Why is Mr McCoist Taking a Pay Cut at Rangers When There is £10 Million in the Bank?

Goldfish have a short-term memory which lasts only ten seconds apparently.

One sometimes suspects that journalists have a recollection span which does not extend back beyond the press conference they have just been at!

Do I have an example? Yes, I do!

The papers yesterday covered Mr McCoist’s confirmation that he and his management team had agreed to wage cuts. The Daily Record reported:-

Asked if he was worried about the finances of the club, he said: “Of course I’m worried after what’s happened but at the same time I can’t have a bearing on it, it’s not my gig.

“We’re taking a wage cut. I didn’t feel under pressure to do it as I signed a contract. Some people maybe forget when I became manager someone put a contract in front of me and I just signed it. It was as simple as that.

“I didn’t even look at the wages or length of deal – I just said ‘I’m signing that’ because it’s what I want to do.

“But I understand my responsibilities and that’s why as a management team we’re taking a wage cut – we feel it’s the right thing to do.”

I will pass over his statement that he did not look at his contract to see his wages or the term of it – either he is stupid (in which case his next employer can save itself a great deal of money) or he wants to emphasise how important the Rangers job is to him. I am sure it is the latter. In any event Mr McCoist is known as an astute man of business who has, quite rightly ensured that his various employers, including Rangers and the BBC, have paid a suitably large salary for the privilege of using his services.

But here we are – one month or so before the Rangers AGM and with accounts expected since mid-September – and the manager and his support team are taking wage cuts.

Mr McCoist confirms he is “worried” about the financial position of the company. He rightly says that he has a contract and therefore could not be obliged to take a cut (and it must not be forgotten that he did so under Duff & Phelps last year). However, despite that he has “understood his responsibilities” and accepted a wage reduction.

Mr McCoist works very closely with the CEO, Craig Mather. Mr McCoist also owns 1 million shares in the PLC. Mr McCoist was one of two “Key Employees” (the other being Imran Ahmad) listed in the Rangers IPO document.

Surely someone in that position agreeing to reduce his wages from £700,000 per annum is (a) worthy of comment (b) something which ought to be of interest to shareholders and (c) potentially something which could affect the market in Rangers shares?

None of the press coverage I have read of his statement however seems to join the dots. It is all straight reporting of his selfless gesture and no one seems to ask the question – “Why now?”

Why at the start did I mention goldfish?

Did I?

I can’t remember…


Back as long ago as 11th August 2013 the press reported on the issue of a possible wage cut for Mr McCoist. The Daily Record’s article, for example, read in part:-

McCoist said: “Has anyone asked me to take a drop? No. Would I consider it if asked? Yes.

“It’s my job to get the best team I can on the park for the fans in an effort to win the league and any other competition we are in.

“It’s the board’s job to keep an eye on the finances. Obviously I am part of that in the respect they give me budgets to do so.

“I would be very hopeful, though, that we are not haemorrhaging money and going down the same road as before. It’s not a cop-out but I just don’t know.”

He said: “I’m not passing the buck here on to Brian Stockbridge but he IS the financial director.

“He said there was £10m in the bank, and that we were not losing money every month. We were making money some months and there was money coming in.

“Rightly or wrongly, I didn’t see that I should be overly concerned about the current state.

“I don’t go into board meetings for the business side of it. I go in and do my football piece.

“But I think they would tell me what was happening. I believe Craig Mather would tell me if we were heading down a road we didn’t want to be going down.

“I’d hope if it was on the horizon there would be an early warning system this time. Not like the last time when we got 24 hours’ notice.

“So if someone said to me your wage bill is too high or your staff is too high, then that’s fine I can react to that. But until that comes it’s not my gig.”

I wrote about this last month too, and you can read that here.

But no one seems to have linked Mr McCoist’s comments in August with what he has done 6 weeks later!

In August he said:-

1                    No one had asked him to take a pay cut

2                    He would consider it is asked

3                    Mr Stockbridge said there was £10 million in the bank

4                    Rangers were not losing money every month

5                    Rangers were making money some months

6                    He would expect to be told if there was a problem

7                    Until someone tells him his wage is too high then he can react to that

In September he says:-

1                    He is worried

2                    He has not been “pressured” to take a pay cut

3                    He understands his responsibilities

4                    Accepting a pay cut is the right thing to do

Maybe someone can ask him a few questions at his next press conference and if I was an investor in Rangers to make money I would want these answered too.

1                    Was he asked to take a pay cut or did he volunteer?

2                    If he was asked, who asked him?

3                    If he was asked, why was he asked to take a pay cut?

4                    Is it a permanent alteration to his contract or a temporary cut which will be made up when the coffers are full again?

5                    What “advance warning” of problems was he given?

6                    Has he been offered additional shares or any other “compensation” for accepting a pay cut?

7                    Was he offered the chance to take legal and accountancy advice before accepting the change?

8                    Was he told that other action, such as redundancy, might have to be considered if he or any of his team did not accept the reduction?

Will anyone ask the questions?

Will the press link the answers Mr McCoist gave in August with those on Friday?

Will the goldfish succeed in memorising the full history of the present Rangers Football Club?

These and other questions might never be answered…

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355 responses to “Why is Mr McCoist Taking a Pay Cut at Rangers When There is £10 Million in the Bank?

  1. At one time at Ibrox it was not so important what was in a contract,
    the wages ect where not that important,
    what was important was the details in the side letter that accompanied the contract,that’s where the big tax free payments were assured,
    MR McCoist is OBVIOUSLY taking a wee bit longer to adjust to the new “GIG” at Ibrox.

    • Fra

      He’s kidding no c**t but himself Coat. His lawyer would’ve poured over that contract, saw the over inflated salary and said “get yer signature on that pronto before they see how shite you are at managing.”

  2. Arb urns

    Gosh golly well gosh golly …. On top of 80k being too much for a vital meeting the most successful manager in trfc history and his team take a wage cut…. Kinda knocks steerpikes working business model into the long grass……

    • Steerpike


      Sorry it kinda doesn’t knock my working business model into the long grass, only figures can do that, let us look at his statement.

      ” Asked if he was worried about the finances of the club, he said: “Of course I’m worried AFTER WHAT’S HAPPENED ”

      Notice he used the past tense ” after what’s happened “, hardly an indication of how things are at the present, more to do with money already spent, and little to do with the future trading position.
      As I said, it is a shrewd move to counteract any spiv tag being attached to him and his staff, it is obvious the accounts will show some hefty spiv costs, and he wants to separate himself from the spivs.

      • eastside

        Well it’s worked fantastically well, nobody has noticed whatsoever, he’s clearly a very clever guy.

      • Arb urns

        Queens park are having an easier time in ‘ league two’ than you are on here stere….future trading position? Two months into the 13/14 trading year you have trfc discovering a ” working business model” yet 80k is too much for a vital meeting and the top management in the ‘ football’ department are all having to take wage cuts… In month three!!!…………

        The ‘plimsolls’ club statement on fri night was virtually a lap of honour that imrans claim was only for 500k……( at the moment….watch this space)……

        • Steerpike


          Can’t get any easier for me, no one is disputing my figures, not sure what the rest of your post is supposed to prove, I needed the cash in bank figure on 30/8/2013 before I could make a cash flow forecast, a forecast you have failed to rebut.

      • The silver fhox

        This might be hard for you to understand Steerpike, but ‘after what’s happened IS an indication of how things are at present.

        • Arb urns

          Sea stear the anniallations on hear u self imp oh’s out way the pop you lashion of meth ill hill bi myles

        • Steerpike


          It is not an indication of the present trading position or the current cash flow position, not even your English an be that bad.

          • Eastside

            I understand that is difficult to work out exactly what Mcoist means as he appears to struggle to understand what he is saying himself, contradicts himself continuously and is ambiguous throughout. But surely there must be CURRENT concerns with regards cash flow. The lie that he just signed a contract without a clue what was in it is very telling, an embarrassingly infantile and weak statement, and it wasn’t said without good reason.

            • Steerpike


              How can there be a current cash flow concern 4 months after they had 10 million in the bank, most of it a cash surplus from 2012-13?

              Even if Rangers were still losing a million a month, that is 4 million.

              He is adding his contribution to this year’s cost cutting, it is a token gesture.

      • Cluster one

        AFTER WHAT’S HAPPENED ” what happened?

      • He is a spiv ! and you are an apologist for all the spivs at diedco.wriggle and squirm all you want you are all culpable for the death sevco.You and the likes of you all stood back and watched with complacent arrogance while the spivs stole the deceased company from that wee hero Craig White,a fine man if there ever was one.Extinction Event won,t be long …shrewd is he you sucker you all deserve all that is coming.

      • Paul

        Steerpike at Arb
        Lets look at your statement distance himself from the spiv attachment. And who exactly is branding the board spivs i thought this was just the Celtic fans that used this term.So why should Ally worry about what others say surely he is a man who should be paid according to his worth, maybe this is something he is beginning to question and worrying about. 700,000 is a lot of money for a wee diddy team.
        Now lets also examine wee sneaky Ally’s other comments i did not look at the wages offered i just wanted this gig or similar who the fuck cares.
        Did he not distance himself on other occasions Craig Whyte-Charles Green.
        Ally is the man and he played to the gallery on many occasions none more so than his WATP cry at the end of last season.Don’t be calling Ally shrewd he is sneaky and long may he continue to be your leader. Bang out of order the troops marching to the Bobby Sands he is deed sing song,

  3. You’re not suggesting that Rangers are in financial difficulties, are you Paul? I mean after they went bust last year, they could not POSSIBLY be so stupid and/or arrogant as to put their new club’s financial future at any sort of risk…as I’m sure the accounts will clearly demonstrate, when they come out in mid-September. You wait until then…you’ll see…what?…oh…

  4. Raymilland

    Does anyone actually expect SMSM to ask awkward questions of Rangers?

    Time is running out, all will be made apparent when the mob gathers on the front doorsteps of Ibrox once again.

    From earlier thread

    My point in using the Templeton listed building was purely aesthetic – the red brick façade of Ibrox and its association to Rangers would make that property unique and hugely attractive to developers when promoting its commercial value out with football.

    As for bids to D&P; there was never any prospect of alternative use of the assets which did not include the presence of a football club.

    My earlier post pointed to the danger of Green and Whyte exploiting the terms of the 5 way agreement to meet their ends, which could lead to TRFC facing expulsion from the game (even a suspension period or any demotion would finish them off).

    With no football business to contest, the planners would be inundated with proposals to exploit the undoubted potential of the famous landmark. The Milngavie site has already potential to be a housing development.

    I’m surprised that you now use the asbestos issue as reason to safe guard the property for its present use, as either way, that issue would require adequate remedy. Why do you believe that it would be “astronomical” to address such?

    The price paid for above land has already been recouped many times over since Green/Whyte purchased the assets. Next stop – The City Planners 😉

    • Steerpike


      Using the Templeton estate to prove Ibrox is worth more in real estate is just bonkers, apart from anything else they are two different sites.
      I asked you how much the Templeton site was worth, and you do not know, it could have been given away for nothing for all you know.

      As for the D&P conspiracy, they invited all bids, there was nothing stopping a developer putting a bid in for 10 million right from the start, the land was worth 1.5 million in the bid,why you think it is worth substantially more is beyond me. The only people making this claim are Celtic fans convinced of a carve up, a carve up carried out in the full public glare, get real.

      • Steerpike


        On the asbestos issue, the asbestos is not a problem if it is not exposed, the problem comes when you have to expose it to knock things down, then the process becomes laboriously expensive,you cannot just take a wrecking ball to the place, it has to be dismantled piece by piece.
        This also applies to the facade, it has to be separated with kid gloves, again no wrecking ball, more expense.

        Many councils give these places away to allow development, I suggest you would have to give away Ibrox to make it commercially viable to develop.

        • Raymilland


          Ibrox and other assets are already paid for in full, the present owner may be forced to alter the use of the properties due to breach of the 5 way agreement (such breach may be proven by further disclosures from Twitter publications).

          Perhaps Murray Park is most easily transformed by development. Given that Ibrox is already paid for, that would lend weight to your suggestion that a mortgage free Ibrox could then make for a commercially viable proposition to transform the property for alternative use. The owner could indeed hand over the property for free, with future payment via a share in the development

          It is of interest that the current owner used much needed funds to buy up adjacent property to Ibrox, especially when the manager is forced to take a wage reduction.

          You have to ask yourself why the acquisition of the adjacent properties was given priority over everything else.

          Some conspiracy theories should be investigated; why does the MSSM continue to ignore the Twitter publications to date?

          • Mat

            Could the answer to your point on the MSSM lie in yesterday’s blog. Are all the succulent’s ignorant of the source and material on twitter ? Me thinks not. Conspiracy ?

          • Steerpike


            Jesus mate, where did this lunacy pop up from, the shareholders own the assets and the purchase of other assets was in the share prospectus.

            Pull the other one.

            • Raymilland


              Suppose for a second that the SFA is furnished with irrefutable proof of breach of the 5 way agreement due to the Sevco/Green/Whyte fiasco; and as a consequence of that breach; TRFC is expunged 😉

              What exactly would the shareholders be left with?

              The answer is, of course, the assets.

              With the business ‘gubbed’, what then to do with the assets?

              You never answered my question as to why at such an early stage of development of the company/club, was a considerable percentage of funds spent on the purchase of the Albion car park and Edminston House?

              The land that comes with the above purchases would complete the overall boundaries necessary to any future development of the Ibrox site.

              It is not too far fetched to assume that the Charlotte Fakeovers leaks could ultimately provide the final nail in the coffin for the club; which could lead to the above transformation of Ibrox and Murray Park.

              Where is the weakness in the master plan?

        • Not at all. “The polluter pay’s” is the principle used. In brox case you can find the polluter, in the other you cannot. If you cannot find said polluter, then it’s given away cheaply, as the new builder has to pay the clean up costs.

      • paul

        Templetons was sold to private investors.was in an old newsletter years ago to the local community.Became houses,gymnasiums and a business center and a driving school for advanced instructors, to name but a few.

  5. @gortchomhor

    The general view, promulgated at every turn by McCoist and here again as quoted, is that McCoist is an innocent lover of football and Rangers; he’s just trying to do what is best for his beloved club, like any simple ordinary man would, etc. He’s on the footballing side, simple as that.

    The truth is he is firmly entrenched on the business side and has been for some time. He has served under 6 or 7 regimes at Ibrox right through administration and beyond. He is referred to in the prospectus, was part of the initial carve up of Sevco Scotland shares, he’s been there urging the fans to buy season tickets, not to buy season tickets, all at key junctures and all to suit his perceived best interests at a given moment.

    If there’s been one continuing feature amidst all the chaos, it’s been McCoist and his huge salary. Do we know what sort of reduction he took in pay, my guess is it would be insignificant? My guess is he will still be the highest paid manager in Scottish football even after the wage cut.

    In a way I don’t blame him for not walking away and hanging on so grimly to thy job. He isn’t going back to a Question of Sport after this, that’s for sure. And I can’t see them queuing up to ask him to manage any football team that comes close to offering these sort of wages. If he continues in management after this I’d be amazed.

    If he could bring the Machiavellian ‘succeed at all costs’ approach he uses in the board room to the football pitch he’d be up there with Sir Alex.

    • Raymilland


      A person or thing that brings bad luck.

      Bring bad luck to; cast an evil spell on.


      hoodoo – bad luck

    • Steerpike

      I do not know anyone in football who works for nothing, Ally is entitled to negotiate his own worth, and taking a pay cut is playing the obvious loyalty card.

      No big deal.

      • @gortchomhor

        You’re right, steer, McCoist shouldn’t be expected to work for nothing. That would be ridiculous.

        The face painters and the plumbers, and so many others on the long list of creditors that got ripped off, ordinary people working honestly and hard for money they need, they all worked for nothing but not McCoist.

        Just luck I suppose. On one hand a relatively unpleasant guy that is bad at his job getting paid countless millions, on the other the expendable ordinary peasants working hard and doing a great job with no pay.

      • timtim

        Never heard of Queens Park Steerpike?
        They are a football club in Scotland with an unbroken
        history of 147 years their name also appears on the Scottish cup
        10 times to be precise something that neither of the Rfc* clubs can claim
        and everyone at that club works there for nothing
        ludere causa ludendi
        McCoist is just another mercenary

      • paul

        Some call it distancing yourself from the storm.

  6. Arb urns

    This is ridiculous who are these people kicking Sally up his ally… A mean he is top o’ league ,unbeaten ,just off an 8 niller… In a cup semi and he has to wage cut…. Who are these people a think we should be told a really do…..

    • Gortnamona

      ” “But I think they would tell me what was happening. I believe Craig Mather would tell me if we were heading down a road we didn’t want to be going down.”

      Former Footballer Speaks About The New Man In His Life

      Craig is a gentleman, he would not deceive me says

      Virgin Ally

  7. wastrel

    it`s the same warnings as before, hold on, no it isn`t, FFS don`t tell them!
    it`s all fine down Govan way, nothing to see here, move along folks,
    Steer(prick) and Cam(shaft) have assured us, all is well.
    L(ing) MFAO every day!

  8. Ed Paisley

    Surely the important question is: how much of a pay cut is he going to accept.

    One suspects Ally will take a contractual pay reduction …….via a salary sacrifice agreement, into his already bulging pension pot.

    In other words, the cost to Rangers is only reduced by a wee bit of employers national insurance.

    So the qu should be: how much is this new arrangement going to save the mighty Sevco Disgrace FC.

    • Ed Paisley

      if there is to be a substantial reduction in Ally’s take home pay then surely we should inform Greggs shareholders – Ally is their biggest steak-bake customer after all.

  9. “But I think they would tell me what was happening. I believe Craig Mather would tell me if we were heading down a road we didn’t want to be going down.

    “I’d hope if it was on the horizon there would be an early warning system this time. Not like the last time when we got 24 hours’ notice”.

    24 hrs notice?

    24 months more like.

    Simple soul that he is, McCoist was probably duped…

  10. Ed Paisley

    How was the meal last night at McDonalds?
    The strange thing is, no matter what Carson has, he always comes home with garlic balls – I think it is a personal hygiene problem.

    • Monti


      I wonder how many complaints the McDonald’s manager received from hygiene aware members of the public?
      I wouldn’t be happy sitting my family down beside him.
      Then again I wouldn’t enter McDonald’s!

  11. Monti

    Excellent post Comrade,

    There is an easy answer to the question though!

    Gregg’s the bakers has dropped the price of their pies & assorted pastries.
    Alternatively he could be a Shiite football manager in charge of a dying Diddy football club in the lower leagues of Scottish football!
    P.S. I hope the gentleman who kicked the Huns arses after last years distasteful remembrance day ‘celebrations’ get’s a hold of the footage from Ibrox yesterday!
    Disgraceful scenes & I will be e-mailing the appropriate authorities to express my outrage.
    Yesterday should be the last time Ibrox holds such an ‘event’!
    These scenes will not be swept under the carpet!
    The British armed forces jumping around Ibrox joining in songs about killing Catholics?

  12. Ed Paisley

    Ally McCoist is vastly overpaid as the manager of a third tier team. However, every Ibrox regime wants to keep him on board along with Saint Walter, so the pay Ally vastly over the odds.
    Ally knows the full story from David Murray to Craig Mathers. He probably has the final numbers for 12/13 and the projections in his hand.
    Ally looks out for number one and he continues to do that very successfully. Some call him sleekit. Of course he is, and utterly selfish and in thrall to the big bucks. I don’t mind that too much – it is one of the frailties of human nature. But he actively cultivates his “Rangers man” credentials, when as Gortchom says, he is a corporate man through and through.
    If Rangers go into admin again, then Ally’s act will surely falter.

  13. Gortnamona


    Carson has taken up residence Chez Cam (home of the Rat King*) this last while. Neighbours are complaining about the malodorous arrival:
    “As if things weren’t bad enough …” one said.

    When brought to his attention Cam seemed perplexed:
    “What smell …?” he is reported as asking.

    * Rat kings are phenomena said to arise when a number of rats become intertwined at their tails, which become stuck together with blood, dirt, ice, excrement or simply knotted.

    • joe

      Good afternoon Gents another great post from Paul.
      My son who is a serviceman sent me a text message on the 28/08/2013 telling me that rangers had allocated 100 free tickets to each of the services for the Stenhousemuir game. I did not bother about it as I was busy.I spoke to him this morning and his lot are disgusted by the whole charade, apparently it is all rangers supporting service personnel who went to Ibrokes. Of the allocated tickets, notices were sent to various camps and personnel put their names down for free tickets.It is not an official service day parade,but a wee march of huns for huns.
      Not for charity as we know rangers are not too good with charities.
      The experts on here will try to pick holes in this but my son is in the services in communications and his lot gets to hear a lot of what goes on.

      • joe

        I just love getting the wee thumbs down.
        Not a witty comeback just a wee solitary thumbs down.
        It lets you know you have pissed off a cretin.
        I just can’t get enough.

      • JimBhoy

        @Joe I only saw it on here last night and it looked thoroughly embarrassing.. I have nothing against the armed forces but if a similar event happened at Celtic park i’d have been mortified.. Events like that have no place in football.. I wonder what the English press thought of it..

      • daviecooperonthewing

        Away and boil your heid Joseph.
        People have friends and acquaintances.
        People grow up supporting football teams.
        What’s the problem with a welcome home party for young Rangers supporters who joined the army, and met up with their pals at their favourite football ground?
        Was it…
        A) The chosen ditties.
        B) The British army.
        C) Rangers.
        D) Or all of the above?
        WATP. GSTQ. GIRFUY’s.

        • joe

          Oh the Glesgay banter,what a witty reply

          • joe

            Was it…
            A) The chosen ditties. Oh mere folk songs as some would have you believe
            B) The British army. Sons in services so no
            C) Rangers. The Rangers
            D) Or all of the above? Nope
            WATP. GSTQ. GIRFUY’s. just this bit where the bile rips out

          • jjbhoy

            @joe,says it all joe,says it all! HH!

        • Monti

          All said & done it was a bad I.E.D.!

        • @gortchomhor

          Let me explain what’s wrong with it.

          It’s imperative that our armed forces are seen to impartially represent all of society, not just one cultural sect, a sect that really couldn’t be more antagonistic and insulting towards nearly everybody else in our country.

          Rangers were never any ordinary football team, let’s be absolutely clear about that; you will not find another team in Europe who discriminated as a matter of policy against people and players of a specific religion. And this isn’t some dusty relic of a policy practiced in the distant past, it is so recent as to be current. For the first time ever, a player of Irish republican origins (Daly) signed and played for the Ibrox outfit just this year.

          We have plenty of other hideous examples of continuing sectarianism amongst the Ibrox faithful over the last 10 years. Everything about this club is tainted by their supremacist bigotry. So much so that supporting Rangers is perceived by many — rightly or wrongly — as supporting supremacist religious bigotry.

          For our armed forces to be seen to favour that shameful institution and what it stands for is an utter disgrace.

          On another arguably much more serious level, I can only imagine how divisive this apparent allegiance to Rangers might be within the armed forces. Anyone who has served knows how important morale, unity, and equality are amongst soldiers. Does aligning the armed forces with Rangers promote a sense of unity amongst servicemen or antagonise and disrupt it?

          Remember, there are lives on the line here; are we asking impressionable youngsters to go into war zones with doubts about each other, doubts and divisions and prejudices that were needlessly raised by this stupidity? Its a total scandal and It can only cause ill feeling.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            Bollox Gort..
            Next you’ll be suggesting Rangers supporters be banned from defending their country because their presence stirs up internal strife. The majority of service personnel are brothers and sisters in arms.They have had to deal with more demanding situations in life than religious bigotry. Situations where they have had to rely on each other in dangerous environments,or circumstances where trust and support has forged a bond that will never be broken, certainly not by something as trivial and immaterial as religious divide. The only people who see this as a problem are individuals such as you who cling onto, and promote historical propaganda.from a bygone era. The majority of our young people who represent our armed forces are aged between 18-28 and know nothing of the era you and your despots seem unwilling to have buried in the mists of time.What is even more unsettling in the modern era, is that a football club as a sporting entity is blamed for all things prevalent to a series of events which took place centuries before it’s inception. You’re kidding nobody with your mock outrage, run along and wave your plastic paddy banner elsewhere if you would be so kind. Thank you.

          • Gortnamona

            ” We have plenty of other hideous examples of continuing sectarianism amongst the Ibrox faithful over the last 10 years. Everything about this club is tainted by their supremacist bigotry”

            How True

            “The incessant bigoted chanting by Rangers fans at Hampden was shocking. Unarguably the most socially-backward fans in British football. The really damaging thing for RFC is, it’s not the mythical ‘small minority’. There appear to be 1000s upon 1000s singing these songs.” Graham Spiers (Journalist) on his Twitter feed commenting on the Huns in their league cup final appearance (March 2011)

        • Paul

          Keep Ulster protestant was on the soldiers scarf Davy, so who do they show their loyalty to in Ireland.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            Who gives a fcuk about Ireland. I’m Scottish, and to be honest sick of you plastic paddy’s trying to tell us how we should live our lives.
            Away and condemn anther country if you you don’t like it here on our presbyterian shores. It’s no concern of mine that the captain of yer ancestors boat papped them aff before they reached their true calling at Liverpool.

      • Steerpike


        Did Stephen Hawking work out the troops who would go would be Rangers fans?

        I assume your son and fellow disgusted troops are not Rangers fans, or should I ask Stephen?

        What a fuss about nothing, WOW there is an old firm rivalry even in the forces, what a shocker !!

        Next you will be saying Celtic troops don’t really serve Queen and country.

        • joe

          I don’t know what Celtic troops are?
          But Celtic don’t parade trophy troops.
          See you at the game mate,will you wear the team scarf and shirt I will look out for you I will wear my uniform.
          The same uniforms that they have been told not to wear in parts of England as they don’t want to provoke tensions with muslims,the same uniforms not to wear near camps after the Lee Rigby murder.
          My son is only allowed to wear civvies when not in camp,he wears his uniform when on duties inside camp or outside the camp when on official duty Olympics,official parades etc.
          You can always depend on a cretin jumping in……………

          • Steerpike


            The opinion of troops who support Celtic is irrelevant, that was point that your entire post missed, what are you babbling on about you daft old codger?

            • joe

              A great many of the servicemen and women were well hacked off.
              Many Man u,Man city.Chelsea,Arsenal and a lot of welsh people though it was crass. When in Florida at theme parks during shows the announcer would ask if there were any service personnel in and to show their hands.Loud cheers and applause from every one a louder cheer when my son said he was from Scotland
              A genuine show of appreciation for all their efforts.
              No trophy parades,or wallowing in being the people.
              No one up to their knees in anyone’s blood just good honest people.

            • daviecooperonthewing

              Exactly S/P.
              There is not, and cannot be any point to this nonsense.Other than bigotry,
              and anti-British sentiment.
              The usual pro republican propaganda B/S.

            • joe

              @ cooperman
              Exactly S/P.
              There is not, and cannot be any point to this nonsense.Other than bigotry,
              and anti-British sentiment.
              The usual pro republican propaganda B/S.
              Serves in British Forces how thick does this sound?
              I am surprised you left out
              WATP. GSTQ. GIRFUY’s.

          • Joe……. “But Celtic don’t parade trophy troops”
            Precisely, Celtic do not exploit Already exploited daft wee soldier boys as a marketing tool.
            More shame heaped upon club Britannia.

        • joe

          Looks like cooperman has been washed ashore from his ferryboat.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            Nobody is talking about your son Joseph.
            But of course you know this.
            Give up the pretence, you and the rest of the republican muppets are fooling no one. Plastic Paddys are ten a penny, cheap and fake.

            • Steerpike


              I haven’t a clue what Joe is objecting to?

            • daviecooperonthewing

              Something about mcfc thought something was “crass” lol.
              I thought the video footage was highly entertaining, and displayed the warmth and affection Scottish people hold for their heroic service men and women.

            • joe

              Sorry I have only just come back in .
              I am not a republican muppet or a plastic paddy
              But hey you have lost it son.
              I ramble on because like a sheep dog I try to point you in the right direction.
              1 take a good look at todays posts I own your arse.
              2 Send me your address I will send it back to you.
              3 when your are up to your neck in shit stop digging son.
              4 carson coolerring brings a lot to the table maybe he is happy that he has got his homework finished for school.
              5 Queerpipe I have a kind of kinship with He must have caught me on a bad day a few days ago. he is a mad wind up merchant. Perhaps we could meet on neutral ground and have a couple of beers. We would disagree about most thing but could maybe have a laugh.How about the Brazilian bar at the Trongate,don’t know what it is called but the Barmaid gets her trousers sprayed on ….

      • Fra

        Joe, welcome aboard my friend. You are an enigma to sevconians. They try to abuse you as a Celtic fan but your son is a serving soldier in the British army so they’re not sure how to handle you.

        You have been introduced to our resident bigots and handled them admirably. Dc posts have become tainted of late and Cam, depending on the time of day, has of late become nasty. (I think its bevy myself). Now DeNiall is mogadon in a pair of kechs. You can shoot him, burn him in oil and decapitate him but like a zombie, you cannot kill him. He wins everytime and this method is admirable but one step from Gartnavel Royal. The boy David has no friends (aaahhhhh) even among his own and Carson is just a bigot on the wind-up.

        As an aside, can you put Dcotw’s arse above the bar in the Brazilian as he won’t be needing it anytime soon and the burd behind the bar is forever etched in my psyche. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

  14. Monti

    I will be the happiest man in Scotland when second Rangers die!
    There can be no place in a progressive Scotland for this Vermin!

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Ferry boats throughout the ages
      Have taken people many places
      Those who work to earn their wages
      And those who mope with greeting faces
      If in this land you are discontent
      Then piss off back from where you went.

      • joe

        The famine in Ireland starved Catholics and Protestants alike.
        It did not discriminate as many protestant migrants came here as catholic.Or is that another part of history forgotten?

      • can

        A heartfelt statement Sir Coop


      • Monti

        That’s exactly the attitude that should now be extinct, with your club… Fckn clown!

      • Felpen

        I keep telling the British to do the same in Ireland.

        • daviecooperonthewing

          Good for you Felpen. You and i seem to be in agreement.
          The trouble is your lot can’t be trusted to uphold the agreements. .

          • Felpen

            Lmfao when the is an outrage bombing shooting setting fire to shops attacking police women and murdering for two months that a rag is taken down by the poor wee loyalty lickers. And you say it the good brave proud sinn fein supporters like me that can’t handle it! Emm! I think you been forgetting things 118!

      • having a problem understanding the concept of democracy cooperman.
        If you don’t like what’s happening in your own country, which Scotland is, you are entitled to push for change. No need to get on a boat,as you suggest.
        What happened at the Asbestos Dome yesterday was a disgrace. Those defending it, are a disgrace.

    • can

      A wee break from barbie duty on this fine Protestant hoiday weekend.

      Just in case you rebels fancy doing an Eco and greetin to Nick Eeles,,he was very happy to have his troops welcomed as the heroes they are.

      As i told Nicky as he guzzled down my large frankfurter,there are some enemies within that need dealt with.
      After his 6th Fosters Gold and a man hug he left promising a counter attack to the plastic rebels.

      He knows that sniping from cover is the preferred method of cowards.
      Bit of cold steel will soon have them running to the nearest benefits office.

      Take A Length bhoys!!

      @martybhoy,,,,,enjoy your corporate golf outings,let the folk see the real you,,,ya fud!


    • No you won’t Monti. That title will go to to me. Get the ice cream bowls ready……….extra big ones…….. TAL

  15. JimBhoy

    Chico should have been part of a review of all staff sals when he took over, it is illogical to pay top dollar when they had to restart in the bottom tier, generating far less cash in the process. Chico did not do this review because Sally was a major draw for the fans and Chico had to keep him happy to get the fans onside and inevitably to part with some wonga..

    If Sally was really a rangers man he would have offered that reduction when they started out last season with increases on success going thru the leagues.. However as he stated he wasn’t asked to (lol) and he had a contract, so why should he take a drop in benefits…

    The timing could raise suspicions though, no accounts as promised by the astute finance man and Sally and his overly expensive coaching team concede to a sal deduction.. Mmmm!!

  16. mcfc

    Haven’t had time to read all the above – but just a passing thought. If I could exchange next years salary bill, or a big chunk of it, for shares could I torture the spreadsheet into saying that RIFC is a going concern for the next 12 months by reducing outgoings? With of course a healthy up-kick in the revenue generated from the 500,000,000 fans. Simples !

    So the delay has been water boarding the spreadsheet ?

    Spreadsheets have rights too !

    No more water boarding spreadsheets !

  17. Felpen

    Great post again paul. I was thinking the same thing myself about him not even looking at his wage before singing his contract! That from the man that demands to know everything! He gives a big hint in his remark about ‘After every thing that has happened’ seeing as ibrox had a sell out ST last season and a full house at every home game plus new sponsorship deals and the floatation Sevco has still lost multi millions. As he quoted he is worried his new club will get liquidated AGAIN. As is Neil Lennon… On who to play up front against Barcelona on Tuesday, as Celtic try and become the Champions of Europe AGAIN.

  18. Monti


    What’s your view on the Ibrox ‘celebrations’?


  19. joe

    My wife has just told me that if she catches me on blogs again laughing at the afflicted she will bank my fecking head on the keyboard’p0jkfr’okfgij43pofojkm5fok5f[pl5[opfij5utfrihrtjrporomkvfjnvjntrktrotrkomrgomkijtvpktktgpktpkijbjnjknkkmkk[lk

  20. joe

    Oops bang my fecking head Oh shit ljhbg8uyuhbceokckjnf kjncfkjncvjnfiofoi

    • Ed Paisley

      Hi Joe
      Rangers can gift tickets to serving soldiers if they wish – who can object to that.
      Parading our soldiers on the park at half time is what I am uncomfortable with. You would thing these boys and girls would want to forget conflict for 90 minutes. But no, Rangers want to milk this as much as they can – it makes me sick to my stomach.
      My brother served in a British submarine – I am an avid supporter of our servicemen. Please don’t turn these fine young men and women into circus performers.

      • Felpen

        Well they were on while the clowns had a brake!

      • joe

        Well said.
        My son was on holiday not long ago and got a phone call to be ready to abandon holiday if required at very short notice to return to camp as Cameron was ratcheting up the Syrian thing.
        A worrying time for me and his mun but mostly for his wife and kids.
        And some on here want to parade trophy’s as they think they are the people,the Establishment. they make me want to puke and they show themselves up time and time again as a sorry bunch of asswipes

        • daviecooperonthewing

          Is there any logic to your inane ramblings?
          What exactly is your point here?
          People were invited to attend.
          I’m sure those who RSVP’d with a smile on their face had a wonderful day.
          What’s not to like?
          Are you a killjoy? A party pooper? Or simply a bitter old fart?

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Yes Joe, i noticed.It is obvious you have suffered a few bangs to the head. Perhaps you should seek medical attention.

  21. lordmac

    if ally did not agree to a wage reduction, ian durrant would have got the sack simple realy. that would look worse to the investers, they can pay the 3 of them off when the time comes when they use the smoke and mirror. no one will be any thee wiser they think lol

  22. lordmac

    the only guy interested in rangers is David king, he is hanging about like a bad smell just now he wants to make sure he get back what he lost the last time and they way he will play it as the rangers will pay him rent money for the next 25 years starting at 4 million per year for all inclusive use of the ibrox facility’s, that is the only option rangers have
    by November the deal will be done, you heard it here first.

    • Steerpike


      ” rangers will pay him rent money for the next 25 years starting at 4 million per year for all inclusive use of the ibrox facility’s, that is the only option rangers have.”

      Nice lunch was it?

    • @Lordmac
      Considering that his South African tax return showed an income of £15m from Rangers in a single year, I don’t think he lost quite as much as he bandied about.
      No wonder he wants his DMs wedged back in the door.

  23. david

    No work today, as usual?
    Struggling to cope with your inadequacy?
    Feeling paranoid?
    Talking to imaginary friends or thinking you live on the Falklands?
    Spending your life on blogs obsessing about a team you believe dosent exist?
    Wondering why you are an abject failure at everything?
    Love terrorists and hate Protestants?

    Then buy MINORITY REPORTER , and understand your predicament.
    Its all because the country hates you.
    Its not your fault.

    Written by Phil White / Derrig / Gillivan / McGillivan / Mac Giollabhain / New name to be advised.
    Well known failed social worker, fantasist, bigot and maniac.
    Proof -read by Angela ( Ive got an HND ), Im an editor, really I am.

    • Felpen

      Did you clap as the Queen spoke gaelic and apologised for the terrorism her solders inflicted on the innocent men women an children of Ireland! Did it not bring a tear to your eyes as she placed flowers on those gracious freedom fighters monument?

    • Now Now,has some one upset you loddie.Why are you so obsessed with a team you do not support.

  24. What a great weekend !!! Absolutely fantastic day at the temple of football a great game result and what a reception out brave boys received and a good ol sing song to welcome them !!! Followed by a lovely meal ! I look forward to our heroes being invited and receiving the same wonderful reception at torbert towers.

  25. notnearlydeadbutreallydead

    Is this the promised movie on the Rangers farce?


  26. R. MacGeddon

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCMHrGTFIy0 Clapping along to tribal sectarian singing / songs in support of paramilitary organisations, yes chaps, this is just the bally old sort of thing we need our privates engaging in in the Bwitish Army, damn good for esprit and morale!

  27. joe

    What do British services mean to ?
    Watching my son pass out Pride.
    Seeing the man he has turned out to be Pride.
    Watching him with his wife and kids Pride.
    Being at a Base and watching a girls passing out parade while her brother sat near us in his wheelchair a serving soldier in his early 20’s with both legs off and one arm off he was brilliant a good lad who joined up for a job. Deep Pride.
    Parading trophy’s nothing but disgust.

    But to some on hear if you don’t agree with them
    September 29, 2013 at 4:42 pm
    Exactly S/P.
    There is not, and cannot be any point to this nonsense.Other than bigotry,
    and anti-British sentiment.
    The usual pro republican propaganda B/S.

    • Steerpike


      Any person in any country that volunteers to put their life at risk in the armed forces deserves respect, I do not possess this sense of duty but I respect those who do. I will never understand those who decry a soldier’s sacrifice because they do not agree with the cause.

    • Ed Paisley

      Daviecooperonthewing is trying to defend the indefensible.
      Just pay your tax Rangers – that is in itself a tribute to our armed services. You don’t need to put on a ridiculous circus event. Jeez.

      • cam

        Aww wee Ted is hurting!

        C’mon the Mosquito Squadron ! bombs away,aim for the porker with the greetin face mwahahaha.

        • Paul

          Cam no shitting straight forward question be straight with your answer.
          Does Tax money go towards the Armed Forces in Britian to help with defence costs? If you do not answer this you are a wee shitebag and we will own you just like S/P who thinks your team is now modern.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            Do you purchase poppies and wear them with pride each year, in memory of the heroic service personnel who lost their lives defending these islands in two world wars?
            Or alternatively do you lend your support to the cowards of 1916, who sought to take advantage of the events which saw our country’s troops engaged abroad fighting a legitimate battle?

            • Gortnamona

              Queen lays wreath on Republic of Ireland state visit

              The Queen has laid a wreath at the Republic of Ireland’s Garden of Remembrance during the first visit by a British monarch since Ireland gained independence.

              The garden, in Dublin, is dedicated to people who fought for Irish independence from Britain.

      • daviecooperonthewing

        I would suggest that your perspective-ometer, requires adjustment.
        Raising awareness, and displaying gratitude is hardly a circus event.
        This was the primary objective of the the event.
        The whole country should be grateful for the sacrifice our service men
        and women make on our behalf.
        The event organisers cannot be held accountable for spontaneous human interaction.
        The people condemning yesterdays events, can they explain why this type of occasion will never be universally acceptable at Celtic park?
        The mock outraged brigade don’t even purchase poppies, or want the symbol of ultimate sacrifice on their football clubs apparel.
        To me, that is more distasteful and abhorrent than acknowledging their efforts. I guess it’s a historical thing.

        • I used to buy a poppy as a symbol of remembrance to “all war dead”. That was until the event was turned into a sanctimonious “political”, & lets be frank, a marketing opportunity by a certain section of Scottish society.
          I’ll be purchasing a white poppy from now on.
          Also the term “sacrifice” in relation to military who have suffered injury or death to my mind is not necessary appropriate. Most people just sign up as it is the only job available or relevant to their skill level. To suggest that they are sacrificing their life & liberty to ensure the safety of the free world is disingenuous, & those who are willing to surrender their self respect, & put their lives on the line for Queen & country need their heads looked at.
          I’m sure there are a few who genuinely believe that a career in the military is serving the interests of the country, I’ll respect that to a point.
          Seeing young men returning maimed & traumatized provokes nothing but sympathy & sadness in me. there should be no gloating over that kind of suffering. However expecting wider society to get on the “help for hero’s” bandwagon simply lets successive governments relinquish their responsibility to look after the poor sods they have sent on some insane cocked up adventure in someone else’s country.

  28. joe

    Rate it please don’t berate it

  29. William Tangerine

    What is a goldfish ?


    Mr Steerpike – says:How can there be a current cash flow concern 4 months after they had 10 million in the bank, most of it a cash surplus from 2012-13?

    Even if Rangers were still losing a million a month, that is 4 million.

    If you accept that they are losing £1 million per month, then they are obviously spending at least £2 million per month. Losing means spending more revenue than you generate. We know from previous figure that the operation at Ibrox takes £30 million to run, so the spend is more likely to be around £2.5 million per month.

    Therefore 4 x £2.5 million = £10 million, deduct that from the supposed £10 million and you have £0 millions.

    Now let’s be generous and say there is £3 million due from season tickets (doubtful)_ and around £2 million from match-days at Ibrox (spread throughout the season), there may also be £1 million from sponsors, that’s a total of £6 million available to last from October 2013 to June 2014 – 9 Months, with no bank facility to smooth out cashflow

    Tell me, all of us – where is the money going to come from – they need £22.5 million until the next season ticket money starts trickling-in and they only have access to £6 million?

    Is there a ‘sugar daddy’ out there with £75 million to bankroll the remainder of this season, next season, and the one after?

    • Steerpike

      Evening John,

      As I was saying, even if they were losing a million per month they would not run out of cash until end of March 2014, this assumes the income and costs mirror the first 7 months of 2012-13. However in the real world the chances of Rangers only turning over 1.5 million per month are slim, and I suggest the chances of the running costs remaining at 2.5 million per month are also slim. I will not bore you with how these two figures can be improved, but let us assume everyone on board regardless of their spiv status has been working toward this end for the last 9 months.

      Now I don’t care what Phil, Dave King or Paul Murray think, they are not in front of the accounts, a man called Mather less than one month ago confirmed Rangers would not run out of money this year, and he has the accounts in front of him.

      Now this suggests the two figures have been brought closer together, how close will be revealed in the Accounts projections based on 4 months trading.

      Speaking of slim chances, what is the chance Mather is going to tell the press blatant lies that would be exposed in under one month?

      • Arb urns

        Niall ” a man called Mather…………” there are only three months to go this year…. Read what you wrote r u now in the tits up bra?…….

  31. Watched a video clip of Servicemen of the British forces,in Uniform doing the bouncy as the Sevco fans sang about the death of Bobby sands MP,
    For me i found something distasteful in watching soldiers do the Bouncy Bouncy at Ibrox.

    • cam

      What’s up with folk bouncing up and down in happiness?
      The whole stadium was bouncing.
      Great day out and Nick Eeles will be delighted that his troops got a great reception.

      • Ed Paisley

        I’m glad you had a good time Cam. You guys love our armed forces don’t you. Your hearts were burstin’ wi’ pride at the sacrifice of our young men and women. Why don’t we have a half time parade at every single home game from now until the end of time. In fact, why don’t you boys bring out a camo track suit for the fine young lads round Govan way.

        Well until Nick Eeles decides to slap you down again and tells you to stop using our military as a diversion from the club’s terminal difficulties. Shame on you and those crooked imbeciles who are in charge at Sevco.

        • Ed

          There won’t be a next time, yesterday was the last.

        • daviecooperonthewing

          Edward, yu are so petty and ill informed.
          This magnificent gesture of appreciation to our troops has been ongoing since the mid 1990’s. If you’re going to spout mince’ at least try to be accurate. I blame them Mallorcan mozzies; you used to be a reasonably sane chap ‘ for a ahem…Saintie.

      • Gortnamona


        this army of walking shit roaming aimlessly drunk around Barcelona.

  32. cam

    @Plastic rebels

    This ain’t Dublin and it will never be.
    Deal with it.

    Pal of mine had a goldfish,,he called it Bobby,don’t know why and can’t remember,summit to do with cheap to feed, or maybe cos it bobbed up and down.

  33. cam

    Wel way too nice a weekend and evening to be conversing with deviants.

    @the Gers lads
    its been tough to Bear over the last two years and it will be tough in the years to come,but remember at least we don’t have to wake up as one of these freaks!! mwahaha.

    Yer grandweans will be stuck in traffic hearing the lambeg and the flutes!

    Monti,mac and martybhoy,,,,mmmmmm take a length.

    Gnite 🙂

  34. Honestly bhoy’s I can’t see why you bother acknowledging these cretins, ignore them all, their soul objective is to steer you away from the discussion in hand just like their peers did with them with that disgusting display yesterday.

      • Ed Paisley

        I think you boys at Ibrox are military groupies – you all wish that you were Audie Murphy. You know Audie Murphy, the most highly decorated US serviceman of World War 2?
        Well I’ve got news for you, Audie was very proud of his rich Irish Blood and described himself as one of the fighting Irish.
        So, in honour of Audie’s westerns, I invite you “to get awff ya hos an pick the peanuts oota my shi–ite”.

        • david

          Audie Murphy WAS A PROTESTANT SCOTS-IRISH, AND A PROMINENT FREEMASON IN AMERICA, reaching the 32nd Degree Scottish Rite.
          His family arrived in North Carolina in the 1700s from Ulster, eventually moving to Texas.
          And he WASNT the most highly decorated US serviceman , he was ONE of the most .
          As was Alvin York in the Great War, as just about every other famous Ameican fighting man, including Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Jackson, Patton etc etc

          • Ed Paisley

            Aw David – you ruined my gag. I admit it – I made most of it up. Never mind. I read his book Red Badge of Courage when I was about 15 which was a long time ago. Busted!

          • Ian4300


            So he was an AMERICAN then., as was Alvin & the rest.

            • david

              @Ian IQ of 4.
              I never said he wasnt an American.
              Merely pointing out Eds schoolboy errors.
              Murphy was an American of Scots-Irish ancestry, a Protestant, and a Freemason.
              His family had arrived in America long before the Irish influx.

              Seems to be an Irish trait to claim things which are not correct.

            • Ian4300


              Do you also have Dementia, or are you Carson in disguise?.

              I was referring to YOUR previous insistence that a person born in Scotland of Irish parents is Scottish, ergo Those guys are American you chop & change a lot don’t you?.

              It is not your IQ that causes your problems, well maybe it is, I was going to say it is the denigration of anything Irish, but PROTESTANT is OK, the Capital usage is yours.

              I laughed at your claim that it is an IRISH trait to claim things which are not correct.

              Explain ULSTER for me.
              Explain WHEN it became part of Britain..

        • jjbhoy

          @Ed….effin hilarious!

      • Last of the easterhoose mcgeechans

        You were playing the blind asylum cock breath

  35. notnearlydeadbutreallydead

    Has signature happy ally told anyone how much of a wage cut he has taken? Will the website of the RIFC Plc announce the decision. I’m sure I suppose, that it will be in the audited accounts and published and discussed at the AGM. I’m sure fans would be very eager to know and ally himself would like to show how much of a’rangers’ man he is. Just in time, of course for new blockbuster
    ‘Rangers III- Return of the Rangers-men’

    • Ed Paisley

      To decide whether Ally’s salary is commensurate with his experience and abilities you have to benchmark against related salaries.
      Well, I happen to know that Roger Whiteside, the Chief Executive of Greggs gets £480,000 per year.
      The Prime Minister, the Rt Hon David Cameron MP, gets £142,500 per year.
      The Rector of Calderglen High School in East Kilbride gets £80,000 per year.

      Well, Ally was educated at Calderglen HS, he has voted Consevative twice and he enjoys a steak-bake. What could be fairer than £700k a year for super Ally.

  36. dan

    Saw that vid from IOUbrox with the troops singing that ‘Born Under A Union Flag’ ditty. Did they sing the bit about ‘chapels are for burning’? Methinks we’ve not heard the last of this. Apart from that I found it quite laughable: a coming together of people who don’t yet know their time has been and gone. Ah well. God luv em.

  37. david


    1. Lanark Rangers fan introduces his 2 daughters, twins to his friends, declaring that one of them isnt his.
    2. Overhead discussion in The Royal Bar , Larkhall . Several morons are discussing their favourite films; one declares that his favourite film is The Exorcist, as ” the Devil flings a Priest doon the stairs”
    3. Quiz night in the Thistle Social club. Larkhall True Blues come last, answers featuring such nuggets as;
    Q. Whom did the Duke of Wellington defeat at the Battle of Waterloo?
    A. The Zulus.
    Q. Who came up with the theory E=mc2
    A. Albert Tatlock.

    There is a great scene in Blazing Saddles where the the Cowboys ask the black railwaymen to sing a song before breaking into The Campdown Races themselves. I recommend this to Cam and his buddies, freshen up your song repertoire. The people in Blazing Saddles REALLY ARE the Scots-Irish. Perhaps somebody could post it, I cant find it.

    • Fra

      I’m puzzled???? Do we have 2 David’s in the house?????

      I like this one but the other one isn’t up to much.

      • doppleganger Fra? or plain radio rental?

      • Gortnamona

        What I do know is that one of them (Daves) caught Phil Mc in bed with his wife or daughter, or maybe both. The way he mouths off about him every day without any obvious Provo(cation), it can’t be anything less.

        • Fra

          Gort n OD, the hatred espoused from him is ridiculous. He lost a friend as a paid soldier, isn’t that the risk that goes with the job?

          Whatabout those who lost family members at the hands of those paid soldiers. We won’t even go there.

          Poor me, poor me! Fuc**ng eejit.

          • david

            How stupid are you?
            My friend understood the risks and died honourably.
            The hatred is directed at the vile scum moronic bigots on here who mock his death from the safety of a keyboard.

            • Gortnamona

              You’re a real brave guy Davey – Just like your mate’s friends in the British Army. ( Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders)

              In 1972 two Catholic men, 31-year-old Michael Naan and 23-year-old Andrew Murray, had been found murdered at isolated farm buildings in County Fermanagh. Murray had been stabbed 13 times and Naan 19 times through the heart and chest. ……… The pathologist said Naan’s wounds were ‘consistent with an attack by someone who had gone berserk’.

            • david

              Am more than happy to condemn the murder of the 2 men you mentioned, it was inexcusable.

              Re bravery, you are really brave with your suggestions from behind a keyboard.
              Come out, nobody will mind, its the Year 2013.

        • david

          Let me make it plain.
          Stick your stupid allegation up your bigoted arse, you cretin.
          Phil is deranged; he seeks to cause trouble where little or none exists.
          Not fit to lick my wifes shoes.
          This country is NOT Northern Ireland.
          Statistics back this statement up.

      • david

        No, its just me.
        Unlike everyone else I have a go at the wrongs of both sides.

        • david

          Where did all YOUR anger come from?
          Are you struggling to come out?
          Did you have a bad experience when young?
          Or are you just not over the Battle of Newtonbutler, after all it was only 324 years ago?

          Wikipedia- never in my life.
          Bold-letter internet hard man?

  38. The old bigot Struth knifed his fellow directors in the back before being rewarded with a hefty pay rise.
    Such a dignified man.
    Drove his poor wife to suicide,too.
    Poisonous old club with an equally poisonous tribute act (2012)
    Scotland’s Shame indeed they were then / are now / will be forever.

  39. I’ve never quite been able to reconcile the words ‘military’ and ‘celebration’ in a sentence that makes any sense to me.

    That’s not to say that others couldn’t, it’s simply a matter of my good fortune. I happen to live in a land that for the entirety of my life existential war has been absent. Being overjoyed that such a threat was averted is beyond my experience.

    For every second of my existence to date however and there have been many, there has not been a single one which has passed without a military struggle taking place somewhere in the world.

    Sometimes our political leaders have chosen to send our sons and daughters into these conflicts for reasons which may or may not be grounded in something regarded as reasonable.

    A full understanding of the commitment and the reasons for it often being shrouded in secrecy, the full account being available years if not decades after events.

    For those service personnel who found themselves engaged and at risk the politics would be irrelevant when the shooting starts. The bravery of these guys is beyond reproach.

    Some paid the price of engagement with limbs others with trauma, some paid with their lives.

    It would be entirely wrong to blame individual military personnel for the battles they find themselves engaged in. They don’t have the opportunity to choose.

    An acceptance of the world as it is includes the presence of military might as a means to impose influence.

    It’s hardly something to be proud of, if one takes a moment to think about it, it’s no more than a depressing failure.

    Celebrating the military requires a level of tact; it is something which should be done quietly.

    In a crowded football stadium delicacy and decorum are all too easily replaced with something misguided, like triumphalism.

    That of course would be repellent and something to be avoided.

    Actually easily avoided.

    • Monti.. It 8 nothing !!!! What a result !!!!

    • Steerpike

      ” It’s hardly something to be proud of, if one takes a moment to think about it, it’s no more than a depressing failure.”

      Self interest is indeed depressing, which is why we value self sacrifice so highly, if we do not celebrate our highest values then what exactly should we celebrate?
      A culture without celebration and high values is depressing.

  40. Arb urns


    Mr and Mrs Walker

    Steerpike continues to learn in blogclass. This session we had huge success in getting him to understand libel is not a criminal offence.

    He continues to struggle in accounts however insisting on using a front loaded fixed surplus cash flow working business model. He can never grasp that his tuck shop account that is front loaded with a tenner runs out after approx 4 weeks when he spends £2 .50 each week and only tops it up with a pound every other Saturday ,which remarkably coincides with the rangers home games. He showed great ingenuity in the playground by issuing shares in himself in an iPo and raised £22. Sadly he joined the spiv gang with this money and he was soon parted from it the funds barely lasting for one kick the can season…..

    On the positive side he turns up every day and participates in blog not letting his humiliations get him down.

    Must do better though

    Miss Julie Bayview
    Heid Mistress

    • Ian4300

      Dear Miss Bayview,

      How very dare you speak about my precious son like that.

      I have spoken to my son & InDeNIALL assures me he has NEVER been wrong & consistently wins his blogs. It is only jealousy which stops him being classed as a genius in debate

      He insists he is a Master-debater & I believe him.

      perhaps you are mixing him up with that Steerpike boy, what an obnoxious creature, he is too thick to realise that he IS being humiliated, but not my precious little boy, he is so sensitive.

      He is positively Radiant when he tells me of his triumphs over that immigrant class of debater he has to deal with.

      He has overcome many obstacles in his life, No one likes him & his father calls him a wee gobshite, but he is a lovely boy when you get to know him.

      Please correct his record card ASAP.

      Yours etc

      Mrs Walker.

    • Steerpike

      Put the crack pipe down arb.

      • Arb urns

        Along the track the train came puffin
        Arb 55 ( and countin ) Steerpike nuffin.

        Why steer have we yet to see a sevconian add last years title to that 54 and countin thing they all recite ? can you throw any light on it…?

        • Ian4300

          Arb, I’m just back this afternoon & playing catch up… Have THOSE accounts been published yet?

          Was that display of her Maj’s finest organised by the Board to distract from this & the sons of Struth protest?

          look at all the Eeejits lapping it up. They deserve all that happens.

          Scotland once again shows how Militant Protestantism is alive & rancid.

          Let’s see if the Government or the SFA take any action.

          Jeezo I have NO Chance of that, the SMSM did not even Report it, after all it’s part of The FABRIC of the Nation isn’t it?.

  41. R. MacGeddon

    Would it be acceptable if the military were to join in the singing by right wing idiots in a football stadium where the songs and chants were directed against say Jews or Muslims, or joined in celebrating the idea of trashing synagogues or mosques?

  42. John Clarke

    just a thought on Mr McCoist’ pay cut……..when the time is right for them and they decide to ‘offload’ their first AND most successful manager…with the cut in wages they will have even less to pay him as a settlement figure 😉

  43. Carson the bigot.
    You are so Neanderthal that you will never appreciate such beauty as ‘Song for Marcela’.
    Stick to the Bouncy and your Outdated songs about gay Dutchmen on White Horses.
    You and your kind are scum of the earth.
    A large planet earth most of you are unfamiliar with due to your limited lives travelling outside of Ayrshire,Lothians,Lanarkshire and Govan.
    You come across as very limited in your education so maybe it isn’t all your fault.

  44. Raymilland


    Update on alternative use of the Albion car Park; and soon to be abandoned stadium:

    Of course it shall be strictly British war machines only, very appropriate, a resting place for outdated military vehicle.

    Shipped down the Clyde to Govan, from all over the empire 😉 patriots to the end.

  45. Ed Paisley

    I can just picture the Rangers AGM come 29th October (!!??!!!).
    Wee Mathers stands up and says:-
    -we’ve only got £3m left in the bank today
    -we squandered £30m on overpaid staff and executives.
    -we have contingent liabilities of £10m including emergency asbestos removal.
    -we don’t have sufficient sponsorship income to keep the club running much longer.,

    But never mind – Private Derek Campbell is here to sing “The Bluebells are Blue” and then Corporal Fiona Murray is going to dance along to “The Stripper”.
    Rapturous cheers …………………..

  46. Monti

    I think Celtic should invite Martin McGuinness & Gerry Adams to Celtic park & unfurl the league flag at the first game of the season next season.
    Full Military regalia & Ski masks to be worn, invite former IRA men & women to the park for a mass before kick off!
    Get Gerry to address the crowd & read the roll of honour before a 3 gun salute!
    Should be ok, the msn will ignore it!


  47. Fra

    “I never even read it. I just said that’ll do me.” Sally McCoist

    Dirty lying fat tit. He must think we were all born yesterday

    He knew every share, pound and crossed t of that contract. The cheeky chappy routine wore of long ago. Play to the mob and fill my account so I’ll be good when it all goes tits up.

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