Guess Which Blogger Has Been Taken to Court by Rangers?

As I often say the Scottish courts website is a great source of information and often provides scoops for those happy enough to plough through its pages.

A quick look today revealed a new case on the “calling list”. This means that the action has been raised and served upon the defender, and because at least 21 days have passed the pursuers want to make progress.

Whilst it is not clear precisely what the action is for, I think it is noteworthy that Rangers have taken action.

Who is the lucky blogger to fall victim to Biggart Baillie, the lawyers for Rangers?

Is it one of the serried ranks of “Rangers haters” as we (I number myself amongst them, not because I am but because I am classed as one) are known?


Is it the star of TV and radio, Mr Chris Graham of Rangers Standard and “Enemies of Rangers” fame?


Is it Bill McMurdo?

Of course not.

So who has proved to be such a thorn in Rangers side that it considers it necessary to spend the time and the money to pursue him?

David Leggat (right) promoting his new book at Ibrox

David Leggat (right) promoting his new book at Ibrox

Yes – Mr David Leggat – prolific author, blogger and master of the “inky trades”.

The note reads:- The Rangers Football Club Ltd, Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow and another AG David Leggat.

What is noteworthy is that the action is being raised by the “football company”. There is reference to “another” pursuer which may be the PLC, or it could be an individual.

Mr Leggat may of course choose not to defend the court action. He may feel that he should not have to trouble himself with the time and expense of defending a court action. On the other hand he is someone who frequently challenges people to “see him in court” if they do not like what he writes.

He might feel that he has been betrayed by being sued by his beloved football team – perhaps the first to take up his challenge?

He might feel that he is being gagged and decide to speak out in the spirit of free speech.

Whatever happens, I am sure he will seek good legal advice and speak out frankly about what the case is about.

I must say that, in principle, the sight of a major company pursuing an individual over what they have said or written (which one assumes is the basis of this case) is not a good one. It smacks of heavy-handed restriction on liberty and free debate.

That does not give writers carte blanche to say whatever they like, of course, but suing people who disagree with you seems, in the absence of clarification about the precise basis for the case, to be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Maybe Mr Leggat will become as famous as the McDonald’s Two who stood up to the giant corporation in the McLibel case?

One thing is certain – it will be a while before Mr Leggat gets the chance to promote another of his books with a launch event in Ibrox!

We can but wait and see…

There will be more…



(Or else in court)

Posted by Paul McConville


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122 responses to “Guess Which Blogger Has Been Taken to Court by Rangers?

  1. Steven Brennan

    I am just dying to know which pile of rubbish they have found actionable, Leggat. Is a joke figure and this will give him kudos among the lunatic fringe.
    An uglier little shit Martyr I have never seen.
    He just needs to postpone a few times and they will go bust before he is called to the dock.
    And another point, will they have a book burning in the albion at the next home game?

  2. His auld Presbyterian granny will be birling in her grave!

    • fedupwithallthisnonesense

      This assumes that his granny was:
      a) Presbyterian,
      b) A Rangers supporter.
      She may have been neither but whoever she was, leave her out of this. There is enough sectarian bile vomited across this blog at the living, there is no need to include the dead.

      • pat

        If you have ever read Leggat’s blog you would know that he never tires of telling everyone about his ‘Presbyterian Granny’ and he’s mentioned a few times her love for Rangers. As to your admonition about including the dead, does that mean your old club?

      • This a dig at Leggo’s rhetoric in his blogs. He regularly talks about his Presbyterian granny.

        • My apologies to “paulsatim” for not appreciating the context of your comment. I have not read Mr. Leggat’s blog and I will continue to deprive myself of that experience. I will however be more careful in the future.

          As to “pat”, your suggestion that I support Rangers is wholly inaccurate.

          My original post was intended to be a defence of good manners, but the current febrile nature of the blog comments is such that every comment is now viewed through the prism of partisanship.

          This is a very sad development for a blog which, when it first started, offered not only reasoned and insightful articles (which it continues to do) but also relatively reasoned debate.

          However the final phrase in your comment “As to your admonition about including the dead, does that mean your old club?” exhibits many of the characteristics which have come to exemplify many of the comments posted on this blog, the like of which have degraded the quality of debate which once existed.

          That your comment is extremely mild by comparison to the foul language and sectarian rants of other commentators is off little consolation for me, it is still of a tenor which I would expect the blog owner to moderate more fully.

          Best to you all.

  3. @Paul.
    Go on mate, offer him a freebie for your services. Get another couple of frogs out the box.

  4. Monti

    Their Majesty today placed a message in the flameless commonwealth Baton, final destination, the World famous Celtic park, home of Celtic!
    Much speculation as to what the Queen’s message will say continues.
    ” I WANT MY MONEY BACK, FROM DAVID MURRAY ” get’s my vote!

  5. Ian4300

    Is this ANOTHER of those ONE OFF non recurring expenses which Sevco seem to be World Record Holders of?

    What did Leggat do? did he say the Model was not Viable?;

  6. Ben McGinlay

    It just seems any remarks, statements, actions, comments or IMO’s are not to be tolerated by whoever are in control at FC Ibrokes..the club/company don’t need negativity….the lawyers bill could instigate administration for the new entity….

    • @ben
      I read this some time ago, always resounds with me, especially in the last year or so; have you ever come across it?

      An old Cherokee told his grandson,

      “My son, there’s a battle between two wolves inside us all.โ€

      One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies & ego.

      The other is good; it is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy & truth.
      The boy thought about this & asked, ‘which wolf winsโ€™?

      The old Cherokee replied, “The one you feed”.

      • Ben McGinlay

        Yes Officer, I have read this and many more, these stories, words of wisdom and fables are a tool used to guide and culture the children as they are growing up, it is a way of making them think about the person they want to be. It is obvious to us as adults what it means..Native people’s whole ethos was based on family and tribal values which was portrayed in this way. There was a big emphasis on guidance, from the male grandparents, father and one other mentor, such as a medicine man or a Chief….

  7. tigertim

    Leggates not been outed as Charlotte has he?

  8. cam

    This is obviously an example of yet more anti Rangers bias against a Rangers blogger by,,,well,,,erm,,,rangers.
    Why didn’t Davie get a visit from the Messenger at Arms?
    Why is Davie being treated in such a heinous fashion?
    Why isn’t Paul round at Davie’s giving him a few tips?

    I demand that all posters in here have a whip round to pay Davie’s court costs.
    I’m in for a pound.

    • @Cam
      FFS! mate, you could buy a second hand fitba’ team with that.

      • daviecooperonthewing

        Or a grade B listed building and surrounding land. All courtesy of the GCC special favours to CFC department.

        • Monti

          That the world’s best players consistently describe as ” the best atmosphere they have played in”!!
          Creditors been paid yet?…sniff ๐Ÿ™‚

          • daviecooperonthewing

            What worlds best players are you referring to?
            Did you mean Messi?
            When did he “play” and “sample the atmosphere” at London road school?
            Still, you got five TU’s from your lackeys so you can’t have made an ass of yourself! Lol.

            • Monti

              Messi played last season when Celtic WON 2-1, however I was also talking about, Maldini, Ronaldinho, Xavi & Iniesta among others, who praise our stadium & fans.
              I feel your pain tho, you should just pay your taxes, get a decent manager & team on the park, then these occasions can become reality!
              PAY YOUR TAXES!!!!

        • Ian4300

          Complete with Planning Permission, I hope.

          Celtic have made a great job of improving the East side.

          A wee wash for some of the locals & we are all set for the Games.

          I hear the facilities for conferences at Celtic Park are first Class & much sought after… It is good to see such success & diversity in Scotland’s Premier Club.

          If others could follow, follow the Celtic model & find a fiscally balanced way of running their Club & companies, life would not be such a Drama followed by a crisis…


          • daviecooperonthewing

            “Celtic have made a great job of improving the East side”.
            Really Ian? Can you expand on, and quantify that statement?
            I think you’ll find you cannot, public money paid for the regeneration project. To the tune of ยฃ14 million.

            • cam

              The Rangers fans will be much more politically aware now Coops.When it comes to the cooncil elections, let give the bhoys some payback!

              Mark Daly there’s an Oscar, a Bafta and a Pullitzer awaiting if you peel back the skin in the Chambers.

            • iantm

              I was talking about Celtic Park with it”s renowned & much sought after Conference Facilities. These coupled to the football side of things, which are raved about by Europe’s finest players have helped build s well balanced & Viable Business model. It is only right that GCC invest in THEIR properties to create a regeneration in time for the Games

              Did you want Peter Lawwell to take chsrge of the GCC too? They could use his expertise. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • iantm

              Poor old Cam.
              MORE PAIN so more Threats.

              Break the cycle, come into the Light.

              Think of all the benefits. No asbestos. ..And. .European Football.

              You could even do some Charity work amongst the poor Sevco Supporters who live in the Shadows of Paradise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Monti

              Never mind regeneration of the East end, we have also done sterling work on the south side.
              I mean,we have got rid of Rangers, they are gone, next phase of rebuilding is the removal of asbestos & the stadium, final phase of ‘ operation Tesco’ should follow in 2014!

            • jimbo699669

              worth every penny lol

        • davie… that building your talking about is just one of many similar abandoned school buildings all over Glasgow. There’s one 50yds from my front door, a much more important structure in terms of “heritage status” & it, like the rest are in total disrepair. The council don’t have the money, & independent developers are not interested in re developing a structure right next to Celtic park. there was only one realistic outcome for redevelopment, & that was for Celtic to incorporate it into their complex.
          What I will say is, if Celtic are not using their own cash to redevelope then questions should be asked of both the council & Celtic.
          BTW..the council have spent considerable cash regenerating Bridegton & the surrounding area. Which as we all know, traditionally houses a large chunk of Sevco followers.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            I concur with your comments regarding CFC and the GCC.
            The main thrust of the debate concerns Historic Scotland’s alleged denial of access to the listed property. They also submitted plans for redevelopment which were refused on dubietious grounds, which HS are contesting.The council also failed to advertise or market the property openly. It appears that this deal was kept quiet to benefit a certain party.
            The point being, if true, that the transaction was not carried out in the best interests of the local community.
            Perhaps Paul could do a blog on the situation to enlighten us to the legal aspects involved?

    • Kerrygirl

      You could have bought rangers for that,

    • Steven Brennan

      I am in for a pound also, a wee beer in the scotia and then off to the sheriff court to see the fun, Donald of the moustache and songbook representing both parties.
      The probably sent the messengers at arms round but Leggo was pissed and told the” papist bastards” to eff off followed by his favourite ” see you in court” i hope “odious Spiersy” is on duty as the press court bhoy on that day.

    • JimBhoy

      @ask Sally he knows all those involved

    • portpower

      I`m in for a penny share.


    • Monti

      If Leggats legal costs are ยฃ 10,000 say, why doesn’t he just pay ยฃ1,000 himself & get ยฃ9,000 from the EBT scheme?

      Oh that’s right, they don’t do that anymore….:/

  9. Cluster one


  10. hector

    It must be getting a bit uncomfortable for old Jabba as he and old Leggo were/are pretty close.A lot of Leggos output has been laying into Jack since he took over from Jabba and from memory the 2 posts that the thought police removed were very anti board anti Jack.Not so much rats leaving a sinking ship as rats consuming each other to survive.

  11. Sevco United

    Not the only familiar names on the calling list:

    A403/13 Andrew Hunter v Paul McConville

    A421/13 David Sadler v Paul McConville

    • Steven Brennan

      Good call sevco, the only reply on this legal blog to mention a real legal matter.
      Keep up the good work and you might actually unearth something to save you toxic club.
      Well done son!!

    • cam

      Is that cases that Paul will be handling?

      • Sevco United

        Dont think so. He is the defendant by the looks of it.

        • cam

          For crimes against blogging?
          I’ll head down and be a character witness.

          “Your honour,ladies and gentlemen of the jury,my client stands here before you, completely innocent of all charges made against him.
          Where in law does it state that two years of stalking one football club is illegal?,,,nowhere!
          My client is providing a public service to the entire country.Do you know that there are dozens of crazed folk who would otherwise be loose on society if it wasn’t for the sterling work this devout,wonderful,humorous,kind doyen of the clatterers does?

          This hero of the Republic is on the threshold,the very brink of solving one of the most complex pieces of legislation ever to vex the blogging community,,,the 5 way agreement.
          His ground breaking Gratuitous Alienation theory has insolvency experts aghast at the brilliance of his work.
          His entire gamut of skills is on display,one minute effortlessly defining the difference between club and company,the next breaking up catfights between Carson and cat lady.
          Look at this humble man,does that face look like a Machiavellian schemer,a gunpowder plotter?

          Nay,nay,nay and thrice nay!

          I beseech you,in the name of justice, let my client walk from this court a free man,let the truth be told,let him let Carson out of the cooler,let the people sing,let there be light!!”

          “Bailiff,,, remove this imbecile from my court and take Mr McConville down to the cells and confiscate his phone.”

          Next case; Monti v Walls Ice Cream,breaking and entry.

          • Sevco United

            A little google search on the names and further research on the cases is a bit of an eye opener. Actually, its more than a bit of one. Im sure there is a huge legal blog that could be made out of it.

    • JimBhoy

      Sevco go to sevconia and do not skirt around your fukin loyalties… You have been suspected for long enough and your supposed straight down the middle is a total farse..

    • Clarkeng

      @Sevco Utd
      That couldnt possibly be our illustrious host……………….could it?
      Whit happened tae the ยฃ4.3 million from the miner’s fund?
      Whit didnae pay the tax?
      Well I never!!
      Never paid oot to the victims!!
      Oh he was a victim because he was exposed to sectarian bigotry and hatred.
      We what would you expect growing up in Coatbrig!!!
      It would make interesting reading if anyone was to put some statistics up on the percentage of criminal activity undertaken by Albion Rovers supporting Sellik sympathisers.
      This could be a job for Steerpike!!!
      And JohnBhoy although you do have the right of reply…………………… please dont.
      I am still trying to figure out how you could possibly come to those conclusions you previously arrived at.
      Naw nane of them
      The Law of Randomly Selected Conclusions??
      Ah thats the one!!
      The statistics show that there is a probability of a far higher rate of criminality amongst a particular subset??
      And Steerpike……we all know which one that is………..dont we!!!!!

  12. Steven Brennan

    Hows the bone collection going?
    Was in Falkland yesterday but didn’t see anybody with a labrador, or a penguin for that matter.
    Woof woof

  13. hector

    Had a look at The Sons of Struth Facebook page.No mention of Leggo but the rumour is that Iain Hart will be gone as a director before the AGM.A rat jumping or getting pushed? The sos page is quite well done but for the life of me I cant figure out why they have a large picture of Norman Wisdom at the top of the page.

    • Steven Brennan

      I was thinking only last night that DeNiall was like Norman ( full of ) wisdom.
      I can here him shouting Mr Grimsdale Mr Grimsdale as he is dragged off to the padded cell.
      I have decided to scroll past every post he makes as its all lies and contradictions.

  14. Jamie


    Who’s next? Chwis Graham…McMurder….devouring their own now…priceless!

  15. You remember when leggos blog was taken down?

    A link to ecoโ€™s guest blog on โ€˜scottish law reportersโ€™ If you continue scrolling down after eco, youโ€™ll come across a blog dated 8 sept 2013, which may provide some clues. Do the dates tie up?

    Just a thought if anyone fancies a bit of a fishing trip tonight.

  16. portpower

    Did leggat speak ill of the dead ?


  17. Will the court room reek of whisky scented pish?

    Will the defendant arrive in a tuk-tuk,driven by a Bangkok ladyboy,resplendent in a dapper linen suit with pish stains on each leg?

    At lunchtimes,wIll there be a communal sing song of ‘cultural’ songs in the Glaswegian bar, with big Donald on the mike and Leggo on the piano.

    Will this get to court before Admin 2?

    Rainjurz are Deed and it is great to be a Tim.

    • Cam the Thurso Thunderbird drinker.

      Is this you?

      Did you remove your trousers in flight, so you wouldn’t pish them like your favourite ‘author’ does regularly?

      • cam

        Back to crazy Phil’s midden wee man, before your big yap gets you into more bother.

        • Eh,more bother?

          You talk more pish than even a pair of the inky man’s trouser legs could absorb in a whisky fuelled bender in a Bangkok Gogo bar.

          You,Carson,and Daviecooperonthewing…….Three Fannies.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            Go away little man, before I swat you asunder like a pesky fly at a barbecue.
            I am familiar with your historical MO, and contributions from the banter sites. We both know you wouldn’t want them aired on here.
            How is Meester “Bond ” these days?

  18. portpower

    Little Leggat


  19. Fisiani

    The legal attempt by the spivs to muzzle the internal critics with inside knowledge is a classical sign that the ship is going down and there are nowhere near enough lifeboats. Walter Smith’s recent lengthy diatribe in the manner of Pontius Pilate has finally let the cat out of the bag. The spivs have been rumbled. The AGM will be a truly titanic struggle. Will the spivs continue to bleed ‘the company” to death. The spivs do not care about ‘the club’ They only care about sucking the marrow out of ‘the company”. The club is merely a vehicle to get mugs to put money into the company to further enrich the spivs.

  20. Leggo sporting a poppy – whatever next?

  21. First things first…. I’m still wondering why Leggat’s arse wasn’t hauled up to court by Glasgow’s finest after he threatened Alex Thomson…

    Also someone left a link on the last blog about McMurders book claiming “Jesus was a millionaire”….. Do Mather & Stockbridge know about this? They could get the begging bowl out & shove it under the Saviours nose. Could this be the divine intervention they’re all praying for?

  22. I just can’t stop laughing. Who is the script writer? Leggo goes to court he hurts his precious traditions and shop soiled seconds of a club or lies down and gets gagged. No win situation. Hahaha.

  23. ’em goddam maysonics yi cannie trust ’em cin yi, witabunchawankas, jist banter o’ coorse

  24. i must express to all and sundry ,that the kerry on wi das Bunkeez Munz is absolutely hilariously hilarious, and the utter hilarity of it all has me in pint size stitches cos the twa greenockians who are connected wae das M.H.Bs, are as crocked as the rocky road to dublin, will seevco keep seeving dosh like it is going out of style, and what about super swally it looks like watty has been coachin’ this cockroache all along and probably gettin’ a few bob intae the bargain,the bunz fanz are so stupid that they have allowed themselves to be conned by super swally and chico not tae menshun the loyal waistecoat’s tearer’s part in the whole shithoose saga,BUT DON’T EXPECT THE MASONIC RANKS TO BREAK @HAMPDEN,LAWWELL IS A GUTLESS WEED AND HE IS IN IT UP TAE HIS NECK, FUCKIN’ JIPPO NOLAN

  25. fergus slayed the blues

    Surely they would be better saving the Leggat case money too take Settanta to court for keeping (stealing) their clubs money .
    Or do they think that would be a case they would never win as the club died in 2012

  26. Charles Dickens

    It was the best of times…..

    • Monti

      @Charles Dickens

      ……The moments immediately after Jim White announced on SSN ” Rangers have entered administration “?

      ’twas epic in my house like ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. guten morgen das M.H.Bs. of SEEVCO, WITABUNCHAWANKAS yoolotiz

  28. As you say the courts are a great place to find information can I asked which motion against you was unopposed.

    A421/13 David Sadler v Paul McConville &c

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