Quick! Get the CVs in to Ibrox for CEO and Communications Director Jobs!

And so James Traynor sails off into the sunset…

As reported on the official Rangers website:-

RANGERS today announce that Director of Communications James Traynor has left the Club.

I was expecting a wee bit more actually. Why did Mr Traynor, well-respected wordsmith and, to coin a phrase, true “master of the inky trades” not get the chance to share a few words with the supporters of his now former employers?

After all Craig Mather (remember him?) got 445 words, most of which were quotes from him, on the occasion of his departure.

But Mr Traynor gets a dozen.

Mr Traynor in happier times with a man now being airbrushed from Ibrox history

Mr Traynor in happier times with a man now being airbrushed from Ibrox history

I suspect that the excellent lawyers for Rangers (in its various manifestations) have been very busy over the last few days with a document which will run to rather more than twelve words, in the form of a “Settlement Agreement” detailing the basis upon which Mr Traynor has surrendered the club tie and “walked away”.

One would expect that the Chief Executive would want to ensure that “what happens in Ibrox stays in Ibrox” and that suitable confidentiality clauses are included binding Mr Traynor not to spill the beans on what he has experienced within the hallowed portals.

And, as one of Scotland’s finest sports journalists over many years, Mr Traynor would be more than capable of shedding light on the machinations and manoeuvrings of the various characters in this saga. That suggests therefore that, to ensure he keeps quiet, there would be some additional recognition of this in his severance package. If not, I suspect Mr Traynor has a best-seller almost ready to hit the shelves!

Will he seek to return to the Record or the Herald or to the BBC? How likely is he to be welcomed back after he has been critical of almost every media organ in his time at Rangers, and he made it clear he was finished with football reporting, having been far happier to turn gamekeeper. We shall see…

I suspect he might be singing the following song, made famous by Johnny Paycheck, as he leaves the “Blue Room” behind for the last time.

Will Rangers replace Mr Traynor? Will the mantle of media overlord pass to Jack Irvine and Media House?

Whatever happened to the statement about Media House which was disclosed to the Rangers fan groups by Messrs Mather and Stockbridge and was imminently due for public release?

I mentioned above that the Chief Executive would want to ensure that the terms of departure were properly regulated.

However, and even more bizarrely, Rangers International Football Club PLC does not have a Chief Executive.

It does not even have an interim or acting CEO (at least according to official announcements I have seen).

When Mr Green departed, Mr Mather took over as acting CEO almost straight away. It then turned out that, after an extensive process scouring the football and business worlds for the best possible person to get the job full-time, he was actually sitting in the CEO’s office already! How lucky Rangers were for that to happen!

And so this week saw the Financial Times carry an advert for applications for the role.

As STV.com reported:-

The advert for the post stated the role has a “wide and varied remit” and requires a “candidate of exceptional quality and experience who is comfortable in a high profile environment.”

It also listed several key responsibilities, including leading and developing the “strategy” of the business, developing and overseeing Rangers International’s commercial activity and liaising with the club’s supporters, the football authorities and shareholders.

The advert states the salary for the role is “negotiable + benefits”. Mr Green earned almost £1m for his ten months as Rangers International chief executive, which included a 100% bonus on his £360,000 annual salary for winning the Scottish Third Division.

Rangers state in the CEO advert that they are looking for an “exceptional business leader in sport with a commercial approach and the ability to innovate” and “proven track record of success within sport”.

The Ibrox club are also seeking an “outstanding motivator who can maximise the talent and potential of employees and drive the club back to pinnacle of Scottish and international sport” as well as a candidate with “strong interpersonal skills”.

So it is time I think to blow the dust off the CV and to fire it in – after all, if I am appointed to be the CEO of Rangers, then I will probably have to stop blogging about them – and that might be the way to silence me!

Or else I might agree to the Director of Communications job – if that involves writing the posts on the website, then I am already up to speed with that!

But on a serious note, then how on earth can RIFC PLC still be seen as operating in an appropriate manner under AIM/Stock Exchange rules?

The company has:-

Rangers Board Members and Executives gather for a series of meetings

Rangers Board Members and Executives gather for a series of meetings

(To be fair the Committee issue was addressed on Thursday when the website was updated to read as follows:-

In accordance with best practice, the Company has established audit, nomination and remuneration committees, with written terms of reference for each that deal with their respective authorities and duties. The full terms of reference of all the committees are available from the company secretary or can be located here.

Audit Committee
New audit committee members including a chairman will be decided once the board of RIFC has been strengthened by the appointment of new directors, as set out in the announcement of 16 October.

Nomination Committee
New nomination committee members including a chairman will be decided once the board of RIFC has been strengthened by the appointment of new directors, as set out in the announcement of 16 October.

Remuneration Committee
New remumeration (sic) committee members including a chairman will be decided once the board of RIFC has been strengthened by the appointment of new directors, as set out in the announcement of 16 October.

Updated: 31/10/2013

The primary decision on the continued presence of RIFC PLC as a traded stock rests on the Nominated Adviser. The lucky man within Daniel Stewart who has the job of handling this is Paul Shackleton. He last week described the situation as “a minefield”.

When the person responsible for ensuring that the required standards which must be complied with to allow a company to be traded publicly is calling the situation “a minefield” how much longer can the shares be open to trade without a suspension of dealing?

Maybe someone can ask Mr Shackleton how he is doing getting through the minefield!

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  1. Monti

    I read with interest Bayern Munich manager Joseph Guardiola & new European footballer of the year Frank Ribery, waxing lyrical about their ambition to come to Celtic park & experience our world famous stadium & fantastic support.

    When asked a question about Rangers, Frank said ” aah oui, sky living HD 10:00 Most Haunted ” !

  2. Raymilland

    When CW first came to town.

    All the people gathered round
    They bought me drinks
    Lord, how they quickly changed their tune

    (BTW, do kids play these video games? Jeez!)

  3. hector

    Oh well not a lot of point in going for a walk through Mordor tonight as the worst the orcs can throw at us seem to have come over here. The resident troll is being his usual obnoxious self thrashing around looking for attention. The orc raiding party consist of the usual suspects banging on about land deals etc while the club they claim to love slips ever closer to oblivion. Then we come to rearpipes boy who seems to think this is the real world and abuses just about everyone and is trying to pick fights with fellow posters while giving out information about his life real or imagined. To all with a pulse more than 2 genes and more than a passing relationship with soap good night and god bless. To the rest sevco tits up by Christmas.

  4. Fra

    SDM, Craig Whyte, Chuckles Green, Dave King et al. Who’s next to pick up the poisoned chalice?

    Dave the saviour has left the building. Oh dear!

    Phil told them but he’s an bigot so we didn’t listen again. TUT TUT.

    The next one up could be Adolf Hitler! Nobody liked him but he didn’t care, he was a white supremacist and he’s DEAD.

    There’s a hell of a lot of similarities.

  5. Ian4300

    November 3, 2013 at 10:45 pm
    Ian, if you read the post you will see I was disagreeing with Gorts assertion that ALL rangers supporters were bigots, thugs , scumbags etc and loathed everywhere they go . I don’t see where I contradicted myself but you feel free to make things up for your own agenda.
    Pensioner? It’s never too late to grow out of your bigotry – give it a try you might even like it

    You are the one twisting things, not me.

    You admit in all your travels you have seen no bother with Irish Catholics in Ireland & the UK.& have been treated OK, you say they have Celtic as their 1st or 2nd Team of choice..

    I made the point that this is only HALF the story & that if you cross the Border into the Six Counties there is an active Hatred of Catholics & Celtic which is Religious in its fervour..

    I went on to say that this Orange Sectarianism has been imported into Scotland & has corrupted Scots society up to & including the Kirk.

    The Kirk has apologised but the Orange Order & their hangers on have kept up the same Anti Irish Catholic hatred & this hatred includes Celtic.

    It was in existence BEFORE Celtic started up in 1888..

    All of this is factual, but you fall back on the old Bigot defence.

    Definitely a TROLL or just a twisted man, Show me where I have said anything bigoted to you.

    In fact don’t bother, I can’t be bothered with yet MORE whataboutery.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Ian, you seem abhorred and aghast
      At Scotland’s native historical past
      Oor country’s shores have sure been thicket
      With Eire’s people and one way tickets

      You can talk sectarian mince with Phil Mcg-B
      About all the great Ting’s in the old country
      That’s if you choose the same as he
      And piss off back ower the Irish sea

      You should get a good deal from P&O
      And you could deedley dum on yer old banjo
      Tink of family and friends waiting to say hello
      Unless they also hail hail from Glasgow
      In that case it would be cheerio

      They call us C-elts, the Scots and thee
      But i’m a K-elt without a C
      As a Celtic man I could never be
      You see it’s all in the history
      And the Rangers have always been better than ye!

      • Ian4300

        Jeezo davy, are you a fully paid up member of those Fascists we have been discussing?.

        Do as I say Taig or catch the ferry seems to be your message to me..

        Your post is sheer ignorance & does not address the issues raised.

        I don’t come from across any sea & I’m going nowhere.

        I am not only talking about Orange HISTORICAL Bigotry, I am talking about it in the here & now.

        YOU epitomise the problem

        • Maggie


          Oh dear Ian.The news from the dark side must be very depressing indeed when Davy is resorting to his favourite insult.
          He is,of course,baiting us with it to deflect from the death throes of Sevco.
          Do you think he’s aware that a judge, when ruling on the illegality of the Famine Song. stated: “that telling people indigenous to this country to go home” is offensive,racist,sectarian and a contravention of the law.
          Maybe I’ll just run all his comments on the subject past one of my legally trained friends for an opinion on the illegality of them.
          Maybe Paul should also have a look at his magnum opus.

          I noted the same mindset at work today in the Talk Sport ( I think ) interview with Malcolm Murray.According to Mr Murray,while “we” ( good true Britons ) were off building the British Empire,Alan Brazil was told that his forebears were still in Southern Ireland ( probably dying of hunger,my interpretation there Ian)

          I had to read it twice to make sure of the inferences.
          This is the man who was the Chairman of Sevco and hopes to be involved again.
          This is indeed who they are.They will never change.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            Black witch get behind me, your wicked spells cannot forsake me
            For I have taken every precaution
            To dilute the contents of your toxic cauldron

            In my garden stands a rowan tree
            To protect me from your wizardry
            Above my door there hangs Mezuzah
            To repel all evil, even Medusa

            My bamboo flutes can play a tune
            And ward off spirits that come to croon
            My Hamza has an all seeing eye
            And detects broomsticks as they fly

            Your green skinned leather cladden face
            Can try and haunt another place.
            Your rancid potions pose no danger
            To Super Cooper who loves the Rangers.

          • Ian4300


            You are right they will never change nor be to blame.

            You seem to have made a BIG impression on davy, or he’s flipped his lid., He’s writing poetry about you now…watch out for sharp pins, maybe get some mace or a taser…Garlic?

            You could always ask Morag if Cam would give him a wee shot on the Belisha Beacon. 🙂

            • Maggie

              @Ian 4300

              He doesn’t like me Ian cos I set my flying monkeys on him and then dropped a house on him. 🙂
              Well, he called me the Wicked Witch of the West,what did he expect ?
              I must be losing my powers because he keeps escaping from under the house.I blame the SFA 🙂

      • Monti


        We are here to stay, this is our home
        For Celtic, Ireland & the Pope of Rome,
        You’ll never beat the Irish, we are standing tall,
        Rangers are dead,
        Graffiti on the wall………

    • Whytee

      Ian, it’s fair to say you and I don’t agree on my comments. Fair enough, you have your interpretation and I have mine.
      Don’t get too upset , it’s only me and you slavering over something that no one will agree on.

  6. portpower

    Scotland with a population of around 5.2 million and a football side in the League Championship. Which other country can boast about that?

    sevco in a different dimension with a Mexican hat to boot FC

    • “Giant heaters and air conditioning units will ensure spectators will be in a constant comfort zone and matches will never again be cancelled because of under-foot conditions.”
      Who was going to pay the leccy bill for that ?
      Wee Murray that liked a wee bevvy had to pay the electric bill, as a thank you, Stockbridge put a video of him on youtube to show him up,

      Stockbridge, is still standing and any one with a Rangers conection has gone, only thing left are Spivs and convicted fraudsters

    • Ian4300


      Then what did the GCC do?

      They went & sold Celtic a School instead,.Feckin’ feckers then developed the East End.

      See these Fenian’s with unseen hands?


  7. portpower

    The worms have finished with rfc 1872

    sevco the worms need fed FC

  8. Monti

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh,
    He plays left mid & he plays left back
    Even centre half & he’s never slack
    He’s our prodigal son & he hates the Huns
    he’s Charlie Mulgrew, he’s Charlie Mulgrew.
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh…:)

  9. Raymilland

    The plot thickens


    ‘AIM Rules For Nominated Advisers’? – I fear that the hidden shareholders at Ibrox are plotting the club’s downfall all over again.

    Has Sevco FC outlived its usefulness?

    • Monti


      They had £11m in July (sic) how much of that is left now in November?
      Dave King has walked away, Charles Green has walked away, Agent Whyte still holds the deeds, Celtic are still the Champions, Celtic are still in the Champions league!

      Hector, gonnae pull the trigger?


    • portpower

      sevco are jinxed

      sevco midas touchless FC

    • @Ray
      Who would book driving lessons with a guy who cannae drive?

    • Gortnamona

      Thanks Ray

      The Huns Business Organisation really is a total shambles. The only thing that surpasses the manifest greed of all involved with running the club, is the stupidity of the supporters.

      I think we can expect a lot foul and abusive innuendo from the usual scumbags, but down the drain the whole ugly amoral spiv-ridden sectarian monstrosity is going sooner rather than later.

      And Alice’s budgie Carrot will be reincarnated once again.

  10. hector

    Good morning to you all. A beautiful morning on the West coast just got better as I see in the Record the latest Nomad down sevco way posted a £1.74 million loss and according to the auditors may not have the cash to see out the year. A bit of a pattern here. Daniel Stewart the firm supposed to keep sevco on the straight and narrow for the AIM market and a firm with close ties to Chuckles not living within its means. Wonder if Montis is open as I feel the need for ice cream.

    • Monti


      Would you like an extra flake in your special edition Champions league bowl sir? 🙂

      Graffiti on the wall…………:)

    • @hector
      They were warned way back by Malky Murray not to change NOMAD hector, advice!!! Who us? we don’t need advice, we know what were doing. LMFAO

      • Maggie

        @Monti.hector & officer d
        Morning bhoys.Hope you’re all well on this fine,bright “multi faith,multi ethnic” morning in our fine “multi faith,multi ethnic” country.

        Yes od,Sevco neither need, nor heed, advice and look how well things have worked out for them.Business geniuses and real Rangers’ men,or those who became real Rangers’ men by catching Rangersitis, have fled with their hard earned ( snigger) cash,or fled with their hard earned cash still in their bank accounts in Monaco or South Africa or in some off shore “fund” ( allegedly)

        Fear not bhoys,my cunning plan is coming to fruition.
        I think it’s time I showed my hand,so I’m going to apply for the CEO position at Sevco.
        Well it did say:
        “A candidate of exceptional quality and experience who is comfortable
        in 4 inch high heeled shoes by Christian Louboutin”
        I wrote that part myself,to ensure I’d be a “shoe” in 🙂

        Your gal pal Ms.Margarita Holdings 🙂

        • hector

          @Maggie Good morning Maggie how nice of you to grace us with your presence .The record is running a poll on the next sevco CEO and your name or that of our leader Paul McC do not make the short list. Anyway must dash taking my interview suit to the cleaners. A bit like what the spivs are doing down Govan way.

        • @Maggie @hector et al
          Maggie/Hector – Do not taint yourselves with the sinking ship; you know better that that, not a good career move.

          Hot of the press!

          More threats this time from Malky M

          Former Rangers chairman Malcolm Murray has warned the club’s “mysterious” shareholders they could be banned from voting at the club’s annual general meeting if they do not reveal their backers.

          The club must host a shareholder meeting before December 31 under Stock Exchange rules.

          But Murray and his partner Paul Murray have concerns about two shareholders – Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita holdings – who hold a 12 per cent stake in the club, with fans fearing they could be a front for former chief executive Charles Green or even Craig Whyte, the man who started the club on its path towards liquidation last year.

          However, the two Murrays – who hope to win places on the club’s board alongside backers Alex Wilson and Scott Murdoch when the AGM finally takes place – have warned that if Blue Pitch and Margarita do not volunteer the information, they could ask Rangers’ powerful institutional shareholders to call an emergency stakeholder meeting and bar their votes.

          Murray, who was axed as Rangers chairman in May before being removed from the Ibrox board completely two months later, told talkSPORT: “In terms of institutions, we do know who the major shareholders are. They are very shy, retiring people. They are Hargreave Hale, Artemis, Reverend Mercantile, Miton, Kames Capital and Laxey Partners.

          “But if you are getting after who the mystery shareholders are, the original shareholders brought in by Charles Green (in the summer of 2012) were, I was told, wealthy Arabs who were quite secretive about their identity.

          “I have met representatives (of the Arab investors) many times over the last few months. They seemed to be quite reasonable until Charles Green left and then they became very aggressive, and supported the changes on the board which saw me and Phil Cartmell leave and the Easdales coming on.

          “We don’t know why they changed their mind. All we know is their nominee name, which is Blue Pitch/Margarita, and accounts for about 12 per cent of the holding. We have demanded to know who they are but we have not been told.

          “But the big stick we have is that if they won’t tell us, the institutions can demand to know who they are. And if they won’t tell us, those shares won’t get a vote. If there’s nothing to hide, why on earth won’t we be told?”


        • Monti


          Morning Maggie,

          Those Huns are dead, I do love a walk & see all the different colours of leaves, the hunger strikers who gave their lives for Ireland is strong in me today!

          We shall remember!


          • Maggie

            Stop noising up Sevconians Mont,they’ve enough on their plate, and if David sees this while he in the cooler he’ll spontaneously combust making an awffy mess for Paul to clean up 🙂

            • david

              You carry on with supporting your vile IRA fanclub Maggie, and dont worry about me.
              You support SCUM, suits you very well. At least drop the pretences.

  11. Sevco’s financial advisor’s report…………… “The company incurred a net loss of £1,743,439 during the year ended March 31, 2013 and subsequent to the year-end incurred further losses.”
    “A nominated adviser acts as a middle man between the company and the Stock Exchange and plays a key role in raising future funds. ”

    so who is going to raise the funds to save Sevco ?

    Sevco, under someone instructions, got rid of the A list NOMADS to take on this C list company that can’t even manage it’s own finances,

    • Ian4300

      Yep coatbrigbhoy.

      It gets funnier & Funnier.

      Sevco needs someone in the key role to raise the finance to save the Nominated Advisor who is in the key role to raise finance to save Sevco.



      • Maggie

        @coatbrigbhoy & Ian4300
        Morning bhoys.Where the heck is deNial Steerpike Walker when you need him to explain that this is all part of the “viable business plan” 🙂
        Actually guys, WHERE is deNial?
        I like to think he’s wandering the streets of Methil / East Kilbride starving for the want of a good dinner stolen from an O.A.P.:-)
        I really hope Paul has sin binned him for good.

        • I hope his mums Ok, would hate to see the troll go hungry,
          Steerpike,is a bit like those true blue “gentlemen”, McColl and King, plenty of money,just can force themselves to spend it on the things the claim to love the most, Strange people.

          makes me laugh out loud, all those season ticket buyers, all those fans that bought into Green’s revival, having to look at McColl (£ billionaire )
          and King (rand billionaire ) telling them money is urgently needed but your not getting any of theirs, both of these very rich true blues only want to take charge of the next couple of rounds of fund raising,

          these two are surely at the wind up,
          both will let Rangers FC II go to the wall, they must believe that the most easy duped fans will turn out yet again to pay to follow Rangers FC III or IV or V, without them ever getting any say in the club,

          A wee Fergus,thats what’s needed but those type of fans that fill Ibrox are not made of what’s needed, a rebellion,
          forelock tuggers,are easy to dupe,
          Historically, they are so proud of doing the bidding of their “betters”.

          they are so Masonic in their thinking they go along with the idea that BPH and Margarita Holdings, can remain a secret, oh how they love their wee secrets,
          would it be so hard for Sevco to show the lawyers of McColl and the SFA who owns the shares, and for it to be disclosed, if true, that Whyte or Tickitus or Rafat Rizvi are not involved, if the board at Ibrox can’t silence these rumours, you have to wonder WHY NOT ?

          • Maggie

            All of the above SO true cb.
            There’s no danger of the real “Rangers’ men” using their own money to prop up or “save” Sevco.It still wouldn’t be plain sailing even if they did gift a few million to them right now.
            They know that “going forward” ( I HATE that expression ) Sevco will continually need millions every year to “get back where they belong.”
            I can’t for the life of me see what’s in it for them,apart from an ego boost.

            I also note there’s been nothing from the SFA regarding the fit and proper status of Paul Murray,a member of the defunct Rangers’ board.
            Thought the rules precluded him from being involved with THE Rangers?
            He’s always mooching about trying to hitch his wagon to whomever seems most likely to gie him a joab.Why are elements of the support desperate to have him back? He was in situ when Murray D steered the ship towards the rocks before Craigie finally grounded it.
            Oh I forgot,SDM told them nothing and anyway he was off his work the day it happened 🙂 Completely failed in his directorial duties,but he’d be great to have back.Go figure

            As you say cb, Craig Whyte and / or Ticketus are still involved,hence the thunderous silence from the board.I’m looking forward to the BDO findings and the EBT appeal cb,plenty more hilarity to come.

            Oh btw,can two directors actually be called a board ?

      • When the chips are down,
        And you’re blinded on your feet,
        You’re standing up and walking,
        But you know you are dead meat.

  12. hector

    I see old Leggo is back sinking the boot into toxic Jack and claiming Jacks dark powers are on the wane. He even claims that with Jack yesterdays man to look for his ramblings on Pauls , Phils and Andy Muirheads blogs rather than the MSM. If I had a suspicious mind looking at the more measured tone and writing style of the old hooligans latest effort I smell the inky fingerprints of our old pal Jabba on the keyboard.

    • Old Cartha Bhoy

      Maybe Jabba will become one of the internet bampots he has despised so deeply down the years! How fitting an end to such an illustrious career!

  13. Ed Paisley

    So Sevco’s advisors are unable to manage their own money effectively.
    And they don’t even pretend that it is part of a planned development phase – they are just shit at what they do and have a poor reputation in the financial sector.
    I mean – if this was a sit-com script it would be thrown out as too ridiculous.

    • Ed Paisley

      Meanwhile McColl continues to sit on his wallet and watch his “beloved club” wallow in the filth. McColl could buy himself the right to a seat on the board today alongside Paul (no money or skills) Murray. Is he waiting for the club to become illiquid so he can get it for peanuts? I guess that’s how these rich guys operate.

  14. Raymilland

    Who’s sailing HMS Sevco on to the rocks?

    The Master of Disaster
    Now he’s just a mean old bastard
    When he plays the blues 😉

    There’s a debt I owe
    I’ll never pay before I go
    So I sing the blues
    Hand me down my walking shoes

    • Maggie

      You must have an encyclopaedic knowledge of everything that’s on You Tube 🙂
      That last verse is a cracker Ray.Could have been written for the current Sevco debacle…….Hand me down my walking shoes 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. hector

    Things are getting a bit fruity in Sevcoland with Malcolm Murray talking about criminal charges and share suspension if sevco don’t fix a date for the AGM. The sons of struth talking about a call for an EGM and mass walkouts of games as a protest against the board. Also one poster mentions operation valkyrie for the AGM which even with my O level history was the plot to blow up Hitler. How apt. I am sure if one of the republican fans on this site had posted that we would be buried in orcs and trolls howling about terrorism. Such a mess so much to see so little time. Another bowl Monti this shambles is ruining the old diet.

    • Maggie


      You’re correct hector,it was the code name for the plot to kill Hitler.
      The Valkyrie were also the mythical female figures in Norse mythology who decided which soldiers died in battle.How very apt that the” Sons of You can’t handle the Struth” have chosen that as a rallying cry.
      Somebody in the SofS must be smarter than the average bear 🙂 to come up with that one.

      Who will the Valkyrie choose for death hector ?
      Cue Ride of the Valkyrie by Richard Wagner …….or “Kill the Wabbit” as it’s known in casa Maggie after the Bugs Bunny cartoon “What’s Opera Doc?” A classic !!!!!!

      • Jamie



      • david

        @Maggie @Hector
        Both wrong. Not half as smart as you think you are Maggie.
        Operation Valkyrie was a German plan to use the home ( territorial ) Army in the event of civic breakdown.
        Stauffenberg merely initiated it to suit his ends believing that he had been successful in assassinating Hitler.

        • Ian4300

          david you must be the most pedantic sucker on here. Do you EVER get it right?

          Did the plotters change the name? Nope they tried to go ahead with…Operation Valkyrie in the wake of Hitler’s assumed assassination.

          The Plot to kill Hitler has become most commonly known as Operation Valkrie..


          It is one of those common events which occur when a name is misused & goes into common usage…

          A bit like SEVCO becoming THE Rangers then Rangers.
          Or the commonly held belief that Rangers came out of Administration.

          Neither are True but Sevconians go apoplectic if anyone corrects them, well YOU, graham, willy & davy etc. do anyway.


          • david

            @Ian IQ of 4.
            Im right on this one. You are wrong, totally.
            Operation Valkyrie was not the plot to kill Hitler, merely used by the conspirators as part of their plot.

  16. Raymilland

    A postcard from Blue Pitch Holdings

    Where strangers take you by the hand,
    And welcome you to wonderland 😉

  17. hector

    Just back from a bit of early Christmas shopping over on Amazon. The 2 must have items are the Rangers Zippo lighter and the Rangers air freshener. The latter is heavily discounted so not a best seller. The Zippo looks good but they still don’t have them with the new sevco logo.

  18. mcfc

    Jabba Cost Saving

    Is it only me – but – how do TheRangers save money by making Jabba walk away. My guess is it will increase their costs over the crucial period to the end of the season. If I was him I wouldn’t leave for less than a year’s salary and the car – otherwise I could spill some very interesting beans, let some ferocious cats out of the bag and generally make Charlotte look like a disinterested passer-by. Cost saving my arse – this is public humiliation by Jack the Knife.

    • JimBhoy

      @MCFC Howdy mate… They save money in the same way they got rid of bocanegra and goian, then getting more defenders in.. No sense whatsoever, all part of the ‘viable business model’…

      Malkie says the retail piece isn’t doing great either.. Kingy, McColl et al are waiting on admin #2, they must truly love their club to let that happen…

      The SFA hear that there will be no money for rangers to finish the season (IMO the year) yet they do nothing. Armageddon!!

      • mcfc

        @JimBhoy – morning – I see King Crim is talking about waiting to see what happens at the AGM and also expects TheRangers to run out of money before the end of the season. Is Christmas before the end of the season ???

        Seriously though – immediate and minimum steps needed are:

        1) find credit facility – at £1.5m / month starting this month

        2) appoint board who will hammer down on costs

        3) gain control of 51% of shares – possibly 2 or 3 like-minded individuals so they don’t need to offer to buy the other 49%

        Does anyone see any of these steps happening in the next few weeks? Does anyone see any progress on any of these steps at all?

      • mcfc

        Dr Who ?

        Looks like Dr Who will be the only candidate for Chairman when he is appointed at the AGM on 24th October 2013 – http://www.rangersinternationalfootballclub.com/key-dates

        Or maybe Davros or The Master.

  19. Flump

    6 Days ago emailed AIM with:

    Have been trying to view their Investor Centre for 12 days now but it is not working. Whats a reasonable period of time for maintence so they comply with AIM rule 26?


    kind regards

    No reply from AIM to date,
    Comes up with:
    had that message for the past 18days. How is an investor in the AIM market meant to find information about a company from the company when the company is failing in its obligation to AIM rules and to potential or existing investors by not maintaining investor information as per AIM rule 26 on its website?

    • @flump

      Was the communications not part of the jabba remit? Director no less! Now that he’s received the shot to the head/pay off, re-hire costs, maintenance of the IT site, yawn zzzzz.

      Do they have the money to call in an IT expert and then pay them a maintenance fee to continue?

    • Raymilland

      Definition of ‘Delisting’
      The removal of a listed security from the exchange on which it trades. Stock is removed from an exchange because the company for which the stock is issued, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, is not in compliance with the listing requirements of the exchange.

      • Flump

        AIM Rule 26 Explained
        AIM Rule 26 – an overview

        In February 2007 AIM Rule 26 was introduced, that stated each AIM company must from admission maintain a website on which the following information should be available to view free of charge:

        A description of its business and, where it is an investing company, its investing strategy
        The names of its directors and brief biographical details of each, as would normally be included in an admission document
        A description of the responsibilities of the members of the board of directors and details of any committees of the board of directors and their responsibilities
        Its country of incorporation and main country of operation
        Where the AIM company is not incorporated in the UK, a statement that the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company
        Its current constitutional documents (e.g. its articles of association)
        Details of any other exchanges or trading platforms on which the AIM company has applied or agreed to have any of its securities (including its AIM securities) admitted or traded
        The number of AIM securities in issue (noting any held as treasury shares) and, insofar as it is aware, the percentage of AIM securities that is not in public hands together with the identity and percentage holdings of its significant shareholders. This information should be updated at least every 6 months.
        Details of any restrictions on the transfer of its AIM securities
        Its most recent annual report published pursuant to rule 19 and all half-yearly, quarterly or similar reports published since the last annual report pursuant to rule 18
        All notifications the AIM company has made in the past 12 months
        Its most recent admission document together with any circulars or similar publications sent to shareholders within the past 12 months
        Details of its nominated adviser and other key advisers (as might normally be found in an admission document)


        Ultimately it is the AIM quoted company’s responsibility to keep their IR website up to date in accordance with the above guidance. However it is also a nominated advisor’s responsibility to make sure that a company complies with all rules, including Rule 26. A nominated adviser has a responsibility to inform the Exchange as soon as practicable if it believes that it or an AIM company has breached the AIM Rules for Companies. Failure to do so can result in penalties for both the company in question and the Nominated Advisor.

        If the LSE considers that an AIM company has contravened these rules, it may take one or more of the following measures:

        Issue a warning notice
        Fine the company
        Censure the company
        Cancel the admission of it’s AIM securities; and
        Publish the fact it has been fined or censured and the reason for that action.

        As an example, in August 2007 the Exchange undertook an exercise to assess compliance with Rule 26 across all AIM companies. Further to this investigation the LSE took disciplinary action against nine AIM companies, resulting in the AIM Executive Panel fining them a total of £95,000 for failing to comply fully with the requirements of Rule 26. The fines ranged from £3,000 to £15,000, depending on the seriousness of the breach.

  20. http://talksport.com/football/exclusive-murray-ashley-unlikely-take-over-rangers-13110466700.

    Malcolm Murray interview this morning.
    Lol. He admits to wearing a Rangers watch that disnae work, (It stopped a couple of centuries ago! Lol) then tries to punt some weans jerseys that the names fall off in the wash.
    What they like?

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Speaking of watches. These would have some relevance down Porkheid way.
      Citizen watch…Police watch…Taig heuer…SINN.

    • eastside

      His Watch stopped when Rangers died!

    • Henrik Moravcik

      Celtic fans are called “plastic paddys” and yet when Alan Brazil declares he is Scottish, Murray tries to tell him he’s Irish. What a plank.

      • eastside

        Racists are very unintelligent and confused people, it’s why they’re racist to begin with.

      • Maggie

        @Henrik Moracik

        Hi Henrik.I posted a comment earlier about this,but was too busy to check the actual content.Here it is,with my comments in brackets.
        After Alan Brazil interrupted his flow to remind him he was Scottish,born and bred in Glasgow,he launched into his condescending rant.

        “The definition of the name Brazil comes from Southern Ireland ( how does he even know that and why ? ) and if you check it out you’ll see what I mean by that ( patronising )
        The Irish also travelled the world,not for quite the same reasons as building the British Empire which we did,but because they emigrated to America and so on.”
        ( WE built the Empire while your forebears had to leave Ireland as half starved,poverty stricken refugees,and don’t you forget it and don’t dare interrupt me or correct me when I’m in full flow )
        What an arrogant,jumped up nobody with the monumental self regard so common in those associated with Rangers.

        • Henrik Moravcik

          Maggie sorry I didn’t notice your earlier contribution. Yes why did Murray even need to go off on one about the British empire ? I actually thought he was doing ok until that wee rant and to suggest that rangers/sevco fans “are the most educated in corporate finance of any other” another supremacist comment which beggars belief. If they were that good why did they not mobilise when David Murray was selling the club. As usual they think everything will be ok when the Rangers supporters with money come in to save them.

          • Maggie

            I just read the partial transcript on Video Celts which didn’t include the line about the financially educated Sevconians.
            They kept that well hidden then Henrik 🙂

    • Henrik Moravcik

      “The fans are the most educated in corporate finance of any other crowd in the world” Did I hear that right.

    • What I found very interesting was when he stated he wished Ashley would concentrate on the retail side as that has NOT performed as they had hoped.
      Were they forecasting on the strength of the retail side bringing in Trillions

  21. eastside

    So the Sevconians and their Media Cheerleaders, are unhappy that Scotland’s Premiere Stadium Celtic Park will hold the Scottish Cup Final. You know it, that Stadium praised by Europe’s greatest players and managers every other week.
    Fat Sally isn’t happy that Sevco have only been given TWO Semi Finals and that Hibs will hold the Jenny Ramsdens Diddy 5-a-side cup final, according to Fatty that should have gone to Hearts. Yet neither Fatty, nor the Media Puppets have suggested that one of the Scottish Cup Semi finals be moved from Ibrox to Tynescastle! It makes sense, Fatty gets to help out Hearts and it will nearly certainly avoid the Semi Finals from being played by a home team. Get it done Lawell!

    • JimBhoy

      @Eastside They wanted the Ramsden final at Ibrox but it’s 5 month’s away and they were not sure who would own Ibrox then or if there would be a team playing out of it…. The way they have ramped up the spending of late I am not sure they will see the 14th Feb.. Shockbridge’s pay off may be the last straw..

      Dunfermline could be a good bet for League one.. 66/1 With paddypower.

  22. mcfc

    Catch It, Bin It, Kill It

    Looks like Malcolm Murray has got the same strain of Rangersitis that Chico Pyro Pants contracted – leading to laughable optimism about the global (ney intergalactic) potential of a shambolic clumpany which is heading to the wall faster than, and as inevitably as, a crash test dummy.


    • JimBhoy

      @mcfc he bought a quarter of Manyoo????

      • mcfc

        @jimbhoy – with his own money ????? I’ll have what he’s drinking

        • Maggie


          “I’ll have what he’s drinking ” 🙂
          Just make sure Brian Stockbridge isn’t around with his trusty smart phone camera mc.
          Wouldn’t want any of our trolls to get hold of it and try to discredit you,especially if you were wearing that Celtic away top we sent you 🙂

          • mcfc

            @maggie – that shirt will just confirm Cam’s view that I’m a mix of all the worst things he can think of in the world – a CFC version of slugs and snails and puppy dog’s tails 🙂

  23. timtim

    Rather than trying to be as big as Manchester Utd, perhaps
    fc Utd of Manchester would be a more appropriate model
    for fc Sevco of Glasgow to emulate

  24. Raymilland

    Malky –

    “But the big stick we have is that if they won’t tell us, the institutions can demand to know who they are. And if they won’t tell us, those shares won’t get a vote. If there’s nothing to hide, why on earth won’t we be told?”

    The ‘Big stick’ is held in the percentage of shares gathered together.
    No AGM means no vote for anyone. Next step….

    Admin 2

    TRFC club/history for sale, cheap as chips, as new club is looking for a home!

    Blue Pitch Holdings – Sunny Go-van Development of old Rangers ground (pending GCC approval 😉 )

    Change of use of the loss making ‘bricks and mortar’ assets could generate substantial gains for the RIFC shareholders (soon to be renamed Tiswas International Investors) 😉

    Tiswas (“Today Is Saturday Watch And Smile”) 🙂

  25. mcfc

    No Nomad, No Cry

    Can anyone provide chapter and verse on what happens if a plc loses it’s Nomad and can’t find.a replacement. Can it remain on AIM? I ask because there seems a distinct possibility that Daniel Stewart (current Nomad) may go bust leaving RIFC plc looking for a new Nomad with no CEO, no Chairman, warring shareholders and prospects less favourable than Julian Assange.

  26. Ed Paisley

    There is a new book out about Anglo Australian Antarctic explorer Douglas Mawson. Apparently on one of his heroic expeditions he reduced rations for his sick companion so that he would die sooner and Mawson would be able to cook him up in a nice stew and return to Blighty for tea and medals.
    What’s that gotta do with ra Gers says Davie on the wing?

    Well that’s what rich Rangers man McColl is doing. He is refusing to put any money in Rangers so that it will die sooner and he can…..he can……put Ibrox in a nice stew? Aw right it disnae work as a metaphor. What I mean is, he will allow his beloved club to die, so that he can pick over its bones and become a hero without parting with much money or effort. I suppose the club’s reputation is so damaged that another insolvency event is neither here nor there.

  27. timtim

    A busted Nomad overseeing , a bust company
    that owns a bust club playing at a asbustosed stadium
    in a 3rd level bust league , coached by the biggest bust
    in football .Not to worry tho,a Greenock bust company is
    overseeing procedures
    Your simply the bust, buster than all the rest…..

  28. hector

    Those of a squeamish disposition look away now as Phil is in sparkling form kicking the corpse of sevco over on his blog.

  29. eastside

    So Malky Murray, the man who was sacked for being seen and photographed at a Sevco game with a puddle in his pants, thinks it’s his place to tell people they are not Scottish because their name is Irish, despite his own name originating from continental Europe! Ffs, where do they find these utter morons! I wonder if he would tell people with the names Singh or Patel the same thing on public radio!?

  30. cam

    Another beautiful Protestant day greets me from my slumber.
    What are you maniacs talking about today?
    The glorious world famous Glasgow Rangers,the team that has ridden Filth FC for decades?
    Maybe with a little bit of deid terrorists thrown in for good measure by the heart on the smelly sleeve brigade?
    I see that fatboy Coyote is slithering around with his new pal Dumbcaster in China.
    Wee Neil is trying to get a deal for Scottish clubs while wobbly chops is trying to present Filth FC to the Chinese delegation with a charm offensive.
    Offensive being the operative word.
    Du Wei has never recovered from his harrowing experience at the Beggardome.
    As a money spinner the Coyote could bring out a Where’s Wally book of his Chinese travels.
    His coupon amidst 100,000 folk would be difficult to spot.
    Gotta get something to eat,i woke up and that nightmare of being on hunger strike has given me a great appetite.
    Think i’ll have the Gibraltar burger,3 patties on a bed of lettuce with SAS sauce,,,,sweet and sour,,,,,,,,bbbbbbuuurp!

    Morning Gort,,,got any new Max Cady tattoos?

    • JimBhoy

      @Cam The omnipotent Pedro Lawell is on an Asian mission to try and turn some of Chico’s 100s of millions of rangers fans out there into supporters of the mighty Celts..

    • Monti


      You wouldn’t have the courage to hunger strike!

      Stupid, stupid Hun!

      • cam

        I wouldn’t lower myself to that cowardly fate.
        Tell us about the war uncle Monti,did Bobby take on a whole platoon,did he beat 1 Para all by himself,did he stand in front of a tank and stick his napper up the gun barrel?

        Eh naw,,,,he didnae eat his dinner in a heroic fashion!!


        • daviecooperonthewing

          The nutritionally challenged ar*ewipe merely harrumphed at a chicken supper. His mother must have been soooo pwoudd as she watched her insane offspring morph into a xylophone…Doe rae me fa so la te… doh!

    • Gortnamona

      Your Financial Advisor is rapidly going bust
      You are still living in a fantasy world and spouting shite.

      Have to say your rambling WATP contributions are a load of puerile dung,

      But the travails of the Ugly old Sectarian Monstrosity are providing us all with endless entertainment.

      God bless RTC and Phil McG who first drew attention to the rotten smell emanating from Ipox.

      And Cam. – Get stuffed

  31. hector

    For the avoidance of doubt there is no truth in the rumour that Rangers Intergallactic football club are trying to sign Davie Weir to get their hands on his winter fuel allowance.

  32. cam

    Excellent news with the real Gers men getting Ready to rumble with the remnants of Chico’s time.
    The true blues know that 50,000 folk turning up to support their club with the added advantage of the employed blue pound,is a great business opperchancity,especially as a debt free,mortgage free, dodgy council deal free,secured assets prize is up for grabs.
    The beggars must be shitting bricks as the Gers are marching through Georgia,then George Sq. all the way back to terrify the Viet Cong.

  33. See what happens when you get a good man in. Big Peter has secured a deal to get Scots games beamed live to China. The world’s second largest economy and fastest growing. More leverage with sponsors, due to higher viewers, and more jerseys sold!
    Haw Sevco! I bet you wish you could get on real telly.
    Nae doubt Salmond and The Dungcaster will try to bag the credit for the £20m deal, but hey-ho. Up Up and away. HH.

    • willy wonka

      @barca, What you say about Chinas economy is correct. Unfortunately, very few in China can be bothered with football. It is only on tv over there to cater for the foreign visitor hotel trade.

      • Raymilland

        @willy wonka

        While the big hoose is flattened and converted into the ‘Blue Pitch’ (non football related) development project, will you buy a season ticket for Hampden to watch Sevco FC?

      • eastside

        That’s what Ogilvy, Peat, Wiggy Smith and the rest of the Rangers men thought, so business brained and extremely intelligent Celtic man Peter Lawell went over and bagged 20 million pounds.

      • @.Willy
        Possibly true, but you could have said the same of America a few years back.. Now the base and basketball franchises are getting worried about its popularity.
        Even as it stands it is huge exposure to an un tapped market. £20m coming into the Scottish game, albeit over a period of time, is £20m that wasn’t there before. Small acorns and all that.

        • willy wonka

          @barca – looks like maybe the SFA and their friends are telling porkies [again]. The 20 million is for ALL world rights, not just China. And the China deal is currently for ONE year not ten.
          This is to be confirmed later.

  34. @Cam
    If we shit a brick, you mugs will be first in the queue to buy them. Big Peter’s got China in his hand. Gaun yirsel big man!

  35. hector

    Strand Hanson- Cenkos- Daniel Stewart – ?

  36. Raymilland

    Could Admin 2 be unique, i.e. no creditors?

    RIFC is likely to be forced to part company with their football club due to the lack of future funding.

    With no creditors to satisfy, the assets remain in the hands of the shareholders. A Members’ Voluntary Liquidation could please the shareholders – This is when the shareholders of a company decide to put it into liquidation and there are enough assets to pay all the debts.

    In the above scenario, RIFC keep the assets for alternative use; and offload the club to any interested party.

    Could Gers fans save the club; with the help of the SFA? With the establishment club possibly being made homeless by RIFC shareholders due to the running costs of Ibrox and Murray Park, would Hampden Park be made available at a reasonable cost of rental to the new owners?

    With no sign of an AGM, the fans need clarity 😉

    My eyes are wide open 🙂

  37. Monti

    Is it a bird? No.
    Is it a plane ? No.

    IT’S SUPER S.A.M. 🙂


  38. Mr McConville

    Iv’e just had a read at the insane leggo-blog for today. I fear you must retort with some satire to this upstart, what a tit 🙂

    Is it not his turn on the magic roundabout? 😀

  39. lordmac

    looks like craig has done another company in water of a ducks back
    it seems

  40. lordmac

    where has stockbridges, penny shares, gone LOL

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