Why is Mr McCoist Taking a Pay Cut at Rangers When There is £10 Million in the Bank?

Goldfish have a short-term memory which lasts only ten seconds apparently.

One sometimes suspects that journalists have a recollection span which does not extend back beyond the press conference they have just been at!

Do I have an example? Yes, I do!

The papers yesterday covered Mr McCoist’s confirmation that he and his management team had agreed to wage cuts. The Daily Record reported:-

Asked if he was worried about the finances of the club, he said: “Of course I’m worried after what’s happened but at the same time I can’t have a bearing on it, it’s not my gig.

“We’re taking a wage cut. I didn’t feel under pressure to do it as I signed a contract. Some people maybe forget when I became manager someone put a contract in front of me and I just signed it. It was as simple as that.

“I didn’t even look at the wages or length of deal – I just said ‘I’m signing that’ because it’s what I want to do.

“But I understand my responsibilities and that’s why as a management team we’re taking a wage cut – we feel it’s the right thing to do.”

I will pass over his statement that he did not look at his contract to see his wages or the term of it – either he is stupid (in which case his next employer can save itself a great deal of money) or he wants to emphasise how important the Rangers job is to him. I am sure it is the latter. In any event Mr McCoist is known as an astute man of business who has, quite rightly ensured that his various employers, including Rangers and the BBC, have paid a suitably large salary for the privilege of using his services.

But here we are – one month or so before the Rangers AGM and with accounts expected since mid-September – and the manager and his support team are taking wage cuts.

Mr McCoist confirms he is “worried” about the financial position of the company. He rightly says that he has a contract and therefore could not be obliged to take a cut (and it must not be forgotten that he did so under Duff & Phelps last year). However, despite that he has “understood his responsibilities” and accepted a wage reduction.

Mr McCoist works very closely with the CEO, Craig Mather. Mr McCoist also owns 1 million shares in the PLC. Mr McCoist was one of two “Key Employees” (the other being Imran Ahmad) listed in the Rangers IPO document.

Surely someone in that position agreeing to reduce his wages from £700,000 per annum is (a) worthy of comment (b) something which ought to be of interest to shareholders and (c) potentially something which could affect the market in Rangers shares?

None of the press coverage I have read of his statement however seems to join the dots. It is all straight reporting of his selfless gesture and no one seems to ask the question – “Why now?”

Why at the start did I mention goldfish?

Did I?

I can’t remember…


Back as long ago as 11th August 2013 the press reported on the issue of a possible wage cut for Mr McCoist. The Daily Record’s article, for example, read in part:-

McCoist said: “Has anyone asked me to take a drop? No. Would I consider it if asked? Yes.

“It’s my job to get the best team I can on the park for the fans in an effort to win the league and any other competition we are in.

“It’s the board’s job to keep an eye on the finances. Obviously I am part of that in the respect they give me budgets to do so.

“I would be very hopeful, though, that we are not haemorrhaging money and going down the same road as before. It’s not a cop-out but I just don’t know.”

He said: “I’m not passing the buck here on to Brian Stockbridge but he IS the financial director.

“He said there was £10m in the bank, and that we were not losing money every month. We were making money some months and there was money coming in.

“Rightly or wrongly, I didn’t see that I should be overly concerned about the current state.

“I don’t go into board meetings for the business side of it. I go in and do my football piece.

“But I think they would tell me what was happening. I believe Craig Mather would tell me if we were heading down a road we didn’t want to be going down.

“I’d hope if it was on the horizon there would be an early warning system this time. Not like the last time when we got 24 hours’ notice.

“So if someone said to me your wage bill is too high or your staff is too high, then that’s fine I can react to that. But until that comes it’s not my gig.”

I wrote about this last month too, and you can read that here.

But no one seems to have linked Mr McCoist’s comments in August with what he has done 6 weeks later!

In August he said:-

1                    No one had asked him to take a pay cut

2                    He would consider it is asked

3                    Mr Stockbridge said there was £10 million in the bank

4                    Rangers were not losing money every month

5                    Rangers were making money some months

6                    He would expect to be told if there was a problem

7                    Until someone tells him his wage is too high then he can react to that

In September he says:-

1                    He is worried

2                    He has not been “pressured” to take a pay cut

3                    He understands his responsibilities

4                    Accepting a pay cut is the right thing to do

Maybe someone can ask him a few questions at his next press conference and if I was an investor in Rangers to make money I would want these answered too.

1                    Was he asked to take a pay cut or did he volunteer?

2                    If he was asked, who asked him?

3                    If he was asked, why was he asked to take a pay cut?

4                    Is it a permanent alteration to his contract or a temporary cut which will be made up when the coffers are full again?

5                    What “advance warning” of problems was he given?

6                    Has he been offered additional shares or any other “compensation” for accepting a pay cut?

7                    Was he offered the chance to take legal and accountancy advice before accepting the change?

8                    Was he told that other action, such as redundancy, might have to be considered if he or any of his team did not accept the reduction?

Will anyone ask the questions?

Will the press link the answers Mr McCoist gave in August with those on Friday?

Will the goldfish succeed in memorising the full history of the present Rangers Football Club?

These and other questions might never be answered…

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  1. @david……… your earlier post…. “MORONIC RANGERS FANS”.
    david….. frankly I’m shocked that you would post something like this. Surely a pedant such as yourself should have said….MORONIC SEVCO FANS….. 🙂

  2. joe

    Carson coolerring
    Have you been too long in a freezer is your brain in a cryogenic state and not thawed out?
    Your are as bright as a really really dull thing that is in a black bag at the bottom of a coal mine.
    You are about as funny as Herpes.
    Stick to the Beano son you are just making yourself look like a dick

  3. joe

    Of to bed that’s enough Skelping for one day

  4. lordmac

    after watching that display from the armed forces yesterday who in there right state of mind would want to join it, it was obvious too every one that seen the display, the arm forces look like as if they where dragged through a hedge, there uniforms look like TAT, and looked as if they had them for 5 years maybe with the lack of
    expenditure spent on new equipment, and Dress due to tax evasion
    it was a very poor looking show they put on. with banners keeping northern Ireland Protestant, and British army guys nailing there color to the mast, it has just sent out a clear signal that they will never be allowed to be a peace keeping force, in northern Ireland, and should there be any more trouble, the Geneva convention would see to that thank GOD. so there is good news for the people of IRELAND that the Brits will not be allowed to parade in the six counties. Hoping that one day soon we will get the teddy bears head back again.

  5. their actions have justified the deaths of all british soldiers any where as well as norn iron

    • cam

      Excellent my man,,,,that statement and the other anti British guff is heading straight to Nick Eeles.
      Can’t be having filth like this in MY country.

      • cam


        If you thought this nest of vipers couldn’t sink any lower,check this fud out.

        Can you imagine the fuss if Donald Findlay started up a wee blog and rockets came on and started praising the UVF and other terrorist scum?

        Luckily big Donnie is too busy with his singing lessons.

    • Monti

      Well said elfranco, OOH AAH!

    • david

      @ idiot boy franco
      You have just topped Monti as the most scummy poster.
      Some achievement.

      The World would be a better place without you in it.

  6. AJohn

    Sevco is going bust!

  7. Fisiani

    From a distance I clearly see the gullibility of the vast majority of Scots who believe what they are spoon fed.
    Charlotte Fakes has so much information that is available only to one person, Craig Whyte. ie Craig Whyte is CF. That is patently obvious.
    Ally McCoist says he never looked at his contract. Utter bollocks. Does anyone believe that? It is just his way of saying that he is blindly loyal to Rangers.
    The ravens are circling.
    The Titanic is taking on water
    The end is nigh.
    When it finally goes down the gurgler it makes a lot more noise.
    Do not believe the face value of any comment emanating from Ibrox unless you are a simpleton.

  8. hector

    Good morning to you all.Just catching up on the last 24Hrs of informed debate while waiting for daylight and a morning worrying deer.I find some the posts quite sickening and alarming.Two Davids for gods sake what is the world coming to.Do they just divide like other primitive organisms or is old rearpipe cloning them in some lab in Fife/East Kilbride you take your pick.Anyway the clock is still ticking the accounts must be just about done the orcs are ripping in to each other and with a bit of luck a few hungover squaddies will be getting a roasting .

    • Monti

      Morning Hector, 1 sleep to go before Barcelona, the champions league & glamour of the beautiful game takes centre stage.
      You know where the BIG clubs are playing!

      Sevco play in the third tier of Scottish football!

      • cam


        Just watched the Rangers website video of the spectacular Armed Forces day and what a great advert for Britain.Great to see true patriotism and pride displayed at Scotlands biggest teams ground.

        Lets get the message out to the whole country that Rangers are the Peoples team and every sponsor with British pride will be flocking to Ibrox.
        Lets highlight the difference between us and the plastic rebel mhob and lets get that midden shut down.

        Can’t have filth praising proscribed terrorist organisations in my country.

  9. Monti


    Martin McGuinness – minister for education.

    Gerry Adams – minister for general mayhem.


  10. Monti

    Mull of kintyre oh mist rolling in from the sea……
    ” Here Bik that chopper is flying a bit low ”

  11. Monti

    ” I hate them for making hate necessary ”

    Michael Collins!

  12. cam

    That’s a lot of questions about Mr McCoists personal finances that Paul would like answers to.He would actually like the press to go asking questions about the gents personal financial affairs.
    Hmmm,don’t think Paul was quite so keen on the press quizzing him regards finances.
    I think the best thing to do is to pop off a wee note to Ally and ask him,or turn up at a press conference,or hang about outside Murray Park.

    Where are these £10 notes? we really need to know.

    • Ed Paisley

      You have sunk lower than a snake’s balls.

      • cam

        Ah,there he is,,wee Ted,still in a huff after a good spanking yesterday.
        Even with half their team out injured Barca are gonna stick 3 past your filthy lot and limit you to free kicks,,,,then the true rage will surface,,,loving it Ted,greetin with joy.

        • Ed Paisley

          I wasn’t talking about footy Cam. You and Carson spend every day trying to provoke an extreme reaction, and when it comes, as it inevitably does, you come out with your outraged act.
          Why don’t YOU rise above it all.
          I object to these newly trained soldiers waving their arms to sectarian songs. But, of course, I know that when they ask for help when they return to Britain after active service, it will be people like me who offer compassion and support, not the flag-waving loyal protestants.
          I know the guy who brought up the Ibrox tragedy will be regretful, but human nature allows us all to say inappropriate things at times.

          • cam

            Ted,kindly GTF.
            You’ve just confirmed yourself as a leading dobber 2nd class and beneath contempt,,,,,now begone and try to salvage some dignity with folk who tolerate hypocrisy.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            Well done Edward.
            You are a very giving and forgiving chap.
            I can tell you are secretly abhorred by the behaviour of your fellow despots. It is equally obvious you are just too nice a bloke to say anything.
            A true gentleman.I doff my cap at you sir.

      • cam

        Did you like Felpens post Ted?did you have a wee snigger?is it just craic?

        go on Ted,grow a pair,man up.The Celtic bhoys are incandescent with rage,eternal seething.
        This is just the beginning Ted.
        Payback is a bitch.

        • daviecooperonthewing

          Morning Cam.
          Yes that Felpen geezer clearly lacks moral fibre.
          Disgusting comment!

          • cam

            Morning Coop,there is treason in the air and i feel an urge to light a bonfire.

            These creatures have been victims of a horrific childhood.Its the only plausible explanation.No accountability for their own actions,a wee visit to a cubby hole and everything is forgiven.
            We have them on the back foot again,a few gallant pioneers and they flee like dogs.
            I’m off for a kip and dreams of Alves,Iniesta Neymar etc not giving them a kick of the ball.
            It will go insane in here.
            Loving it.
            Nutmeg them sir.

            • daviecooperonthewing

              Sleep well oh noble warrior,and return to the fray suitably refreshed.
              For there can be no doubt thy enemies will be assembled outside thy walls whilst you rest..Tin hat on and musket under thy pillow should see the blighters off.
              Tally ho!

          • Monti

            Just Craic min 🙂

        • Ed Paisley

          No I did not snigger. I cringed and felt embarassed for him. When your bud Carson talks about nothing but child abuse and you constantly tells us about the failings in a Christian Church, that makes me cringe with embarassment too. I am embarassed for Carson and for you.
          BTW, that intelligent poster Eco never resorts to nastiness and yet the orchestrated haranguing he gets from you and several others is simply cruel and unwarranted.
          If you scare away moderate posters we will be left with the more strident correspondents.
          Jeez, no wonder I take a drink.

          • cam

            Auld Eco has given it to me large,,,and fair play to him, he was the only one to criticise that martybhoy ned.
            The Gers guys are full of humour,its the Celtic mob that are losing the plot.
            I’ve found out that there are no limits to what your mob will stoop to.
            Now we have a nutter stating that wee boys on a pitch have now justified the deaths of British soldiers everywhere??

            I can just see the lot of us huckled straight up to Govan polis station on Offensive Communication charges,,,,,,,, such fun 🙂
            bedtime for Bonzo.

    • @Cam.

      for the life of me i can’t understand why anyone on here has any dialogue with you other than to point out, for the benefit of anyone that is new here that you are, a bigot and Scum.

  13. cam

    Getting real classy in here Paul.
    We have Crazy Gort stating davids family are in bed with crazy phil.
    Martybhoy the deranged golfer alleging that Mr Struth drove his wife to suicide.
    Monti ooh aahing up the Ra
    and Felpen making sick references to the Ibrox disaster

    you must be very pwoud.

    A real classy bunch of hate filled weirdos who wouldn’t even think of venturing out into a boozers and spouting that crap, internet cowards and lowlife trash.

    • Monti


      And your references to 1 Para? Mmm

      • cam

        Wonderful chaps.No surrender.

        • Ed Paisley

          You admitted in a previous blog that you are a bigot. That’s ok – yours/ours will be the last generation to harbour those feelings.
          You celebrate the para murderers of bloody sunday and in the same breath you call me a hypocrite, apparently for not policing extreme comments on this site.
          I say to you Cam and Carson – moderate your own comments before you lecture others.

      • Monti,

        do people not see,that Cam Carson Ect are here only to provoke them into making statements about the 66, it gives them an excuse to start up their old tired traditional catholic hating,
        Steerpike labels Cam a comedian, he tells us that Cam is just a parody or a bitter orangeman, sorry, Cam, is nothing but a bitter orangeman, I would not be surprised in the least to find out that Can lives in Ulster and was Grand master of some Orange Lodge over there.
        Just my Opinion,

        Oh how the Sevconians are outraged at the British forces getting slagged for doing the bouncy and singing along to Sectarian songs, wearing Football supporters scarf’s that promotes one religion against others, what has that to do with football, yet this is quite common at Ibrox,
        just the latest mass show of bigorty from men and woman wearing the uniforms of the Brutish armed forces,

        nothing that happens, of this type of sectarian bigoted nature, within the walls of Ibrox should come as a surprise to anyone.

        • cam

          You my friend are a poor apologist for the scum.
          Felpen is utter filth and as the main offenders are all chucked out the back of the support vehicle into the holding compound,then we can all make personal introductions to each other and josh heartily about how silly we’ve all been.
          Nothing like shaking a mans hand and making eye contact.It tends to clear away all of the fog of war,don’t you think.
          The outrage has its lair amidst the confused ones,the lovers of the Queens shilling,the haters of the house rules.
          We are laughing at you and the true face of the enemy within is being exposed.
          Keep up the good work.

          • we can all have our own opinion on who are SCUM,
            in my mind, 1 Para, a group of highly trained , highly organised Professional soldiers that open fire, to Murder unarmed BRITISH civil rights marchers on a peaceful Sunday,those are SCUM.
            those that ordered them to “FIRE” are also Scum,
            EVERYONE that lied for 30 years to try to cover up those murders,are also SCUM, those that defended the cover up…SCUM
            people like you, that bring them up to mock others on a blog like this are present day SCUM.

            for a long long time, i wondered WHY, why would professional soldiers carry out those orders, just like NAZIS, then i watched this weekend, British military men and woman doing the bouncy,singing protestant sectarian songs, draped in protestant Ulster loyalist supremacist football scarfs and in my minds eye i could picture them opening fire on unarmed “RANGERS HATERS” as the Sevco fans chanted We Are The people.

            why did the Scottish government pass an Offensive behaviour at football law, then do nothing say nothing about the country’s armed forces behaving like this at a football match.

    • david

      Shitebags, vermin, scum, tossers, jackals the lot of them.
      Living lives on a blog.
      They are inadequates who would run a mile in real life.

      • @ David
        Living life on a Blog,
        your the nut job that keeps dragging your personal dead on to the blog, you spill your personal life on here, your dead friends and family, as if it’s anyone business but your own,
        we have all suffered loss, death does not miss anyone, you more than anyone on this blog glories in your personal loss, take your personal life away from the likes of this place, it shows you up for what you are, you by your actions and spilling of your personal loss, live your life out on here more than any one else.

    • Felpen

      Ahh poor poor cam xx

    • That’ll no please you then giro man, on this site just aboot all day everyday pretending you’ve been at work, get pissed and abusive before you go for a lie doon and then back again full of smarmy sleekit “charm” saying “ye cannae take a joke” and then the drink kicks in again and the filth and bile sneaks oot, ya bigot.

  14. Monti

    …..” who colonize the north,
    You wave your fucking union jack,
    But we know what it’s worth.
    How dare you hold to ransom
    Our people proud & free
    Keep Ireland for the Irish
    Turn the British back to sea”……

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Good morning Monti.

      • Ed Paisley

        Any more ferry times to give us Davie?

        • cam

          Away wi the ferries the lot of yous,,,barking mad
          good morning

        • daviecooperonthewing

          Timetables and Fares
          Standard Tickets – Gourock to Dunoon

          Single Return Saver 5 Day Return 10 Journey
          From 29 March 2013
          Adult £4.25 £8.50 £7.20 £29.50
          Child £2.15 £4.25 £3.60 £14.75
          Children under 5 FREE. Pedal cycles FREE

          • Will that be the same price’s for them brit lovin terrorists of the loyal persuasion goin the other way then.

            • daviecooperonthewing

              Most certainly JW. It is my understanding that Argyll Ferries operators of the Gourock to Dunoon service have a strict non sectarian policy.
              Dunoon can be quite nice of a summer, i would recommend the Cowal games. Plenty of Scottish customs incorporated into a fun day out for the family.

  15. Monti

    @Paul Mcconville

    Why is Ally McCoist taking a wage cut at the the second rangers when there is £10m ( lol ) in the bank?

    Because there isn’t £10m in the bank 🙂

  16. R. MacGeddon

    The level the comments have sunk to now probably demonstrate why parading soldiers at Ibrox isn’t necessarily a good thing – promoting nothing but division, prejudice and stirring bad blood. Maybe we will now have soldiers publicly celebrating the deaths of Indians, Kenyans, Malayans, Iraquis or any other national or ethnic group perceived to have been a threat to British interests far from the shores of Britain. Why not go the whole hog roast and publicly celebrate the Germans we killed in WWI and WWII? Since when did the British military become part of the bragging rights of right wing bigots at Ibrox park? What does this say for other families who have made ultimate sacrifices that don’t tend towards that narrow, prejudiced triumphalist mindset? Are we supposed to stand back and applaud this? I had previously thought that it had been a whole country that had stood together in 1939-45, but it looks like these idiots – organisers and participants – would rather try to rewrite that history as something other than this.

    • Ed Paisley

      R MacGedd
      Prof Greenslade said that Rangers Sevco FC had permission to hold an event outwith the official Military Services Day (last Saturday in June). I can’t believe that Major General Eeles was part of this discussion.
      Perhaps if we knew who gave the permission it would be helpful – are they aware that this disgraced football club have a worldwide reputatiin for sectarianism, racism and grand scale financial impropriety?

      • daviecooperonthewing

        Ah,, I see you have awakened from thy slumber oh prince of darkness.
        This guy Greenslade, comrade in B\S of PMcG. He will not last the course
        once his newspaper is made aware of his tenuous links to a hateful, spiteful individual who has been “tarred with the sickening brush of sectarianism” This type of camaraderie does not sell newspapers, especially in the Royal burghs.

        • RFC 1872 the ONE football club in the UK that ran a sickening Sectarian Policy,
          RFC 1872 fans, 50,000 sickening sectarian football fans gloried for decades in singing sectarian songs at the home of the sickening sectarian football club.

          As RFC 1872 began it’s slide into administration, a blogger wrote a book about the Downfall of the sickening Sectarian club, the sickening sectarian fans that supported the Sick Sectarian club accused the blogger of Sectarianism, they tarred him with their own Sectarian brush, the SUN Newspaper succumbed to the mob, the 50,000 sick supporters and the sick sectarian club got it’s wish,
          the silence of the succulent lamb eaters in the SMSM,

          Rangers fans, accusing any one else of Sectarianism, is the biggest case in history of a pot calling a kettle black.

          what the fcuk has Royalty, protestantism,anti Catholicism, Anti Irish racism, Ulster loyalism, Armed Forces ,1690 got to do with a football club founded in Scotland by a handful of Scottish men.

  17. Monti

    Well said comrade 🙂

  18. Arb urns


    Given the seeds of rebellion agin spivdom at the spivdome on the basis that ally has been generous enough to take the knife to c 6% of his package alone, giving savings of around 80k, do you think he should have made it a condition of sacrifice that the funds are used to hold the EGM?

    Thks in anticipation….

  19. calumsobsession

    Hi Paul,really enjoy reading your blogs, the view of the ongoing events in and around Scottish football from yourself and your guest bloggers is often insightful. Reading the comments however takes a strong stomach and I rarely dip in, reading the past 24 hours reminds me why. I’m sure you have a rationale for not blocking the trolls who, it appears, are only out to derail any decent debate about the topics you and others highlight. I appreciate it is a backhanded compliment to the blog but by not moderating these guys I’m sure others like me are turned off. Apologies if this has been covered before.

  20. ecojon

    As I have been repeatedly stating Companies House couldn’t accept an incomplete Annual Return for TRFCL being submitted.

    Rangers will need to supply the missing shareholder and shareholding information no matter what rather strange and flawed statements they put on their website which talks about the Annual Return for a non-existant company. If they don’t fulfill their statutory obligations then Companies House will take the necessary action to see that they comply or face the consequences.

    And, of course, there is also the very overdue Annual Return for the Rangers subsidiary Sevco 5088 Lts which has still to be filed by Rangers. Sevco 5088 and its original investors were awarded exclusive rights to purchase the Rangers business and assets from D&P.

    We all know that this right was ‘transferred’ to Sevco Scotland which became TRFCL. But there are at least two totally opposed versions of how that came about and a terrible smell hanging over the transaction no matter which way the wind blows.

    I realise that a number of totally faceless and mystery overseas shareholders appear to be determined to control the future of Rangers and the Easdale Camp seems happy to wield the proxy votes of these mystery men. But Bears will turn up in person at an AGM to fight for their club in stark contrast to these mystery men who hide in overseas financial boltholes.

    The DR has today started to latch onto the problem with Rangers’ claims over the incomplete Annual Return – what is the problem of telling the fans who owns their club after all the SFA has been told who these investors are according to Charles Green. If he’s telling porkies then the SFA should state clearly they don’t know anything other than names like Margarita and Blue Pitch and all the other exotic ones.



    Last Monday the Rangers board issued a statement castigating the BBC for “inaccurate reports” suggesting an issue had arisen between the club and Companies House, following the recent filing of an Annual Return.

    The statement went on to state very robustly that: “Companies House has not raised any issues or questions with them in relation to the Annual Return,’ before stressing again that: “Companies House have confirmed to the Company that they have accepted and filed the Annual Return for Rangers Football Club Limited and have not raised any queries in relation to it.”

    And so it went on: “Indeed, it was confirmed by Companies House to Rangers’ lawyers that the Annual Return has been accepted for filing and that Companies House had not contacted and did not expect to be contacting the Company in relation to the Annual Return.”

    It’s all fairly unambiguous. Nothing to see here. No issues. No discussions. No questions. No problem. Got it?
    And yet, in the past few days I’ve received emails from Companies House which appear to suggest something very different.

    After asking for clarification of their position, Companies House responded with the following: “When we receive a complaint or query relating to company filings these are passed to the relevant department in Companies House to pursue.

    “This normally consists of writing to the company outlining the concern and asking them to clarify whether the complaint is justified. “If so, they will be asked to submit amended documentation at the earliest opportunity.”

    All of which seemed a little bit vague. So I tried again. And this is what came back: “Our correspondence with the company is still ongoing and so at this stage we have nothing further to add.”

    Wait a minute. Still ongoing? How can something be still ongoing if it never started in the first place?
    Just who are we expected to believe? The truth is almost always the first casualty of any war. But seldom the only one.

    • Oh what a tangled web we weave,
      When first we practise to deceive!

      Cracker again eco, good morning.

    • Eastside

      Wow, Keith Jackson actually made enquiries with Companies House, including follow up questions!!!?
      I am positive that he must have done this off his back, in no way has he been ordered by one of the Sevco factions to do this and report it!! Lol

  21. Fisiani

    24 hrs closer to liquidation.

  22. @cam…… still busy despising the unemployed & poor, Why don’t you, cooperman & that creep carson FCuk off & join your beloved army. Then you can hero worship each other as you drive your tanks in someone else’s country. that’s the kind of thing that gets your juices flowing.
    The thing is you actually despise the democracy that you claim your beloved army is there to protect, telling people to get back on the boat back to Ireland, is the scummy refuge of the “True Brittish Patriot”. You cannot handle the fact that your version of Britishness is dying & what we saw at Ibrox on saturday is actually the Peepel’s death rattle.
    GSTQ….WATP….No Surrender all now the meaningless babble of a redundant rudderless culture, trapped in a 17th century bigots theme park. The British Military establishment (not my favorite people) at least had the decency to publicly voice their embarrassment with you last November, & I’m sure something similar is in the post once this latest bile fest is brought to their attention. However, what we saw on Saturday was that the shameless cannot be shamed. We Are The Peepel……… No your not, but what you certainly are is “Scotlands Shame”, & you seem to be depressingly proud of that.

    • cam

      I can easily swat this bigoted hate filled rant with a quick flick of a rolled up copy of Bayonets Monthly.
      We the chosen People, made by God in his own image,are immortal.
      This Great Britain of ours can never die.This empire will never turn into a replica of the bog that you hold so dear.
      The only folk to feign dismay, are the agenda driven republican rabble rousers like Greenslade and no doubt the poster ghirl of the martyrs, Ms Haggity.The active service union of these folk shall be exposed and democracy will see into the dark recesses of the collective psyche.
      I’m pretty sure i’ve followed the instructions and am now the pwoud owner of a DIY drone with interchangeable payloads.

      Now then,,,,,, hmmmm,,,,, hows does 3 month old cow slurry smell to you?,,,familiar?,,,thought so.

      T minus 10,9,8,

  23. McCoist has actually agreed an alternative £500’000 shares package rather than suffer any actual harshwage drop….anyone else confirm this rumour?

  24. Monti


  25. On Parade

    By Mike Small

    Three closely related questions strike you after watching this video. Which bright spark at the MoD thought this would be a good idea? Which executive at Ibrox organised this event? What kind of a country are we living in?

    You can see how the custodians of the new club trading as Rangers can make short-term capital by pandering to jingoistic sectarianism. But what do the armed forces get out of it?

    Roy Greenslade (and it’s absolutely no surprise it takes a non-Scottish based journalist to say it it), asks:

    Will mainstream media report on sectarian singing by British troops? It will be interesting to see if any newspaper covers the fact that members of Britain’s armed forces appeared to join in with Scottish football fans as they sang sectarian songs at a match yesterday. Initial reports suggest not.

    Some 400 uniformed soldiers, seamen and air force personnel attended an armed forces day at Ibrox, the Rangers ground. After a formal march and band music, a group of soldiers (they were in khaki) were filmed dancing, clapping and singing along with the crowd.

    Although it is difficult to make out the exact words on the video posted on YouTube, people have identified sectarian songs and chants celebrating the death of the IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands.

    Ever-present sports journalist (on virtually any sport you can mention) Tom English chipped in by saying:

    Here’s a ‘radical’ proposal. Both sides of Old Firm stop singing about Bobby Sands. Wearying and cringe-making tit for tat on that front.

    In doing so, he spectacularly missed the point. This ISN’T about Celtic v Rangers fans. There isn’t always an equivalence. This is such tired lazy cliche. It doesn’t make any sense. The armed forces aren’t run-of-the-mill fans. The people who organised this are responsible for mass manipulation and exploitation. This was an event where military chiefs were in attendance and was sanctioned by football authorities. That simple reality must have consequences.

    Here’s a really radical proposal, why don’t politicians, footballing authorities and the sports media respond appropriately and effectively to this event? It’s an opportunity for democrats and pro-independence forces to stand up to the unionist mob that threatens and intimidates anyone who challenges it.

    As one tweeter put it simply: “If they do not condemn & prosecute serving soldiers for anti-Catholic slogans/chanting, then what on earth are we to think of them?”

    That’s a simple enough question.

    We’ll wait and see the response from the media, politicians and sporting authorities in the coming days. The response will answer the question ‘what kind of a country are we living in?’ and a subsequent question, what sort of Scotland do we aspire to?

  26. Monti

    Is it a bird? No
    Is it a plane ? No
    It’s SUPER SAM 🙂

  27. Raymilland


    In the event of catastrophic breach of the 5 way agreement which leaves the SFA with no choice other than to expel TRFC from the Association; is it possible for the existing shareholders to cash in on the assets in a business deal outside of football?

    I would suggest that each separate site as owned outright by the shareholders would attract huge interest from a team of international developers.

    Despite any perceived problems with asbestos within Ibrox stadium, the overwhelming attraction would be in maintaining the historical red brick façade to front a major commercial project to create a luxurious residential, leisure/retail, business facility.

    A bad situation can provide a silver lining, I’m pretty certain that the business acumen of those involved could turn any misfortune of the club into a golden opportunity for the shareholders.

    Yesterday’s display at Ibrox would provide a valid reason as to the merits in transforming Ibrox stadium into something of more value to the community at large.

    The Rangers way, crushed by their own pride.

  28. hector

    If serving members of the military were photographed at an EDL or National Front rally chanting bile there would be an outcry in the media and action would follow.I don’t know how many members of the media were present but it would seem there should be health warning on lamb along the likes of eating lamb may cause deafness.I am not Irish/Scots ,a roman catholic and I do support those that serve in the armed forces but that was a shameful display.A few pissed squaddies acting like tits is nothing new but the context of this display makes it something totally repugnant .If the SFA are serious about stamping out sectarianism at football grounds this would be a good starting point.If they fail to act then they should be confined to history along with this crap.

  29. Steerpike

    It is a sad indictment when the blog’s highlight of the last 12 hours is a daft question by arb aboot Ally’s pay cut paying for the EGM.

    I will leave you all to wallow in your sectarian mud, I’m out for this particular round, the accounts cannot come soon enough for everyone’s sake.

    I have come to the conclusion the current OF rivalry is like a candle burning brightest before it burns itself out, enjoy it while it lasts, in a few decades it will be studied in social science classes.

    • Eastside

      What current OF rivalry? The OF died with the Club that created the manufactured OF, the Club and its fans that were desperate to separate itself from the OF label have a rivalry with the best team on the planet at 7:45 tomorrow evening.

  30. Daniel O'Connell

    Very infrequent poster here, and haven’t been on for a while.

    One question – “the present Rangers Football Club?”

    Paul, I was under the impression you accepted the same club argument. Was I wrong to assume that, or have you changed your kind?

  31. david

    And while Im at it, George Osborne can go and f..k himself too.

  32. Now then, thery’re up to their knees in it now, shit that is. By tomorrow this will be all over the national press. There will never again be a day like it at that stadium.


    • In the Scotsmans piece there is the absolute beauty below.

      Rangers said it too was aware of complaints made about the half-time event, but could not comment further on the allegations given the police investigation.

      Have you ever came across such a feeble, gutless statement? Their people within the stadium caused this, they were the people singing the secdtarian songs, not the soldiers. (Oh, before anyone say’s, how do you know it was our people?) Well they sell the tickets, i assume, they know who too?

      What a bunch of gormless imbeciles. Will they not carry out their own investigation? FFs.

      No matter, it’s over, never a day again held at that stadium.

  33. The BBC seem to have cottoned on that there will be no place to hide.


  34. George Galloway on PMGB twitter descibes it as a fascisitic frenzy, good old George. Nick Eardley from the Scotsman tweeted to say “We’ve covered it”. Alex Thomson, “ah the times are changing”.

    It’s all getting messy, oh i nearly forgot, Eco and you guy’s have been ‘outing’ the other stuff on open warfare, late or lack of certified accounts.

    Eco, is that tawdry stuff at companies house you and KJ of DR, holding things up? Is that an issue before publication Eco?

    Crash ahead bhoys, sorry.

    Paul, Minehost, sorry your piece has somewhat paled into the background, it’s just that, wage cut’s won’t really matter in the end IMO.

  35. this is fur cam the bam, jist banter ya half wit, but now you see how easy it is to noise up you stoopit hunz, yeez are a buncha scumbags at the best o’ times, the disgrace on saturday prooves beyond any measure of doubt that you and the half wit british army are low lifers to the hilt, hope tae f-ck we don’t see anything like they troops anywhere near the holy grail of scottish football G I R F U Y Y M H Bs

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