If Dave King Returns to Rangers, Should the “Haters” Be Afraid?

Back in the ancient past (2010) when first stories started to appear about the tax issues faced by the Murray International –owned Rangers, and on into 2011 when the Rangers Tax Case blog first saw the light of day, stories about the financial, legal and regulatory aspects of Rangers Football Club appeared every couple of weeks.

RTC could post a blog explaining about the ongoing tax sage, and know that there might only be a need, and even material, for another two or three posts that month.

As time went on the pace of news and developments quickened.

Now we are at the stage where hardly an hour goes past without some new legal issue arising, or some further stage in the fight for control of the assets and business of the Rangers Football Club. All of that means that even professional news organisations sometimes either miss stories completely, or do not have the time for detailed analysis, as something new happens and the original report is overtaken by events. And if it is hard for a professional new operation, how much more difficult for a lone individual who does this as a hobby!

Last weekend gave a perfect example.

In quick succession the following happened:-

Mr Mather led a meeting with representatives of Rangers-supporting organisations. He reported on his discussions earlier in the week with Dave King.

  • On last Saturday Rangers official website announced that Mr King was returning as Chairman and statements from both Mr Mather and Mr King confirmed this.
  • The reaction seemed very positive from Rangers fans and most of the press coverage too was in favour.
  • However, following that news, various people wondered publicly how Mr King could take a place on the PLC Board in light of the SFA “fit and proper person” test.
  • This, in turn, prompted even more glee from Rangers fans, on the basis that anyone looking to find reasons why Mr King should be barred from coming back to Ibrox was clearly, by definition, worried about it. The news therefore had been encouraging to Rangers fans for its own sake but also for how much upset it caused to the “Rangers haters”.

Of course this all was overtaken by what then happened.

  • On Monday Rangers, at the insistence of its Nominated Adviser, “clarified” the statements about Mr King. He was not coming back to Ibrox as PLC Chairman. He maybe could join the “football board” but nothing had been decided. And the comments about there being no “immediate” need for a financial injection but that he would lead a fund-raising exercise now was also “clarified”.
  • Later on Monday Lord Tyre deflated the Rangers CEO by ruling that the AGM set for 24th October could not go ahead as a result of the unlawful failure by the Board to allow resolutions on to the agenda about appointment of new directors.
  • On Tuesday Mr Mather resigned along with Mr Smart.

This meant that some thoughts I had jotted down on the bus at the start of the week about Mr King have failed so far to see the light of day. So here goes.

Why should supporters of other teams, or “Rangers haters” as they are called by some of the Ibrox persuasion, fear Mr King’s return?

Remember the days when Ibrox Board Meetings could not be held in a phone box?

Remember the days when Ibrox Board Meetings could not be held in a phone box?

The logic expressed by Rangers fans online seemed to be as follows:-

  • Mr King is a true blue Rangers fan.
  • Mr King has previously invested £20 million of his own money into the Murray-owned Rangers.
  • Mr King lost every penny of that investment when Rangers Football Club PLC went under.
  • Mr King has reached a deal with the South African tax authorities which clears his name (more about this in a post to come).
  • Mr King can now devote lots of his money to making Rangers great again.
  • Mr King is not aligned with the Rebels or the Board but would be joining to make the lion lay down with the lamb and to encourage dogs and cats to play together in harmony, united against the common enemy (and the “common enemy” is any one or more from the following list: Celtic, Aberdeen, the SFA, the SPFL, the BBC, the Daily Record, FARE, the SNP, Dundee United, anyone who refers to Sevco, Craig Whyte, Charles Green, Imran Ahmad …. The list continues on and on and on …)

But that analysis, seen very much through blue-tinted spectacles, fails to see actually what Mr King (a) has done for the previous PLC and (b) what he is position to do for the present PLC.

First of all, Mr King was a director of the old PLC from 30th March 2000 until 1st June 2012. This covers the period when, under Sir David Murray, the tax schemes which led to the Big Tax Case and the Wee Tax Case were entered into. It covers the period when Rangers ran up huge debt. It covered the time when the bank insisted on having its own representative on the board, leading to the then manager, Walter Smith, saying that the bank ran Rangers. It included the time when Mr Whyte’s company bought the Murray-owned shares. It included the time when Mr Whyte stopped paying tax bills and put the company into administration. It even takes in the point of liquidators being appointed.

That, with all due respect to the undoubted business skills of Mr King, is not a great track record!

His proponents would say that it was only his need to deal with the long-running tax dispute with the South African Revenue Service which took his attention away from Ibrox. But Mr King is not simply a wealthy ex-pat, living a life of luxury on the Cape and wondering how to spend his millions. Instead he is a high-profile businessman in South Africa with successful businesses there in which he plays an active role.


There seemed to be no suggestion in the now amended statements from him and From Mr Mather that he was giving up these interests to come to Scotland and once here to devote his attention to Rangers.

Ah, the Rangers fans would say, he is loaded, so he can put lots of money into Rangers now.

Maybe he would, and indeed his statement indicated a willingness to invest now. But here comes one of the fundamental issues, at least in Scottish football, which makes it difficult for the fans ever to love their club’s owners.

Rangers fans would love Mr King to come back to Ibrox and to invest £20 million again in the company. (Not to buy out an existing shareholder, as none of that cash goes to the company, but rather to buy newly issued shares.)

Businessmen, and especially successful businessman, do not achieve great wealth by wasting their money. If they invest it, unless in a total vanity project (which Mr King’s involvement previously might well have been), they want to make a profit.

Football fans do not want their teams to make profits, or if they do, they do not want the shareholders taking out the profits in dividends. Instead they want any profits “re-invested” in the football team, either to buy new players or retain existing ones by offering better terms.

If Mr King is prepared to make such a substantial investment again, purely as a vanity project, then good luck to him, but that seems highly unlikely to me.

And if he wants a return, then he needs Rangers to make money (which it never, or rarely, did in his previous time there, despite league success and European football.)

So, apart from dropping £20 million into the Ibrox black hole, what else did he do for the oldco? Not much, it seems, due to his South African distractions.

So, going forward, how can he help newco?

Dave King - man of many talents - here caddying for Gary Player at the US Masters

Dave King – man of many talents – here caddying for Gary Player at the US Masters

His business interests are in South Africa. Whilst he clearly knows business people in Scotland, if he was to be leading a fund-raising exercise his personal connections are likely to be based closer to Johannesburg than to Johnstone!

He would not be coming to take an executive role, and even if he was, he has no relevant experience in the running of a football team. And his connections in Scottish football will, whilst being a lot better than most, will in fact be pretty poor in comparison with most people in and around the boardrooms and corridors of power of Scottish football.

The final expectation, that his return would signal peace, has also gone by the wayside. There has been little or no sign of harmony between Rebels and the ever-dwindling Board.

Mr King declared himself not to be taking sides – that now makes it hard to go into one camp or the other.

And after all of that, there remain the regulatory hurdles for him to scramble over. Would he be classed by the SFA as “fit and proper”?

A unicorn - like the SFA "fit and proper test" this is also mythical

A unicorn – like the SFA “fit and proper test” this is also mythical

(The answer to that last question is, I believe, “Yes”. But not because of the careful forensic analysis which the SFA would undertake but because only Craig Whyte has the distinction of being denied that status. Mr King, for example, had the tax issue hanging over him for almost all of his Ibrox tenure and yet the SFA never considered him not to be “fit and proper” even when he was being criticised by a South African judge in the strongest terms.)

So, if Mr King comes back, should this cause fear in the hearts of the “Rangers-haters”?


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245 responses to “If Dave King Returns to Rangers, Should the “Haters” Be Afraid?

  1. Fra

    He wasn’t cleared Paul. He was guilty on 40 odd charges but struck a plea bargain so therefore how could he possibly be a ‘fit & proper person’ or are we to just cast aside all the rules and cheat again. SFA ain’t fit for purpose.

    • Michael

      Paul hasn’t said his name has been cleared. He said that is the logic of Rangers fans.

      “The logic expressed by Rangers fans online seemed to be as follows:-
      ■Mr King has reached a deal with the South African tax authorities which clears his name (more about this in a post to come).

      • Fra

        @ Michael, I never said Paul said it. If I inferred it, it wasn’t my intentions. I said he wasn’t cleared just to clear things up although listening to Chick Young on a podcast, he said he was, until pulled up on the point by Tom English I believe. He tried to force the lie but English wouldn’t let him off the hook. Was all very embarrassing for wee Chick in the end.

        All very similar to rangers didn’t die and we know how that lie turned out

        • Eastside

          The return of King is a well and truly busted flush for the foreseeable future IMO.
          The SMSM have drastically slowed down their “King For King” campaign, because their reporting runs parallel with any agenda the “Real Rangers Men” have.
          If they are not shouting from the rooftops for his immediate return, it is because the Ibrox agenda isn’t calling for his immediate return.
          That’s why Tom English and a couple of others feel bold enough to question Kings return to Ibrox at the moment.

        • Michael

          Fra, I never said you said it 😉

          Only kidding.

        • Michael

          …and where was Chic yesterday? He wasn’t on Radio Shortbreid.

          Probably lying down in a darkened room.

        • iain

          thats right muppet they didnt die as was proven in a court of law and confirmed by footballs goverining bodies

          • Fra

            My, your a charming chap. What stone did you crawl out from.


            I feel better now I got that off my chest.

          • Felpen

            iain on October 20, 2013 at 1:11 pm thats right muppet they didnt die as was proven in a court of law and confirmed by footballs goverining bodies

            Why not try and use that line with Setanta see what they tell ya. Lmao

            • Well said sir, though there has been little comment about the Setanta decision. For clarification they died, ceased to exist, rangers no more, jelly and ice cream.

          • Badgerbhoy

            Fifa had this to say: “Rangers’ perilous financial position had been an open secret but there was still shock when, after 140 years of history and a world record 54 league titles, the club was consigned to liquidation in mid-June”.

            By the way the holding company Wavetower (Rangers FC Group) has still not been liquidated.

          • Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

            You’re having a laugh Ian ,every commentator if they have not put it in print .think it and know it to be a truth you are sunk ,up shit creek in a barbed wire canoe , wee Craigie bhoy still owns your raggedy arse,

          • jjbhoy

            @iain….tell me the definition of liquidation? Who owns your new club? Why did you have to start in division three(3)? Why did your old club HAVE to transfer it’s old licence to the new club? Why did your club NEW club HAVE to play in the preliminary rounds of the cup/s? ANSWER:you thick,uneducated gobshite,because your old club is no more,ask yir maw,she’ll keep ye right,she telt me!

      • Sevco fans are not employing “logic” in their judgement regarding Dave King…. Their “desperation” to be the peeple again is overriding all logic, taste & common sense when it comes to governance of their new club. Not that any of that ever mattered much to most of their support in the first place. Strangers to dignity… Then… now….& most likely forever. .

  2. Internet Bhampot

    As a self confessed ‘Rangers hater’ I am slightly worried by the ARRIVAL of Dave King, as he seems to have more cash (if that’s the road he wants to go down) or alternatively he has more ‘business accumen’ which clearly the current Sevco leadership lack, and that might save their new club.

    Though it would be fun to see him on the board, whichever one it is, yet another CONVICTED tax fraudster in charge at Ibrokes….

    • Eastside

      Although those in charge of protecting and progressing our game would welcome Dave “Felon” King into out Sport with welcome arms, the AIM have rules and regulations to protect businesses and investors from unsavoury characters such as “Felon”.
      As seen with the emergence of Whyte, Green and the Krays, these AIM regulations are weak and fairly easily manipulated, so it goes to show just how Toxic Dave “Felon” King actually is when he can’t find a way around the AIM rules!

      • Internet Bhampot

        To stand out as a ‘shady’ businessman amongst a generation of other successful south african businessmen, many of whom would have grown up supporting the apartheid regime, and several of them actively propping it up, must be pretty difficult. I think that’s akin to being the worst guard in a Nazi concentration camp, the worst tackler in a rangers team, or the most anti-Celtic referee at the SFA, when the rest are so bad, you’ve gotta be pretty damn evil!

      • jjbhoy

        @Eastside….are you trying to say that Dave(no surrender ma tax)King is a convicted FELON and was fined forty five(45) million rand,surely the courts must,as in Scotland,realise,that this gave him no financial gain in any shape or form against his or any competitors and the case would have been thrown out of court,just like ragers having forty(40)million pounds of side payments to the team and backroom staff,which similarly,would have given them no financial gain on their rivals?

    • iain

      whats a bhampot or a bhoy ..its a clown who cand shpell

  3. ecojon

    Blue Pitch were one of the handful of original pivotal investors who invested in Sevco 5088 Ltd and whose investment was subsequently transferred to Sevco Scotland Ltd and eventually TRFCL and then via a 1-for-1 share swop to RIFC Plc.

    I initially tracked the Naqvi connection back in July 2012 at: https://scotslawthoughts.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/who-are-the-mysterious-sevcorangers-investors-some-answers-guest-post-by-ecojon/

    Blue Pitch and Margarita remain a mystery to this day with Green spinning many contradictory stories about them which has totally confused pinning down the identity of the overseas-based investors. However I have little doubt that Naqvi was involved with Blue Pitch at the start with at least a £2 million investment and possibly £4 million. Where he appears to have parted company with Green is that he apparently refused to accept shares in Rangers and demanded that his loan was repaid in cash as per the original agreement he had with Green. Other investors went along with Green’s sales patter and took the shares sweetened by copious amounts of 1p shares for the original consortium and some favoured people like McCoist and the confusing case of ex-Rangers director Hart.

    It is rumoured Naqvi doubled his money in six months but he has never responded to my emails to him personally or to his bank or his Geneva-based frontman for Blue Pitch. It seems like a very good return but apparently Orlit was also paid a commission for ‘finding’ Mr Naqvi which is all very strange as Green claims he is a long-time personal friend so why would anyone be paid a commission for ‘introducing’ him as an investor?

    I have detailed a curious interlude concerning that which also deals with an interesting intervention with McMurdo at: https://scotslawthoughts.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/ecojon-on-the-greenmcmurdo-discrepancy-and-mr-naqvis-investment-in-rangers/

    What I haven’t been able to work out is that if Naqvi got his £2 million back then who is left as an investor in Blue Pitch. And of course I can’t help but think that the inordinate expenses shown in the recent accounts re the huge cost of the flotation might, in part, have come about by paying Naqvi his cash as per the original deal.

    When you look back at the failure of the IPO to raise what was expected and then look at the level of ‘expenses’ for raising it and factor in all the millions going out to various people like possibly Naqvi then it becomes glaringly obvious that it was just a question of time and operating cost burn rate that would determine when the train crash happened – it was inevitable.

    And we still haven’t a clue who Houssami, the front man for Blue Pitch, is as explained at: https://scotslawthoughts.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/rangers-green-reveals-all-re-blue-pitch-holdings-or-maybe-not-who-is-mazen-houssami/#comments

    But one thing we do know is that the Easdale Camp are holding the proxy votes for Blue Pitch and Margarita but we don’t know if they have a clue who they are acting for and maybe that’s why they’ve decided not to talk as it could be a tad touchy if they had to admit they didn’t know and possibly even more sensitive if they did know and it turned out to be someone like Whyte or Rizvi.

    • Arb urns

      Ecosse is a small country it would be astonishing if a Motherwell billionaire did not know an inverclyde one !!!!!

    • Fra

      @eco, while listening to Wednesdays podcast where wee Chic embarrassingly tried his hardest to exonerate Cardie and Minty from any blame, even the panel agreed sevco are nearing the day of judgement.

      He then went on to tell us how DK was the shining knight they had all been waiting for. After telling us the SFA had cleared DK as fit and proper, he was then read a statement saying the SFA had received no such paperwork.

      There reasoning being the whole kit and caboodle is an absolute car crash and cannot last forever. They have been hemorraging money on an alarming scale from day one and it couldn’t go on.

      I wish they’d hurry up because like my good friend Monti, I won’t be happy till they’re dead

  4. Michael

    I’m interested why the NOMAD acted last week. As I mentioned before, could this be it?

    When a company goes into insolvent liquidation, anyone who has been a director or shadow director at any time within the 12 months prior to the liquidation is prohibited from trading under a name by which the company was known, or a name similar enough to suggest an association (see INS45340).

    The prohibition lasts for 5 years and extends to
    •being a director of another company known by a prohibited name
    •being concerned in the promotion, formation or management of a company with a prohibited name, or
    •being concerned in the carrying on of a business under a prohibited name.

    It is important to realise the name itself is not prohibited. The prohibition is upon a director of the liquidated company using the same or a similar name, for another company of which he is also a director.


    • Internet Bhampot

      rangers people are far too used to operating in a Scottish fitba’ environment where the rules don’t apply to them….

    • iain

      you analysis is correct however the holding company bears no resemblance to that of previous company rangers football club exists as before ask football governing bodies or try asking lord nimmo smith

      • Kerrygirl

        You know it

      • JohnBhoy

        Iain, LNS confirmed that “Rangers FC” has no legal status as an entity separate from the company and therefore only exists in your head. When the company was liquidated, the club ceased to exist. The BBC nailed it in one:

        “A football club, once incorporated, is indistinguishable in Scots law from its corporate identity. If the club was separate it would need its own constitution, committee members, trustees, etc. Rangers Football Club did not have that because it was incorporated.” New club.

      • Allfanstogether

        Lord Nimmo Smith only ruled on what was put in front of him, he never used the words same club.

      • Badgerbhoy

        Judge Colin Bishop had this to say.

        “professional football clubs are often regarded as having a special status. In some respects that may be the correct view; but it should nevertheless not be overlooked that a modern professional football club is not a “club”, in the sense of an unincorporated association of members who join together in pursuit of a common purpose, but a commercial enterprise whose function is to generate profits for its shareholders”.

        • hector

          @badgerbhoy sevco a club then as they do not join together in pursuit of a common purpose and certainly don’t function as a commercial enterprise whose function is to generate profits for its shareholders.

      • Cluster one

        Lord Nimmo smith was not asked to judge on the name,he just gave his opinion

  5. hector

    According to Merlin McMurdo Sandy Easdale and toxic Jack were in London talking to investors and there is an orderly queue forming of candidates for the Rangers board.Who runs Rangers Intergallactic as last time I looked neither Sandy nor Jack are board members with Sandy being on the diddy football board and brother James one of the two last men standing on the main board.

    • Eastside

      The Spivs are currently sifting though the dregs to find the least sullied character for the role.

      • hector

        @Eastside just had a look in the investor section of the Ibrox website and toxic Jack does not even make it onto the list of advisers .At the meeting of the board and the 3 main fans groups on10/10/13 this was listed in the minutes”at this point Mr Mather made us aware of a statement regarding Media House which will be released through the usual outlets shortly”.Anyone seen this statement or did it end up in Mathers suitcase by mistake.Ibrox is being run as a plaything of the Easdales and their well hidden backers.

    • James C

      Given the wages of offer for part time work and the likelihood that after 3 months you can resign with a substantial payoff I’m not surprised! Fancy it myself.

      Just keep your home address very quiet!

  6. Arb urns

    The Rising….. An astonishing story of rags to riches of a new kid on the block football club that rose from the depths of division 4, to domestic cup final and the pinnacle of European Football …… Aye Gretna done it all before u Sevco…..

  7. mick

    Either way way weather king comes back or not sevco is a waste of investment and no amount of money will balance the books and see them in the black king is down to under 100 mil and that’s not his money in bank so he’s not rich enogh to throw millions in to a black hole of burning cash also any investment would only make him a shareholder with a seat on the board he would have to sell up to buy sevco remember imran 50 mil on a bad day comment after buying for 5 mil so there well and truly Donald ducked .as a online hater king was wheeled out last week to keep a bit of hope about the situ that’s all king is not rich enogh to save them .kings a deflection the real steak in this dinner is the blue pitch and Margareta secret backers .also us haters should be doing more to creat change at the top what school did you go to and bent refs red cards any time sevco seem shaken its sick to watch

    • Eastside

      The Sevco Spivs and their supporters have decided to imitate Rangers FC. This imitation suits the Sevco Spivs as they can plunder vast amounts of cash from the worlds most gullible fans, the fans however, are the ones who will suffer, blindly and willingly it must be said.
      Rangers were unsustainable as one of the “big two” and so are Sevco. As the brave Hugh Adam tried desperately tried to explain to them many moons ago, they just do not have the fan base numbers or the global reach of Celtic. So without a sugar daddy with genuine unlimited money, such as Roman Abramovich, and without access to stolen tax and without access to unlimited bank loans from crooked bankers, Sevco cannot compete financially on a level playing field with Celtic.
      The choice they face is simple. Either accept their “rightful place” is nowhere near Celtic, never mind keeping up or surpassing them, or force the board men at Ibrox to implement an unsustainable business model, just like Rangers did, to keep up short term with Celtic, and reap the consequences – another Dead Club.

  8. mick

    The read that week that made me laugh most was sevco bearsden showing a sign of selfawearness a thread asking why Scotland hates them ( were jealous were bitter of there success ) lol clowns well here’s my view a hate sevco as its a tribute to the most bigoted racist cheating club on earth hail hail .it will be hearts and sevco head to head next year by the looks of things lol for div 1

  9. mick

    A feel were in for a good week this week and Paul’s Sunday morning read is just for starters it’s nice to see Michael back to and ecojon titans of our academics

    • hector

      @Mick morning Mick you seem in fine form this morning.Silvio Berlusconi would be a perfect fit for the Sevco board .A liar, a tax cheat,a rascist, a philanderer and general scum bag.Oh wait a minute back to the drawing board he is a tim.Dam

      • mick

        @ hector 🙂 you have to be a real sevco man lol timmy still not welcome we have 2 real billionaires on our board lol it’s a feel good factor lol there doomed and sinking and there is nothing any1 can do the bus gangsters and Brian are there for the assets lol ibrokes bus depot rented by mcgills from agent whyte Murray park agent whytes new castle lol it’s this rafiz gezzer that’s getting me there’s comments he’s sold up via doubling his money and orlet commission well intreguing and only a matter of time before we find out

        • iain

          how will you feel when your theory is blown apart small cock

          • JOE

            Your comments so enrich the general ambiance on here and bring so much to the discussion. You must be so proud of how you can touch so many peoples hearts.Your dazzling wit and repartee are a joy to behold.
            I must submit to your vastly superior intellect and rapier like cutting edge approach. Not run of back to UNESCO where you are no doubt much needed.

          • Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

            Hey cock breath!

          • Allfanstogether

            Usted es un hijo de puta chupando polla, vaya buscarla.

          • @iain

            how will you feel when your theory is blown apart small cock

            Are you a knew type of poster here Iain? Are you want to reach out and feel the tension all on your own?

            Do you have another sense that we are not aware of?

            Do you shave in the mirror, look yourself in the eye and ask “Why am I a tagger”?

      • Ed Paisley

        Quite right hector. After dozens of charges against Silvio for corruption, tax fraud, bribery, bunga bunga parties etc etc he still hasn’t seen the inside of a prison cell. Not even Eliot Ness and a team of Mounties can get this guy.
        He, like Paolo, is an admirer of Mussolini and his grand daughter is a close friend of Silvio.
        So Silvio is “bad” enough for the Sevco board but they don’t want papes (unless they bring a couple a hundred million euros).

  10. JOE

    Good afternoon all.
    The comedy gold keeps on keeping on & on & on & on
    On and On there is a song in there.

  11. Monti

    Afternoon folks,
    My good lady has asked me to convey her thanks, for the kind words & sentiments left by people on here after they heard of her much loved gran passing away on Saturday.
    She is very down today but after i showed her the kind posts,she was very grateful for your comments.

    Nice one folks & thanks.

    • JOE

      Sorry to heat that Monti.
      Wish her well from Mr & Mrs Joe & family.

      • JOE

        After a post like that some cretin gives you a thumbs down.
        Another one of those never read but its Monti.
        There are some asswipes on here.

    • Fra

      Monti, a wee cuddle from the Celtic family works a treat. One of us hurts, we all hurt. Hail Hail comrade

      • mick

        It’s amazing how we all pull together as a cyber blogging family Paul’s blog has got to be of the closet community’s on the Internet hail hail friends and comrades and brothers and sisters its a cyber huddle day in memory of monti s gran a lost my dad a few years back and got over it pretty quick but when my gran went when a was younger a was kind of more gutted even to this day a miss her when am in trouble a look at her pic and ask for guidence to get over the situ and love chatting about her and remembering her a think the older heads in our family’s seem to have more of a inspiration on us all so we miss them more

        • Maggie

          Lovely sentiments from the bhoys Monti.
          I totally agree with them.
          I hope it gives your good lady some comfort to know that we’re all
          sharing her sorrow.We’ve all been there,and in our time of need others were there for us,as you and she will be there for the next person in need.
          Thoughts and prayers to you all.

        • Maggie

          Hi mick,you never fail to move me with your humanity,your concern for,and understanding of,those in need.You’re a credit to your family mick.I admire the way you always apologise when you feel you’ve offended someone,and despite taking tons of abuse yourself,you’re always willing to overlook it and come back with a wee cheery comment or funny remark.
          I’m positive your dad and your gran are looking down on you with pride.
          Huddle hug from me.

          • mick

            Thanks maggie such a kind comment from you as always

            • JimBhoy

              @JimLarkin Chico bought it and it now hangs proudly above the wee castle’s mantlepiece, next to the history…

            • JimBhoy

              @Mick dunno how that post to JimLarkin found its way in a reply to you mate… However all the rangers haters on here, group huddle for Michael, one of the first to greet me on here when i gained my PMcC Rangers hating badge…I wear it with pride along with my fenian badge…!! HH

    • JimBhoy

      @Monti HH mate…

      • mick

        Hi jim hope ur well and enjoying the new season am so delighted for thistle today it would be great to see them in Europe and they look most likely to stay up judging by there performances com on the jags

    • @Monti my friend

      “Never under-estimate how much assistance, how much satisfaction, how much comfort, how much soul and transcendence there might be in a well-made curry, chat and a cold bottle of beer.”

      Either that buddy, get your good lady out for a good old chat. Sorry i missed you yesterday, look out for the girl.

    • JohnBhoy

      Monti, pass on my sympathies to your lady. In time she’ll look back and cherish the good times.

  12. castlerockbhoy

    Paul, you have a shortlist of ` Rangers haters`. Can that not be shortened to anyone who is not a bluenose?

    • Eastside

      Every non blue nose is on the list. Although some blue noses has ended up on “the haters list” for speaking the truth. The most notable for me is Hugh Adam, perhaps the only man to come out of the Ibrox board room with any integrity for several decades, and by integrity, I mean the intended definition of the word, not the hijacked bastardised version that is touted down Govan way.
      Mr Adam was shunned, demonised and slandered for attempting to steer the Club he genuinely cared about away from self destruction, for his troubles, he ended up on “The List”.

      • Chris graham – is he not on the list, since he doesn’t like the Rangers intergalactic board members…
        Awwww, the poor soul.

        Speaking of souls, what happened to the Rangers* soul when Rangers* died ?

    • John Clarke

      ‘Shortlist of Rangers haters’ ……. what a contradiction…that list is anything but short… and the content of the list can also be tuped over to the Newco, Sevco haters list 😀

    • hector

      @castle That wouldn’t work as whatever you call old Leggat he most certainly is a bluenose with all the endearing traits that comes with the title and now finds himself on the haters list and up in court for his efforts.Great when they turn on each other but just about puts us out of a job.

      • castlerockbhoy

        Hector, lol, they are like rats fighting amongst themselves to get the liferafts launched before the passengers realise the ship is doomed.

  13. castlerockbhoy

    One of the advantages on my job is that the action is interspersed with periods of inaction. This naturally allows ones mind to wander to some dark and decadent places. Whilst visiting said hovel this week, a theory came to mind and it takes the following route.

    We all agree that Green, and possibly unnamed others, saw the Rangers liquidation as a cash cow waiting to be milked. Indeed the Sheffield United fans were warning of dire consequences from the moment that Green was linked with Rangers. I doubt Green really understood Scottish football when he decided to get involved with it and that was probably his first and most crucial mistake.
    Had he bought a struggling English club, with exception of any of the Yorkshire clubs due to his association with Sheffield United, he could almost certainly have pulled every stunt he has pulled at Ibrokes and gone unnoticed by the fans and media until he was already long gone from the scene and the club back in administration. An example of this lack of scrutiny must be the curious case of Notts County a few years ago when they brought in Sven Goran Erikson as gaffer and Sol Campbell as a player and the money disappeared down the drain like water.
    Anyhoos, Green obviously thought that the press wouldn`t really care about Ibrokes, the football authorities in Scotland were clearly corruptible, re Jim Farry and the Jorge Cadete incident to name one, and that the Rangers fans were gullible, re how they ended up in administration in the first place. What he hadn`t counted on was the rise of the internet in the UK during the later half of the noughties and how the Scottish football fans, so fed up with the sycophantic rubbish being posted by the MSM had found alternative ways to communicate the truth about Scottish Football. Oh, and there was also the fact that David Murray, Rangers and their fans had hacked off just about every decent Scottish football supporter during his time in power at Ibrokes. Thus it was that when Rangers began to flounder their troubles were allover the internet despite MSM attempts to deflect the truth.
    This, I think was his crucial mistake, not understanding that his new club was going to be under intense scrutiny from every Scottish Football fan who wasn`t a Rangers fan. Thus whilst the MSM and Sevco tried to talk up the new club, the rest of us were seeing through the spin, adding up the numbers and asking the ` wrong ` kind of questions on the internet. indeed we asked them so often that despite their attempts, the MSM were forced to belatedly start to look at the finances of Sevco. To paraphrase the bad guy in Scooby Doo,` he would have got away with it, if it hadn`t been for those pesky internet bams`.

    Sorry, it is a wee bit long.

  14. Flump

    I think for King to be deemed not fit and proepr then he would have to have been placed on the disqualified register. To date he hasn’t.

    Here’s AIM rules.

    Click to access aim-rules-for-companies.pdf

    Long as he gives full disclosure probably not an issue.

    • mick

      When would it be updated and what’s the rules for getting on it ???king back create phoniex issues to especially if whytes claim gos throw via sevco 5088 it’s a stolen phoniex company green stole sevco 5088 assets and transferred them to sevco Scotland should green be on the list imran and Brian were in on it to the sevco spiv show should top the list and the oldco tax cheats to

      • Allfanstogether

        It wont make any difference who’s on the sevco board as long as their support demands Spend Spend Spend that’s what caused the problem in the EBT years.

    • Eastside

      Wouldn’t he only be added to this register if he had been banned as in Whytes case? Also, isn’t the main reason he is struggling to get in at Ibrox due to his previous involvement at there?

  15. cam

    Your honour,ladies and gentlemen of the jury,assembled members of the press,estate agents,GCC councillors,personal injuries lawyers,traffic wardens,Marmite eaters,weeny waggers and finally(cough) Celtic fans.

    I ask that you do NOT ignore,or reject as anathema,the above statement from my fellow (still learning) counsel.
    Even though every atom of your being screams “stop this torture!” i need you to read,absorb and study the statement,,,,and scream within yourselves,,,silently.

    The faintest possibility of DK being allowed to be in any way associated with Rangers caused near meltdown amongst the hating community.The rumours were started,the wheels of the defamation machinery started to turn,the man in question was accused of every crime imaginable by the esteemed members of Hate incorporated.

    This statement by our concerned lone hobbyist,(please no Lee Harvey Oswald jokes),is in itself an admission of the Fear and Loathing in Coatbridge and to utter this rallying call to the footsoldiers of hate is like a magic bullet from a book depository.

    Luckily enough,i have here a short film taken by a lodge member showing activity on a grassy knoll near the Blantyre KOC club.
    Being seen emerging from the Coatbridge Showcase at the time of the assassination attempt on the King,may pull the wool over some folks eyes.

    I ask you to consider this statement by the prosecution,to weigh it carefully and to then see it for what it is,,,a clear attempt to muddy the waters,to belittle DK’s achievements in clarifying tax law in SA,to deny hope to a beseiged foe and to set the stage to appeal His Lordship Sir Cam QC’s ruling of just the other day, that DK has no criminal record which prevents him from flying around the globe to pursue avenues to continue Rangers domination of all tiers of Scottish football.

    This statement by unlearned counsel, clearly bears the tell tale sign of every pothole that the bus ran over.I ask you to picture a scene whereby a chortling tall chap on a bus is asking his fellow passengers to provide him with sneering,wickedly intentioned material,with which to further torture Rangers and its fans.

    I ask that you retire and consider your verdict,,,,be afraid,be very afraid!

    • Eastside

      Is this the latest delusion to inflict the Hordes? Convince themselves that Celtic and its fans are running scared of International Felon and all round Spiv Dave King!!?
      Every Tim I know would love to see King back at Ibrox, after all he did such a superb job last time! Let him pump all of his money into Sevco, it will disappear down the same black hole the Tax Payers money did when stolen and pumped into Rangers.
      When will you get it? To stay at the top of Scottish Football, Sevco like Rangers, will need CONSTANT vast outside investment. To stay at the top they cannot live within their means.

    • Maggie

      “the man in question ( DK ) was accused of every crime imaginable”

      Nope,camster,not every crime imaginable,just the ones he himself admitted to committing and was found guilty of.
      No need for any imaginings when it comes to Sevco,the reality is more than enough to be getting on with. Such fun 🙂

      • cam

        Ah Marge. you obviously had your blinkers on when “your bhoys” were doing their thang regards Mr King.
        Actionable comments flying thick and fast.

        • Ed Paisley

          “Actionable comments?”
          The man is a convicted criminal who was called a persistent and shameless liar in open court! He even lied to his own counsel in court.
          Sometimes I wonder if these mendacious types have forgotten the difference between truth and lies.
          How can any investor or creditor of Rangers trust this man? Jeez what do HMRC feel about a convicted tax cheat being at the helm of this high profile company?
          I haven’t even mention the suspicion that he refused to submit tax returns in order to hide his money laundering for international criminal groups.
          Dave King is dirty – I wouldn’t trust him with the office tea money.

        • He’s a convicted “criminal”…. if you want to take action I’ll see you in court….camster…… mebbe you can delve into some of the new clubs IPO fund to bolster your’s & my own legal fee’s when you loose….

    • Tecumseh


      I just shit myself…….these Google Nexus thingys are great for reading in the bog.

      Sorry Cam, if I’m not sufficiently scared for your liking, maybe you should show us pictures of Daleks with your posts, then we could all cower behind the couch…..!!!

    • Gortnamona

      What a load of dung

    • King – Right, just and true – convicted
      Magic bullet – Silver bullet – death infernal
      Orange walk – now to be under video surveillance, RE: DSS scroungers and long term invalidity claimers; there’s many who will be caught

      GCC – pay your way and maybe we’ll be able to supply the services you require. Fud.

      Have the unknown shareholders Marge and Bloo pith ever been involved in drugs running?

    • portpower

      Is that the ghost of the lone violinist I hear up on the marble slab?


    • Brother Louis

      @Cam ‘DK’s achievements in clarifying tax law in SA…’ You are a true comedian – you really made me laugh. Surely you, a dedicated Berr, must blush with shame when you read the words of the SA judge in relation to the cold blooded mendacity of your would be messiah ? Please don’t tell me that you’d honestly (hand on heart now) be glad to have a crook like that running the show?

    • @Jimbhoy.

      “On various supporters’ websites there was anger over Stockbridge purchasing the house with the help of a £200,000 bonus awarded to him when Rangers won the Third Division title”

      I think its worthwhile pointing out that “various supporters’ websites”, should be read as “Various Sevco supporters’ websites”.
      No other clubs fans are involved!

  16. JimBhoy

    Should King not do as Murray did and try to get enough backing to get a vote for new Dirs on the AGM agenda… I will be surprised to see Shockbridge at rangers in November…He’ll be setting out his severance agreement soon, if it’s not done already..

    • JimBhoy

      Maybe if malkie gets back in he can post a wee video of shockbridge clearing his desk..

    • castlerockbhoy

      If I understand things correctly, if Stockbridge goes the AIM would suspend the shares as there would be insufficient directors left on the board. I reckon Chuckie will keep Stockbridge there until he has the Easdale`s money in his bank account.

  17. hector

    I wonder if Craig Whytes violin is still lying around the B loo room as it could be worth a few Quid when you see what the one from the Titanic made at auction.Fiddling while Rome burns springs to mind.

  18. JOE

    With the warm Glow of the never ending Comedy Gold encasing me like a cosy blanket I started to think of other happy times.
    Here Sevco Santa comes to town.

    • JOE

      Whats that? little Cam wants to sit on Santa’s knee.
      Remember to ask for something nice like buying history can come true

    • Ian4300

      I always wondered what Ex Accountant, Ex Lib Dem Councillors did for a new career, apart from writing Keech on Blogs…

      Could this be the answer/
      Could it be WHY Cam wants to sit on Santa’s knee?


  19. Merlin loves Jack,


    anyone ever wonder what motivates Sneerpike /Denial/ Cam/Carson ect

    are they the men from the Bureau ……….The Bureau of Offence

    “You just have to wonder what would have happened if Murray had put a guy on 30K a year ten years ago to be a PR hitman dredging up dirt on anybody attacking Rangers Football Club.

    Thankfully, there is a growing army of bears now doing just that and pretty much unpaid. Some are a bit over-zealous and make mountains out of molehills”

    “There should be a Bureau of Offence in Ibrox, highlighting every little snide comment and sneaky attack on the club”

    what happens if you spend all your time working unpaid to defend
    the corrupt, the crooked . the spivz and the fraudster, te tax dodgers,
    you don’t have enough money to feed yourself, so you have to resort to stealing your sick old mummies dinner,
    yet that’s OK,as mother and son share memories, Sneerpike steals and eats her dinner but she gets to share a memory of the feast.

    • when Keith loved Craig


      “THEY could flog the rights to Ibrox and make a quick killing just as Arsenal did when Highbury morphed into the Emirates”

      THE Reality,as some one on here said, Ibrox is now renamed
      “The Hide Out”

      “They could push for an all-new league cup competition which would see Rangers and Celtic go head to head with Chelsea, Liverpool and Man United.”

      The Reality
      they did get to play in a new cup competition, THE RAMSDEN.
      They fell at the first hurdle,

      “These people did not take over this club for the hell of it. Now that they’ve stormed through the front doors of Ibrox they have no intention of making a loss out of the old place”

      The reality,


      should we be afarid of any Rangers man taking over Ibrox, for what ?.

      • JimBhoy

        @Coatbrig what a visionary this guy was in his comment to the DR story….

        8:27 AM on 23/6/2011
        They will have to, to pay the tax bill!!!

        • Jimbhoy,

          do you remember Solidstone, the guy that told us Ortiz was a £4.5m player, he was part of the inner circle at Ibrox, he knew nothing of the tax bill or EBT’s and told us Administration would never ever happen , about two days before it did,
          Croatiadado, I think he is Carson and a couple of other names on here.

          King Brayan, Mr Reasonable BEAR, he was the so called voice of reason, he indulged in daily whataboutry to explain the sectarian bigoted posts of his fellow Bears,
          then Ally blew the 15 point ghap and Administration was announced,
          poor deluded King Bryan spent a full night posting the most sickening anti Irish, anti catholic sectarian, bigotry i have eve read on an national newspapers comments section, he was barred for it, or he never came back,not sure, Mr Reasonable bear Eh, i find them all the same under the surface.

      • The readers comments are funny

    • JimBhoy

      @Coatbrig lmao…Bureau causing offence…

      Was over your way this morning mate, St Ambrose… Was a happy day as we beat the league leaders…passed them off the park… HH

      • JOE

        What one of Seco’s finest posted as a reply
        Oh hook line and sinker


        8:12 AM on 23/6/2011

        At last some forward thinking, someone at the club that realises the potential of this fantastic institition. So be it if Ibrox gets renamed it will always be Ibrox to us fans. I do not know about about playing Celtic abroad because that would helping them market themselves. I would say concentrate taking Rangers to the next level both financially and on the field. The future does look bright.

      • Well done to your lads, Jimbhoy,
        St Ambrose, was not my part of the town.

  20. Fra

    Why would any businessman, no matter how successful, throw cash down the black hole that is sevco.

    The internet bhams, told them they were losing over 1mill a month. DeNiall told us a business couldnt withstand losses like these, so it was all bollocks and he had a viable model.

    Cardie walkied, Minty walked, Chuckles walked, Craigy bhoy walked, Mather walked. These from the people who dont do walking away. They all left with bulging pockets, that idiots like Iain helped to fill.

    Is that right Iain you gullible troll. How does it feel to get robbed again and again. Not very bright, are you. Quite skint as well, I would imagine. haha

  21. JOE

    Where’s Carson and Sneerpike?
    Did Carson’s maw catch them up to no good and ban them from the internet.

  22. This guy must be one of the 500 million worldwide Sevco fans. Honest! He must really really be. LMFAO.

  23. cam

    Now then before i retire for Sunday dinner,i must mention the magnificent Glasgow Rangers spreading the love throughout the country,giving great days out and mucho cash to the wee teams.
    Another fantastic result,top of the league looking down,100% record,great goals,winning ethos and no screaming at referees.

    Then we have that disgusting spectacle of the ned in a trackie,,,absolutely terrible example to set.

    • JimBhoy

      @Cam nice wee bit of lamb mate 🙂 Enjoy…

    • castlerockbhoy

      `winning ethos and no screaming at referees`.

      Not when the refs reduce the opposition to 10 men.

      • From yesterdays Sevco game,

        three Sevco players booked in the space of 1 minute 33 seconds,

        Booking Bilel Mohsni (Rangers) is shown the yellow card.

        Booking Ian Black (Rangers) is shown the yellow card.
        15:36 Booking

        Booking Steven Smith (Rangers) is shown the yellow card.
        16:26 Booking

        as Neil Lennon would ask, is this football, three yellow cards against part timers in 1 1/2 minutes

        • Ork Slayer

          They were all booked for being ugly. Black probably had a wager on it, but the odds would have been shite!

          It’s definitely not football though!

    • Ed Paisley

      What is worse Cam. The ned in the tracky or the slippery “businessmen” like Easdale, King, Green and Stockbridge who make a living from robbing the taxpayer – not to mention fleecing innocent saps and creditors.

      Thanks Bill for the info on the Easdales and their business associates.

    • Eastside

      Are you talking aboot football, as in kicking a baw? The last thing Rangers kicked, was The Bucket!

  24. JimBhoy

    Have fun bhoys and Ghirls off out to a wee function… HH

  25. JOE

    I was at Mass to day at Saint Graig’s ( the patron saint of deceivers)
    The priest gave a sermon about Jesus feeding the multitude with five loaves and two fish.He preached about this wonderful miracle.
    A wee lad at the front said aye no bad Father but as miracles go Craig Whyte fed millions with a handful of Shite.

  26. mick

    Straying of topic could the Celtic fan motion to table questions at this years Agm be the catalysist for a clear out at Hampden as we know if it gos throw and truth comes out about them cheating us then they would all have to stand down this to me is a great route to rid of ogilvie and co from Hampden with out pay offs a hope it happens and would urge all bampots to back the fans behind it as merit is ment to be the golden rule of Europe and rules are rules were not paranoid so why show mercy to cheats and self serving fools like the sfa

  27. mick

    This issue of truth about rfc in liquidation gaining acess to Europe when in debt has no bearing on sevco as the msm are trying to make out its about holding the sfa responsible for there biased actions and puts and end to what’s happened in the past there can be no moving coward while these cheats sit in power they killed rfc in liquidation by bending the rules for spivs and crooks so any sevco fans reading the motion is aimed at sfa not sevco or rfc in liquidation there is a great chance here to bring the sfa down via corporate law am loving this idea

  28. Michael

    Ongoing Responsibilty 4 of a Nominated Advisor (NOMAD)

    OR4 – The nominated adviser should advise the AIM company on any changes to the board of directors the AIM company proposes to make, including
    (i) investigating and considering the suitability of proposed new directors and (ii) considering the effect anychanges have on the efficacy of the board as a whole for the company’s needs, in each case having in mind that the company is admitted to trading on a UK public market

    In satisfying this, the Exchange would expect the nominated adviser to usually:
    • be satisfied that the AIM company knows to liaise with the nominated adviser at the earliest opportunity about proposed changes to the board, in order to allow the nominated adviser appropriate time to comply with OR4
    • in relation to new directors, consider the requirements of AR2* and take the appropriate actions including issuing and reviewing director’s questionnaires, reviewing the director’s CV and testing such information
    • consider whether such proposed directors are suitable to be a director of a UK public company and consider the effect of the appointment on the efficacy of the board as a whole for the company’s needs
    • in relation to the removal of directors, consider how this affects the efficacy of the board as a whole for the company’s needs, make any recommendations it thinks fit to the AIM company and considering whether this in turn affects the AIM company’s appropriateness for AIM

    *(AR2 – In assessing the appropriateness of an applicant and its securities for AIM, anominated adviser should (i) investigate and consider the suitability of each director and proposed director of the applicant; and (ii) consider the efficacy of the board as a whole for the company’s needs, in each case having in mind that the company will be admitted to trading on a UK public market).

    Click to access aim-rules-for-nominated-advisers.pdf

    I guess the intervention of the NOMAD last week was either because they had not had a chance to assess King as an appropriate director, or else they had assessed him and had decided it wasn’t appropriate.

  29. JOE

    Away out with Mrs Joe be nice cherubs

  30. Monti



  31. Ongoing tax ‘sage”…….Paul you are naughty lol.

  32. hector

    I see in the news that Paul Shackelton is the poor sod that works for sevco Nomad Daniel Stewart given the job of bringing stability to RIFCplc. Good luck with that one pal.The UN would struggle to sort out this shambles.

  33. mick

    Not long now tic toc gos the more than 1 mil a month black hole clock mawwwwwwwwwwlol

  34. Ian4300

    October 20, 2013 at 1:38 pm
    show me anywhere in either law or a statement from footballs governing bodies where it says rangers the football club died you arse hole ..the only liquidated part was the holding company ya tosser … im gonna pump yer maw
    As usual when you’re wrong throw out an insult… Deflect & Deny The SEVCO WAY…
    RFC(IL) RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB not the Holding Company.
    SDM sold his controlling interest in Rangers (85.3%) to Wavetower Limited for £1 on 6 May 2011 with Rangers’ debt to the Lloyds Banking Group being reassigned to Wavetower.
    Wavetower Limited (subsequently renamed The Rangers FC Group Limited) is owned by Liberty Capital, which is Whyte’s holding company
    Oh dear oh dear IAIN it was RFC which was liquidated NOT Wavetower or Liberty Capital.
    Please don’t insult my dead mother as a reply.


  35. hector

    A link on the Sons of Struth facebook page got me to the Vanguard Bears website which if anyone still needs a reason to wish sevco a quick death then a few minutes reading should do it. Complaints that Alex Salmond is trying to help Hearts but didn’t help Rangers in their hour of need.Then a call for a boycott and the withholding of the blue pound from a list of clubs that voted against sevco getting into the SPL or sneaking into Div1.Poor old Kilmarnock abstained and still get onto the haters list. Anyway a couple of seasons until sevco can make good the threat of starving the other clubs by boycotts and I wonder what odds Ian Black would give on sevco still having a pulse at that point.

  36. cam

    This is the face of a man who should be standing with a cigar and a brochure on holiday villas whilst watching his team cruise the league.

    If there was any kind of challenge i would fear for the poor wee guy.Someone send for help for him.

    • Ed Paisley

      Yes Cam
      I wish that Neil was able to internalise his anger a wee bit more. But that is what you get with Neil – everything is on the surface. Contrast him with fat Sally who has more faces than the town hall clock. I’m sure if McCoist stumbled upon a Celtic supporters rally by mistake he would launch into a full-throated rendition of A Soldier’s Song.
      If we want honesty and forthrightness from anyone then sometimes that can be uncomfortable. But I would take that over Sally’s calculating sleekitness every day of the week.
      Neil – please try and control your emotions a little more, especially on the world stage, but you are loved by the Celtic supporters almost to a man because we know that you are an intelligent, compassionate and straight-batting guy. We are lucky to have you at our club.
      That is straight from the heart Cam – jeez I can feel the tears welling again.

      • Gortnamona

        Ed – Cam is a sectarian racist rat and scumbag.

        If it wasn’t Neil Lennon it would be someone else with Irish/Catholic/Celtic affiliations.

        The bitterness and hatred are fairly oozing out of him at the shame, degradation and mockery being heaped on Scotland’s most foul and notorious ‘sporting’ institution.

        • cam

          Hi crazy,does typing in bold help you with the rage?

          If Lennon was a lambeg bashing, flute whistling ,sash wearing, 33rd degree mason who scored the winning goal for Rangers V Celtic in the CL final i wouldn’t like him.

          I find him to be an objectionable,vile mannered,foul tempered oaf.

          You, i don’t know,nor do i want to.Your internet personality does come across as a bit of a cowardly tosser though,,,just to clear that up.
          When was the last time you posted anything constructive,funny,relevant or pertinent?
          Seek help wee man.

          • Gortnamona

            Cam is a sectarian racist rat and scumbag

            Even he was a Protestant Rangers’ Scumbag like yourself, you wouldn’t like him. Well I could hardly blame you.

            Give it a rest you two faced bit of shit, I have heard that mealy mouthed cant from others of your ilk many times before.

      • JohnBhoy

        Ed, the nature of football is that sometimes managers get upset and at other times they are thoughtful, reflecting on the game. At the derby games between Celtic and Rangers (now deceased) both McCoist and NL would be going mental; at other times they would be standing still, silently watching the game. The next day the Scottish rags would show McCoist as Ghandi and NL the devil incarnate.

        You can’t tell me that photographers don’t take any ordinary shots of NL. The choice by newspaper editors in Scotland to pick the least flattering photo is deliberate. The problem with constantly portraying NL in that way is that even decent people like Graham Speirs can suggest that NL brings trouble upon himself, when he is just a manager trying to do his job.

        Walter Smith swore like a trooper and was for ever shouting and telling people off – I don’t have a problem with that but he was always photographed looking like your favourite uncle.

      • Maggie

        @Ed Paisley

        “That red head is no lie” 🙂
        Another Quiet Man reference applied to our Neil there Ed.

        He’s passionate in defence of his team and of the club.It’s why we love him and cam et al can’t stand him.He’s an uppity Tim,who refuses to “know his place” in their eyes.

        He’s shown personal courage in the face of real danger and never wavered or turned tail and ran,though who would have blamed him if he had.Not one single Celtic supporter.

        One of the best things for me about the Rangers’ implosion was that it happened on Fatso’s watch,much of it as a result of his crappy management style getting them punted out of Europe in their first games.Talk about Karma !!!!!!!!!
        That’s what happens when you’re a sleekit, whisperin,useless clown.
        The better man wins.
        We’re all Neil Lennon.HH

    • you’ve got to take that kind of passion before you would accept a man that blames “the wind” for getting humped out of yet another cup ,

      heart on his sleeve,
      sleekit agent of the spivs,sucking £850,000 out of the fans every year,

    • Fra

      It’s called passion and caring. Fergie was a champ at it. The only thing Sally gets excited about is a Gregg’s steak bake.

    • portpower



  37. mick

    Hi cam Neil Lennon is with in his rights to mention bad tackles we all know the ref was a Hun and most likely enjoyed it rather than take action your 12 th man is still there a see your opposition at the hedge got a man sent of just in time for yous to win paranoid don’t think so not after charlotte fakes docos and sevco rail roared in to bottom league we will still over come hail hail we wouldst have it any other way

  38. Paul

    Something thats puzzling me is Craig White was announced to be not a fit and proper person, what did White do that Charles Green did not do. White told the SFA to stick their rules up their union jacksy, and so did Green. White did not pay tax and neither did King, so what is the difference with all three that two are fit and proper and one is not.one other note is the position that Peter Lawell is in.if he thinks the rules are clearly stacked against King and goes with the rules then Sevco fans point the blame at Celtic’s Chairman.if he ignores the rules and considers the Sevco are needed in the future then basically he is no different from the SFA and the corrupt cabal that they are.
    Lawell should not be in this position and the SFA must show integrity and announce the rules if King is returned.The final outcome of this saga will either condemn the game of football up here in Scotland or it will establish that the SFA are learning it is best to apply the rules across the board, however the mess of Sevco is the reason why Scotland is at loggerheads, IMO King is guilty and is a crook and was also part of the downfall and as in business he should be barred for 5 years.Like the classic comedy it is providing it is without doubt as Laurel and Hardy would say this is another fine mess you have got me into.
    And to end if a company of directors are liquidated the company they control are dead, the company in this case is Rangers (PLC). you cannot rename in liquidation and reincarnate so yes rangers died and Sevco emerged Sevco 5088 and later Sevco Scotland later to be known as Rangers FC International, blue strips,badge, stadium and diehard fans but a tribute act nevertheless.they died at the Sevco stage and no massaging of the rules will change it to Celtic fans and others they died, just like the DO DO they went extinct.

    • Flump

      Think Whyte failed to disclose that he had previously been banned from holding a directorship.
      Would love for a Rangers fan to explain with their logic why Whyte didn’t just buy the “football part” of the company from SDM?

  39. CraigW

    On Friday it emerged that Colin Bishopp, the Upper Tribunal judge overseeing the Rangers case, had confirmed that all further hearings in the case will be made in public, despite the previous case being held in private.

    Judge Bishopp said: ‘Perhaps because of such feelings, professional football clubs are often regarded as having a special status. In some respects that may be the correct view; but it should nevertheless not be overlooked that a modern professional football club is not a ‘club’, in the sense of an unincorporated association of members who join together in pursuit of a common purpose, but a commercial enterprise whose function is to generate profits for its shareholders.’

    So there you go Iain, the Upper Tribunal Judge who will rule on the EBT appeal leaves you in no doubt that, by incorporating all those decades ago, this myth that Glasgow Rangers football club and Glasgow Rangers holding company are separate entities is factually and legally incorrect. The commercial enterprise down Govan way that generated profits for its shareholders for over a hundred years, by playing football, entered liquidation last year, ending the decades long history of the football club of which it was one and the same. Just as it did for Third Lanark, Airdrie, Gretna and almost Celtic.

    You really have to accept the reality of the situation. Incorrectly allowing Sevco FC to have ‘Rangers’ in its renaming did you no favours. By all means, buy the similar coloured flags and scarves and go sit in the stadium on Edmiston Drive (none of which proves a football club is the same, as former Gretna and current Arsenal fans can appreciate), but understand this – the day Glasgow Rangers FC entered liquidation, nearly 140 years of history ended. It is why your fellow supporters were filmed crying outside the Big(oted) House. Focus your anger not on Celtic, Aberdeen, Dundee United, Hearts, Raith Rovers, the BBC, the Daily Record, Alex Thomson, Peter Lawwell, the SPL, Turnbull Hutton, Scottish Mainstream Media, RTC, Phil Mac Bhain, Stewart Regan, Neil Doncaster et al. Rather, look to those from within, so focus your anger on David Murray, Campbell Ogilvie, Dave King, Martin Bain, Alastair Johnston, John McClelland. Should the former Rangers Football Club (now RFA 2012 – in liquidation) win the upcoming tax appeal you could even blame Ally McCoist for causing the death of Rangers, for were it not for his many horrendous results in Europe Craig Whyte might have been able to afford to meet HMRC payments on the ‘Wee Tax Case’ and others until a successful conclusion in the court appeals.

    You’ll have noted I haven’t blamed Craig Whyte, Imran Ahmad, Brian Stockbridge, Charles Green, Gary Withey, Blue Pitch Holding, Margarita Funds Holding Trust, Craig Mather, Norne Anstalt, Mike Ashley, Legal & General Investment Management Limited, Insight Investment Management (Global) Limited, Cazenove Capital Management Limited, Hargreave Hale Limited and Artemis Investment Management LLP and the other as of yet unknown individuals, all of whom are only doing what they have always done…….. extracting as much profit as possible from whichever venture they are currently involved in. Ignoring the fortunes directed into McCoist’s bank (£1 million in shares and £825,000 in the 4th tier of Scottish football), a map showing the money being siphoned out of Glasgow wouldn’t look too dissimilar to a British Airways destinations map from Heathrow.

    Glasgow Rangers killed itself chasing after Lions. The replacement club will be financially handicapped for years go come, but I look forward to them eventually climbing to a position where they can truly be considered a rival to Celtic, so long as it is competing fairly in the boardroom as well as on the pitch. Truthgiver

    • Kerrygirl

      Excellent post

    • Ed Paisley

      Thanks for a brilliant post CraigW.
      I’ve always said that Whyte, Chico,Imran and all these other “corporate turnaround specialists” have acted true to their nature – squeezing a sleezy buck out of failing companies. But Knight of the Realm Murray paints himself as a reputable businessman who was duped by everyone in sight. How could anyone be duped by Whyte ffs?

  40. More news on those peace keeping british forces:-

    Bloody Sunday British soldiers may face murder charges and criminal prosecution

  41. lordmac

    the only possible help DAVID King can do for rangers, is if he buys it out right, he then places it at the new company’s directors laps, which will allow them to take out a all inclusive deal at ibrox Mr KING will take charge of every thing other than the football team and tv rights sponsorships, but will demand every 1st of April, April fools day it you like, that the new company’s board pay him rent at the rate of £4million pounds sterling, this would be the best option for rangers as there aint another way it could be done, the board members are holding of for King to make that offer, and should he delay they will split up all the assets, and then sit on the value of the land, it would take about 4 weeks to flatten any part of it and they then would not have the burden
    of paying rates on vacant buildings, so remember guys. Its hard ball they are playing here, no hide and seek. you have been warned
    investors aint to worried as they aint investing in rangers wining the league, they will take as much from the property. as like cash in the hand to them. so I recon ibrox and all assets are for sale at £42million that is the asking price, but could rise, I suppose they might take part payments and £2millon per year, if you think this could pan out any other way you would be wrong.

    • mick

      Hi lord mac very well explianed but dave king doesn’t have money like that he’s worth 60 to 80 mil on paper after paying SARS and most of that is tied up in assets so its impossible to say he’s in and imran said 50 mil on a bad day lol there looking at a third Lanark situ here a feel sad but true

      • lordmac

        yes that is the problem , and the landlord that are in place just now know he aint got that type of money, but the rangers fans have to be told the right story, but the red tops are scared to mention this, so the way it is to be done is through rent money paid to the sevco original 3 musketeers, and KING come in to look like hes the man
        that saved them you and i both know if you blow 22million plus the first year what is going to help you the next year. there is no way this rangers can get out of trouble the cost of running the show is eating it
        up but don’t tell them this. i had said they had to the 5th November
        and i cant see them last any longer than that. serious trouble here for the rangers unless they are given the right to buy there club, but they need to raise 30-40 million for it, and the sad thing is even if they did buy it for that, they then start from scratch depending on season tickets once more for the next 20 years, and should they make a loss in one of them years its all starts all over again. they have missed the boat
        they are like first time buyers now the bank don’t lend money anymore
        so it needs to be in cash.

  42. Raymilland

    AIM set a limit on future trade at Ibrox.

    Brian Stockbridge sees opportunity to salt away further funds.

  43. mick

    The Financial Times now taking an interest.

    Rangers in danger of getting red card over governance

    By Kate Burgess

    You wouldn’t run a football match the way that Rangers Plc is being managed.

    Indeed, you couldn’t under the laws of the beautiful game.

    Even before Rangers International Football Club has completed its first full year as a public company, it has lost all but one of its original eight directors and is on its third nominated adviser, or nomad. That is the nearest thing the Alternative Investment Market has to a referee.

    The board substituted the captain and manager before the half-time whistle blew. Now their replacements have gone. Last week, Craig Mather, chief executive, and another director quit after the company postponed its first shareholder meeting. This followed a court ruling that four board candidates, including the former chairman, should not have been barred from standing for election.

    The company has until Christmas to hold the vote. Meanwhile, RIFC – whose shares have fallen from 75p at float to just under 50p – has neither chief executive nor chairman and just two directors.

    One is Brian Stockbridge, finance director. The other is James Easdale, bus operator and local businessman, who with his brother controls about 24 per cent of RIFC’s shares and was brought in as a non-executive amid another board ruckus in July.

    The company acknowledges that it must strengthen the board “to meet the standards required of an Aim company”.

    However, if a team spent as much time fighting among itself and scored so many own goals, fans would boo it off the pitch, or worse.

    It won’t be so easy to kick RIFC off Aim. The London Stock Exchange, which oversees Aim, is a hands-free regulator. It largely leaves nomads – who are paid by companies – to decide whether a business is fit to be public and its governance is “appropriate”.

    Even now, when Rangers’ governance has gone beyond normal measures of appropriateness, the LSE has not rushed in with a red card. Yet.

    But the nomad will have to justify to the LSE the “appropriateness” of any board candidate. It will be tough to find someone who meets the LSE’s criteria and is willing and able to broker a long-term peace. But if it cannot, then the RIFC’s shares are likely to be suspended. And if the warring continues, the company’s Aim quote will be cancelled, stranding shareholders – including thousands of Rangers fans – with untradeable equity.

    The most elegant end to this tawdry tale would be to find a buyer to take RIFC off the public market. Then at least fans will have a chance of selling out at something like a fair price.

    • hector

      @Mick Bloody hell Mick I was half way through that post and had to go back to the top and check it wasn’t old eco giving it a go.Keep up the good work.

      • mick

        A seen it over on sfmonitor and copy and pasted from there it’s all over twitter lol what happens if aim suspend the shares this is well serious stuff and out side Scotland so no hand shake help we should gather a dossier on the bus gangsters and send it to the times they are well in to integrity

    • Maggie


      “Even now,when Rangers’ governance has gone BEYOND NORMAL MEASURES OF APPROPRIATENESS ( my caps ) the LSE has not rushed in with a red card.Yet.

      That’s quite a sentence mick.Obviously The FT isn’t on Jack Irvine’s list of those receiving the latest “good news” from Ibrox.:-)
      As you say mick,it’s going to be some week.
      All over by Hallowe’en,ya beauty.:-)

    • castlerockbhoy

      The end game appears to much closer than any of us have dared to think. Personally I have thought Xmas for a while, the April thing was a selling line probably to the fans more than King. However if they are forced to withdraw from the league, well that really presents the SFA with a huge problem, how do you allow a club to renter the bottom tier ahead of candidiates who can complete a season? Never mind the damage to does to the Sevco brand. Jelly and ice cream anyone?

  44. mick

    a wonder what the ft would make of the bus gangsters and LSE a feel this week could be sevcos last heres hoping hail hail

  45. hector

    Oh well brother Monti on the West coast it is dreich and only a fellow gael would understand how descriptive that word is on a night like this.I hope things in your world look a bit brighter than they did yesterday.Support your good lady and things will pick up as they always do.Mick Kerrygirl and the rest of the gang have the sevco baiting under control if you want time off so all is well.Take care old boy and sevco still tits up by Christmas.

    • mick

      Tits up this week if LSE have timmy names lol

    • Fra

      And when you all retire to your cots, Fra and Portpower take up the mantle on this side if the world. Our new resident idiot Iain was taken to task by Cam for his foul mouth. Nice one Cam. Not needed or wanted.

      Methinks the death throes are off the starting block, AGAIN

  46. From A recent “Merlin” McMurdo Blog

    I confess I am still trying to get my head around the astonishingly irresponsible journalism that led to the publishing of a photograph of Rangers Financial Director Brian Stockbridge’s home in the Daily Record.

    “This has placed Brian Stockbridge and his young family in totally unnecessary danger, ”

    “Police are investigating comments on the Follow Follow fan site which appeared to incite criminal damage to Stockbridge’s home and car.”


    ” there is a section of the Rangers support which is capable of a very ugly hatred.

    Secondly, that hatred is reserved for their own.”

    Merlins answer to all of this scary behaviour

    ” I think I may have a solution to all the bitterness that is going around.

    Do away with director blazers and ties. Let every Rangers director wear their own clothes.

    Better still, make them wear corporate polo shirts.

    Polo shirt chasers sounds a bit ridiculous.”
    Aye that will let Stockbridge and his family sleep sound in their beds

  47. Arb urns

    Just watched the ‘highlights’ from the cathedral city… And ally thinks wee Gordon will be havin a wee look at his wee goalie….yer takin the wee ally surely take a wee look at yersel… Is that wee haircut tae the salary a wee bit too much tae take in?

  48. JOE

    Hello peeps I am back.
    What have I missed?
    Is cam still sitting on Santa’s knee?
    Are all of the sevco supporters still gullible dicks?
    Is it still great to be a Celtic supporter ?
    Is Iain still trying to be the biggest arsehole this side of the Mississippi?
    Is it great knowing that tomorrow when you wake up you are not a supporter of a dead football club?
    Oh the Comedy gold still keeps on giving.
    Good night,I will sleep well knowing that all is well, however if I was a Sevco supporter I would have nightmares.

  49. Using Sevcos’ own figures, £1m left in April. Would that be the 1st(Nae laffin!), or the 31st? It matters not a jot! £500K for Imran, £300K to Mathers, and a similar salaried replacement urgently required.
    Have the players been told they wont be paid in May? Have the SFA been made aware, that even by their own figures, Sevco can’t finish the season?
    ps. I’ve been reading that the £2.5m unsecured loan, was actually in the form of directors guarantees…….Well they have all taken to the lifeboats and I bet they have taken their £2.5m paddle with them.

    • Allfanstogether

      As some posts have suggested some so called billionaire should buy up all the available shares and then pass the club over for others to run it, why should anyone pander to these imbecile supporters, why can they not accept where they are and wait until they have generated enough funds to compete against the best of Scottish football before they talk about playing in Europe, one step at a time please.

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