Imran Ahmad Heads to the Court of Session for his Claim against Rangers

Official confirmation came this week, firstly from the Court of Session case list and then from Rangers itself that Mr Ahmad had initiated court proceedings for damages against his former employer.

The official Rangers statement said:-

Rangers fans are now aware of a Court of Session action brought by the Club’s former Commercial Director Imran Ahmad and in response has released the following:

 “Mr Ahmad’s lawyers have lodged his summons at the Court of Session. This is simply a procedural step which the Club anticipated. The Club’s lawyers are of the view that his claim is unfounded in fact and in law and is likely to fail.

“They have advised the court that the claim will be defended robustly. Mr Ahmad’s claim is for £500,000 in alleged unpaid bonuses and not the sum previously claimed in his pre action correspondence which was in excess of £3 million.”

What is there that can be gleaned from this so far?

First of all the statement is not in response to the action being raised, as that would have taken place some weeks ago, but to fans becoming aware of it.

IA Group

Secondly, no one ever starts a court action saying that they will lose. One might sometimes think that, if pouch comes to shove, a case will be unsuccessful, but you do not tell the world, or even just the opposition that. It is a bit like a big football match. Nobody goes into a game saying that they expect to be beaten.

Thirdly, I like the comment that the court has been told the action is to be defended robustly. There is not a separate box for the defender to complete which asks how the claim is to be defended. That could be an innovation though …

“Does the defender wish to defend this claim:-

1                     robustly

2                     half-heartedly

3                     to within an inch of its life

4                     not at all but there is no choice”

Fourthly, does it suggest a weakness in Mr Ahmad’s case if his claim has shrink from over £3 million to “only” £500,000?

No – I do not think so.

When engaging in pre-action correspondence there is, within reason, a lot of posturing. And, in any event a claim for half a million is still something to cause sleepless nights! It would suggest though that a claim based on a share of every penny raised in the share issue and as a result of contracts Mr Ahmad negotiated, whether or not that money has come in now, or in 5 years’ time, has been whittled down to something which has a chance of being upheld – one would assume specific contracts. It always seemed a stretch for the Commercial Director to be claiming a cut of the share proceeds, especially where Mr Ahmad made little or no public comment about that.

Unlike the threatened court actions by Craig Whyte/Worthington Group etc Mr Ahmad has actually set the ball rolling with his case. If it is contested “robustly” it might not end until 2015.

Finally, although one would not know it from the official announcement, guess who Mr Ahmad has sued?

His claim is not against Rangers Intergalactic International Football Club PLC. Rather it is against the Rangers Football Club Ltd – which used to be known as Sevco Scotland Ltd.

Mr Ahmad was never a Director of the PLC, although he was listed as a key employee in the IPO document.

This suggests too that the ultimate beneficiary of the contracts will be important – can Mr Ahmad claim a share of the proceeds of a contract entered into with the PLC?

The likelihood is that, after a convenient interval, as happens with most litigation, both parties will arrive at a situation where they are equally unhappy – the defender paying more than it wants to pay and the pursuer getting less than he wants!

But, would you believe it, the Rangers saga just keeps generating court actions!

Which is good if you like writing about court cases! 🙂

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  1. Monti

    Go on Imran turn the screw!

  2. Monti

    May I take this opportunity at the very beginning of this blog, to ask all posters to be respectful & humorous in their posts throughout this blog.
    Let’s all make a massive attempt to retake the blog BACK from the BIGOTS!

    • cam

      Woof! 🙂 down bhoy!

    • ◦Lawyer: “Can you describe what the person who attacked you looked like?”
      ◦Witness: “No. He was wearing a mask.”
      ◦Lawyer: “What was he wearing under the mask?”
      ◦Witness: “Er…his face.”

    • Monti

      I am serious!
      I’m sincere!

    • AS people read down this blog, you will see STEERPIKE has introduced the Vatican and child abuse as HIS topic of choice to defect from the Ahmad V Sevco court case,

      Child abuse yet again from this sick troll bastard.
      all right minded posters need to blank this nutter.

      his behaviour, has resorted to him posting about his obsessions on
      guns, killing people, Rape, anti irish anti catholic, anti catholic faith schools, Sectarianism, post after post, time to call a halt.

      he brags he has trolled on religious blogs for 8 years, why is he here ?

      • Gortnamona

        Will say

        Just about anything to get attention.

        I did predict the inevitable downward spiral.

        It’s the rampant NPD syndrome.

      • Fisiani

        This blog has to be reformed as we come towards the final days of The Rangers.
        When someone posts on a topic not related to the OP then DO NOT REPLY
        The trolls will try to deflect and get you to talk about religion, child abuse , Celtic, etc. DO NOT REPLY
        Resist the urge to reply just because you can.
        The trolls love it when you take their bait.
        Do not feed the trolls.

        • coatbrigbhoy

          I agree, no matter what, no replies, no debates, no matter how much the provocation.
          time for banter and ripping it out of them,

  3. paul

    The Club’s lawyers are of the view that his claim is unfounded in fact and in law and is likely to fail.
    Not been a lawyer, would it be right of me to state that Imrans lawyer must be using an act in law that covers taking the course of action they are proceeding.Doh.

  4. cam

    One of the main indicators in spotting a troll is that they usually post first and talk about something unconnected to the OP.

    Here we have Monti wishing to discuss his S&M fetishes in an attempt to lure Eco and other dungeon dwellers.

    Monti did you notice Paul’s continual intergalactic reference when discussing Rangers? Is this because he’s from another planet,or his your head too far up Uranus to notice these ̶m̶i̶n̶e̶r̶ minor details?

  5. James O'Connell

    Another well written piece!
    I’m only replying to decent posters and the ‘Hate’ mob are getting totally blanked! fed up with the bile tbh !

  6. Go on Amran…….. pump them !

  7. James O'Connell

    Point in case !

  8. From The previous post, with so many comments I guess I left it to late.

    Keeping a website up to date in a fast moving world requires close attention and quite a bit of work, mistakes are often made and are largely unavoidable.

    As time passes corrections get made and we can all accept that.
    On occasion however, time passes and things stay the same.

    Rangers official website has the following:

    The Company announces that it was notified today, 17 September 2013, that on 10 September Alexander (Sandy) Easdale, acquired 2,125,000 ordinary shares of 1 pence each in the Company (“Ordinary Shares”). Following the acquisition, Mr Easdale holds 2,842,957 Ordinary Shares, representing 4.37% of the issued share capital of the Company.

    From Rangers website today:

    Share Information
    Rangers has an issued share capital of 65,096,056 Ordinary Shares of 1 pence each. No Ordinary Shares are held in treasury.
    Major Shareholding (3% or above):

    Charles Green 5,071,629 7.79%

    Hargreave Hale Limited 5,022,000 7.71%

    Artemis Investment Management LLP 4,286,000 6.58%

    Blue Pitch Holding 4,000,000 6.14%

    Mike Ashley 3,000,000 4.61%

    Margarita Funds Holding Trust 2,600,000 3.99%

    Cazenove Capital Management Limited 2,450,000 3.76%

    Richard Hughes 2,200,000 3.38%

    Imran Ahmad 2,200,000 3.38%

    Legal & General Investment Management Limited 2,000,000 3.07%

    Currently, 85.15% of the Company’s issued Ordinary Shares of 1p each will be in public hands. The Ordinary Shares of 1p each in the capital of Rangers International Football Club plc are freely transferable.

    Perhaps Mr Easdales holding is a result of a purchase from within one of the institutional investors, and the overall holding of the institution remains the same

    Maybe the site just needs an update to accord with regulatory announcements.

    That said Mr Easdale in accordance with regulatory announcements has acquired the voting rights by proxy of both Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Funds holding Trust.

    Apparently they like his no nonsense approach to business.

    That may not be the only thing they like.

    The old question. Who are the mysterious investors in Rangers? Is one which might easily be superseded by transactions.

    Perhaps Mr Easdale has no wish to see himself in the bright lights of Rangers official website as an above 3% stakeholder and is happy to leave things as they are.

    Perhaps he hasn’t noticed the omission.

    Hey it’s Friday, I could be just flying a kite to see where the wind takes it.

    • mcfc

      @martin – a key point I think is that Easdale has “acquired” the “voting rights” to most of his 24%. Which I take to mean he hasn’t bought the shares – just bought/hired the right to vote with them. No indication how long that right will continue. If you remember, Chico often spoke about representing a much bigger percentage of shares than he actually owned. Maybe Easdale acquired the voting rights of other people’s share from Chico – as well as buying his actual shares that were not already promised to Laxey..

      • hector

        @mcfc The Easdale brothers no matter how you dress it up are not mugs when it comes to making a quid so they see a pay out.No matter if it is in real estate or some other benefit they are not sinking cash,paying a spindoctor and setting themselves up for the amount of public scrutiny that comes with the job because they are fans.Rangers men they may or may not be but they see an endgame and expect to do well out of it.They have sunk cash into sevco and expect a return.

    • @gortchomhor

      Nice kite.

    • Cluster one

      See how high that kite goes

  9. Imran knows where the bodies are buried. GPS co-ordinates, dates, accomplices, and the bloody finger print stained weapons of dispatch.
    I am sure with all that info at his disposal, he will have a few little chestnuts which are not self incriminating. Maybe if he turns QE auld Lizzie will give him immunity. Lol.
    His largest obstacle will be getting a new I.D. which will fool the 500m global fanbase.
    Parting his hair on the other side ought to do it. Can’t be too careful!
    It takes a lot to pull the sheep’s arse over the eyes of a Sevconian.

  10. cam

    If the SFO investigation reveals anything untowards regards Mr I Ahmad Rangers,,,ex employee.
    Would this render any claim void?

    For the avoidance of doubt,i’m only speaking hypodermically and am not suggesting any wrong doing on the gentleman in qustion.

  11. cam

    Bearing in mind the admitted posturing then i would suggest that the stated “robustness” of the defence is part of said posturing.
    Mr Ahmad may be counting on the weakened state of Rangers finances as regards a legal defence as a bargaining tool.
    He better get a move on as Rangers according to the loonballs in here are gone by Xmas and he might be a creditor if he wins.
    Poor diddums.

  12. Paul

    If the case deals with anything other than the case in question quiet a lot of folk will be in bother. A good lawyer will have to protect the defenders which might mean a wee settlement can be reached before a storm is created.

  13. cam

    But,but,but,,,, Craigie has only threatened court action???
    The loons in here have him winning £1million a year for ever for getting some pal to send in a scary letter.

  14. “Robustly” made me chuckle too. Think of all the just as meaningless words that could replace it, ‘whimsically’, ‘percussively’ and ‘erotically’. Is Traynor responsible for this (sorry for putting erotically and Traynor so ‘nauseatingly’ close together) mangling of meaning? This is a statement for the attention of the fans, but surely this ‘enormously’ experienced colossus of the printed word knows how to put out better propaganda than that. Bluenoses all over the galaxy will be talking Friday night away about how robust their nearly-new club are acting nowadays. Hahaha

    • cam

      Ehm,,,,, nope,bluenoses will be at work,out with their families and behaving in an erotically normal manner.
      Nauseatingly obese and intellectually challenged neutrals shall be obsessing over Rangers.

    • Reminds me of the scene in a few good men …

      Jo: “Your Honor, we re-new our objection to Commander Stone’s testimony, and ask that it be stricken from the record. And we further ask that the Court instruct the jury to lend no weight to this witness’s testimony.”

      Judge: “The objection’s overruled, counsel.”
      Jo: “Sir, the defense strenuously objects and requests a meeting in chambers so that his honor might have an opportunity to hear discussion before ruling on the objection.”

      Judge: “Noted. The witness is an expert and the court will hear his opinion!”

      Sam: “I strenuously object? Is that how it works? Objection. Overruled. No, no, no, no, I strenuously object. Oh, well if you strenuously object, let me take a moment to reconsider.”

  15. Steerpike

    It is impossible to read about Ahmad without thinking of those poor victims of the Vatican’s cover up, the parallels are uncanny.

    Every time I read about hidden shareholders, dodgy accounts, court proceedings against an employer, hidden agreements, out of court settlements, compensation and people not getting paid, my mind has random thoughts about the tragic plight of the abused.

    I am reminded by the words in Mark 10:14, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”

    Anyway lets get back to the bigotry of Rangers.

    • Paul

      Bit of a cheap shot there to force your way in once again to talk about something you will no doubt sweep with your amazing insight to everything Sevco.Will Imran survive his case steerpike enlighten the pitfalls of law with your take on this story.

      • Steerpike


        I do not doubt your sincerity when you bring up the plight of victims of Rangers bigotry( singing songs), why should you doubt mine. The link between Rangers and religion is not mine but since you insist on using it, I cannot but help reciprocate, Celtic was founded by employees of the Vatican, an organization with a history of protecting child abusers. The link between Rangers, the Orange Order and morality is often espoused, again this must be mirrored out of fairness and balance.

        To me the analogy is perfectly robust and appropriate.

        • Paul

          Two comments you have made so far involve child abuse. Why not come out and just say you hate Celtic and Celtic minded bloggers.You know Steerpike the comments are cheap shots but every blogger on here all agree no matter what organisation is covering up scandals then they must be punished,Do you think it matters one jot to me if they pulled down all the chapels or if Rome was to perish. I think that to link Celtic in an underhand way is not only sneaky but a bit below the belt and of course is a cheap shot. Jim Spence is an employee at the BBC does that tie him to the Jimmy Saville scandal? Christians around the world are hounded out of parishes for similar crimes and some are protestant churches so what is the point you would like to make.

      • Steerpike

        ” Will Imran survive his case steerpike enlighten the pitfalls of law with your take on this story.

        Put it this way, if Ahmad wins then his statement about raising millions of revenue are true, and the doom and gloom merchants are fucked. If he loses, yet another spiv gets shafted and Rangers save 500k.

        It is known as a win win situation if you are a Rangers fan.

        • Paul

          Steer are you for real
          “if Ahmad wins then his statement about raising millions of revenue are true, and the doom and gloom merchants are fucked”

          If Ahmed wins it will be because of what was probably in a contract or agreed verbally which is taken as law in Scotland, statements are statements and if he did as you suggest have the means to rasie millions then it will be sevco who are fucked for getting rid of the guy.
          Picture Celtic bloggers faces when they hear Imran was going to invest but never, LOL, must be a bit of irony in there.

          If he loses it will just be another spiv who gets shafted, but you have others waiting to take his is not the spivs who are been shafted it is,…..THE FANS.

          “It is known as a win win situation if you are a Rangers fan”.

          So Imran had money to invest but never invested so thats a win for the fans ,Imran claim is denied so thats a win mmmm sevco save 500,000 grand for not paying out to a spiv, which spiv would pay him anyway, remember the creditors?

    • mcfc

      tears of a clown

      • Steerpike


        Were you at the game caller?

        Bums on seats, bums on seats.

        Wasted on you, you being English with no interest in Scottish football and all.

      • Paul

        Ever noticed how steakbake makes his intro to the debates,he comes in with a subject matter that he thinks will get the attention of the Sevco morons on his side. Then he hopes that the other bloggers will engage in his blog and there you have it my friend like a true defender he sweeps aside the real debate which is Imran is threatening court action.
        it is a trick he uses often like pretending to be an east fife fan from methadon but we all know ssshhhh he is really a sevconian and thinks he is been taken seriously don’t tell him we all know, he might go away and there will be one less sevconian to laugh at .

    • Monti

      No it is possible Niall, it’s called focus!

    • Cluster one

      Default Mode

    • @shitesteer
      no returns
      I WIN

  16. Geddy Lee

    Please ignore steerpike everyone.

    Has Imran taken legal advice from an English based firm? Given the differences in their interpretation of the law, could he have been wrongly advised? Given how much he has already made, I would imagine The Rangers could win this case.

  17. hector

    Does anyone know what Bill McMurdo looks like.I have seen pictures of Jabba, toxic Jack and yuc old leggo.The common theme is a lack of a neck other than one of industrial grade brass.The neck is absent and they all look like one of those Doctor Who creatures that run around attacking everything.Come to think of it my we pal the Hamilton Acci supporter Imran is not big in the neck department.I may be onto something so if anyone has a picture of wee Billy please post it .If he is a wee ferret faced weed then that theory is tits up a bit like sevco.

  18. Monti


    What is wrong with you Niall?

    • Ian4300

      Shush Monti,

      He has EXECUTIVE decisions to make.

      Is it Sports Socks 2 furra Pound or the Big Issue?

      Let the Troll take his head out of his arse & make a career decision, if we interrupt him now he will blame Faith schools or Mick.

  19. Ed Paisley

    Why doesn’t Imran just keep the £137,500 resting in his ma’s bank account. Sevco can then add this to Craigy’s final settlement (or Worthington Group).
    It’s just a big money go round isn’t it – cheat the creditors out of millions and then everyone grasps for their share of the spoils. It’s all so unseemly.

  20. whitershadeofcrail

    This was from a previous board that I left late.
    I signed up to here some time ago but my post has been waiting moderation.
    I don’t know how you people keep up.
    Anyway here is a couple of questions for the experts on here.
    How many points were rangers deducted for their insolvency event?.
    If they go insolvent again will they get the same points deduction as Dundee.
    IE have they already had one insolvency event, or will it be two insolvency events if it happens again?
    I hope this can be answered.

    • Cluster one

      whitershadeofcrail all i can say is…”Grab that popcorn”

    • Cheap Suit Charlie


      Answer 1: Rangers were deducted 10 points for going into admin.
      Answer 2: My understanding of the rules is that they would be deducted 15 points or one third of the previous seasons points total, whichever is greater.
      Answer 3: Fuck knows, the SFA will decide that when the have figured out which is worse for Sevco.
      Hope that helps.

    • @Whitershade.
      I think it would be considered that their next, will be their 1st.
      Sometimes in Scottish fitba’ tho’ , even Mulder & Scully are left scratching their heads.

    • Felpen

      Rangers never had points taken for an insolvency event. They had I believe 10 points taking off of them for going into administration. But during the close season Rangers went into liquidation so they were no more. Sevco Scotland bought the assets and started a new club. One which every club in the spl were asked if they wanted to vote them into the spl. They were not voted in and subsequently the rest of the club’s in Scotland were asked if they wanted to vote Sevco Scotland into the amateur league. They voted yes so Sevco Scotland were playing in Scotland’s amateur leagues. Where they changed their name to The Rangers. So in short Rangers were never deducted points for an insolvency event. Only Administration. The Rangers or as they are better known Sevco have never been in an insolvency event either.

      • Cheap Suit Charlie

        Administration IS an insolvency event.

        • Felpen

          I Believe administration is the first means of trying to avoid insolvency. You bring in administers to try and build on a plan to help the business make cut backs and carry on with the sed business paying its depts. Once a business becomes insolvent it owes more that what it’s wort or is highly unlikely to be able to pay back or function under any business model.

          • Cheap Suit Charlie

            Here’s how The SFA articles of association define an insolvency event:

            means circumstances where a member
            suspends, or threatens to suspend payment of
            its debts, or is unable to pay its debts as they
            fall due or admits inability to pay its debts,
            or is deemed unable to pay its debts within
            the meaning of section 123 of the Insolvency
            Act 1986; the convening of a meeting for the
            purpose of considering a resolution for the
            winding up of a member; the appointment of
            any provisional liquidator to a member; the
            liquidation of a member (other than for the
            purposes of a bona fide solvent reconstruction)
            the making of an administration order or
            an order by the court appointing an interim
            manager or manager or the court making an
            order in terms of paragraph 13(3)(b) of Schedule
            B1 of the Insolvency Act 1986 in relation to a
            member; the appointment of an administrator
            by the directors or by a qualifying charge holder
            (as defined in paragraph 14 of Schedule B1
            of the Insolvency Act 1986) of a member; the
            appointment of a receiver (including without
            limitation an administrative receiver) in respect of
            the whole or any part of the property, assets and/
            or undertaking of a member; the appointment
            by a court of a judicial factor, receiver or
            manager in respect of a member; the entering
            into by a member of a voluntary arrangement
            with its creditors; circumstances where a creditor
            or encumbrancer of a member attaches or
            takes possession of, or a distress, execution,
            sequestration or other such process is levied or
            enforced on or sued against, the whole or any
            significant or material part of such member’s
            assets, and such attachment or process is not
            discharged within 14 days; or any proceedings or
            step is taken or any court order in any jurisdiction
            made which has the same or substantially similar
            effect to any of the foregoing.

            • Cheap Suit Charlie

              I think we can rule out solvent reconstruction. 🙂

            • Ian4300

              OOOPs You missed the point in Real life…

              IGNORE ALL OF THE ABOVE, for the sake of Scottish Football, of course.

              If you want to debate the Laws of governance can you tell me which ones put The sevco shambles in the place they are now?

            • Cheap Suit Charlie

              The point has indeed been missed, but not by me.

  21. Geddy Lee

    Not sure how it works, but any sanction will be “robustly defended”
    Ally however, is “very hopeful” it won’t come to that.

    • whitershadeofcrail

      According to Ally in the Herald Scotland he needs to spend big.
      So he will be hoping the money will not go into Imrans pockets, and he has taken a pay cut according to posts on the bears den..

  22. hector

    @Whiter Hi I hope you don’t think this an unfriendly site but it is after dark trolls are abroad and as you have been in moderation for some time the experts are all busy. I am sure one will be along shortly.The best bet would be steerpike as he knows everything about everything.Failing that Cam not as clever as steerpike but never mind the Quality feel the width.Nice to have met you.

  23. Monti

    I agree with what Gortchomhor said in a previous blog, it’s time to concentrate on the most important of aspects now, ensure the focus remains on the Spivs & ensure Sevco will never take their place in the SPFL!

    Sporting integrity must be at the forefront!

  24. paul

    All sevconian fans
    You’s are good at what if scenarios and like playing with figures, so here is a scenario for you.
    Craig White (bless him) Purchases Rangers (of old) and they have two shots at Europe, if they fail the CL they have Europa to fall back on.
    What would be the income for both these tournaments presuming that they are at least in one of them?
    Income for coming third in CL
    Income for some games in Europa.
    Would the income generated have seen Rangers still in the top flight?
    Would the income have been sufficient to have seen that Ticketus could have been paid and remained onboard even if Rangers (that old team who died) were still slightly in debt.
    Could Craig White (bless him) have survived and used some of the money from the tournaments and Ticketus to pay off LLyods?

    Part 2 @sevconians
    When craig White entered the fray there was no mention of anything untoward happening over at Sunny Govan (Glasgow use for Govan of old), in fact there was wealth of the radar on the horizon in fact Phil (the guy you hate) stated that Celtic will have to watch their position as Rangers were about to be BIG TIME. (Read his book it is amazing how he led the media into the headline wealth off the radar lazy journalists do not google or look to sources they become gullible or spoon fed, so call it hook line and sinker )
    We know Llyods wanted 18 million but that would be covered by Ticketus 24 million advances and this would leave 6 million. Rangers were in all major tournaments, remember we have traded £1.00p for £6.000,000m.
    So what what went wrong at this stage we can presume there is no wee tax case and even though there is a big tax case looming the club are still trading in profit although they have ticketus debt they are at least in a position to trade out of debt and continue until things even out.
    So how does Craig White go from messiah to villain?
    Imagine that they get 3rd spot in CL and go into Europa and do reasonably well, surely at least 10 mill goes into the pot and then they claim a title and then a domestic trophy, how much would they have, I do not know but lets pretend another 5million goes into the pot the pot goes up to 15mill less expenses for running costs. Would the taxman be chasing Craig White who is showing how to maximise a viable business, I think they would allow a continuation of a going concern business, and one showing signs of strengthening.
    So how is to blame for the demise of Rangers Phil (the guy you hate) predicted the downfall once White was in and it is all recorded so what went wrong to make his predictions in The Downfall of Rangers (available in all good book stores)come to fruition. If the guy seen it how did the media not see it and who is to blame.
    Would it not be wise to try and figure that there were things not quite right about the club and the fans were not been told. Or did Craig White(bless him) jump ship when Ally screwed up big time with his inept managerial skills, and did Sir Where Wally these days not advise Ally to not take the job?

    • honest john

      Thankfully Ally took the job…blew a fiteen point lead and got them fk’d out of europe… leaving Craig Whyte in a corner…and the rest is history.

    • McCoist leadership saw RFC lose out on over £20m in cup income, CL,EL, Scottish cup and League Cup.
      McCoist also managed to throw away a 15 point lead in the league, Rangers ?
      McCoist had slipped to 2nd place in the league before the surprise 14th February announcement that administration was now the order of the day.

      we are told that this is the same club, i don’t believe that, what i do believe that since RFC 1872 entered administration, and the assets getting sold and a tribute act getting passed of as the original club “Rangers ” in one guise or another have spent over £60m.
      D&P and Lawyers ect have milked untold £millions in fees and payments

      Not one penny in debt paid to any creditor that has no links to Football,
      Sevco and it’s fans craw about Debt free,about having X amount of money in the bank,
      Spivs and True Blues are fighting it out over the future £millions they are desperate to get their hands on,
      Boycotts and threats and bullying are commonplace amongst those that run this outfit and those that pay to support it,
      a betting scandal breaks about a Sevco player,Black, betting against his employers team and the manager gives him his support, McCoist sneers at the SFA that 95% on his players and staff are as guilty as Black, the SFA, yet again, do nothing

      • @coatbrig

        a betting scandal breaks about a Sevco player,Black, betting against his employers team and the manager gives him his support, McCoist sneers at the SFA that 95% on his players and staff are as guilty as Black, the SFA, yet again, do nothing

        Your right, the SFA derelicted their duty to the rest of the game. But they set a precedent in the three game ban. If betting ever rears its head again, the SFA have a problem on their hands.

  25. Steerpike

    ” Sporting integrity must be at the forefront! ”

    ………….and a free pass for Celtic in the CL every year of course, and total domination of Scottish football by one club.

    Equality which one club more equal than others.

    • Paul

      And of course this is Celtic’s fault you as a business mind must know that you care about your own finances and if others want to squander chasing dreams, who are we to advise.We would love all clubs to be equal but the more you sell the more you reap and this is called good business.Charity begins at home.
      pip pip must dash blackberry ringing more shares and tickets to sell and merchandise factories claiming they cannot keep up the demand.

    • Cheap Suit Charlie

      FFS Steerpike, you take statistics and you mangle them, you take logic and you twist it beyond recognition, but now you have gone too far, you now appear to have choked the life out of grammar. 🙂

    • Monti


  26. Paul

    All bloggers this is a reply i got from steerpike
    what has a modern Rangers got to do with the Orange Order, Protestantism and religious bigotry?”
    love the word modern as in new, new history have a nice weekend following the new modern.

    • Ian4300

      Paul, seriously, why bother?

      Every reply opens the door to more mince from him.

      Four posts later he will be saying the opposite, or denying it or, La La La, I never read it, it was too long or another controversial post to gain ripostes .
      The reality is, You make your counter point well but he ignores it , then multi posts because he has an opening.

      IGNORE ALL TROLLS, have a laugh & enjoy the blogs

  27. Arb urns


    Niall Steerpike walker you have pleaded guilty to the charges of this blog and it is my duty to pass sentence on you… You are an habitual loser who presumably accepts Aniallation in the same casual manner…. I therefore sentence you to the maximum term possible you are suspended from all blog life for a term of five years…..

  28. Ed Paisley

    Frankie Miller – one of the finest rock vocalists this country has ever produced along with Kirriemuir’s finest Bon Scott.

    This is dedicated to you Sevco boys:-

  29. The Rangers defence against ‘Imran Ahmad’.

  30. paul

    Now that Officer dibble has arrested the steakbake and Arb has pronounced sentence i am off out now that the pubs are safe,and will tune in tomorrow so its goodnight from me guys.

  31. Over PMGB’s site some suggest Ahmad may apply to the court to ring fence the £500,000 just like Bain Martin did at an earlier date; if so, less cash to spend, oh my, oh my.

  32. Monti


    GROW UP!

  33. Monti
    September 27, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    Go on Imran turn the screw!

    The Mousetrap is now in its 60th year and shows no sign of closing, but next to that The Rangers/Sevco pantomime is showing promise of coming a close second in due course.

    There seems to be no end to the twists and turns in this long running saga, with very few goodies and no end to the list of baddies, (boo! hiss!)

    Will this scandal ever come to a close?

    • Ian4300

      AW naw a conundrum.

      Picture RFC(IL)… OK now Cue The “JAWS” Theme tune..

      Two years later.. is safe for SEVCO to go into the water?

      Cue The “JAWS” theme tune… AGAIN.

      Is it JAWS or JAWS 2?

  34. Steerpike has gone now, he died tonite, please CAM, continue your support for him, your bro, your twin, your hero,
    or fuck off also

    Gettinfg shot of you twa will lead this blog back to where it should have started to grow into, and not where you two cunts dragged it near to.

    Fuck off to an EDDIE site, there must be a catholic/SKANIA conflict there for you to abuse.


  35. McMurdo, Quote, Un-Quote 13 August 2013

    Imran Hits Back

    I spoke to Imran Ahmad about the story he is suing Rangers for £3.4 million.

    He confirmed the story is true that the club owes him money and he is regrettably taking this action.

    However, he has vowed that, whether the matter goes to court or whether there is an out of court settlement, he will plough whatever he gets back into the club.

    Imran explained to me it was a matter of principle and that he is still committed to seeing the club do well.

    His claims are based on a 5% commission he is due for profits on deals he brokered as Commercial Director.

    I have received a breakdown on these deals and they stack up to a staggering £67 million which will benefit Rangers.

    The real question about Imran Ahmad’s forced departure from Rangers should be:

    Why was a man responsible for bringing millions into the club in a short period of time sent packing and who benefits from this money machine’s removal?

    I am not saying Imran is a saint but I could put up with a lot from somebody who is working the Midas Touch on behalf of the team I love.

    Here is a statement from Imran regarding both the commission due him and the Rangers Media incident, which I am reliably told is a possible breach of the Data Protection Act:

    “Its true the club does owe me money.

    In my view the full £3.4m is only due because of the way Chris Graham and Malcolm Murray leaked a story about me without any investigation or proof. I believe they continue to leak confidential club information such as this to the press in a misguided attempt to wage a propaganda campaign to win the forthcoming EGM. As far as EGM is concerned it does not matter what they say as I know we have more shares than them. I think this says more about the so called Rangers Men than me as the leaks are directly from their camp and everyone knows they’re very close to Keith Jackson and the Daily Record. If the real Rangers Men want control of Ibrox the morally correct thing to do is buy a controlling stake in the market. Not try to continually seize control without investing a penny.

    Charles Green has agreed to tell the truth if it goes to court i.e. I am due 5% bonus on all the commercial deals I negotiated on behalf of the club. I am hardly going to turn my back on a bonus which is due to me when I’ve directly negotiated £67m worth of contracts which benefit the club over the next 5-10 years.

    Neither myself or Charles have ever wanted this to go to court as we are substantial shareholders and in fact Charles had already brokered a deal with the club for a fraction of the full liability but the club has not signed up to it. I had also offered to reinvest all my bonus proceeds plus an additional extra £500k of my own money back into the club. At least this shows how much I’ve contributed to the club and the fact that I am prepared to put more cash into the club.”

    Ahmad reiterated to me that he wants to buy more shares in Rangers and is determined to defeat the smear campaign being conducted against him.

    People keep asking me why I support Charles Green and Imran Ahmad in the Civil War being waged at the club.

    My answer is always the same.

    I support The Rangers,

    However, I think people who bring such sums of money into the club deserve support for that.

    And, as I said earlier, who would benefit from removing these people and conducting a media smear campaign against them almost unparalleled in this day and age?

    Why would anyone who purportedly loves Rangers have an issue with the club prospering?

    Or seek to vilify and remove those who were making it happen?

  36. Civil war breaks out at Ibroke tonight.

    Friday, 27 September 2013 22:00
    Club Statement
    Written by Rangers Football Club

    RANGERS FC have tonight informed Police Scotland of deeply offensive and threatening comments that have been made on the Follow Follow website. These remarks have placed a director and his family in a state of fear and alarm.

    This Club is shocked by the kind of physical violence being mentioned and is sure the vast majority of Rangers’ support will share our alarm and disgust. This type of rhetoric can never be deemed acceptable.

    Rangers FC cannot tolerate this behaviour and intend to take an extremely robust approach to this sort of conduct. The board finds it inexplicable that some so called supporters of the club are bringing Rangers into disrepute and these people are not welcome at Ibrox.

    The board is also aware that certain individuals are holding meetings and inciting fans to unruly behaviour. This has also been reported to the police.

  37. Charlotte now chips in a few extra emails.

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