The Incredible Shrinking PLC Board – Who Will Nominate New Rangers Directors?

Following the departures of Messrs Mather and Smart this morning, the Rangers website was quickly updated.

It graphically shows the sorry state the RIFC Boardroom has reached.

The Rangers Board


That is it.

Just two of them.

Hopefully they do not have any meetings of the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee or Appointments Committee scheduled.

The Rangers website details how they are made up.


In accordance with best practice, the Company has established audit, nomination and remuneration committees, with written terms of reference for each that deal with their respective authorities and duties. The full terms of reference of all the committees are available from the company secretary or can be located here.

Audit Committee
The audit committee is comprised entirely of independent non-executive Directors. It is chaired by Bryan Smart. Ian Hart and James Easdale are members of this committee. The audit committee is expected to meet not less than twice a year

Nomination Committee
The nomination committee is comprised of entirely of independent non-executive Directors. It is chaired by Ian Hart. Bryan Smart and James Easdale are members of this committee. The nomination committee is expected to meet not less than twice a year.

Remuneration Committee
The remuneration committee is comprised entirely of independent non-executive Directors. It is chaired by James Easdale. Bryan Smart and Ian Hart are members of this committee. The committee is expected to meet not less than twice a year.

Oh dear. Messrs Hart and Smart are now gone (and doesn’t that seem a good title for a cop show – “Hart and Smart”?)

Investopedia gives the following description of the “Nomination Committee”.

A committee that acts under the corporate governance area of an organization. A nomination committees is focused on evaluating the board of directors of its respective firm and on examining the skills and characteristics that are needed in board candidates. Nomination committees may also have other duties, which vary from company from company.

Its role is described as follows:-

The nomination committee will often identify suitable candidates for various director positions. Other responsibilities may include reviewing and changing corporate governance policies. The committee is often comprised of the chairman of the board, the deputy chairman, and the chief executive officer. The exact number of members on each committee tends to differ depending on the organization.

So does that mean that it is up to Mr Easdale to suggest new directors?

At least the cost of tea and biscuits for the Committee meetings will be greatly reduced, though as we know there are no money issues at Ibrox!

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1,093 responses to “The Incredible Shrinking PLC Board – Who Will Nominate New Rangers Directors?

  1. JOE

    584 days of Comedy Gold.

  2. Dan

    Brechin City!!!!! I mean for fucks sake!!!!! If they can only scrape a win there, please,please God,serve them up to us in the Scottish Cup! It’ll be the biggest humping since that ninety minute orgasm that was the ’69 final when that young genius George Conelly took the ball off the ‘greatest ever Ranger’ and slotted home the third, before old Steveie Chalmers dragged himself the length of Hampden to toe-poke home the fourth to send us Tims crazy ,while the crazies at the other and started battering fuck out each other. What a delightful sight that was! Please God, serve them up to us, we’ll even bring our own toast!!!! I mean, Brechin City for fuck,s sake!!!!

  3. Rangers:
    Sandy Easdale backs board direction

    Rangers International Football Club plc board now consists of only Easdale’s bother, James and finance director Brian Stockbridge

    • Fra

      Coat, it’s just a puff piece saying absolutely nothing. Jack Irvines fingerprints all over it.

      Meanwhile back at the ranch, Peter did ask questions of the SFA and EUFA and was told by EUFA, all was well. The internet bam pots have found otherwise and want it on the agenda to be discussed. This is the next piece of shit flying down Ibrox and Hampdens way with regards to the duplicity.

      Not fit for purpose is the term for Reagan, Doncaster and that cheating bast**d Ogilvie. A cabal of incompetent tits who have dug a hole for themselves they’ll never get out of.

      Longmuir did his bit and was then cast aside like an oily rag. They discarded his services, with a handsome pay-off I may add, after he was of no use. Ballantyne, your cards marked. You’ll be next. You’ll see. Why would anyone wish to be part of this incompetent, masonic driven, blazer and tie cabal is beyond me.

      The clocks ticking. The bampots are on it and like a dog with a bone, they find it hard to let go. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK

  4. Ed Paisley

    “Tedious attempts at snide humour?”

    What is the difference between BCCI and Sevco Rangers?
    One is an internationally reviled organisation run by a cabal of crooks including convicted criminals, who make their money from conning innocent people and handling dirty drug money.
    The other is Bank of Credit and Commerce international.

  5. Sandy Easdale’s announcement via Media House would seem to reassure Rangers fans (if reassurance was needed) that everything is more or less ok.

    “As far as I am are concerned, there is a business plan in place and I am certain the directors will do everything to ensure that it continues to be implemented.”

    By directors naturally he means both of them.

    “At this stage, I do not think getting embroiled in incessant speculation is in the best interests of Rangers.”

    With all the speculation surrounding Rangers Mr Easdale makes it clear that “at this stage” he feels he would rather be left out of it. A wise move if you ask me.

    perhaps he will become embroiled later.

    What do Rangers fans make of this, truth is most seem confused, some a little let down, but there are those who remain smitten.

  6. ecojon

    Sports journos are sports journos because they failed to cut-it as news journos let alone investigative reporters. They have been left with the Rangers story for the last few years quite simply because they don’t have the brain cells to be able to deal with the complex financial and legal issues invoved and this allows them and their editors a get-out clause for their failure to actualy address, let alone ask and deal with, the very serious issues involved.

    It would appear the Easdales aren’t providing answers and JI only wants to peddle his Alice in Wonderland version of reailty – but journos with integrity (yea even sport reporters) – should quite simply be asking the critical questions and if they get a ‘No Comment’ response then that should be printed as a refusal to reply ❗

    It’s been claimed that nearer an AGM the Easdales will ‘have to come forth a little more’. Why do we have to wait ❓

    What we want to know now is:

    Do the Easdales know who actually owns the Blue Pitch and Margarita shares and any other mystery overseas proxies that they ‘currently’ control ❓

    If the Easdales don’t know should they be casting a vote based on mystery shareholdings as they claim to be Rangers supporters ❓

    What is the Easdale blueprint for saving Rangers from another financial collapse and turning Ibrox into a financially viable business ❓

    Some SMSM apologists claim that the journos have asked the questions but answers haven’t been supplied – and this isn’t aimed at the Easdales in isolation. But if the questions have been asked and ignored then why haven’t the public been informed as I truly believe they might want to be made aware of this ❓

    Personally I don’t believe the questions have ever been asked because the journalists involved are either craven cowards or are marching to an agenda which has nothing to do with integrity and a wish to print the truth.

    They are an absolute disgrace and should hang their head in shame that they claim to be members of the same profession as all those thousands of brave men and women who are tortured and murdered every single year throughout the world whose only ‘crime’ was to try and bring the truth out into the open.

    And what do we have in Scotland ❓ Wee Chick and other babbling idiots – it makes me boak ❗ And of course we also have Cam the PR cypher who would rather be one of the most prolific posters of drivel on here rather than trying to save the club he claims to support LMAO.

    • Ed Paisley

      These are the same guys whose neglect of honest diligent journalism allowed Murray to kill Rangers – and get away scot free. Leopards don’t change their spots.

    • cam

      Ah Eco warrior has done the old kirby in the rectum trick and snuck into the sanitorium’s office.
      I see you have given up smileys for question marks.
      Excellent.After i grind my way through your stuff i always say why.
      Lets flip this PR pancake old bhoy.

      I know for a fact that you bhoys are on Paul’s payroll, and are intent on rumour mongering and gossiping in a heinous effort to de-stabilise a pillar of Scottish society in order to create a socialist welfare neo Buddhist state with Paul as the big Buddha.
      Brother Carson is currently training a squad of Billy Nimmo’s boys in Shaolin monk techniques and they have mastered the noble art of reading your post whilst setting their eyes on fire.
      Have you filled out this years AR101 form yet Eco?

      Give me your wisdom as to how it all ends down Ibrox way.
      Shall we be like the Edinburgh Pandas and shall Bear eat Bear?

    • willy wonka

      “What we want to know now is:”
      Why ? What’s it to you ?

  7. Monti

    Guys I wasn’t sure whether to say or not, but I need your strength & prayers tonight.
    A very loved family member has passed away today & I need your strength in prayer.
    Could I just ask you to keep me & my good lady in your thoughts & prayers!
    Thanks guys 😦

    • mick

      Our thoughts and prayers are with you Monti kind friend and comrade god bless there soul in heaven and god bless you and your family with strength at this sad time we are hounered to Join you in prayer and share the burden of grieve with you take care bro and remember our family’s never walk alone hail hail

      • Monti

        Thanks Mick, I’m grateful pal!
        My good lady lost her gran today, when I see her hurting, It hurts me m8! HH!
        She was a lovely lady Mick & was always telling me how much she appreciated what I do for my family & her!
        Sore one m8!

        • mick

          Soz to here that Monti if the gran likes u it means your nice as old heads are wise god bless her soul and am sure she will be in heaven by now our older women via resilience of life and the sacrifice they made for us in days gone by sees them skip purgatory to be seated straight at the right hand side of Jesus no matter what there faith or believes as women carry the the fruit of life

        • hector

          @monti Just got your news old boy you are in our thoughts and prayers.God bless you and yours.

        • Maggie

          Condolences Monti.I’m sorry to hear of your sad loss.
          You and your family,especially your good lady,will be in the prayers of my family.

    • Fra

      Prayers said Monti. May they rest in peace.

    • @Monti.
      Sorry to hear of your sad news mate. Please accept my condolences and offer them to your good lady. Difficult times, and I wish you all the strength you need. Peace be with you all.

  8. Arb urns

    What dya expect when ye lob 4 hunner k aff the gaffers tap line…it’s a walk oot in sympathy wur only playin fur hawf ra Gemme boss…..

  9. Arb urns

    Breaking news……Martha reeves and the vandellas concert cancelled in Brechin palais tonight…….

    • cam

      I was dancing in the living room.

      9 in a row again,the winning habit is being etched into the Gers newbies.
      What a great journey this is.
      What a story to add to the 141 years of glorious unbroken history.

  10. ecojon

    Sandy Easdale said today in a statement issued during the Brechin game: “In recent days there have been suggestions that I speak publicly to the media about my family’s involvement with Rangers Football Club.

    “At this stage I do not think getting embroiled in incessant speculation is in the best interests of Rangers. I have no desire to criticise any individual or group and believe the constant tit for tat that we have seen recently is damaging the club.

    “I am a committed investor and fan and want nothing other than to see Rangers continue its progress back to the top of Scottish football. As far as I am are concerned there is a business plan in place and I am certain the directors will do everything to ensure that it continues to be implemented.”

    Wrt the business plan in place at Ibrox that the ‘directors’ will be doing everything to see is implemented don’t you think it’s a bit incestuous and slightly disingenuous not to mention that there are only two directors left in place and one is an Easdale.

    However let’s ignore such minor facts and ask, without getting involved in any tit-for-tat, how exactly the plan will staunch the financial meltdown at Ibrox and prevent another insolvency. Perhaps fellow rangers suppoirters might like to hear the views of the Easdale family on this issue in view of the powerful and pivotal position they claim to hold in shares held and proxies given.

    Oh btw do you actually know who actually owns the shares in Blue Pitch and Margarita and other mystery overseas-based shareholdings which you family apparently have been granted proxies over.

    And don’t you think that you have a duty as a Rangers supporter to tell your fellow fans exactly what conditions have been placed on the proxy votes that you will be wielding at any agm on behalf of these faceless people and their hidden agenda which might, for all anyone might know, is at odds with the business plan you have mentioned.

    There is also the slight problem that many people believe that Craig Whyte might actually control the shares held by Blue Pitch and Margarita and I would like to think that if that were the case and you were aware of it that you would feel it is your duty to inform your fellow fans of the facts.

    It might also be worth hearing from you as to why TRFCL has still to provide the missing details in the incomplete Annual Return supplied to Companies House wrt shareholding details after being asked to do so by Companies House. What could possibly be the problem in revealing exactly who the shareholders actually are in Rangers ❓

    I totally agree that it is counter-productive to get involved in tit-for-tat speculation but surely you must understand that providing transparency for the fans doesn’t fall into that category and smacks of an unsavoury code of Omerta and if this has been advised by your PR advisors then perhaps you should be considering the advice given as silence can often be misconstrued especially when there are serious and valid questions which require to be answered.

  11. timtim

    It must be desperate when Cam is delirious at beating a 10 man Brechin side by a single goal.
    My sympathies to you Monti if you are looking in, time is the great healer.

  12. Paul

    And a wee bit of news to end the night. Good to see professionals giving something back in return as a mark of gratitude for what the game gave to them..
    Paul Scholes has been secretly taking charge of Stalybridge Celtic training for the last week, it has emerged.
    100% respect well done Scholesy.

  13. portpower

    If roses grow in heaven,
    Lord please pick a bunch for me,
    Place them in my Gran`s arms
    and tell her they’re from me.

    Tell her I love her and miss her,
    and when she turns to smile,
    place a kiss upon her cheek
    and hold her for awhile.

    Because remembering her is easy,
    I do it every day,
    but there’s an ache within my heart
    that will never go away.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Monti.
    God Bless.

    • Maggie

      Oh dear,Mr English has just somersaulted his way to the very top of “The List”……,not the magazine of that name,but the one held by Agent Orange jnr,or Chris ” his mammy’s big tumpshie” Graham,the list of Rangers’ Haters.

      TBH I’m a little confused about ownership of “The List” since HMBT found himself in the awkward position of having to include his OWN name on his list 🙂
      Who owns “The List” now ? Who are these people,I think we should be told.Somebody run down to Greggs in Govan and ask Fatso to demand names 🙂

      You know it’s all over,once you become the subject of such a satire in a broadsheet newspaper.Fantastic work from Mr English.
      I must say I think Mr English has been reading this blog and taking a leaf out of John Bhoy’s big book of Sevco mockery AND he totally stole “Bleed Green” from me and turned it into “bleed blue blood”
      Never mind that I stole it from a tweet by a player for The Boston Celtics,but he doesn’t know that 🙂
      Such fun…….Sevco mockery goes mainstream.

  14. Ian4300

    Cam, Jeezo,

    THAT was some celebration over a Diddy result against a Valiant Team of part -timers… Domestic violence avoided… JUST.

    To all the Williamenas out there, I give you Total Honest Sympathy & Respect; it must be hard living with a Yo-Yo.

    Yer men go on about Honouring Heroes, but can’t find a REAL one.

    YOU are the True Heroines in this Rangers Disaster & Sevco Shambles, all the Bruises & Abuse you receive, all that care in the Community you give your men, deserves recognition…

    When Celtic beat Rangers for that FINAL time you must have felt relief, Whew Closure., Yer man was out getting pished, the weans were in bed & you read Big Jim Traynor assuring you Rangers were deid.. Happiness at last. Maybe the Loonball will take up bowling or something.

    The death of RFC(IL) has caused Denial, Defiance and Anger, you were left to face this behind closed doors. How traumatic was that? Do you nod or shake your head? How are YOU supposed to know what the feck is right or Wrong when your men Chop & Change all the time?

    HOW can a Motherwell born Billionaire, who was carried in on shoulders, to Hosannas & Jubilation be Rangers biggest enemy?

    With the Tribute Act & Charles Green’s predictions of World Domination your lives must have been tranquil, almost Succulent Lamb like, as your men gloated at screwing Debtors & coming back as the richest Club in Britain….Happy days, I bet the weans even got pocket money?

    Look at it now. SPIVS, Con Men & Snake Oil Salesman, Yesterdays CEO Hero is today’s Villain, again & again…

    BUT, all is not lost.

    When your man flings a wobbly & breaks the last chair on the wall, be thankful.

    (a) He missed you & (b) You can tell him it will ALL be OK.

    There is a man called NIALL WALKER, or Steerpike or DeNIALL, whatever…Anyway,.Niall in DeNiall is your Saviour…

    HE has worked out a VIABLE MODEL for Sevco.

    When your man kicks off tell him the Good News, it could mean a Red, White & Blue tin of Roses Chocolates… OK, not the best, but better than being Black & Blue.

    Tell him DeNiall predicts a profit..


  15. Fra

    @Port, a wonderful summarisation mate. An extension of what he said, which was absolutely nought.

  16. Fra

    Just posted to Port and it landed half way up the page. I won’t call you a bad name Mr McConville but it’s getting like the car crash that is sevco, all over the place.

  17. Fra

    The soldiers involved in Bloody Sunday are now being called to account for their actions. Up to twenty could be charged with murder. Soldiers now in their sixties and seventies will be arrested as part of the inquiry into the shooting of unarmed civilians, which through collusion, was covered up by the authorities.

    And they wonder why they’re hated by the Irish people of which I am one.

  18. Brother Louis

    I see the Scotsman is reporting that Brian Stockbridge has upped the security at his home. Now why would he need to do that ? For a starters because he knows exactly who he’s dealing with. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure that he’s pretty sure that Ally, so keen to suck up to those on the up and put the boot in to those on the way down, will probably egg on the berrz so that a Simpsons style angry mob with flaming torches and pitchforks besieges his house. Oh, the goings on over at Castle Greyskull – no soap opera writer could have made up a script like it – and the best part is that there is much more to come. Much more.

  19. cam

    The bitter lemon has to be restrained from his usual verbal assault of the officials.
    Shocking conduct from this horrific specimen.
    Scottish fitba can’t progress until this person leaves.His presence offends me.
    There is just no need for this pathetic behaviour.Nobody cares what he thinks and the title is meaningless.
    I propose that the SFA/SFPL contact Celtic,ask if it would be acceptable to them that the record books show that Celtic win the next 20 titles and cups as long as Lennon is paid off.
    He should be smiling and spreading love and happiness.He is under no pressure of any kind and this little “angry man sham” in order to prove that he is a true Celtic man has gone on long enough and is tedious.

  20. I now have to agree with Camouflage,
    I have tried many times now and I cannot get past Moderation,
    I need to call Camouflage a cunni but it wont allow me to do it. this is pants.
    Comments jump all over the ship, I can handle that, just.
    But not being able to call Camouflage a cunni is just not on

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