‘It became necessary to destroy the town to save it’ – Craig Mather’s Departure From Rangers

Rangers International Football Club PLC is, as the name tells us, a public limited company. Its shares are traded on the Stock Exchange. There are certain standards of corporate governance which require to be met in the interests of shareholders and potential shareholders. These include having a suitably qualified Board of Directors, comprising executives and non-executives and including a chairman to represent the interests of the investors and to oversee the executives.

RIFC presently has a board which consists of:-

Brian Stockbridge – Finance Director

James Easdale – Non-Executive Director

And that is all.

A board meeting of RIFC in full session

A board meeting of RIFC in full session

There is no Chairman.

There is no CEO.

The AGM has had to be postponed.

The company’s NOMAD has publicly forced RIFC to “correct” statements by Mr Mather and Mr King.

So why has Mr Mather gone, and gone now?

“Mr Mather has agreed to stand down in an attempt to help calm speculation over the governance and executive management of Rangers.”

That is a bit like the statement attributed to a US Army Major in the Vietnam War:-

‘It became necessary to destroy the town to save it’!

Or, because of concerns about how the ship is being sailed, the captain has jumped overboard!

Has Mr Mather left because of any failing on his part? What has he said? (Link courtesy of the official Rangers website)

“The interests of the Club are of paramount importance and I believe these are best served by me leaving the Club.

“Despite recent events and speculation, the facts of the matter are that the Club is financially secure and in a far better place than it was a year ago.

“Unlike most football clubs Rangers has money in the bank, no borrowings and this season we have assembled a squad which is capable of progressing through the leagues.

“I leave with my head held high and will remain as a shareholder and a supporter of Ally and his team.

So, in his time, both at Murray Park and as CEO, Rangers have achieved a status which can only be the subject of praise.

It is reminiscent of the departures of Mr Green and Mr Ahmad, who both departed having been cleared of involvement with Mr Whyte.

And to cap it all, as a result of the bungling by the Board, led by Mr Mather, the AGM at which there would be a chance to get the company back on an even keel, has had to be postponed!

There have been persistent rumours that the AIM has been looking at the corporate governance of RIFC PLC. There has been no formal confirmation of this and therefore such allegations must be taken as mischief-making. However, even in the best run company, the present situation would at least give some pause for thought, if not cause for concern.

What a mess.

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212 responses to “‘It became necessary to destroy the town to save it’ – Craig Mather’s Departure From Rangers

  1. cam

    Haven’t seen any rumours and mischief making,,,apart from in here.

    Strange that innit guv’nor?

    • Eastside

      Exactly Cam, if there was anything going on at all, the SMSM would be all over it like a rash!

    • Steven brennan

      Shields up

    • bill

      Well Well Well then you son of William supported by 2 popes during his reign

      Sandy Easdale, only a convicted fraudster ?

      Why would any credible organisation welcome the likes of him ?

      We read constantly about his alledged ownership of mcgills bus service ltd
      How many shares does he own in arranglen ltd (none), which owns the shares in the bus company ?

      What many should look at is the company CLAYHUNT LTD

      Claiming to be dormant and non trading, yet leases the land under its ownership to bus companies as an operating centre ?

      Clayhunt limited also brings mr alexander kean into the fould.

      A former banned director, by the insolvency (DTI ), his company school bus Scotland ltd went into liqudation in 2001, its creditors being stung for 500k

      Mr kean still runs clayhunt ltd for the easdales ( arranglen ltd 50% shareholding)

      Mr kean has already given evidence , public inquiry into his company Greenock and district omnibuses ltd in dec 2008, that the company curry hunt ltd ( he meant clayhunt ) was owed nearly £55k in un-paid bills for the land rented out as an operating centre

      How can clayhunt ltd continue to file annual accounts claiming to be dormant and non trading ?

      How did Greenock and district omnibuses ltd manage to file annual accounts of a dormant and non trading company ? ( paid £1.5 million by transport Scotland ) ?

      Clayhunt ltd owns the land at 1/3 Muriel street barrhead since oct 2004

      Mr kean was a banned director from sept 2004 till sept 2007

      At mcgills bus service ltd public inquiry in 2010, the easdales were asked a question by the traffic commissioner of Scotland, what does mr kean do for a living now ?

      The easdales told her, mr kean is into restaurant businesses.

      They made no mention of CLAYHUNT LTD to her.

      Maybe the sevco loyal should ask the questions at the agm ?

      Or maybe sevco could ask his holiness from rome to invest in the
      their cause, as he done with william of orange in the by gone days of yore

      • cam

        I don’t respond to bills!

        • Monti


          Neither did David Murray, that’s what caused all the bother in the first place!

        • Arb urns

          Rubbish c…’ Billy ‘ Nimmo puts lead in yer pencil every time u get a whiff of his perfume…….

        • bill

          Publication:- Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)

          Date:- Sep 26, 2004

          Bus tycoon banned from business for three years.

          Byline: By NORMAN SILVESTER

          A CHAMPAGNE-swigging bus tycoon exposed by the Sunday Mail has been banned from running a business for three years.

          Alex Kean was last week found guilty of repeatedly closing down firms to avoid paying debts then opening them up under other names.

          Following an 18-month probe by the Department of Trade and Industry, 54-year-old Kean has admitted being unfit to run a company.

          Kean’s firm, School Bus Scotland, went bust with losses of £ 500,000 and owing creditors £350,000. But within a few months, Kean was back running a new firm, McGills Bus Services, on the same routes.

          Not one of his creditors had been paid.

          Now the DTI
          have banned McKean from being a company director until October 2007.

          McGills, based in Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, have also been at the centre of claims they used rough-house tactics to force smaller competitors off the road.

          This includes slashing prices and blocking rival coaches.

          The DTI probe also looked at Kean’s running of 14 other bus firms.

          Kean drives a Mercedes and lives in a £350,000 home in Wemyss Bay

          , Renfrewshire. He has also just bought an £80,000 boat.

          A DTI spokesman said yesterday: ‘We have responsibility for the disqualification of directors who are considered to be unfit to be involved in the management of companies.’

          Kean declined to comment.

          • bill

            Publication:-Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)

            Date:- May 28, 2006


            Bust bus boss buys £150,000 boat and names her Phoenix

            Byline: By NORMAN SILVESTER

            A SMUG bus tycoon whose failed companies ran up debts of pounds 500,000 has named his new pounds 150,000 motor cruiser Phoenix Rising.

            Champagne-swilling Alexander Kean, 55, who is banned from running any firm, forced several small businesses to the brink of bankruptcy.

            The chubby bus and coach boss was accused by liquidators of serial phoenixism – closing down firms to avoid paying debts then opening them up under different names.

            But as his victims still wait for their money, Kean and third wife Sharon, 38, are having the last laugh on their 37-foot luxury boat, complete with plasma TV and bar.

            Kean’s victims claim the name is a two-fingered salute to those who lost money to School Bus Scotland and nine other firms.

            Last night, Kean tried to deny the name was an insult to people who had lost cash. He said: “I took the name Phoenix Rising off another boat – though it does sound good now that you mention it.

            “The boat is worth less than half the figure you mentioned and it needs a lot of work.

            “Many people who have complained about losing money also made a lot when they were in business with me.

            “That’s the way business is – you win some and you lose some. People are determined to put me down regardless of what I do. I know who they are. They should get a life.”

            Three years ago, we revealed how School Bus Scotland, set up in 1996, went to the wall in May 2001, after running up losses of pounds 500,000 and owing creditors pounds 344,715.

            It provided services in the west of Scotland

            , including the Glasgow area, and was used by holiday firms for foreign coach trips.

            But by October 2002, Kean was running a new firm, McGills Bus Services, to provide many of the same services in Largs, Wemyss Bay,Gourock, Greenock and Port Glasgow.

            Another Kean company, Argyll Bus and Coach Holdings, went bust with debts of pounds 181,700.

            After an 18-month probe into his business dealings over 10 years, the Department of Trade and Industry imposed a three-year ban which prevents Kean from running a company until October 2007.

            Yet he has been able to continue to live a life of luxury after selling Port Glasgow-based McGills for pounds 600,000.

            He has also spent thousands of pounds upgrading his boat, which has a state-of-the-art satellite navigation system, fitted kitchen, mini-bar, luxury toilets and showers.

            Kean lives in a pounds 400,000 home in Wemyss Bay, Renfrewshire. He also owns a smaller boat worth pounds 40,000 and a Mercedes.

            Glasgow businessman George Steele, whose company, Clifford Finance, is still owed pounds 180,000 from School Bus Scotland, said: “It is ridiculous that this man enjoys the trappings of wealth while creditors are out of pocket.

            “I am bitter. He should be forced to sell his boat, house and car to pay back some of what he owes.”

            ‘He should be forced to sell the lot’

            Creditor George Steele ( blythswood motors )

            SUNDAY EMAIL


    • Jono

      Captain Schettino Mather departs the good ship Ibrox

    • Maggie


      Ciao camster.come va oggi ? I’m going to hazard a guess and say “not good.” 🙂

      I know it’s against your rules to post while on holiday,but its raining today,and I just couldn’t let you suffer your loss without coming to your aid.
      I totes feel your pain, re the departure of your “man crush” Craigie M.
      Total gutter camster.Fear not ! Marge is here to assist you.You cannae swing a Prada,cross body,holiday bag without hitting at least 20 Craigie look-a-likes here.Say the word camster and I’ll get their e mail addresses and telefonini numbers for you,our secret,no need for Morag to know.
      I don’t like going behind Morag’s back,now that we’re BFFs,but I did know you first,so fair’s fair. 🙂

      I had a great idea while watching CNN there.The CEO of Burberry,Ms Angela Ahrendts has just left to join Apple,and the designer/ creative director,Christopher Bailey is stepping up to be CEO.Very unusual in the fashion world,that the designer is also the CEO and this got me thinking that the genius of football management Mr Fat “Sleekit” Salary himself could step into the CEO job at Sevco The Rangers. Good plan or what camster ? You can thank me later. 🙂

      I think, by the time I get home,it’ll all be over,bar the shouting for Sevco.
      Just you stay calm,take deep breaths,be nice to Morag and upload that nice wee song “How do I live without You” in memory of Craigie …….
      Such fun. 🙂

  2. cam

    You not supposed to be working Paul?

  3. cam

    2-0 to the Camster in a whirlwind start to the game.

    • Rufus Catenian

      Two own goals by the HAMSTER. Don’t worry son, the Reverend McCurry will rule both offside. Just like your IQ – permanently offside.

  4. cam

    3-0 before the jelly crew can even get the spoons out.
    This will teach them to trifle with the Gers,you’re all gonna be proved meringue,time to throw in the sponge before you all dessert the cause.
    Bunch of puddings.

  5. cam

    Spotted dick anyone?

    He was last seen in St Petersburg.

    Would you like some custard with that?

  6. Arb urns

    Cam… Ye’ve lost yer beau and yer fair slinging arrows… Ye must be all a quiver….Cupid will be along shortly with a little arrow to the heart and another CEO will come along fur a one night stand with ye…..

  7. Rufus Catenian

    The fact that the new club is subject to public scrutiny is a godsend. During Murray’s (Ten times debt owed for every one pound earned) tenure, Baxendale’s EBT were introduced under the radar. A clever tax evading scheme that defers tax until death, where it is offset against any inheritance tax. It gave the insolvent club a clear competitive advantage. An advantage they recognised as they concealed all payments to the offshore trust from the SPL. So despite a slew of supporting documentation and affidavits from former directors, the highly compromised SFA, with EBT Ogilvie at the helm, looked the other way. I agree with the shareholders who wish to report the SFA’s handling of the new club to UEFA. Lawell, who is now part of the establishment and on the SFA board, is compromised by his involvement in the SFA’s high office. He should keep his own counsel, He might also want the new TRIFC to bolster season ticket sales in two years time. So anything he says on this matter should be taken with a large pinch of salt. The SFA should be brought to book and the status of the new club should be addressed by UEFA. The myth of RFC continued must be destroyed. We cannot trust the SFA to do so, as EBT Ogilvie was instrumental in operating all EBT’s during his tenure at the Bigot Bowl. The sad deluded buns are really exercised by the possibility of UEFA scrutiny. It is time that the revolving door and the RFC limbo dancing was brought to an end. EBT Ogilvie is particularly adept at the later. He sheds his skin like a snake. TRIFC shed its debts and tax liabilities in a similar manner, aided and abetted by Ogilvie, Regan and Doncaster. I wonder what Jack Irvine has on all three?They evidently dance to his tune

    • cam

      Paranoid android he sure talks heavy shoite.

    • Niall Walker


      There seems to be a section of Celtic fans who mistrust the SFA , the Press and society, if it looks like paranoia, behaves like paranoia, it is probably paranoia.

      Will someone please say sorry for the hundreds of years of abuse before they start inventing an imaginary friend called Phil.

      • Paul

        Same old steerpike never learn i asked you to ask the host to allow you room to write a blog and then we can discuss. Once you get back the poison flows whats wrong someone steal your dinner for a change.Snake

        • Niall Walker


          Your overreaction to criticism and judgement has not gone unnoticed( turns on tape), there was no poison just gentle ribbing, is this not allowed when it is at your expense?

  8. Flump

    A public company must have at least two directors, still have two.

  9. Cam. You’re quicker than us because we…THINK…before we post…

  10. Eastside

    In today’s news, Ibrox has this morning been labelled the modern day Mary Celeste. In eerily similar circumstances, HMS Ibrox was found this morning abandoned with no explanation.
    The man who discovered the astonishing scenes wanted to stay anonymous, he told our reporter at the scene, “To be honest with you, i turned up this morning and the place was abandoned. I headed full throttle to the canteen, I won’t lie to you, I wanted to make sure the dinner ladies had my morning pie ready. The place was empty. There was food left on plates and unflushed toilets, it was like everyone had just got up and left. I dived right in and eat every morsel to be honest. I normally walk in and ask “who are these people?”, but today I was left asking myself “where are these people?”.

  11. cam

    Chico,Craig and Imranaway could get a book deal and tell us of their experiences in this Chernobyl like atmosphere.
    The toxic fumes spouting from the east end followers is poisoning the city.

    Sounds like a job for Red white and blue Adair

  12. Raymilland

    That Ain’t No Way to Run a PLC

    Lipstick letters across the mirror this morning
    Said, “Goodbye, baby.” 😉

    You left with no warning
    Like a thief in the night, you ran away with my heart
    I can’t believe my eyes, must be a bad dream
    You always said we had a good thing
    You never once let on we were falling apart.

    Lyrics courtesy of Books & Done

  13. Ed Paisley

    Poor Craigy Mathers. You know, when you look beyond the porcine features, the thinning hair and the impoosibly white tombstone teeth, he was actually a handsome guy.
    At least Craig put £1m of his personal money into Ipox – that is far more than that son of a gun David Murray ever did. “I never took a penny in salary out of Rangers”. No but you took £600m from Lloyds Banking Group and £60m from the Rangers creditors – barrow boy crook.

    So we are left with pipsqeak Stockbridge, the candid camera man, and the Easdale Gang. AIM credibility takes another nose dive thanks to Rangers Interplanetary plc

    • Ed Paisley

      PS On the subject of “destroying a town to save it” – did we need to destroy that fine medieval city of Caen? What a waste of civilian life and heritage. No wonder many of the people of Normandy are surly towards us Brits.
      Antony Beevor, the esteemed military historian, said that the destruction of Caen could be described as a war crime – although he retracted the statement after a furore in the trash media.
      Alas when you have war or violent civil strife, everyone is brutalised and innocent civilians always suffer the most.
      I am a great admirer of Monty btw – albeit an EXTREMELY complex personality.

    • Maggie

      @Ed Paisley

      Let’s not forget his personal £6 million EBT Ed.

  14. Paul

    Plenty of room at the Hotel California.

  15. “Because of concerns about the way the ship has been sailed, the captain has jumped overboard”.Lol. Lets face it Paul, the agm is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Woman and children first?. Aye, that’ll be right! After the spivs and chancers. Problem is, there’s not enough lifeboats to go round.

  16. willy wonka

    Certainly, as far as the boardroom at Ibrox is concerned, the town WILL have to be destroyed to save it.
    Two more to go. And they WILL go. Soon.

    • cam

      Willy things are getting better.

      • Ed Paisley

        “they can’t get no worse”

      • paul

        Yep your right cam
        Visit Wall’s ice cream website. It has increased ice cream sales by 42% …

      • Happy day’s wonka…… just a few thoughts, Mather sunk £1M of his own dosh, into the financial abyss that was Rangers & is now Sevco, An misplaced act of faith that he thought he could make a sound investment in Sevco. an act of faith non the less. Where was the rebels faith?
        Some one else’s money put a new club’s team on the park for you, Not the rebels.
        How much has Murray put in…. ?????
        how much has McColl put in ?????
        how much has Blin put in ?????
        how much have the Easdales actually put in ?
        how much has Super SwAlly actually taken out? & who will he be backing for the next, say five minutes?
        Will Walter be back as old father Rangesr, a real Ranger who helped dig your old clubs grave by his, spend, spend spend management philosophy?
        For my money, Paul Murray is every bit the “Weasel”, he’ll be getting his loafers under the big table in the boardroom & his hands on the levers of power without releasing any of the moths in his own wallet.
        Well well, another weasel enters the boardroom……. The level of manouvering, posturing & manipulation reads like a parody of MacBeth.
        Specters at the feast…. ? This mess is not over by a long shot.

        Haw haw haw

      • Maggie


        How many times are you going to steal my thunder camster ?

        I posted the lyrics to that very fine song for the bhoys and I to sing along to before I left for my hols.

        Could you please come up with something original once in a while. 🙂

        • cam

          Wee Marge!,,,there i was about to sing your praises about following my rules and then you go and break them.
          I told you that anyone who clatters in here whilst on holiday was a total …….

          I can’t say it Marge ,my Protestant upbringing and family values make it impossible to speak to a lady like that.

          If only i believed in the cubby hole crew then i could vent and confess,vent and confess,vent and confess,,,,and breathe.

          Now go and enjoy your holiday and sneak up on a poor native and do that mind conditioning trick.


    • Raymilland

      @willy wonka

    • @Willy
      Geez a clue mate! Of the remaining two, which two will be going? Lol.

  17. Paul

    i took the bin out this morning and some manky b*****d had dumped a stadium in it. Who needs neighbours like that i ask..

  18. JimBhoy

    When Chico says it’s time to go, well it’s time to go.

    Mather’s paid up Sal and the same again for his silence will suppress his grief at leaving his beloved rangers..

    All the spivs have/will leave blaming others stating they left the club in a good way….Taking huge sals, pay offs, bonuses, cheap shares, what a simple but effective plan….Spivtastic, well done Craig/Chico…Can’t wait for the book and film.

    Shockbridge will definitely not be around for any AGM.. Ian Black is giving 5/4 that Jabba will leave before Shockbridge 7/4….

  19. It just keeps on giving. It’s gonna be a good news day today. Lol. But not for Fat Salary! Whose bum is next for a good tongue lashing? There must be something amiss in the fat chaps technique! That’s the only thing I reason I can think of… Surely it couldn’t be something else. Lol.

  20. timtim

    Mather told us just last week that Ally was close to signing his new reduced contract, he just needed time not to read it.
    With Mather now gone who will give Ally the pen, will it be put on hold until Mather can be replaced or will it be conveniently forgotten that Ally hasnt actually signed yet.
    Of course Mathers departure doesnt change the overall picture, the spivs still have the majority of the voting rights.
    Another couple of spivs with rangersitis will be shoehorned in shortly
    and they can claim all the damage was done before their arrival when ss sevco slips beneath the waves.

  21. This is air sea rescue calling, are you receiving? Over……….
    Loud and clear, over……..
    Captain, I insist that you re-board the Concordia and assess the situation. How many casualties? What is the damage to the vessel? Do you understand me Captain.?…..Captain…..CAPTAIN! …….Crackle crackle, silence.

  22. Guillermo

    You’d have thought the MSM would have peppered their reports about this latest news with comments like: “This abomination of a club is the reason Scottish football is a laughing stock” or “Rangers fans will no doubt … (fill in any course of anti-social action you care to think of)”.
    Had this train crash been going on at Celtic Park I’m sure a sleekit campaign of opinion forming would have been relentlessy promoted.
    Seems, however, there are no comments which stray far from the tired old “Now, at last, the club can move on”. Disgraceful.

  23. Flump

    Choose Life. Choose a Chairman. Choose a director. Choose a spiv. Choose a fucking big stadium television, choose new players, carparks, training grounds and electrical tin openers. Choose fat sally, low cholesterol, and pay Walters dental insurance. Choose high interest lease backs. Choose stadium repairs. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching Green ducks. Choose a three-piece suit on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose BBC ALBA and wondering where the fuck you were on Saturday. Choose sitting in that stadium watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing games, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pissing your last into a miserable club, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up spivs you going to vote for to replace yourselves. Choose your future. Choose sevco…………………..

  24. portpower

    Somebody needs a hug.


  25. Arb urns

    To all the Tics on here….. IMHO this uefa thing is a waste of time ….. For me it’s already been to UEFA behind the scenes……it’s what Bryson and Billy Nimmo are all about …… Imagine the compo if one team were found to have been fielding illegally registered players for 10 years and slurping heavily at the gravy boat…..pass the mint sauce please Mr Platini nowt to see here as they say around here…. Apart from the walking away from their financial responsibilities this LNS ” thing” is the biggest scandal in all this…closely followed by ‘ The hairdresser’ thinking he should walk back in at the AGM…….. He will run a mile again when asked for the cost of the Blazer……

    • Niall Walker


      Don’t give up arb, pursue UEFA to perdition’s flame.

      • Paul

        Niall what now. how about a game of predicting tomorrows headlines.

        How about
        Smart move to show only the club Matt(h)ers.
        Two abdicate for return of the King.
        The lying King returns Pride.
        the fat traynor controller put train back on track
        Greggs announce massive profits in pies
        leggoland bricks it at court of session
        McMurdo is host at the kingdom of fife flute tournament
        Scotland reveals the bear facts of corruption in football

        • Niall Walker


          Try these:

          Phil admitted into the priory( not Sion).
          Eco resigns to work for the IMF.
          Barca starts up a rebel SFA, in Ireland.
          Coatbrig becomes an English Teacher for abused children.
          Ian is jailed for attacking a Lib-Dem Councillor, for reasons unknown.
          arb moves to Switzerland to wind up cocks, sorry clocks.

      • Arb urns

        Niall as usual miles ahead of you…. Try and keep up……if you would just pay attention in class…. After all u only have 30 years business experience……

    • Eastside

      Behind the scenes maybe, let them do it publicly and see how that pans out for them.

    • @Arb
      You may have a point bud, I could easily believe that “informal” discussions have taken place, and that due to the ramifications at Euro level, a deal was struck for the SFA to “tidy” the problem at a domestic level.
      However, when it becomes clear that the SFA failed in that task…………?

      • Arb urns

        Barca… I think uefa have already cleared Brysons farcical explanation about how he runs the registration dept in Escotia…..

  26. cam

    Monti has gone quiet.
    He must have dropped his phone into the chip shops tottie peeler, or he has been nicked for distributing class A jellies on the internet.

  27. Monti

    Sevco are a complete disgrace to Scottish football!


    • cam

      Sevco Utd asked me to ask you.,,,,,,were the creditors paid? 🙂

    • @ Monti,

      Monti, The disgrace lies with the the SFA not Rangers, Rangers are only doing what they have always done just like the old club they have an arrogance of superiority and able to bully the system.
      The SFA are the sick toothless machine corrupt to the core. just like spies
      during the second world war infiltrating the enemy, Rangers have many allies within Hampden Park all willing to help the cause.
      Sporting Integrity is way down their list of priorities. They are the Cretans we have to remove, men who are a disgrace to Scottish Football.



  28. Niall Walker

    ………….Frank Blin anyone?

  29. JOE

    Good afternoon all.
    MONTI good to see you on I was a bit worried there.
    I thought you had RSI not Repetitive Strain Injury but Rangers Scoop Injury.
    Go on then another bowl!

  30. Niall Walker

    Well any doubt the rebels have enough shareholder support just vanished, imagine how fast this train can go with nothing but Rangers men stoking the coals?

  31. JOE

    poor wee Ally his arse must be bolted to the Makeup Artists chair for his next photo shoot with the next CEO or savior he is going to throw hie considerable weight behind.

  32. JOE

    The Rangers movie I can’t wait!
    The Directors Cut there have been more Directors Cut than anything else
    Oh my bad TEH HEH

    • cam

      Poor wee thing couldn’t have been a Catholic chicken,otherwise there would be grottos and pilgrimages.
      I remember watching wee Johnny Doyle and he ran around like that.

      • I thought it was funny that he finally choked on popcorn. Lol.
        Fair play tae ye mate! I actually think your more like a wee blue weeble. (Remember them?) You never hear of them anymore tho’ …..They must have fell doon!
        Keep the pecker up mate! Or should that be PICK yir pecker up.
        A wee question for you mate. Is the Sevco board reduced to a couple of planks noo?

  33. JOE

    A song for Craig

  34. JOE

    For all sevconians

  35. JOE

    How many crocs and dinosaurs are still at Ibrokes?

  36. JOE

    A big one for all of Sevconia.
    But some muppet will come on with I’m still Standing

  37. hector

    I liked how the Sons of Struth announced Mathers walk of shame. All banner makers delete Mather and replace with Stockbridge.Classic.

  38. Niall Walker

    Joe, on behalf of Scottish society I wish to sincerely say sorry for the way Irish Catholics were treated in the 19th and 20th centuries..

    Can we move on now?

    • JOE

      @ nial
      Where have i mentioned Irish Catholics in any century?.
      Oh Deluded One

      • Niall Walker


        It is all in your sub-conscious, all that deep seated resentment just waiting for the opportunity to get revenge.

        • JOE

          Let me get this straight………………………………………………………. everyone else has tanned your arse so now you try it with me?

          • JimBhoy

            @JOE the boy’s hurt..His straight jaiket must be chafing a bit as he had the terror shakes all last night..!

            • Niall Walker


              I am not the one psychologically hurt by decades of a sectarian ethos, the bad old days are long gone now, and it is people like me who must nurse the afflicted back to heath, paranoia is no laughing matter, not when you mix it with an anti-social mindset born out of bigoted abuse.

              You will always have my shoulder to cry on.

          • Niall Walker


            I am trying to help you all through your recovery process, no need to overreact with anger and abuse, I am not your enemy. What Rangers and Scottish society did to you was wrong but you must move on, as they have done.

            • JimBhoy

              @Nial Teflon Teddy I fear mate and you sound too far gone to be saved..

            • JOE

              @niall unfunny uninformative and so so boring.

            • Niall Walker


              Paranoid victims of abuse are no laughing matter, the damage done to the minds of Irish Catholics in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s is not to be underestimated, the disproportionate numbers of Catholics abusing Protestants must have a cause.

              Let me try and put this into some perspective:

              A football club, (you know men running about kicking a ball) goes bust in 2012 and suddenly every authority in our society is corrupt and biased against Irish Catholics, the law is toxic, the press are toxic, the judiciary are toxic, the SFA are toxic, the govt are toxic..and even society is toxic!!!

              Now, remind me again what this is actually all about? Oh yes a freakin football club went bust, so why the mass hysteria and mind boggling overreaction?

              What were Rangers the symbol of through to the 80s, anything to do with an anti Irish Catholic ethos perchance?

              So any authority that is critical of Celtic fan opinion, reminds them of the unfair abuse they once received, it just reinforces their paranoid perceptions.

              You do realise, this witch hunt aint normal, nobody views the Celtic obsessives as of sound mind?

              Neuroscience has proved, much of what we think we have chosen was already chosen by our sub-conscious, I do not expect paranoid obsessives to accept their condition, few paranoids do.

              Treatment is the only answer, think of me as a counselor.


    • JimBhoy

      PMcG PMcG PMcG..!!! Breathe Breathe…!

    • Eastside

      Your not even morally capable of speaking on your own behalf Steerpike, never mind on behalf of Scottish society.

      • Niall Walker


        Moral indignation is essential to justify abuse, it is all in the interview.

        • JimBhoy

          @Niall “Moral indignation is essential to justify abuse” spot on and describes the rangers fans perceived treatment of their club to a tee…

          Ped Lawell – Bad; SDM/Souness/Wattie/Wee Dick/Sally – Good…

          Teflon Teddy: Definition. Rangers zealot who when under pressure uses any means to deflect from serious risks to their own club. Often generalising on issues such as race, religion esp Catholicism, sectarianism, Irishness, p’dos, Celtic (many areas) and Peter Lawell. Often claiming victory from outrageous defeats. Tends to be blinkered about anything bad about their own club, will turn on their own quickly if they raise any negative comment about their beloved rangers (any incarnation).. Afflicted by Teflonitis which often results in and undead animated state with a perceived sense of injustice, always someone else’s fault. The more infected ones can put together business models using a random number generator.

  39. JimBhoy

    Saying Shockbridge is the last of green’s spivs would not be truly accurate as there were deals with the bus men also.. Chico rocks..!!

  40. Arb urns

    It could be ripe for the guy that should have taken it on the first time coming back to the table…. The only guy to see through D and P…. Not the only guy Miller saw through it too… These Blue Nights are a total disgrace Rangers Men …FFS they threw the club in the river set full throttle for wemyss bay and hid up their secluded creeks.. Now that the corpse has reached gourock they’re revvin up the outboards again…. Rangers Men…. Haw haw haw…. A bunch of Nialls the lot o’them…….

    • Niall Walker


      It is called strategy, no Rangers men wanted to be tainted with a failed CVA and a liquidated Rangers, they sat back and let Chico and his gang suffer the fury and indignation. Now the fans have got used to the idea it is time for their return, unblemished by the last 18 months.

      Thought you were good at conspiracy theories.

      • Eastside

        So the “Real Rangers Men”, in all their dignity, decided the best thing to do was to go into hiding, allow Chuckles, Whyte and co to “suffer” by plundering millions from the fans, and then step in once the Spivs had cleaned the place out?
        They sound like just the kind of people I’d want running my Club.

        • Niall Walker


          You know what fans are like, if PM et al had put a realistic CVA bid in with CW on board and the CVA was rejected, the cheapskates would have been accused of letting Rangers die. No, just sit back let the spivs raise an IPO to bankroll the costs of a tumultuous first year, and then when the dust settles, step in and accuse them of spivery and incompetence.

          Classic takeover strategy, they gave them all the rope they needed to hang themselves.

          • Eastside

            I’m sure the Spivs who plundered millions and humiliated and degraded Rangers and its Tribute Act are devasted at being used like this, the Millions they’ve walked away with will be no consolation I’m sure.
            I am equally certain that the supporters who were used in this dignified plan will be delighted to know they’ve been conned as part of the “Real Rangers Men” cunning ploy.
            As for them doing all of this because of Whytes involvement, shouldn’t they have just bought the Club for a pound instead of Whyte, and prevented his involvement to begin with?
            Your theory doesn’t quite hold up so you might want to reassess it. Look at from a slightly different angle, maybe question whether the “Real Rangers Men” are just a bunch of tight fisted, selfish Spivs and see what you come up with.

          • Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

            Your tune has changed, burble burble,,,,,

      • Arb urns

        U can’t work it out can you…… Think who walked away from it…………

  41. R. MacGeddon

    The master plan is partly panning out. SDM will be back – unless the Tax Case (still live) goes against him.

  42. Robbie

    There are a Lot of unbalanced minds within the immigrant population of Scotland. If they have great difficulties with our culture. Then repatriate back to your land of golden green hills.This will help alleviate the benefits system to provide for other destitute’s.

    • JimBhoy

      @Robbie, Generally racist and disparaging to the Not Have’s all at once.. Your faither would be proud.. Do you know him?

    • @Robbie
      You may have not noticed how much Sevco have contributed to the unemployed statistics. How many is that noo?

    • JOE

      So you are another who denies that the famine brought Catholics and Protestants to our shores . You only see the Catholic side as Immigrants.
      Thick as sheeeeeetttttttt in the neck of a bottle.

      • JimBhoy

        @Joe, Immigrants like N-Irish, Lithuanians, Poles, Romanians, Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese and many more… One Scotland many cultures must grind on that cretin.. Sounds like a BNP apprentice reject.

    • Niall Walker


      I disagree, the Scots with some tenuous links to Ireland are not immigrants and are entitled to bitch and moan about their culture same as anyone else. There is sufficient economic data to prove Irish Catholics suffer no discrimination in education or employment and contribute equally to society, in fact the worst off sector for unemployment is the non-religious, don’t ask me why.

      I bitch and moan about those and only those Irish Catholics who either do not live here or who simply ignore the evidence, the plain fact is Rangers and Celtic have a group of bigots within their support, and they are both rightly condemned by Scottish society.

      Anti-Irish Catholic ethos in Scotland? Give us a break 50% of all Catholics under 35 marry a non-catholic.

      • JimBhoy

        @Niall not more stats please… 75% of you stats, facts and figures are a figment of your imagination the other 25% are just crap or was it the other way around….Or 70/30%..

        Not even sure how you got to mention Celtic and Rangers on this thread… Got something on your mind? 🙂

    • Maggie


      I think you’ll find that your comment could be considered as an offence against the Offensive behaviour act.
      Didn’t a judge rule that it was a criminal offence to tell people indigenous to this country to “go home ?” Yes he did.Maybe you should avail yourself of all the pertinent facts of the case,just to keep you on the right side of the law in this matter.

      Ex ore tuo te judico ……. Oh I forgot,you wouldn’t have had the benefit of a classical education.

      • cam

        Not that i would ever sing such a terrible song Marge,but i often wondered if a sleekit lawyer could have argued that the wording of the ditty was actually a question and not an instruction.
        Anyway doll just you get back to stuffing the hotel towels in the old suitcase.

        Whit’s wi that Judico business? don’t tell me that Goldbergs have bought the assets and heritable property while i’ve been oot?

        • Maggie


          Thought you,good Protestant that you are,knew your bible inside out.
          Did they not do all that bible bashing at the BBs and the “lodge” in your day camster ?

    • Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

      I sniff shite from you Robbie bhoy ,there’s a tinge of the ginge about you let’s see your birth lines

    • Kerrygirl

      The only destitute’s are the Glasgow ringers

  43. Felpen

    Hope he remembers to wipe his shoes on the way out.

  44. Raymilland

    “And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder. One of the four beasts saying, ‘Come and see.’ and I saw, and behold a white horse”

    Giddy up Craigie Boy!

    Hear the trumpets hear the pipers.
    One hundred million angels singin’.
    Multitudes are marchin’ to the big kettledrum.

  45. Monti

    That boardroom table could do with a bowl or two placed on it!

  46. cam

    We owe nobody nowt! not a penny owed to the Co-op mortgage and nae cash turning up in Gib.
    Celtic’s chucky is gonna ar la and that will be such fun.

  47. Niall Walker

    Sometimes one has to look at real sectarian cultures to compare ours, so let us have a look at N.Ireland:

    To me there is one cultural trait that highlights sectarianism more than anything else and that is inter marriage, in Scotland 50% of Catholics marry a non-Catholic, in Norther Ireland it has risen from 5% to 10% in the last 20 years.

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