The Ups and Downs of the “Rangers Bloggers” – Civil War is Always More Brutal

Historically civil wars and internecine strife have often been more brutal than conflicts between sovereign nations.

Whether we go back to the US Civil War, which cost the lives of more American soldiers than any conflict before or since, or look at the conflicts brought into the open with the crumbling of the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, there seems to be more viciousness exchanged between neighbours than across national frontiers.

Cambodia, China, Russia, many African nation-states – the hatred and violence exceeds wars where patriotism for one’s country can unite a country against another.

(That is not to say that war between nations is civilised and genteel. It is clearly not.)

If we look at the present “conflict” for the soul of Rangers, we can see similar signs – of conflict rather than violence of course.

Whilst Rangers fans are happy to unite against “the common enemy” – which, depending on the weather can be Celtic, “Celtic bloggers”, the SFA, the former SPL, the Scottish Nationalists, the BBC, the Daily Record, HMRC, Charlotte Fakes, Craig Whyte (and so on and so on) – things become very different when there are different camps within the Rangers camp.

We saw this when Craig Whyte’s control of Rangers started to slip; when Duff and Phelps entertained various different prospective purchasers; when the Blue Knights tried to buy the “club”; when Charles Green took over; when Charles Green was moved out; when Charles Green came back; when Charles Green left again; when Jim McColl showed up; when the Easdale Brothers made their moves …

The latest battle lines have been drawn with on one side Mr David Leggat, that vastly experienced exponent of the “inky trades” and star of TV and radio, and nemesis of Mr Spiers, Mr Chris Graham and on the other prolific blogger Bill McMurdo. (The latter is not the famous and controversial football agent, but his son.)

Mr Leggat has been outspoken about Rangers for some time now. He was, for example, vocal in his opposition to Charles Green’s takeover, being instead a supporter of the Blue Knights. He saw them as real Rangers men and unlike the “snake-oil salesman” Mr Green. However he did what all good analysts should be prepared to do – changing his opinion to fit the new evidence – and he became a vocal advocate for Mr Green and his campaigning for Rangers. Cynics who suggest that this rapprochement was a result of Mr Green letting Mr Leggat launch his book at Ibrox with publicity on the official Rangers website are clearly attributing a base commercial motive to Mr Leggat, which I am sure is unfair.

Mr Leggat has recently been outspoken in his opposition to the present Rangers Board and to those connected with Mr Green, and has been taking verbal pot-shots at Jack Irvine, the king of Scottish PR.

Chris Graham, proud bearer of the Rangers Standard, has been less noisy than Mr Leggat but he too is clearly lined up in the “new broom” camp. He too has not been afraid to publicly recant his views. After all, only a few days before the Whyte-organised administration in February 2012 Mr Graham was staunchly maintaining that he was not going to go against Whyte, unless there was evidence justifying such an opinion.

Earlier this year his “wait and see” approach was summed up in his phrase “see how it pans out”. Clearly a man who weighs the facts carefully before venturing his views. (I should also thank him for his intervention which nipped my potential media career in the bud before it even started in February. After all, if it had not been for Mr Graham’s brave stance in favour of free speech in telling the BBC he would not appear on the radio with me, I would have probably been undone by the whole process and left embarrassed by his forensic questioning. So thank you Chris!)

His latest piece for the Rangers Standard described the “mystery” about the shareholding of Sandy Easdale, and suggested that the media coverage, especially by the BBC, was either simply wrong, being yet another example of the BBC’s perceived anti-Rangers bias, or planted by Mr Irvine’s Media House. Either way this was designed to bolster the existing Board, rather than help the football club and the “Rangers Community” as a whole.

Bill McMurdo, regular and provocative blogger, not just on Rangers, but on wider football issues and on matters too of politics and religion, has clearly taken the view that the existing Board members have actually invested their money into Rangers and, until there is evidence, rather than suspicion or bias to the contrary, they should be supported. He has contrasted the financial commitment of the Easdales and of CEO Crag Mather, for example, with the alleged fact that Messrs Paul Murray, Frank Blin and Jim McColl only hold a handful of shares between them.

Mr McMurdo is accused by others of being a mouthpiece for Mr Irvine and the Board.

And outwith these bloggers and writers, there is the factional strife between various supporters groups and between their different outposts on the Internet – whilst at heart all Rangers fans have the best interests of Rangers, there is little agreement about who can be trusted with the stewardship of their favourite institution.

And so, after that lengthy preamble, we come to this week.

Mr Graham posted on the Rangers Standard about the “mystery” of the Easdale shares.

Mr McMurdo responded with a detailed post explaining exactly where Mr Easdale’s influence came from and made clear that Blue Pitch Holdings, one of the original backers, were ready to write a cheque for £50 million to support Rangers improving its playing squad when it was in position to challenge for European football.

(There were unfortunate echoes of Motherwell-born Billionaires and of multi-million pound warchests in that statement, but I sure Mr McMurdo’s is far more grounded in reality.)

Mr McMurdo’s words were followed by the flurry of Stock Exchange announcements I mentioned yesterday. @@@@@

On Friday too Mr Leggat had broken a story which seemed capable of rocking the Ibrox boat to the point of capsize, or at least the vessel crewed by the existing Board.

According to Mr Leggat, the Serious Fraud Office had received information last week about Rangers, and especially its disposal of the proceeds of the IPO, which had caused “senior figures” in London such concern that they had immediately contacted the Procurator Fiscal in Glasgow who had, in turn, “called for a police probe”. According to Mr Leggat too this meant that the Executive Directors of Rangers faced police interview about the allegations. He talked about the Ibrox books being “seized” and commented that the inquiry was likely to be ongoing by the time, next month, of the Rangers AGM.

If accurate this was a story which would have justified a Stock Exchange announcement, and failure to do so could itself have been a breach of City rules.

But the piece has gone without a trace, both from Mr Leggat’s site and from a prominent Rangers online fan forum. There it was stated that the matter could not be discussed as it was “sub judice”.

Now I am sure that Mr Leggat has many excellent sources in Ibrox and that he would not permit his blog to be used any more as a weapon to suit someone else’s agenda. He has also been fearlessly outspoken before, making it clear that, having revealed what he has described as the truth about a participant in this saga, their failure to sue him is tantamount to an admission of guilt. (Which fails totally to take into consideration the economic factors involved in court actions for defamation, which are rarely worthwhile, unless you have a very thick skin and very deep and full pockets!)

By Saturday Mr Leggat’s piece was gone. Not because it was sub judice, because Scottish rules on contempt of court only arise once someone has been charged, and there cannot be an issue about something being “sub judice” if there is no judicial process ongoing.

Instead I can only imagine that Mr Leggat had a visit from friendly Sheriff Officers delivering him a message calling upon him to remove his piece, and threatening dire consequences if he did not (and possibly even if he did!) One would assume that that message would either be on behalf of Rangers or at the instance of some of the parties he named as “in the frame”.

To be fair, it looks as if someone has taken in Mr Leggat with the story – for various reasons.

As he correctly said, the SFO has no jurisdiction in Scotland. Rangers International Football Club PLC is a Scottish company. At first sight issues about it would be dealt with here. But as the SFO does not have jurisdiction, it is unlikely that it would have “senior figures” looking into allegations before deciding to pass these on.

In any event, as is clear from the various online resources available, even if the SFO thought something fishy was happening, it would contact Crown Office in Edinburgh, not the Procurator Fiscal in Glasgow. I suspect that if, for some reason, the SFO went directly to the PF in Ballater Street in Glasgow, they would be redirected very quickly to the Crown Office HQ in Edinburgh!

And as for the suggestion that, having received information this week from the SFO, the PF had already “launched a police probe” … anyone who knows how the system of investigation and prosecution of serious crime in Scotland works would know (a) that any such decision would come from Edinburgh and (b) in an alleged financial crime there would be lengthy and serious consideration given to what was alleged to have taken place before a single police officer was sent to interview anyone.

As for the slim possibility that Mr Leggat raised that the matter night be concluded by the Rangers AGM … well, if his story was at all accurate, we might be looking at the 2016 or 2017 AGM!

So, all in all, it looks like his story, which effectively accused various named people of being party to a multi-million pound fraud, was inaccurate in almost every conceivable way.

As Mr McMurdo’s latest piece commenced:-

Rangers are to get tough on those who use online avenues such as blogs and forums to spread slurs and propaganda designed to destabilise the club.

One prominent blogger has been left in no doubt of the resolve of the club to take legal action against unsubstantiated claims. This has resulted in said blogger’s latest article being removed from his site.

I understand that other high-profile opponents of the Board may find that tolerance of their smear campaign has been stretched to breaking point.

My blog yesterday removing the “mystery” claimed by yet another agitating blogger over the shareholding and voting power of Sandy Easdale was verified by an announcement from the club.

Reading between the lines Mr McMurdo seems to be referring to Messrs Leggat and Graham.

As Mr McMurdo goes on to say he is not reporting this to crow that he is correct and that others were wrong, but rather to make clear that “Rangers” is getting tough.

It is also clear that the Easdales, who have been subject to numerous unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations and rumours in their own business, as pointed out by the Scottish Traffic Commissioner, are unlikely to be happy to allow vile calumnies to be spread about their football team either!

And so we have blogger taking up the keyboard against blogger; the football club sending in the lawyers against writers; the full competing armies of blogs, tweets, message boards and PR machines in opposition.

The question is, what will be left when the smoke of battle has cleared?

Which of the bloggers will stand tattered and triumphant and which will be defeated in the mud?

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2,285 responses to “The Ups and Downs of the “Rangers Bloggers” – Civil War is Always More Brutal

  1. Arb urns

    Morning spot on calculator….

    As a highly valued consultant in the IF business…. Could you spare a few thoughts on what the outcome might be IF trfc have not kept their side of the 5 way agreement…..

    • Steerpike

      Morning arb,

      Sure, once you give me you thoughts on the figures I requested, you are not too keen on answering questions but all too keen on asking them, funny that innit.

      • Ian4300

        September 27, 2013 at 9:55 am

        What CAN I say?

        Stockbridge promised Accounts for the end of AUGUST, then Mather modified delivery date until Mid SEPTEMBER…

        Tell you what,produce THE ACCOUNTS & then we can compare both sets just like Green suggested.


        Change davie’s name for yours & the stories the same one.

        WHERE are the accounts from the Board which would not lie?

        • Steerpike

          ” WHERE are the accounts from the Board which would not lie?”

          Morning Ian, you do realise the accounts were done months ago, and it is the audit that takes the time? Modern technology and software entails pressing a few buttons and out the figures pop, in other words when you accuse Mather of lying about figures, he and the rest of the board had the unaudited figures in front of them.

          I smile when the flock switches from one certain death scenario to the next, a bit like vultures going from one carcass to another, this comes to mind.

      • Paul

        @steerpike could you clear this up as you are a man of figures

        September 26, 2013 at 8:35 pm
        September 25, 2013 at 7:48 pm


        Now I know why you don’t post much substance, is it your lottery numbers?

        It is not difficult to estimate the trading loss of CFC if they had failed to beat the sheep killers just using a few figures from this years and last years accounts.The trading profit/loss position does not include non-recurring income/expenditure like transfer fees.

        Celtic lost 7 million with no CL, and have increased player costs by 5 million, what does 7 plus 5 equal?

        Don’t see what all the fuss is about, Peter knew the risks, why do you think he sold Wanyama for 12 million?

        Sorry to burst your bubble but your figures are something you know nothing about.
        Radio Clyde Hugh Keevins
        Superscoreboard 23rd Sep
        pretax profits 10 million
        figures do not include 3 players Wanyama wilson hooper 20 million pounds

        So lets roll with your 12 mill lost from pre tax profits 10 mill made =minus2 add on 20 mill minus 2 =plus 18 million. Simple maths.

        • Steerpike


          You simply do not understand accounts and trading profit/loss statements, i am discussing what CFC’s trading position would be without CL and transfer income, you are using transfer income and CL profit figures, why you are doing this proves you do not understand accounts.

          It really cannot be any simpler, Rangers lost 12 million trading with no transfer income and CL revenue, Celtic’s annual trading costs are now 63 million, 5 million up from the previous year. Celtic’s turnover without CL revenue and transfer income is 51 million, a trading loss of 12 million.

          Rangers made money when they qualified and so do Celtic, Rangers lost 12 million when they failed and Celtic would have lost 12 million if the sheep killers had beat them. The player sales are not part of the trading figures because they are non-recurring income, in other words one cannot rely on these amounts every year.

          A business model is assessed on its underlying trading figures, one swallow does not make a summer, by your thinking, SDM’s business model was fantastic because it made a profit from CL revenue and player transfers, but like Celtic one must look at the downside of failure, and the downside for both clubs is a 12 million trading loss.

          You do know Celtic lost 7 million with no CL revenue, and their costs have risen 5 million, it is hardly rocket science, transfer money is nice but it doesn’t affect the underlying trading position.

          • Paul

            Celtic lost 7 million with no CL, and have increased player costs by 5 million, what does 7 plus 5 equal?
            But we have CL so once again you talk shite, their is no loss so lets put that 12 mill back . I understand accounts and you are fictitious.You are bordering on insanity making up wee what if scenarios. And even if we did go out and your 12 comes back in, 20 minus 12 – 8mill, nice if you can show your bank you actually have it, some clubs pretend to have it.

            • Paul

              20 minus 12 =8mill 20 plus the10 as announced will = 30mill
              Not bad for a Scottish team who pay their taxes.I am sure this is what CW imagined till Ally fucked it up.

    • Gortnamona

      Another Question.

      ” How long will you permit that these one brain celled walking animals be the worldwide image of the country & of your long valiant history & culture?”

  2. Gortnamona

    Lest We Forget

    Sometimes we get lucky & see how people must have lived in the “DARK AGE”, so called because human knowledge stopped & the masses were without education. Yesterday in Barcelona, Scottish & Rangers fans gave us & the world an reenactment of the then state of mentality & how barbarians acted

  3. Ed Paisley

    What figures? Have Rangers International released their audited numbers?
    If we are to have an AGM in October then they have a week to get them out.
    These must be the most eagerly anticipated accounts since the AIM was formed. The world is watching and waiting (well us bampots are – naebdy else gives a fig).
    Just how much were the net proceeds from the IPO and how much has Charles taken out of the club in salary, cons fees, compensation and related company payments. Riveting stuff!!

    • Steerpike

      Morning Ed,

      The problem with your riveting stuff is it is irrelevant to Rangers being a viable working model, and Stockbridge has already given us the bare bones of IPO expenditure. The most relevant question is income in 2013-14, will they turnover enough to cover the operating costs?

      I have a mild interest in how the IPO money was spent, but no more than that, it is gone and businesses must move forward, at least the accounts will silence the doom and gloom merchants. I suggest the accounts will be out very soon, the board are aware any delay could be misinterpreted by the bampots and their own fans.

      If people want to poo poo salaries and bonuses as wasteful extravagance I am not going to argue, as long as they are gone in 2013-14.

  4. Monti

    Could someone put up ‘ sweat ‘ by SNOOP DOGG!

    Dedicate it to my Dog!
    Bone collecta! 🙂

  5. Monti

    I see dead people. Walking around like regular people. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re dead!

    Graffiti on the wall…..

  6. Gortnamona

    Yesterday in Barcelona, Scottish & Rangers fans gave us & the world an reenactment of ……. how barbarians acted

  7. mcfc

    The Name Game

    These pesky accounts for Sevco Scotland – what’s the delay – what would the complete information show that is so uncomfortable for the Rangerati.

    It seems to be the names of the shareholders that are the problem – rather than the numbers. But what names could be so scary, so destructive, so inconvenient that would have Mr Mather in such a lather for Club Statements ?

    If the beneficial owners turned out to be Arab sheiks, or dodgy Asian presidents – would that be so bad.. Well clearly not, it’s done my cherished club no real harm.

    If the beneficial owners turned out to be on Interpol’s wanted list – well not ideal – but that would be no surprise to anyone here – and besides it was such a long time ago anyway – relax.

    Could it be Mr Whyte. Well that would be a shocker because as we all know Pinsent Mason have dispelled that idea with forensic rigor tom the satisfaction of the SFA. But he does have a habit of popping up unannounced and it would certainly make enough connections to electrify the conspiracy matrix.

    But what if you wanted to vapourize the conspiracy matrix – which name would you choose? i’d go for Murray, David, Sir. How many connections would that spark into life – Murray – Ticketus – Whyte – Octupus – D&P – oldco – newco. How would the blinkered ones compute that big D had been pulling the strings all along and the whole newco – oldco thing was just an elaborate debt dumping device.

    Just speculating you understand – no EVIDENCE at all – just speculating.

  8. Raymilland

    Morning Lex and Coop

    You’re right when you say football is all about dreams; however you’ve got to be in it to win it. If you follow my previous post, the main reason that TRFC would go ‘belly up’ is due to their infringement of the rules reaching critical mass, leading to revoke of their license and Association membership.

    Another IPO would not be feasible as football sanctions transfer to any newco; and with football suspended at Ibrox; and no going concern to transfer to any interested party, a wind up of the business would be the most profitable option to the present incumbents.

    Sunny Go-van has close proximity to the busiest airport in Scotland; the red brick façade in Paisley Road would make for a magnificent hotel and apartments complex.. Murray Park has the potential to be the site of a significantly profitable housing development.

    The above proposal would easily draw investors from near and far; and would not require any ill advised sponsorship of footballing dreams.

    The only viable option for ‘Rangers’ would involve starting from scratch, as should have been the case in 2012. The financial structure at Ibrox then prevented any chance of a new beginning for ‘Rangers’, the costs involved in maintaining the stadium and training facility outweighed the prospect of a fresh beginning in the lowest reaches of the Scottish football pyramid.

    The Charlotte Fakeovers leaks serve only one purpose, the endgame is to incur sanction from the SFA; the past/current Ibrox board will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Poor Campbell shall be forced to pass sentence on his own club; and for his sins he shall suffer.

    You’re what happens when two substances collide
    And by all accounts you really should have died

  9. mcfc

    A Club Statement on News Now issued 01:51 Fri 27th Sept, first published on the Rangers website 15:50 Mon 23rd Sept refuting comments in a BBC article of Friday 20th Sept. Someone in the PR department really needs to get a grip!

    btw “Club Statement. Written by Rangers Football Club”. It would now seem that the “Club” is not only a separate entity but a sentient being and possibly an employee.

    • Steerpike


      It is Friday mate, it is you who needs to get a grip.

      If you are that bored go onto MCFC site and nit pick their grammar, punctuation and wording.

    • Gortnamona


      Can an army of walking shit roaming aimlessly drunk

      Be described as a ‘separate entity and sentient being’

    • ecojon


      The fascinating thing about the offishal press release is that it states: ‘Companies House have confirmed to the Company that they have accepted and filed the Annual Return for Rangers Football Club Limited and have not raised any queries in relation to it.’

      Is it deflection or just the usual pure sloppyness that this organisation uses and displays in every aspect of its operation.

      Companies House have NOT confirmed: ‘They have accepted and filed the Annual Return for Rangers Football Club Limited’.

      How do I know this? Well there is no company named ‘Rangers Football Club Ltd’ and therefore no Annual Return can be filed for a fictitious company.

      There was an incomplete return filed for ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’ and I expect that to be corrected following intervention by Companies House.

      Don’t think that the offishal press release only gets the company name wrong once – it does it THRICE. Sad day when the Ibrox bosses no longer know who owns Rangers even though we realise that major shareholders are a total mystery.

      What chance have the poor Bears got of working out what’s going on? They might but I’m beginning to think there will be too few who do and much much too late to do anything positive about it 😦

      • mcfc


        “Is it deflection or just the usual pure sloppyness”

        When the sloppyness always falls to their advantage, I’d say it is deflection of the low cunning variety.

      • Steerpike

        ” There was an incomplete return filed for ‘The Rangers Football Club Ltd’ and I expect that to be corrected following intervention by Companies House.”

        Give it up yo yo, you have no evidence for goodness sake.

  10. Monti

    OWED, £ 8, 438.40.



  11. ecojon

    I see Leggo has woken-up and wants to know who Blue Pitch and Margarita actually are. He’s even pointed out that Green gave a list of TRFCL shareholders to the SFA and demands if this is true then they ought to publish it or make it available for inspection to interested parties.

    Re-education of a fixed-mind is a slow process and often ends in failure but if even Leggo is starting to realise it’s a good idea to know who owns your club then there may be a chink of light at the end of the tunnel.

    Of course perhaps Leggo has joined Ally in the tunnel and has yet to work out that it isn’t daylight but the approaching hi-speed train crash heading for Ibrox.

    It appears however that Leggo is unaware of all the other anonymous offshore investors in RIFC Plc the ultimate holding company that owns his beloved club. The failure of TRFCL to provide a complete Annual Return to Companies House makes getting even the names of companies ‘fronting’ for mystery investors much more difficult to ascertain.

    However I feel sure that Companies House will act at some stage in the not too distant future if they have not already done so.

    • willy wonka

      @eco, “However I feel sure that Companies House will act at some stage in the not too distant future if they have not already done so.”

      Did you not spend umpteen hours composing drivel which, as well as sending the rest of the board to sleep, assured us that Companies House had already done so ? Was the scenario not connected to the SFO, the Fiscal and a posse arriving at Ibrox within hours ?

      • Eastside

        Hold on Wally, “a posse arriving at Ibrox within hours”, now that brings back some fond memories, who can forget the couple of Sheriff officers swaggering up to Ibrox not too long ago to lay down the law!

      • Steerpike


        eco brings another dimension to the word delusion, closely followed by the non-Celtic fan from MCFC, still can’t get my head round this guy’s malfunction.

        • mcfc


          You need to go back to your job description old chap – as a troll – you’re supposed to upset us – not the other way round. Hope your pay doesn’t get docked if Jack is reading.

          In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.</i)

          • Steerpike


            I am not the one complaining to Paul or counting words lolol.

            I keep telling you cupcake, follow the evidence.

            • SteerPIke,
              do you remember the day i sent you a reply,
              you told me it was to long for you to read,
              i googled word counter,
              your original post contained more than 350 words of utter waffle and pish, my reply was just over 200 words laughing at your original post,

              another day you slagged of my use of Grammer, blamed by SCHOOL, yet i later saw you crying like a baby when others on here exposed your poor English,
              today you a self proclaimed East Fife fan complains about a MC fan posting on this blog.

              failed troll, successful hypocrite, that’s you

              maybe you should start a debate, why every one laughs at you and never with you

            • cam


              i must say i found it funny when Niall first arrived and declared his East Fife allegiance.
              Many Celtic commentors focused on that, and were intent on proving that he was a closet Rangers fan.
              On a site ran by an Albion Rovers fan with Rangersitis!


            • Cupcakes…….Steerpikes, great retort, wonder where he got it.

              I told our troll before, he was so like a wee girl trying to get every one to play at “tea Party” only his thing is trying to force others into what he terms “debates”.

              This may of may not be a Steerpike home video but the word cupcake is getting overused on it, the way it does on here.

        • Again, an East Fife fan telling a Man City fan he should not talk about Sevco

          • Steerpike


            You have real problems with concepts, I am Scottish, I am interested in Scottish football, I am interested in OF sectarianism and its effects on my culture, I am interested in bigoted Celtic blog and I am a wind up troll.

            Now how does this compare in any way to an Englishman with no interest in the OF or Scottish football, who revels in Celtic’s bigotry?

            Answers on a postcard.

            • coatbrigbhoy

              We are all different, you try to bully,you fail,
              if the guy wants to do what he wants to do, then stand back and let him do it, it’s not your blog,
              you might post more than any other poster, but that gets you nothing other than laughed AT more than any other poster.
              do you not understand,your humourless, you crush the life out of others with your lack of personality and fun.
              you underscore everything i dislike in people that buy into the corrupt sectarian failed football team that was called RFC 1872. take a week away from this place,try something new, go outdoors once in a while FFS.
              your talk of Guns,killing,raping, hating, ranting about Catholics, faith Schools, Sectarianism ect ect is beyond desperate, is your real name Niall Struth by any chance ?

    • mcfc


      “There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.”

      Niccolo Machiavelli

      Good luck with that Leggo 🙂

    • I just had a wee look at the young McMurdo’s latest blog,
      he talks of the infighting, he derides tax haven living McColl, if you can’t stay and pay your way in Scotland you’ve no right to an opinion on independence and no role to play at Ibrox seems to be his message,
      A tax exile has no role at Ibrox,
      only tax payers are welcome now it would seem.

      He then does a wee religious bit that ends with this

      “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”

      made me wonder, does that include the “BIG HOOSE”

      Damage getting done by one wee Orange machine

  12. Gortnamona

    ” makes getting even the names of companies ‘fronting’ for mystery investors much more difficult to ascertain.”

    Nothing nefarious, just that some who should have known better are ashamed to have their name connected to Rangers second-hand toilet paper, masquerading as shares.

  13. ecojon

    Interesting post on TSFM – I haven’t checked it out as it is really of little interest to me what happens to Ibrox and it seems that most Bears don’t appear to care either and most especially the resident kid-on Bear PR trolls.

    Eeramacaroonbar says:
    September 27, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Sorry if this has been touched upon, but a guy called @StMiley on Twitter has just noted that a certain Gordon Gibb owns Flamingo Land. Interestingly he has a pension fund which owns Valley Parade (Bradford City’s home ground) which………….. he leases back to them !!!!????

    • cam

      Yeah that was very interesting.Perhaps you could do a wee guest post and revive this stale Mortons roll.

      Now about the repeated failure of that horrific creature to do a treble.
      This is beyond embarassing,i mean Rangers aren’t even in the same division so the title is a gimme.He can’t even win two silly wee cups with his galacticos,,,,shocking.
      Hows the thuggery getting on?
      Assaulted anyones lugs recently?
      Is making other folks toes curl a crime?

  14. Gortnamona

    Meanwhile we have:

    this army of walking shit roaming aimlessly drunk around Barcelona.

  15. R. MacGeddon

    Imran looking for cashback deal. What were the chances of that happening? Remarkably reduced by £3m on the first quote.

    • ecojon

      @ R. MacGeddon

      Can’t see it ever going to court for a couple of reasons.

      1) They won’t want his story coming out as it will be pure dynamite.

      2) By the time of the actual Court of Session Hearing I think the current company, whatever it’s name actually is, will be long gone.

      Btw: It’s not just the £500K it’s the same again in fees!

      Hey what a million between ex-friends when you have a £100 million turnover and 500 million fans 🙂

      • Monti

        … & Cam & Carson LOL!

        • Ian4300

          It’s All True Monti,

          I have it on Good Authority from the King of IF’s that Money spent does not matter IFyou have a VIABLE MODEL, although there is no explanation about how TRFC will compete in SPFL & Europe IF they ever get there.

          Apparently TRFC have a VIABLE Model but CELTIC does not. IF only Celtic had followed all The IF’s properly, we would not be in this mess & next year there will be more IF’s than ever when you add the player sale money to the EURO money.

          I DO blame Catholic Schools… Why were WE not taught the Theory of IF?

          AND… Just look at the League Cup. How can we have a Decent Armageddon IF wee Teams keep on winning Trophies?


  16. ecojon

    The class of trolls on this site is really slipping. Having lost the ability to deflect and disrupt they now are resorting to blatant lies. Wonder when the money will run out to pay their wages 🙂

    My guest post on the TRFCL late-delivered incomplete Annual Return can be found at:

    I highly recommend it – it will even help Leggo the latest adherent to the fight for transparency at Ibrox 🙂

    I wonder if Leggo is officially classed as a Rangers hater yet? Our trolls who support the current Board should be able to give us the answer to that one LMAO.

  17. whitershadeofcrail

    just signed up I don’t know how you people keep up.
    Anyway a couple of questions for experts on here.
    How many points were rangers deducted for insolvency.
    If they go insolvent again will they get the same points deduction as Dundee

  18. Fra

    Hyde Park. A job well done.

    • cam

      What’s that the building of Hyde Park?,,,yes i must agree,the dear green spaces are the lungs of any city and a place for quiet reflection and the sound of childrens laughter.

    • david

      Are you referring to the 1982 bombing which killed unarmed bandsmen and horses?
      Surely not.
      Thats Montis level, there is enough scum on this blog.

      • Ed Paisley

        This isn’t a jibe or attempt to upset anyone, but I recall the public were more concerned about the plight of Sefton the horse than the families of the victims. Just an observation. Thank God Gerry Adams, David Trimble and other brave men brought the killings to an end.

        • Gortnamona

          Brian Clough: “What team did you say you support again?” Man in the studio audience: “RANGERS!” Brian Clough: “That’s not a football team! That’s a gang of villains.”
          Brian Clough on “Sport in Question”

        • david

          Gerry Adams?
          Its a shame the SDLP did not get the electoral rewards for their work, John Hume was a very great man.
          I cannot believe that someone could come on this blog and declare Hyde Park a job well done, there is no limit to the depravity of some posters.

          • Gortnamona

            David your analysis

            Bullshit from a stupid know-it-all arsehole

            Gerry Adams
            Responsible for standing up for his people

            A rotten sectarian orange/Unionist/protestant governing class voted into power by the vast majority of the protestant electorate are responsible for the death and destruction that took place in n. Ireland

            • david

              I seem to know an awful lot more than you.
              You didnt even know how many people the IRA killed.
              Violence wasnt the answer.
              Killing women and children wasnt the answer.

        • cam

          Apparently the chap who was Sefton’s rider,suffered PTSD for years afterwards and committed suicide after murdering his children.

          That’s why i know Fra was talking about the creation of Hyde Park rather than that cowardly atrocity.

          I mean,only the lowest piece of shit that ever oozed its way along a sewage pipe would have been referring to that Ted.

          • Gortnamona

            How long will you permit that these one brain celled walking animals be the worldwide image of the country & of your long valiant history & culture?

          • Gortnamona

            Cam –

            After your praise of Carson’s recent post on the sectarian murder of a Catholic, you are the lowest piece of shite around here. Get back in your rat hole you cheap hypocrite.

        • cam

          Fra Tells Porkies,,,,.Ted told me to stop using acronyms.

        • david

          Seriously Monti, WTF is wrong with you?
          Unarmed bandsmen and horses?
          What a sick fuck you are, just as well you are an unemployed nobody.
          You previously said you had been made to feel 2nd class. No wonder.
          If you ever got a job and uttered the shite you spout on here you would be out on your arse in 2 mins flat.
          Of course you lack the bottle to say things in public which you are quite happy to jabber on here.
          This blog is your whole life.

  19. cam

    Eco and mcfc,,,,what a horrenduous duo,,Hinge and Bracket on crack.
    Both freaks are just interested in the finances and really want to help protect the Bear population.
    This entire blog is complete and utter pish.
    There is a mentally ill Irish cyclist screaming insults at 60mph,a plastic rhebel riding his dug and some crofter eating manure and spraying it in here.

    Enigma Gort is on his pedestal,pretending that he knows more than his own name and eschewing the intelligence of Celtic commenters.

    Trust me Gort, anyone with even a modicum of brains isn’t in here thinking up juicy insults and convoluted ways to “prove” that Rangers are Satan’s representative in the northern hemisphere.

  20. lordmac


  21. Raymilland

    Bartin Main MBE ‏@SirBartin 7m
    @ScottishFA It’s now been some 39 months since a team called Rangers provided audited accounts. Do you care to make any comment on that?

    Now you must wake up, all dreams must end

    The party’s over
    It’s time to call it a day
    They’ve burst your pretty balloon
    And taken the moon away
    It’s time to wind up the masquerade
    Just make your mind up the piper must be paid

    The party’s over
    The candles flicker and dim
    You danced and dreamed through the night

    It seemed to be right just being with him
    Now you must wake up, all dreams must end
    Take off your makeup, the party’s over
    It’s all over, my friend

    The party’s over
    It’s time to call it a day

    Now you must wake up, all dreams must end
    Take off your makeup, the party’s over
    It’s all over, my friend

    It’s all over, my friend

  22. cam

    Crazy Gort. how does this bike suit you?

    I gather you’re more of a road racer but a wee bit of rough now and then spices things up.

  23. portpower

    Would sevco be happy with 50% of jack shit ?
    Go figure.


  24. Fra

    Hello Mr Cameron. Long time no speak. Still clattering I see. What happens if your club dies again??? Will you ‘walk away’? Hang yourself. Shop in Lidls of a Saturday. Wander round Govan muttering to yourself.

    Enlighten me Cameron for that day is closer than you think

    • cam

      Lidls is a great place,much better than the Girodome,and folk don’t pee on you.

      You and yours just don’t get it.The famous Glasgow Rangers are immortal and silly wee bhoys attempts to “prove” otherwise is very revealing.
      We fart in your general direction.

  25. willy wonka

    Oh dear. Looks like ten-names has been caught out telling porkies once again. [I lifted this from elsewhere] –

    “Wee update on the BBC Trust. Ph-ill was suggesting and @TheDrum reported that BBC Scotland were to challenge the Trust findings on Rangers

    So I contacted the Trust and asked some questions and today got the answers so here they are.

    Q. Can a trust decision be challenged by a BBC department?
    A. The Trust is the final arbiter in the BBC complaints process and their decision is final.

    Q. Can a trust decision be challenged by a judicial review?
    A. Yes.

    Q. Can I ask how many times the Trust have had a decision subjected to a judicial review if this is the case?
    A. The SNP asked for a judicial review of a complaint about the televised Prime Ministerial debate in 2010, however, the challenge was withdrawn after an initial hearing.

    Q. Can I ask if a BBC department has ever “appealed” a Trust ruling or went down the judicial review route?
    A. No. The BBC are obliged to accept the Trust’s findings. A BBC department has never sought a judicial review of a Trust decision.

    So there you have it, the posturing nonsense from Tims about BBC Scotland “appealing” the Trust ruling is complete nonsense.”


    • eastside

      Did you ask whether using wrong, limited, and false information to reach a decision could affect any of the answers given?

    • Ed Paisley

      Hang the man ffs.
      At least Phil’s heart is good.
      Those diddies in the Blue Room are a bunch of habitual liars out to rob the gullible.
      Continue to fight the good fight Mr Mac Giolla Bhain – if it hurts then it is working.

      • david

        Phils heart, as well as his head, is rotten to the core.
        His aim seems to be to forment trouble through lies.
        Habitual liars- well, he is certainly one; 4 non-existent brothers; daughter crying; abused on a ferry he wasnt on; offended by a game he wasnt at; banned by Real Radio for pretending to be a Donegal teacher; labelled a fantasist by TAL; described as ” creepy and sectarian ” by ex-colleagues at Glasgow Social Work before he had to flee etc etc
        The list is endless.
        Only a moron could be taken in by him.

        • willy wonka

          @david, “Only a moron could be taken in by him.”
          Lol. That’ll be why he’s so popular on here.
          Pip pip – Rangers business awaits tonight. Must rush.

      • willy wonka

        @ed, I don’t want to “hang” him.
        I’m pointing out that once again the pathological liar has been caught out.
        I can’t say I’m surprised.

  26. Steven Brennan

    Niall walker aka stearpike:
    I live in Methil
    I drive my kids to school in East Kilbride
    I am deaf
    I hate Irish catholics especially dead ones
    I live in the central belt
    I live in a remote area and am in a wheelchair.
    Which one was the truth?
    Take your time but I think most of us know the answer.
    I hope you have another job because it looks like you are about to be bagged from this one. Unless of course you tupe over to whatever the hell sevco will become next.

  27. hector

    What do you get if you cross a sevcovian with a pig?

  28. @gortchomhor

    Accounts by 10th of October now. I’ll assume they mean this year.

    Wonder what is holding them up…

  29. Steerpike

    There is really too much of the personal stuff going on, can we concentrate on the facts:

    Irish Catholics are more likely to attack Protestants.
    There is no anti-Irish Catholic ethos in Scotland.
    Faith schools cause criminality.
    Celtic has the same business model as SDM.
    Rangers is now a viable going concern.
    Neil Lennon is not fit to drive the same road as Ally.
    Celtic bloggers are intent on spreading bigoted and sectarian lies.
    Rangers has not been a bigoted club for decades.
    The Green Brigade is wannabe terrorist supporters group.
    Man City have banned a fan for coming to the ground wearing a leprechaun’s outfit and singing ” up the ra “.

    Come on now, we are all adults here.

    p.s. Check out the 4 Fife teams this week, 27/1 your cash…..someone inform mcfc Fife is in Scotland.

    • Ed Paisley

      Rangers were liquidated.
      Younger Easdale is a convicted criminal.
      Gortnamona is really pissin’ off the bluenoses.
      Ibrox is structurally unsound.
      God loves a trier.

      • daviecooperonthewing

        And you Edward are becoming more deranged by the day.
        Did you bring home a nest of Mallorcan mozzies in you brain?
        I seem to recall a few posts where you were bitten on the airse!

    • Irish Catholics are more likely to attack Protestants.
      Catholics are more likely to be victims of a sectarian assault

      There is no anti-Irish Catholic ethos in Scotland.
      Can you tell me when it stopped or was it all a dream?

      Faith schools cause criminality.
      Criminality is caused by peoples circumstances not what school they attended

      Celtic has the same business model as SDM.
      Dodgy tax schemes, borrowing untold amounts of money and never paying it back. I think not. The costs went up this year due to little things like bonuses (especially for getting to the last 16), extra policing, security, wages, increased investment in player trading. The evidence is there for all to see that our board is frugal and nothing like the moonbeam king.

      Rangers is now a viable going concern.
      Evidence please

      Neil Lennon is not fit to drive the same road as Ally.
      Yes he’s banned

      Celtic bloggers are intent on spreading bigoted and sectarian lies.
      Irony overload

      Rangers has not been a bigoted club for decades.
      Yeah that’s why management asked their catholic players not to bless themselves on the pitch

      The Green Brigade is wannabe terrorist supporters group.
      They are Celtic supporters with under 100 members you moron

      • Steerpike

        Ah….my dear friend Tadger has returned from intensive care, moron you say?

        How does it feel to be publicly humiliated in a debate against a MORON………….tee hee!

        • Publicly humiliated! Only in your own mind.
          I assume you have nothing to add to your FACTS and bullshit so I’ll move on.

          THE Rangers manager has said that he does not think there will “be a lot of money to spend on transfer fees” in January and that he has to “think about the long-term future of the club.”

          Where’s the £10m warchest, lol?

        • JimBhoy

          Dude has anyone ever told you , you are no fekin funny, in fact a bit of an embarrassment to your parents, get the papers delivered ya half-wit..

    • cam

      100% CORRECT!

      I don’t want anymore deflection away from these basic truths by sad trolls like that paid clown on a bike or the cfc fan from Manchester.

    • cam

      Here we have crazy Gort looking for me.

    • Steerpike


      ” In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

      • mcfc

        @deNiall – it must really piss you off when the amateurs embarrass the professionals at their own game. Jack – gizza a job mate – I could do it better than the cretins you employ here.

  30. hector

    “Glasgow Rangers a permanent embarrassment and occasional disgrace” Ian Archer.

    • Gortnamona

      “This has to be said about Rangers, as a Scottish Football club they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist.”
      Ian Archer (journalist, 1970s),


    Check this out paul . . .
    Who said judges don’t have a sense of humour

    . . . We’ll, apart from Lord Nimmo Smith !!!

    • Ed Paisley

      I’m sure LNS has provided a few laughs for his colleagues in the legal establishment recently – involuntarily it has to be said.

  32. Ian4300

    September 27, 2013 at 9:55 am

    What CAN I say?

    Stockbridge promised Accounts for the end of AUGUST, then Mather modified delivery date until Mid SEPTEMBER…

    Tell you what,produce THE ACCOUNTS & then we can compare both sets just like Green suggested. 🙂


    Change davie’s name for yours & the stories the same one.

    WHERE are the accounts from the Board which would not lie?

    9 0 Rate This
    September 27, 2013 at 10:36 am
    ” WHERE are the accounts from the Board which would not lie?”

    Morning Ian, you do realise the accounts were done months ago, and it is the audit that takes the time? Modern technology and software entails pressing a few buttons and out the figures pop, in other words when you accuse Mather of lying about figures, he and the rest of the board had the unaudited figures in front of them.


    Once again you don’t answer a question put to you.

    The Financial Director & CEO ARE Liars..

    They said accounts would be published in AUGUST then the MIDDLE of SEPTEMBER..

    Where are they, have they been published?

    If not the Stockbridge & Mather are confirmed Liars.

    Why do you keep on wishing to compare fictitious calculations when the ACTUAL ones were supposed to be in the Public Domain?

  33. Paul

    @Steerpike or others
    You are good at what if scenarios and like playing with figures, so here is a scenario for you.
    Craig White (bless him) Purchases Rangers (of old) and they have two shots at Europe, if they fail the CL they have Europa to fall back on.
    What would be the income for both these tournaments presuming that they are at least in one of them?
    Income for coming third in CL
    Income for some games in Europa.
    Would the income generated have seen Rangers still in the top flight?
    Would the income have been sufficient to have seen that Ticketus could have been paid and remained onboard even if Rangers (that old team who died) were still slightly in debt.
    Could Craig White (bless him) have survived and used some of the money from the tournaments and Ticketus to pay off LLyods?

    • Steerpike


      I give you a simple sum to agree or disagree with….yes or no ?

      The answers I am prepared to give are provisional on one thing, I do not know if Ticketus wanted the first installment up front, they are like factors in a sense.

      The answer to your question is yes and yes, if CL was achieved he could have survived the season, the proceeds are in excess of 12 million( the losses), UEFA brings in about 5 million and Jelavic(5.5million) should have seen them over the line.
      The long term effect of paying back Ticketus would have necessitated investment, investment that would have become possible if the BTC went Rangers way.
      CW did not want to put any of his own money( assuming he has any) until after the BTC was settled, then he found out HMRC would appeal….and appeal…and appeal.

  34. Eastside

    Comical Ally should release another list, the Sevco Bucket List, things Sevco wishes to do before it dies:

    1: a bungee jump

    2: play a game against Celtic FC

    3: meet Billy Connolly

    4: travel the European mainland

    5: leave its favourite sons Charles Green, Craig Whyte and Imran Ahmed enough money to retire on

  35. cam

    Well in a valiant attempt to end this mental cruelty of a yellow snowball fight i shall reveal all,,,,,, steady Marge!

    SDM, in the most cunning bit of linguistic slabbering since Tommy Sheridan’s closing speech at his perjury trial,gave orders to his team of specialists,to bring down the secret army of bloggers hurling accusations against him and his business methods.

    Arty was the first high profile victim and the brotherhood of men at the FTTT sorted that weasel.

    By resourcing a suitable patsy, the sale,administration,liquidation and current debacle is all part of a masterplan to bring down the remaining cyber bampots.
    Phil’s descent into a pit of mental anguish has been accelerated by his Sun outing.
    Paul had his visit from agents of SMERSH asking him to cease and desist.
    My placement in here, drove Eco to the TSFM site, which rendered it ineffectual.
    The bhoys in here have been given the elements required to build the ultimate weapon which can obliterate Rangers.The assembly instructions are a tad North Korean, and with too many cocks spoiling the broth,the bhoys have failed miserably.My small part in their downfall,by scrawling WATP and laughing at them is nearing an end.
    The mental price paid by hanging around with society’s rejects is too high even pour moi.
    Once the GCC link has been proven and the exposed extremists completely debunked, then this cleansing of the true blue natural order shall be complete.

    Arty C’s whereabouts has finally been revealed.
    At band practise on Tuesday in Brigton,the pounder of the lambeg drum expressed his wish to once again go a marching down the Garvaghy Rd,,,a wee voice was heard saying ” nae fecking chance”.
    After a thorough search the skin on the lambeg was carefully removed and there resplendent in all his bloggery was the man himself Orwell firmly in hand.
    The kind marchers thought he looked a bit thin and are currently taking him a tour of various eateries and public houses.

  36. Steerpike

    I demand to know if a poster is a resident of Scotland if he addresses any of my posts, I will accept an ex-Scot if he has left Scotland this century. I will not accept any opinions from foreigners( inc Ulster) as legitimate

    Those posters who fulfill this criteria must and I mean must disclose if they have been a victim of sectarianism this century or suffered at the hands of a priest.

    Trauma does strange things to the mind, and I refuse to debate with those not of sound mine, I have a high ethical standard that I will not lower for anyone.

  37. Keeping a website up to date in a fast moving world requires close attention and quite a bit of work, mistakes are often made and are largely unavoidable.

    As time passes corrections get made and we can all accept that.
    On occasion however, time passes and things stay the same.

    Rangers official website has the following:

    The Company announces that it was notified today, 17 September 2013, that on 10 September Alexander (Sandy) Easdale, acquired 2,125,000 ordinary shares of 1 pence each in the Company (“Ordinary Shares”). Following the acquisition, Mr Easdale holds 2,842,957 Ordinary Shares, representing 4.37% of the issued share capital of the Company.

    From Rangers website today:

    Share Information
    Rangers has an issued share capital of 65,096,056 Ordinary Shares of 1 pence each. No Ordinary Shares are held in treasury.
    Major Shareholding (3% or above):

    Charles Green 5,071,629 7.79%

    Hargreave Hale Limited 5,022,000 7.71%

    Artemis Investment Management LLP 4,286,000 6.58%

    Blue Pitch Holding 4,000,000 6.14%

    Mike Ashley 3,000,000 4.61%

    Margarita Funds Holding Trust 2,600,000 3.99%

    Cazenove Capital Management Limited 2,450,000 3.76%

    Richard Hughes 2,200,000 3.38%

    Imran Ahmad 2,200,000 3.38%

    Legal & General Investment Management Limited 2,000,000 3.07%

    Currently, 85.15% of the Company’s issued Ordinary Shares of 1p each will be in public hands. The Ordinary Shares of 1p each in the capital of Rangers International Football Club plc are freely transferable.

    Perhaps Mr Easdales holding is a result of a purchase from within one of the institutional investors, and the overall holding of the institution remains the same

    Maybe the site just needs an update to accord with regulatory announcements.

    That said Mr Easdale in accordance with regulatory announcements has acquired the voting rights by proxy of both Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Funds holding Trust.

    Apparently they like his no nonsense approach to business.

    That may not be the only thing they like.

    The old question. Who are the mysterious investors in Rangers? Is one which might easily be superseded by transactions.

    Perhaps Mr Easdale has no wish to see himself in the bright lights of Rangers official website as an above 3% stakeholder and his happy to leave things as they are.

    Perhaps he hasn’t noticed the omission.

    Hey it’s Friday, I could be just flying a kite to see where the wind takes it.

  38. whitershadeofcrail

    I signed up to here some time ago but my post has been waiting moderation. I don’t know how you people keep up.
    Anyway here a couple of questions for the experts on here.
    How many points were rangers deducted for insolvency.
    If they go insolvent again will they get the same points deduction as Dundee.
    I.E. have they already had one insolvency event, or will it be two insolvency events if it happens again?

  39. casper

    if anyone on this blog has ever wondered who Steerpike aka De Niall aspires to be like,then its a must that you take a look at the Big Bang Theory on tv especially Sheldon Cooper.Two peas in a pod spring to mind

    • Steerpike


      I do not aspire to be anyone but me, a paid troll trying to feed my kids, I had a career collecting tolls when the SNP made me useless. I was accepted for this job despite my dyslexia.

  40. casper

    Steerpike, The SNP never made you useless, you managed that all by yourself.

  41. Pingback: Guess Who the Rangers Board is After Now and Why It’s Wrong to Gag Chris Graham | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  42. ,.,.kbarry

    Celtic..alive vs Rangers..dead. Result

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