Quick! Get the CVs in to Ibrox for CEO and Communications Director Jobs!

And so James Traynor sails off into the sunset…

As reported on the official Rangers website:-

RANGERS today announce that Director of Communications James Traynor has left the Club.

I was expecting a wee bit more actually. Why did Mr Traynor, well-respected wordsmith and, to coin a phrase, true “master of the inky trades” not get the chance to share a few words with the supporters of his now former employers?

After all Craig Mather (remember him?) got 445 words, most of which were quotes from him, on the occasion of his departure.

But Mr Traynor gets a dozen.

Mr Traynor in happier times with a man now being airbrushed from Ibrox history

Mr Traynor in happier times with a man now being airbrushed from Ibrox history

I suspect that the excellent lawyers for Rangers (in its various manifestations) have been very busy over the last few days with a document which will run to rather more than twelve words, in the form of a “Settlement Agreement” detailing the basis upon which Mr Traynor has surrendered the club tie and “walked away”.

One would expect that the Chief Executive would want to ensure that “what happens in Ibrox stays in Ibrox” and that suitable confidentiality clauses are included binding Mr Traynor not to spill the beans on what he has experienced within the hallowed portals.

And, as one of Scotland’s finest sports journalists over many years, Mr Traynor would be more than capable of shedding light on the machinations and manoeuvrings of the various characters in this saga. That suggests therefore that, to ensure he keeps quiet, there would be some additional recognition of this in his severance package. If not, I suspect Mr Traynor has a best-seller almost ready to hit the shelves!

Will he seek to return to the Record or the Herald or to the BBC? How likely is he to be welcomed back after he has been critical of almost every media organ in his time at Rangers, and he made it clear he was finished with football reporting, having been far happier to turn gamekeeper. We shall see…

I suspect he might be singing the following song, made famous by Johnny Paycheck, as he leaves the “Blue Room” behind for the last time.

Will Rangers replace Mr Traynor? Will the mantle of media overlord pass to Jack Irvine and Media House?

Whatever happened to the statement about Media House which was disclosed to the Rangers fan groups by Messrs Mather and Stockbridge and was imminently due for public release?

I mentioned above that the Chief Executive would want to ensure that the terms of departure were properly regulated.

However, and even more bizarrely, Rangers International Football Club PLC does not have a Chief Executive.

It does not even have an interim or acting CEO (at least according to official announcements I have seen).

When Mr Green departed, Mr Mather took over as acting CEO almost straight away. It then turned out that, after an extensive process scouring the football and business worlds for the best possible person to get the job full-time, he was actually sitting in the CEO’s office already! How lucky Rangers were for that to happen!

And so this week saw the Financial Times carry an advert for applications for the role.

As STV.com reported:-

The advert for the post stated the role has a “wide and varied remit” and requires a “candidate of exceptional quality and experience who is comfortable in a high profile environment.”

It also listed several key responsibilities, including leading and developing the “strategy” of the business, developing and overseeing Rangers International’s commercial activity and liaising with the club’s supporters, the football authorities and shareholders.

The advert states the salary for the role is “negotiable + benefits”. Mr Green earned almost £1m for his ten months as Rangers International chief executive, which included a 100% bonus on his £360,000 annual salary for winning the Scottish Third Division.

Rangers state in the CEO advert that they are looking for an “exceptional business leader in sport with a commercial approach and the ability to innovate” and “proven track record of success within sport”.

The Ibrox club are also seeking an “outstanding motivator who can maximise the talent and potential of employees and drive the club back to pinnacle of Scottish and international sport” as well as a candidate with “strong interpersonal skills”.

So it is time I think to blow the dust off the CV and to fire it in – after all, if I am appointed to be the CEO of Rangers, then I will probably have to stop blogging about them – and that might be the way to silence me!

Or else I might agree to the Director of Communications job – if that involves writing the posts on the website, then I am already up to speed with that!

But on a serious note, then how on earth can RIFC PLC still be seen as operating in an appropriate manner under AIM/Stock Exchange rules?

The company has:-

Rangers Board Members and Executives gather for a series of meetings

Rangers Board Members and Executives gather for a series of meetings

(To be fair the Committee issue was addressed on Thursday when the website was updated to read as follows:-

In accordance with best practice, the Company has established audit, nomination and remuneration committees, with written terms of reference for each that deal with their respective authorities and duties. The full terms of reference of all the committees are available from the company secretary or can be located here.

Audit Committee
New audit committee members including a chairman will be decided once the board of RIFC has been strengthened by the appointment of new directors, as set out in the announcement of 16 October.

Nomination Committee
New nomination committee members including a chairman will be decided once the board of RIFC has been strengthened by the appointment of new directors, as set out in the announcement of 16 October.

Remuneration Committee
New remumeration (sic) committee members including a chairman will be decided once the board of RIFC has been strengthened by the appointment of new directors, as set out in the announcement of 16 October.

Updated: 31/10/2013

The primary decision on the continued presence of RIFC PLC as a traded stock rests on the Nominated Adviser. The lucky man within Daniel Stewart who has the job of handling this is Paul Shackleton. He last week described the situation as “a minefield”.

When the person responsible for ensuring that the required standards which must be complied with to allow a company to be traded publicly is calling the situation “a minefield” how much longer can the shares be open to trade without a suspension of dealing?

Maybe someone can ask Mr Shackleton how he is doing getting through the minefield!

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418 responses to “Quick! Get the CVs in to Ibrox for CEO and Communications Director Jobs!

  1. cam

    I would love to see James of Airdrie having been given license to give the Gers detractors both barrels via a Gers internet blog site.
    A wee joining fee would have helped the Gers cause and fellow maniacs could post conjecture on the “Celtic minded bloggers” with free rein.
    Internet barney’s galore,lawyers up to their kness in litagation blood,writs being written about unwritten laws being broken,Leggo v Paul in a charity wrestling match,Ally v Peter in a pie eating contest,crazy Gort in his Halloween Grim Reaper suit refereeing things,,,c’mon it’s an entertainment business!!,,,,Ted doing a stand up sketch,,,ok i’ve taken it too far.

    • Gortnamona

      Cam a Word of Advice

      There is nothing more ironic and ridiculous than a bankrupt third division scumbag trying to talk big. Fuck off you little runt.

      • cam

        Dear me old bean,did your beloved mother not teach you how to treat folk with respect?
        After that tirade i feel the vapours coming on,,,must put the lid back on the Evostik!

        Now get down to confession,say sorry for sinning against a fellow christian,stop shouting and go for a wee cycle,underwater,at night,with no helmet.
        And stop giving yourself a TU when you post those crazy rants,i points to a serious character flaw which i will expand upon if you attend my therapy sessions for road rage sufferers with small nuts.

        • Gortnamona

          Stop talking so much shite you little jumped sectarian scumbag.

          You’re a Third Division Tax cheating Charity thieving Hun and Rat so show a bit of respect when talking to your betters.

          Isn’t it about time you had a word with your mate the ultra scumbag Wonka? And don’t ask why.

          As for voting – damn right you are

          Vote early and vote often is the tradition in good old British Occupied Ireland. You got a problem with that little rat, talk to Martin.

          • cam

            You’re getting angrier Gertie,now a look at your bible might help.

            I think you have much more than insults and hatred to offer the blog and i shall continue with my online therapy to make you fit to walk amongst civilized society.

            Now if you could cover yourself in this wonderful Kerrygold butter i’ll go get the chicken feathers and we’ll begin stage two.

          • Mike Craig

            dear dear dear, what a rattled little cage you have granny!
            Divots on both sides are still divots to an objective observer.

        • Bigot cam says, “did your beloved mother not teach you how to treat folk with respect”

          That kind of sums up the peepel problem. My parents & their peers led us to believe that respect had to be earned rather than be given as a matter of course. The peepel have been confused for sometime that Paddies on both side of the North Channel don’t feel inclined to view their garbage, Uber British mentality with anything approaching respect
          I’ll give you some credit here cam, this can only be an attempt at irony. as you are as aware as the rest of us that you,…. the creepy,bigot clown are in a long list of tossers at the back of the queue for respect.
          Now toddle off to the local CoS institution & start praying for Sevco.

          “prayers are all you’ve got left”

      • Whytee

        Your getting worse. For all the talk of bigotry on here you come across as one of the worst. Congratulations

          • Whytee

            That was for gort , it’s all in the timing

          • Whytee

            That was for gort.

            • Whytee

              Jesus, he’s losing it now. Deep breaths gort

            • Gortnamona


              Are you another

              ” Third Division Tax cheating Charity thieving Hun and Rat”?

              Or are you one of those neutrals who drop in occasionally to tell us how to behave, but strangely always finish up supporting the scumbag Huns?

            • cam

              I’m so used to these gang bangers ganging up on me i assumed you wanted to bang me.
              Watch out for the crazy one,he’s nearing meltdown the poor bhoy.

              C’mon the Glasgow Rangers!

          • Gortnamona

            So Whitey

            Why did Cam the sectarian bigot think you were addressing him.

            Because all rangers supporters are sectarian bigots and most of them are proud of it.

            Oh and get stuffed.

            • Whytee

              I think it was the timing . It doesn’t change the fact your the most humourless bigot on here with a fixation for bold type. I mean have you ever read some of the things you post on here?

            • Whytee

              I support Rangers. I’m not a bigot, a Hun or a scumbag. You on the other hand condemn yourself every time you post with your vile, bigoted generalisations. Are there real bigots in the Rangers support? Of course there are. Are there real bigots in the Celtic support? Of course there are. What are you gort? Are you a real bigot?

            • Gortnamona


              Rangers supporters are by and large a foul and vicious collection of bigots hooligans and thugs. Rangers and their supporters have been loathed hated and feared throughout Europe for years. They have shown arrogance and zero respect for their hosts no matter where they go.

              If you can find any humour in their attitude and behaviour, you’re a better man than I am Gunga Din.

              As for posting in bold, it only seems to annoy Huns, so I will keep on doing it.

            • Gortnamona


              If you insist, I am prepared to accept that you are one of the few who is not a sectarian scumbag and a vicious thug.

              Happy now?

            • Whytee

              Hello Gort I feel we’re making progress, feel free with the bold type.
              I can’t agree with your generalisations though. I’ve worked all round the uk and southern Ireland ( in an electrical capacity just like joe) and I cannot say I’ve met the hostility that you suggest should be my lot as a rangers supporter when I let it out the bag. Nor do I find every Irishman or Celtic supporter to be an IRA cheerleading, protestant hating bigot. In fact most Irishmen I’ve met in England are more interested in their adopted English team than Celtic. Although I must admit they do usually admit to at least a measure of affection for Celtic. I’ve been reading this blog for a year now and the depths to which some of the comments plunge to is appalling. Let’s all continue with the ribbing but without the hatred. I’ve had some proper laughs reading comments from both sides on here.

            • cam

              That’s it ,,,,bhoy,,,,,say sorry!
              Now move along sonny,,,go dig a hole or something.

            • Mike Craig

              have you no idea how to behave in a reasonable manner?

            • Monti

              You are the man!

    • Allfanstogether

      I think Peter would need a handicap in the pie contest.

  2. cam

    I see Jim McColl’s legal bid to uncover the mystery men behind Blue Pitch and Margarita has resulted in more subterfuge.
    The December lock in period is approaching and trigger fingers are getting twitchy.

    • Here’s a funny thing said by C Green in an interview on STV 12 Dec 2012 talking about investors.

      In the Scotland Tonight interview, Mr Green stated that all of those who currently own shares have been cleared by the Financial Services Authority, which regulates financial services in the UK.

      He said: “As with many things people invests through companies or through trusts, not everyone invests in their own name. All of these people who’ve bought shares in Rangers have been vetted by the FSA, Simply Stockbroking, the company who were appointed to do all the KYC (know your company) on these people, have been satisfied that these people are bona fide. And of course following the problems that the club had historically all of the details have been provided to the SFA to confirm that they are fit and proper.”


      Do the SFA know who these people are? According to Charles they do, and the SFA know it, he say’s so.

      Or was he lying? I presume the SFA could make a clear unambiguous statement without revealing who the investors are.

      Maybe they don’t know because they never asked?
      Should they know?
      Why won’t they say?

      Or maybe a march is in order and an encampment ouside Hampden until you get an answer? Round up un-hitch the wagons, circle the place and dress in fancy colours, you know what i mean, your a colourful bunch, easy stand out.

      Here’s another funny thing; M Murray, P Murray worked in investment, so does the wee guy K Prior. Big Jim McC wealth aff the radar runs a mega company and none of them can find a trail to Mararita/blue pitch? My arse.

      The rebel crew are taking you clowns for a ride just like “Charlie and the Bhoys”. Oh, and the SFA.

      • @Officer D
        Malky also had his bum in the big chair for a wee while. He probably didn’t have an access all areas pass, but he hung with the band, and not the roadies. Same as Cardigan.
        They all know, but to say so, means its curtains and a wee hymn for the tribute act.
        The only people telling these poor Sevconians the truth is…….The whole of Scotland.!!! but the sad fact is, their masters have told them not to listen.
        Even sadder! Their real masters have all deserted. Went A.W.O.L. Done one!

  3. paul

    Would be better adverting for a funeral director and put Sevco like it’s predecessor out of it’s misery.

  4. mick

    Hi every1 hope yous are all well what a article jabba gone lol that’s the plan to fleece the bears over and the crowd was 22thou lol on Friday there doomed and am loving it hail hail coy big glasgow’s green and whyte lol haha @sevco the zombie club of soccer

  5. Great to see you taking it all so Lightly Cam ! I honestly feel your Hurt!

  6. cam

    Did you legal dim wits notice that Dave the King of the Orange state has special dispensation from the South African government to be a director of plc’s.
    I tried to lead out of the civil law morass that you boys from the bog got bogged down in,but would you listen to this honest son of William?
    No!,,,,you would rather judge in haste,so i shall not grant you leisure to repent.

    • @Cam
      South African laws have no bearing on Scots law mate, especially when King Crook didn’t even want the job in the first place. That was a herring of scarlet.
      Neither did he want to invest.
      So what was he using up valuable tax-free days in the UK for. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was to get a couple of dodgy signatures, on some dodgy papers, to implement his dodgy plan of doginess. He is a dodgy character.
      That electronic stuff is fine for undodgy deals, but with so many Bampots about, real dodgy deals are better done in person naked, inside a dodgy lead lined Russian doll. It’s all very confidential. Did he mention that..
      Wyatt Earp knows.

      • cam

        Incorrect Barca,Dave has consulted his attorneys and has clarified the situation.
        If you wish to debate law with me i have some useful reading material from the local library.
        I’ll put it on the next Calais ferry under seat 1690.Send me something back,,,but not letters from France.

        • Lying again cam…..No Zombies are allowed anywhere near a library in Glasgow….. The good old Fenian GCC won’t have it……… 🙂

        • @Cam.
          Now why would I waste a French letter on you. After the squelching Murky, Whytey, and Greeny have given you I wouldn’t contemplate taking on The Management, to be next in the queue.
          Kings lawyers? Would that be the ones whose advice would have seen him die in gaol but for the fact he had a few schmeckles down the back of the couch. Or was it the tumble dryer?

      • Gortnamona

        Spot on Barca re:

        ” South African laws have no bearing on Scots law mate,”

        In fact in S.A. law guilty means innocent and conviction means not guilty. So Davey Bhoy was found to be guiltless 42 time and his record totally unsullied. A fit and proper Hun indeed.

        • cam

          Read the article you thicko!!,,,jeez man stop living down to the stereotype!

          Right Barca mate,when i nod me head hit it.

          • @Cam
            C’Mon bud, if you think Murky and the bus conductor are principle players, why would I hit you on the heid? Would the zip no burst?
            I’m telling ye. Whatever he was up to is confidential….and dodgy. 🙂

            • cam

              No that was to the Gort thicko,,,you’re just daft!

            • @barca
              While ‘kingy’ was subject to his missadventures with the SARS thing, the SARS’s froze assets he held in the UK, all done through the English courts, he may have been trying to free them up, after checks of course.

          • Gortnamona


            No need to lose your head and use insulting language. Your dear old Presbyterian mother would be mortified if she knew what a foul mouthed scumbag you have turned out.

            • cam

              Thank you for reading my blog. If you comment, and I am very grateful if you do, please keep your language restrained and be respectful generally and to other commenters.

              Could have been penned with you in mind old bean.You really are letting down your species and painting a dark portrait of yourself.
              Shove two kiwi fruits and a courgette down your lycra shorts and go hang out in the bar,,,,you might get lucky.

              Mac and Gort’s big night out

            • Gortnamona


              Just like the thugs thieves and foul-mouthed bigots you support you can give it but are not used to being on the receiving end. Well little scumbag, I have news for you, you will henceforth get back as good (or bad) as you you give. The Garvaghy Road is closed forever, get used to it little rat.

            • cam

              Anything you bring Gertie i will defeat,you are in the presence of a superior being and you shall grovel before me!!

              I didn’t create this glorious Protestant empire for malcontents like you to bugger.

              Come ahead Gertie,bring the worst you can do.

            • cam

              BTW Gertie,for the avoidance of doubt,i don’t give a toss about any road,street,lane or part of that God forsaken shit hole.
              You and the other maniacs on both sides of your petty little squabble can get tae Falkirk.

              My superior Protestant brain is set on higher things.


          • Allfanstogether

            Do you believe happy Dave when he says he don’t tell lies, because the judge in SA has a different opinion.

            • daviecooperonthewing

              AFT…What is your take on Mr Lawell urging the CFCshareholders to refrain from asking questions they want answers to at the AGM?
              What do make of the land deals agreed between GCC and CFC when seven of the eleven councillors were season ticket holders/shareholders at Celtic Park?
              What do you make of GCC’s decision to pay the £1.5 million demolition bill on land owned by CFC…not the council?
              Why was London road school, a B- listed building sold to CFC for £1, despite complaints from historic Scotland? And why have CFC so far failed to demolish and rebuild the site as proposed? Could it be possible that they are either waiting for commonwealth games money to fund the project? Or..Raise the capital for their new ticket office and club superstore, from the car park fees collected from the emirates venue?
              Would you consider any of the above to be qualified as state aid, by a sympathetic council with strong Celtic football club links?

            • cam

              Another lovely defence splitting pass there Coop,these fell beasts can’t take incoming fire.
              I’ll be demanding answers from the Declans tomorrow.

        • Mike Craig

          you mate are a proper troll

  7. timtim

    I see that Robert Mugabe has the right to run an entire country
    Is he a fit and proper person to do so?
    Anyway what does the glib and shameless convicted tax dodger matter
    any more, no more than the gilded and shapeless voice of a new football clubs director of excommunications.
    Both have packed their bags as they are unemployable in Scotland.
    James Traytor has shamed his own integrity by accepting the 30 pieces of silver rather than expose the truth of the Ibrox pantomime.
    King didnt have any integrity to sell.

  8. cam

    “Now then Paul,we’ve read through your CV and we note your previous experience in Insolvency and though that may come in handy we are far more interested in your ability to reinvent yourself.
    Do you think that it would be possible to arrange the biggest confession of all time?
    What i’m talking about here Paul is an entire fitba club to squeeze into the booth and for us to lighten our load,,,,,,is it feasible?”

    “Well Sandy, as you know anything is possible and i’m sure that as a regular bus traveller a wee free(small case) season pass would smooth the way to absolution even for a sin as big as this.”

    “That’s a good answer Paul,non committal with a bit of wriggle room,,,i see the old legal training hasn’t left the building”
    “Now to the public image bit and this might prove a wee bit problematic.How do you feel about a wee name change and some plastic surgery?”

    “No thanks Sandy, the regulars at the Albion Rovers didn’t believe it was me the last time i went so i’ll just be keeping this face if you don’t mind.The name change could be done i suppose if you can get me on the telly,,,what do you propose?”

    “How about John or William or Sandy?”,,,maybe change the surname to Waddell or Knox and get a wee tattoo?”

    “Do i get my own office Sandy,with IT access?”

    “Certainly Paul,full broadband,wi-fi the lot,your office is just being cleaned as we speak by Charlotte out hygiene supervisor,,btw,if you bump into her,try not to stare at her moustache”

    “Sounds great Sandy,now about my wee part time number,can i keep blogging?”

    “Hmmm,Paul that’s a tough one,how about a few months off,say you tell the bhoys you’re off to the Turks and Caicos with Eco for a fact finding mission.We stage a wee disappearance on a yachting trip and then you see how you feel?”

    “Excellent Sandy,now how does that song go?, follow follow we will follow Rangers,,,,,,”

    Brian, it’s Sandy here,put the tall guy on the shortlist”

    • Hi cam…… any sign of carson?…… last I heard he was seen counting all the empty seats at at the Asbodome last night. There were quite a few, Think he’s had to take his socks off.

      • @Mac Tomas
        He is busy compiling his C.V. for the CEO job and practising his interview technique in front of Grahams goldfish.
        Word is he is in pole position as the other applicant was sectioned.
        Sally was impressed with his ability to knock up a Cornish in a field kitchen, and the stealth he displayed when stealing the farmers turnips.
        A sterling attribute for the lower leagues. :-).

        • Fra

          @Cam, I’m going to change my name and appearance. I will chop around two feet from my legs, contort my face into vile rage, get surgery so said face retains this horrible expression and call myself Willy ‘bigot’ Wanka. I will visit the local lodge with like minded bigots (typo: masons) and curse anything to do with Celtic/Ireland/Catholicism.

          We will blame all the ills of the world on anybody who even ventures near Celtic Park. I will shout till my lungs burst about child molestation but only the kind from Celtic Park as the rest is fine as that’s committed by good Protestant people. We will define this religion as ‘them’, ‘you’s, ‘your kind’ or something similar to differentiate my higher plain than ‘those’ people.

          Once I have perfected this said bile, I will copy and paste crap from that wonderful unbiased site ‘The Vanguard Bears’and hope to pass it of as fact. I will distribute this disinformation and when nobody replies because I offend them, then I will self proclaim this as a paragon of the truth. I will blame GCC of being a cabal of Provo sympathisers who are out to get ‘us’ with no proof.

          I will lie about going to a lodge where we don’t care what religion we are. Oh did I mention Paedophillia. Just in case because I have an unnatural fascination with the subject. I will dig the www to find something, anything which I can twist and try to tar anybody, everybody with because ‘that kind’ are all peados. As we good proddie people know that all priests are peados and all Irish Catholics are terrorists and Scottish Catholics are ‘Plastic Paddys.’ I wish ‘they’ would all fu*k off back to that bog

          I hope I can reverse this surgery because I’m beginning to hate this vileness rising within me. This hatred of all things Celtic/Irish/Catholic is hard work and this anger is giving me a blinding headache. GOD, it’s hard work being a bigoted nasty bas**rd.

          Signed, Willy ‘bigot’ Wanka (used to be a good guy)
          Keyboard Warrior.

        • barca….. grahams got a goldfish….. So he’s got someone on his wavelength that he can actually talk to…….

          • @Mac.
            I’m told that when Graham walks past, the fish taps the glass. Puts the shitters right up him! 🙂
            He only bought it in the first place because the pet-shop guy wrote Blackthorns along its belly with an inky! But it was gone by the time his clapped out auld Merc got back to his mansion. 🙂

  9. “Mr Traynor has SURRENDERED his club tie & WALKED AWAY”……I see what you did there Paul Nice….. 🙂

  10. Ed Paisley

    You don’t like my comedic contribution Cam? It’s better than trading insults surely.

    I’m watching The Great Escape again – that Gordon Jackson always makes an arse of himself when the Nazi tricks him. One of these days Gordon is going to get his brain in gear and say “Jabowl mein Herr, Danka”. Diddy!

    It looks like the Easdale gangsters have got Rangers’ destiny in their hands. That’s surely not a good position to be in. Apparently they don’t even own McGills buses – they are fronting for some criminal even dirtier than they are! Is that even possible?

    If Jim McColl isn’t willing to part with a lot of money then the crooks will milk the fans for years to come. There is no happy ending to this saga.

    • cam

      Grand Designs it is for me Ted,i love watching folk build something out of nowt,,,,just like my Protestant forefathers and now you mhob are stinking the place out,,,,shocking.

      Never mind Audit Scotland Ted,,,take your sweetie wifing to the Traffic Commissioner,,,,mwahahaaaaaa

      • Big L

        I think you’ll find the tim monks built everything and your protestant forefathers stole it all.
        All because a syphillis infected, gout ridden, bloated pig of a king couldn’t get another divorce.

        • Gortnamona

          An old Irish view on the subject.

          Don’t speak of your alien minister
          Or his Church without meaning nor faith,
          For the foundation stone of his Temple
          Was the bollocks of Henry the Eighth.

          • Big L

            I am always glad my faith has been of an unbroken line.

          • Mike Craig

            or the bollocks of god in the first place

          • david

            That shows the level of your ignorance. Henry the Eight was in heart a Catholic who would not submit to the authority of the Pope. His ministers burned many ” heretics ” for espousing Protestantism in various forms.
            The Church Of England did not evolve fully during his reign.
            As well as being a weirdo, a bigot, and a shitebag you are an ignoramus as well.

            • Monti

              Shut the fuck up numbnut!

            • Ian4300

              You are an idiot.

              Henry V111 was excommunicated, that means he was NOT a Catholic.

              What He did to other types of Protestant, he did because he disagreed with them, he also killed Catholics.

              This happened all the time, all Protestant sects were not in agreement, Leaders killed opponents.,

              Cromwell killed Scottish Presbyterians because they wanted a Biblical King at the head of their Church, he massacred the Irish, men woman & children because of their beliefs.in reality he committed genocide yet was voted into the TOP TEN BRITS, that sums it all up really.


            • Kerrygirl

              Hey panty boy

        • cam

          Who gave him the syph?,,,,now that is the question?
          Whether ’tis nobler to bear the cocks and gropings of outrageous clergy.

      • Ed Paisley

        By jeepers – that is a wizard suggestion Cam – I shall write to the Inverclyde Traffic Commissioners with my suspicions.

        I surprised myself when I wrote to OSCR complaining about the lack of sanctions against the trustees of the Rangers Charity Foundation. I demanded that the trustees make good the money stolen from the charity, but of course a slap on the wrist was all they got!

        You Sevco boys bring out the very worst in me. I mean, I use humane mouse traps in my house, and yet, I wouldn’t piss on a Rangers fan if he was on fire. I resent you boys for making me hate when it isn’t in my nature!

        • Gortnamona

          Very True Ed

          I am in all other respects one of the most mild natured of men.

        • cam

          Ted remember to cc inspector Bill into your e-mail,the guy has done all the spadework and needs recognition for outstanding works of defamation in the field of sweetie wifery.

          • bill

            Registers Direct – Sasine Register

            511 5/9 square yards, on north west side of MURIEL STREET BARRHEAD, referred to in Disp. to James Maver, recorded 18 Jan. 1916,

            00378 (No.1) 19 May.2005



            511 5/9 square yards, on north west side of MURIEL STREET,
            BARRHEAD, referred to in Disp. to James Maver, recorded 18 Jan. 1916,


            2 roods 20 poles, on north side of MURIEL STREET, BARRHEAD,
            referred to in Feu Ch. to David Liggat and another, recorded 28 Mar. 1876
            (under exception of subjects in Disp. to James Maver, recorded 18 Jan. 1916)

            , (THIRD)

            (I) ground, part of entailed lands and estate of HAWKHEAD,
            referred to in Disp. to James Cowan, recorded 15 Sep. 1905 (under exception
            of subjects in Disp. to Glasgow and South Western Railway Company, recorded

            23 Jul. 1901) and (II) 1 rood 6/10 pole, part of lands of DUNTERLIE,
            referred to in Disp. to Hugh Leggat Limited, recorded 19 Sep. 1944,

            ground, bounded on south by MURIEL STREET, BARRHEAD, referred to in Disp. to Isabella McMath or McGill, recorded 24 Dec. 1940 (under exception of
            subjects in Disp. to Hugh Leggat Limited, recorded 19 Sep. 1944),


            2 roods 20 poles on north&nbs p; ;side of MURIEL STREET, BARRHEAD, referred to in Feu
            Ch. to David Liggat and another, recorded 28 Mar. 1876. Dated 12 Oct. 2004.

            – ground at HAWKHEAD, PAISLEY.

            – C G & O C.
            also on Title No. REN53202.

            Scottish Assessors Association


            Non Domestic Valuation
            Scottish Assessors Association Non Domestic Valuation …

            Ref No – .X08520/0003

            Property Address

            GLASGOW.G78 1QB


            Name & Registered Office:
            90 MITCHELL STREET
            UNITED KINGDOM
            G1 3NQ
            Company No. SC258787

            Status: Active
            Date of Incorporation: 05/11/2003

            Country of Origin: United Kingdom

            Company Type: Private Limited Company
            Nature of Business (SIC):
            82990 – Other business support service activities not elsewhere classified

            Accounting Reference Date: 30/06
            Last Accounts Made Up To: 30/06/2012 (DORMANT)
            Next Accounts Due: 31/03/2014
            Last Return Made Up To: 05/11/2012
            Next Return Due: 03/12/2013

            Mortgage: Number of charges: ( 0 outstanding / 0 satisfied / 0 part satisfied )
            Last Members List: 05/11/2012

            30/06/11 TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL

            @cam maybe you can explain, almighty one

            Don’t forget that former banned director alexander kean is a director of clayhunt ltd

            As for the traffic commissioner of Scotland, why did both the easdales not tell her, whilst giving evidence at mcgills public inquiry 2010, of their continued business interests with mr kean through clayhunt ltd ?

            The easdales seemed to have been a perfect choice by agent green

            • bill


              HISTORY OF MCGILLS

              12. Companies House records show that the operator (hereinafter “McGills”) was incorporated on 2 September 1949, the last McGills to be Directors were Lesley McGill and Gordon McGill who resigned on 1 July 1997. From then until June 2001, the Directors were Messrs Stephen Lonsdale and David Martin with John Ray from 1998 to 2001. Sharon Kean was a Director from June 2001 to October 2004 and Mr Alexander Kean from 16 September 2002 to 1 January 2003. Richard Bowler was Director from 2000 to 2001. James Easdale and Gail Easdale were appointed as Directors on 12 October 2004 and remain the sole Directors. Mr Albert Hendry has been Company Secretary since that date. The shareholders are Arranglen Ltd and Kylemuir Ltd which has Gail Easdale as its Secretary and Mrs Christina Easdale as its Director. Arranglen Ltd holds the shares in Kylemuir.

              13. Arranglen Ltd was incorporated in 1998. The current Directors who have been Directors since incorporation are Mesdames Christina Easdale and Gail Easdale (minority shareholders) and Mr James Easdale holding the majority of shares. Company accounts disclosed that Inverclyde Taxis Ltd is a subsidiary of Arranglen Ltd.

              42. Mr Alex Kean’s approach was to be in and out of the bus industry over years selling and buying and also being into property. He is now a restaurant entrepreneur. He gives things a go. The connection was the lifelong friendship of Alex Kean and his father. In relation to the reference to the Barrhead Bus Group in Arranglen’s accounts he explained that when Mr Alex Kean left McGills he was still using the old McGill’s yard at Muriel Street, which was the yard used by the John Walker group. Alex Kean went into business with John Walker and was in it for about 3 or 4 months. When he went to Barrhead Bus group “we” (in his evidence I indicate that Mr Sandy Easdale used the second person i.e. “we” throughout and this meant him and his family) were paying him up and as part of that they gave a guarantee via the Barrhead Bus group overdraft. That has remained on their books and continued to be shown in the accounts but it was an oversight. The guarantee was never called on or drawn down. After 3 or 4 months, Alex Kean left the Walker group. So that facility of £100,000 was to fund Alex Kean’s Barrhead operations as they were still due money to Alex Kean.

              43. John Walker grew up in the same area and Mr Sandy Easdale knows him very well. He has no business involvement with him nor has he had such. This had happened through Alex Kean, that is a third party. He could not deny knowing John Walker but he had no knowledge of the core of his business and no interest in it. It was public knowledge that he had been revoked. He understood Mr Walker to be involved in building houses. Knowing someone and knowing someone’s business was quite different. He knows the Walker family to say hello to but it is not a friendship.


              Firstly the company referred to as the barrhead bus group does not exhist, the companies real name is the barrhead bus company limited

              Name & Registered Office:
              BARRHEAD BUS CO LTD.
              WOOD 90 MITCHELL STREET
              G1 3NQ
              Company No. SC274355

              The facility of £100,000 guarantee given by ARRANGLEN LTD, was to the barrhead bus company limited, as stated in the annual accounts of arranglen ltd filed at companies house for the period up to 31/12/2007

              The public inquiry never established the date in 2007 when the £100,000 guarantee was given by arranglen ltd to the barrhead bus company ltd

              Mr kean was a banned director between sept 2004 & sept 2007

              Companies house have no record of mr kean being a director or shareholder of the barrhead bus company ltd only mr walker and his wife

              in july 2007 the barrhead bus company ltd had APPOINTMENT OF LIQUIDATOR, this was due to an un-paid fuel bill of £60k to Campbell fuel oils of hawkhead road paisley.

              The question here is was that facility of a £100k by arranglen ltd to the barrhead bus company ltd in 2007, was it made due to the appointment of the liquidator ?

              Mr keans evidence given at the public inquiry into his company Greenock and district omnibuses ltd 15th dec 2008 also states that he was never in business with mr john walker. Mr kean stated that he was looking at the possibility of going into business with mr walker but after a month or 2 he decided that mr walker business was a shambles.

              The traffic commissioner asked him was it because mr walker was on my RADAR.

              If it could have been proven that their was a clear business association between the easdales and mr walker, mcgills bus service ltd operating licence would have been revoked at the public inquiry 2010

              The documentation relating to the £100k was never refered to in a manner of trying to establish the time line in 2007 at the public inquiry.

              The easdales failed to disclose their business interest with mr kean through clayhunt limited to the public inquiry

              Oh what a spiders web that they weave

        • cam

          Ted,i’ve heard all about you Paisley types and water sports.

          • bill

            Mar 23, 2003

            SHAMELESS; Tycoon whose bus firm went bust owing pounds 350,000 is back on the road again…and swilling champagne.

            Byline: Norman Silvester

            THIS is the champagne- guzzling bus tycoon under investigation after a firm went bust owing pounds 350,000.

            Alexander “The Big Man” Kean, 52, has been accused by liquidators of “serial phoenixism” – repeatedly closing down firms to avoid paying debts then opening them up under other names.

            The firm under investigation is School Bus Scotland, which went to the wall two years ago after running up losses of pounds 500,000 and owing creditors pounds 344,715.

            But within a few months of his company going under, Kean was back running a new firm, McGills Bus Services, on the same routes.

            The Department of Trade and Industry are examining a damning report into Kean’s operations.

            The flamboyant businessman from Largs, Ayrshire, is one of Scotland’s biggest independent bus and coach operators.

            The DTI
            probe will cover Kean’s running of School Bus Scotland, McGills and 14 other bus firms of which he was a director.

            Kean could be disqualified from running a company for up to 15 years if he is found guilty of operating “phoenix” firms or any other breach of company law.

            McGills, which is based in Port Glasgow, is now a thriving business with more than 65 coaches providing services in the Inverclyde area.

            Kean drives a pounds 25,000 Isuzu Trooper 4×4 and is having a luxury home built at Wemyss Bay

            , Renfrewshire. But 21 creditors are still waiting for their money two years after School Bus Scotland flopped.

            Some of Kean’s creditors have been forced to the brink of bankruptcy by his failure to meet his debts.

            School Bus Scotland Ltd was set up in 1996 but went to the wall in May 2001. It provided bus services on the west coast, including the Glasgow area, and was used by holiday firms for foreign coach trips.

            By july 2001, Kean had set up McGills Bus Services to provide local services in Greenock, Port Glasgow, Gourock, Largs and Wemyss Bay.

            His third wife Sharon, 35, is also a director of the firm.

            McGills often run on the same routes as School Bus Scotland.

            A special liquidation committee has been set up in a bid to force Kean to pay his massive debts.

            Among those seeking to get their money back is Glasgow businessman George Steele, whose company Clifford Finance is owed pounds 139,000.

            Another of Kean’s creditors, Marco Medinelli of the Golden Filling Station in Greenock, is owed pounds 26,907. He told the Sunday Mail yesterday: “A small business like ours cannot afford to lose this kind of money but thankfully we have managed to survive.

            “We are hopeful something can be done to get our money back.”

            A third creditor, who asked not to be named, said he was owed pounds 10,000 from three of Kean’s former companies, including School Bus Scotland. Liquidators Gerber, Lander and Gee, who are based in Glasgow, admitted they were looking into the affairs of School Bus Scotland and Alexander Kean.

            A spokesman added: “There are aspects of this case which appear to be serial phoenixism.

            “This indicates a situation where a company ceases trading and another company starts up on a repeated basis. A liquidation committee has been established.

            “Any creditor with relevant information concerning the trading history of the company should ensure it is brought to our attention.”

            The DTI said a report had now been received from the liquidator into Alexander Kean and Schools Bus Scotland Ltd.

            DTI spokesman Nick Fearon said yesterday: “A report is currently being considered by the department into this company. We have until October 31 to issue proceedings.”

            • bill

              Sep 26, 2004

              Bus tycoon banned from business for three years.

              Byline: By NORMAN SILVESTER

              A CHAMPAGNE-swigging bus tycoon exposed by the Sunday Mail has been banned from running a business for three years.

              Alex Kean was last week found guilty of repeatedly closing down firms to avoid paying debts then opening them up under other names.

              Following an 18-month probe by the Department of Trade and Industry, 54-year-old Kean has admitted being unfit to run a company.

              Kean’s firm, School Bus Scotland, went bust with losses of pounds 500,000 and owing creditors pounds 350,000. But within a few months, Kean was back running a new firm, McGills Bus Services, on the same routes.

              Not one of his creditors had been paid.

              Now the DTI

              have banned McKean from being a company director until October 2007.

              McGills, based in Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, have also been at the centre of claims they used rough-house tactics to force smaller competitors off the road.

              This includes slashing prices and blocking rival coaches.

              The DTI probe also looked at Kean’s running of 14 other bus firms.

              Kean drives a Mercedes and lives in a pounds 350,000 home in Wemyss Bay

              , Renfrewshire. He has also just bought an pounds 80,000 boat.

              A DTI spokesman said yesterday: ‘We have responsibility for the disqualification of directors who are considered to be unfit to be involved in the management of companies.’

              Kean declined to comment.

          • bill

            Banned bus boss faces new probe over poor service.

            Byline: NORMAN SILVESTER

            A BUS tycoon whose companies crashed owing pounds 500,000 is being investigated over his latest firm.

            Alexander Kean, 58, was banned from running a firm for three years after he forced several creditors to the brink of bankruptcy.

            He was accused of phoenixing – closing down firms to avoid paying debts, then opening again under different names.

            After his ban expired 20 months ago, he bought over Greenock and District Omnibuses (GDO) and United Buses, despite having failed to pay back any of his creditors.

            GDO is already under investigation by the Traffic Commissioner over service quality.

            Champagne-swigging Kean runs the firms in

            Inverclyde and Renfrewshire with wife Sharon, 41.

            The commissioner confirmed an inquiry into GDO and two other firms once owned b y Kean.

            Two years ago we revealed how he had named a pounds 150,000 motor cruiser Phoenix Rising..


            Bus service saved thanks to community

            BylineAmanda Keenan Amanda Keenan – 1637
            Social networks…
            Facebook Facebook
            Twitter Twitter
            Google+ Google+
            YouTube YouTube


            Published: 3 Dec 2008 16:30

            BARRHEAD”S low level bus service has been saved – all thanks to Councillor Danny Devlin and the Auchenback community.

            Last Friday during a meeting at the ARC Frank Smith, operations director for McGills and Bert Hendry, general manager, announced that United Buses are providing three low level bus services each day in the town.

            The meeting organised by Councillor Devlin and members of the ARC proved to be a great success after Arriva stopped its low level bus service.

            Speaking to the News Mr Smith said: ‘We are delighted to introduce three low level bus services to Barrhead. These services began last Thursday and we will monitor their use in the community.

            ‘But we are stressing to people that they must use them or lose them.

            ‘We are also in talks to provide a low level service from Neilston to Paisley and we will be making an announcement on this in January.

            ‘We provide a reliable and more efficient service and we are happy to step in and help people who would be stuck without a low level bus.’

            Councillor Devlin welcomed the news and said: ‘The people of Auchenback need a reliable low level bus service and I am happy that United are providing this.

            ‘It is all down to the community who raised their views on the service being withdrawn.

            ‘I am delighted that United Bus company are providing a low level service in Auchenback.’

            Mother-of-one Stacey Crabb also attended the meeting and said that a low level service is a “lifeline” to the Auchenback community.

            She added: ‘This service is essential to our community and I am really pleased that three low level buses will be available.

            ‘Before, I had to wait ages for an Arriva bus but now I know exactly when the low level bus will run.’

            Brian and Rita Connolly who work tirelessly at the ARC and have also been campaigning for better service are delighted.

            Rita said: ‘This is great news for our community but in order to keep the service people must use it our we will lose it.

            Brian added: ‘I am delighted that United has stepped in and provided a vital bus service.’
            – See more at:

            ALL a bit confusing is it not @cam, who is who and who owns what, a bit like whats happening at castle scrapyard

            • @Bill

              Great stuff sir, ‘proceeds of crime’ going on there also me thinks.

            • cam

              As Ted says,take your theories to the authorities,or to Councillor Danny Devlin,he sounds just the man for the jobby.
              No more sniping from the bushes billy boy,be a man,you have God on your side billy.
              Carpe Diem

            • daviecooperonthewing

              Bill…What is your take on Mr Lawell urging the CFC shareholders to refrain from asking questions they want answers to at the AGM?
              What do you make of the land deals agreed between GCC and CFC when seven of the eleven councillors were season ticket holders/shareholders at Celtic Park?
              What do you make of GCC’s decision to pay the £1.5 million demolition bill on land owned by CFC…not the council?
              Why was London road school, a B- listed building sold to CFC for £1, despite complaints from historic Scotland? And why have CFC so far failed to demolish and rebuild the site as proposed? Could it be possible that they are either waiting for commonwealth games money to fund the project? Or..Raise the capital for their new ticket office and club superstore, from the car park fees collected from the emirates venue?
              Would you consider any of the above to be qualified as state aid, by a sympathetic council with strong Celtic football club links?

          • Ed Paisley

            That’s good Cam – you know I’m only jesting. Although the stuff about the Sleazedales is true.

            • bill


              God makes some people that are destined to go to heaven and others that will go to hell.

              What path will you choose cambam

              “What if God, willing to show his wrath, and to make his power known” damns most of mankind to eternal torments of hell for things they either didn’t do or couldn’t avoid doing

              If the authorities are judge and jury – so mote it be

              Its sunday let us all pray for forgiveness

              Psalm 51

              A Prayer for Forgiveness[a]

              Be merciful to me, O God,
              because of your constant love.
              Because of your great mercy
              wipe away my sins!

              Wash away all my evil
              and make me clean from my sin!

              I recognize my faults;
              I am always conscious of my sins.

              I have sinned against you—only against you—
              and done what you consider evil.
              So you are right in judging me;
              you are justified in condemning me.

              I have been evil from the day I was born;
              from the time I was conceived, I have been sinful.

              Sincerity and truth are what you require;
              fill my mind with your wisdom.

              Remove my sin, and I will be clean;
              wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.

              Let me hear the sounds of joy and gladness;
              and though you have crushed me and broken me,
              I will be happy once again.

              Close your eyes to my sins
              and wipe out all my evil.

              Create a pure heart in me, O God,
              and put a new and loyal spirit in me.

              Do not banish me from your presence;
              do not take your holy spirit away from me.

              Give me again the joy that comes from your salvation,
              and make me willing to obey you.

              Then I will teach sinners your commands,
              and they will turn back to you.

              Spare my life, O God, and save me,[b]
              and I will gladly proclaim your righteousness.

              Help me to speak, Lord,
              and I will praise you.

              You do not want sacrifices,
              or I would offer them;
              you are not pleased with burnt offerings.

              My sacrifice is a humble spirit, O God;
              you will not reject a humble and repentant heart.

              O God, be kind to Zion and help her;
              rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

              Then you will be pleased with proper sacrifices
              and with our burnt offerings;
              and bulls will be sacrificed on your altar.

            • cam

              Billy that’s crazy stuff,God makes folk who are destined to go to hell/heaven?
              None of us have God on our side.
              You are judging bill

            • Bill


              There is a bit of crazyness in us all dear bhoy

            • Bill


              If you believe some sort of fraud has taken place then make a complaint

        • Mike Craig

          if you have hate in you then it is in your nature! Doh!

  11. W B Yeats

    They are the people.

  12. Michael

    A dozen words for Jabba, Paul. I take it you meant a baker’s dozen. How apt, though with Jabba signing on the burroo, I advise you to sell your shares in Greggs.

    • Me thinks jabba is a shrewdy. Makes waves to get a job at Ibrox,pleads the case in his last ahem ever article for the daily ranger,and gets the post that all journalists of the succulent lamb fraternity could only ever dream about.
      He now has enough material and Inside knowledge to write a blockbuster on the greatest football swindle ever. Well played jabba enjoy your well earned pay off.

      • This was jabbas last ever ever newspaper column, oh how they all had it wrong. Read it again and try not to cry, laughing.IT was never a job. More of an absolute joy, if truth be told.

        But all good things come to an end and when they do, it’s important to end with some good things.

        When writing this, my final newspaper column, the memories come flooding in. When the time comes to change direction and move on, let the best of those memories rush from every corner of your mind and keep the worst of them locked away.

        If people who have abused you because of their own bigoted and narrow-minded ways, or events that might have saddened you deeply, are allowed light and oxygen you let them tarnish and blacken what you’ve done and achieved.

        For instance, this column – the final one after 37 years in newspapers – could bang on about supporters who have spat on my coats and jackets, thrown all sorts of insults and occasionally bricks and bottles. But that would demean everything.

        I could name managers, players, club directors and administrators who, because the truth can hurt, have wished me all kinds of harm and misfortune. But neither they nor their words mattered. They damaged and shamed only themselves.

        So from Andre Agassi (tennis is such a wonderful sport) to Zinedine Zidane (football really is a beautiful game despite the money grabbers and crooks), it has been amazing. It’s been a blast. Uplifting but also a deeply humbling and, at times, disturbing journey.

        When Scotland were in Bucharest to play a European Championship qualifying tie against Romania, a couple of years after that madman Nicolae Ceausescu had been overthrown by revolution, players broke down. So too did supporters.

        It was 1991 and the horrors of the Romanian orphan crisis were becoming clearer to the outside world.

        It was heartbreaking. Even the most hardened cynical hacks cried at the sight of swarms of hungry, distraught children wandering the streets begging for morsels.

        I know I said the bad memories should be locked away but those kids, who snatched all the money we could muster as though we were making them instant millionaires, can never be forgotten.

        Strangely, another memory also concerns tears. But this time they came from a Brazilian great sitting right in the middle of Avenue Foch in Paris at the start of the 1998 World Cup finals.

        Nilton Santos was there with Pele, Carlos Alberto and another great, Alfredo di Stefano, who was claimed by both Argentina and Spain.

        I was there because I’d had a say in selecting the team of the 20th century – just for the Record that team was: Lev Yashin, Carlos, Franz Beckenbauer, Bobby Moore, Santos; Johan Cruyff, Di Stefano, Michel Platini; Garrincha, Pele and Diego Maradona. Then I sat with Pele, Santos and Di Stefano listening to their tales.

        It was fascinating, even when Santos, who had been a father figure to the deeply troubled Garrincha, wept as he spoke of the tormented genius and his final tragic years.

        But there were loads of laughs with the greats of the people’s game to giants of other sports. Heroic characters such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jack Nicklaus, Seve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Bjorn Borg, Rod Laver, Ilie Nastase, Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe (did I mention tennis is a wonderful sport?), Boris Becker, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, Mark McGwire (baseball is such an hypnotic and simply beautiful sport, maybe even the best) and the 49ers’ Jerry Rice.

        There are just too many to list. But it’s been a privilege to have seen them in the flesh and even under the threat of extreme torture, such as being forced to listen to recordings of SFA/SPL meetings, I could never say my job has been anything like work. It’s been a pleasure.

        Until recently.

        Unfortunately, there has been the last twisted and bitter year during which Scottish football, unable to deal with the Rangers crisis in a civilised manner, has tried to tear itself apart. All in the name of sporting integrity, of course.

        Actually, for the last couple of years some of the most bilious types have been allowed to emerge from the shadows and spew invective that sadly became regarded as fact, even though what they were saying and writing wasn’t even close to being definitive. Or honest. Overnight all sorts of anonymous bloggers became experts. These champions of decency had all the answers. They knew better than anyone else. They said over and over Rangers would be done for cheating the tax man.

        They were wrong, the Rangers Tax Case blog in particular. Yet he/her/they stated: “This blog has been accurate on all of the major points of the case except the one that matters most to date – the FTT (First-tier Tax Tribunal) outcome”.

        Excuse me? Accurate on all the major points except the bit that matters most. And that’s all right is it?

        That’s a bit like a team manager saying after a defeat: “Hold on, I picked the right team and I believe my tactics were correct. So the result doesn’t really matter.”

        Dolts. The result is everything. If any of the Rangers Tax Case bloggers are trained lawyers, would you want them to defend you in a court of law?

        Even now so many – and I include some fellow journalists – still cannot bring themselves to accept Rangers did not cheat the tax man by using EBTs.

        One journalist declared it to be “a government conspiracy” when he heard the ruling in Rangers’ favour.

        Perhaps in time more will be written about this kind of hack and the rabid desire to help bring down Rangers, a fierce desire that, sadly, was widespread. Actually, I’m sure more will be written about them.

        Just when did they become consumed by such eye-popping rage? Was it always there, a dormant fury against Rangers and their fans, who deserve enormous credit for having saved their club, just waiting for the catalyst?

        Now they can’t help themselves. They can’t stop foaming at the mouth and we can be sure their determination to have titles stripped will go into overdrive.

        They need some kind of victory or they might explode and that would be terribly messy. All that bile all over the walls and streets.

        Unfortunately reason was never allowed to be a player in this grotesque game, which quickly became dominated mostly by incoherent imbeciles fuelled by all that hatred.

        And let’s not forget how some with telly platforms were prompted by those bloggers and ill-informed commentators. Stupidly they allowed themselves to be duped by supporters with dangerous agendas hidden under the banner of integrity.

        And the result? Some of the most shallow and infantile drivel ever written. These egotists are so into
        themselves they’ve no regard for the safety or wellbeing of those about whom they have written some awful and completely inaccurate pieces.

        Despicable, pathetic little creatures craving some kind of recognition but lacking in conscience and morality.

        I’m so sorry they’ve had to be thrown up into the same piece as some of the true greats and gentlemen of world sport.

        However, that’s it. My work here is done and I’m glad – but just for the record, I’ve not been sacked or made redundant. I was asked to remain but my conscience won’t allow me to stay in our profession.

        The kind of journalism needed by the country, never mind sport, no longer exists in enough of the media outlets.

        But as I’ve said, the good memories of all those sporting greats will always outweigh the negatives, especially those that bubbled to the surface throughout this last year.

        Thanks to sport’s real heroes I’ve had a ball and thank you for reading while I was with The Herald, the Daily Express and the Daily Record.

        Good luck to you – and be careful about what and who you read in the future.

        There are people out there calling themselves by different names.

        But that’s not the bit that should worry you. They are calling themselves journalists.
        Your right Jabba journalists they wouldn’t know one shyster from another.

        • “There are people out there calling themselves by different names.

          But that’s not the bit that should worry you. They are calling themselves journalists.”
          Jabba has a go at Phil Mac GiollaBhain.
          He tells us that Phil is not a “journalist”

          Jabba, the churnalist that grew fatter than all the rest ,dining on succulent lamb and drink expense wine at the table of his master SDM,

          Jabba was a Rangers PR man long before he walked away from his day job at the Daily Record, he allowed himself to be forced into a stage managed climb down from his honest held opinion that RFC 1872 died, he sold his soul to these types of people long before he was used and abused and now discarded,
          how humiliated must Jabba have felt when his nemesis wee Jack from media house told him to get out of the big hoose.
          Phil MacG, broke story after story, he still does, yet, as sports editor Jabba would print none of it.

          Jabba and the potential, blow the lid of Ibrox best seller………NAW
          my honest opinion,
          SDM and the boys in blue have more on Jabba than he has on them,so Jabba the guts gag, that will be more along the lines of speak about us,but only if your prepared for us to speak about you.
          Wee Jack won, Jabba NIL

          • Fra


            • cam

              That’s not nice to talk about Lenny like that,the poor wee guy is sensitive and has a big enough cross to bear with that coupon of his.

            • Fra

              He sat at the altar of SDM and licked his genitalia clean. How he can tell anybody they’re not a real journalist when he has sold his inky trade down the river.

              He sat on Sports shows telling everyone how clever he was yet all the time, he was owned by that crook SDM.

              A disgrace to attempt to call himself a journalist.

  13. paul

    New Star Wars movie about to be released a certain part needs filled any ideas as to who might apply for the part.Must be an unemployed actor.

  14. Arb urns

    So old radio face gets his nob twisted to off…… Radio ga ga as queen would have sung….The Orlit Rantings must go down as Airdrie James finest writings in the ibrox comms room….all these one sentence paragraphs …a modern masterpiece ….. Made in Airdrie ….Traynors Illyad …… Poor nialls working business model is falling apart with sally half-salary, cams beau and now the died club/new club double agent having to chuck 900k of salary back into the ring……just where does it all end………..are smaul pall and Jim Sharesduckall getting too big for their blazers………..will they stand at the grave and cry……AGAIN !!!!!!!!!

  15. Lex McLean

    @ officer dibble

    I can’t find my and yr post but many thanks for the link.

  16. Lex McLean

    There was a few comments on the attendance a last nights game which was poor but not disastrous.

    It will be a while until we break a few of Celtics records, like
    a) the lowest old firm home attendance
    b) number of years without a trophy

    • Big L

      (a) there is no ‘Old Firm ‘ any more so that is irrelevant.
      (b) keep your powder dry.

      • Lex McLean

        Big L,

        a) if there is no old firm any more than Celtic get to keep those records
        b) I chose my phrasing carefully.

        • tykebhoy

          I believe Celtic were in existence for 124 years without “The Rangers” aka the Sevco tribute act winning a trophy. I assume as Sevco are keen on picking up world records thaye’d like to add that to the collection

    • Paul

      Will be a long while before Sevco break any records. And that will be by attempting to break the records of the lower division teams who have more history in all tournaments.
      Sevco =
      0 scottish cups
      0 league cups
      0 1st divisions
      0 SPL titles
      0 euro cups
      0 diddy cups

  17. Paul

    Bill McMurdo on hypocrisy
    “I will leave others to fathom out the intentions of the Requisitioners but I think there is a deeper issue at stake here and that is the right of investors to maintain anonymity. People may feel the desire to know but this does not equal a right to know. And any right to know who is behind BPH is trumped by the right of anonymity.”

    Yes Bill like when Swally outed the names of the independent panel so that the orcs could pay a visit. Anonymity when it suits. Time to hang the washing out for all to see the true extent of corruption.

    • Scottish football right to know under the FPP criteria,
      if they don’t want to be known then there are many other places were the money is welcome,
      Scottish football is fragile enough after the disgrace of RFC 1872 EBT’s, big and small tax cases, an unpaid Army of creditors,
      people getting bullied into saying it’s the same club or saying nothing, boycotts and threats to even the score when Sevco manage to burn piles and piles of money to get to the top league,

      are many sevco fans happy not to know,through the fear that it might be Whyte and Tickerus that hold those shares, that the clock is ticking for another Downfall

      As for “Merlin” McMurdo, this guy thinks and tells his readers he belivies he is the Scottish reincarnation of King Arthurs wizard,
      would that not be enough for any sane person to log out of this guy’s blog,yet he has a following ,supporting his Easedale, Green agenda

      One Wizard,then now and forever

    • cam

      For all the bluster and talk of reprisals by loonballs,it was Celtic fans that actually attacked an official at his work and at home.
      Celtic FC Scotland’s shame since 1888.

    • cam

      Imagine punching yer captain’s mammy??,,,,what type of scum would do that?,,,a wee daft game of fitba,but the filth think it’s Boyne Mk2 and they can change the result .
      Nae UTTT for that scoreline bhoys!!!


  18. northbhoy

    Nice to see you back Paul, were you in a very reflective place and was the great silence a refreshing interlude that allowed you to make sense of the plot, or were you working out who was going to meet the essential parts of the job specificaton of the CEE of TRIFC intergalictic Ltd company.
    In Star Trek and infinity and beyond is the captain of the ship to be a suitably qualified MBA and to ge the job on the grounds of merit !

  19. cam

    As another day in the life of the Scottish fitba,religious,political and social scene nears an end,i give thanks to the good superior entity that he arranged my DNA in a proper Protestant manner.
    No matter how bad things get the very thought of waking up as a displaced,unhappy rebel with tiny baws is just too horrific a notion to contemplate,,,,,,i can feel your disease.
    We really need to come together and if revolution is the answer then let it be.
    Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away but i’ll still love the Gers when i’m sixty four.
    Desmond said to the jolly craicsters “go jump in the river” if you think my money will buy me your love.
    Paul and the other rockets can spend eight days a week slabbering over the glorious Glasgow Rangers for a variety of reasons.
    At the end of all this The Gers will still be playing at Ibrox in the same strip giving the horrific offspring of the Green Brigade nightmares.
    Morag doll lets have a wee dance.

  20. Monti

    Morning David! 😉

  21. northbhoy

    Another day with Celtic top of the top flight. Great commanding play from Broonie yesterday against a well organised Dundee Utd.
    Looking back over last couple of posts thought there might be one midnight caller with a degree in Master of Bufoonery and Avuncularism who would meet the requirements of the vacancy down Copland Rd for a Creep with an an Enormous Ego.

  22. Arb urns

    Cam…..are you worried this fine Sunday there is a Bishop in charge of the UTTT……

    • cam

      Nay Rabbie,i have had years of experience in bashing the bishop.
      Once Mr Thornhill gets his hands round him it will be over in two mins.
      HMRC did threaten to just keep appealing until they got a set of judges who would give them the result they wanted.

      The great day of last November can never be taken away,like our titles they are secure.

    • cam

      HMRC, as we know used Rangers as a test case.They knew that a war of state aided attrition would best be fought against a weakened opponent.

      Maybe the cowardly little sneak Arty C will emerge from its bunker.

  23. hector

    Morning to you all. I saw an interesting take on Rangers shares last week on one of the LSE boards . The gist of the post was that RIFC had a strong balance sheet based on some properties which underpin the group. The shares are dragged down by the loss making football subsidiary which should be liquidated or given away then watch the shares soar. Wonder what happened to the sustainable business plan.

  24. hector

    Also on the LSE last week at least two blocks of 5000 shares each while being ordinary shares seemed to come with a health warning “bargain conditions apply” .Perhaps Eco or one of the more technically minded posters could look into this.

  25. hector

    ” make no mistake, there is a lot that is bad and even ugly in the Rangers support ” Bill McMurdo.

  26. Ed Paisley

    What’s this I read about “beautiful man” Fernando and Katie Price. Katie has denied it saying “we had a lovely night but there was no sex”.
    How could you strike out Fernando? At that time, a footballer getting off with Katie was as easy as throwing a banana up a close.

    Apologies to everyone for the puerile metaphor, but the question remains.

    • cam

      I think we’ll just leave you to read the Sunday Sport Ted and if you feel like calling the golden showers hotline,then go straight ahead.
      You may find other forums that meet your special needs Ted.

  27. Sevco United

    I thought it was claimed on here that to get a job with Sevco you had to have previous for not paying taxes or creditors and generally having a questionable past working ethic. 🙂

    • cam

      No contact of any kind and the filthy cheat is lauded.

      • Ed Paisley

        Jeez, Fleck was an ugly wee gremlin wasn’t he. A pint sized hatchet man. Where is the boy Fleck now? Is he still in football or is he with Sevco? (tee hee hee)

        • cam

          How does it feel to have that Kayal creature at your club Ted,,,integrity??? ,feigning injury,pleading with the ref,lying to the fans,did he always have that in his character or was it pumped into him at Lennoxtown?

          I would ask the muppet to his face with the monitor showing the replay, then i would deport him for crimes against fairplay.

          • cam

            Davie Provan’s commentary was a classic moment.When the replay showed ABSOLUTELY no contact there was that horrible moment of panic in Davie’s voice!

          • JOE

            Hello cam
            Did this only occur at Celtic?
            Did any Rangers players do this ?
            Did kyle Lafferty do similar?
            No Bile it’s the new me.

            • cam

              Laffatme was a total rocket and as part of the money grabbing crew who left he is hated at Ibrox.
              Celtic as we read in here are Integrity FC and don’t do naughty things,,,is that correct Joe?
              I’m gonna send that vid. to UEFA as that cheat might do it in a CL game and ruin the tournament,,,,you know it makes sense.
              Cheating in any form must be rooted out.

            • JOE

              Oh Cam
              I never have said that Celtic never done anything wrong.
              Being human is being born to make mistakes.
              I met Alex Mcleish and David Murray in Bridge of Earn not long after the Lafferty incident and Big Alex was still embarrassed.
              In my mind anyway big Eck did a sound job with one hand tied behind his back.He did not get the funds that Watty and Advacatt got and wee barry did not try for Paul the Pape.

            • JimBhoy

              @CAM JOE Duping the ref is part and parcel of the game unfortunately, Cam’s post show Kayal doing just that, albeit initially I think he was just trying to get his feet off the ground to lessen the impending impact but he did jump like a big jessie.. It is in stark contrast to the Watt post IMO any ref who sees that type of minor coming together and gives a red card is off his napper.. I don’t even think there was a case for a foul.

              Sorry for the wee rant had my fill of dodgy refs this season, even at boy’s football level there are those refs who need a suitcase for their ego..

          • Cam old boy, you seem to be getting more bitter by the week! What’s wrong old chum?

            • cam

              I’m laughing my nut off old bhoy and setting the traps for the gullible lemmings.

            • Ian4300

              Only ONE nut Cam?

              did Morag have the other one after her tête-à-tête with Maggie?

              No wonder your like a Bear with a sore erse, still on the bright side it wasn’t piles after all.


            • officer dibble

              Ian, he’s been sniffing morags scampi scented knickers too often it’s done his head.

      • Jamie

        Yeah shocking aint it!

  28. JOE

    Is there a comparable sports franchise in the entire world whose management has done more to tarnish its brand?
    I doubt it, but if anyone has a serious contender please post it.
    Have the Creditors been paid?
    Where did the Charity money go?
    No bile just three Honest Questions.

    • Fra


      1) Fred West
      2) Dave Kings got it in his hold all but he’s left the building
      3) Craig Whytes sky rocket

      Mwahaaaaaaaa Mwahaaaaaaaaa

    • willy wonka

      @joe, “Is there a comparable sports franchise in the entire world whose management has done more to tarnish its brand?”
      Yes Joe, there is. The one whose management, staff and players all contributed to the ongoing sexual assaults carried out on children.
      Why was there no further enquiry into the assaults ?
      Were the victims compensated ?
      Are there any more victims ?
      No bile Just three Honest Questions.

  29. JOE

    Rangers the Gerald Ratner of football.

    • JOE

      Ratner’s speech
      A Foot shooting Fud
      Does anyone else here see the similarities with a certain football clubs treatment and regard for their supporters.

      The speech
      Although widely regarded as “tacky”,[2] the shops and their wares were nevertheless extremely popular with the public, until Ratner made a speech at the Institute of Directors on 23 April 1991.[3] During the speech, he commented:
      “ We also do cut-glass sherry decanters complete with six glasses on a silver-plated tray that your butler can serve you drinks on, all for £4.95. People say, “How can you sell this for such a low price?”, I say, “because it’s total crap.”[4] ”

      He compounded this by going on to remark that some of the earrings were “cheaper than an M&S prawn sandwich but probably wouldn’t last as long.” Ratner’s comments have become textbook examples of the folly of making fun of, and showing contempt to, customers. In the furore that ensued, customers exacted their revenge by staying away from Ratner shops. After the speech, the value of the Ratner group plummeted by around £500 million, which very nearly resulted in the firm’s collapse.[5] Ratner resigned in November 1992 and the group changed its name to Signet Group in September 1993.

      Today, Ratner’s speech is still famous in the corporate world as an example of the value of branding and image over quality. Such gaffes are now sometimes called “Doing a Ratner”,[6] and Ratner himself has acquired the sobriquet “The Sultan of Bling”.[7] Ratner has said in his defence that it was a private function which he did not expect to be reported, and that his remarks were not meant to be taken seriously

  30. Fra

    It must be horrendous being a Hun with all the skulduggery going on at their former club. The fans must be glad the club died because what they have to experience really is diabolical.


  31. Mr Traynor in happier times with a man now being airbrushed from Ibrox history
    Mr Traynor in happier times with a man now being airbrushed from Ibrox history

    eee baa goom ladd, ya cannt do thaat. i bought the ‘istory !!!

  32. JOE

    I have spent a few minutes looking through some of your more recent posts.
    I liked the light hearted banter and cut and thrust of a bit a wit.
    The bile does none of us any good.
    i was going to finish posting on this blog as I am getting down with the constant Irish catholic and pedophile things.These things are out with my control.I will be asked to apologize for black slavery next, something that horrified me but was done long before I walked this planet.
    I will try and post stuff that is not in any way shape or form bile related.
    If this does not work I for one wont be back here,life is too short for all this bitterness.
    Every day that God gives us is 9 or should be ) a good day.

    • hector

      @Joe Good afternoon Joe hope you don’t decide to leave us as have enjoyed your input but the place can become a bit of a cesspit .Just don’t respond to the trolls that cross the line and given time and a concerted effort they get bored and go and pollute some other blog. If you are short of work I think there is an opening down Govan way completing an all singing and dancing WiFI and multi media project. Take care and sevco tits up by Christmas.

    • cam

      I know mate,i have my very own stalker on a bike who has anger management problems.
      But i now realise that this isn’t real and anything goes.The bhoys have shown me that there are no taboos in here,,,well as long as it involves the Hun,klan, sub human, untermensch,herrenvolk,knuckle dragging neanderthals.I think i got most of the Donegal loons words of wisdom in there.
      Terrible what hatred can do to a mans heart Joe.
      Gotto go to work Ted,Nissan Quasqais to pay for and high rate work allergy syndrome bhoys to feed.
      The good ole British welfare state eh?

    • portbhoy

      You’ve posted some crackers Joe, — please stay.

  33. JOE

    Sorry should read Every day that God gives us is a ( or should be ) a good day.

  34. Monti


    Have you always been thick?


    • hector

      @Monti Good afternoon young Monti I see you still seem to be stalked by a death watch beetle or the croc from Peter Pan. Life on the croft is good apart from the lack of deer .Some on the island are collecting more hinds with the bumper of their cars than I am with a high velocity rifle. Still my luck has to change soon. lots of sex on the croft with the tups going out to get next years lambs underway and the bull about to come inside to recover from his efforts. Things down Govan way looking a bit messy and cant wait for this weeks drama. Anyway take care and watch your back.

      • cam

        Do they not have strict gun laws on Auchterbogle?
        Have you been psychologically evaluated as fit and proper to carry a gun?
        If Monti’s yer mate then i suggest that this indicates a schizophrenic condition.
        Are you attempting to mate with these poor beasts or kill them,,,or both.
        WTF is going on?,,,do you take a trip through the “dark side” armed and fully loaded?

        • hector

          It is to these tykes , hooligans ,louts and drunkards that I pinpoint my message. It is because of your gutter-rat behaviour that we are being publicly tarred and feathered like this . Willie Waddel .Some things never change .

    • david

      No, Monti, much much smarter than you- not that that would be hard- and not a bigot , liar, fantasist or scumbag like you.
      Utter vermin you are.

      • @david
        You may be none of the above you type, but your acting like a child just the same, you’ve been at Monti for ages on here! If you don’t like his humor, ignore it, but your becoming tedious my friend. Monti is a much loved, funny and constant poster, if your fair with him, he’ll return that.

        Move on and contribute to the blog.

        • Sevco United

          “Monti is a much loved, funny and constant poster”. Well, only if you find jokes about people being squashed on stairs or blown up by the IRA funny i suppose.

          • officer dibble

            Well, i suppose you jumped on that way back and have obviously not dropped it yet. I remember at the time Monti gave you an explanation, why not accept that and move on?

            • willy wonka

              dibble, because it’s paptently obvious that monti hasn’t “moved on”. He yet again continues with his pseudo terrorist rants.

            • Sevco United

              Typical response. Nothing to see here. Move along. Its ok if it comes from a Celtic fan. Just nobody else.

            • officer dibble

              Here’s what i think Sevco for what it’s worth, there are many posters on this blog; some better at it than others, as a whole it’s a terrific blog by Paul, well received and usually respect is paid to others.

              If i’m irked by someone, i ignore their writings and carry on, it’s the whole i look at and not any particular poster.

              Try it ! You’ll have a better experience, however; if your here for a fight? There are many who will accomodate you, as you know.

              I’m done with this conversation mate, there’s a new post and it began well with some chiding of the script writer/blogger Paul. Enjoy.

    • Fra

      @Monti, Did you go outside Monti with wee david the cretinous bigot who wears women’s clothes. I assume comrade you wouldn’t be violent towards a woman.

  35. JimBhoy

    I missed the McColl interview well I saw it when I was out for dinner with the missus but I couldn’t hear it, have read bits and pieces. I saw Kingy come and go and read some of what he had to say…. However I have to say I am left somewhat confused as to the motives of these people….

    They have been put off making a significant investment into the club they purport to love for some reason, ie a conventional shares purchase… WHY? Is there something lurking in the dark….

    Both have stated the club are in a bad way financially yet i see no journo discuss this whilst trying to get the facts from Shockbridge…

    I wonder if King is actually allowed to invest significant sums away from SA as his past record shows he is hardly trustworthy when it comes to not paying his dues.. Is that why he cannot actually purchase a piece of rangers??

    With 2 such high rollers stating that the club will not finish the season shouldn’t the spineless SFA ask some questions as it affects more than just rangers..

    jabba away only Shockbridge left, I wonder when he will agree his own pay off.. I will be very surprised if he sees the year out at rangers..

    I do not think we are far off the day when we will be reading about non payment of players’ wages at Ibrox.. Not a good time to be a bear..

  36. tonybhoypaisley

    The Advert for CEO of Sevco should read, previous incumbents need not apply!

  37. JimBhoy

    5 months to wait for the Ramsden cup final. If rangers are in administration by then, they will be penalised in the league competition, do they forfeit the final slot?

  38. Felpen

    At the end of the day football is a game for entertainment. That is why we follow our clubs. Best wishes to Fernando Ricksen.

  39. Monti

    Just had Sunday dinner with the family at the World famous Anstruther fish bar.
    Bbbuuurrrpppp 🙂

    • david

      A Shitehawk eats a Haddie.
      Giro week in Fife?

    • @Monti
      Dear old Anstruthers, when i were lad i spent many a summer holiday in the caravan park, good times and always fond memories.

    • cam

      A fish supper fur yer Sunday dinner??,,,ffs that’s boggin!
      Dirty, lazy fast food layabout,with no regard for your families nutritional requirements.
      I’m reporting you to the Charlie Mulgrew car park dinners society.
      Home made steak pie,mashed totties,carrots,butter beans,marrowfat peas,,,,,mmmmmm now that’s a stout Protestant dinner.


  40. Ian4300

    November 2, 2013 at 8:04 pm
    Hello Gort I feel we’re making progress, feel free with the bold type.
    I can’t agree with your generalisations though. I’ve worked all round the uk and southern Ireland ( in an electrical capacity just like joe) and I cannot say I’ve met the hostility that you suggest should be my lot as a rangers supporter when I let it out the bag. Nor do I find every Irishman or Celtic supporter to be an IRA cheerleading, protestant hating bigot. In fact most Irishmen I’ve met in England are more interested in their adopted English team than Celtic. Although I must admit they do usually admit to at least a measure of affection for Celtic. I’ve been reading this blog for a year now and the depths to which some of the comments plunge to is appalling. Let’s all continue with the ribbing but without the hatred. I’ve had some proper laughs reading comments from both sides on here.



    I travel a lot since I retired & I agree to point.

    Then YOU seem to miss the point of your own observations.

    I visit Ireland & the South East of England quite a lot, I find Irish folk have, as you say two teams, an English one & an affection for Celtic as their 2nd team, for others Celtic are their first choice.

    I also find no animosity towards Rangers or Protestants; in fact I have observed ribbing to be the main reaction.

    Now let’s cross the Border into the Six Counties, the opposite exists, there is a HATRED of Catholics & Celtic practiced with Religious zeal.

    The Orange Order is Sectarian & Supremacist & has been Imported into Scotland where the same Anti Irish Catholic ethos exists among its members, this spilled over into Scottish society & even the Church of Scotland.

    The Kirk has acknowledged this & has changed, the Orange Order & the rabble that follow on behind it has no they remain Anti Irish Catholic & Anti Celtic because of its roots.

    These folk find a spiritual home at Ibrox & its Fascist Supremacist”We are The People ” attitude as espoused in the Billy Boys. .

    After admitting you have not experienced reciprocal bad will from Catholics, you try to turn opposition of this Orange inspired Sectarianism into Bigotry against Protestants & Rangers.

    Are you our New TROLL?


    • Gortnamona


      I believe that you are correct in every single point you make.

    • Whytee

      Hello Ian, I’ve come across plenty bigotry from my fellow citizens in Scotland without the need to travel the country. I only need to read this blog and I can experience the hatred and bile that certain posters seem to believe only exists within “the klan”
      To be honest I don’t mind it when it’s ribbing or banter as long as everyone who dishes it out can take it. So remind me again what I said that could be construed as trolling? Or does having an opinion exclude me from the blog?😲

      • Ian4300

        Opine away, Keep on contradicting yourself too.

        Where did the Sectarian, Anti Irish Catholic attitude in Scotland come from?

    • cam

      Ian 4300,,,,that is shocking treatment of a new addition to the crazy gang.
      The chap is reason and politeness personified and instantly is set upon by the resident gumsy watch dug.
      I’m sending you to the cooler until you apologise.
      Paul,,rescind Ian’s posting privilieges for the evening,,,make it so!

      • Ian4300


        It sounds like your ONE Nut is aching, or maybe you DO have piles.
        Tell me what I said about your pupil that I got wrong, he contradicted himself.

        I just took what he wrote to an obvious conclusion. If he’s not happy he isn’t looking at things honestly.

        You’ll have to give him the dunce’s cap or a wee Bolisha & Bevvy course.

        • Whytee

          Ian, if you read the post you will see I was disagreeing with Gorts assertion that ALL rangers supporters were bigots, thugs , scumbags etc and loathed everywhere they go . I don’t see where I contradicted myself but you feel free to make things up for your own agenda.
          Pensioner? It’s never too late to grow out of your bigotry – give it a try you might even like it

    • david

      Ian IQ of 4.
      Explain the following facts then;
      the decrease of the Protestant population in Eire from 12% to 3 % and the rise of the Catholic population in Northern Ireland from 28% to 46 % in the same period.
      Usual historical illiteracy

      • Ian4300


        Did Your Mummy never tell you about the birds & Bees?

        Do Irish Catholics not traditionally have large families?

        Has In-breeding had an effect elsewhere or did they follow the Irish Scots trail to America?

        Maybe like Lot’s of other Irish they moved to the UK to work & stayed..

        What is HISTORICAL about Population changes?

        CAM take this Idiot on a Bolisha Pole Dancing course & lighten him up for feck’s sake.

  41. paul

    “Why was London road school, a B- listed building sold to CFC for £1, despite complaints from historic Scotland?”
    And you do not do irony as your old institution which was RFC now Sevco sold for a pound.
    Are you having a laugh or have you just not bothered to think about what you write. £1 was all it took to demolish your legacy and how we the taxpayers saved a fortune.
    it would only be fair would you agree, to suggest that £1 buys a lot these day in a recession.
    Ibrox was bought for less than the price of a pint of milk or a carton of orange juice.yep less than any of the two items mentioned.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Okay Paul…What is your take on Mr Lawell urging the CFC shareholders to refrain from asking questions they want answers to at the AGM?
      What do you make of the land deals agreed between GCC and CFC when seven of the eleven councillors were season ticket holders/shareholders at Celtic Park?
      What do you make of GCC’s decision to pay the £1.5 million demolition bill on land owned by CFC…not the council?
      Why was London road school, a B- listed building sold to CFC for £1, despite complaints from historic Scotland? And why have CFC so far failed to demolish and rebuild the site as proposed? Could it be possible that they are either waiting for commonwealth games money to fund the project? Or..Raise the capital for their new ticket office and club superstore, from the car park fees collected from the emirates venue?
      Would you consider any of the above to be qualified as state aid, by a sympathetic council with strong Celtic football club links?

      • cam

        John Mason will be contacted in the morning.I will not stand for these double standards from the ethnics.

      • Paul

        Is this stuff in the tabloids or the broadsheets if the latter then might be a story if the former then you do not expect me to pay any attention.
        (1) What shareholders are we talking about as i am a share holder and there is not much i am not happy about.
        (2) So if a man(men) is/are a shareholder this means he/they cannot do business.
        (3) So is the GCC paying for the demolition and if so is it maybe because they want something new on the land before the commonwealth games and Celtic are in no hurry to demolish the property. I do not know the story fill me in and give me a source.
        (3) Lots of properties are sold for a pound but it is usually, my understanding, to keep the building in order and take it away from the taxpayer again i do not know write to your Councillor and object if you think it is dodgy.
        maybe historic scotland’s objections are blocking the demolishing of a listed building.
        I really do not know as i read broadsheets and have not heard of your arguments. And my councilor is a protestant, same as cam below,John Mason whom i voted for so what is your conspiracy theory suggesting or have you got evidence to share, all you are doing is asking questions without giving me concrete facts or links.
        Why was Ibrox sold for a pound

      • Ian4300

        Did Historic Scotland put in a bid for the building?

        Is there not a history of selling off properties cheaply if no practical function or structural issues?

        The Board asking CFC Shareholders NOT to ask questions at the AGM, that is easy, they wish we would act like The Blue Sheep at Ibrox & obey.

        Are you calling Councillors HONESTY & INTEGRITY into question because of the team they support?

        After the support OGILVIE & his £95,000 “LOAN” received, that is Selective criticism surely?

        I don’t know if they are honest or cheats, if you feel there is a case Then RAISE it & forget the innuendo.

        Could the current Fiscal Climate mean development plans have been put on hold? Have OTHERS cut back on development or just Celtic?

        If Celtic ARE waiting until it is Fiscally prudent to proceed then that is sensible, I know you won’t understand not spending what you do not have… It’s NOT the Rangers way after all.


      • i would like to read about this stuff, can you post me a link or two,
        you might be on to something, if it’s verifiable,
        please don’t post any links to rangers fans site, just newspapers or TV reports , thanks

        • daviecooperonthewing

          Sure…no worries CB.
          There is a raft of info available, and have nothing to do with Rangers websites.
          I’m on my way out, just caught your post. However you can start by reading The Scotsman articles. Website called Holyrood. And GCC website.
          Stephen Purcell. Link into Jack McConnell, his wife, Scottish enterprise, Celtic supporting councillors, commonwealth games headquarters moved from Edinburgh to Glasgow, FOI requests to and from GCC. How GCC have outsourced to city property group llp etc. They all link together. Gotta run.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Yeah… Usual deflection dalek technique.
      Of course the more informed will be able to dismiss your propagandist nonsense in the blink of an eye.
      CW got the club on the premise of paying off the wee tax case, Lloyd’s and PAYE etc. CG’s consortium paid £5.5m for the assets.
      So in essence Paul your info is flawed.

      • tykebhoy

        Remind me who valued the assets at £50m on a bad day very soon after his consortiom bought them for £5.5 (and with the added FLAWED thinking that the £5.5m included all the players’ registrations too.

        • daviecooperonthewing

          Look here… deflection dalek ll.
          Is it asking too much for any of you loonballs to answer any of the points regarding your clubs relationship with GCC? Or is it just all about the Rangers?

          • tykebhoy

            I’m not deflecting I’m just asking about information who’s provenance is undoubted and for that matter uncontested about undervaluing assets, You are asking about information from a source with a very dodgy provenance that much like followers of the died club Rangers did when Craig whyte originally came along put £1 and well nothing together and came up with a billion. Now do you have any more substantial evidence of corruption at GCC? If you do there are plenty of places you can address you complaints to. Meanwhile anyone with evidence of confliction at the SFA only has one course of action in certain knowledge that the complaint will just end up in the conflicted one’s shredder

      • Jamie


        NONONO! SDM was “duped” rember!

  42. Raymilland

    Robinson Sevco

    Rangers NOMAD, Daniel Defoe, is alarmed by the disappearance of the Rangers Board. The AIM sends a search party only to find two marooned directors on a deserted island.

    The shipwrecked crew of former directors appear to have saved the ship’s treasure and are enjoying the high life on foreign shores.

    The LSE is thrilled and relieved to learn of the ‘survivors’ of HMS Sevco.

  43. Monti




    • cam

      Deid,deider and deidest,,,forgotten,naebody cares,did you have the fish supper or special chicken old bean?,,,yum yum.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      The SAS heroes who blew these murderous terrorist scumbags into oblivion, should have a memorial in their honour on the rock.
      A sort of “who dares wins” beacon of remembrance.
      Just think how many lives were saved when this shoite were destroyed.

      • Ed Paisley

        You boys won’t be happy until we have a fascist state. What is it that appeals so much – the black uniforms, the electrodes to the groin?

        Those SAS “heroes” performed an extra judicial execution. Our legal system doesn’t allow that. We have a group of marines being charged with executing a wounded taliban fighter on the battlefield. Why are the authorities doing that (apart from the video being made public)? If we don’t stand up for the rule of law then we will have chaos. Weren’t you shocked and frightened when the metropolitan police executed an innocent young Brazilian on a London train in front of dozens of civilians? Do you remember what incident triggered (!) the London riots? Those policemen are currently in court lying through their teeth in the face of contradictory public testimony.

        Besides, if the SAS had shown sufficient courage and restraint to capture that active republican cell, then what about the intelligence that could have been gathered? Perhaps it was a cowardly act as well as being illegal.

        • willy wonka

          “Those SAS “heroes” performed an extra judicial execution.”
          And quite rightly too. After all, those executed were “an active unit at war”.
          In wars, folk get killed.

      • Monti


        Mull of Kintyre oh mist rolling in from the sea 🙂

      • Ian4300

        Just think how many lives were LOST when Britain IMPOSED her “Civilisation” to the world.

        The effects are ongoing to this day.

        An UTTER Failure, still trying to justify itself in a Modern World, at the Taxpayers expense.

    • Fra

      3 unarmed civilians, executed in cold blood by murderers with blood on their hands. TAL.

  44. Monti

    So Super salary wanted the ‘ Chip shop cup final ‘ played at Tynecastle to ” help a club in administration “?
    If he was so concerned about Hearts financial predicament, why didn’t he insist Charles Green pay Hearts the full £400,000 outstanding fee for Lee Wallace, instead of offering an early settlement fee of under £300,000?
    Does McCoist’s empathy extend to the hundreds of creditors out of pocket after the demise of the original Rangers?

    2 faced prick!

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Chicken supper? Ya haddie!

      • Paul

        No point to you, first you want to debate GCC and come across as this is a serious issue and within seconds you are making reference to Irishmen.
        Whether you agree or not the guys you refer to had the balls to stand up for their beliefs and they were not fighting Protestants, their fight was with the British Army.
        Do you know why your club died? Because as fans you are pure muppets the men in charge have ran rings round you and fed you with shite and still you continue to swallow it. You are one of the most vulnerable groups ever to enter Scottish Football, no class, no leadership,no board to trust, no money,no manager with skill and ability,no history, no heritage and say goodbye to no surrender. Scotland is changing more Europeans on their way to fill the void and all with skills you lot can only dream about. Your jobs are going as new changes in employment directives will render your contracts void and your job will go to the skilled worker, the Europeans who will out price you, out class you in skills learned in the new technologies, welcome to the changing face of Scotland,
        Celtic park now the official venue for the big games and now looking the part with the building of the new structures around it. This is why it was chosen as the venue to build the velodrome, it will resemble the same structure that was applied at Wembley easy access and easier to control.Stick to your conspiracies mate for your mob the party is almost over, your club died and your supporters never rallied round you watched the institution you created die and with it went your history, maybe it was part of a great conspiracy to get rid of a cancer that has eaten away at Scotland for too long and has held us back across Europe and the rest of the world.You cannot even debate a point without bringing in bigoted comments on things you know nothing about as you are gagged into a belief system and do not dare to oppose it you cannot think for yourself you are part of the machine that is killing you and it is evident in your thinking and non logic replies to others.
        Who destroyed your club, DM,CW,CG,JT or the knights, nope. You.
        All of you’s sat on your arses accusing everyone and supping up shite from a lying media who were created for you, (Murray Newspapers remember them designed to fleece the punters)
        you could have taken the reins but were afraid to stand up and declare that Emperor Murray had no clothes on and that he was running you into the ground.The big tax case should have tackled long ago.But you wanted to emulate Celtic, craved the Holy Grail in Europe.

        You are fed shite everyday by leggo and McMurdo and believe every word and when they declare they no longer support whoever; you jump ship with them and everyday the lies and deceit gets deeper and deeper until it is too late and the money is gone.
        Be a man and give us your honest opinion about the future of your new club and who will prevent it becoming the first old new old club.If you do not bring anything but vile comments then fuck off to pastures new.
        Right hurry up, no i will do it for you
        fuck up you taig bastard
        Celtic tattiebowl
        same old cheating
        no integrity
        fuck the ira
        That is all we get in reply to blogs from you’s.The guy you hate told you King was going nowhere and you doubted him, he predicted your downfall blogged for all and you doubted him, told you White was an asset stripper and you doubted him, leggat is still doubting him after he told you the DR made up the King story and was proven right.

        • Ed Paisley

          Jeezo Paul – that was outstanding; powerful stuff straight from the heart and 100% factual. Thank you.

          • Paul

            Thank you and it is only right that we call it for what it is. His take on the GCC if you search google only throws up comments made from the Follow Follow forums a site designed to keep the hatred and toxic stemming as the last rights are about to be administered on this cancerous torso.
            Not one single shred of evidence has been posted and they think if it was true it would be swept, no chance, i pay my tax and for the tax i deserve and expect a service.
            Why would Peter Lawell jeopardize his position by trying to gag shareholders who have enjoyed two marvelous seasons and have nothing to complain about in reality,the gig as Sally calls things will be an easy ride you get what you expect from Celtic at this point in time.Top of the league, CL and money in the bank making us attractive to investors. These morons do not appreciate that the GCC are investors and with the commonwealth have invested in Celtic and it’s surroundings to ensure that Glasgow maximize the potential and profits that the games will bring for the commonwealth of Glasgow. We the Glaswegians will be highlighted all over the world and attractive to new sources of income and job potential. This is what the games stand for the commonwealth of man, not a British Empire exhibition and show of strength, a show of unity.Celtic is a business and if you are a business with goods to sell then that is what makes you attractive. Is Sevco an attractive option for investors at this point in time, no, why not, because it is highlighting corruption and investors do not put money on donkeys.WATP does not do it anymore, we are a City united might have a better chance, but i will not hold my breath on that one for a long time.Thank you for the comments Ed.

      • Monti


        Anadin sir ?

      • Ian4300

        are you just an arsehole or is it an effort?

        davie, I went for a visit down the coast to Largs & the weather was terrible I had a fish tea too, delicious & the ice cream was out of this world, pity there was no jelly tho.


    • eastside

      Or fat Sally could suggest that at least one of the Semi Finals should be moved from Ibrox to Tynescastle, that way it would distribute the money more evenly and would almost certainly avoid any team playing at their own Stadium unless Sevco and Hearts were drawn in the Semis. Doubt fatty will agree to it though!

  45. Nice one Paul.

    Re Mr Traynor, I’m sure I read somewhere that someone in Ibrox had confirmed that getting rid of him was part of cost-cutting. That notwithstanding, I’m sure the board found that there was no real need to pay someone for putting a positive spin on any of the ongoings down Govan way, seeing as there is still a pretty compliant media in Scotland willing to do that job for them and be paid by other people…

    That said, given Jabba’s pretty much non-existent future in serious sports journalism for the foreseeable future, there must be a fairly expensive non-disclosure paragraph added to his severance agreement – indeed, I’m sure that, given the above, both sides would have thought of all that before he took on the mickey mou- sorry, this incredibly important journalistic position in the first place.

  46. Arb urns

    Dear Deirdrie…..

    Please help mend my broken heart I don’t know what to do…….

    Gersina and me had been going out for more years than I care to remember but last year she got her ‘ tits out’ for the world to see her ‘ bust’ and well things have never been the same….. She had affairs with loadsa guys I thought were friends … Big Chico…handsome Craig….googly Craig… Old Walter…even bigger Jim and wee Imran…she says she never went out wi wee malky but I don’t know…….

    In July she begged me to take her back and I forked out nearly £300 on a book for her but things just ain’t the same… Oh she dresses the same and we go to our old haunt every other Saturday indeed to add a little variety we decided not to go to Montrose,Annan and peterheid but would change to stenhousemuir Brechin and a place I couldn’t find anywhere east fife to spice things up a bit but it’s just not working……we have a fish tea booked at ramsdens in April but I don’t know if it will last that long…..Deirdrie can you help me please will I ever feel tha same way about Gersina again……

    Desperately waiting to hear from you Deird

    Yours lost in love

    Cam Loves
    The Cock Inn

  47. cam. when will you sevcos come out of your nightmares. you are no longer glasgow rangers you did not come out of administration as you and RIFC. players and msm all seem to think. we dont live in the land of nod here on earth m8 hope you dont minde me colling you m8 {cam{ you see im not a bigot but you lot need to know liquidation means all of the bits and bobs if thats a better way of saying it to you. thay are gone gone gone and just like the dodo m8. all the best to you and yours.

  48. Monti

    @Officer dibble

    Evening my friend.

    See the boy David is on day release!
    He’s not right in the head!


  49. Raymilland

    Another blast from the past, old Max put out to pasture, gone but not forgotten. The 1980’s, was Glasgow really miles better, what did we do without our interweb? 😉

    Sevco 2012 had better get set for ddddddd…. disciplinary action against a certain nominated adviser if he does not get the big hoose in order soon.

    ‘AIM Rules For Nominated Advisers’? – I fear that the hidden shareholders at Ibrox are plotting the club’s downfall all over again.

    Has Sevco FC outlived its usefulness?

    Perhaps the time is ripe to once again cultivate the City of Glasgow’s south banks of the Clyde? Re-house the new ‘gallant pioneers’ and send in the bulldozers 😉

    Another Garden Festival, seeing in a new error of culture and civilisation of our Dear Green Place.

    One GCC! Only one GCC!………… 😉

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