Does Ally McCoist Have a Problem With Graeme Souness?

The annual report of RIFC PLC will provide many happy hours/days/weeks of comment.

It leads off with the business review and the first part of that is the “Football Manager’s Review” by Mr McCoist.

The accounts show that he achieved the world record for the highest wage paid to any football manager in the fourth tier of a national football league – £824,697 for the 13 months to 30th June 2013.

Well done Ally!

The report also states that he remains the club’s all-time leading goalscorer.

Mr McCoist leads off his Review by stating:-

I have always regarded the job of being the manager of Rangers Football Club as a great privilege and it is a tremendous honour for me to follow in the footsteps of outstanding Rangers men such as Walter Smith, Bill Struth, William Waddell, John Greig, Jock Wallace and Alex McLeish – all of whom represented the Club with dignity and distinction.

Perhaps passage of time can excuse him omitting Scott Symon and William Wilton from the list.

Lack of success and his short time there explains why Paul Le Guen does  not get a mention.

Quite why Dick Advocaat is not mentioned I cannot say.

But the most glaring omission is surely Mr Souness.

After all, Mr McCoist played under Mr Souness …

Perhaps that explains it.

Maybe Mr McCoist feels that Mr Souness did not “represent Rangers with dignity and distinction”?

Perhaps someone can ask him at his next press conference?

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457 responses to “Does Ally McCoist Have a Problem With Graeme Souness?

  1. ecojon

    I hear a rumour that Ally is demanding the name of the guy that didn’t sign the accounts.

    Apparently he wants to know why there’s no entry for the warchest mentioned.

    Ally, if you were as lightfooted as Chico you might get an answer but somehow I doubt if you’ll ever catch-up with the old Green Flash who not only holds world sprint speed records but most of the cash in his Big Hands 🙂

    • @eco, bang on. Old Charlie himself when he came back as a “Consultant” used the oldest trick in the book (deflect).

      “they’re looking at me” (not robert de niro style), just “they’re looking at me”?.
      So he thought, umm, McCoist, he’ll take the bait.

      “Ally must win the Scottish cup with the team he has assembled”.
      Pressure on, McCoist came up like a salmon, hook, line n sinker. Ranted like a fool on TV + Radio, just as Charlie knew he would.

      Old Charlie boy did his deeds when they were all looking at…….. Sally.

  2. Minehost Mr Paul McConville, i think thought should be given to a new post, entitled;
    “Were not here to provide a consultancy service to those suffering post truamatic annual returns”.

    FFs, i’m sick of the bleeding hearts on here.

  3. BB

    It was defo a red, but Naymar was at it, never nice to see, not the only one though, big sami at it – again, ‘would go down as if he was shot’, itv ingerlund -Roy keane post match in his rebuff of Gordon Strachan. Anyway. Celtic 0 Morton 1. Celtic 0 Barcelona … A la Greavsie….! 🙂

    • To BB Hell will freeze over before your Sevco are playing in the Champions League, just enjoy the Ramsdens cup as you all seem to enjoy being in the bottom leagues of Scotland. Let Celtic and there supporters enjoy the big teams playing at CELTICpark and bringing millions in. Hail Hail

  4. Project Walliams

    Rangers burns through the cash
    More misdirection from the financial experts – this time the BBC’s Business Editor ‘fails’ to understand simple accounting.
    “The comparison with the 2009-10 accounts show …………Back then, turnover (I assume he meant to say Income) was £56m. It’s fallen to £19m. But expenditure hasn’t fallen nearly as fast. Three years ago, it was £44m. It’s now nearly £34m.
    Those figures give you the simple explanation for the loss. (indeed) A more complex one, highlighted by the club (the succulent lamb part is now coming), is that there were a number of one-offs; ………. The one-off elements add up to £4.2m, according to these accounts” (Except the £4.2m one-off does not form part of the £34m but is over and above that).
    “Neil Patey, football finance analyst with EY reckons Rangers is burning through £600,000 per month”
    Neil Patey is still talking utter pish – T’Rangers are still burning through £1.1m per month.

    OK for goodwill’s sake, lets include the Negative Goodwill – When the IPO was launched T’Rangers prospectus gave figures to end of August 2012 indicating profits then of £13.8m and cash in the bank of £4.2m. Add in the £22m (?) raised from the IPO and we now have 10 months later less than we started with = profits of £1.1m and cash in the bank of £11.2m. So yes, the entire IPO appears to have gone in one off elements (4.2m), paying for Oldco assets (6.7m + 0.5m) and running at an operating loss of £1.1m per month.

  5. cam

    Well never having seen any of the game and only through hearing 2nd hand reports,i’m not positioned to comment on the absolute horsing handed out by Barca’s B team.The possession stats alone are enough to damn the horrific ineptitude of the Irish team led by their limited Irish manager who is finding out that getting players angry and resentful isn’t enough outside the carefully orchestrated goldfish bowl of our diddy league.
    I see the horrific gnome is slagging off Neymar and applying Margesque double standards by conveniently forgetting, that in Sami he has a despicable cheat in his ranks.
    Doing the Broony earned the eejit a well deserved red card,having that coupon is a yellow in itself.
    No points,no goals, bottom of the table,thank God they don’t represent Scotland,what an utter shambles.Lemon must stay!

  6. Arb urns

    Niall ……its interesting Craig W two letter befores have surfaced in the post IPO period…… Here’s a freebie for u…. At the AGM…. Take your ‘genius’ along and do every sevconian the service of drilling Stockbridge about this million profit he is mentioning and forensically examine these NR’s……….

    • Steerpike


      Not like you to ask me to do something.

      • Arb urns

        Telling not asking……..keep telling u u don’t read things Niall….am off on 6 appntmts to clients who have heard of this negative goodwill thingy with non recurring deductibles recently….. The phone is red hot….. Duff and phelps fees again £600 ph……happy days….

  7. hector

    Good morning to you all.Just back from the dawn patrol through Mordor to see how the Rangers accounts sit with the orcs.Bill(the board don’t pay me honest)McMurdo states all is well and it is the nasty rebels who are planning the sale lease back of greyskull and not the cuddly board .Old leggo I suspect is a closet reader of this blog as he is banging on about company house returns etc points that were raised by some on this site days ago.The sons of Struth facebook page was again a relatively pleasant stopover with some reasoned debate and the wont get fooled again brigade well in control.I had hoped that once the accounts were published things would be clearer but its not to be.If you asked 3 of the wannabe accountants for their opinion on the cooked books you would get 6 or 7 answers all at odds with each other.Anyway the sun has risen on the soggy west coast lots of happy crofters this morning as the cattle trade in Oban was red hot yesterday.The only downside last nights result but good effort boys.Sevco still tits up by Christmas IMHO and must dash as have to go and cash my cattle cheque.

  8. cam

    Now usually when the Tic bhoys are under fire,Paul steps in and puts up smoke,but i wish to direct my blog to more weighty matters.

    After much whooping and pre menstrual tension from barca regards Eco’s CF 5 way snitch to a legal blog,i was expecting to see Billy Nimmo dragged through the streets,publicly flogged and all titles sent to fatboy slim Lawwell.
    Reality?,,,nowt,nada ,nil,,another false dawn.

    Orlit winding up wind ups?,,,fantasy by Tomo.

    Craigie’s LBC?,,,bogus posturing by a daftie.

    BBC false reporting on CH?,,,verified by AR form being filed and released.

    Bust by Xmas?,,,more pish by giro claimants with erectile dysfunctional issues.

    Shares suspended?,,, methane emissions from Random Farts.

    I’m seeing a pattern and i may knit myself a nice winter cardigan a la Walter.

  9. You’re still alive! Not slashed your wrists yet. A second death in the family soon

  10. In case you misconstrue that. I’m talking about your second football club

  11. Monti

    Morning everyone,
    Very disappointed with Celtic’s performance last night, no quality on the ball, no care in possession of the ball when we did have it.
    Listen we know our football & can handle being second best in a game of football against Barcelona.
    I don’t agree with the praise Samaras is getting, a few nice touches, a great piece of control here & there? So what? these are the minimum requirements. He played with passion & commitment that’s all.
    He can’t pass, holds onto the ball too long & get’s dispossessed too easily!
    Big lurch world class last night!
    I would fine him 1 months wages & strip him of the captaincy, put him on the bench for the next 3 league games.
    Gross stupidity from him made it almost impossible for his team mates to get something from the game, not only that he will now miss the double header v Ajax!
    Not interested in Neymar’s reaction, we know Brazilians,Portuguese & Spanish roll about at the slightest contact.
    Brown isn’t inexperienced or new to the demands of playing for Celtic,sadly last night he showed he isn’t a leader or Celtic captain.
    All said my biggest disappointment was that we didn’t show enough when we had the ball, it is very difficult getting possession against Barca, so when we did get we needed to keep it for longer spells. IMO we showed nothing last night.
    Scott Brown? Never mind Broony £25,000 still go into your account on Friday eh?

    • Ben McGinlay

      I agree Browny was stupid with the sly kick. It happened quite near me, but none of us saw it at the time. It was defo a yellow card for the challenge, I think he had to stop him as he was motoring away from him. As regards to Sami, I thought he played well last night, a lot of the time he was on his own with no support, quickly surrounded by two to three players when in possession(which wasn’t a lot). Thought he did not bad under the circumstances. BTW a lot of people don’t mention how hard Barcelona work to get the ball back. This changed when they scored with less than ten minutes left…when are Celtic players going to start practising heading the ball. Charlie just about had a free header on goal.

  12. Wasn’t Gordon Ramsay a great OldConian who led with distinction and dignity?

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