Rangers Shareholders and a Director Go Missing – Will They “Return”? – by ecojon

Dozens of Rangers investors have been airbrushed from the club’s history which we all know is vitally important to the Ibrox fans. These were the doting parents that gave birth to the new Rangers last year and their dosh became the life-blood flowing through the infant’s previously blue body as it blinked for the first time in the light of day. Little did anyone think back then that Vampires would soon be perched on the dodgy stand roofs.

To deny the existence of the missing investors – a lot of whom prefer to be faceless right enough – is akin to the Rangers club telling the Bears that the Gallant Pioneers had never existed and had never formed The Rangers and like the records of their rowing club had disappeared without trace. So why are the Bears not revolting? A good question IMO.

And it’s not just shareholders that have been consigned to the dustbin of history but even club directors have begun to disappear into the ever increasing ‘black hole’ surrounding Ibrox as the inmates attempt to dig an escape tunnel as they aren’t as fleet of foot as Chuckles and want to slip away under cover of darkness.

I recently posted on the failed attempts by Rangers International Football Club Plc to play their part in the abortive attempt to ‘disappear’ Craig Whyte and Aidan Earley as directors of their subsidiary company Sevco 5088 Ltd. But the latest former Rangers director to be electronically terminated at Companies House is Imran Ahmad, a director of The Rangers Football Club Ltd, who has been prematurely buried I’m afraid. I fully accept that many at Ibrox would rather forget the important part that these 3 men played in the formation of the new Rangers but the history tells its own story.

However Imran, Fear Not! I have been able to resurrect you – OK just for a day but every day is important even as a Zombie – and especially so in the dysfunctional Ibrox Board Room where financial and other reports are ignored and remain undiscussed so as not to get in the way of the bloodletting.

So what am I on about? Quite simply the very late filing of the Annual Return for TRFCL which covered the period from its Incorporation date on 29 May 2012 up until 29 May 2013 technically known as the made-up date and I don’t want any sniggers in the cheap seats BTW. The TRFCL Annual Return couldn’t be any simpler as all it listed was that RIFC Plc on the made-up dates was the sole shareholder of 33,415,200 TRFCL shares and listed the live directors on that date.

OK let’s deal with Ahmad first as we can’t have Zombies bumping around the Blue Room – as it’s already full of others with balance problems or so it would appear according to video expert Stockbridge and his fascinating and intimate exposure of the wild side of boardroom life. Come to think of it perhaps Ahmad would be better cast as a Mummy although I wouldn’t bank on it.

Ahmad isn’t listed as a TRFCL director in the Annual Return which provides a snapshot of a private limited company such as TRFCL on its made-up date viz 29 May 2013. A first AR, as this is, should also provide the shareholding history of the company since Incorporation but more on this later.

OK clever Bears you’ve spotted that Ahmad resigned as a director of TRFCL on 29 May 2013 and your little hearts soared believing that all was well and the highly-paid Ibrox lawyers had done another sterling job for the team in blue by not listing him as one of their directors.

Well the bell might have been tolling for Ahmad on 29 May 2013 but he didn’t actually get placed in the crypt until midnight that day so he should have remained ‘alive’ and be listed on the AR as a TRFCL director. My understanding of the position is: ‘The effective time and date from which the resignation takes place is midnight on the date entered on the Form TM01. Thus a sole director can essentially resign themself because at the time of signing they were still the director.’

Possibly I’m wrong – won’t be the first time and won’t be the last but, dare I say it. Perhaps the lawyers buried a live director a tad prematurely but like doctors they tend to bury their mistakes. In any case Ahmad your day out is over so get back to the warchest in the crypt you know the sun is bad for you and shows up all the cracks which even the bandages and other factors can’t hide for much longer. In any case they want to give Ally your directorship so he’ll want his warchest back although he might be better with Brian’s safe although the way Ibrox leaks I expect the combination to be tweeted any moment. Won’t matter anyway as there isn’t any money left just the old TRFC shareholder register to try and tap the punters up for more dosh.

Ah but there’s never been any shareholders according to the TRFCL AR. That’s that plan ootra windae – let me assist you and list the shareholders that I know about from Rangers records – yes I agree that the records go back to 2012 when Sevco 5088 was formed and purchased the sole and exclusive right to purchase the business and assets of Rangers from D&P. However much more to come on that subject and I note the AR for Sevco 5088 is still to be filed.

The minutes of the TRFCL Board Meeting on 31 October provides a large number of the company’s shareholders so let me, in the public interest following the submission of an incomplete AR by TRFCL, list them so that the incomplete AR submitted to Companies House can be corrected and this time FFS make sure you include every shareholder as I might hold a few back as a quality and transparency test. There are various other documented sources to this information should anyone not trust the TRFCL official minutes – Heaven forbid.

Shareholders and shares held missing from the TRFC AR:

Well where better to start than the Great Man himself Mr Green: He was the founder shareholder in TRFCL with 2 x £1 shares which became 200 x 1p shares after sub-division. He also paid £21,999 and was allotted 2,199,900 shares in Sevco Scotland which became TRFCL and although not issued IMO the transaction should still be shown on the AR. The 29 May 2012 Sevco Scotland Board Meeting agreed Green could immediately exercise the option to subscribe for 5 million x 1p shares.

And let’s not forget Ahmad and his Mum’s piggy bank and the 200k loan that guaranteed Sevco 5088 its exclusive right to buy Rangers. As part of his repayment he got 2.2 million shares at 1p each. And there was also the slight problem with the missing deed of novation – I’m afraid Imran is fated to always be in deid trouble.

And another main man Richard Hughes of Zeus Capital also got 2.2 million shares at 1p each for providing a £2 million undertaking to D&P on 13 June 2012 which is an auspicious date as well as a £590k loan the previous day. This is an area worthy of research but it seems the agreement was done orally but not documented. Oh well what can one say? My word is my Bond and all that Old Chap!


Margarita Trust ( 2.6 million later transferred to ATP Investments Ltd); Norne Anstalt (1.2million); Putney Holdings Ltd (700K); Elias Kaisar (100k); Jean T Haddad (250k); Blue Pitch Holdings (4 million); Glenmuir Ltd (1 million); Ian Hart (290k).

Ally McCoist (1 million); Asia Credit Corporation (400k); Patrick Oddie (200k); Craig Mather (1.8 million); Andie Hosie (800k); Malcolm Murray (200k); Angus Kinnear (100k); Stephen Adams (50k); Ian Cormack (25k); John Graham (25k); John McClure (200k); John Goold (100k); Colin Howell (200k); Graham Herring (400k); David Gowans (1 million); Ian Hart (additional 200K).

Gorbon Ltd (1.55 million); Allan McKenzie (500k); Scott McKenzie (25k); Richard Bernstein (400k); Eurovestech Plc (600k); Laxey & Partners (1 million); Mike Ashley (3 million).

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  1. Steerpike


    Are you sponsored by Sony ?

    I am impressed.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      So in essence eco.
      You don’t know who the missing investors are.
      You don’t know where the deed of novation is? Therefore you haven’t seen it? So you could not possibly comment on it. You don’t think it may genuinely be misplaced?
      Are you suggesting that various legal entities, nomads, placee’s, Shareholders, LSE, AIM, SFA, and investors have been duped? Despite all their expertise and experience. Or are you saying reputable firms like Cenkos, Delloittes, and others are complicit with your long firm theory.
      Never mind the Bears eco, if you have unequivocal proof present it legally.
      If not you are merely mischief making. Just like FSTB’s, you are no friend of Rangers.
      I prefer to await the outcome of the agm, witness the accounts, and take it from there.
      Why are you trying to shit in the woods?

      • Nasty Gort

        “If not you are merely mischief making. Just like FSTB’s, you are no friend of Rangers.”

        Eco started off thinking he was a friend of Rangers, eager to point out their failings and willing to offer good advice by barrow load. Oh dear. Cam the charlatan, Carson the Cretin and Violet the Vindictive Vixen quickly showed him how much use they had for a presumptuous taig with the cow dung still clinging to his boots.

        Eco learned a hard lesson that he will not quickly forget. He is now heavily into schadenfreude

        • ecojon

          @ Nasty Gort

          I have never changed my position that a lot of Rangers fans are like any other fans and love their football. I have relatives and friends who are Rangers supporters and like them I actually thought that a start in SFL3 was a great opportunity to rebuild their club. Sadly Green arrived and the rest we all know about and are learning more of the secrets each day.

          I never make the mistake of confusing the idiots on here who do their club a huge disservice with ordinary fans.

          As I have stated on here many times I come from a mixed religious background but am not involved in any organised religion and, in any case, it has nothing to do with my enjoyment of football,

          I have to say that I take exception to you comment that I am into Schadenfreude as nothing could be further from the truth of how I lead my life on a daily basis. In my posts I try to present factual evidence and leave the readers to come to their own conclusions. In fact I have even been criticised for not telling others what conclusions they should reach from my posts. Bizarre!

          I don’t believe I have any right to tell Rangers supporters what kind of club they should have and support. It is their choice and anything I post I hope will give Bears things to think about. Sadly their whole fan structure is fractured with varioius factions indulged in a bloody civil war while Ibrox financially hangs by a thread.

          I am a Celtic supporter who doesn’t want Rangers destroyed and believes that economically they have an important part to play in Scottish Football. However I believe that some of the club baggage is totally unacceptable in a modern, forward-looking and inclusive Scotland and till Rangers fans deal with that there will always be problems.

          recently I have seen a lot of signs that some Bears are actually looking at things in a new light and thinking more about football than World domination and that is a hopeful sign.

          • Nasty Gort

            Rangers are a rotten through and through, club and supporters and I don’t believe they will ever change. There is no economic case that remotely justifies their continued existence.

            A good example isCam the Rat’s daily insulting sneers at Neil Lennon an Irish Catholic who played for and now manages Celtic.

            And this from a guy who keeps insisting that he is a liberal Rangers’ supporter.

            Well God Help Us all when the real bigots and thugs come to town.

            Come to think of it they did visit Manchester.

            Over to you Ian.

            “This has to be said about Rangers, as a Scottish Football club they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist.” Ian Archer (journalist, 1970s)

            And Graham

            “The incessant bigoted chanting by Rangers fans at Hampden was shocking. Unarguably the most socially-backward fans in British football. The really damaging thing for RFC is, it’s not the mythical ‘small minority’. There appear to be 1000s upon 1000s singing these songs.”
            Graham Spiers (Journalist) on his Twitter feed commenting on the Huns in their league cup final appearance (March 2011)

            • daviecooperonthewing

              Oh Gort…you are nasty! But I quite like you.
              I bet under that gruff internet exterior, you’re a big pussycat.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            Eco you continue to be duplicitous and cryptic with regard to your self proclaimed image and your apparent obsessive musings.
            I cannot possibly harbor a dislike for someone that I haven’t met. However you reveal hypocritical tendencies through your incessant pursuit of all things Rangers/Sevco or whatever title you choose to run with on any given day and to whatever audience you are performing for.
            Due to the good fortune of being able to fulfill my employment criteria from home, I have no restrictions which curtail my ability to “blog around”
            I am familiar with your work on TSFM,and the much vaunted badges of honour your brethren unofficially bestow upon you. I am under no illusion whatsoever regarding your current mission cloaked under “monitoring Scottish football”. Each to their own. Like I said in a previous post, you are no friend of Rangers, you swim regularly with self proclaimed Rangers haters, you converse with journalists ” tarred with a sickening sectarian brush”. Surely you must see my point of contention, when I disagree strongly with your condescending reposte to the nasty gort? See above.

      • portpower

        Holy Moly. I thought I had a fair rant on the Jamesons.
        Pukki. Kimba the White Lion is his Name.

        sevco ≈ Mk II

      • portpower

        @ daviecooperonthewing

        I thought the Dundee board members told you to shut-up about sevco.

    • Steerpike


      To be honest I stopped reading after the first few lines of pants, was losing my will to live.

  2. Fine work again eco, but the klan will soon be after you again 🙂 🙂

  3. Monti

    Evening Paul, Evening Eco,
    Quality stuff again Eco, am I correct in saying the following, if Sevco 5088 own the rights/deeds to Ibrox, Murray park & the Albion car park, Newco should never have been granted associate member licence?
    When is Ibrox going to be demolished?
    Hail Hail!

    • ecojon

      @ Monti

      I don’t know the actual demolition date but the listed red-brick facade will need to be carefully dismantled so it can be resurrected at the new venue should anything survive,

      However the spivs might sell it off a brick at a time to squeeze the last penny out of the Bears.

      • Monti

        I would pay for many bricks Eco, as long as I can start taking them out now 🙂

      • hector

        @eco Will the orcs have to pay for the bricks with their names on them ?

        • ecojon

          @ hector

          What a brilliant idea – I would phone Mather asap as you might yet be a saviour. Could be a bit expensive though as the bricks would need to be comtained in an airproof-case because of the asbestos hazard which would also preclude engraving names on them because of the deadly dust which would be released.

          However a name plaque could be affixed to the glass case so you could sit and watch your brick glowing in the dark which must surely beat watching Rangers 🙂

          • hector

            @eco I think you may find that a lot of Sevcovians think they already own bricks with their names on the backside of the bricks in the stand after a previous con/Ponzi fundraising event.If the asbestos dome is knocked down you can imagine loads of orcs raking around in the wee small ours chanting “whaurs ma brick”?

        • portpower

          @eco Will the orcs have to pay for the bricks with their names on them ?

          They`re to be placed on the lifers seat.

      • portpower

        Whose to own the referees` centre circle?

    • ecojon


      As part of the cut-back on expenditure they will not be hiring an demolition expert with asbestos removal certification – they are just letting it crumble.

  4. Ed Paisley

    Informative and entertaining as usual eco. Well done.
    Charlie fell out with his pal Chan Fook Meng of Orlit Enterprises, the Singapore finance company, over the £400k bill for bringing in investors in the far east. No wonder Chico was balking at the bill. He should have said Chan Fook Off you Menger.

    • Monti

      Another victory on our way to 3 in a row Ed, Celtic done enough today for the points & if truth be told, we played within ourselves at times.
      Much as I dislike Hearts, it wouldn’t be right not to mention how much their young lads put into the game today, well played & you contributed well to a good game.
      Boerrigter & Van Dijk will be massive for Celtic once fully settled, welcome Mr.Pukki, great start to your Celtic days. HH!

      • Ed Paisley

        Hiya Monti.
        Celtic’s problem will be motivation to play at 100% in the SPL given the huge games against Milan, Barca and Ajax. Neil will have to keep on top of the players and use the whole squad. I haven’t seen Boeriggter and Van Dijk play yet but I am confident they will do a good job for the ‘Tic.

        • Monti

          Van Dijk is awesome m8, pace, strong & dominant in the air, Boerrigter very pacey, great delivery & dream of a left foot.
          Stokes has also started the season very well, watching Torino v Milan just now, Milan suspect down the flanks, Boerrigter & Forrest take note!

      • ecojon

        @ Monti

        I really liked the way the Hearts youngsters fought today although a trifle over-exuberant with some tackles but I wouldn’t say it was ‘dirty’ more fighting for the survival of their club,

  5. Paul Murray of the SDM board was just on scoreboard informing that he and his group represent 28% of existing shareholders who want change and don’t want them to go away.

    He was also shocked at the twitter messages on Jack Irvine’s twitter account on Friday evening, i looked, very poor from a man who represents wealthy clients, association with such a person IMO could ruin his clients reputations by making comments. Not a good light.

    The AGM shapes up to be a firestorm just on voting, never mind the accounts when published.

    He also mentioned that finance will be required before season end. I can think of one on here who wont agree with that, but then, he’s an expert.

    Thanks again eco, look forward to the D&P gig when you get round to it.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Nah nah nana nah!
      See Dib’s I tell’t ya!

    • Ed Paisley

      Officer Dibble
      Unless Rangers have secured new multi million pound deals from Puma and Blackthorn, they will certainly run out of cash before next seasons SB renewals. And I don’t see who amongst this mob is going to dip into his own pocket. Paying the odd electricity bill is one thing…

      In any case, when the AGM is held at the end of October and the audited accounts are release early October, there will be a shit storm of recriminations. Niall may have moved on to this mythical new sustainable business model, but the shareholders at the AGM will be baying for blood over the squandering of this golden endowment that should have carried them through to the SPL.

      Personally, I think the Gers fans and shareholders are right to be hopping mad and the AGM could turn ugly.

    • portpower

      @ officer dibble
      Jacks` trying to replace……………….. Hope the wind don`t change Mr. Irvine.

  6. Monti

    Notice Torino have a player called ‘Immobile’ playing for them tonight, I remember we had 2 players playing for us in the early ’90’s called Immobile……..or was it Gillespie & Mowbray 🙂

  7. hector

    @eco As a short term member of this forum I must draw your attention to a glaring inaccuracy in the above blog which I am sure one of the giants of intellect that troll on this blog will bring to your attention .”so why are the Bears not revolting”?I think you will find they are in fact revolting also bigoted not very nice and are over fond of goats.Sorry to rain on your parade and to quote the head troll “yippee I win”. By the way more power to your pen.

  8. Arb urns

    If polly put the kettle on
    Did malky keep the leccy on………….

    Niall have you worked out yet why these sevco 5088 directors appointments were the most important part of Charlotte ?

  9. Clarkeng

    You are right about one thing.
    It’s not the first time you have been wrong.
    And…..dare I say it ……it probably wont be the last.
    You really need to see a doctor or take a course in business or something!!
    But please before you post on here please ensure you have adequately reserarched your subject and present the issues truthfully without any ecoisms.
    Your version of events is about as factual as my 12″ penis.
    Paul McConville I blame you for allowing this person to continually embarrass him or her self by not advising them on the subject before posting.
    If it is the matter of a fee which is preventing this please dont worry I will be happy to pay this.
    It will be worth it to prevent any further such drivel reaching the ethernet for the great unwashed to pleasure themselves with.
    Get a grip.

    • notnearlydeadbutreallydead

      To many on here you are a 12″ Penis.

      Sorry but you walked yourself into that one

    • Felpen

      So where is you’re evidence that he is wrong….! Na! I didn’t think so either.

      • No one can be right all the time.

        Don’t know about that, i know someone nearby who’ll disagree.

      • Clarkeng

        If you like I can provide the same level of accurate detail I did last evening or better still Paul McConville could interject and correct the essay.
        He knows you know.
        Suggest you read on the Co House site to start with.
        Then look at the status of TRFC Ltd and it’s shareholding.
        Then if you have any questions ask.
        I will be happy to help.
        Have just opened a bottle of Cote Du Rhone and will be awake until it is finished.
        Any other questions I will answer tomorrow.
        However in the interests of the credibility of this site Paul should also help out.
        It is not a crime for eco whatever to be wrong.
        It is just annoyingly regular!!

        • @gortchomhor

          Clarkeng, I’ve tried to engage you in an honest discussion about 5 times. I’ve came to the conclusion that you are really just here to shout “we are the people”, that’s basically the level you are on.

          You also have this overwhelming sense of being right all the time and that’s always a sure sign of a numb-skull. I’m very sick condescending crap too, by the way, so please refrain from trying to ‘talk me around’.

          How you have the nerve to talk about the credibility of this website, though, is beyond insulting.

          If this website lacks credibility it’s because a team of Rangers cyber thugs (including you) are here every minute of the day shouting down everybody that says something. It’s very unhealthy and you should all be ashamed — unless, of course, it’s your shared goal to destroy the place.

          I appeal to Paul McConville, please take effective action to curtail these thugs, they are undoubtedly ruining the site. We all know who they are.

          • Steerpike


            I first came here with the intention of honest debate, it was impossible, I am now a product of this environment, now you wish to blame others for the lack of honest discussion.This is a poor charade, in reality a well informed Rangers fan has descended on this blog with facts, logic and a barbed tongue, and he is crucifying you all, you are all terrified of the man.
            It may come ass some surprise to you but unsupported hypotheses do not stand a chance against evidence based facts, and Clarkemg has a library of them.
            It was inevitable that a serious minded Rangers fan would say enough is enough with all this whataboutery, and there is no one, not even Phil can argue against the facts.
            The Celtic bloggers only get away with their nonsense because they hunt in packs, if they had any evidence they would not need numerical superiority, now the opposition has an equalizer, and you are all getting cold feet.

            Do you know what Phil, Egojon and Barca call honest discussion, they ignore anyone who proves them wrong and accuse them of trolling.

            • cam

              Well said sir.
              Like their horrific team and manager they just can’t deal with defeat.
              I blame the parents.

            • @gortchomhor

              You came here with the intention of honest debate but now what? You didn’t say. Now you are here to cause trouble, disrupt, and harass people?

              You don’t make it clear who this really well informed Rangers fan is, I assume you mean Clark. In point of fact, Rangers are being liquidated so you might consider finding a new way to describe him, yourself, and other like-minded fools. I really don’t say that to annoy; it sounds cheap but it’s the truth

              I actually exchanged a few words with Clark and found him to be full of confidence on the surface but hollow inside. A bit like Sevco in that respect. There’s a lot of hollowness going around these days.

              I’ve noticed, and I think Paul McConville alluded to it too, that there are certain times when activity on this forum increases. Usually when things aren’t going too well for Sevco, it seems, or when there’s good news for Celtic. I suppose we all better get used to that because, let’s be honest, the next 5 years at least promise more of the same.

              As for you, steer, I think deep down inside you know Sevco are pretty much doomed. You just don’t want to give us the satisfaction of admitting it. More and more people are saying it though, even Paul Murray was on radio saying as much today — another true blue.

              I came to this website with a very dim view of Rangers people. If anything my views are even stronger now, having read how you speak to people, how bitter you are, how twisted, how anti-human, anti-Scottish, and so full of hate you all seem to be. Why don’t you try defining yourselves in positive terms?

          • cam

            Its called freedom of speech Gort,,,you know that thing that you loons selectively support.
            If it gets you angry just use foul insults thats what Carntyne,OD,Ian,Coatbrig et al do.
            Btw they’re not cyber thugs they’re just folk who get a bit het up and can’t express themselves too well.
            Don’t turn into angry/nasty Gort,one of those is quite enough.
            Great score today,another hat trick from Big Jig,the title race is on,who will win their league first?

            • @gortchomhor

              Not only have I never — ever — supported freedom of speech, and never will, I am glad we live in a country that doesn’t have it.

              Odd though that a gang of cyber thugs who all support rangers are so obsessed, bitter, and angry that they spend their time on a Celtic-leaning website shouting about freedom of speech.

              Try going on rangers media and saying something like “I hope Scotland win their next game of football” and you’ll see how much your fellow thugs believe in free speech. A rangers fan here lecturing us on free speech is like a member of the KKK shouting about civil rights.

              You’re a fucking joke.

            • Nasty Gort

              To Cam the Rat

              Yes Cam the Rat I see my mission as exposing the racists, the sectarian bigots, and hippocrits (thank you Carson). Most especially the Rangers supporting vermin that masquerade as funny little jokers.

              If you come across any of those particularly loathsome creatures, please contact me immediately and I will prime my exocets.

          • Maggie

            “I appeal to Paul Mc Conville,please take effective action to curtail these thugs,they are undoubtedly ruining this site………”

            Couldn’t agree more gort,tho the desperation is palatable now.
            As eco has said all along,why the hell aren’t they devoting their energies to delving into the cesspool at Ayebrokes and the actions of the Spivs therein,instead of trolling all the live long day on here ?

            From the very beginning of this saga,they have been warned and alerted to the damage unfolding at the clubs, old and new, that they profess to love,but have chosen to “shoot the messenger” rather than take up arms against the sea,nay tsunami,of troubles besetting The Rangers.
            It’s the death throws of WATP we are witnessing gort,not pretty as most things associated with their rancid club aren’t.

            • cam

              Marge hen i thought you were away yer hols?
              We’re having a great laugh at you angry wee folk.Its like coming into the pub and throwing peanuts at the crazy gang in the corner.
              Now get to bed hen.

            • Steerpike


              ” the desperation is palatable now.”

              The only cries of desperation are coming from your bhoys,, maybe they should ignore all non-Cetic posters.

              Sweet dreams.

            • @Maggie @Gort

              You’ve been right all along, the more air you give a troll, the more ………. well i’m being good this morning, i’ll leave that as it is.

              I won’t be detered though in trying to make sense of and find the real truth behind the shambles that is this entity and that led to unfortunate people having been cheated out of rightful due payment for services rendered.

              Scottish football clubs were also denied a level playing field to compete, no matter what the decision of the TTT judges.

              Then there’s the ‘duped one’ the multi million pound business with all its might, legal personnel within it’s own doors and they never saw through a chancer, a chancer lauded in the press as a man with wealth of the radar, and guess what? A quick shuftie on google would have provided enough stimulation to have had a more, what’s it called again?
              ‘Due Dilligent Look’. Duped! not a chance.

              Paul Murray in his interview on BBC sportsound K McIntyre programme last night stated that “he is positive that his consortium offered more for the entity in administration” than the people who eventually bought it, that was 5088, no dubiety, 5088. Cast in stone.

              And then there’s the fiasco that surrounds 5088 and sevco scotland shennanigans, switcheroos as eco put it, money changing hands through old ladies bank accounts, ‘Imran could have told him he’d give him virgins for all i cared, just so long as we got it from him’, letters before claim, letters before action, different sets of documents arriving at companies house, “he is a director”, “oh no he’s not”. letters of novation going missing, that can happen they’ll have you believe. Claim upon counter claim.

              While the scottish establishment both in the SMSM and Government impotently sit back watching this charade, the biggest scandal in scottish football history, and guess what? They have nothing to say, ‘nothing to be seen here’. But these people want you to buy their newpapers and vote them into powerfully paid positions, but have nothing meaningful to say to you. It’s amusing that a scottish national newspaper can send a hack all the way to Peru to report on a wee girl caught up in a drugs bust, but can’t send one to London to do a bit of digging around these lawyers at the centre of this scandal.

              Our own fooball legislators (just the one tier now) have very little to say to the general footballing public on 5088/Sevco; in doing so they invite people to search for the truth themselves, maybe in the end that may lead to the downfall of individuals within these organisations. Time will tell.

              Then there’s this blog-site and most people looking for the truth, all have their own reasons for seeking the truth and that’s the right of any freeminded free thinking individual. I have my own and like others, that shall remain private to me.

              Most bloggers have a laugh when the mood invites; or when someone bloggs a ‘blooper’ and everybody crashes in and enjoys that rapport.

              But then there’s the bloggers who Gort and yourself chided earlier on, the deflectors, the people who spend more time on here than they do seeking the truth, establishing the truth, not for them, the only thing for them is their balance sheet and defending the undefendable..

              Gort said it all that i think of them earlier, they know that ‘we will get to the truth’ and if the house of cards has to fall on the back of it, then so be it.

              For the aviodance of doubt, i don’t really wish to coverse with them, they know who they are and what they are, steerclear of me.

              Time to let the cat in.

          • Clarkeng

            @Young Angort
            Honest discussion my arse!!!
            In order to try to put an argument after having failed to counter anything I had said you introduced a law which has nothing to do with this discussion.
            You waffled in the wind.
            And it was not the first time.
            I will give you some advice – if you dont know keep it schtum.
            And you dont so try taking it.
            It is meant with the best of intentions!!!

            • daviecooperonthewing

              Well said Clarkeng.
              The” bloody nosed” brigade prefer sparring with each other. Mere shadow boxing and lacking any real punch.
              The minute a contender appears they all run greeting to their mammy.
              “Mam, that big boy wouldnae just stand there an let me hit him, he even tried to hit me back mammy!”
              “It’s okay son, I’ll go talk to the headmaster, he’ll stop the bad boy’s shouting at you”
              Hopefully the heidie will inform them that a recent and topical debate regarding freedom of speech will be imparted to the afflicted wee souls.
              Failing that, we’ll be back to the usual propaganda being spoted, then when countered, the tannoy announcement from the captain of the flying monkeys will resonate decreeing a troll infestation ad a command to disengage debate. It’s a well oiled machine, with many miles on the clock.

            • Nasty Gort


              “Mere shadow boxing and lacking any real punch. The minute a contender appears they all run greeting to their mammy.”

              A childish response especially since your great leader Cam the Rat is coming apart at the seams – drunk again last night.

              I seem to be getting the odd uppercut through to Cam the Rat as so far he has threatened me with

              Suspension from Blog
              His lawyer (no win no fee). You guessed?

              Not sure whose coming next, British Army or United Nations Peace Keeping Forces.

              So long <Cam the Rat the sun has come out.

        • willy wonka

          @clarkeng – ” If you like I can provide the same level of accurate detail I did last evening or better still Paul McConville could interject and correct the essay.
          He knows you know.
          Suggest you read on the Co House site to start with.
          Then look at the status of TRFC Ltd and it’s shareholding.
          Then if you have any questions ask.
          I will be happy to help.
          Have just opened a bottle of Cote Du Rhone and will be awake until it is finished.
          Any other questions I will answer tomorrow.”
          Lol. I’ve been away for a couple of days and decided to catch up on the usual rantings. It’s hardly a surprise that nobody took you up on the challenge. Eco appeared and made one comment. He was asked probably the most important question relative to his mad theories and, true to form, disappeared again.
          If I can stay awake, I might just try to read his follow up blog.

      • ecojon


        Well Paul is very open to allowing guest posts and if I was agitated at what another poster wrote I would attempt to dismantle their argument in my own guest post,

        However what I wouldn’t do is bleat that they got it all wrong and provide no evidence but then I’m not a sheep being led by the nose to the knacker’s yard yet again.

        If I wanted to be cruel I would dig out some of his previous posts but I really do hate putting dumb animals down no matter how rabid they are and especially when they provide so much entertainent 🙂

    • Nasty Gort

      Some advice Clarkie
      Check your spelling and the length of your appendage.

      • Clarkeng

        @Nasty Gort
        Why do they call you that?
        A wee spelling mistake is neither here nor there in the big scheme of things.
        Is it
        It looks big to me!!

        • Nasty Gort

          Clarkie bhoy – it looks big to me!

          So did Rangers one time and they shrank and died.

          Take another look and see if its still there

          Your dick not Rangers

          Use a magnifying glass.

          Because Gort hates everybody.
          What about Rangers?
          Especially Huns.

          • Clarkeng

            @Nasty Gort
            You seem troubled.
            Yep mine is still there and going out tonight on the pull.
            Probably doon the Gallowgate …..the mingers doon there are always up for it.
            Talking about shrinking ….whit aboot ra Sellik?
            Downward spiral or what.

  10. lordmac

    cenkos , where they not to get 5% of rangers shares plus a fee of £1 million

  11. hector

    @ clarkeng I have wasted 30 mins trying to figure out what you are rabbiting on about and failed.As a poor peat bog Arab and one of the “great unwashed”could you please pass on your pearls of wisdom as we are only trying to better ourselves guv.thank you your honour doffs his cap and recedes back into the great unwashed.

    • Clarkeng

      What is the share capital of the RFC Ltd?
      Who owns it?
      Why therefore does this idiot think the AR for the RFC Ltd is wrong?

    • Clarkeng

      And as for the point on IA.
      Ask him to show you this definition of midnight as being pertinent.
      It is all pish.
      And he knows that I know that he knows it.

    • Clarkeng

      Next check the status of the RFC Ltd.
      Private Ltd Co?
      Now read Co House requirements for a Private Ltd Co. not traded after 1.10.2011.
      Done that?
      Let me know where the errors ar in the AR.

      • hector

        @clarkeng Suggest you finish the bottle of Goats do Roam and have a wee lie down. I cant follow you as I have been at the horse liniment with me great unwashed mates.Thanks for taking the time to edjucate us God bless you guv.

      • @gortchomhor

        More deflection and red herrings and lies and waffle and insinuating you are some sort of clever genius. But let’s go through the motions again so that everybody can see you for what you are — a complete fake. By the way, when you make an argument there is a burden of proof on you to provide at least some evidence to support your argument; it isn’t considered acceptable for you to rest an argument on countervaling evidence which we need to go and find. Kid’s stuff but worth repeating when dealing with someone who behaves like a kid.

        You are suggesting without providing any details — because you are either lying or don’t know the details — that the requirements on an annual return form are different for a PLC. Where that is true, it isn’t relevant to the point ecojon makes. Ecojon is arguing and showing evidence to prove that the annual return was incomplete and did not list the full details of shares and directors (this is crucial) over the full year. Very simple.

        You are implying without actually spelling it out that for some reason, only known to really clever guys like you, they don’t have to provide full details of share holdings and directors over the whole year period. Guess what? You are talking utter crap.

        Lets not take my word for it. Lets do what you suggest and look at what The government says is required of a PLC in terms of the annual return. But, first, here’s a prediction, something I rarely do. I predict you will completely ignore the PROOF that shows you are (again) talking complete garbage and move on to some other tedious point using the same tactics.

        People like you do more damage to the chances of honest debate than a million zombies and bheasts ever could. You should be banned. You are a perfect example of why freedom of speech would never work.

        So here is what the government say is required on an annual return form for a PLC or any limitied liability company, link provided, and I quote;

        “What the company annual return includes
        It must include details of:

        the company’s registered office address

        what type of business the company runs (eg retail, accountancy, catering)

        the address where the company’s list of shareholders is kept

        the type of limited company (eg limited by shares, limited by guarantee)

        name and address of all company directors (and company secretary if you have one)

        the number and value of shares issued by the company and who owns them

        where details of ‘debentures’ (a type of loan the company has taken out with a promise to repay at a specific time in the future) are kept”


        End of story. You are a fake, pity we need to waste our time on you, etc, etc.

        • Steerpike

          ” By the way, when you make an argument there is a burden of proof on you to provide at least some evidence to support your argument; it isn’t considered acceptable for you to rest an argument on countervailing evidence which we need to go and find.”

          OOPS………………taxi for arb………..lol………., at least Clarkeng does not resort to pulling things out of context and inventing his opponents position, now that is downright dishonest.


          • Nasty Gort

            Provide evidence to support an argument Sterile Niall?

            Is the guy crazy or something ?

            That would be totally against the methilated annualized , ethno/religious spirit of the debate.

            And severely curtail your contributions

        • Clarkeng

          If you are going to quote things please quote them correctly.
          This submission gets 1 out of 10.
          You really must do better.
          Go back and read and re-read and when you understand come back.
          And if you have any manners you will apologise.
          If not you will just have confirmed my thoughts…… that you are an ignorant little gobshite!!!
          See it is easy to call anyone names!!
          And here on the timternet you can bask in your anonimity knowing that nobody really knows how much of an arse of yourself you have made.

          • @gortchomhor

            As predicted, you completely ignore my countervailing evidence, sourced from a government website on this specific subject. All those requirements I pasted apply to the annual return of any limited liability company. FACT! Not opinion. FACT!

            Steerpike is basically accepting that fact too, I see. Or at least isn’t daft enough to deny it.

            You are officially discredited, Clarken, you should leave or consider changing names or something. I’m afraid an apology will not be enough and I will not accept it. You have removed yourself from society by lying and confusing these already complex issues.


        • Sevco United

          Out of curiosity, the online submission form to Companies House is a much shorter version than the paper one. You have listed 7 specific items according to a government website that must be included on the annual return.

          Which one are you disputing that Sevco never disclosed ?

  12. Steerpike


    You ask two questions that mean the same thing, the proof has been under your nose all the time.

    ” 1) please show your proof it was the same membership.”
    2) “the SFA took the membership off RFC ”
    (again proof needed for this, if this occurred prior to the 3rd August)

    ” A conditional membership will be issued to Sevco Scotland Ltd today, ALLOWING Sunday’s Ramsdens Cup tie against Brechin City to go ahead.
    ‘Following the completion of all legal documentation, the Scottish Premier League will conduct the formal transfer of the league share between RFC (IA) and Dundee FC on no later than Friday 3rd August 2012.
    At this point, the TRANSFER of Scottish FA membership will be COMPLETE.”

    The proof is simple, RFC( the company and club) could not fulfill their undertaking to play football, this undertaking was conditionally transferred to Sevco( Scotland, Sevco ( Scotland) is now ALLOWED to be called Rangers.

    • Arb urns

      Ffs….u have spent hours on here telling anyone who would listen that it was the continuation of this undertaking to play football that made sevco the one club….now u say they could not fulfill this undertaking to play football…. Last night you even had the game not counting in respect of sevcos history are u sure yer not Tore Andre Peter Van Missem…………

      • Steerpike

        Good evening arb,

        .It was RFC;’s inability to fulfill their undertaking that caused the transfer, and the continuation, there is no contradiction, are you drunk ?

        ” Last night you even had the game not counting in respect of sevcos history ”
        You are getting desperate arb, inventing my position out of context is just desperate, I considered the above possibility if coatbrigs interpretation of the SFA statement was true, not even you can say it was true, the possibility vanished in a blink.

        Give me your thoughts on Sevco 5088 director forms, lets try and have an honest discussion, gort is unhappy.

  13. wastrel

    Paul Murray admits today that Sevco (2012) actually had in the region of 50 million to begin with,- reduced by their own admission recently, to 10!!!
    and I thought I was crap with money!

    • @gortchomhor

      I liked the way Paul Murray explained it. If you add all the season ticket money to the IPO money, then add their share of TV money, sponsorship money, merchandising (shirt sales etc), and various other bits and bobs, they have probably taken in close to 60 million since June 2012.

      They said they had 10 million in the bank about 5 weeks ago. At the burn rate indicated in their interim report, we can safely assume that’s now £7.5 million at most. I have my doubts about the £10 million figure and have heard from various sources that it actually includes promissory notes. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

      They’ve basically blown around 50 to 55 million in 15 months. In saying that, they did win the third division. Prize money for that? About 20 grand?

      Celtic fans brag about how well they are doing financially. These crooks make Celtic look like amateurs. The difference, of course, is Celtic will probably still be here this time next year. The directors of Rangers are basically doing a smash and grab — smash the car through the shop window, grab everything you can, then gtf.

      • Steerpike


        An honest debate coming up.

        ” They said they had 10 million in the bank about 5 weeks ago.”

        10 million as of 31/5/2013.

        ” At the burn rate indicated in their interim report, we can safely assume that’s now £7.5 million at most.”
        Even if the burn rate was the same, no one can deny football is a front loaded business, yours is really a blind guess.

        ” I have my doubts about the £10 million figure and have heard from various sources that it actually includes promissory notes. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.”
        The interim accounts state 21 million in cash or cash equivalents, google the criteria for a cash equivalent.

        Now that wasn’t too bad was it ?

        Goodnight, off to Fife tomorrow to see my old mum.

        • Fra

          Sp, don’t bother. She’ll probably just remember a forgotten engagement when she heard you were coming and she won’t be in. FFS, talk about MOGADON.

        • @gortchomhor

          It was better than not too bad. According to you they had 10 million at the end of May? Not 5 weeks ago? I’ll modify my 7.5 million guess on the basis you are right… I’ll modify it to zilch.

          As for the promissory notes, try paying bills with them. It’s not like they have a bank they can borrow in the strength of with.

  14. James O'Connell

    claim and counter claim , no everything is alright down govan way ! pffttt
    they are in so much manure, they will never recover from this, even if the ten most richest came through the doors, you will never , ever , ever, morally recover from this ! your every dirty deed is in the public domain and is totally indefesable

  15. James O'Connell

    Indefensible !!!!!!!

  16. hector

    Oh well I see orcs and TROLLS are abroad must dash back to the croft to preserve the honour of my young goats prior to the sales.To all with a pulse, more than 2 genes and a sense of humour goodnight and God Bless. To the rest make sure you are home before dawn and SEVCO tits up by Christmas.

  17. James O'Connell

    look on the bright side , Sevco will get the required CVA this time and then I really want to see how it all unfolds!
    A bottle of Cote Du Rhone , mind no lay in your piss too long !
    your poor carer !!

  18. @gortchomhor

    Has Charlotte produced anything that has made a difference?

    • Monti

      What do you mean by “a difference” Gort?
      If what Charlotte has provided & hopefully continues to produce is the truth, then surely is that in itself not the “difference”?

      • @gortchomhor

        Well, the minutes last week were interesting. And I suppose on some level it’s entertaining to see and hear the protagonists being so candid etc., but has any of it made any difference? Would anything in terms of Rangers, where we are, where they are, be any different if Charlotte wasn’t there? What has it actually amounted to?

        I’ve always had a feeling about Charlotte, a lack of trust, something about it stinks — can’t quite put my finger on it.

        It feels stage-managed.

    • Fra

      Gort, would you have preferred we didn’t see Cha’s stuff. I for one was very grateful for her/his input.

      • @gortchomhor

        Charlotte has undoubtedly given us some interesting stuff, as any source must.

        Soon, I think the focus will switch to how meaningful the Charlotte information is and the more interesting question of what purpose was/is served by it. Note, I am not doubting the quality or authenticity of the material provided.

        There’s only so much I will say but all the information or dots are out there: it’s easy enough to join them.

        Here’s a good place to start — this audio wasn’t provided Charlotte, it was first released in The Sun, origin uncertain.


  19. cam

    Thank God i had the good sense to enjoy the great outdoors today.
    I know it would happen,,,he’s reverting back from Ecobhoy to Ecojon and that is truly horrific.
    If he sticks to just Googling guff from Companies House and padding out his “research” with list of names and figures then that’s great.The loons that like that can sit and use their massive financial knowledge,slip into latex underwear and rub custard on each other.
    But no,,,,he’s starting in with the Eco humour and slapping the smileys on.

    When i read this tripe i honestly feel as if i’m dying.Its like a vacuum for the soul.

    Now we know for certain, because the lunatics in here have told us, that Rangers wont make Xmas.
    Now when the next set of spivs in suits buy the assets and start up again, how will this affect Craigie’s claim which Raymondo and some other nutters say will be settled by leasing the stadium from a guy in Bar-L?

    You’re all beginning to disappear up your own a-holes bhoys and now the the Pied Piper is back could you follow him right out of town.

    Did you see my Ecoism bhoys,,,it was really really funny wasn’t it?

    • @gortchomhor

      As usual, a structureless stream of waffle and insults with one or two mistruths thrown in which I will deal with here.

      1) The only person I have heard saying Sevco won’t make Christmas is a devout bluenose named Dave King. He at least was the first, and maybe others have quoted him as a guy that knows a thing or two about business, Rangers’ history, and Sevco.

      2) You have never said anything on here that, in my opinion, could be described as “really funny” or even just funny. Not once.

      I think the level you and the WATP-gang criticise ecojon on is borderline criminal. I actually think it could be construed as criminal, there are laws in place that are quite specifically aimed at targeting cyber-harassment and bullying. You should all tone it down.

      • cam

        Are you being serious?,,ya raving nut.
        Violet good make a fortune out of those laws,,,away and get a life!

      • cam

        Crazy Gort and Creggy just roam the corridors spewing insults left right and centre.At least i’ve got Monti under control now that our pact is in operation.
        Blessed are the peace makers.

      • Maggie

        “You should all tone it down”
        Did you not get the memo gort ? It’s what they live for,they think it upsets and annoys us, plus it’s all they’ve got.

        • @gortchomhor

          I understand the logic of ignoring them, Maggie. But there’s a line and I think they have crossed it with their attacks on ecojon.

      • cam

        Gort,i think you were around when Adam was accused of being in jail during his absences.Whadda ya think of that allegation old bean?

        Whadda ya think of someone telling another poster to climb into their sisters bed whilst their fathers filming?

        Do you really want to travel this road?

        ” i actually think” ,,,,,, not on this occasion you didn’t.

      • Steerpike


        I bet you never read all of ecojon’s blog, Jesus it was torture, what was the actual point of it all ?
        His last two guest blogs were dismantled in one sentence, it is a fact the sole shareholder of Sevco 5088 was CG !!!

        I want 10 minutes of my life back.

        • @gortchomhor

          I like ecojon although barely know him. He seems like a gentle person, good natured, and he at least aspires to write and investigate. You should tone it down.

          I’ll tell you what puzzles me though. Regardless of what you think of ecojon’s writing etc, you really should be glad of guys like that doing the foot-work. After what happened with Rangers, you should be paying people to keep an eye on those that are now running Ibrox.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            @Gort…”Regardless of what you think of ecojon’s writing etc,you should be glad of guys like that doing the footwork.”
            Okay, let’s take that wee fluffy pup of your’s out for a walk and see how it reacts to passing traffic and interaction with other breeds of the canine variety.
            Let’s start with the double decker bus that’s been contracted out until 2019 by the owner of the big rotweiller across the street.
            You know the one that’s sponsored by the GCC and Clydesdale bank.
            The handler purchased a ten year travel pass, which will expire in around five years. Despite a relatively clear road with a few minor potholes, like trying to keep the fare paying passengers onboard, and CL qualification a must, it should arrive safely at the depot. Even a few tyre punctures along the way, like failing to win a treble,dropping into the Europa league, may enable the wheels to trundle on, for a while. Scottish football,despite false proclamations to the contrary,has been in decline for approaching two decade’s.Arguably longer. I remember the Ernie Walker committee, Henry McCleish, and Rinus Michaels reccomendations. None of which were ever incorporated.
            Despite everyone and their Labrador agreeing it was the way forward.
            Investment at grass roots level, emphasis on technical skills, better coaching and training facilities. Why were they not implemented?
            The answer is simple. Finance.
            Remember also at the time of these reviews the “old firm” were attracting and contributing 80% of income to our game through their various sponsorship deals,merchandising and TV deals. It was interesting to note that prior to Rangers descent into administration, clubs had agreed on ditching SKY, and setting up their own club TV deals. This was scuppered (effectively)at the last minute when DM and CW shook hands.
            I remember PL and ND rushing to London, at a minute to midnight to rescue the SKY deal. As a consequence we ended up with a significantly reduced deal over a longer term(nine years) than the one which had been on th table and subsequently rejected.
            Yet there are those who will have us believe that Scottish football does not need Glasgow Rangers, or the old firm. The opposite is true, and had Celtic disappeared in 1994, we would be in much more trouble than we are today. Some people should be careful of what they wish for.
            Celtic have their european adventures to keep their fans interested and distracted for a while. For how long, remains to be seen. If they do not invest further in quality players, especially after losing Wanyama and Hooper for example, followed by a few embarrassing reversals in the champions league, they could soon be shoving their granny “aff the bus”
            CFC as do most clubs need to scale down their operating costs and corporate structure, they have to do this, while keeping their fans on side.
            They have debt, not unmanageable,but debt nonetheless.

            • @gortchomhor

              Why do you feel compelled to use metaphor like that? Is it supposed to make a very basic, crass, point sound more sophisticated? You could save a lot of time and effort for us all if you spoke in plain, honest English.

              I subscribe to the view that you should say things as plainly and clearly as possible. One thing I actually don’t like about ecojon’s post is that it doesn’t do that. It’s bad enough trying to work out what some people are getting at without an additional layer of artistic complexity.

              Whatever point you were trying to make is lost, cooper, why don’t you re-word it in plain English without the artistry?

        • cam

          Eco himself actually says “So what am i on about” after the first few paragraphs of his own blog!
          Gort away and have a Horlicks and get to bed,You’ve lost the plot tonight.

      • Steerpike


        ” there are laws in place that are quite specifically aimed at targeting cyber-harassment and bullying. You should all tone it down.”

        Ahem, I get attacked daily by up to 20 posters, the fact it makes me giggle is neither here nor there.

        • @gortchomhor

          I do too. Say anything you want to me, I honestly couldn’t care less. But not everybody is the same and I think you’d struggle to find ecojon saying anything resembling a deeply personal attack on any of you.

          You’ve always got to remember there is a person behind the words. Some people are sensitive. Trust me, I have found this out the hard way.

          • cam

            Eco used to slaughter me regularly.
            I’m a paid troll,an evil, twisted, bile spewing, dangerous ,mask wearing, racist, sectarian bigot according to him.

            Do you believe he actually had the temerity to call me stupid???

            I’ve never been so angry.One time after one of his cyber attacks on my good self i had to go up to the 24hr Tesco and do unspeakable things to water melons.
            Good night sir!!

            • @gortchomhor

              I thought you wore all those ‘qualities’ like badges of honour….

              Seriously, none of that stuff would bug you, cam, lets be honest. That stuff’s everywhere, like Taig and bheast and blah blah blah.

          • Steerpike

            Last post tonight, eco went berserk against me for days for quoting PG Wodehouse’s ” I don’t hate in plurals “, he concluded I was a holocaust denier because of a link I used.

            • @gortchomhor

              Lol. Try denying the holocaust if you ever want to test your freedom of speech. Wodehouse did some work on German radio if I remember right, probably that was his point.

              Anyway, I can only guess what he’d think of a David Irving fan if he got nasty with a PG Wodehouse quote. 😉

  20. lordmac

    ian black asks what price will wullie hill lay him for, rangers paying rent within the next 2 months to a cabal. also he wants to know what odds he will get, knowing cam steerpike @ david, will not return to the this site when they find out the rangers own nothing and are known as the rent boys of IBROX

  21. cam

    Paul seems to be off on some crazed Ally hunt on that twitter guff.
    I see that another cyber nutter has unveiled the Henry Clarson twitter tweeting twit,,,is that the correct terminology?
    I had visions of our ‘Enery being a suave sophisticated type and then we have a picture of a peculiar looking chap who looks as if he’s giving the karaoke mike a doing in an east end boozer.

    Another illusion shattered.
    I tell you this internet bampot lark is a real industry for the Celtic bhoys.You visit ‘Enery’s site and then get some Humble Pie and a slice of alzipiratu.
    You can see that they all share info and link to each other.
    Phil may have been the daddy vampire but his relations are popping up all over the place.
    Thank goodness Paul takes nothing to do with any of them,i bet he has them all blocked on his twitter tweeting ,,,,is that the correct phrase?

  22. Fra

    Cam, you are informed of shenanigans at your club but anyone who mentions it is a ‘loon ball.’ Can you honestly say all will be we’ll with your club in the morning?

    It’s a complete basket case and as much as I enjoy watching them tearing each other apart they are sucking the leftovers and won’t be happy till its a shrivelled carcass and they’ve fuc**d off with the spondoolies.

    Along comes Niall to tell us how they’ve had this tremendous business model all along and they’re parading round the rose gardens holding the buttercups under their chins to see if they actually enjoy butter. Cuckoo

    • Steerpike


      I made a case for a viable business model in 2013-14 with all the available info, no one could refute my figures, arb had a secret cash flow forecast that would blow me way, he left it in a taxi………..seemingly.

      • Arb urns

        Seen three different versions of your cash flow forecast to the end of the season……. One was a fixed surplus of 6m another of 10 m and one was empty war chest in April bout as consistent as the Harry wraggs ………
        Small Paul is favouring ally’s boys getting shares again for Christmas…..

        • Steerpike


          Morning arb, hope the bridge is open, it is blowing a hooley., are you into politics by any chance, politicians are the world’s worst at distorting opponents views in order to attack them, and you are the master of this black art.
          So let us clear one thing up,once and for all, it does not matter how many forecasts I have produced, you have produced none, you have not produced one forecast that contradicts any of mine.I have provided many income/expenditure and 2012-13 cash surplus forecasts, and you have provided none. You are like the evolution deniers, you do not have any evidence of your own to support your hypothesis, and this is your weakness.

          I have provided many cash flow forecasts for 2013-14 with different surplus, income and expenditure variables and all demonstrate the improbability of Rangers running out of cash by Santa time.
          Dave King and Paul Murray try to justify their indispensability by claiming Rangers will need more money, and i have even covered this possibility.

          To what end you may ask ? To prove the Minority Reporter is taking financial woo woo, Rangers has less chance of going into administration than Phil has winning the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

          • Arb urns

            Tbh that’s not a bad post n….. I kinda agreed with your April cash Armageddon…though would go slightly longer…..don’t disagree either that admin 2 won’t happen but there will b massive brinkmanship…..for your sake sale and leaseback I hope doesn’t happen…Lashing in the kingdom….. I always use the Kincardine bridge for wild west trips……..

            • Clarkeng

              Hi Arb
              How you doin today?
              You are right the juxtapositioning is what is going on and it is not helping things one bit.
              The sooner the AGM come the better – then we can see who has put their money where their mouth is and most crucially who is siding with who.
              Have you got the significance of the 5088 directors and the active dates?
              I always thought you Fifers liked a wee lashing now and again wi a touch sdm thrown in.
              Never understood the confusion between pain and pleasure till Sir David sold oot.
              Claakmannan Bridge my man, Clackmannan is the gateway to the orient!!

            • Arb urns

              G’day clarken ja the drive over the clack bridge from the south side is stunning…. Re the directors forms I really want Niall to work it out.. As a wee clue it’s not so much the forms as the way Charlotte introduced it and chicos re actions to it…….. I have no desire to see trfc go under again but am apalled at what they and the sfa have done. LNS keeps me awaybfrom the game now.had hoped BDO would sort this out but these hopes are fading . This sale and leaseback would scare the s out of me if I was a teddy bear…… Trust you will use your vote wisely at the agm ……..

          • @gortchomhor

            Morning steer,

            I think there are a few of us that have failed to provide forecasts. I personally didn’t know I was required to.

            Tell you what, if you can explain the difference between a forecast and guess, I’ll make a forecast…

            One problem I think a lot of us have, if I might suggest there are various other people who think like myself on this, is that we don’t see the point of making forecasts when the whole edifice is in such grave doubt.

            It’s a bit like asking for an engineer’s report on the expected performance of the ship’s engine after we just hit an iceberg and are anxiously looking at the water gushing in.

    • cam

      BTC,,wrong and the coward shut up shop and ran away.

      LNS,,,wrong,titles in trophy room,,mucho greetin.

      Ticketus,,,,wrong,see Craigie for the bill.

      The audited accounts are coming,here,soon.
      We know if they show any,and i mean any positive signs then they are all lies.
      If they show admin for Crimbo then its i told you’s all round.

      Bog off, support yer team and get a life and then i won’t have to spend my valuable time driving you “LOONBALLS” crazy.

      • Fra

        Now now, there’s no need for that. I know its late on that side of the world and you’ve probably partaken in an aperitif so I will excuse your melons being twisted, but just this once. Touchy touchy Cameron.

        Well just call that 1-0 to me for now. Nite Nite mucker

      • lordmac

        on this one cam who is right as 60 /40 celtic know alls, or the rangers know alls, IMO they are having a collection just now with as many directors that they can get to hand over cash to support there loses so as to put
        money on the table for the accounts just for show like. end result they will divi up the shares to all, once they have pulled the wool over the supporters eyes after the AGM. there is good money to be had in rent collection, and they know they have a constant steam of fans going to keep following rangers, and that will keep paying the rent to the spives
        for another 140 years. we can see this happing to your club, so rangers as we know them might not die, but they will wish they never mentioned the £10 to a fiver as that is going to haunt you”s the rest your you days.

      • Nasty Gort

        Cam the Rat
        Can’t hold his drink
        And will still be Cam the Rat
        When he’s sober.

  23. portpower

    My footy team knocked out of the Aussie Rules finals. Then I watched The Celts beat Hearts,(had to watch the replay) plus what I wrote last night? You`re right Fra, I do dribble some shite brother. Mr Ecojon,thanks for your knowledge. Hail,Hail one and all. Now where did I put the panadol x2. Bloody Jamesons? I`ll never drink water again?


  24. portpower

    Something that resembles an octopus especially in having many centrally directed branches.


  25. portpower

    @ Steerpike
    Is that your imperial or metric calculator. It all adds up to the defunct zilch mate.

  26. portpower


    Save Our Spencey.


  27. portpower

    McCoist is adamant he has no issues with Black betting against the IOUbrox outfit. He said: “He’s got his three-match ban, seven matches suspended, and a hefty fine. We need to move on(mae pockets are full). When does your touch-line suspension kick in sally? 20 odd years?

    That`s one hell of a pan.

  28. portpower

    What are you getting for X-mas sevco?

    A company?

  29. portpower

    Pampers changed their swaddler nappies and they no longer have the blue indicator line :(. I don’t like the new ones with drymax very much. Anyone suggest another brand? Any other brands have a “wet nappie” indicator?

    I’m looking for the nappies that have the yellow line that turns blue when they are wet. We had them in them in the big hoose but I can’t seem to find them. I thought they were pampers swaddlers but I bought some today and they don’t have the line in the sand. I need them in size one if that makes a difference.

    CC sevco swaddlers.

  30. bill

    ecojon would you expect companies house to ask the board of rangers the limited company to file an AMENDED annual return for that period to include not only the missing shareholders but also to file the correct forms showing the dates the shares were issued and the amount of share issued, which is what NORMAL ltd companies do ?

    But then again the easdale brothers will feel at home in castle greyskull, you only need to look at companies house records for mcgills bus service ltd and the parent company arranglen ltd to see how many annual returns / annual accounts which have been AMENDED to include the correct information.

    Pity the easdale clan have forgotten to file the correct documents for their company CLAYHUNT LTD, which rents the land the company owns at 1 / 3 Muriel street, barrhead , Glasgow to bus companies as an operating centre since 2004 but CLAYHUNT LTD continues to file dormant and non trading accounts to companies house, even though CLAYHUNT LTD has been the owner of the land since oct 2004, according to the documenst filed at the register of the sasines by CLAYHUNT LTD & their lawyers in may 2005.
    You can also find CLAYHUNT LTD registered as the proprietor of the land at 3 Muriel st, and mcgills bus service ltd as the tenant at the Scottish Assessors Association, http://www.saa.gov.uk/‎ for the payment of £17,750 per annum for non domestic rates to east renfrewshire council not forgetting the electric bill, which according to the public inquiry chaired by the traffic commissioner of Scotland into a company called Greenock and district omnibuses ltd, mr alexander kean, former banned director and easdale business associate through clayhunt limited, evidence supplied at the public inquiry stated that the john walker group of companies including the barrhead bus company ltd had rented the premises at 1/3 Muriel street barrhead from curryhunt, sorry he meant to say clayhunt ltd and that mr walker still owed him £55,000 in rent and electric bills.

    How can CLAYHUNT LTD claim to be dormant and non trading me easdales not forgetting the £1.5 million paid to Greenock and district omnibuses ltd by transport Scotland and the fact that when that company was dissolved by mr kean in dec 2011 the company had only ever filed annual accounts of a company which was dormant and non trading since its incorporation in 2003. ( were did all the money disappear to )

    companies house accepts all documents filed on their system by the owners of limited companies, in good faith.

    Pity some of the owners fail to show good faith in filing the correct information on the documents they file at companies house

    • Clarkeng

      @eco creature
      Will they or wont they?
      And dont go waffling that they should but they wont because it is an establishment conspiracy.
      Just tell the guy the truth and why.
      Then you can also explain about dormant companies, non traded companies and any other relevant facts.
      As a good example you could point him to Celtic FC Ltd.
      Feel free to embellish with any theoretical skullduggery even if you dont actually know whether any happened.
      Lets keepit consistent
      Yes the one with £5m in assets and £31m in debts.
      That is a good place to start.

      • portpower

        £31m for a rainy day.

        • @gortchomhor

          You’re right, port power, they turn an overdraft facility that hasn’t been used into a debt.

          The interesting thing about this black propaganda is how Celtic fans reacted. They didn’t try and shoot the messenger, didnt threaten him or send any presents in the post, they asked if it had any merit, looked into it, and then dismissed it for what it is, pure lies.

          Phil put this baby to rest about 2 weeks ago and I didn’t know anyone was still trying to peddle it. I guess it shows how out of touch Clarkeng is even with his own side’s black op’s. Even the foaming at the mouth loons on RM have dropped it.

          • Clarkeng

            I take it all back Gossamer.
            You really are thick.
            If it is on the balance sheet/s it is a liability which has been expended and is owed.
            The balance sheet does not provide any information on unused credit facilities.
            Only on what actually, really, definitely has been spent and is due.
            But if that is how you count I can see where the “cash rich” moniker has been confused.
            Naw son….. it just means you can go further into debt and extend the liabilities which show up the balance sheet by further reducing the worth of the company.

          • Clarkeng

            Btw gossamer
            You never did come back on the 14 days for appointment or change of directorship.
            What it you said “utter rubbish”.
            The one of my friends provided you with the link to Co House and since then not a word.

            • @gortchomhor

              And I’m not coming back on this.. Go do your own research before you make an argument. I’ve wasted enough time on you.

            • Nasty Gort

              Clarkie ask

              Cam the Rat

              About it. Cam the Rat is infallible

            • bill

              Name & Registered Office:
              IBROX STADIUM
              150 EDMISTON DRIVE
              G51 2XD
              Company No. SC425159

              Last Annual Return Made Up To: 29/05/2013

              Last Annual Return was due to be filed on or before 26/06/2013

              Actually filed form AR01 on 12/09/2013 ( well overdue )

              AR01 12/09/2013 29/05/13 FULL LIST

              12/09/13 STATEMENT OF CAPITAL;GBP 334152

              After reading a copy of this annual return I would be very surprised if companies house does not ask the limited company to file an amended annual return to include all the former shareholders and the dates the shares were transferred by the shareholders to rangers international football club plc

              Anybody see the walking dead last night, thought I was back in the southside of Glesga

              Oh well roll on the AGM

  31. Any idea who will get the The rangers administrators gig ?
    BTW, i quite enjoy reading what the so called ”trolls” have to write.

  32. Monti


    Morning Fra,

    Champions league midweek date in Milan.
    Fra I feel Celtic are on the verge of a Golden era under our young & gaining much respect among his peers across Europe, Neil Lennon.
    Celtic are being extremely well run on & off the park, although the Champions league is a cruel learning curve, Celtic have shown recently that Europe’s greatest clubs will find it very difficuilt to get anything at Celtic park on a Champions league night, away games are now something to look forward to, not feared.
    Celtic football club is on the right path, we can be proud of our club & how we go about our business!

    The the rangers yesterday played Arbroath.

    • Steerpike


      Managers are not judged by their success in Scotland, it is a two horse race, a bit like their strikers, the acid test is the EPL, and most that have gone down south have done OK or found wanting. I don’t consider either Walter Smith or Martin O’neill as top managers, and Neil Lennon is still streets behind them, maybe he will improve with age.

    • Fra

      Monti, Couldn’t get the game last night so had to watch Man U v Palace and get txts from my mates at the game. Now have another site to try for live games so hope it works. When NFL got the gig, I thought it was too big for him but he has certainly surprised me. Celtics signing policy is second to none within the whole of the UK yet the prophets of doom insist on telling us without the dead club Celtic are going down the toilet. An awful lot of wishful thinking on their part and reeks of nought but jealousy. Oh its smashing being a jungle jim at this time. HAIL HAIL.

  33. portpower

    Did you see the Hearts officials trying to build a sevco sandcastle last night?

  34. Pingback: Rangers Announce “No New Directors” then Appoint a New Director! | Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

  35. hector

    Best headline of the year as seen in Forfar local paper after the cup game”plucky Gers take Loons to extra time”.Love it.

  36. Lex McLean

    It’s true a lot of bad things have happened at Rangers but at least we don’t have to play in green.

  37. @gortchomhor

    I hate when nice stuff like this gets in the way of bashing Sevco.All the best and all that, Paul, but there’s nothing in your marraige for me. Why don’t you cheer us all up by telling us what the hell is going on with their accounts… there’s a lot of rumours going around, as you will be aware, and my guess is you have heard more than rumours….

  38. @gortchomhor

    It’s the same when Celtic play in Europe. All the people I normally turn to, my Sevco-hating friends, get this strange look in their eyes and start talking about football… utterly dire.

    Fast forward a few hours, Celtic got beat 3 nil or something, they’re all comrades again, fighting the good fight against Sevco and corruption. It’s as if the football never happened. Total part-timers.

    I’m thinking of starting up a sorta special forces unit who will concentrate full time on the demise of Sevco. No football chat or fans allowed. Like the masons without the homsexual stuff, no throttling chickens or rolling up trouser legs, the focus would be purely on anti-sevco black ops…

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