Ticking Time Bombs and Overdue Rangers Annual Returns – by Ecojon

Charles Green departed Ibrox not to the triumphal strains of Zadoc the Priest but to the more mournful tolling of the plague bell. Now the doors of the dead are about to be opened in a bid to cleanse and expose the shocking but hitherto hidden and mouldering secrets lurking in an empty warchest.

A key to unlocking many puzzling mysteries and ‘Bringing out the Deid’ into the cold light of day could be publication of the Annual Returns for both Sevco 5088 and Sevco Scotland both of which are well overdue and Companies House are duty bound to employ their sanitation hit squad asap.


I have dealt in detail with various issues concerning these companies as above but I feel it is worth going back to basics to try and understand the conflicting information distorted by smoke and mirrors. Hopefully others with statutory investigative powers will cut through the fog and set the record straight. In this piece, as previously, I will try to use official documents and recorded sources and keep speculation to a minimum although I have no doubt others will fill in the blanks.

Some Rangers posters appear to think that my last article on the companies didn’t fully explain the Rangers’ position so let me attempt to rectify that by going to the departed but not forgotten Dear Leader Green’s words and, in particular, his thoughts as broadcast on 13 April 2013 by STV at: http://sport.stv.tv/football/clubs/rangers/221242-extended-video-of-rangers-ceo-charles-greens-interview-with-stv/

Green clearly states that he was the first and only director and shareholder in Sevco 5088, an off-the-shelf company formed by Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW) for the purpose of acquiring Rangers, and denied that Craig Whyte and Aidan Earley had any role in the company.

Green then explained that ‘as the model unfolded’ and the process changed Sevco Scotland acquired Rangers and not Sevco 5088 and stated: ‘The company that was originally formed wasn’t required and was handed back to Craig Whyte’ and added: ‘That company was never used for anything and it became a dormant company and was subsequently struck-off’.

Let’s have a closer look at Green’s statements and see how they accord with the public record and might affect the contents of the overdue Annual Returns. Let’s get a small point out of the way to begin with: FFW didn’t ‘form’ Sevco 5088 although they may well have instructed the actual Cardiff-based formation company 7Side Ltd to do so.

Green wasn’t the first director and shareholder of Sevco 5088 Ltd who are listed respectively by Companies House as the formation agent Samuel Lloyd and 7Side Secretarial Ltd. Indeed Green has never been listed as a Sevco 5088 shareholder at Companies House which still lists the sole shareholder as 7Side Secretarial Ltd.

The Rangers AIM flotation document for the December 2012 IPO states Green was the sole Sevco 5088 shareholder but failed to state his directorship in the company nor that it was a subsidiary of RIFC Plc.

Following intense media speculation the official Rangers website on 5 April 2013 quoted Green: “… I had signed a resignation letter and a stock transfer form because it was decided that a Scottish company should buy a Scottish institution. Sevco 5088 wasn’t required.’

On 12 April 2013 the official website stated: “Mr Green was the sole director of Sevco 5088 until he resigned and became the founder director of Sevco Scotland.’

These two statements confirm the Rangers AIM Prospectus information that Mr Green wasn’t a Sevco 5088 director in December 2012 and ceased to be so sometime between 29 May 2012 when Sevco Scotland was incorporated and 14 June 2012 when the same company bought the assets and business of Rangers from D&P.

However Green didn’t advise Companies House of his resignation from Sevco 5088 at the time and still hasn’t done so even though he wrote a resignation letter and signed a stock transfer form transferring ‘stock’ presumably from Sevco 5088 to Sevco Scotland. But what ‘stock’ was switched and was Green legally allowed to transfer it? According to Companies House there is only a £1 share in Sevco 5088 – not held by Green. So was the ‘stock’ transferred the millions of share options held by the ‘original placees’ who had invested the money to secure and purchase the Rangers assets from D&P through Sevco 5088? The closest we get to an answer is the vague ramble of Green that the ‘model unfolded’ and the process changed whatever that might mean.

A rather curious episode then took place on 27 December 2012 when Green signed a request for the voluntary striking-off of Sevco 5088 which was sent to Companies House by FFW and arrived on 7 January 2013 with the requisite notice posted in the London Gazette a week later. Curiously, Green stated on the form he was the sole director and yet he has stated and the official Rangers website has confirmed that he had ceased to be a director of Sevco 5088 at least 6 months earlier. There is another issue in that a striking-off application must be signed by more than one director unless he is the sole company director.

Things were quiet until a media bombshell dropped on 12 April 2013 that Companies House had received notification that Craig Whyte and Aidan Earley were appointed directors of Sevco 5088 on 9 May 2012 and their appointment forms had apparently been countersigned by Green.

The revelation that Green had apparently been secretly involved with Whyte in the company that had the exclusive right to acquire the assets and business of Rangers blew the already somewhat dodgy roofs off Ibrox Stadium as the Bears quite rightly erupted. In a desperate bid to regain the initiative Green appeared on STV in which became his Ratner moment as he attempted to prevent his gold turning into hoss-sh*t. He should never have taken the PR advice as he hung himself and possibly RIFC Plc out to dry condemned by his own words. However it is up to each individual to view the facts and reach their own conclusions.

Within days director termination forms, countersigned by Green, were submitted to Companies House by FFW in respect of Whyte & Earley which again seems curious if they weren’t directors as claimed by Green. Why not just report the director submissions as fraudulent to the relevant authorities and even stranger why did Green date the director termination forms for the duo from 9 May 2012 the date they were shown as being appointed on the forms previously submitted and countersigned in his name.

The big problem for Green about 9 May 2012 IMO is that it is prior to the earliest date he could have resigned as a director of Sevco 5088 according to his words and the official statements of Rangers Football Club which means that if Whyte and Earley were actually directors on that date and Green had signed their directorship forms then he was in grave difficulty. The Ibrox masses lapped-up ‘clever’ Charlie when he spun tales about how he conned Whyte and strung him along assisted by Imran Ahmad to rescue their beloved Rangers. However it is one thing to make verbal promises with no intention of keeping them and quite another to be a co-director with Whyte in a company exclusively purchasing Rangers.

Green walked away from Ibrox on 19 April 2013 and three days later RIFC announced on AIM that Sevco 5088 was a subsidiary of RIFC on 7 December 2012 when the company’s AIM admission document was presented. It was also announced that their departed CEO had failed to disclose his directorship of Sevco 5088 to AIM. However it again left the question unanswered as to if and when Green had resigned from Sevco 5088.

However, two days later on 24 April 2013 as media speculation continued unabated, RIFC Plc again issued an AIM statement describing Sevco 5088 as an inactive subsidiary which was and is defunct and non-trading. The statement avoided dealing with the thorny problem that their ex-CEO said he had handed Sevco 5088 back to Craig Whyte and resigned as a director of the company prior to 14 June 2012.

Events moved on and Whyte and Earley contested their removal from office and following an investigation were reinstated as directors of Sevco 5088 and the director termination forms, signed by Green, were ordered to be removed from the Public Register of Companies House. So as far as Companies House is concerned Whyte & Earley are directors of Sevco 5088 and have been since 9 May 2012.

Returning to his 13 April 2013 STV appearance Green made the curious statement on camera that as Sevco 5088 was no longer required it was ‘handed back to Craig Whyte’. But if Green was the sole shareholder and director of Sevco 5088 as he claimed and Whyte had no role in that company why would he hand the company back to Whyte who had nothing to do with it according to Green. I can only draw one conclusion but I will leave readers to draw their own.

Green’s claim during the STV interview that Sevco 5088 had been struck-off is incorrect and Companies House records the true position that the striking-off application, signed by Green on 27 December 2012, had been received on 7 January 2013 but it had not been struck-off. One might consider why Green had any involvement in the striking-off application when he said he had handed the company back to Whyte in May-June 2012.

And it’s worth pondering his statement that Sevco 5088 ‘was never used for anything’. The minutes of the TRFCL Board meeting on 31 October 2012 states that Sevco 5088 paid a £200k exclusivity fee to D&P to be the sole acquiring party for the assets and business of Rangers. We also know that the company had received substantial investment funds and share placing letters concerning ‘original placee’ investors were issued predicated on Sevco 5088 being the acquiring company of Rangers. And we also know that Sevco 5088’s written permission was required to allow the switcheroo that allowed Sevco Scotland to subsequently become the acquiring party. Many claim that millions of pounds raised by original Sevco 5088 investors were also paid to D&P prior to Sevco Scotland becoming the acquiring party. I don’t inhabit Green’s world of high finance wheeler-dealing so perhaps Sevco 5088 was just a Cinderella who got nothing – it might be worth remembering how that story ended of course.

The TRFCL minute continually refers to ‘directors’ of Sevco 5088 in the plural which sits uneasily with the claims that Green was the only director and is of particular importance when considering that there is apparently no written authorisation for switching Sevco 5088 share placement letters to Sevco Scotland as the authority given by the ‘original placees’ is described as oral given to un-named Sevco 5088 ‘directors’ who remain a mystery.

RIFC Plc has stated to AIM that the directorship applications of Whyte and Earley were ‘falsely’ filed with Companies House. But if Whyte & Earley were directors of Sevco 5088 and were fully aware of the switcheroo why would they agree to it or was it the ‘mystery’ directors who did it and have since faded even further into anonymity. To echo a favourite son of Ibrox: ‘We demand the names’ and others may well be making the same request a little more forcefully quite soon.

So I believe I understand why RIFC Plc might have difficulty in providing Companies House with the Annual Return for Sevco 5088 – perhaps like the rest of us they have been left with a puzzle and unsure where the truth lies. There is a fine line between what is legally acceptable between taking someone for a pre-IPO ride like Whyte and a public company making official statements to AIM and Companies House. Still I’m sure Green will assist them in their predicament.

As to the overdue Annual Return of Sevco Scotland I was going to deal with that here but even as I type further information is emerging and I will deal with that separately although there are obvious links with the Sevco 5088 situation. I will also attempt to deal with the Worthington aspect of Sevco 5088 in a separate post as well as the offshore shareholders who also don’t appear on Companies House records.

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    When anyone hears pot and kettle, refer back to this quote. CLASSIC

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            If you define ” very little “, I could calculate the amount of SB money in the 10 million.

            Physics, my knowledge is limited to the Laws of Thermodynamics, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Hawking’s version of M-theory(something from nothing).

            I am if nothing else versatile.

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              If life is simply mechanics, chemistry, and cause and effect, why hasn’t anybody ever conjured it up in a lab from within a sterile non-biological environment?

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              ” If life is simply mechanics, chemistry, and cause and effect, why hasn’t anybody ever conjured it up in a lab from within a sterile non-biological environment?”
              It may be simply mechanistic but there is nothing simple about it, recreating the conditions that caused life is a needle in an electro-magnetic/electro-chemical haystack.
              Quantum mechanics is simply mechanistic, but if you think you understand quantum mechanics then you do not understand quantum mechanics.

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          You seem lonely Steerpike. Have you seen anyone for you attention disorder..BTW, I am not a bible basher, and I wasn’t proved wrong by you. We had different views and opinions. Does not make you right.. I did not get involved with your predictions from your knowledge of the Ranjurs brands finances, because 1st I am no expert and 2nd I couldn’t give a monkeys…

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            Wassalamu’alaikum Ben,

            ” You seem lonely Steerpike.”
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          But not syntax, you have followed a presupposed hypothetical scenario with a past tense conclusion, and have misspelled ‘their’.

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      Still don’t know if I’m Nasty Gort or just gort… if I’m just gort, I’ll enjoy the adventure, making new friends as I work my way up through the leagues.

      Just like Sevco, in a sense… in fact, I am Sevco.

      “That’s right isn’t it, Charles…”
      “Yes, you are Sevco.”

  3. StantheMan

    So Mr Blin has had enough and walked away from the shambles.
    Mr Murray will not be elected to the board

    I would therefore assume that Mr McColl, with his wealth off the radar, has wasted his time and effort and another ‘good’ rangers man has walked away.


    The gift that keeps on giving

    • daviecooperonthewing

      You heard it here first.( apparently).
      Mr McColl has not gone anywhere. Take it as read., for now.
      More to follow. If agm doesn’t come to pass…expect fireworks.
      There…all done in my best eco impersonation. Lol.

      • StantheMan

        So Daviebhoy, are you saying the shit is about to the fan??????

        I believe Celtic fans have been castigated for same likewise. Could it be doomsday??

        As a side issue, your nom de plume evokes memories of Mr Cooper and his sublime skills. A friend of mine was a big Clydebank fan and he used to regale me on a Monday at work. Talents like him are too rare nowadays. Jinky Johnstone, Wullie Henderson, Davie Cooper etc. many more to be added but any ‘dribbler’ of a ball has to be welcomed to our game. These guys put bums on seats.

        • Hobgoblin


          ” So Daviebhoy, are you saying the shit is about to the fan??????”

          Coop has hinted and speculated, but has been short on hard facts.

          Why? Like everyone else on this blog, he just doesn’t know.

          Particularly about the who, what, where, when and why of directorships, and transferring of assets (if any) and right to purchase from Sevcoo 5088 to Sevco Scotland.

          My own take? If documents are missing, and I am not saying they are, I would ask; “Who had custody of, and/or access to these documents?”

          • StantheMan

            I read somewhere that he’s not walking so he might be correct Hobgoblin. I don’t buy rags so obviously from the net and must be quite common knowledge and he looks to waiting on the AGM to make his move

          • Steerpike


            What credible reason do you think CW can give for not submitting the director’s appointments to Sevco 5088 for 11 months, assuming they were originally dated and signed in May 2012 ?

            • Hobgoblin

              “assuming they were originally dated and signed in May 2012 ?”

              “I assume a great deal…” ~ Noel Coward on Assumption

              “When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.”
              ~ Oscar Wilde on Assumption

              “But when assumptions are sometimes true. Then you’re the ass, not me. ” ~ Bryan Yeo on Assumption

              “When you assume correctly, the ass is not u, but me.”
              ~ Gerard Caulfield on Assumption

          • daviecooperonthewing

            Of course I don’t know HG,as you rightly state,no one does. I never intended to suggest otherwise.
            The one thing I am sure of is that JMcColl has not crashed and burned,he’s merely parked up at the side of the road. Frank Blin is not required now, that’s why he’s departed. He was selected to have a look under the bonnet, had the requisitioners proposal been successful. It was not. If the agm materialises in October, the directors will be elected by a shareholders vote.
            I don’t have a preference as yet, I’ll reserve that decision until the accounts have been published. If or when, or alternatively they are not. Common sense suggests if it’s the latter, then things should heat up a little down Ibrox way. For Dibble’s benefit only, this is merely my own opinion, and not an incitement to riot. (Hi dibs)
            All of this information is on various websites, including facebook. It is readily accessible to anyone who has an interest in following it.

            • Hobgoblin


              Not interested in accounts ce sera sera.

              Very interested in sevco this and that, but quality of info? Not info – just Niall level speculation. Nobody even seems to know basic law on what it takes to change contract to purchase from one company to another.

              In other words people are debating whether legal requirements have been carried out, not even knowing what the legal requirements are.

              To me this whole blog and discussion has been froth piled upon froth.

        • daviecooperonthewing

          Couldn’t agree more Stanley. The guy’s you mentioned were a rare breed.
          Remember Ted McMinn and Bobby Petra? Lol. How times have changed.
          I remember being at Ibrox and McMinn ran from one 18 yard box to the other, he beat about eight men, got into a shooting position, 12 yards out, nobody near him, the entire ground rose expecting a goal, and Teddy, god bless him kicked the turf and fell on his hooky.
          Souness took him off two minutes later.

          • daviecooperonthewing

            @HG. Perhaps most Celtic supporters are interested in the In’s ad out’s
            of the legality side would be a more prevalent statement to make.
            Like I said earlier, agm, accounts,all being acceptable, let’s get back to the football. It really is that simple for me, and most bears. I’ll leave the digging to the shit stirrers.

      • Raymilland


        “If agm doesn’t come to pass…expect fireworks.”

        Haven’t’ you seen enough damp squibs?

  4. Are we now inhabited by the type who seek retribution as described in a variety of main steam media? Have a look at the post below, the alluding that the CEO may be involved in this type of behaviour, who are these imbiciles? The SMSM must act with police Scotland to bring this type to justice. WordPress must have his IP number. Are the media company contracted to the club and directors, watching this guff? I hope so.


    September 14, 2013 at 1:46 am

    Are you suggesting anything in particular, or just fishing fstb’s?
    I think after today’s events at “the pub” and Mather’s statement, that CF may well be more “neighbourly”?…than first thought. If I’m right she’s had you boy’s dancing to her well orchestrated ensemble. Cymbal clash!
    Then again HE could be Edgar Blamm. Did he move to St John’s?
    I remember a twitter conversation about imminent news, then a delay due to thunder storms and power outages, guess where? Still we’ll need to wait till he goes nuclear!

    • daviecooperonthewing

      Dearie me, officer Dib’s!
      You never felt the tickling of ribs?
      Comments can be serious or intended as glib,
      You scrutinise too harshly and determine they’re fibs.

      With a scream of a mouse, and bite of a gumsy dog
      You’ve threatened a few who visit this blog.
      Your last few posts belong in the crapper
      So remove that large hat , it’s too big for your napper.

      You’ve threatened me once, and stepped over the line
      I trust you won’t err, for a second time.
      You stamp your plod boots like an ignorant runt
      Self demeaning actions,of a stupid little…..Grunt.

      Seek help o.d., or change your lifestyle. You ain’t healthy my man.

  5. Ed Paisley

    Good morning peeps. Especially all you good Rangers supporters looking forward to your “match” with Arbroath.
    What’s it like playing part time footballers every week – teachers, joiners and, eh, fish smokers!!
    Have a good one fellas.

  6. Greenday

    Aw Ed … Some fond memories had at the red lion … The “Red Lichties” will no doubt smoke a few haddies today …. Deid ones obviously

  7. portpower

    Lollapalooza jigsaw.


  8. Monti

    I wonder what odds Ian Black would give on a debut hat trick for Pukki?
    I fancy him for that today!
    Come on you Bhoys in Green!

  9. Monti

    Hearts 0 CELTIC 5
    Pukki 3 Stokes & Van Dijk!

    This is from Ian Black.

  10. Fisiani

    I am running a sweep on when administration 2 takes place
    My pick Feb 10th 2014.

  11. So Ally thinks its ok that 95% of his players would bet on his own team not winning a football match !
    “But I’ve had a look through my dressing room and Ian is guilty of what 95 per cent of the players and staff are guilty of.

    “So the hypocrisy wouldn’t be lost on me if we hammered Ian for something a lot of people do.”

  12. portpower

    Missed the laces on the rabbit.


  13. Steerpike

    This weeks project is the lovable Phil’s book, Minority Reporter, Modern Scotland’s bad attitude towards her own Irish.

    My new career as an investigative journalist/blogger/freedom fighter led me to google ” Minority Reporter “, and lo and behold up pops a Black civil rights group in America, one of the few causes the Green Brigade has not adopted, but it is early days.
    This sends alarm bells ringing in my head, tell me this loonball does not consider the two attitudes comparable, in America the blacks fought for integrated education and in Scotland the Irish fought against it, I will leave others to spot the bad attitude.

    I dive back into google and up pops Phil’s website advertising his book,and my heart sinks, the first thing that catches my eye is ” bad attitude ” has been upgraded to ” anti- Irish racism “. Let us all be reminded this man is talking about Modern present day Scotland, he aint a historian, he is not talking about past prejudices in Scotland, he is talking about the here and now.
    One does not have to be egojon or barca or newtz to identify who is black in America, but how does one identify 2nd or 3rd or 4th generation Irish in Scotland, we all look alike, speak alike,dress alike, inter marry and few attend worship. In modern day Scotland even going to a Catholic School does not identify you as Irish, they are full of Scots Catholics, Poles and due to modern quotas more or less anyone.
    Yet Scotland seemingly is racist toward an almost unidentifiable race, diluted beyond recognition and in any real practical sense, indistinguishable.
    Now if we hop back to our other Minority Reporter in America, they are culturally driven to identify themselves with their roots, they are not keen on black culture being diluted, and I believe oor Phil is copying them for commercial gain. However unlike the blacks in modern America who do still live in a racist culture, he has to invent one to raise the profile of Irish identity, and it is working. It is a bit like Alex Ferguson or Graeme Souness telling their fans everyone is against us to galvanize support.

    I have no qualms with anyone promoting Irishness in Scotland, and there are many positive ways of doing so, but I do object to the method Phil has decided to employ, because it actually demonizes Scottish culture and the promotion is at my expense, he is damaging my identity for money.
    Needless to say he has no meaningful statistics to back up his claim, instead we get treated to some guff about Neil Lennon, even the black movement gave up trying to defend Mike Tyson.
    Neil Lennon was under enormous financial strain to succeed at Celtic, he was fighting for his job while fighting a multi million pound law suit, that would stress anyone out, and it showed in his bad attitude.

    I suggest Phil’s bad attitude toward modern Scotland is caused by similar financial strain, and I see through his desperation.

  14. portpower

    daviecooperonthewing the man was shite till after Danny asked. Did he kick a ball again? (anywhere) Just made the #`s up. Marrow free.

    Ball on the deck. SWEET CELTIC. FREE.
    Please watch?


    back in a back yard non-invite. KIDS.

  15. Steerpike

    Good morning coatbrig, as promised I have read the link and here is my response.

    ” A conditional membership will be issued to Sevco Scotland Ltd today, allowing Sunday’s Ramsdens Cup tie against Brechin City to go ahead.
    ‘Following the completion of all legal documentation, the Scottish Premier League will conduct the formal transfer of the league share between RFC (IA) and Dundee FC on no later than Friday 3rd August 2012.
    At this point, the transfer of Scottish FA membership will be complete.”

    I am going to be gentle here because you mentioned an education affected by illness, you interpret the above to mean, and I quote:

    ” SFA clearly stated that RFC had to hold on to it’s membership until it’s SPL share was transferred to Dundee on the 3rd of August RFC were obliged to hand over it’s Full membership on the 3rd August.”

    Now I could smash you over the head with this and never ever let you forget it or I could be a gentleman who despite endless abuse from you, goes easy on you.

    I choose the latter, you are wrong, read it again and get back to me with your thoughts. It appears there was one membership, it was removed from RFC given conditionally to Sevco(Scotland) for the Brechin game and formalized at the Dundee game.
    Look mate I actually worked all this out just using basic logic, I have never read this statement nor looked into the matter in any depth.

    • Steerpike


      Ignore reference to Dundee game, I should have stuck to dates.

    • go on smash me over the head, but only after you provide proof of the claims you make.

      But first,what DUNDEE game ?

      OK now to the proof

      1) please show your proof it was the same membership.

      2) “the SFA took the membership off RFC ”
      (again proof needed for this, if this occurred prior to the 3rd August)

      Steerpike previously said
      “This meant an AGREED member could not play in the cup because of a technicality, so they issued a conditional membership, and guess what, it was the same club membership given with conditions, the condition being the terms met by 3rd August as per the agreement. There was never two memberships, the SFA took the membership off RFC and conditionally gave it to Sevco ( Scotland).”

      So,care to back that up with a wee bit of proof.

      Steerpike posts this
      A club is a company’s undertaking to participate in football.
      The undertaking is externally attached to the company.
      The company does not own the undertaking, it is a company pledge to the SFA to participate in football under their rules and regulations.
      The company cannot transfer the undertaking to another company without the approval of the SFA.

      Surely any company that wants to make a pledge to play football would need a football club to do so, so the undertaking to play may be external but the club must belong to the company that makes the pledge, only that company can pay the players, no third party is allowed to pay players contracted to a club.

      A football club must therefore be the physical manifestation of a company that allows it to fulfil it’s pledge to play football

      Sevco therefore must have made this pledge, as RFC still existed, on the 29th where did Green get his club from ?

      Whytes Wavetower received the SFA’s approval to transfer the undertaking to his company because it bought out the previous company,that company held the undertaken to play football when Whyte took over RFC plc,

      He did not need to apply for membership …WHY ?

      Evolution or some creationist dream

      Rangers FC born it’s history began
      ( born before the SFA was born, playing football before the SFA was born, playing football for a year after the SFA was born before RFC became a member of the SFA )

      Rangers FC formally became a business RFC Ltd
      a new chapter in it’s history

      RFC Ltd became RFC PLC part of SDM’s MIH empire
      did not need to apply for membership although a new company now owned it.
      a new chapter in it’s history.

      RFC PLC sold by SDM to Wavetower
      Again did not need to apply for SFA membership although a new company owned it
      A new chapter in it’s history.

      RFC PLC enters administration.
      a new chapter in it’s history.

      to complete a successful CVA the companies shares held by Whyte are needed ……WHY

      Green offers £8.5m to buy the company by a CVA, he fails

      Green buys the companies assets for £5.5m saving himself £3m.
      there must have been a reason Green saved £3m, what did he not get that reduced the price by £3m

      As the CVA was not successful,
      we have to come back to the evolution/creation part.

      Evolution, survival of the fittest

      Creationist dream, a football club is ethereal and eternal

  16. Monti

    Working in St.Andrews today, wait a minute…. John Knox road ? WTF?
    Is somebody taking the proverbial?
    Anybody got a screwdriver? 🙂

    • david

      Showing your ignorance again.
      Are you seriously unaware of John Knoxs connections to St Andrews?
      Oh, and to feed your paranoia further, look up what happened to Cardinal Beaton and Archbishop Sharp in St Andrews.

  17. Rangers latest

    Today, fans reacted with surprise and in some quarters anger to the news, with the Rangers Supporters Trust asking: “Why was Sandy Easdale appointed yesterday to the board of one of our companies yet nobody decided to mention it?”

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what joy

  18. Eastside

    Steerpike, quiz of the day.

    Who wrote:
    “I knew Frank Blin some 25 years ago, guess what his speciality used to be….insolvency, Rangers are bringing in the big guns to thrash all the carpetbaggers”

    “Frank was the mother of all insolvency practitioners, he will ring cirlces round Green and Whyte”

    Was it,

    A. Humphary Bogart
    B. Lassie
    Or C. Some muppet called Steerpike

    • Steerpike


      You are producing the same evidence twice, I rebutted it once no need to do it again.

      BTC……………that was a whopper, worth a million Frank Blins, this is not an invitation for you to regurgitate ad infinitum.

      How long does it take you to find my old posts, or do you bookmark them all lol, you got to admit, it is a little desperate, trying too hard, relax and debate off the cuff, just like me.

      • Eastside

        How did you rebut it steerpike? You replied by stating the post was too long to read and then replied randomly “three words BIG TAX CASE”. What does the BTC reference mean in relation to my post to you?
        And no I do not bookmark your posts, I just searched “steerpike frank blin” and up pops your comments showing that you were wrong to be so confident and assured in regards to Frank Blin. Comparing him to Fergus is and was comical considering he would need a time machine to do a Fergus and save Rangers the way Fergus saved Celtic.

        • Steerpike


          On the bright side you have taught me a quick way of looking for posts, never noticed the search facility, not keen on this format, I prefer posts in chronological order.

          The BTC reference was a rebuttal, I accept my claim may be wrong but it was evidence based, measure this against the extraordinary claim made by Phil on the BTC, and it was not evidence based and he got it wrong.

          It is more to do with your extreme reaction to the evidence changing, do you think Phil is a muppet ?

          You do realize it is inevitable much of what you have speculated on may prove to be wrong, does that make you a muppet, you are creating a rod for your own back.

  19. gordonzola

    if greens group are the bad guys
    mccolls group are the good guys

    then i would say the odds are stacked against mccolls group, and rangers are headed for purgatory

  20. Monti



    OOH AAH!

  21. portpower

    10 shillings.


  22. portpower

    £ for your thoughts. The told.


  23. Aberdeen fans at partick thistle today

  24. Monti


    Why don’t you give Paul Baxendale Walker a call, I hear he’s looking for a prick to appear in one of his upcoming movies?

    No relation to you is he?

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