The Ups and Downs of the Main Players in the Rangers Saga – A Handy Guide

Willy Wonka (which might not be his real name) offered us a comment on the last post which says it all about the present state of internecine squabbling at Ibrox.

A commenter on Paul McConville's Blog gets a bit carried away

A commenter on Paul McConville’s Blog gets a bit carried away

Referring to the return of Mr Irvine and Media House, he wrote:-

“Irvine … has been rehired by Mather and co to spread pro-board stories prior to the AGM/EGM/ whateverM.

He, like the rest of them will be out on his arse shortly.”

So the Board (made up of some of those who “saved” Rangers last year, and of others with significant investment made at or before the IPO) are castigated because they hire a PR expert to represent their interests. On the other hand we have the Rangers Rebels who, it appears, hardly have more shares in Rangers than me!

So, I thought it might be useful to give a quick guide to who is in and who is out at Rangers, and who has been in and out there too.

Let’s start going back a few years …

Sir David Murray

A hero for spending ten pounds for every five Celtic spent

A villain for subsequently not spending enough

"Sho, Shir David, I've defeated SHMERSH and now you want me to eliminate the SHFA?"

“Sho, Shir David, I’ve defeated SHMERSH and now you want me to eliminate the SHFA?”

A hero for deciding to sell his company’s shares in Rangers to someone with Rangers interests at heart – Craig Whyte.

A villain for selling to someone who turned out not to have Rangers best interests at heart – Craig Whyte.

Craig Whyte

Acclaimed as a hero when he stood on the field within a week of a company which was owned by a company which he apparently owned having acquired 85% of the shares in Rangers Football Club PLC.

Still hailed as a hero for his pledges to give Mr McCoist millions of pounds from his “war chest” and which, as a “Motherwell –born Billionaire” he could well afford.

"It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done ..."

“It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done …”

Still hailed a hero by some for being outspoken for Rangers, even as the financial iceberg approached.

The devil incarnate once Rangers went into administration and as more about Mr Whyte’s dealings emerged.

Briefly again in the good books when he called for a full investigation into the alleged leaking of his tax affairs.

Duff & Phelps

On first appearance seen as “honest brokers”.

Paul Clark and David Whitehouse scrutinise the latest financial records from Ibrox

Paul Clark and David Whitehouse scrutinise the latest financial records from Ibrox

Made themselves popular with some Rangers fans by, as one of the first acts in the administration, trying to sign a new player – Daniel Cousin!

Said that they would fight the SFA/SPL, gaining more popularity.

Refusing to co-operate with the BBC – making themselves even more popular!

Being linked ever more closely with Craig Whyte – now they too are classed as villains.

Duff and Phelps

Bill Miller and Bill Ng

Never seen as favoured by the bulk of the fans on the basis (a) that they were not “Rangers Men” and (b) amongst some (in fact I am sure only an unenlightened few) that they were foreign.

Bill Ng

Bill Miler in particular was, allegedly, bombarded with abusive emails from alleged Rangers fans. Having had the joy of reading some Rangers fan websites and message boards the idea that Rangers fans would be abusive or threatening on the internet is clearly fantasy.

Bill Miller

The Blue Knights

Popular once they appeared and gradually becoming even more so, up to the point, after the sale by Duff and Phelps when the new CEO became loved.

Then seen as uncommitted and having failed to carry through their brave sounding but ultimately unfulfilled plans.

Charles Green

Following his appearance in the saga, he received death threats from Rangers fans.

He was castigated as a “snake-oil salesman”, and not in a good way!

His record at Sheffield was mentioned time and again, and not favourably.

He was detested for having the temerity not to accept the bid from the Walter Smith consortium, who bid after the closing date set for bids!

But then he became loved – Charlie was their darling. And the death threats were excused – after all the team meant a lot to these people and why should one be offended if threatened by people for a cause they love?

He spoke out against the SFA, the SPL, the BBC, the press, other teams, the past owners etc etc etc. He was hauled up in front of the SFA for comments he was alleged to have made.

He made it clear he would fight for Rangers. The fans (many of them) loved him.

He led Rangers to a very successful share issue.

He swore he would remain at Rangers till the Champions League theme blared out from the Tannoy.

And then he made an ill-advised statement about Mr Ahmad and was alleged to have had closer links to Mr Whyte than previously known – and people began to wonder about the finances of the company and the speed that money was being spent at.

Mr Green and his friend

Mr Green and his friend

Suddenly he was no longer a “Rangers Man” having previously had honorary status as such.

He opposed Chairman Malcolm Murray. He backed the Easdales. He made a lot of money.

Suddenly he was, yet again, a snake-oil salesman.

Brian Stockbridge and Imran Ahmad

Unknowns at first and then seen as stooges for Mr Green.

As time passed they took on a more distinct public identity, and then it was being said that Mr Ahmad was behind the whole thing and that in fact Mr Green was his stooge and not vice-versa.

As Mr Green’s star faded, Mr Ahmad’s went out completely, after revelations about cash from Mr Whyte going into Mr Ahmad’s mother’s bank account.

Now cast into outer darkness, Mr Ahmad is persona non grata at Ibrox.

Mr Stockbridge has made a few public appearances and has, on occasion, distanced himself from Mr Green, but has never, it seems, gained confidence in his own right and still his answers to questions about the financial position fail to convince many.

Craig Mather

His progress through the last year in the eyes of Rangers fans could be described as follows:-


“Didn’t Green choose him?”

“He’s just here to profit from the youth players.”

“He has put in £1 million of his own money – good on him!”

“Wait a minute, he is the new CEO.”

“Brilliant – he says he will take on Rangers’ enemies!”

“Wait a minute (again) he does not actually seem to be taking on the enemies.”

And from there the views diverge – with some saying

“He is just in it for the money.”

“He is blocking the “Good Rangers Men” who want to take over.”

“Get him out!”

Whilst others say:-

“He is the best man for the job. He won’t be pushed around by people who never put any cash in at the IPO.”

“We need to support him and his plans!”

"Look Mr Traynor, I can't have you ringing me every time I forget to wear the club tie - there aren't any photographers here...oh, bugger..."

“Look Mr Traynor, I can’t have you ringing me every time I forget to wear the club tie – there aren’t any photographers here…oh, bugger…”

Jim McColl

How dare he, as a hugely wealthy Rangers fan, not buy Rangers?

Then, maybe his business skills as well as his money would help.

Then, he is behind the group who want to take over from Green, so we must back him to the hilt.

But he never invested at IPO stage.

Why can’t he manoeuvre Mather etc out of the door!

Jim McColl attempts to persuade someone to invest in Rangers

Jim McColl attempts to persuade someone to invest in Rangers

The Easdale Brothers

They have provoked a mixed reaction from day 1 of their public involvement, as a result of past disputes with the tax authorities, a business reputation founded on whispers and hearsay (the whispers and hearsay having however been dismissed by the Scottish Traffic Commissioner) and a perceived connection to Charles Green (who by that stage was in the dog house).

It is fair to say that the views of the Easdales remain mixed, even although they now seem to have a foot in each camp – or maybe the Board and the Rebels each have a foot in the Easdale camp?

The Rest

Even Ally McCoist and Walter Smith are not immune from criticism although nowhere to the extent of any of the above.

And so, in an unscientific attempt to gauge some views, please feel free to participate in the poll below:-

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  1. Paul

    HA HA better than the Xfactor.

    • Maggie

      God,what isn’t Paul. 🙂
      Seeing Chico’s name there made me long for the good old days of,in no particular order :Rangersitis,Nanny Mc Phee,sprinting in plimsolls,big Yorkshire ‘ands,500 million fans,the Dallas Cowboys,my little friend of Asian origin,debt free Sevco,new orange taps,Ally being given a 25 year contract,Ally being warned about winning a cup,Zadok the Priest ( oh fer feck sake boss,that’s no the name of the Ch L music,is it? argh,get the garlic Durranty ) Francisco Sandaza the priest ( well he might as well have been,what will all that blessing himself ) Bigoterie,mais oui,Heritage songs,national rid neck on Sky TV,getting gubbed in the 3rd Division……
      I can’t go on,I’m all choked up……come back Chio,your people need you

      • hector

        @Maggie hi Maggie glad to see you out and about.I wouldn’t bother going onto yesterdays blog as you know who is in the middle of a borefest and some are still talking to him but they will see the light shortly.Just don’t feed him and it may take time but he will go.Not sure how you do a troll in but a dive into wiki may come up with the answer.Anyway if we all get back to the business in hand mocking SEVCO life will be a lot more fun.

        • GaryAbbot

          CharlotteFakes account on twitter and scribd taken down after posting about Secovco 5088 getting assets from D&P at 2pm GMT, and 3pm announced on BBC off the ball programme….. ?

          Suggests co-ordinated action.. by who knows… no major rangers site covering this event… all keeping stummm…

          • Cruiskeen Lawn

            Except not all scribd-ed material is missing. Seems you have to pay for it now. Is this a new SEVCO revenue-stream? (foul neologism!)

          • Renfrewdave

            Sounds like a “if we don’t talk about it….” Attitude from the rangers international fans

        • Steerpike

          ” Anyway if we all get back to the business in hand mocking SEVCO life will be a lot more fun.”
          Oh, sorry, I thought this was a serious blog, carry on.

        • Maggie

          Hi hector
          I totes love mocking the Sevco,there’s so much to mock,it’d be wrong not to. 🙂

          • hector

            @Maggie a bit of a rotten smell in here not sure if someone has dropped their guts or it be trolls and orcs are abroad.My goats are nervous so will take my trusty blunderbuss and stand guard into the wee small hours.Remember if any fell beasts happen on you in the darkness DONT FEED THE BUGGERS they only come back for more.Keep the faith and SeVCo tits up by Christmas.

            • Maggie

              “I thought this was a serious blog”
              Whatever gave him that idea I wonder,oh wait he must have stumbled upon some “complex company accounting for dummies” website recommended by Wikipedia that he wants to dazzle us with.
              He’s raging that we’re not sticking to the script :-). Such fun.

      • Maggie,
        Just waiting for a certain Sanctimonious Idiot to come on & tell you that you have counted that wrongly… AND…

        You can’t prove the 500 Million Fans & The Dallas Cowboys WON’T rescue The Rangers..

        • Maggie

          Let’s not forget that the old Rangers could have easily survived,that they are,of course,still the same company,they have major financial institutions queuing up,begging to give them credit facilities and overdrafts galore,their business plan has Warren Buffett speechless with admiration and of course as an atheist and East Fife supporter from Methil ( who just happens to drive his kids to a primary school in East Kilbride,where they’re being brainwashed by creationists,against his very specific atheistic instructions,God( 🙂 ) if I was that head teacher I’d be really feart when he shows up at the meeting on Tuesday,he might have that book by Richard Dawkins with him and one of his many,many,many,many borefests prepared as a power point presentation to create mass catatonia in those present.:-)
          Ok I’m stopping now Ian as a Verdi aria has just come on at the Last Night of the Proms and I want to sing along …..Va pensiero sull’ali dorate….
          I love Verdi nearly as much as I love Celtic Ian 🙂

  2. Ed Paisley

    When I was reading that blog from Paul I was hearing Tony Blackburn’s voice in my head – “falling down from last week’s popularity is Mr Charles Green and replaced in top spot by the Craig Mathers Band. Tune in to pick of the brogues next week to see if Craig hangs on to the no.1 spot”.

  3. Greenday

    Paul Clark , David Whitehouse photo, scrutinising the financial accounts …. Absolute belter … Captures the issue succinctly … Can’t stop grinning.

  4. Monti

    It reminds of the ‘mugshot’ slot on Crimewatch UK!….i wouldn’t include Craig Whyte because he has done nothing wrong!
    I still feel the strongest smell in all of this lies with David Murray!
    Also, all these rangers (IL) legends who like to bang the drum, why don’t you stop talking & pay your EBT’S back?
    If this happened at Celtic I would be SCREAMING from the rooftops DEMANDING this money be paid back!Name me one ‘ original Rangers’ player who has stepped up & offered to pay the money back? NONE!
    P.S. when I say pay back, I mean donate the exact amount & give it personally to McCoist….it would be the least they could do?
    Why aren’t the the rangers fans demanding this?

    • Monti


    • Ben McGinlay

      There is no chance of that happening. As you wrote you would be screaming for ex players and managers to pay even some of the so called EBT loans money back…but they are not loans, we all know that..

    • Ed Paisley

      Didn’t Frank De Boer get an EBT payment from Rangers? You know – contractual salary which was dressed up as a loan through the use of a secret side letter? Ach well – if Celtic stuff Ajax then that will be some comfort to the UK’s hard pressed taxpayers.

  5. Monti

    @Willy Winks

    I noticed you used the term ‘taig’ in the last blog?
    For the avoidance of doubt & by the grace of God, I’m delighted, proud & content to be a ‘taig’!

    • and there will be nigh on 60,000 of us all singing our songs of joy at the field of dreams tomorrow around 2pm, oh what joy.

      • Monti

        correct Officer…..

        • Fra

          I am a Taig, Fenian, Paddy, Tim, Provo or whatever Irish/Catholic connotation the underclass find appropriate for myself and my worldwide family. I will wear that particular badge with pride and find myself the temporary custodian of this term. For when I leave this world, my brothers and sisters will follow in my steps and continue the quest for dignity and fairness.

          So to all who have cheated and treated my worldwide family with disdain and irreverence, we will truly never forget and our revenge will be the laughter of our children. TAL to all my brothers and sisters worldwide for our day will truly come. God bless you all.

  6. Monti

    Would love to hear Alan Partridge announce that line up Paul 🙂

  7. If they were to replace all the plums, bells, and cherries, in their new puggie emporium, with mugshots of all the players, what a money spinner it could be. 3 current board members being the Jackpot. (Would there be a quick board re-shuffle to avoid paying out?) Alternatively, a super bonus spin….to pick the next board……Maybe that’s what they do at board meetings, and Malc Murray got caught pockling with a big red horseshoe magnet.
    All the fun of the fair. Lol.

  8. William Fraser

    The Big Yin got it totally right about CW

    “If it wisnae fur yer Welly, who we now thank,
    You’d be up at number 1, wi’. money in the bank
    But noo yer swimmin’ in the shite and you’re just fuckin’ rank
    Cos ye went and selt yer team tae a Welly”

    • Fra

      Barca and willie Fraser….Just like buses, nothing happens then along come two together. Absolutely brilliant. I was laughing at Barca’s then read Willies. Hilarious. BHOYS, you have set me up in a good mood for the rest of the day. Cheers BHOYS.

  9. Steerpike

    Now remember:

    1 and 1 = 2

    6 million surplus and 10 million in the bank is 16 million in the bank.

    Absolutely hilarious.


    • @Steerpike
      if you have a 6 million surplus and 10 million in the bank,

      So why did you edit it to this ?

      September 7, 2013 at 11:35 am
      @coatbrig,If it makes you happy, Rangers has 10 million in the bank, of which 6 million is a cash surplus.

      • coatbrigbhoy

        HE Needs to be RIGHT…. He chops & Changes & it’s everyone else’s fault when he’s wrong.

        He took the IPO + income & ALMOST managed to balance the books, but FORGOT £12.5m PRE IPO money…. his answer IT DOES NOT MATTER.

        Evolution? No one knows really do they?, Sorry, HE does, STASIS until Agriculture took off.

        HOW did Agriculture develop if there was Stasis?

        If you look at human development it progresses, then surges, look at Personal computers for instance, since it is his favourite jibe at me.

        From a wee IBM project ,to Sinclair, to what we have now & what is beyond my ken is easy for my kids, & my grandweans should leave them standing,

        Unless there is another Invention or discovery which makes the present obsolete., that is the progression towards the survival of the fittest in any scenario, yet he denies his belief to try & win a point.

        Look at his attitude towards Maggie, it appears to be , How Dare SHE..

        For me that alone sums him up…. AND He is FECKING BORING.


        • I kept him pinned down all day on a wee bit of arithmetic,
          it stresses him out, he keeps trying to carry out his DEBATES, as if anyone wants to take him serious,
          the fool is so anal he does not get it,
          just keep at the same wee bit with him, go over it a few times, then watch him start to unravel, the insults, the narcissistic arrogance is so funny to witness,
          got to laugh, but i am getting well passed bored with his business plan, i wish he would start a new topic,

          just remembered, when he started posting as Niall, i kept referring to him as Neil, Feking near in tears he was. “why do you have to keep calling me Neil “?
          spotted a wee chink in his ego that day.

          • Fra

            I would assume this chap Neil is barred from pubs for boring all the patrons to death who then take their custom elsewhere. Reminds me of a certain guy who only managed to capture the ear of anyone who didn’t know him. It became a bit of a game for us watching the unfortunate guys expressions while losing the will to live. Guzzle his pint at record speed only to turn up in the pub across the road and sip his beer at a normal pace. Still smile when I picture it.

          • Steerpike


            ” I kept him pinned down all day on a wee bit of arithmetic,”

            I humiliated you all day, and it is safe to say I have rather got under your skin, but you just keep posting your Walter Mitty delusions.

      • Steerpike


        ” So why did you edit it to this ? ”

        I did not edit it you nit, you don’t even understand English, I rephrased it for easier understanding, it is called an ” idiot board “.

        Just to help you in the future, 1 plus 1 = 2, 1 and 1 = 1 and 1.

        I love thickos who do not recognize they are being led by the nose to humiliation.

    • Steerpike
      September 7, 2013 at 3:48 pm

      Try counting sheep, 10 million sheep plus 6 million sheep plus 7.5 million sheep, equals 17.5 million sheep, no wonder you cannot understand accounts.


      no edit, nothing added or subtracted from Steerpikes post.
      forget sheep.

      10 + 6 + 7.5 = 17.5

      Pa Kettle at his best.

      Steerpike have you worked out what the “little bit” of the £10m was from SB’s

      • YEP,

        The Kettles were Funny, their ignorance is Bliss, because they are HONEST & They did not want to CHEAT..

        Compare THAT to RFC(IL) …AND.. Sevco.

        I need ADVICE.

        HELP ME, Maggie…

        Capitals and an ….AND…with dots, how cool am I?…..DID I get it RiGHT?..

        See now that I KNOW how to write……AND….Add a comment…Can I , PLEASE?

        Steerpike is a BORE, same Shit over & over, Blog after Blog…


        How was that teach? I combined Fact,content .. AND .. Punctuation AND a THOUGHT……….

        Could the “LITTLE PERCENTAGE” be Mather’s Pay Off?

      • Steerpike


        For a man claiming victory, you are doing an awful of posting, funny that innit.

    • @gortchomhor

      Steerpike, have you considered the possibility that some of the 10 million mentioned might be promissory notes given in respect to the IPO? In other words, some of it takes the form of pledges to buy into the IPO that never materialised, the cash didn’t come through…

      Shouldn’t you be foot -noting that figure every time you mention it? LOL.

  10. Steerpike


    ” Based on minutes leaked by Charlotte, it is clear that the assets could not simply go to Green and Sevco Scotland without a Deed of Novation which would need to have been signed by the directors of Sevco Scotland, Sevco 5088, and D&P. This deed would essentially relinquish Sevco 5088′s rights in terms of purchasing the assets to Sevco Scotland. So where is it? It’s lost. Since Whyte didn’t sign the Deed of Novation, and Whyte absolutely as a share holder and director of Sevco 5088 would be required to sign it for it to be legal and valid, this raises some interesting questions about who did sign it. ”

    Evening Winston,

    I was under the impression CW needed CG as a front, not much of a front if CW is listed as a director don’t you think ? If he was not listed as a director then he would not be needed to sign anything. I am not suggesting this affects CW’s claim, just wondering if or when did CW become a director of Sevco 5088 ?

    • Paul

      September 6, 2013 at 1:57 pm


      Come on Paul, give us your income/expenditure estimates for 2013-14……please.


      September 6, 2013 at 2:06 pm

      For who?
      still waiting steerpike for who do you want the figures for

    • Winston Smith

      No. You assume there is a list of directors. To become a director all you need is the existing director(s) to make you a director. You are obliged to send notification of that to Companies House but there would be no rush to do that. Its often done casually at some later date. The signature of the existing director(s) on a suitably worded form or document would be sufficient and if it was done in the presence of a lawyer even better, but either way it would carry legal weight and be binding.

      At the end of the day it’s like any agreement a company makes; enter into a legally binding arrangement and it’s legally binding. You would make mention of additional directors in your annual return too, but again, no real requirement to notify anyone immediately.

    • Craig, you’re Sevco 5088,
      IF, yes your favourite word, IF D&P just took Greens word for it , then it will be more than funny, you have to wonder why such an important document can’t be produced by Green or any one at Ibrox.

      would installing someone as a director but also as minority shareholder in Sevco 5088 be not a clever front

    • Winston Smith

      One other thing of key importance, steerpike, Sevco 5088’s annual return which would be required to list directors, has not been submitted. We can call it late, if you prefer, but it’s absence is indicative… as is the removal of other documents from Sevco 5088’s listing on the Companies House website which you can validate yourself right now.

    • Steerpike

      You are a LIAR.

      Go look back at your previous posts.

      SEVCO 5088 had NO Merit or claim according to you.

      I find this in everything you write.

      Chop & Change, deny, worst still IGNORE when you are wrong…

  11. See that’s another Saturday night your stuck in talking pish montit.

  12. Paul

    January 1971 Ibrox disasters,
    January 1971 Second Ibrox Disater
    Anyone make the connection?

  13. Is that a photo of a constipated cat lady ( boy ) at the top of the blog ?

    • Maggie

      @the uncool(er) king
      I see what you did there Carson…….cat lady ( boy) Fantastic work,such an improvement for you,I couldn’t be prouder of you than if I’d spent interminable hours tutoring you in Support for Learning classes…….oh wait,I did 🙂

      • Maggie ,

        I commented on that in a reply to another post…Carson seems to have a fixation about anal things.

        FIXATION? on MONTI’s Botty? Run Monti, Jeezo his ONE tooth could be Lethal.

        Will we have to arrange a Safe House to protect poor Monti from his Stalker?

        Maggie , YOU saved Chuckles in his early days , safe houses etc… AND…You added a bit of Culture to keep him sane, well Almost… No, No , it wasn’t YOUR fault, he flipped, I blame the Belfast episode, THAT Shirt… SHUDDER..

        Anyway did you notice MY superior grasp on the art of writing things?

        I got that from a Master… a guy called Leggo see if you use Capitals and an… AND… just like that?

        THE PEOPLE listen… It’s TRUE.

      • Fra

        Hey Carson, see when you stop pissing yer pants, I’m going to buy you an O’ level.

  14. tamtic

    Maggie, like you I long for the good old days when Chico just opened his mouth and spouted unadulterated rubbish. War chests for Ally,sorting out the SFA and cups of tea for his adoring public as they stood to buy season tickets. Will we ever see his like again. God I hope so,it was great fun.Hope everyone going to Stan’s charity game tomorrow and the charity’s actually getting the money, yes we do that at Celtic Football Club

    • paul

      Yep no fears there mate. Good to see the family pull together for a good cause, Hail Hail to Stan and Co and welcome to all who take part.

    • daviecooperonthewing

      As per usual Paul it didn’t take long for the nest of vipers to turn a lighthearted debate into a cess pit.
      The captain of the flying monkeys looks into her crown, opt’s for a bizzare trip down memory lane and the mombats are scrambled.
      Probably a reason why you omitted Ian Harte from your wee poll, but I’ll vote for the man nonetheless. They say the quiet one’s are worth a watching. How did he slip under your radar? Lol.

      • Maggie

        @davie cooper etc
        FYI “OPTS” doesn’t require an apostrophe as it’s neither a possessive nor a contraction.I’ll have another wee look into my crown and see if I have any space for you in my Support for Learning class.It did wonders for Carson, look how he’s come on,though he still can’t quite get the hang of “etc”,he will persist in writing “ect”,but hey,sometimes one can only do so much to overcome years of educational neglect,I blame the schools.
        Don’t take this the wrong way Davie,but your writing style owes much to the Hugh Keevins school of syntax and sentence structure,that’s not a compliment by the way,but it’s not insurmountable,it can be overcome,but won’t be easy,it’ll require a lot of hard work and commitment from you.My flying monkeys will deliver your syllabus later.It begins with A for Alliteration,such as Wicked Witch of the West,which,if you’d only known,you could have used to great effect in your post,but fear not Davie,we’lll soon have you up to speed and before you know it you’ll be writing speeches for Sally.

        • cam

          Why would you try to belittle someone for spelling/punctuation/grammar errors Marge and then criticise anyone for belittling micks errors?
          Would that be double standards?

        • daviecooperonthewing

          OOPS! You must have been a hard task manager before your retirement Marge! All that bluster over an apostrophic error.
          One could be equally as churlish in marking down teacher’s paper for using capital letters between words and no full stops. However I won’t mention it. Your grammatical deficiencies will remain our little secret matron. Although your comments have prompted me to employ spell checker. Remember oh big green nosed one, you only get three rubs at the crown before it’s magical properties expire.

    • Maggie

      You know tam,I remembered the cups of tea and the safe houses after I’d “shared” my special memories of Chico. 🙂
      That’s a given that charities receive the takings from Celtic,it’s part of who we are.HH

    • hector

      @tamtic I don’t think we will see chuckles like again more is the pity.He is sitting in France breeding racing ferrets drinking Belchen farts best bitter with his little Hamilton acci pal working out the rental value of the asbestos dome and slurry park and looking for the next basket case company they can dismember and laughing at the poor sods they have left behind.Audited accounts anyone?

  15. The Prospectus
    Gives some basic detail about where some of the flotation money will go, upgrading Ibrox £5.5m, land acquisition £4.5m, other projects £3m and an undisclosed amount for “general working capital purposes”.
    Now if the 5.5m never went on the above. Was that used for general working capital?
    Some land deals did occur.
    Other projects, Not identified (maybe it was to upgrade Ed House?) nor is the money still there for that use, yea?
    Undisclosed amount for general working capital! Hold up,
    As I read it here from the resident expert… it’s (all) being used as working capital, all worked into his break even model? Yea?
    Would that fit right with an investor; one who invests to (make money as it were)?

    The paragraph titled “Exposure to litigation” raises other risk factors the main one being in relation to the purchase of assets from the administrators of RFC plc, the Directors while conceding that any action raised could have “a material adverse effect” with regards to “business growth, prospects, sales, results of operations and/or financial condition” and that any claim may not be covered by insurance, are of the opinion that time has mitigated the risk and any material liabilities would be known by know.

    The following paragraph covers much the same ground as the one above but more specifically relating to the possible actions of the liquidators of RFC plc under the Insolvency Act 1986 to challenge the acts of the administrators (Duff & Phelps) once again the Directors are of the opinion that everything is in order however concede that should such an action occur it would have an impact on the management’s ability to properly run the business, given the relatively recent appointment of the liquidators and the potentially lengthy job ahead of them I’m not convinced enough to share the Directors apparent confidence.
    If the above or any threatened actions occur, what then? Are there contingencies to deal with this? I’d bet not and this puts them in a very precarious situation.
    Sustainable business model? My ass.

  16. It’s not just ra selluck family that wish Mr Petrov best wishes , everyone wishes him well but fannys like tamtit try to point score on a mans illness , again , best wishes Stan you smash that f@#$king disease .

  17. Dan

    Listen, I was just thinking about something really heavily ironic and maybe even post-modern. Supposing you were this really big shot businessman, with loads of ‘metal’ pokers in the fire, and you were into making things like–well—micro chips—- or something. And supposing some unscrupulous people started sort of, ‘diverting’ your product into their hip pockets to such an extent that they made bundles and bundles of wonga . Then, supposing, just supposing, the big shot businessman decided to off-load a toxic product like, well, I don’t know, a football club, say, and the geezers who made all that illicit wampum bought into it. How ironic would that be—if it was true?

  18. Shock ! Cat lady ( boy) now joining point scoring over a man’s serious illness ….shame on you ….once again , all the best Mr Petrov to you and your family .

  19. paul

    I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you on behalf of the Celtic support to Carlos Cuellar who is making the trip up tomorrow for Stan’s match and i know that the banter given will be taken in the right spirit. looking forward to seeing John Terry also maybe in the hoops who knows.

    • I would on behalf of Carlos cueller like to say thank you to you for saying thank you to him so thank you for saying thank you I also hope any banter is taken in the correct manner and everyone shakes hands and says thank you to each other at the final whistle …so…one again thank you …P.S. have a good day Stan .

      • Monti

        Sound stuff Carson & I appreciate your kind words regarding Stan!

        You are still a prick tho….:)

        • Fra

          Carson, your sentiments are much appreciated from my good self and all the decent members of the Celtic fraternity. Cancer is a disease which crosses all borders and religions ,so a massive round of applause to every person involved in this match. I only wish I could be there in person but alas the distance is too far. Respect to everyone involved in this venture.

  20. Ed Paisley

    So Cliff Richard is about to release his 100th album. What an incredible career it has been for a man with no discernible talent.
    While we are on the subject, where is “side-pass” Barry Ferguson playing his football these days?
    Anyway, here is my wee tribute to Cliff, Craig Whyte and his good friends at :-

    • Wee Barry ? Probably trying to retrieve a wayward pass from Paul ( the crab ) mcstay or do Stevie ( baggios ) Fulton running for him or maybe he’s showing Martin Hayes , Wayne biggins , Carl muggleton , dui wei , Stuart Slater , tony cascorino , Rafael shite ( fcuk this I’m working in the morning !!!!!!!! ) …how to trap a bag of cement.

      • I’ll bet those names sent a shiver down your spine eh ed ? ……….ah the good ol days !!! The days of Michael Kelly , terry Cassidy , jock brown , Kevin Kelly , Lou macari , liam Brady , Dr venglos , john Barnes …..I’m starting to fill up !!! Sniff ….sniff….

      • AYE Carson, I remember those days, BUT, we persevered, bought better players when we could afford them, PAID our TAXES & just look at us now.

        How much did wee Barry Nae Baws take OUT of RFC(IL)?

        Think on THAT & WEEP.

  21. Time for my rack now ghirls be good …..sweet dreams of helicopter Sunday .

  22. @Carson

    Have a nightmare tonight !!! Torre Andre Flo, Nerlinger, James Beattie, Michael Ball, not the singer, Franny Jeffers, Capucho, Sionko, Andy Webster, Marcus Gayle, Velicka, , , boo. You had a few too.

  23. cam

    What is this blog about?

    • Maggie

      Same as always cam,laughing at you and your two football clubs,dead Rangers and nearly dead Sevco.
      Oh btw,you’re missing stirring scenes from Belfast on Last Night of the Proms,orgasmic scenes of fleg waving and singing to Land of Hope and Glory.No outside broadcast scenes from Glasgow or Cardiff for that one,quel surprise!!!!!

      • cam

        Nope,i’m not getting the vibe at all.I can only assume Paul is a bit below par as this “dead cow” blog is so dead its almost mummified.

        • I’m trying to figure out if it’s the odds on Sevco Survival or Spivs getting caught & prosecuted.

          Cam, follow the Ram, he will lead you to safety.

          I was going to do the Final Countdown but you get the gist.

      • Steven Brennan

        Maggie no coverage of belfast or Glasgow for youll never walk alone and Danny Bhoy either
        I did have a wee laugh at the thought of the crowd in Belfast sitting raging in the rain.

    • Monti

      Totally ripping the pish out of Huns & it’s fucking great!

    • portpower

      cams` sevco

  24. cam

    Where’s my Mather’s interview?,what about part deux of One Night in Blantyre with the Three Amigos?
    This is not up to scratch!

    • Maggie

      Or how about Chico’s Christmas message from last year,or even better his Dallas Cowboys interview from stv and this time he can show us their e mail.

      • Feck sake Maggie,
        That’s bad News.

        I was trying to organise a Cowboy Franchise.

        NAW, not with Dallas… With The Easedales.

        I thought I was in there, A Market of 500 Million, I can see why Dallas are Desperate to do a deal.

    • JimBhoy

      nacho nova in blantyre today apparently the wee feker..I’d kick his wee rangers ass for sure..!!! 🙂 Respect

  25. hector

    Ah the banter if only we had some boring tit with a head for figures life would be complete.Still you cant have everything enjoy the game tomorrow and good night and god bless.Dont feed the troll PLEASE!!!!

  26. Fra

    Infamy at last for the sneering little bigot Willy Wanka. lol. Talking utter bigoted drivel to suit his warped views you horrible piece of vermin

  27. JimBhoy

    OK so if you will indulge me…. We played today and won but 13 goals less than we scored against the boys 2 seasons ago..I was chatting to their manager a lawyer in edinburgh and they had 4 other coaches inc a lady who was really helpfull…. Good to see boys come on, was a great day their boys fab, coaches brill, they have won a few games it was obvious…

    The point JimBhoy is what? had a wee rant..

  28. JimBhoy

    So Maggie sweetheart without me reading a ton of shit how are you sweetie?

    • Maggie

      Short version Jim,I’m great 🙂
      Cats are keeping those bloody foxes out of my garden and earning their keep,so we’ll call it quits.

  29. JimBhoy

    and same to my pal Cam hows it going fella..!!!

    • cam

      Fine indeed James of Blantyre.
      I was working an extra shift to gather funds for the coming apocalypse of my darling daughters Xmas,then a lovely meal with the good lady,a wee bottle of vino and a wee stir of the pot before bed.
      Mr Djokovic will be facing Rafa (i’m sure) and that’s worth a watch.
      You’re doing sterling work with the kids Jimbo and they shall remember you.
      I like these quiet moments when big Jimbo has a wee chillax,puts on the tunes and cuddles up to Maggie,,,i feel like a voyeur now!

  30. cam

    A wee side discussion with gort,the less angry one,got me thinking about,,,,,,religion!
    The Reformation and all that jazz.
    Now don’t fret i’m not gonna re-enact the struggle,i’m just gonna do a
    The Catholic Church as we all know and accept, was quite a controlling body and very possessive of the way folk worshipped.The common peasants really needed to be led to their God by those who knew best.
    Now i can see comparisons between the Catholic Church and the SMSM.
    For years they controlled how folk received the gospel and any other view was the work of heretics and,well,bampots!
    So we now have Phil and Arty and various other Luther like chaps coming along with the 21st century Guttenberg press equivalent, the internet.
    At last the people can read the true version of the Bible,the controlling influence of the evil MSM has been broken.Opinions can’t be sold like indulgencies,the truth can’t be hidden by flawed men speaking a dead language of not so succulent lamb.
    I’m searching manfully for an MSM equivalent of the Inquisition and i’m sorry Mr Irvine but you’ll have to do.
    The point i’m labouring painfully to get at,is that the new media bloggers are breakaways from the MSM,just like the Lutherans,Baptists and Protestants broke away from the Catholic Church.
    Ergo the Celtic minded bloggers are aw proddies!
    I award you all no points and may God have mercy on your souls.

  31. JimBhoy

    always thought is a song for us all

  32. Monti

    Are you related to my black Labrador?….because he’s thick as fcuk as well 🙂

  33. Monti

    Right I’m away to watch BAD BOYS II …..have a good night EVERYBODY & I’ll see some of you at the Park tomorrow…..GIVE ME JOY IN MY HEART GIVE ME LARSSON! HH! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE STAN HH!

  34. @cam
    Fuck off, you offend me, getting fed up stating this,
    when will the mod. take note that you offend people?

    This blogger offends me

    really, do one, get a decent job instead of wasting your life in a watty mitty portal of shite nonsense.

    I cannot believe that I once asked Eco if his judgement of you was too harsh,
    You are a mere shite that I need rid off, yet you occupy my pan

    Fuck off, you offend me, getting fed up stating this,
    when will the mod. take note that you offend people?

    This blogger offends me

  35. Felpen

    Why isn’t kevin Bacon in this poll! Some how I bet he is connected to Sevco!
    Telling lies in America.
    Criminal law.
    Where the truth lies.
    And of course Death sentence!… No! I’ll get my coat.

  36. portpower

    Need we say more, sevco ?

  37. portpower

    Problems with skid marks with-in your board(shorts)?
    Use shredded paper. Don`t forget to wash your hands?
    You know it works.
    Hygiene the SPFL. Hygiene the SPFL.

  38. portpower

    We`ll be advertising from the roof so when flying into govan everyone knows who sevco are. Circa 2012.
    How is that roof at IOUbrox?

    • Monti


      • portpower

        No rope needed.


        • mick

          Good morning every 1 what a great article Paul produced most devo a great conclusion on the story so far and well highlights the main characters a was beginning to lose track till a read it the most recent 1 s to join in the great play sevco the longest panto ever lol a see cha has disappeared oh well that’s life all good things must come to a end what a load of info she gave us it will be interesting to see how phil applets it all to downfall 2 the amount of whistle blowing would make a good read I. It’s self ,a forgot to mention what a great start to article willy wonks lol who are you the bloggers have the right to know

  39. Fisiani

    This soap opera goes from unbelievable to farcical. There once was a successful team called Rangers. Now, a new team, a trophy (Div3) and a cast of shysters and conmen. next weeks episode is unmissable.

  40. Winston Smith

    D’Artagnan on Rangers Media asks:

    “Is their any basis whatsoever for Rangers supporters mistrust of the press and media or is it , as some would have up believe, just a figment of blue tinted paranoia ?” (Sic)

    Believe it or not, the poster D’Artagnan is considered an intellectual heavyweight on the Rangers Media forum. The above quotation is from his most recent rant entitled ‘The Real Enemy Within’ in which he essentially makes a case for putting an Iron Curtain around Ibrox in terms of dealing with the media.

    I think he is arguing that only good reporters should be allowed into press conferences etc. Good reporters are the ones that never criticise RIFC, of course. I can’t think why he felt it necessary to convert a fairly simple argument into nearly 2000 words but he is known to fancy his chances as a writer or something.

    Assuming ‘D’Art’ is worth taking seriously as a more capable exponent of the RIFC standpoint, and that’s a relative judgement I would agree with on the basis that most others on Rangers Media are foaming at the mouth sectarian lunatics, where do you start with a ludicrous argument like that?

    These are the same people that watched Rangers implode last year and done nothing: they stood idly by and watched their club die. The black scarves and red cards (red card to liquidation) were far too little and far too late. Countless bloggers and reporters, even the BBC, tried to forewarn of the impending car rash, months in advance, and their response was to shoot them down, ban them from Ibrox, hate them.

    Why does anybody think that response will work this time around?

    • willy wonka

      @winston, Why didn’t you quote a wee bit more of the article you are addressing ? To the casual reader your post would appear to paint Mr D’Artagnan as some sort of tinfoil wearing halfwit. Did you not read the examples he cited as evidence of a biased Press ?
      “The Ibrox grass being cut to represent a sash, and Eggs Benedict being removed from the Auchenhowie menu” , “Graham Spiers who resorted to lying on national television” , “Jim Spence” repeating a lie after being advised on the truth by BBC in London, the Record running a story by Van Honkydonk which had no basis in truth ?
      Did you not consider asking yourself WHY these lies are being spread about Rangers ? Is it wrong for any Rangers supporter to ask that question ?
      I suspect, and am certain that you also know, that what Mr D’Artagnan is asking for is, not what you are putting forward in your last post, that only “good reporters” are allowed at press conferences but that any reporter who continues with a policy of spreading deliberate lies should be denied access to the conferences.
      Is that such a taciturn position to take ? Would you not demand the same from your own club ? Did Keevins just decide he couldn’t be bothered going to Parkhead for a few weeks ?

      • Winston Smith

        “The Ibrox grass being cut to represent a sash, and Eggs Benedict being removed from the Auchenhowie menu”

        You mention the above as an example of how people have lied and exaggerated regarding the obsessives at Rangers.

        Actually, though, as ridiculous as that all sounds, we have proof that the people at Rangers were even more obsessive and stupid than that.

        Consider Nigel Spackman describing how they refused to have green beige on the snooker tables and how they replaced the green ball on the snooker table with an orange one;

        He also points put that wearing anything green was not allowed. We also know how they felt about crucifixes and even recently blessing yourself etc. need I point put they had a anti-catholic signing policy?

        I agree though when you say the quotation I used makes D’Art look rather stupid. I think he’s a lightweight. Are you agreeing here?

        • willy wonka

          Winston – Lol. That’s your “proof”. 3 guys sitting having a laugh and swapping music hall stories ? A groundsman who refused to move a green cable ? You give any credence to all that ? I’ll bet you’re the kind of fella who actually believes that Mo Johnstone did actually dine on his own, bread and water only, during his time at Ibrox. Lol.
          Two wee questions, was the grass cut “like a sash” ? Were eggs benedict removed from the menu ?
          Don’t bother. I’ll answer for you. No and no. So the question remains, why were both of those stories, to say nothing about the lies concerning green pepperami’s and many others, published in the papers and on tv ?
          As for D’art, I don’t use that website [or Vanguardbears where the article originated] so I wouldn’t comment on his blogging abilities. One thing I am certain of though, your post on the subject in no way represents what he was saying.

          • Winston Smith

            I wish you would explain the use of LOLs in your posts. I can only assume you at least find what you are saying funny.

            D’Artagnan plays to the gallery on those websites and gets an easy time of it. If he posted on here it would be different. I’d happily debate with him on this or any number of subjects, but you know and I know that they wouldn’t tolerate someone like me in there — another example of their extremist standpoint when it comes to open debate.

            Maybe you can tell him I invite him to come here. My only condition is that he renounces sectarianism and confirms that he agrees all men (and women) are born equal.

            But I have no idea if the grass was cut like a sash and have no interest in such things.

            I know that an ex Rangers player said they removed the green baize and green ball on a snooker table. I believe him. I also know that as recently as last year, players at Ibrox were being told not to bless themselves. I also know Rangers had an anti-catholic signing policy. I also know they sing sectarian songs that are deemed illegal. I can continue along this vein, if you want… This aspect of the argument, that Rangers and RIFC have a tendency towards obsessive extremes, is an easy one to win. I have no idea why you would want to try and deny it and make yourself look like a fool.

            But, as I understood his article, it was essentially about the media and how to respond to them when they appear to be too critical of RIFC. I think the opposite is true, that the media are very biased in favour of Rangers and RIFC. You’ll remember that Craig Whyte also played to the gallery and banned the BBC, talked about how the gloves were coming off and he would show these Rangers bashers…

            They weren’t bashing Rangers. They were drawing attention to the fact that HMRC was looking to make them pay tax like the rest of us. That there was potentially a huge bill to be paid. That Criag Whyte hadn’t been paying bills, etc. The reflexive response, then as now, is to shoot the messenger, but you could have saved Rangers then and if you took what was being said now on board you could save RIFC..

            It’s interesting that when rumors of Celtic being in debt broke recently and were circulating they didn’t go hunting for people to hate or ban. They took it on board, looked into it. Turns out it was all nonsense but no messengers were shot in the making of that point.

            • willy wonka

              @winston , “But, as I understood his article, it was essentially about the media and how to respond to them when they appear to be too critical of RIFC.”
              You “understand” incorrectly. The article has nothing to do with scribes and broadcasters being “too critical”.
              It straight out states he is against the peddling of lies against Rangers.
              But I suspect you knew that anyway.
              As for, “Maybe you can tell him I invite him to come here”. Did you miss the bit in my previous post where I said that I don’t haunt either forum ?

            • Winston Smith

              The problem you have is you are biased. That in itself is usually something we can work with but every now and then, as is the case here with you and the other loons who support that thing, whatever it is, you are so extremely biased that it would be pointless debating anything with you. Maybe we can discuss something neutral like the weather and get a fair comment but I’ll leave that to others.

              Rangers died, Deal with it. Nobody, including you, distinguished between the club and the holding company before. This is a whole new twisted logic, supported by a new twisted language.

              Moreover, not content to invent such distinctions that never existed in your minds before, not content with the introduction of new words and logic, you wage war on language itself and the meaning of existing words — now we are to change the meaning of the word liquidation. It used to mean death, now, according to you and the loons, it means re-birth.

              If the BBC appears to agree Rangers never died, or for that matter any other institution, it’s most likely because they don’t want your lunatic brigade threatening them and smashing windows — we have a growing list of people who have been bullied by angry Sevco fans who can’t handle the truth. That’s the sort of scum we are dealing with. Very similar to the way KKK members behaved when the light of reason was cast into the little dark corners of their minds. Very similar indeed.

              You are insane in my opinion and probably dangerous. The only counterweight we have to your dangerousness is your near-genetic respect for authority and inclination to do what you are told by those you see as authority figures. It’s worrying, of course, that you only respect and listen to other loons up the loon-ladder, but that’s all we have — hopefully it will be enough to keep you off the streets.

              No response required or likely to be read.

          • Winston Smith

            I don’t think referring to RIFC as a new club or suggesting that Rangers died could be construed as a lie, even if you didn’t agree. I don’t agree that Rangers survived but I wouldn’t say those who think they did are liars, I’d say they were simply deluded and wrong. As for Spiers, I have no idea what he allegedly did or didn’t do. I know he got attacked by Rangers fans. He criticised SDM for doing financial vandalism or something but who hasn’t since — looking at that particular point, he was right.

            • willy wonka

              @Winston, a BBC Scotland employee referred to Rangers being a new club. He did that after another BBC reporter had broadcast the same lie, the Rangers fans and club had complained to BBC headquarters, an apology had been made, and BBC Scotland staff were “advised” by headquarters that Rangers were the same club and should be referred to in future as such.
              As for Spiers, do you forget that he was one of the main benefactors of Murrays largesse ? It was only after those within Ibrox got fed up with the inane prattlings and lies of the smelly one that his knife and fork were removed at the succulent lamb table. It was much much later, certainly well after many of us among the Rangers support had began voicing our disquiet and he was receiving no more free dinners that Spiers decided Murray might be taking Rangers on a dangerous road. Yes, he may well have been correct. But he was years too late in announcing it to anybody.
              And I’ll repeat, it has nothing to do with new club or old club. It is all about certain reporters telling outright lies.

            • willy wonka

              Winston, so at last we get down to the nub of things. You deliberately twisted the words of a blogger. When you were corrected you then typically go off at a tangent. Nothing is offered in answer to the correction. Instead, true to form with your kind, you begin abasing; “biased”, “insane”, “dangerous”. Don’t you feel embarrassed that you turn to that style of debate rather than at least try to defend the rubbish you posted ?
              “Windows smashed” Winston ? Do you forget the referee who’s windows were smashed ? Do you forget what team the vandal supported ? The referee and players who were assaulted at Parkhead and which set of fans did the assaulting ?
              Shame on you.

  41. willy wonka

    “So the Board (made up of some of those who “saved” Rangers last year, and of others with significant investment made at or before the IPO) are castigated because they hire a PR expert to represent their interests”
    “Castigated” ? Really ? You see “Castigated” from my short input ?
    I shouldn’t be surprised though, after all a whole new thread with hundreds of replies ran on here on the subject of whether the word “if” had or had not been missed out a Rangers statement. .
    Would you care to point out where I castigated anybody in the following few words, ““Irvine … has been rehired by Mather and co to spread pro-board stories prior to the AGM/EGM/ whateverM. He, like the rest of them will be out on his arse shortly.”

    Irvine HAS been rehired by Mather. Or do you disagree ?
    He IS and WILL BE spreading pro-board stories. Or is that not true?
    The last part, “He like the rest of them will be out on his arse shortly” is perhaps up for debate right now but everything points towards the McColl group winning their vote. In that case, Irvine WILL be out on his arse. That assurance has already been given to the Rangers support.

    So once again a blog is conjured out of thin air. It starts off with a lie therefore is worthless. The disappointing thing is, the regular customers didn’t even see it.
    Must try harder.

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