Breaking News – Craig Mather Resigns as Rangers CEO – And Bryan Smart Goes Too

Stock Exchange announcement this morning:-

The Company announces that, by mutual consent, the Chief Executive, Craig Mather, has resigned from the Company with immediate effect. The Company also announces that Non-Executive Director Bryan Smart has resigned from the board with immediate effect. The Directors would like to thank both Craig and Bryan for their contributions to the Club.

As a matter of priority, the Company, working with its advisers, will now seek to strengthen the Board, both to meet the standards required for an AIM company, and to achieve stability through a consensus amongst major shareholders, which can then be considered by all shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

According to the Rangers official website – linked to here

CRAIG MATHER has today left his position as Chief Executive of Rangers International Football Club Plc by mutual consent.

Mr Mather has agreed to stand down in an attempt to help calm speculation over the governance and executive management of Rangers.

Mr Mather said: “The interests of the Club are of paramount importance and I believe these are best served by me leaving the Club.

“Despite recent events and speculation, the facts of the matter are that the Club is financially secure and in a far better place than it was a year ago.

“Unlike most football clubs Rangers has money in the bank, no borrowings and this season we have assembled a squad which is capable of progressing through the leagues.

“I have enjoyed a very constructive relationship with Ally McCoist and wish him and the team every success.

“My short tenure as chief executive has been beset by incessant attempts to destabilise the operations of the Club, all done supposedly in the interests of Rangers.

“I had real faith in the rebuilding of Rangers and invested significantly in the Club. Sadly, those who have been most active in upsetting the very good progress we have been making were not willing to do the same.

“I leave with my head held high and will remain as a shareholder and a supporter of Ally and his team.

“I would also like to pay tribute to the outstanding commitment and loyalty of Rangers supporters.

“No individual is more important than Rangers and my departure will hopefully alleviate some of the pressure surrounding the Club and herald an end to the current hysteria, which I believe most fans desperately want to see.

“I have always tried to do my best for the Club and the fans and I will continue my support of what is a fantastic Club.

“There are a great many good and thoroughly decent people working with Rangers and I am proud to say that I was able to stand alongside them for a time.

“It is often forgotten that I put in £1m of my own money but I can assure everyone that it was never about the money for me.

“I consider it to have been my privilege and I am certain that once the Board is settled Rangers will be restored to the top of Scottish football.

“I wish Rangers and the fans every success in the weeks, months and years ahead. I will continue to follow the Club’s fortunes and support the team which is playing an exciting style of football. In fact, I hope to return to Ibrox and take in as many matches as my time will allow.”

More to follow …


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74 responses to “Breaking News – Craig Mather Resigns as Rangers CEO – And Bryan Smart Goes Too

  1. MikeB

    Does that just leave Stockbridge and the Easdales? A bit light, is it not. Almost back to the SDM days.

    • Gortnamona

      Attention Attention Attention

      Would all members of the Remuneration Committee please report to Ipox immediately!

      • The Hidden Fortress

        You surely don’t expect the committee that never meets to meet now Gort. I think there might be a problem achieving a quorum, much less anything else !

  2. hector

    The brothers Grim are only keeping Stockbridge because he can do sums without taking his shoes and socks off.His days are numbered.

  3. John Clarke

    Rats, ship, sinking all seem to be words that come to mind……….

  4. AntoniousF

    its amazing how many people have stepped down from the The Rangers board, ironically to ‘save’ The Rangers.

    he’s no Edward Smith, thats for sure.

    mind the iceberg

    • Gortnamona

      Positively Sydney Carton(esque)

      “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”

  5. JohnBhoy

    Ten Green bottles sitting on the wall…


    And so the rotten onion has stated to be peeled again – really you could not make this stuff up. It used to be weekly revelations from Ibrox, now it is daily, and that includes week-ends too.

    Mismanagement, Misinformation, Maladministration should replace now Aye Ready(for the scrapheap again)

  7. AntoniousF

    is that a revolving door at the front of the big hoose, or a magic roundabout.

    • Fisiani

      Would the last to leave put out the light.
      Mather does not want to be around for the AGM.
      The extent of the money laundering by the spivs will be exposed soon. Liquidation looms.
      This is an Ibrokes game of pass the parcel. The one holding CEO when it goes under gets the blame.

      • John Clarke

        “Would the last to leave put out the light.” ……… there will be no need to do that, there will be no electricity when they can’t pay the bills

  8. neillyp

    Oh, and just in case you’ve forgotten (or care) I invested loads of money but it’s not about that.

    P.S regarding the money, can I have it back please? No rush.

    • Old Cartha Bhoy

      For ease, please pass any remaining salary, bonuses, sale of shares, travel claim to S Africa, into Imran’s mother’s account…you have her bank details…

  9. siberiant

    will money bags and the busmen last it out to the (wake) AGM/EGM?

  10. Monti

    ” Rangers has money in the bank “?
    Would that be the stolen Charity money & which bank is it in?

  11. Chas

    It’s the gift that just keeps giving. Except if your an investor in which case it just keeps draining.

  12. redetin

    “The Directors would like to thank both Craig and Bryan for their contributions to the Club.”

    Must be the wrong way around?

    “Craig and Bryan would like to thank the Directors for contributions from the Club”. Fill yer boots!

    • Monti


      The Celtic support wish to thank Craig Mather & the the rangers directors for a brief, if yet entertaining contribution to the comedy gold extravaganza!
      I just can’t get enough…..

  13. Monti

    Would anyone like a bowl?

  14. wastrel

    so & so`s agreed to step down, he`s agreed to join to stabilize etc, such `n such is attempting to join, this one`s resigned that one`s left, honestly guys (& dolls) just when you think life can`t get any better, they just keep giving!
    OH, here comes Cam to tell us all- there`s nothing to see here, move along!
    looks like Sheershite`s finally been given the Spanish fidel, thank F`!!

  15. tombrann

    Is there a world record for CEO’s and Chairmen? I’m sure that they must be close to creating one.

  16. Deansy

    ““I leave with my head held high” – That remark alone shows that Mather had no idea of the type of organisation he represented – you cannot walk ‘Head-high’ after being involved with such a vile entity !

  17. Monti

    Heavy Fog on the approach to St.Andrews this morning……….Armageddon?

  18. Flump

    No Media House to contact at the bottom of the statement either……………..

  19. Monti

    They slip & slide as we fall in love & we just can’t seem to get enough of you….dodododododododododododi

    Sevco 5088!

  20. Eastside

    “And another ones gone, and another ones gone, and another one bites the dust!”

    And in today’s episode……

  21. Monti

    Q. Is it the company or the club they have resigned from or are both entities the same?

  22. portpower

    Two more doing the wally
    Who was it that employed Jack?

    Choo! Choo!


  23. Foxy

    See the £1M that will be in the bank in April, is it Craig’s and will it still be there now?

  24. Can anyone imagine what Scottish football would be like today if Celtic F.C operated their business anything like the dead club or even Sevco f.c.
    What an absolute shambles of a toxic outfit Sevco are and its likely to get far far worser as the weeks and months go bye bye!!

  25. Monti

    So they dodo walking away after all, see what I did there :)?

  26. Arb urns

    I would not like to be a face painter with an invoice in there for £40……..come on blue nuns sort this out don’t let the country bail you out a second time…..hector code red!!!!!!!!!

  27. so one Easdale and Stockbridge are today the “board” of Rangers international the proud owners of the The Rangers FC.

    Old joke comes true, Rangers COULD hold it’s next board meeting in a Telephone booth,

    Craig Mather has walked away, today of all days, Inram Ahmeds court case starts today, the guy that sacked him has done one, what happens now to that case,
    will,Mathers pay off have to come out of the £1m in the bank that’s supposed to be there come April fools day

  28. Monti

    This would be a really good time for the Hun slayer extraordinaire, the Hero of heroes Craig Whyte to make an appearance………….i would possibly create a new flavour of Ice cream if that happened!

    • @Monti
      I’m working on that very thing now mate. Can I borrow your chest freezer, I managed to get 38,000 nuts in mine, but I have nowhere for the chocolate dipped season books. A wee bit of ginger and popcorn sprinkles on top….Obviously.

  29. John Clarke

    The £1m in the bank by April………does that factor in the ‘claim’ by Ahmed due in court today?
    Have they walked away now because they were given advice on his court case by the same briefs that gave them advice for Monday’ court case and now know they are fecked AGAIN if he wins and they have to pay costs?

    How much out of the £1m would be left after the costs for Monday AND, if they lose in the Ahmed case, they have to pay him £500k Plus costs???

    Will they have enough funds to finish the season?
    Will they need to sell season tickets at Easter just to survive to the summer?

    How much longer can the SFA avoid seeing a Proctologist to remove their ‘head’ from their ar*e?

    • daviecooperonthewing

      So many questions…
      Interesting how none off them relate to CFC, Pistol Pete, The 5 way agreement, The CO-OP, The GCC, Gibraltar, West horn, London Road school.
      Go on Mr C..ask some questions about your own club for a change.

      • Steven Brennan

        Shields up!!!
        If you want to have a debate about Celtic send in a post with what it is you want to discuss, then we can talk about that subject.
        Until that time deflect away.
        Sevco are being run by a bus driver and a financial guy who cant count.
        The rest have all pissed off before the agm and during a court case.
        The big bus driver is being left as the patsy with Chico Verde pulling his strings.

        • Maggie

          @Steven Brennan

          Hi Steven,
          Brilliant comment above…… ” Last of the Hunnish Swine” That work of genius will “live long and prosper” in my mind. 🙂
          H H

      • John Clarke

        @ DCOTW…
        Why on earth would I want to ask questions about my own club (do you know my club by the way), when the topic I am commenting on relates to something else?
        Likewise, why would I want to ask questions relating to CFC when my questions relate to the post /blog I am commenting on?
        I can understand and feel your pain in these difficult times, when you just don’t know who to trust, who to hate and, as a consequence, lash out at everybody that tries to helpfully lead you into the light and the truth.

        Your loyalty is to be admired…….however, blind loyalty is to be unable to think logically nor question what is presented to you in order to come to your OWN conclusion.
        This in turn can lead to others ‘abusing’ that loyalty and lining their own pockets……….I am sure you are relieved that that isn’t happening to the Sevco business as it is being run by Rangers men.

        Personally, and I am sure you will agree, for the Sevco business to succeed it would benefit from being built on strong foundations, set and square thus giving strength and stability…………Just a thought for the next version of the Oldco tribute act 🙂

      • Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

        Tommycooperonthegin , your sunk now fk off

      • alfredthepict

        Come on davy boy ! the whole world loves a good comedy show !

  30. Something that strikes me in all of this is what is the influence now being exerted by the NOMAD?

    Rangers are now on there third NOMAD in 10 months and I don’t think they can afford to lose this one. So I believe the NOMAD is calling a lot of the shots.

    This has become more apparent in the past few days with the need to clarify King’s involvement via Mondays rns to the LSE and evidence of their hand appears again in today’s rns when talking about future board appointments.

    Perhaps this NOMAD is attempting to impose some discipline by ensuring that rules are followed. Quite what this means to the bigger picture is unclear, but if my assessment is correct then it makes life difficult for the ‘chancers’.

  31. wastrel

    they almost had nine directors, now they`ve got, hmm, let me see, is it two?
    a week`s a long time at grayskull.

  32. Driverjohn

    If Mr Stockbridge remains FD, will one of the Easdales have to be placed as CEO for the purposes of AIM corporate governance? Now that would be something.

  33. Paul c

    Fave bit

    “It is often forgotten that I put in £1m of my own money but I can assure everyone that it was never about the money for me.”

    Aye but you’ve taken a lot of that back as salary and you still have your shares to sell.

  34. Paul c

    We could get Davina Mc Call to stand outside and interview them as the get voted out ra big hoose

  35. cam

    After a late night extra shift rattling it right into the satanists,i awake to see that Craig has done the honourable thing and British football has lost possibly one of the handsomest,most debonair, talented men in all of Intergalactica.
    The inexorable, glacier like movement towards stability continues.Mother Ibrox is defending itself in a Gaiaesque fashion.
    Those who answer the call shall be rewarded for eternity.
    Only a true blue Protestant son of William, can truly comprehend what it means to see the greatest football club EVER,be so loved and so valued that they would face the horrific task of being interviewed by members of the beggar press and stand close to Scrote McLaughlin.

    I’m writing to GCC to demand those creatures put off a fact finding mission to Lourdes and use the money to provide red,white and blue bunting and an open top bus for the return of the one true King.
    Walter,Greigy,Sandy et al being hello helloed by hunderds of thousands of Gods chosen people,,,,,,Ted,i’m greetin,pure greetin wi emotion.

    The weans have been told that Xmas might be off the menu,but they’re not too fussed as any day that is named after a mass is expendable.
    Wee Knoxella and Luther have opened up their piggy banks and offered the money to the cause,,,,choked wi pride so ah am.

    Follow we will!

    • Paul

      @cam the tin rattling man
      Wee Knoxella and Luther have opened up their piggy banks and offered the money to the cause,,,,choked wi pride so ah am.

      Just give it to the creditors so that their weans can have a Christmas, instead of giving it back to the Grinch..

      • Gortnamona

        He is a truly sad little man.

        Down at the pub spouting shite and trying to impress people who are laughing at him.

        Meanwhile back at the ranch the bandits have rode away into the sunset with their saddlebags bulging, leaving little Brian to root through the cupboards in case they have missed anything.

        “Take your time Brian the stupid little Shite Artist still hasn’t a clue”


        this army of walking shit roaming aimlessly drunk around Barcelona

    • alfredthepict

      look son you really should keep taking the medication your doc prescribed !

  36. Raymilland

    Another day another CEO

    You know my life is like a highway
    Just too many roads to take
    You know I’ll try to take the right one
    Just gets harder every day

  37. Pingback: ‘It became necessary to destroy the town to save it’ – Craig Mather’s Departure From Rangers | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  38. Fast forward
    At the November 2013 AGM it was decided,following the McColl& Murray proposal that anyone with at least one share in RIFC would be obliged to take part in a weekly raffle, two shareholders would be picked at “random” by the computer, these lucky two would get to be “the Board” for a week

    It’s April the 1St 2014
    A wee group of Billys gather outside Ibrox…
    As agreed at the AGM, this weeks two ” randomly selected men that make up the revolving “board”,will be coming down the marble staircase with todays ATM reciept, to show the fans representatives the bank balance would be at least £1m

    the doors of Ibrox swing open and the two men that are this weeks “board”
    Charlie Green and Craig Whyte, open the ATM slip and announce to the wee crowd of Billy’s…………………………………………………April Fool.

  39. Paul

    “Rangers is a train building up a head of steam and it is heading straight for Celtic, wonder how Celtic will cope with real pressure and competition after 3 years of coasting.”

    The fat trainor conrtoller would like to inform all staff that two of the trains (Bryan not so smart and Craig nothing matters) have ran into difficulties and have bee de-railed.This follows on from Black Monday were the timetable had to be rescheduled due unforeseen porkies been introduced for effect. The fat trainor controller would like to apologise to all customers and emphasisi it is like this with new companies and none more so than companies who have tried to re-adjust due to liquidation. Once we have new trains (like the King SA and Murray express) and a schedule in place normal service will resume and travel tickets around Scotland will be back on sale.
    the management are sure you will understand and have laid on special McGill buses to ensure you reach a destination.For further information contact the fat Trainor controller

  40. Flump

    Which director has to retire at their AGM now?

  41. Walt Disney

    Is there anybody left ?

  42. lordmac

    GREAT NEWS FOR THE RANGERS FANS you can help the “HERO’S ” now. buy your new season tickets this week, for the second part of the season, tickets are on sale as of now, you can contact JABBA, if you are having trouble, with reading, writing or spelling, ps no army personal need apply, as we need bums on seats, not bums over seats.

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