“Black Monday” For Rangers’ CEO Craig Mather

Fans of Billy Joel might be familiar with his song “Summer, Highland Falls”. It includes the lines:-

“For we are always what our situations hand us

It’s either sadness or euphoria”.

For some reason those words came to mind last night when I was thinking about Craig Mather, the Rangers International Football Club PLC CEO.

Black Monday

Why Might Mr Mather Have Been Euphoric?

A week ago he was in South Africa along with Brian Stockbridge to see Dave King.

The Board had told the Rebels that they were not getting their resolution to vote on 4 new directors heard at the AGM on 24th October. This had been challenged in court, but Mr Mather had “robust” advice from the company’s solicitors, junior counsel and QC that the notices about the resolution were defective. So even though there was a hearing set for yesterday, he must have been viewing this as positive.

The AGM notices had gone out and the Board were ready to proclaim to the shareholders their success in saving Rangers from disaster, especially when none of the present rebels had been willing to stump up the cash to do so.

The football club was already running away with the third tier of Scottish football and apart from a League Cup defeat to Forfar had a 100% record.

Even the fans who praised Ally McCoist for not walking away but who were sceptical of his managerial talents seemed to be quite. An 8-0 victory does that sometimes.

As for the company there was still enough cash left from the share issue to take Rangers through to April with £1 million in the bank.

He was due to meet with selected representatives of the fans on last Thursday night to answer as many of their questions as rules would allow, and he was hoping to be able to give them good news.

And then came the cherry on the cake. Dave King agreed to come back to Ibrox and join the Board of the PLC as Chairman. He was also willing to invest, although clearly the cash was not needed now, but a nest egg for a rainy day is always a good thing, and indeed he was willing to lead further fund-raising efforts to make the nest egg into a war chest for the return to the top level of Scottish football.

The meeting with the Rangers fans went well – despite the Financial Director being restricted in what he could say about money by Stock Exchange Rules, and despite him having to leave for another appointment during the meeting – Mr Mather would have gone away thinking that the supporters understood the fiscal reality of the massive achievement he had been part of. And if it had cost Rangers £1 million to pay Mr Green for his tenure, this was a price worth paying to get rid of him, and after all it was Mr Mather who had sacked Imran Ahmad.

(The fact that Mr Ahmad’s court action against Rangers is back in court tomorrow (Wednesday) was a small and indeed unimportant matter which he did not need to trouble the fans with. After all Rangers have “robust” legal advice that Mr Ahmad’s case is unfounded.)

And whilst, as a result of Stock Exchange Rules he couldn’t say much about Mr King’s plans, he was able to tell the supporters’ representatives about a statement Rangers were about to release dealing with the problems the fans had with Media House and Jack Irvine, and this seemed to please them.

Then, on Saturday, prompted by leaks suggesting that Mr King was in the Rebel camp, came the piece de resistance.

Mr Mather and Mr King announced that the South African-based businessman, having resolved his disagreement with the tax authorities in his present homeland, was coming back. He would be chairman, bring in money and lead fund-raising.

Mr King also made clear that he was not aligned with any group and wanted to work with the existing directors.

The reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

CM Happy

Rangers message boards lit up with delight. A true Rangers fan, who whilst maybe not a billionaire was clearly far richer than anyone involved with the club just now, was coming back. Despite having lost £20 million when the former company failed, he was willing to put in more money. And the focus on his possible regulatory issues was a sign to the faithful that Celtic supporters were rattled. After all, why should people go on about him and the “fit and proper person” test unless they feared him?

Mr Mather seemed to have succeeded in uniting his team’s fans and in heading off the Rebels too. Mr King had thrown in his lot with the existing board and the press coverage on Sunday was also very much in favour. Some even detected the signs of a retrun to “succulent lamb-ism”.

So What Happened to Change Mr Mather from Euphoria to Sadness?

“Black Monday” happened.

(No, not Ian Black Monday, just Black Monday).

At 7am the Stock Exchange press wire put out Rangers statement amending what was said over the weekend. I wrote about that here.

The result? At least officially Mr King was not yet coming back – there was no agreement on his appointment nor on investment or fund-raising. In fact he was only discussing a possible position on the “football board” and not the PLC. Even worse the clarification was being made because Rangers NOMAD insisted that it do so to remedy possible regulatory breaches in the Saturday announcements.

Later on, despite the “robust” legal advice he had, Lord Tyre found against Rangers and in favour of the Rebels. As a result the AGM was postponed.

The release of a statement later, which I mentioned here, seemed almost to be a declaration by Rangers that they had won, or at least that the score did not reflect the run of play.

Suddenly Mr Mather was in the frame for illegally denying the Rebels the vote on new directors and, as a result, incurring the disapproval of the judge, the costs of a cancelled AGM, the costs for a new AGM and the expenses, which will be substantial, involved in defending a legal case which, on the face of it, now seems to have been a losing battle from the moment it was raised, as I wrote about here. (On the rare occasion I get a prediction right, I want to tell people!)

This morning’s papers are talking about demands for Mr Mather to resign for his botching of the King news and his defence of the court action.

The good cheer of Saturday night and Sunday will have evaporated.

CM Sad

The Rebels have momentum heading into the AGM and even the positive vibes gained by the imminent announcement about Media House seems to have gone, because, in fact, there has not yet actually been any public announcement!

From the weekend, when Mr Mather might have sat sipping a glass of celebratory white wine from one of South Africa’s finest vineyards (maybe a personal recommendation from Mr King?) to yesterday, when that taste of victory has turned to ashes in his mouth, is summed up by the ever-eloquent Mr Joel.

“For we are always what our situations hand us

It’s either sadness or euphoria”.

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  1. Monti

    Morning Paul,
    I’m definitely in the ‘euphoria’ camp!
    Would you like a bowl sir?

  2. cam

    The big question on the bus this morning must have been,how does this affect the Wee Rovers?
    The Gers fans know that individuals are only there to be used to continue the glorious 141 year unbroken history of the famous Glasgow Rangers.
    The Coyote will find that is a universal truth in fitba.

  3. JOE

    A couple of post of defiance.
    We see and feel your hurt.
    Fingers in ears eyes shut shout Na Na Na Na as loud as you can, Cam

    • JOE

      The blurred bit at the outer edge of the screen calls.
      Real life off out TA RA

    • cam

      Lets all point and laugh at the loonies!
      It’s all about the famous Glasgow Rangers!,bring on yer Phil,yer Arty,yer two Pauls,yer Cha’s.Use yer weasel words,haud up yer wee bits of paper and kick as many Lucozade bottles as ye like.
      We Are The People!!

      There shll be a short intermission from Radio Cam as we chase him and give him his meds.Please enjoy this musical interlude.

  4. cam

    Morag doll.fire up the barbie,we’re having a party!!!

    Black skulls on, weans up marching, pure culchur,,go on have a drink.

  5. Can,t believe you don,t know! your old club were LIQUIDATED! But Charlie Greens version of Rangers look as though they want to join them!

  6. Paul

    The problem with Mathers was he was not prepared as a rebel would put it SPEAK TO ME. There was no room in the board to BREATHE it seemed that the present board were ON THE RUN and as such had no TIME for others.
    The board were confident they had now cut their cloth accordingly and the the manager had taken a pay cut informing the fans that running this club is THE GREAT GIG IN THE SKY and that MONEY is not an option the rebels are out to ruin US AND THEM been the fans, The new regime is certainly different from the days of Green and White in that under them it was simply ANY COLOUR YOU LIKE and the disarray was giving the Sevco fans BRAIN DAMAGE, something had to be done to ECLIPSE what had went on before and to be frank, there IS NO DARK SIDE OF THE MOON IN FACT IT IS ALL DARK.

  7. Old Cartha Bhoy

    Great summary and execution of this issue, Paul, which got a mention en passant on Scottish channels last night?

    The events in Court, coupled with subsequent press releases, is taking us ever nearer to unravelling who owns Rangers, and as importantly, WHAT constitutes the legal body that is Rangers? Did Mather and Stockbridge never touch on any of this with Dave King, or go into the nuts and bolts of what he would actually Chair? You will be Chair of the front company, Dave, and we will let you in with the big boys if you stick to the script, says Slime and Slimier….

    Time for some more taped conversation to be released, methinks!


    It seems to me that Mather and Stockbridge are in over their heads and lack the nous to run a raffle – they are making it up as they go along, and in Irvine and Traynor, they have the two biggest ‘make – it – upperers’ in PR.

    So sad that the Ibrox hordes will ‘bite the hand off’ anyone with ‘a few bob’ irrespective of their lack of probity.

    • Niall Walker

      @John Burns,

      The evidence suggests neither Craig nor Brian are confident of an election, and they have not improved their chances over the last few days. The last men standing from the original gang may not survive for much longer, too many errors of judgement and too many links to the guilty.

      What is obvious is there is no hidden power structure within the shareholders, nobody controlling assets or subsidiary companies, the inevitable outcome will be as it should have been, Rangers minded men dictating long term policy.

      All in all a black Monday for Craig and Brian but a sunny day for Rangers fans, my projection has improved somewhat, I believe Rangers will be able to compete against Celtic in their first year back, Peter will not gamble again next year with high wages and Rangers with DK’s investment will narrow the gap to next to nothing.

      Rangers is a train building up a head of steam and it is heading straight for Celtic, wonder how Celtic will cope with real pressure and competition after 3 years of coasting.

      • Eastside

        How is it obvious that there is no “hidden power structure, nobody is controlling the assets or subsidiary companies”?
        You seem rather baselessly confident that Whyte, Green, Ahmed, Mather, Stockbridge and all the other Spivs who have haunted Ibrox have not used the opportunity or had the inclination to take control of the assets or subsidiary companies? For starters Chuckles is listed as a Director on multiple subsidiaries.
        Your opinion that only “Rangers Men” would have the support of the Orcs going forward, has been proven wrong multiple times over the past couple of years by the Spivs, shout “We arra people”, talk about enemies and the hordes are anyones ffs!

        • Niall Walker


          The PLC owns everything, they own the companies and the assets, nothing too difficult to understand.

          ” Your opinion that only “Rangers Men” would have the support of the Orcs going forward, has been proven wrong multiple times over the past couple of years by the Spivs,”

          I can only assume you have mistaken me for someone else.

          • Eastside

            Steerpike Denial: so someone else used your log in yesterday to post “ANY TAKEOVER WITHOUT FAN SUPPORT IS COMMERCIAL SUICIDE, THIS LIMITS THE FIELD SOMEWHAT”

            Limits the field ffs!? Limits it to what, people North ot the Equator?

      • JimBhoy

        @Niall Nothing is ‘obvious’ you forget we are dealing with Spivs who have one interest. Rangers are a train heading for the precipice fast.

        You have went from Shockbridge defender to hanging him on the haters of rangers wall in a WEEK. I questioned your trust in this man and his cohorts…

        King was the best option last week. The rangers fans have been totally against mini Murray (is that what they call him) coming back, he seems the best option this week…Blin and Mccoll the best options a few week’s back.

        Pretty soon SDM will be back in control of rangers and will have all his pals back in the job.

        Yous are an awful long way off the Celtic and I do not mean East Fife..

        Scrambling for survival is not a train on target or on time.. Maybe the Easdales can set up a bus when the train is late..

        As the deflection increases on here it is a good measure of how the bears are slowly seeing the magnitude of how much sh!t their club is clearly in.

        Cannot say you were not warned #2…!!

        • Niall Walker

          ” You have went from Shockbridge defender to hanging him on the haters of rangers wall in a WEEK. I questioned your trust in this man and his cohorts…”

          You also have me confused with someone else, I reserved judgement on Brian’s abilities but it seems others are unwilling to wait, I am merely commentating on this fact.

      • Monti

        ” Wonder how Celtic will cope with real pressure “?

        Simple really, we just beat them when we play them & accumulate more points against the rest of the teams than they can.
        It really is a simple game football!
        All they need to do before they can engage with Celtic, is ensure all their tax & utility bills are paid on time, then see what they have left to buy players!
        Celtic football club & Celtic fans are not scared, worried, anxious or remotely concerned what second Rangers can offer in terms of competition!
        You describe Rangers as a train Niall, the first meeting between these sides will come soon Niall,at that point, the the rangers train will be derailed, there will be no track left Niall, nowhere for them to run & hide……Celtic & it’s fans are waiting Niall, we are in a strong position, squad wise & financially!
        rangers may well be a train Niall, a Ghost train!

        Graffiti on the wall…..

        • Niall Walker

          ” You describe Rangers as a train Niall, ”

          No I mean Rangers are literally a train they are not a football club,, don’t you start all that metaphorical psychobabble or coatbrig and arby baby will be on your case, and I mean case in the literal sense.

          • metaphorical financial projections
            metaphorical votes of confidence in the spivs
            metaphorical losses of less than a £1m a month
            DK is a FPP to own a football club,metaphorically speaking of coursel

            the only thing not metaphorical is your memory of eating your sick old mums dinner, it was not a shared memory, your mum does not remember eating her dinner ,because you had pocketed it,

            my personal opinion,

            there is something very disturbed about an adult that comes on here, using two usernames and talks about those usernames as if they are two separate and distinct people.

          • Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

            No I mean the Glasgow ringers, I like that Kerry , are a train , a train of thought , cause they don’t exist .now fuck off your sunk

      • Rangers is a train building up a head of steam and it is heading straight for

      • Dan

        Same as we did in the last OF game in history-three zip.

  9. Monti

    Would love to see more comments on here from fans of all the other clubs in Scotland, share with us their views of the ‘ original ‘ Rangers & what they have done to the game, their views on Ogilvie, Doncaster & Regan!
    We all know how we feel about the the Rangers, let’s have fans of Aberdeen, Dundee Utd & Hibs etc involved!
    Where’s Budweiser gone?

    • Flump

      Am a Dee. When it first broke away back in Feb 2012 I had sympathy for the plight their fans found themselves in. I could understand their fans attitude to begin with. However my sympathy soon evaporated. No remorse from their club and little acceptance of their culpability for where they ended up.
      So much for the making their way back up with dignity and gaining back respect. They are just repeating their previous mistakes expecting the cavalry to come over the hill and rescue them from their circled wagons.

  10. cam

    Here’s a wee tune for the handsome debonair Mr Mather who fittingly wandered into this wee bigotfest as an innocent abroad.

  11. Paul

    The thing is in Traynor they have a guy who quoted for all in Scotland that Rangers were dead and history gone. In Irvine they have a guy who slated their greatest ever player,
    What did they do about Traynor and Irvine they hire them. Talk about giving the opposition ammunition,British classic comedy at best.

  12. cam

    Paul, you may be right,,,,you may be wrong!

  13. willy wonka

    Mather told lies to the Rangers support at the Ibrox meeting. For that reason if no other he should be tossed out on his arse.
    And he will be. Along with the rest.

    • JimBhoy

      @WW definitely… There has been a lot of posts on here saying as much.. £1m in April should have set the alarm bells off…IMO

      • Monti


        I wouldn’t mind having £1m in my account come April, alas it’ll be just under the £1m 🙂

      • Niall Walker


        1 million left in April would ring alarm bells except it was also stated this figure was without any Sport Direct dividend, basically all of the annual retail income. Now if you add this to the 2.5 million loan facility then the bells stop ringing.

        Now let us have a look at the doom and gloom projections of losing over 14 million this year. There was a 3 million surplus with 2 million capital spend this year, therefore Rangers only have 1 million in extra cash this year. Now if Rangers are burning over 2.75 million per month with ONLY a total income of 20 million they will run out of cash in the 1st week of February, having spent all of the years income.

        Where have Rangers got the extra 5.5 million from to get to April with 1 million still in the bank, and this is not counting any Sports Direct dividend?

        What this figure tells us is Rangers have increased income and decreased costs to the tune of 5.5 million without Sports Direct, and this is in 9 months, a saving of nearly 700k per moth.

        700k x 12 = 8.4 million plus Sports Direct at 3 million =11.4 million difference from the previous year, as I said Rangers will have a loss the size of the loan facility and that is it.

        Things are picking up and the only thing that can derail Rangers is some very large one off non-recurring item, so I imagine Phil will still be predicting their DOWNFALL, God loves a trier.

        • Monti

          Have the creditors been paid Niall?
          Remember them?

          • Niall Walker


            The creditors cannot be paid until the old company is wound up, you have been told this on numerous occasions.

            I hope you are not point scoring at those poor creditors expense, it does come across that way, I would tone it down if I were you.

            • Monti


              I’m not point scoring, I’m extremely irritated at the creditors being left out of pocket!
              Shortly after Charles Green took control at Ibrox, he was banging on about Sevco having £30m in the bank & being the best financially run club in the country!
              This language was IMO insulting to the creditors left unpaid, do you agree with that?
              I will continue to ask the question until the creditors get every penny paid to them!
              I won’t be toning anything down Niall.
              In fact I’ll be intensifying this ‘train’ of thought.
              Now sit down & face the front!

            • Sevco United

              In the interest of fairness Monti, are you also extremely irritated at Paul McConvilles creditors being left out of pocket ? Or is your ire restricted to the Old Rangers ?

            • why is that ? why cant creditors be paid ?

              Millions was spent paying select creditors,

              you know football creditors,

              millions of ££££££££££££££££ were spent on them,
              feking slap in the face to ALL non footballing creditors,

              just reminding those than financially support the tribute act, those that what to indulge the same club scam, same club, then pay the frigging creditors,

              same club, then recoup all the outstanding EBT loans from Wee Barry Et Al all those that shed crocodile tears,

              get Ogilvie, Smith and McCoist to start the ball rolling.

              pay the face painter ,pay the ambulance service.

              never mind toning it down bhoys, Lets scream it loud and clear,
              Scottish law does not discriminate between football and non football creditors,
              those that aid and abet sevco decided to do that, just pay the football debts and fek the rest.
              SFA = Sevco’s Fraudsters Assistants

          • Sevco United

            Same question to you CB. In the interest of fairness, are you also just reminding those that financially support Paul McC, those that want to indulge the same person scam, then pay the frigging creditors ?

        • JimBhoy

          @Niall stated by one of the spivs you now say is fleecing the club. Gonna make your mind up..!!!

          Phil and Kingy may yet still be right..!!

          • Monti

            As this blog is specifically aimed at all things Dodo f.c., I shall only offer my personal opinions on the Dodo’s!
            I certainly wouldn’t allow myself to be deflected!

            • Sevco United

              I thought this blog random thoughts on scots law. Surely, not paying creditors, irrespective of who you are is wrong and should be condemned ?

        • Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

          The prediction was cock on ,did rangers not go into liquidation ? Now what bit of that don’t you understand . Now fuck off your sunk

        • Felpen

          Sports District will NOT pay anything near 3 million. Ffs when the old club were winning the SPL every other year and playing in European football they bit the hand off JJB for 3 million a year. If Sevco get 1 million they would be over payed. That deal was done while Sevco were in league 4. Ffs lmfao 3 million.

  14. iantm

    Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear, ANOTHER of those ONE OFF COSTS….

    Just as well Steerpike InDeNIALL says they don’t matter.


    • Niall Walker


      Correction, one off non- recurring items do not matter if they are affordable.

      • Arb urns

        You invariably have to correct your musings Niall ……sooooooooo consistent…..we now have one – off non- recurrings…… So a non-recurring is not a non-recurring….. U couldn’t make this up……unless you were a Steerpike……c u took a helluva beating over inheriting the old dears dinner yestreen……

        It’s filed in the anniallation drawer……..

        • Niall Walker


          Come on arby baby leave the semantic nit picking to the sore losers, I am sure readers are not interested in churlish point scoring, but thanks for introducing yet another obvious metaphor to support my argument, or did you mean it literally..ho..ho..ho.

          Come on arb, try a little substance, surely you are capable of better, where is your case against the viable business model again?
          Whatever happened to your cash flow forecasts, gone missing have they?
          What about those auditors arb, signing off a company as a viable going concern with14 million losses they cannot afford?

          Our viewers demand some meat and bones arb, peanuts is not going to feed them, pardon the metaphor or is it all just psychobabble?

  15. cam

    Tunes are on it’s party time!!!
    cheers Paul,we’re having a Billy(great name) Joel sash bash.

    Here’s one for the east end Viet Cong.

  16. JimBhoy

    From Nest Eggs to War Chests…. Awesome phrase..

    Are we gonna see Ahmed ring fence some of the blue-£s if he has a positive result in court? Are Rangers paying more costs of the plaintiff. I hope that’s the right word Paul..

    Here is a question… With the current shennanigans from the self preservation society that is the current board and the fact that a new vote on personnel will take place over the next few weeks or so, maybe the day after the shares lock in finishes. Will there be scope to announce Kingy as the new chairman? Can the board just announce that unchallenged in this current phase of possible change? Can the shareholder stop it happening maybe via another EGM?

    • JimBhoy

      From War Chests to String Vests……Lots of people gonna lose their shirts on their rangers gamble.. Whilst Chico buys a castle in France, a place to house his string of thoroughbreds…

    • Old Cartha Bhoy

      I recall IA promising thay any money he got from his court case would be ploughed back into Rangers…I did not believe it then and seen nothing to strengthen his promise!

  17. Paul

    Enjoy your party and maybe you could play the birdie song you know the one about the do dos been extinct..

  18. The foot shooting fuds of falseness seem determined to amuse us to distraction, and it may be working. Everything we have learned of the shenanigans to date, has fallen on deaf ears.
    Documents, emails, audios, have all been ignored by the corrupt powers that be. Until it is put directly to them in a fashion, and from a voice that CAN’T be ignored, it will continue.
    Well done to the shareholders, and fans of CFC for trying to make that happen with the AGM resolution. Peter Lawell is in a political situation with this, but I can’t see where he can ultimately take it without the support of fellow member clubs.
    United, we demanded sporting integrity. Suddenly, the SMSM are trying to isolate PL, the loudest voice. Every fan in Scotland should be lobbying their club to ask similar Q’s
    I do not see this resolution as an attack on Sevco per se, but it is an attack on the SFA, their governance and corruption. Sevco, s a diddy team are merely collateral damage to this.
    Fears that this issue may damage the game further are unfounded! How could it be damaged further? We already have a governing body, and PROOF of its corruption, To deflect from the unseen money laundering, convicted tax dodgers, and cheats in the game,, The masks of spivs and incompetent loveable rogues are worn as an air of respectability. That is how bad it actually is.!
    I would urge everybody to back this resolution, and further suggest that if you squeeze through a turnstyle at any Scottish ground, then lobby your club to support the CFC shareholders resolution.
    We may discover some unpalatable truths, but surely that is what the aim has always been. Without direct confrontation with the mechanism that is the SFA, it will never happen, and we will soon return to the previous unjust status quo.
    With any luck, we may even be able to banish people like Jack, the scab on the scab of a scab!
    Which reminds me. Where is the shareholders listing of 5088 and Scotland Scabby boy….We have not forgotten!

    • JOE

      Foot shooting Fuds LOL

    • JimBhoy

      @Barca spot on mate I have exactly the same thoughts, this investigation is about the SFA and their ineptitude and corrupt methods.

      Not sure if Uefa/Fifa would listen or what procedure would need to be followed. It could open up sores but we need Transparency (don’t wee sally!).

      Give football back to the fans.. Level playing field. Full time refs. Summer fitba’!! Ah maybe one day.. HH great post.

    • willy wonka

      Barca – to the carpark Declan . Lol.
      Sellik complained. SFA and UEFA told them to do one.
      Sellik fans are not happy.
      What’s new ?

      • Clarkeng

        Now Willie he might have a point here.
        This might be a genuine opportunity clean Scottish Football up once and for all.
        Liewell must go!!!!
        Sack the board!!!!!!

      • Monti

        I’M HAPPY 😀

      • @Willy
        Celtic complained, but who told them to do one? Have you seen the reply?,
        Most folk are aware of things now, which were unknown at the time. Were they fobbed off? Were they complicit? Were they lied to.?
        Until that Q is asked who knows?
        Bearing in mind that decision making was rushed, and highly pressurised at the time, I would be very surprised if a wrong call or two were not made.
        Leaving the deid/alive arguments aside for a mo, Rangers were also wronged at the time. Not by the No to Newco campaign, but by the over-cosy relationship between Murray and the SFA. It was corrupt! The SFA played a massive part in the liquidation of Rangers. Peter lawell played none. He may or may not have made decisions post Rangers(IL), but that remains to be seen.
        Do you think the SFA are fit for purpose? If not, you should support the CFC motion.
        I realise that may go against the grain, but if you desire a clean game, and the truth unravelled then what choice do you have? Can you trust your own board to tell you? Have you asked. ?
        I am happy with the resolution put forward. I am happy for anything that stands a chance of untangling this mess. I am a Celtic supporter. I will take the truth on the chin! HH.

        • Clarkeng

          This is not a CFC motion.
          This is about scum who will do anything to hurt or harm Rangers even at the expense of Sellik Fitba Club.
          It’s commonly known as sectarian bile and bigotry.
          The word is if this is pursued and the coyote needs to go that the protaganists will be sorted out ……… barred from Parkheid for life is being put out on the street.
          Aparently CFC will release a statement prior to the AGM to clarify the board’s position.
          You might not be a Sellik supporter for much longer!!

    • Clarkeng

      Totally agree!!!!
      Sack the board!!!!
      Get the tax dodging crooks out!!!!
      Send him back to Ireland where he belongs.
      Gibraltar indeed!!
      Money laundering??
      And Big Liewell must go……….now!!!!!
      He concocted the plan to gift Sellik Fitba Club the 5 tainted titles.
      But they will always be tainted with the knowledge that they were given via an underhanded plan concocted behind closed doors at Hampden and Parkheid.
      The whole process was corrupt and we are sick telling you this.
      It is simply unnacceptable!!
      We at Rangers are right behind you.
      Thank goodness you have finally come to your senses and Scottish Football will be the better for it!!!!
      It’s not the first time some unpalatable truths have finally managed to weedle their way out over at your gaffe and it wont be the last.
      But with our support we will get through this.
      Sack the board!!!
      Coyote must fall on his sword……….now!!!!

      • Clarkeng

        And just remember when you are asked by your grandchildren what are the asterisks for against the titles in the wee red book you will have to tell them they were meaningless.
        They were the result of stitch up between the CEO of Sellik Fitba Club and the goons at the SFA and SPL.
        That this was additional punishment meted out on the back of the Coyote masterplan.
        Get into them!!
        Sack the board!!!!!
        Liewell must go…now!!!!
        Dont worry barca you cannot be punished for the actions of one man.
        Everyone will see the truth and will understand.
        Oh you dont think so??
        How right you are….eh???

    • Niall Walker

      ” We already have a governing body, and PROOF of its corruption,”

      I question your definition of proof, or is it a metaphor for sour grapes?

      • Clarkeng

        The so called proof all leads back to one man…..their own CEO.
        He stitched the deal up to guarantee his club five titles and five cracks at the CL.
        But he knew that whilst that would help his own club it would not improve Scottish Football as a whole.
        If you lose 40% of your potential audience then it reverts to a diddy league quite quickly.
        So he had to make sure there was a way back for Rangers.
        He did not see the backlash coming from within and this now threatens not only his position but the stability of his club.
        As we have seen many times before turkeys do vote for christmas and I would not be the least surprised to see this completely disrupting their AGM and a few people walking because of it.
        If Liewell is forced out then Allsion will walk as well.
        Who will stand guarantor for the mortgages then.
        “There could be trouble ahead” to quote a well known song.
        The serpent will devour itself out of rage……..and the world will be a better place for it.

        • JimBhoy

          @Clarkeng very convincing argument mate, I cannot speak for other Celtic fans on this site but I may need to double up on the Horlicks at night now to help me sleep..

        • Niall Walker


          It makes perfect commercial sense, Peter was quite happy for Rangers to stay in the SPL as long as they were out of Europe for 3 years, then Celtic get the best of both worlds.

          Failing that he could not allow Rangers to go extinct, the effect on SKY and other revenue streams would have crippled Celtic, how many would buy SBs for a one horse race?

          Some Celtic fans live in a kind of idealistic utopia where money does not matter, well in business money does matter, and football is big business.

          • JimBhoy

            @Niall OR maybe Ped is smarter than you think and he was playing the ‘aye means naw’ game or had fingers and toes crossed.. The rangers fans think he is the root of all evil when they really know he is top dawg, pulling all the strings. Just waiting for him, craigie and chico photo’d High Fiving at a top london hotel at Xmas..!! 🙂 Stockbridge taking the photo obviously with mather and Imran chatting in the background to paul LeGuen..

          • Clarkeng

            Was just reading through a few things and it seems Sellik are in big trouble financially if they dont get CL football.
            Not my words …one of their own…..and they think Liewell is overpaid.
            Aparently a large part the debt £16.9m to be exact ( which they now acknowledge ) falls due to be paid in 2019.
            So far they have only been repaying the interest on it ….1.5% per annum.
            It also seems their wage bill including the coyote is proportionately higher than in previous years so without CL income they will be in a loss making situation again.
            The truth is stranger than fiction eh?
            Oh and when Liewell made that statement “we have no debt”…….he lied!!!

            • Sevco United

              There is an often perpetuated myth that Celtic dont budget for European football. In all honesty though, anyone with a modicum of sense would realise that they may well not budget for it, but if not then there forecast will be a huge loss.

              What was it this year £10m profit with £20m from Champions League. You dont need to be Einstein to work out the loss if there is an early exit from Europe.

              Having said all of that, Sevco would walk over broken glass to be in Celtics financial “state”

            • Monti

              Why do you push the power button on your P.C.?
              Have you ran out of Crayons?

            • Clarkeng

              It must be because I look forward to chatting to you and kerrygirl.
              Although I have to say I prefer her to you especially when she talks aboot knickers.
              Maybe its the missionary in me ….just looking to spread light into the darkest corners …you know like Croy, Coatbrig etc etc.
              Tell me monti why do you bother.
              Yer no even funny and ye take things too personally.
              Ah mean ah cannae even mention T & C ( see I modified it so as no get you in state again ) but your acting like buster blood vessel.
              In suppose the main reason I do push the button is…………..to shove it right up you lot.
              After a hard day at the office it brings me down to earth it almost feels as if I am doing charity work.
              And ye’s aw say the lovliest things!!!

            • Niall Walker


              One only has to look back to Celtic’s accounts for 2010-11, they lost 7 million without CL football, and their operating costs are up 5 million since 2010-11. Einstein would add 7 million to 5 million for CL failure, I make that 12 million, the same business model that got SDM into bother.

              SDM had problems cutting costs and keeping up income, he feared a fan exodus that would have brought Ibrox down, Peter is now in the same hot seat.
              If as you say Celtic get a granny in the CL the fans will want better players, and Peter is looking to cut back on Celtic’s operating costs before Rangers return. Heaven forbid Celtic do not qualify next year, the place will be in uproar, and heads will roll.

            • Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

              Were are rangers ? , you paid no knt you are thieves , now fk off your sunk

        • Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

          Your a glue sniffer

  19. JOE

    Is Craig Mather in there?

  20. JimBhoy

    When Imran wins his case against Rangers remember that he will re-invest that in the club..!!! 🙂

  21. Niall Walker

    I think there are degrees of misinterpretation that can reveal something about a poster’s psychological traits, and if you recall I posted this comment, ” Richard overreacted to criticism, he disliked intensely being judged, a natural response because it reminded him of his abuse,”.

    I would like you all to read coatbrigs interpretation of my metaphor that Celtic fan’s inherit their parents bad memories, and tell me if you think this is not an overreaction.

    ” so speaking metaphorically about inherited memory from your parents and how it impacts on Celtic fans, is only NW expressing an intangible idea, so in the context of NW’s post, it’s all psycobabble, just NW trying a new way to introduce his anti Irish catholic speal ”

    To suggest a sibling would be influenced by their parents stories of sectarian bigotry is not psychobabble and it is certainly not anti Irish Catholic, we are influenced by information from both our environment and our genes, the metaphor was perfect.

    So why the overreaction, why so sensitive to obvious explanations for perceptions and attitudes inherited from ones parents?

    I think this actually proves my case.

    • Eastside

      It’s all that damn Fiddle Dee-Dee music.

    • So Niall, what irrational characteristics did you inherit from your parents & their peers? Was it a feeling that your genetic inheritance qualified you to ignore your own prejudice yet point it out in others?
      Your making an assumption that we “Paddies” are not capable of self assessment, nor are we aware of the pitfalls of insular thinking.
      Holding a position regarding a number of Scots & Sevco fans & their hostile attitudes towards overt displays of Irishness does not equate to being an irrational mindless bigot

      • Niall Walker


        I do appreciate your response, it is such a joyous surprise to debate content instead of swatting away semantic pedants.

        I have inherited no irrational characteristics, I am a man conditioned by reason and evidence, prejudice is not part of my mindset, now to your excellent point.

        ” Your making an assumption that we “Paddies” are not capable of self assessment, nor are we aware of the pitfalls of insular thinking.”

        I make no such assumption, those who propose an anti-Irish Catholic ethos in Scottish society in 2013, and those who propose Rangers and their fans are not just ordinary, are ignoring the available evidence and must be influenced by their past experiences, there is no other explanation to this overreaction.

        If you do not hold these views then I assume you are capable of assessing influences and evidence, it is a simple question of reasoning.

        Let me say this, free will in the sense of choosing without reason does not exist, if you choose to believe there is an anti-Catholic ethos in Scotland with no evidence to support your choice, then we must look for other reasons or causes for this choice.
        It seems logical to assume these causes are psychological,and stem from past influences and events.

        Now these overreactions may be understandable and even predictable but that does not make them reasonable.

        • Eastside

          Steerpike: So to be clear, you state in your drivel over the past few pages that Catholics and Catholic Celtic supporters in sparticular are moulded by their upbringing and inherit a sense of victimization etc. Basically you suggest they are not normal due to many historical and inherited reasons, but yet Rangers fans are “ordinary” people? How is it that they have managed to avoid this human nature that Celtic supporters have according to your earlier posts? How is that they haven’t “inherited” there prejudices and superiority complexes?

    • JimBhoy

      @SP Niall YAWN!!!

      • Niall Walker


        No one likes to see their perceptions dismantled, and their bias exposed for what it is, but that is how the cookie crumbles for irrational minds.

        If you genuinely believe all this Phil nonsense has any validity then show me the evidence, he has stirred up old hatreds, fears and prejudices amongst the Irish Catholic community, and for a lot of them evidence does not matter, their minds are predisposed to accepting his perceptions because they share them.

        Phil, is suffering anti-social paranoia, why else would a man suddenly devote his life to Rangers a few years back, what is going on there?
        When everyone else is sliding away from sectarianism, oor Phil still hates his daddy Rangers for abusing him.
        He then smells a market for his passion and expands his paranoia to the whole of Scottish society, I can see him coming a mile off, just a screwed up charlatan, one who blames his failures on everything but himself.

        Those that follow him pretend the evidence exists but in reality it does not.

        • Sevco United

          As much as it pains me, gotta agree with that.

          Oh and he also has more identities than Rangers/Sevco. Has Phil been liquidated 3 times ?:-)

        • JimBhoy

          @Niall it really does not take much to irritate you boys. Anyone who raises any real question on the rangers shennanigans gets on that wall of haters..

          I have never once suggested to you I am a fan of PMcG, but the mere mention of his initials throws you into a rage and generally it’s Irish catholic this and that..!!

          Now that sounds like a paranoid mind to me..!!

          PMcG PMcG PMcG…. deep breaths man..!!

          • Niall Walker


            Phil raised questions about Rangers finances because Phil thinks ALL Rangers fans are and I quote, ” The Klan, sub-human, under evolved and a racist sub culture, and said he would stand on the banks of the river ‘and cheer as the dead body of Rangers floats by’ “.
            Hardly an objective journalistic endeavor you must agree, more like a dangerous zealot suffering from depression.

            What irritates me about Phil is he is inventing damaging perceptions about my country, he is inventing an anti-Irish Catholic ethos in Scotland, and this does enrage me. It does not make me hate Irish Catholics, I am trying to persuade them that Phil is intentionally feeding off old attitudes to make money, he is treating the Irish Catholic community like mug punters.

            Now I do not expect you to take my criticism or judgement calmly, but you still ignore the fact he has no evidence, the man left Scotland in 1996 when the last vestiges of sectarianism were dying off, where is is his evidence?

            • old attitudes, jaysus it seemed like only a couple of weeks ago Ibrox was heaving, the Armed forces were in attendance,
              and then it happened, all our yesterdays broke cover,
              sectarian sing along’s, Army guys holding up keep Ulster protestant rangers football club scarfs,

              Army guys doing the bouncy while in the uniform of the crown, while on duty,
              army guys singing along with the sectarian songs while in uniform and on duty.

              until the last sectarian song is sung at IBROX until the last anti catholic anti irish sentiment is expressed, everyone that has at any time in their lives experienced it first hand should continue to highlight this evil,

              those that stand beside those that do it or confess as Walter Smith di to doing it should STFU, don’t be telling people we can’t talk about what we have experienced,
              does anti Irish anti catholic Sectarianism still exist in Scotland, of course it does,
              so don’t complain that your past was an embarrassment, don’t say, it’s ok we don’t do it so much now,

              every year the sectarian Orange Order march the streets of Scotland, we have a Anti Catholic monarchy, if she wants to be head of the church of England thats ok, just don’t have anything to do with the government or vice versa,

              it’s at the very top of the table and your telling us it’s gone away.

              when RFC went into administration, we were told that people that had worked at the club for 30/35 years could lose their jobs, i just knew no catholic’s would be counted in their numbers,
              they were happy to work for a sectarian outfit and the fans were happy to pour their money in to it and turn up and sing their sectarian songs and glory in Ulster Unionism/Loyalism, the club even brought out an orange top,
              Green wore one of them when he went to visit Ulster,to sit among convicted terrorist killers to sell the same club idea to them,
              funnily enough he never went to Holland wearing the Orange top.

              he promised them a new orange top was on it’s way,
              Sevco,Scotland’s newest football club pandered to sectarian mob to make money selling season tickets,aided and abetted by the clown that is screwing the club for £850,000 a year.

            • Why does Steerpike/walker/ feel it’s his roll to post of his agenda of Irish catholic victim mentality, without proof or evidence, when boxed in he tells us it was all just metaphorical,
              yet when someone talks of anti catholic sectarianism ,he demands evidence , he posts statistics that show how many were charged but FAILS to show how many charges were dropped and how many were found not guilty

              Always remember the Troll,Walker/Steerpike/ and his other usernames are only here for one reason,as he told us…to disrupt this blog,in any way he can,
              to sow seeds of hate ,to deny and deflect from the stories that show Sevco up for the shambles that it is,

              he is so deluded he thinks we all go along with his multi username game as if there is a different person posting as Steerpike and another one As Niall Walker.

              Niall Walker, is in my opinion the guy that was a GCC liberal councillor,
              that abused nursing staff at his sick old mothers care home because he got caught stealing his mothers dinner,
              he was described as abusive and as having behavioural problems, he was barred from the home and could only attend if a social worker went with him,
              the Troll is a major social misfit.

              the same social misfit that talks of himself as two different posters on here,

              I am quite sure he uses more than those two names, he is one disturbed Troll

            • Eastside

              Why the obsession with Phil? It’s non Celtic fans who hang onto his every word! He really gets to you guys doesn’t he!? I don’t follow him at all and only really hear reference to him from Rangers fans, so maybe you Phil experts could explain to us who are not obsessed with his every word why he upsets you so much!?

            • Niall Walker


              This is from his own side !!!

              ” Conspiracy theories? Next thing we know Phil will be accusing Celtic supporters of ‘paranoia’ too. Maybe he’s been ploughing that rangers furrow for too long and it’s starting to rub off? One sure thing remains, what Phil does is for the benefit of Phil alone. There is no altruism involved, no collective responsibility, no politics. It is nothing more than self-aggrandisement on the back of the Celtic support. The truth is catching up with you Philip and, sooner rather than later, it’s going to trip you up…”

              Spot on.

  22. Ed Paisley

    We are over-dosing on Billy Joel today. Personally I prefer that genius singer and satirical lyricist Billy No’well – “There will be trouble when the spivs come out..” To the tune of Kidz by Take That was brilliant – you’ve gotta youtube it.
    Cam likes Billy Joel – when they were winching he would serenade her with Uptown Uptempo Woman, because everyone who supports the Gers is a Downtown Downbeat Guy – they dinnae come more downbeat than old Camster.
    Morag is pure class though.

    Yes,yes pedants I know it was Randy Edelman

  23. scot

    If i have a registered incorporated and i sell the assets and business BUT keep my company (which has not been liquidated)– am i correct in thinking that my company continues even though not actively trading? can i simply start up again by finding new customers etc? I am sure that the lack of assets and business do not mean that i cease to exist. Off the shelf companies have no assets or business but are existing companies just waiting to start/restart operations. If my thinking is correct then Mr Green buying the assets of RFC cannot possibly constitute buying the club.

  24. Lex McLean

    The only attraction Rangers had for Charles Green was to make some quick money.

    He needed people around him who would do what he says and not intellectually challenge him, hence Laurel and Hardy (Stockbridge and Mather.)

    Green didn’t care how much they were paid cause he wasn’t going to be paying it. He was always getting out and leaving them to it.

    Mather’s attempt to get another man with a lets say a controversial background on board is pathetic. He is probably hoping to sell him his own shares anyway. What is Stockbridge doing there apart from collecting a way over the top salary for the skills he is showing? These two will probably hold on for a s long as possible though. Probably being fired now would suit them as they would get a pay off.

    king isn’t in the Rebel camp,- I hope they wouldn’t have him.

    That leaves the Rebels, how much would they be willing to pay for all the outstanding shares? They weren’t willing to pay the liquidators more than a couple of million and the current company is in a worse state. So the best outcome for Rangers is probably another liquidation and then being sold to the Rebels.

    So bring it on, let’s get it over with.

    By the way, what happened to directors being personally liable for unpaid VAT, payroll tax etc? Why aren’t Murray Whyte and their serving directors being chased? The UK are way too soft on directors not carrying out their responsibilities.

  25. willy wonka

    Good to see that the Bears are closing in on the identity of the hoopy horror who glassed the waiter in Spain.
    It was suspected that a high level cover-up was carried out due to the pondlife being transferred to a UK jail and his identity being covered up.
    Given who his uncle is, it’s looking more and more likely that’s exactly what happened. Update to follow.

    • JimBhoy

      @WW keep up the good work violence should never be condoned..

    • eastside

      Aye, because everyone is responsible for the actions of their nieces and nephews, only last week I had to write out a hunner lines because my nephew was naughty at School! Lol!
      Seeing the desperation from you Sevconians is magic!

    • Sevco United

      Thats just lies. Celtic fans are loved everywhere and would never do such a thing.

    • can you remember any of the names of the dirty dozen that got jailed after the Manchester riot,
      12 Rangers men, loyal and true blue thugs, all sent to jail after one game of football, that must be a world record for yobs getting sent down over one game, the truth of the matter is that it should have been hundreds of them,
      trying to kill a policeman,

      then they want to talk of terrorism.

      only two clubs in the UK have fans that could be classed as waging a terror campaign. RFC 1872 and SEVCO both playing out of Ibrox,

      a fan base that is anti catholic and anti irish, a fan base that has had anti terror police involved in the sport of football over bombs and bullets in the post and death threat to all and sundry, including the man that bought the assets of RFC 1872,
      CW’s houskeepers got advice from anti terror police
      threats of football stadiums getting burnt to the ground ,
      dozens of threats against newspaper journalists,
      the SUN newspaper forced to do the bidding of the mob, after an orchestrated bullying of the media campaign,

      shops and stores told by members of the mob not to stock a book,because it told the true story of the downfall of the original club playing out of IBROX, or as some one said it the other day, it has been re named “the hide out” a classic i thought, funny, but to the point.
      the BBC and some of it’s journalists bombarded with threats both verbal and physical, over 400 orchestrated complaints levelled at the BBC for a man expressing his opinion on the same club bullshyte

  26. hector

    Values of Struth Dignity,honesty and openness.How does this board score.

  27. hector

    “Tolerance and sanity.Thats what Rangers will demonstrate and maintain,especially when back at the summit”. James Traynor. How is that working out Jimbo?

  28. Monti

    This rangers train you were talking about, does it come with a wee fat controller?

  29. Monti


    Niall: ” Hello Cam ”
    Cam: ” Hello Niall ”
    Carson:” Hello Niall & Cam, where’s the wee fat controller”?
    Niall:” Hello Ally” 🙂

  30. hector

    Phil is back on the airwaves with his take on legal aspects of the sevco shambles.

  31. The problem at Sevco is simple, DK, PM and Mc Coll all want to drive the Train, but nobody would like to pay the 30 Mil Fare, its a newco PLC, Money can buy you a ticket !

  32. Monti

    I believe Sevco brought in 7 or 8 players (sic) at the end of their transfer ban (sic), you portray yourself as someone with a head for figures ( I don’t ) so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt & run this by you.
    Q.1) What would you speculate as to the net, cumulative amount of wages for these 8 players each month?
    Q.2) I think the the rangers could have won their respective title WITHOUT any of these 8 players. do you?
    Q.3) The money saved from not bringing these players in could have went to creditors instead? Do you agree?
    Q.4) They have NO intentions of paying a single creditor, do they Niall?
    Q.5) It is a complete disgrace,isn’t it Niall?

    • JimBhoy

      @Monti January fire sale will be on mate, Lee Wallace a cert. Wallace could be the sacrificial lamb (succulent) to keep the club going another month. Blackthorn must be loving the positiveness sponsoring the rangers has bestowed upon them… Maybe a lot of bears crying in their cider though..!!

    • Niall Walker


      There is no data or logic that can be used to determine if Rangers wage bill will be more or less than 7.8 million this year, there are too many unknowns. We do not know how much the total bill was affected by wages in the early months, we do not know how much the first or second signings are on.

      The new owners of Rangers are not legally responsible for the debts of the old owners, they accepted responsibility for the football debts as the price for membership transfer, they have done nothing out of the ORDINARY by not paying the creditors of the previous company.

      Companies who take over liquidated companies do so because the debts are not included, if you include them then no company would ever start up again.

      Tell me this, if the CVA had been accepted, would you accept Rangers had not died, this being the case what about all the creditors who only got 10p i the pound?

      Should they get paid?

    • Sevco United

      Im not Niall, but i will give it a go.

      1) £50k maximum per month
      2) Yes
      3) No.
      4) They were made to pay certain debts.
      5) Yes

  33. Deansy

    “a war-chest for the return to the top level of Scottish football” – It’s impossible to ‘return’ to a place they’ve never been to – IF they get into the Premiership, it’ll be their FIRST TIME as they’re a new club.

  34. JimBhoy

    Mather and Stockbridge had better get the orange tap out soon, get the ground renamed the orange bowl, start using more aggressive language when talking about all those rangers haters, throw in a couple of no surrenders and WATP, mention how the bigots will not win, PR trip to Belfast in new Orange tap, throw in the US academy to be set up by Bocanegra, tie up with the Cowboys, moving to English league, 5000 new shops opening WW to support the needs of 500 million followers… Blue pitch gonna can easily throw in £50m (Nice one agent orange)..!

    — Alternatively do nothing, get voted out at the AGM, get your year’s sal paid up and pick up £500k each to keep your mouth shut and sell those shares asap. Move into a chateau next to Chico, help your other neighbour whyte write the book and film, loosely based on the PMcG’s books.. 🙂

    • Sevco United

      The only problem with that theory is the Mather has put in £1m of his own money if my memory serves me right. Him and the Easdales are the ones with the most to lose given that when all is said and done, the 3 of them appear to have put their money where their mouth is.

  35. Niall Walker
    October 15, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    The creditors cannot be paid until the old company is wound up, you have been told this on numerous occasions.

    I hope you are not point scoring at those poor creditors expense, it does come across that way, I would tone it down if I were you.

    0 0 Rate This

    Surely niall you meant the old club and company?

    • Niall Walker


      There have been numerous clubs who have been through a CVA in Scottish football, all had to pay their footballing debts IN FULL to stay members and all left creditors UNPAID, therefore Rangers are not out of the ordinary in these two specifics.

      If club and company are one and the same then why should a company pay off its footballing debts in full, why can they not keep their membership if the footballing debts go into a creditor’s pot?
      Doesn’t this suggest there is more to being a football club than a company, why is company law rejected and why does the SFA have club rules that are outwith company law?

  36. JimBhoy

    Every time I read a post about that bad man Lawell (aka Liewell, coyote Pete etc) I just picture him laughing his head off…I suppose there has to be some focus of rage amongst the “Teflon Teddies”.. They turn on their own on a daily basis..!!

    ps, I am claiming the originator of the phrase “Teflon Teddies”, not quite in the league as my Chico pyro pants or Old Sticklebricks… Expect an increase of teflonitis over the coming weeks as their rage grows.

  37. JOE

    @ JimBhoy
    Old Sticklebricks……….. GOOD
    Teflon TeDdies…………..Very Good
    Chico Pyro pants………..Pure Class

  38. Sevco United

    PS – When Eastside appears, i am still looking for the link to Berti Vogts autobiography where he claimed Tommy Burns would have got the Scotland job if he was a Rangers man.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Monti

      Of course Rangers men (IL) don’t get Scotland jobs or positions within the SFA do they?
      That fine upstanding bunch who play within the rules!

      • Sevco United

        Listen, ive already had this one out with Eastside……and he lost.

        However, can you help him out and point me to this Berti Vogts quote. LOL

        • Sevco United

          In the last 40 years, the following is true of people who have been in charge of the National team for 1 game or more:

          4 “Celtic men” for a total of 69 games
          3 “Rangers men” for a total of 36 games
          7 “Other men” for a total of 257 games

          The funny thing being that Berti Vogts was only 4 games short in 2 years of every single “Rangers man” who took charge of the team in the past 40 years.

          Another horse-shit Old Firm myth busted. 🙂

          • Eastside

            Are you suggesting that despite anti-Catholicism and anti-Irish racism being rife and a historical fact throughout every industry from the Police to Banks to The Ambulance service in Scotland, yet somehow miraculously didn’t find its way into the male dominated, socially expressive, competitive and tribal Sport of Football?

            • Sevco United

              Im suggesting that if its not YOU thats making nonsense up(and i should point out that i think you are talking utter shite), then Berti Vogts most certainly was.

              There is not a sensible person alive that could look at the stats of the past 40 years on Scottish managers and suggest that there was a bias towards Rangers.

              For you to try and portray this makes you look silly.

              The facts dont lie.

              PS – Im going to bet you wont find it. 🙂

            • Niall Walker


              I feel anti-Irish Catholicism in Scotland fell sharply in 1996, the year Phil moved to Donegal, probably just a coincidence.

            • Eastside

              Sevco: I couldn’t give a Tom tit what your “little club” syndrome makes you think. Historical facts are historical facts, to deny anti-irishness and anti Catholicism was normal in Scotland for decades and is still around to a lesser extent just makes you sound like a nitwit. To suggest it was everywhere bar Scottish football makes you sound like a bit of a dim wit.

            • Sevco United

              Now you are puting words into my mouth. Anti Irish and Anti-Catholic sentiments alive in Scotland for decades is fact. I have never denied that anywhere on here.

              However saying its still around “to a lesser extent” is like saying “Jew hating Nazis are still around in Germany to a lesser extent”

              Anti-Irishness and Anti-Catholic sentiments only exist in a very small minority of utter plonkers who live for hatred. Its a miniscule percentage by the way. And on the flip side, there is also a miniscule percentage of Anti-Britishnesss and Anti-Protestant sentiments about. All in all, both are non events nowadays.

              The claims you have made over the last 3 or 4 days have all been proven to be utter bollocks. You have been rogered from pillar to post on the subject to the point of embarrassing yourself with mistake after mistake.

              There is no evidence of any bias in the picking of Scottish National Managers of a Rangers persuasion.

              There is no evidence of any bias in the picking of SFA presidents of a Rangers persuasion.

              There is no evidence of any bias in the picking of SFA top positions of a Rangers persusaion.

              The facts would actually support the EXACT opposite, but unlike you, I dont have a victim mentality and believe that Kelly, McGinn, Ogilvie, Riley, Stein, Smith, Smith, McLeish, Burns, Stark and Strachan were all picked in a fair and consistent manner.

          • Eastside

            Sevco: if you are correct then it would HAVE TO mean that despite these prejudices and racist attitudes being part of life in Scotland, despiteitbeing rife through every industry in the Country, it just miraculously did not find its way into Scottish Football. You might be selling, but I ain’t buying.

            • Niall Walker


              You are just confirming my brilliant psychological profile, it does not matter what evidence you are shown, your perceptions remain the same.

              I think I should get a psychiatry award.

          • Eastside

            For starters you are talking about 40 years ago and have insinuated you believe it is a Myth full stop, not that it was many years ago but isn’t the case anymore, your reference to historical incidents like Jinky, Stein etc again show you believe that bias didn’t exist in Scottish football full stop. All I’m saying, is that for that to be the case it would have to, HAVE TO, mean that the historical fact of anti Irish anti Irish bias, prejudice, racism, discrimination etc was everywhere else in Scotland and every industry in Scotland, except for the male dominated, competitive, tribal, sport of Scottish Football.
            I disagree.

            • Sevco United

              Im not talking about 40 years ago, im talking about the LAST 40 years.

              But to throw a spanner in the works, You talk about this anti-catholic bias and prejudice in all industries and Scottish football so can you please tell me your take and views on the fact that Celtic FC had no Non-Catholic Director for 108 years.

              In a country that is only 16% Catholic, do you agree this is a factual example of religious bias ?

      • Eastside

        And whether you believe the Berti Vogts quote or not is irrelevant, I’ve seen it. I’ve had a quick look and couldn’t find reference to it, in fact I couldn’t even find reference to my own online conversations on the matter. But I’ll find it eventually when I have the time, and when i do I’ll post it for you.

  39. Frankie Lad

    Surely somewhere there must be a rolled up trousered leg, rode the goat, straight talking, bunnet wearing, in for profit based on result equivalent of the wee Canadian from Kilsyth who can sort this fiasco out once and for all. Can it be believed the likes of Murray & McC will have the same mindset in the success of the company bearing in mind that they haven’t stumped up the cash to buy their seat at the table ?

  40. JimBhoy

    I’ll away for a run then training play nice while I am away at some real footie..!!

  41. Niall Walker

    “Rangers were also wronged at the time….. by the over-cosy relationship between Murray and the SFA. It was corrupt!

    The SFA played a massive part in the liquidation of Rangers.”


    Unless you have real evidence to support these two accusations then there is nothing to discuss except the causes behind your hysteria.

    What age are you?
    Do you live in a mining village?
    Where you a victim of sectarianism when you were young?
    Was your father a victim of bigotry and did he share his memories with you?
    Do you hate Rangers like an abusive father?
    Do you love Irish Catholicism because Scotland rejected you?

    The mind is not a blank slate, we are just products of our environment and our genes, perhaps a wee call to a counselor is not out of order.

  42. Monti

    I see Sir Alex Ferguson has had a street named after him near Old Trafford, Manchester.
    Could the GCC not do the same up here for Craig Whyte?

    Just saying like…….

  43. Arb urns

    This setanta stance is interesting… If it goes unchallenged and is official does it mean Rangers, born, Glasgow 1872 died Dublin 2013 aged 140years…….
    Cause of Death……. Suggestions on a postcard please…………..

    • Niall Walker


      What is your take on it arb, care to share your thoughts?

      • Eastside

        Rangers are legally and factually Deid. To argue the same Club nonsense in a case like this would destroy the Myth once and for all so they won’t go near it with a barge pole. The SPL signed the deal on behalf of SPL Clubs depending on team participation in SPL games. For some reason paying Rangers old football debts is iced to give credence to the same Club Myth, yet not receiving football prize money or TV monies for showing the team play is ignored or dismissed. Supposedly the SFA and SPL have both said it’s the same Club, so why won’t they officially endorse this? Why won’t they help a member Club to receive money due? Why won’t Sevco challenge this decision? Those are the questions you should be asking IMO.

      • Arb urns

        A Dublin death certificate would not be what was envisaged at outset pretty sure that’s right……..

    • Sevco United

      Rangers are deid. But i dont believe the Setanta argument is in any way relevant at all as any money that would be due wouldnt go to Sevco under any circumstances. Just as the prize and TV money for the season before they died didnt go to them.

      • Eastside

        Why isn’t it relevent? Why didn’t it go to them? They’ve paid the football debts and are supposedly the same Club in the eyes of the SFA, SPL, UEFA, ECA, ASA, LNS etc etc, etc, so why shouldn’t they receive their dues, attempt to recover them or even send a polite letter to Setantas administrators asking why they’ve decided to ignore them as a valid creditor? Sevco wouldn’t dare accept a penny on behalf of Rangers because to do so would see them REALLY!! seen as a continuation of Rangers and they would be responsible for Rangers debts.

  44. Ian4300

    Niall Walker
    October 15, 2013 at 12:40 pm
    @John Burns,
    …..Rangers is a train building up a head of steam and it is heading straight for Celtic, wonder how Celtic will cope with real pressure and competition after 3 years of coasting.
    There are trains & Er other trains.

    This is a Celtic train heading for Europe.


    This is a Rangers train about to build up a head of steam.


  45. Eastside

    Right that’s it, who has Phil Macs number? He’s really upset my pal Steerpike again and I ain’t having it!

  46. lord nimmo fined the old club and setanta don’t pay the new club, me, I think that say’s something.

  47. Monti

    That has to be the worst rendition of Flower of Scotland I’ve ever heard!

    They should get Jack & Victor to do it or Isa 🙂

  48. Arb urns

    If setanta admin men do an about turn , say at the next ibrox forces day, and present a cheque to the ‘ same club ‘ would that be embarrassing for rangers….. BDO any thoughts or r u actively engaged in chasing this setanta money on behalf of creditors

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