the John Clark tho 🙂

          Strange indeed.

          • Maggie

            @hector &Monti

            Hello you Hebridean half wit and you terrorist supporting scum,it is I Maggie the b**** and hypocrite……..that’s all bhoys,just wanted to check in 🙂

            • david

              You must be so proud of your bhoys.
              Tell your Church of Scotland friends how you consort with scum bigots.
              Such fun.
              Merely a better dressed bigot and not half as clever as you think.
              Strange behaviour from a supposed sophisticate.
              You condone and support bigotry, lies and terrorism by your support for your scum bhoys.
              What does that make you?

            • hector

              @Maggie Evening you old hypocrite. I wont address you by your other honorary title as us halfwits in the Hebrides were taught to respect women and not to mock the afflicted . Life in the wild west is good and the distribution of venison to the neighbours has gone well with a supply of local beef ,lamb and shellfish being returned as a thank you and a promise of lobsters and prawn to come. Don’t you just love the barter system. Our resident Lanark Thistle supporter has been at the Wiki and god knows what else with his take on the JFK shooting so there may be something in his old mans memories being passed in the womb theory as he sounds like he is just out of short trousers. Anyway take care old girl and enjoy the meltdown in Mordor.

        • david

          You pick on a typo?
          What a wee diddy you are.
          Do you agree with your pals support for terrorism?
          Have you ever been off your Island?
          Have you ever actually been to Celtic Park?

          You know nothing about your team, and your knowledge of Freemasonry is zero.
          Stick to the hinds.

          • Terrorism david?…. how about a definition
            The killing of Thousands of children, women & unarmed civilians in Hamburg & Dresden, Berlin….Baghdad……… by remote air bombing, sanctioned by politicians & military who knew full well what the extent of the collateral damage would be…… about that for starters?………that’s just the tip of the iceberg, we’ll be here all night compiling the British terror, body count if you like……… We all know who exported terror all over the planet, & it wasn’t the Irish…………

          • @david

            Now david, there is no real need to keep this servile stuff going, you ought to know better than that.

            The bhoy’s and our Aunti Maggie are teasing you to near apoplexy, this won’t do dear boy, now stop it and behave, or we’ll have to take your crayons away.

            • Monti


              You having a bit of bother with David?

              Pass him to T.C.

              Crayon anyone?

            • officer dibble


              Hi buddy, not at all, i merely point out to david that were not going to continue with this attitude. Should he, crayons away and bed without milk/toast.

          • Ian4300

            david, Terrorism?

            Did you watch the programme about her Majesties Finest driving about shooting Unarmed Catholic Civilians & the cover up?

            The INVESTIGATING OFFICERS wrote up their alibi while the Murderers had a coffee

            That is State Terrorism… British style.

            In fact Britain has a Long history of terrorism against others in their OWN Countries… An Officer called it COLONIAL practices & magnanimously felt it should not have been used in Ireland.

            It was OK for all those Coloured Foreign folk then?

            You know all those who dared oppose British Rule & suffered for it.
            Britain STARTED it, everything that followed is a consequence of British Actions at Home & Abroad.

  22. hector

    Apron of the day! A bit of a nautical theme today as I can see the sea from my window. The Royal Arc Mariner Grand Officers apron. For all you Tims out there I am afraid they don’t do it in green quelle surprise.

  23. Sons of Truth

    Kenny Miller “I can’t rule out a third spell at Ibrox”
    ‘double double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and caldron bubble’.. Might try that spell Kenny boy.

    • @SOS

      I’d expect something like that, KM now 33 years of age, winding down and a last paycheck before retiral.
      No transfer fee, no money, no sell on value and no foresight due to no funds for academy youngsters, in fact they have no scouting system either.

      It’s all rather sad, if your a sevconian; just think most clubs in the top tier have a youth policy and seem to be doing well. Maybe it’s more to do with the fact the management team do not have the skills to develop young guy’s?

  24. Sevco United

    Getting back to the topic in hand, the Sevco fans i talk to regularly dont want anything to do with Paul or Malcolm Murray and whilst they dont have great confidence in either of the Easdales or Stockdale, they believe the 3 recent appointments of Somers, Wallace and the other guy seem to be positive ones given their Financial background.

    In their opinion, the support for the 2 Murrays is coming from mainly tainted supporters groups who speak for a small amount of supporters.

    • Henrik Moravcik

      @ Sevco United
      If you really want to know what their supporters are thinking just read old leggos blog. Now there’s a man with his finger on the pulse.

    • @gortchomhor

      Again, commentary that neglects to mention the true state of affairs or the most likely outcome.

      Let’s get something straight right away. The current regime which you allude to in such fond terms, allegedly (and probably) includes Craig Whyte who most of us assume is sitting in the background pulling strings in some way.

      Whyte also, many of us us would say convincingly, claims to have a case in terms of the ownership of the liquidated club’s assets through Sevco 5088. Maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t but it at least has to be given consideration.

      So, where does all that leave your love and optimism? A genuine question.

      • Sevco United

        Baring in mind that it is other peoples opinions, i would admit that I havent went deep enough in conversation with them to ask that. It was merely just their reactions to the Wallace appointment and them talking about the 3 recent appointments in general which when you consider the Sevco/Rangers standards over the last 10-15 years, on the face of i appear decent.

        As for reading Leggatt. 🙂

        Lets not kid ourselves on that Leggatt is the mouthpiece for Rangers fans. He is openly mocked by any Sevco fan i know as a drunken buffoon.

    • coatbrigbhoy

      the Sevco fans i talk to regularly

      they believe the 3 recent appointments

      Somers, Wallace and the other guy seem to be positive

      the other guy !!!!

      oh him

  25. bill

    Private Equity Investor Plc

    Company Number: 03912487
    Company Type: Public limited with share capital
    Registered Address:

    Beaufort House
    51 New North Road
    EX4 4EP
    United Kingdom

    Mr Norman Crighton
    Born 47 years ago: Jun 1966
    Director, Director
    22 Jun 2012 — Present (1 year, 5 months)

    Mr Colin William Kingsnorth
    Born 50 years ago: Oct 1963
    Director, Director
    22 Oct 2004 — 22 Jun 2012 (7 years, 8 months)

    Laxey Partners (UK) Limited

    Company Number: 04030014
    Company Type: Private limited with share capital
    SIC Code: 6712, Security Broking And Fund Management

    Registered Address:

    Princes House
    38 Jermyn Street
    SW1Y 6DN
    United Kingdom

    Mr Colin William Kingsnorth
    Born 50 years ago: Oct 1963
    Director, Director
    10 Jul 2000 — Present (13 years, 4 months, 12 days)

    • bill

      14 November 2013

      Rangers International Football Club plc

      (the “Company”)

      Appointment of Director

      The Board of Rangers announces that it has appointed Norman Crighton as an independent non-executive director. Mr Crighton has been involved in most aspects of investment banking during the course of his 23 year career, including corporate finance, research and market-making, leading to institutional investment management. Having begun his career in corporate finance and sales at Olliff and Partners in 1990, he moved to LCF Edmond de Rothschild in 1993 before spending five years as a Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch from 1994 to 1999. He then joined Jefferies International Limited as a Director of Funds and Related Products from 1999 to 2006. After this, he was an investment manager at Metage Capital Limited with an emphasis on performance analysis, company structure and corporate governance, focussing on UK main board and AIM quoted companies.

      Since 2011, institutional shareholders have appointed Mr Crighton to the boards of several UK listed companies to help with complex restructurings. He is a non-executive director of Trading Emissions PLC, Global Fixed Income Realisation Limited and Private Equity Investor PLC. Mr Crighton is also the non-executive chairman of Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund Ltd, a new company quoted on AIM in May of this year.

      Mr Crighton will chair a new Investment Committee of the board whose terms of reference will include overseeing capital projects. In accordance with Rangers’ Articles of Association Mr Crighton will be subject to re-appointment by an ordinary resolution at the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Company on Thursday 19 December 2013.

      Mr Crighton holds a BA (Hons) in Applied Economics from his home city of Dundee and a MA in Finance and Investment from the University of Exeter.

      Further information concerning Mr Norman Crighton, aged 47:

      Current Partnerships and Directorships:

      Asia Biogas Singapore Pte Limited

      Global Fixed Income Realisation Limited

      Private Equity Investor Plc

      Trading Emissions Plc

      Universal Umvelt Ltd

      Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund Ltd

      World Firsts Organization Ltd

      Past Directorships and other positions:

      Big Bear Productions Limited

      • He is a non-executive director of Trading Emissions PLC

        Bill, do you understand how this trading emissions work for UK companies? Not that the above is the only one in the UK.

        Let’s say you have company ‘A’ who emitt x,y or z hazardous emissions from a factory into the atmosphere per annum. Our Env agency allow a set amount per annum of (emissions into the atmosphere).

        Say company ‘A’ emitt more than their quota per annum?

        Company ‘B’ also emitt hazardous substances into the atmosphere but less than their allocated quota per annum.

        Spiv’s are then allowed to buy and trade non-used hazardous emissions from one company to another company who exceed their limits.

        So spivs-are-us sell on unused emission quota’s from company ‘B’ to company ‘A’. (HE SHOULD DO WELL THERE, SEVCO ARE IN GOOD COMPANY).

        All tawdry stuff and backed up by our UK Government encumbered by spiv’s @ 14 in senior minesterial positions and are multi-millionaries and i’d hazard a guess (pardon the pun) have shares in these organisations.

    • bill

      The Laxey Investment Trust Limited

      Mr Colin William Kingsnorth
      Born 50 years ago: Oct 1963
      Director, Fund Manager
      28 Jan 1997 — Present (16 years, 9 months, 25 days)


    • @Bill

      Looks like another stitch up from spivs mark 2

  26. hector

    Having a quick root around to see what Laxey partners are all about. One board member should give the orcs a few sleepless nights. Colin William Kingsworth company Celtic Property Developments. Don’t tell them its a secret sssshhhhh.

    • hector

      @hector Kingsnorth not worth

    • @hector
      Mate since you’ve taken to wearing the ‘apron’ you’ve changed. You’ve become a bit cynical towards the sevconian, what’s going on dear man?

      We need an explanation; Mr Laxey is an upstanding gentleman of the brotherhood, i thought you knew that?

      Maybe you could arrange a wee swap noo n again with Mr Laxey of the apron, just to change the colour theme? Go down a bomb at the AGM. 🙂

  27. Dan

    Spare a thought for John Fitzgerald Kennedy on this the fiftieth anniversary of his assassination. If it hadn’t been for that great Tim none of us would be here today. The moment he assumed office his Joint Chiefs laid a plan before him that suggested a nuclear war was ‘winnable’ if a ‘first strike’ without warning, was launched against the Soviet Union. They estimated that 135 million Soviet citizens would perish, with 35 million Americans being incinerated. There was no mention of what would happen here in the UK. History records that JFK stood up and , without a word, left the room . Once outside he said to an aide ‘those guys are crazy.’ They would try twice more to get him to push the button, but he continued to refuse.

    During the Cuban crisis when we came within a whisker of nuclear war the CIA, that quite disgraceful organisation, actually launched an attack on Cuba in the hope of provoking the Cubans/Soviets. That they failed to do so was due in no small part to on-going dialogue via ‘back channels’ and involving JFK, Kruschev, and, wait for it, the Pope. The Pope even gave the Soviet leader a copy of his encyclical ‘Peace On Earth’ before it was published. So, ironically, an atheist was privy to the encyclical before the faithful.

    See us Tims. We saved the world. Pity we had to save ‘everybody’ though. Especially when you see videos such as the above. What a riddy.

    • cam

      The Kilwinning branch of the Lee Harvey Oswald loyal will be celebrating the anniversary of the assasination of that adulterous conniving bugger.
      Another example of a flawed belief system that allows folk to sin and have the audacity and stupidity to believe that a guy in a frock can strike a 5 way agreement with God.
      I stole a tin of peaches when i was a wean,as a dare with my pals.If my wee maw and da had found out i was a dead wean walking.
      I’m going straight to hell for that sin(talking to bawbags like you might mean i’m already there).Nobody can save me.

      • Ed Paisley

        Don’t worry about the peaches Cam and forget that chocolate freddo you also nicked – we all did it.

        Not one of us is without sin – even JFK and Pope Francis. Papal infallibility is a myth. Only BB is without sin.

        • cam

          No Ted,you still don’t get it,,,,i deserve to burn in hell,,,i sinned Ted,i broke the rules.
          Stop all that Catholic wriggling and hoping some twat in Rome can be your trangressions nomad,,,we’re all doomed i tell you.

        • BB

          No Ed, you’re extremely ignorant if you think that. Pointing out the perpetual hypocrisy on here isnt a sin. But anyway, the whole point of becoming a christian is acknowledging your sin and turning from it. Turning to Him. You ever been to a testimony? It’s when the speaker pours their sinful heart out to the audience on a plate. I certainly forged links to my own chain a la marley for too long. No more. ‘There’s power in the blood’ Ed! Do I still sin? Absolutely, but I try to keep a straight path. When I don’t, I’m convicted by the spirit, but I will never be plucked from His hand. ‘Trust in the Lord with all you heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all yours ways acknowledge him, and he will keep your paths straight’.

          • Ian4300


            You have a Brass neck….Let me get this right.

            It is your God’s fault that you are a Sanctimonious Hypocrite.

            You are not leaning on your own understanding when you prattle your bigoted garbage… Your trusting in the Lord? .. OK.

            That may be true, I’ve heard he has STRANGE ways.

            By the way your idea of a straight path is as bent as a Nine Pound note.

        • cam

          They didnae huv Freddos back in the 60’s ya daft bugger it wis MB bars
          ah ruined ma teeth wae

        • I notice dear brother cam never mentioned the lady Marylyn, tut tut, would he have foresaken her charm for a night with his twirling stick?

      • arb urns

        did ye twist those peaches cam…..pray tell……..

      • Ian4300

        Jeezo Cam, That was some read.

        See that JFK, who does he think he is?

        Running around acting like a member of the British Royal Family.

        Just terrible.


    • david

      Inaccurate wishful thinking.
      The Russians got what they wanted- the removal of American missiles from Turkey.
      The Bay of Pigs was an American disaster.
      JFK died before he could, like all politicians, create a legacy for history to be judged by. His promise was never fulfilled.
      His Presidency created a hope for a more modern and progressive world.
      So far the only Catholic President, he broke a barrier as Obama has done with race. Asked by Protestant West Virginians if he would obey the Pope or the Constitution, he stated the Constitution, and that he was a candidate who merely happened to be Catholic. This was a huge advance at the time, as the previous Catholic candidate in the 20s, Al Smith was run of out several towns in the Deep South.
      He would not have survived modern scrutiny with his philanderings and his hiding of Addisons disease; he makes Clinton look a saint by comparison.
      His father-( an obnoxious man who was the US Ambassador to Britain during the Blitz , thought Britain defeated and was terrified of German bombing ) arranged all his sons lives, even extending to pushing for a military award for JFK which had he been in the Royal Navy would likely have resulted in a court-martial ( his PT boat was halved in two by a Japanese Destroyer ,with no-one on watch )
      For all his faults his is a legacy of unfulfilled promise.
      I remember the 25th anniversary of his death when a Celtic supporters club in Bellshill renamed themselves the John F Kennedy Celtic Supporters Club, changing immediately back when the Mossend True Blues renamed themselves The Lee Harvey Oswald Loyal.
      The Clan Kennedy was one of Scotlands most powerful – and ruthless- families, owning extensive lands in Carrick, Galloway and Antrim, eventually becoming Marquis of Ailsa. Some must have got to Ireland.
      The only Irish President so far compares badly to the 11 Scots or Scots-Irish Presidents. ( some put this figure at 18 ), amongst the most famous being Andrew Jackson, US Grant, James K Polk and Woodrow Wilson.
      Yes, I can remember where I was at the time of the assassination.

      • Dan

        Pure pish my friend. What has his philandering to do with anything? It’s the man’s behaviour in the political arena that has to be judged. For example, had he lived there would have been no Vietnam war. That’s a fact. He is actually on record, on film, saying that the US could not win a war in Indo-China. He was actually in Vietnam and saw the the French being defeated. He (with Kruschev) had already defused a tense situation in Laos—to the horror of the CIA. He was also prepared to live and let live re Sukarno in Indonesia–to the horror of the CIA. He spoke out for Algerian independence—-indeed he championed independence throughout Africa. These are facts that had nothing whatsoever to do with his private morality—–jeez why does the phrase ‘cast the first stone’ spring to mind here.

        The Bay Of Pigs was Eisenhower’s idea, (read the history). It was a massive gamble on the part of the CIA. They knew that the landing was bound to fail, but were sure that JFK would have committed US troops and planes to prevent a rout. He did not——to the horror of the CIA.

        And are you saying his Joint Chief’s didn’t present him with a plan for a pre-emptive strike on Russia? Because it is very well documented. They reasoned that as the Soviets had no missile silos their rockets were an easy target—-and that the strike should therefore take place before the Soviets had constructed silos. Adulterer or not, we should all be grateful to him for refusing that inhuman plan.

        Re old Joe and his assessment that Britain would be defeated in a war with Germany. Isn’t that what Churchill thought at that time? And if Hitler hadn’t stopped at the Channel we would have been defeated, wouldn’t we? And as for him exerting control over his children, did he sanction Joseph Kennedy Jr’s final–and voluntary–flight for the RAF in which he perished? Or his daughter Kathleen’s marriage to a prominent English, and Protestant aristocrat?

        But what’s this you say? Old Joe was terrified of German bombing? Eh—who wasn’t. It was called ‘terror bombing’—-and it worked.

        As for there being no watch keeper on the PT 109 when it was rammed by a Japanese destroyer—what!!!!!

        As for his Addison’s disease, he had that when he joined the US Navy. After the sinking of the PT 109 it didn’t stop him swimming for four hours with his engineer in tow. It didn’t stop him swimming out again the next night in the hope of seeing a friendly ship.

        JFK was no saint. People have jumped all over his private life since his death. I often ask myself, why is he maligned like that in certain quarters. But then, I think I know the answer.

        And I know where I was too.

        • david

          You seem to have totally misunderstood my post. I did not malign Kennedy, I only pointed out that he never had enough time to make his mark, dying so early. His Presidency is merely a big ” what if? ”
          The Bay of Pigs happened on HIS watch. He achieved his Presidency partly on a tough stance towards the Eastern Block- especially the perceived ” missile gap “. He was no dove.
          I make no moral judgements regarding his private life, I only commented that it would not have borne modern scrutiny.
          His father was a coward- he wasnt just terrified of the German bombing like the rest of the London populace, he slept outside of the city; and he was a bigot, he refused to attend his daughters wedding to the Duke of Devonshire. He was recalled as Ambassador.
          His sons last flight was practically a suicide mission.
          JFK denied he had Addisons disease- a clear lie, cynically exposed by Johnson.
          The PT boat was halved in two by a Japanese Destroyer at night.
          I agree however, as to the reasons why he was maligned.
          His Presidency could have taken America forward, but we will never know.

          • Maggie

            FYI Kathleen Kennedy did NOT marry the Duke of Devonshire,she married his eldest son William “Billy” Cavendish,Marquess of Hartington.

          • Dan

            You said old Joe held sway over his children. Yet who gave Kathleen away at her wedding to a Protestant whose father stood at the head of the Masonic lodge in the UK? It was young Joe. As for Joe’s mission, it is worth recalling the details here, for the education of not a few posters who denigrate the Irish. Joseph Kennedy’s mission was to fly a plane loaded with explosives towards the U-boat pens in France. The plan was for him to bail out and be picked up at sea. But the plane blew up before reaching its target.

            There are posters on here who will laugh at that——one thinks of the peach–stealing twerp , but would they have such bottle? A rhetorical question of course.

            If I have misunderstood your post I apologise. JFK was far from perfect, but when you get pygmies on here like the peach thief making light of his murder, the tendency is to lash out.

      • Ian4300

        Your some man for the history david.

        Have you found out about those Nazis in the Royal Family yet?

        Have you researched your “war hero” The Duke of Kent yet?

        He was Gay & Bent,
        His arse was up for rent.
        The Duke of Kent. …. That one

        He made Kennedy look like a boy Scout, mind you a lot of Royals would… They have censorship on their side though..

        It’s the good old British way.

    • @gortchomhor

      You forgot to pay testament to his escalation of US involvement in Vietnam, upping the ante from supplying advisors to injecting soldiers and fighting the ground. If I remember right he also started bombing the north.

      Another feather in his cap, he sent special forces into Cuba, I believe they were called Mongoose Teams, whose goal was to destroy farms and other strategic resources, cause mayhem, and generally destabilise the country.

      So much was made of the failed Bay of Pigs invasion but I don’t know what you’d call that if it wasn’t and invasion — I think in international law it would be an ‘act of aggression’ which of course is totally illegal and more or less what we hung the Nazis for at Nuremburg.

      Thank God he was a lovable, catholic, dove.

      • Dan

        Wrong wrong wrong!

        • @gortchomhor

          No it’s not. Kennedy was a typical US president and like all the others he’d be found guilty of war crimes if he was put on trial.

          It puzzles me that people romanticise Kennedy’s role as president and when I ask them why they say stuff like he managed to avert a nuclear war. Well that’s really impressive isn’t it, he didn’t destroy mankind, what a nice chap.

          Then you have the childish Oliver Stone stuff, suggesting that the Vietnam war wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t get shot. How tragic. Tragic that the facts tell a completely different story, that he escalated in Vietnam.

          When you boil it right down all you are left with is he looked good and had a nice way of putting things and junk like that. Real hero.

    • AyrshireScot

      Did you know JFK’S most trusted secret service man was a dedicatied member of the Orange Order.The Co Tyrone man Bil Greer was a member of the Drumbona-way lodge L.O.L.214 ,incidently he was also the driver of the presidential limousine on that fateful day in Dallas.

  28. Raymilland

    Scrabble solution



    Time to pull the chain 😉

  29. cam

    Here are the owners of the coupons found offensive in a courtroom.
    lest we forget.
    Fatbhoy Coyote,,,it’s over to you!

    • Ed Paisley

      Travesty of justice. What happened to the old Dutch liberal Van Der Valk type policing – you know, if you were caught doing a serious crime you were sent to get flowers sewn onto your jeans and given a couple of ounces of hash.

      Nowadays the Dutch police are like those that Franco used to have. What the hell happened to the liberal and relaxed Dutch?

    • Sevco United

      This guy looks like an innocent party in all of this.

      He comes across as a nice chap with his chat. Cant believe for a minute he would get involved in any violence. No. No.

      Padraig mullan ‏@podge1916 12 Jul
      I don’t want a shared future for my child,I want a future without these fuckpots in it #soontherebenofuck!nghunsatall

      Padraig mullan ‏@podge1916 10 Jul
      I done the novena every day this year,if there isn’t a mass wipeout of huns this week I promise I won’t be back!!!

      Padraig mullan ‏@podge1916 26 Jun
      Wen I go 2 the football I go 2 war if I shall have 2 stab friends and family supporting cliftonville I will #nomercy

      Padraig mullan ‏@podge1916 16 Jun
      Up the IRA

  30. Ed Paisley

    In 1963 JFK had meetings with British PM Harold MacMillan and they struck up an unlikely rapport. Old MacMillan – the frosty faced patrician descended from backwards Scottish Crofters, and young charismatic and sexually narcissistic John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
    During a discussion JFK leaned towards his respected elder and said “Harold, if I don’t have a woman every day I get an unbearable headache”.

    I have never found out what Harold said in response.

  31. Monti


    On behalf of the Celtic board, Dermot Desmond & the wider Celtic family…………..” TIOCFAIDHARLA” !

  32. bigz


    Im actually in shock today as rt how such recent history is being allowed to repeat itself while the games leaders including member clubs stand idle and watch.

    From the events of recent days it appears that we are once again competing with a club whos right to be there is at the very least questionable. Although dubious, the spirit of the five way agreement appears to have been designed to give Sevco Rangers a bite of the cherry providing they played ball, yet to Sevco Rangers that appears to have been lost in the traslation, namely once we are in ….fk them !!!!!

    As I see it the position is currently this

    Sevco are playing with a licence that after a year and a half they have not complied with the conditions of issue and the SFA do nothing.(ring any bells)

    Sevco “by all accounts” are currently heading for a insolvency event despite since conception burning through £40m.

    The most damning part of it all is that despite warning signs Sevco have been allowed to compete unfairly against clubs who for decades have spent the revenue gained from evey Bovril sale wisely to ensure survival. This has resulted in the ability for sevco to win the league , take the hit of 25 points and still be in a position to gain promotion……..

    Competitive Advantage ????

    Not according to LNS.!!!! Hmmmm

    So while Green and Co having duped the faithful laugh all the way to the bank ……

    those left behind continue to flaunt the laws and principles of the game unchallenged and with nothing to lose financially or in sport ……..


    • Paul

      @wanka bar
      “One” judge does not in my opinion make a court of law. ”

      If these guys make an appeal based on a legal matter, it will go in front of three judges. When cases are overturned it is usually because one judge has used his opinion on a legal matter and delivers his verdict based on his opinion. If the case is overturned it is usually demonstrated to the judge that although he was sound of mind bringing him to his conclusion based on whatever case he use to reach his decision,there are more levels to be explored and higher judges with a more learned knowledge of legal jargon and case law are the ones to explore all legal avenues. Why do you think judges go through levels like the masonic order do, it is called enlighted knowledge,you wonka wanka..
      Do you think LNS verdict is the be all and end all of a certain case, silly man, if this case is not time barred it could well be disputed and overturned, oh wait dispute what the verdict was reached guilty of using EBT’s.
      your team died and you are seething looking to pick holes and try to tar the Celtic fans with the same sectarian brush your mob has been tarred with. 5 celtic fans guilty at present remind me again about Manchester etc. And was that the real British army i saw shooting innocent people at random, and was that the same army who run about Ibrox displayin keep ulster protestant. All fits in nicely an army out to kill catholics and likely to have a wee preference for the dead claub who like to pretend they are still the same. British Army on it’s knees, Sevco on it’s knees, The times are a changing wanka bar,was a pleasure to have been around to see the death brought about by the Green and White circus who rolled into Govan and fleeced the clowns, mistreated the animals and left the remenants of the big dome on a shaky nail..How does it feel knowing the days ahead of football for you is one game Monday night away to abroath freezing cold shit bovril and cold pies at extorianate prices and forcing yourself to convince you and whoever that this is great. C’mon face it the football for you is shit and you know it. You go to work if you work and no-one listens to you describing the game if they do not follow your team, life is just miserable aint it wanka, Then people around you are all talking CL and the great players they seen scoring great incredible goals and you pipe in with Jon daly scored a peach and it all goes silent, Jon who was that on the telly who is he anyway. HAHA you know fine well your team died and the tribute act is just….well a tribute act not quite the real thing worth paying to watch, but you have to because you do not belong in the real world with all you bigoted views that people have walked away from. Your life gets worse everyday and you clutch at straws as you wish that Celtic were inyour position and deep down you would swap everything to have what Celtic have, you know it makes sense but to be turfed from the Louden and your haunts is unbearable what would you become without your peeple to put on your bravado act. Glasgow truly is Green and White in the east end and incidentally it was in the South for different reasons.Enjoy your weekend for what it is worth and roll on Monday minus 6 i believe wrap up well and hope the crowd do something like a huddle because it is freezing down in Abroath.

  33. Eastside

    I see Spiv Colin Kingsnorth of Laxley Partners has joined the rest of World in mocking and laughing at the Sevconians.

    “If there are 101 supporters Clubs, there are 102 different opinions”

    Ha ha ha ha!

    Colin Kingsnorth clearly doesn’t realise that the Sevconians need to be told what their opinions are and what to think!

  34. coatbrigbhoy

    Celtic Football Club statement

    FOLLOWING the court proceedings yesterday (Thursday) in Amsterdam, the club has issued the following statement.

    ‘Clearly we are fully aware of events yesterday in Amsterdam. Celtic has always said it does not condone any form of violent or offensive behaviour. If any person connected to Celtic FC is identified as being involved in such behaviour, then clearly we would always take the appropriate action.

    However, it is very important that the legal process is allowed to run its course and therefore we cannot make any further comment on these specific cases until any appeals have been heard and this process is complete.

    As we have also stressed before, it is very clear that events in Amsterdam have raised a number of questions. Separately, therefore, the Club can confirm that it is continuing to work on behalf of our supporters with our Dutch legal representative in relation to supporters’ complaints.

    We have received numerous written complaints from fans regarding their treatment in Amsterdam and the lawyer we have engaged is currently reviewing these in order to assess whether they can be taken further through the legal system in Holland. We believe these to be credible complaints, with substance and therefore deserve further investigation.

    We would like to re-iterate that the Club is proud of the fantastic reputation which our supporters have earned. It is a reputation which we cherish and we will do all we can to ensure that this is protected.’

    • cam

      Ok then, so what we have here is a clear case of Fatbhoy recreating the laws of inertia, which for the resident idiots in here,clearly states that a can of Carlsberg which is at rest will stay at rest until an external Declan acts upon it.
      Equally if one assumes the universal constant of an obese pie munching beggar as c and a policeman’s head being the mass m,then the energy provided by a British giro being e,undoubtedly proves Einstein’s famous theory e=mc2.
      The images of cans and bottles bouncing off a tram were the masonic works of an Orange tv technician.
      Ok Peter,,,,your move.

  35. P groom

    On the usual basis that it’s always the unexpected that catches everyone out what can we unexpect on 19 dec? How about an indefinite postponement for some arcane reason? Certainly martial law will be declared for the day and an exclusion zone set up for a 20 mile radius of the venue…… Seriously it looks like McColl has been shafted. He should never have bought the rangers line about saving money by not having an egm. What a reunion it will be of the rangers old boys and rangers old new boys.

  36. mick

    Statement from Campbell Ogilvie

    Friday, 22 November 2013

    Campbell Ogilvie, Scottish FA President: “This week, the Scottish FA’s Compliance Officer has reviewed comments made by the Celtic Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell, at the club’s Annual General Meeting, after receiving an official letter of complaint from Rangers Football Club.

    “The Compliance Officer has informed both clubs that there is no actionable breach of the rules. None the less, I am compelled to convey my disappointment that we find ourselves in this position, as a result of an apparent erosion of mutual respect between two of our oldest rivals.

    “At a time when Scottish football faces challenges on many fronts, it is incumbent on our biggest clubs to set the highest standards. In this regard both the comments made, and the subsequent time, effort and resource imposed on our Compliance Officer to deal with the complaint, were wholly unnecessary.”

  37. barcabuster

    So no breach of any laws then mate.
    It’s official.!!! They are Rory FC. Lol.
    Copyright P. De Law.

    • cam

      So the DR was correct a complaint was made and Fatso got told by Sir Campbell to shut his fat yap.
      The Coyote is as guilty of grandstanding as Chico was and it was done to get himself out of the “living wage” storm.
      Marge,barca and all the other nutters who said Rangers wouldn’t complain,you should be ashamed of your imbecility!

      • Ian4300


        THE Rangers have been Greeting, Whining & Complaining since the day they changed their name from Sevco,

        The truth is “In this regard both the comments made, and the subsequent time, effort and resource imposed on our Compliance Officer to deal with the complaint, were wholly unnecessary.”

        Too right they were, Campbell did his best for you.

        He spent all those resources & wasted the Compliance Officer’s time & Why was this all unnecessary?

        Big Peter told the truth & Campbell could do feck all about it but whinge.

        DEID. 😉

      • barcabuster

        Call that a complaint!
        Even Campbell the Conflicted one(soon to be the convicted one) told yeez to go bile yir heids.! He cannae help ye! Neither can Lunny Lingus or Sandy Law. There is only Peter. De. Law now! The new order!
        Go on, stick an appeal in.! Lol. Take it to the very top(That’ll be P.De.Law!)
        I’m genuinely sorry for you bud, but its offishal!!! Rangers are deid! A young pretender(very young!) Has claimed its crown. Och well! Never mind. You had a good run while it lasted. Lol.

      • Maggie


        Oh camster,what are we going to do with you ?
        I think you’ll find that Campbell told Sevco to shut their fat yap as the last thing he needed was a judge confirming that liquidation means death and St Peter the great is correct,and not only correct but a visionary and one of the nation’s leading wits.

    • mick

      hi barca rory of the rovers lol a think cheats fc suits them best thou

  38. Now then, C Ogilvie has told the sevconians (over Peter Lawell’s joke to piss off and grow up hahahaha, vincent lunny said; funny.

  39. Felpen

    Sevco say there are going to make a formal complaint about st Peter. Then st Peter reminds them he has just seen an outstanding bill under some paper work he just might pursue. And we should not hear about either one again!
    Bad day for Secvo supporters. As people all over the world remember the first Irish Catholic president of the United states England take a hammering in the cricket. That’s gotta hurt.

  40. Iain McG

    Re the breathtakingly arrogant statement from the SFA tonight. Penned by the hypocrite Ogilvie, no less. Get this man out of office now.
    How dare he. Pay your EBT back, you scumbag.

  41. cam

    The SFA have basically told fatso that he should concentrate on his own hellhole before trying to use Rangers to squirm out of difficult situations at his clubs AGM.
    The pie muncher totally lacks class.

    • mick

      The pie muncher totally lacks class.a thought you liked fat sally mc moist lol

      • Henrik Moravcik

        @mick did you see McCoist at his press conference today on stv news ? I think he’s been hitting the bottle. He’s got a face like a halloween cake.

        • mick

          hi henrick am down in london hun free zone we dont get sally down here just Niel in the CL hes red in the face worring about his part in the criminal spiv takeover of dead clubs assets he knows that we know that he knows about the deeds lol not long now comrade and cyber friend we will need to get a benny and jerrys artic lorry for monti as the amount of ice cream he will be serving will resemble the caringorms lol

    • Ian4300

      No Cam,

      Campbell did his best to help your new Mob out but the truth could not be avoided. Big Saint Peter won.

      Poor Campbell with his trembling lip, told of his disappointment.

      I hope he chases the outstanding fine which Sevco inherited with the same gusto, but somehow I doubt it.

      Well the poor man has already proven his memory is not up to much, hasn’t he?

      See if/when Sevco/Sevco?/THE Rangers fold & he has got to do it all again…will he qualify for Another Loan? Or maybe some Penny Shares?

      Or is it just a labour of love? For Ra PEEPEL by a PEEPEL.

      Poor old deluded Campbell talked of being disappointed in our TWO Biggest clubs… What did Aberdeen do?


    • get to work and clean our streets nincompoop

  42. Iain McG

    P.S. Sir Campbell of EBTS. Our oldest rivals do not operate from Govan. That lot died. Get your facts right, cheat.

  43. mick

    although were blessed with a all year round panto SEVCO the rest of the country gets 1 at xmas so since its panto season when will Principal Boy agent whyte take stage lol there is no Panto Dame in this show unless we count imrans mum lol also the Co-Principal Boy is missing unless we count whytes big swedish bird lol looking at the Comic Lead it has to be green devo green following on to the Villain cam would say whyte but am saying murray lol
    now lets look at the minor roles lol The Good fairy its got to be stockbridge and imran lol most pantos have a Animal theme well we all know who they are this show has 35000 of them the sevcoian sheep lol as you know now show is complete without a we jig who are these dancers its us eating jelly and ice cream dancing laughing at the greatest panto ever produced in scotland SEVCO lol
    moving on to Harlequinade or slapstick it has been preformed by the board of course lol who is Pierrot well theres more than 1 of them a know what your thinking who is Harlequin the man behind the mask lol agent whyte lol
    Columbine weres columbine lol jabba lol Pantaloon now thats easy jabbas dad irvine jack lol last but not least the clown well in this panto there is more than 1 hay wait a minute are were they not playing the animals lol

    hailhail all a hope a have you in the xmas panto mood merry xmas

  44. mick

    and all the while this was playing in the back ground while the crowd shouted oh no it musten lol

  45. MJJT

    SFA where never going to fine Celtic for PL comment if they had Celtic would have taking this all the way then SFA would have to confirm Sevco is a new club and RFC are gone feck for ever.

    • mick

      and lawell has them over a barell with resolution 12 of the agm lol the fans wanting justice for missing euro spot is similiar to slipping big pete a ace and a king at poonys lol

    • Ian4300


      You must have got that wrong.

      Wlly the Wanker assured me that Campbell was going to tear Saint Peter a new one & Lunny would batter him with the rule book… . Not just hit him with it. Big Peter was for the off. Booted out of the SFA Offices, carpet burns on his arse as he bounced down the stairs etc.

      They were going to show that Fenian with the big hand how The Brothers handle things,

      Willy being an upstanding Freemason reckoned he KNEW what the Brothers would do to Saint Peter the Great..

      Oh Feck maybe he meant the EASEDALE Brothers…


  46. mick

    hows this for the drawing of the curtains as this show is odds on for ending in may lol

  47. Eastside

    So no appology for Tribute Act FC then!? And the Sevconians were convinced one would be forthcoming! They were adament the usual tactics of threats and intimidation would work, just like did when they bullied the smaller Clubs into retractions and apologies. About time someone put that remt-a-mob in its place.
    King Peter ‘Lolol’ Lawell doesn’t do apologising for telling the truth, not then, now or ever!

    He he he, ha ha ha ha, he he he, ha ha ha!!!

  48. tamtic

    Feel annoyed Ogilvie saying both clubs should behave better. The whole thing erupted when Sevco in a blatant act of deflection sent a letter to Santa—oops sorry,SFA hoping Vincent Lunny would do something about it, HE’S A TIM’ SO NAE CHANCE. Oh and let Clarky know big Pete’s apology WON’T be forthcoming, haw haw haw.

  49. Monti


    Would one of you Orcs answer the following question?
    If the rangers win this years Scottish cup ( lol ),could any of you tell us why the rangers would NOT be allowed to compete in Europe next season?

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