Another New Rangers Director! Is This the Admirable Crighton?

JM Barrie wrote Peter Pan, a fantasy set in a world where miraculous and mysterious things happen and where the villains are remarkable creations, ready to do anything to achieve their goal of victory, and where one of the two main “baddies” is intent on the destruction of his rival.

Now what, you might ask, does that have to do with Rangers?

Nothing apart from the fact that JM Barrie also wrote a play in 1902 which was later filmed starring Kenneth More. It was called “The Admirable Crichton”.

It addressed class distinctions in post-Victorian England and told of a butler who, on the family he worked for being stranded on a desert island, takes full control of the situation and reverses the social order, before, on the family being rescued, returning to his subordinate state.

The Rangers Board welcomes the Admirable Crighton

The Rangers Board welcomes the Admirable Crighton

I’m sure it is a coincidence that Rangers have now announced the appointment of its own “Admirable Crighton”!

The Board of Rangers announces that it has appointed Norman Crighton as an independent non-executive director. Mr Crighton has been involved in most aspects of investment banking during the course of his 23 year career, including corporate finance, research and market-making, leading to institutional investment management. Having begun his career in corporate finance and sales at Olliff and Partners in 1990, he moved to LCF Edmond de Rothschild in 1993 before spending five years as a Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch from 1994 to 1999. He then joined Jefferies International Limited as a Director of Funds and Related Products from 1999 to 2006. After this, he was an investment manager at Metage Capital Limited with an emphasis on performance analysis, company structure and corporate governance, focussing on UK main board and AIM quoted companies.

Since 2011, institutional shareholders have appointed Mr Crighton to the boards of several UK listed companies to help with complex restructurings. He is a non-executive director of Trading Emissions PLC, Global Fixed Income Realisation Limited and Private Equity Investor PLC. Mr Crighton is also the non-executive chairman of Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund Ltd, a new company quoted on AIM in May of this year. 

Mr Crighton will chair a new Investment Committee of the board whose terms of reference will include overseeing capital projects. In accordance with Rangers’ Articles of Association Mr Crighton will be subject to re-appointment by an ordinary resolution at the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Company on Thursday 19 December 2013.

Mr Crighton holds a BA (Hons) in Applied Economics from his home city of Dundee and a MA in Finance and Investment from the University of Exeter.

Further information concerning Mr Norman Crighton, aged 47:

Current Partnerships and Directorships:

Asia Biogas Singapore Pte Limited

Global Fixed Income Realisation Limited

Private Equity Investor Plc

Trading Emissions Plc

Universal Umvelt Ltd

Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund Ltd

World Firsts Organization Ltd

Past Directorships and other positions:

Big Bear Productions Limited

Mr Crighton is not currently beneficially interested in the issued share capital of the Company.

There is no further information required relating to Mr Crighton to be disclosed under paragraph (g) of Schedule 2 of the AIM Rules.

Once more RIFC PLC is doing the right thing for a PLC by choosing non-exec directors with a suitable background and who are otherwise not connected to the company.

The only quibble might be that the Board (Easdale and Stockbridge) could be seen as jumping the gun by putting these in place before next month’s AGM, and especially setting up an Investment Committee.

Why, the Rebels are sure to ask, not wait till the AGM and see who emerges with control?

Perhaps Mr Crighton’s past role in “Big Bear Productions” makes him suitable to join the Bears at Ibrox?


Maybe another announcement yesterday about the shareholders in RIFC gives the answer?

I will write more on that…



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80 responses to “Another New Rangers Director! Is This the Admirable Crighton?

  1. Fisiani

    Can we have posts that only refer to the OP. Thanks.
    It does not matter how many directors you put on a sinking ship that is leaking 38,000 pounds a day.

    • Gortnamona

      Fisiani – Is this relevant?

      ” James Crichton, (1560–1582), Scottish polymath, known as the “Admirable Crichton”, after whom Barrie’s play was named”.

      I know a little about this guy as some of his descendants, now spelt Creighton dwell in an old Castle (Tourist Attraction) a few miles from me.

      About a hundred years ago their personal clergyman the Rev Houghton Steele decided to pack in his heretical Church and join the the true faith of the Taigs. Now that really upset the Black old Orange Earl of Erne

      • david

        @Gortnamona the Gimp
        Like everything else you spout, you know zero about Crichton.
        He didnt have any descendants, he was murdered through jealously when he was 22. There is a plaque for him in St Andrews.
        Good to see you still spouting your bigotry.
        Enjoy your gimp session tonight.

        • Gortnamona

          David you are a stupid pernickity little prick,(in every way from what your wife tells Big Phil) Who is a big man in every way.

          The Creightons of Crom are descendants of the of the Crichtons that bred the Admirable James as you well know.

          I hope Big Phil doesn’t suffer the same fate as James. Murdered over a love affair by a jealous little man who was smaller in every way.

  2. Think i saw a link to Laxey partners for this guy somewhere on-line is that not a link to the company

  3. cam

    Paul,your coal reserves are running low,the McConville express is struggling,a driverless ghost train whose passengers have caught Celtic tourettes.
    What about a wee story about the legal implications of falsifying signatures on a legal document?
    Hang on ,,,oh oh ,,here come the lost bhoys.


      In April, after the dispute with Mr Whyte came to light, Rangers International stated in a stock exchange announcement that Sevco 5088 was a “subsidiary” of it. This was despite it being described as a “related party” of the newco in the share issue prospectus, while former chief Mr Green stated in an interview with STV that he had “handed back” Sevco 5088 to Mr Whyte after the firm was no longer needed for the asset purchase as administrators failed to agree a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) with creditors.


      Green stated on STV that he gave back the sevco 5088 compant to Whyte !!!!!!!!!!

      Green is on audio tape telling Whyte tha Whyte IS Sevco, claiming a dodgy signature ?
      barrel scrapping

    • Monti


      ….Or we could talk about stealing from charities!

    • Monti


      So are second rangers money reserves 🙂

  4. cam

    I would imagine the admirable Mr Crichton was warned that any connection with Rangers would bring some attention from some rather strange folk with a moral code straight out of a fairytale.

  5. Graham

    Celtic have their very own fairy tale story teller in Peter lieswell pan ,
    Making up make believe end of season
    Tours to Asia to fend off the evil rangers title bid

  6. Steven brennan

    A Dundonian on the board?
    I hope he is a united supporter
    My favourite Dundonian William Topaz McGonagle would have loved the opportunity to write about the tragedy that is sevco.

  7. R. MacGeddon

    It’s a small world.

    Mr Crighton, who does not currently hold any shares in Rangers International, was a senior vice president at financial management firm Merrill Lynch between 1994 and 1999, Rangers said, while he has non-executive roles at several publicly listed companies including environmental investor Trading Emissions PLC and technology investment firm Private Equity Investor PLC.

    He was appointed to Private Equity Investor to replace non-executive director Colin Kingsnorth, who founded and runs the Isle of Man hedge fund Laxey Partners Limited, which owns a 6.53% stake in Rangers. Laxey has previously indicated it would vote in line with the fans when it came to the annual general meeting appointments, while it owns a 13.2% stake in Private Equity Investor.

    … …. …..

    Former Rangers chief executive Charles Green has agreed to sell part of his stake in the club to a hedge fund.

    According to an announcement to the London Stock Exchange on Wednesday, Rangers International Football Club plc said Mr Green had entered into an agreement with Laxey Partners Limited in October 2012.

  8. Arb urns

    Another Norman joins this Hitchcock Thriller….. The N word and working business models what a combo…. Check out this guys degree BA Hons in applied eco’s from DUNDEE…..what no Uni? …. Bring back Jabba I say……

    Big Bear Productions that name rings a Teddy somewhere !!!!!!!!


    Mr Crighton, who does not currently hold any shares in Rangers International, was a senior vice president at financial management firm Merrill Lynch between 1994 and 1999, Rangers said, while he has non-executive roles at several publicly listed companies including environmental investor Trading Emissions PLC and technology investment firm Private Equity Investor PLC.

    He was appointed to Private Equity Investor to replace non-executive director Colin Kingsnorth, who founded and runs the Isle of Man hedge fund Laxey Partners Limited, which owns a 6.53% stake in Rangers. Laxey has previously indicated it would vote in line with the fans when it came to the annual general meeting appointments, while it owns a 13.2% stake in Private Equity Investor.

    At Trading Emissions plc, he also sits on the board alongside another Laxey director, Christopher Agar, although it is not known if his appointment at Rangers is related to his association with the hedge fund.

  10. Raymilland

    The tiles have the final say:





    Don’t say you weren’t warned 😉

  11. When are they just gonna die? (Again)

  12. mcfc

    Or maybe he’s Kryten of “where do all the calculators go?” fame:

  13. OldFirm 1

    The Gullibillies should beware of fools bearing gifts. The only possible restructuring at Die Brox will be a model where the institutional investors own the assets and new club Sevco undertakes a long term lease. i have heard that a figure of £5M per year is being proposed. Sevco have no possibility of a new share issue. The old club tried that to refinance some BOS debt and it resulted in Grifter Bader having to underwrite the failed offering with another BOS loan – no wonder the latter went under. Even the most deluded Brig O Doon Gullibilly would not invest in the playing assets, given that the capital is owned by a third party. Should this new entity survive this season, players will have to be sold, Sally will have to walk away and TRIFC will be forced to settle for being a Championship club akin to Morton. They may have a bigger fan base, but their lease deal will result in players on £50,000 per year and a manager on double that. As soon as the new club failed to get in the SPL or the SFA’s preferred option (SFL1) the business model was bound to fail. The Spivs were only too aware of this. They took as much as they could prior to the long slow lingering death of Sevco begins. The SFA predicted it. It will soon come to pass. Tick tock Threadbears.

    • James

      Excellent post OF1
      No matter who comes on the board of the good ship Sevco it is sailing into the abyss, Sevco is a carcas which is being picked clean as we speak.
      I honestly don’t believe they will be anywhere near the same class as Morton, things will get a whole lot worse for Sevconians before it gets any better.
      I’m not a believer in Karma but recent goings on in Mordor have got me thinking, maybe there’s something in it.

    • cam

      Grifter Bader ?

      Pray tell.

  14. What is the chances of a football club called Third Rangers starting next season in the 4th tier

  15. Eastside

    The Sevconians are well and truly lost now! Who do they want out at the AGM? Who is a Spiv? Who is Hater? Who is an enemy? Who needs an enema?
    Fat bald Sally will be out shortly to endorse the latest Spiv place man.
    Bewilderment and confusion reigns at Asbest-brox Stadium, business as usual then!

  16. Big L

    It really all hinges on the veracity of the ‘signature’.
    Rangers desperate to prove CW had forged CGs signature.
    CG cleared by Pinsent Masons inquiry but now suddenly, when the police decide to look at this irregularity, they’re suddenly crying “Foul”.
    As the ‘expert’ said it’s PROBABLY not written by the same person.
    Then again in my laymans opinion it ‘possibly’ is.
    SFA License revoked.
    Doon the tubes they go.

  17. mcfc

    A Place for Old Men

    How many column inches can a conversation between two silly old men generate – are they going for a world record here with Jandy Sardine and Doddie –

  18. hector

    Good morning all from the gale lashed west coast where the ferries like yesterdays blog are all over the place. Sevco now have a 4 man board so it is an even match if the AGM descends into fisticuffs. I see the prospective CEO Scot Gardiner “may need assurances about his long term future in any new job”. Good luck with that one Scot. I like the sound of Big Bear productions so had a quick wander through the music acts they have worked with such as new young pony club which I am sure you all have their greatest hits album. The one stand out act was the aptly named “Cradle of Filth” sort of fits with the admirable Chrightons new job. Anyway the apron of the day is the Craft Worshipful Master apron. Sevco the gift that keeps on giving.

    • cam

      Naw Hector it wasn’t Admiral Crighton so you’ve went overboard with your nautical tales,if you can’t swim i’ll throw you a bhoy.
      Go put yer pinny on and play wi yer stags.

    • Monti


      Morning brother hector, just waiting on the boy David getting up at mid-day to come on & threaten me lol.
      It is a beautiful, yet crisp day through in the kingdom of Fife, the Palace is looking wonderful today.
      My Argentinian flag is cracking in this wind, blowing through the garden & keeping the rodents away! 🙂

      • hector

        @Monti Afternoon old boy I am sure squeaky will be along shortly it is Giro day after all. I see the resident orc is hanging around like a bad smell. I think the boy David is warming to me as I am just ” a stupid wee laddie”. You on the other hand are “a pathetic tadjer ,vermin and scum”. How does one so young develop such a vile turn of phrase.

  19. Monti

    Morning Paul,
    Don’t know about Crighton, but Norman is definitely a ‘ Rimmer ‘ 🙂

    Has the stolen charity money been paid back?

    Have the creditors been paid?

  20. By Keith Jackson

    Rangers give Dundee chief executive Scot Gardiner 24 hours to decide on offer of CEO role at Ibrox
    14 Nov 2013 06:56

    ANXIOUS Rangers bosses have given Scot Gardiner a 24-hour ultimatum to accept a place at the helm of their broken board.

    An ultimatum from the Easedales FC , if he’s no careful he could get “fired” if he knocks them back.

  21. mcfc

    Investigation of the Day: The Big Blue Bus Fire:

    Anyone convicted yet ?
    Anyone charged yet ?
    Any insurance claims settled yet ?

    • Rangers boss Ally McCoist hits out at thugs as bus is destroyed in … 21.07.2013

    • Rangers bus destroyed in deliberate fire attack – The Scotsman 21.07.2013

    • BBC News – Rangers bus destroyed in Salsburgh garage fire 21.07.2013

    • Ally McCoist ‘saddened’ as Rangers bus destroyed in suspicious fire … 21.07.2013

    • Blaze thugs target Rangers’ plush new coach | UK | News | Daily … 21.07.2013

    • Ally McCoist fumes at ‘premeditated’ fire attack on Rangers team bus … 21.07.2013

  22. Paul

    Fuck sake knighthoods for fighting to keep Sevco alive. Man the media are piss poor.

  23. castlerockbhoy

    Is any of this going to matter once it becomes clear that Green was working with Whyte all along and the SFA are forced to suspend Rangers from the League. Once that happens the whole fraud, including the part played by the Scottish football authorities, will become clear and this lot will be liquidated, not just as a company but from Scottish football. Indeed, they would have all their records from their inception in July 2012 expunged from Scottish football.

  24. Eastside

    Scott Gardiner says NO to Sevco. He is a self confessed Rangers man, and no doubt if offered a job at Rangers he would have taken it, as they are Deid that’s obviously not going to happen.
    He will not be persuaded to move to a smaller Club, no matter how shiny and brand new they are. Especially as the average length of employment at Sevco is approximately 2.3 months!

    • castlerockbhoy

      I think John Brown would have put him straight on just what exactly is going on over at Ibrokes. I don’t normally approve of anything that comes out of John Brown`s mouth, but his, ` show us the deeds ` rant was bang on the money.

  25. Fra

    At the end of the day, this rancid club who cheated and stole should be put out of its misery.


  26. Eastside

    If the notorious “signature” of Chuckles is indeed signed by someone else, I GUARANTEE it was done so at Chuckles request, and Sir Craig Whyte has proof that Chuckles requested it be signed on his behalf.
    The “signature” story is a blatant deflection story anyway, Green and Whyte (lol) are stuck, they both know that the each have the capability to to take down the other, the only way out is to compromise whether they want to or not, and share the inheritance when Sevco kick the bucket.

    • castlerockbhoy

      It wouldn`t surprise me in the least if the deals for developing, Ibrokes, Murray park and the Albion Car Park were in place before Sevco even bought the assets of the deid club of Duff and Duffer. the last 18 months have been an unexpected bonus to a plan that originally was just to bulldoze everything.

    • Raymilland


      And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong
      I’m right

      Its Getting Better all the time 😉

  27. david

    @hector & monti the 2 dafties
    hector, ” Giro ? ” . Quite happy to compare my assets to yours.
    You are trailing on the coatails of the biggest piece of shit on the planet.

    I suggest you check back to find the source of my anger, and if it dosent disgust you as it does me then you are a big a idiot as your imbecilic friend in Fife.
    BTW you know NOTHING about Freemasonry other than what you find on obscure

  28. bigz

    Im guessing all these new directors come cheap ….good to see the cost cutting continue !!!!

  29. Big L

    nice wee tweet from David Low.
    My, my! Companies House document DS02 filed today withdrawing the Dissolution request for Sevco 5088 Ltd.

  30. Arb urns

    Movembers directors are full of moustache

    Come mid December ‘Blowjobber’ of Clyde wants em out on their ass.

  31. hector

    Just back from barking Bill McMurdos blog. “I have been trying for quite some time to get Rick Parry the job as CEO at Ibrox” states the bold Bill. Last time I looked Bill was not on the board at Ibrox or employed as a head hunter or even a cleaner. Either Merlins megalomania has reached meltdown levels or is toxic Jack planting a story to deflect from Scot Gardiner not joining the thread bears.

  32. Monti


    Have you made Phil Breakfast yet, he must have worked up an appetite? 🙂

    Scumbag, cretin 🙂

  33. Monti

    Your like a big child David,grow up & join in the fun!
    We can be friends,I like you xx

    Lets put the the( Rangers in administration) to the test put up charity boxes
    all over the the uk and see how much they could raise to save the club
    nobody In there right mind would contibute a brass farthing to save them
    all this shit about investor coming on board give us a break as there is no money in it for them so who is coming no one and the people already in are wanting out without loosing any more money they are all scoundrels every last one they are worse than the BANKERS and when I see the damage they done to us so rangers cheerio you will not be saved
    all the big businesses are behind you the BIG HOOSE WILL NOT DIE

    • castlerockbhoy

      As someone who has the misfortune to have Hacking and Paterson as a factor. I sincerely hope that Ian Hart looses ever penny he has invested in this morally rotten heap of dung. Now that would be karma for all the long suffering onwers that his repugnant organisation has lied to and misled over the years.

  35. hector

    Why is it when I go over to Rangers Media the bears den before the forums is an advert for Ladies red knickers. Is this a Masonic thing ? Don’t tell the boy David as you know how he is with ladies undergarments. Its a secret sssshhhh.

    • John Clarke

      @Hector….when I visited tonight I thought it was a really positive and forward looking advert for ….CUPS……..until I realised D-L were the sizes….just perfect for the diddies there.

  36. Albert Tatlock

    They are the people.

  37. tamtic

    Is there any truth in the rumour that the Scottish government are prepared to help the Celtic fans claim compo against the Dutch cops for injuries suffered when they were beaten up?

  38. hector

    I see Goodfellows is on Sky tonight so at least we know what Pinky and Perky the bash street kids Sandy and Jimmy are up to tonight.

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