How Quickly Things Change – Rangers and Jack Irvine Edition

As I have discussed before, Jack Irvine is the pre-eminent practitioner of the art of PR in Scotland and, through his Media House organisation, has been for many years. This has involved him publicly sorting out matters in public for a lot of people and businesses, and undoubtedly a huge number more without his name ever being connected to the client. That is what you want in a PR/Crisis Management expert, and Mr Irvine delivers.

His involvement with Rangers has been a long one, dating back to Sir David Murray’s ownership.

However, on 17th August 2013, it all seemed to have come to a sad end.

As the official Rangers website announced as part of a statement issued “for the avoidance of doubt”:-

“Finally, Jack Irvine of Media House does not speak for this Club.”

But that was back in August 2013 – a time long ago – when Andy Murray held two Grand Slam tennis titles, and when Prime Minister Cameron was leading the UK to war conflict police action bombing the hell out of people in Syria.

How things change.

Because, tacked on to the end of the Rangers Stock Exchange announcement on Wednesday evening (4th September) in amongst the list of contacts regarding the announcement, came this gem:-

For further information please contact:

Media House International Ltd           Tel: 020 7710 0020

Jack Irvine

So, on 17th August Mr Irvine did not speak for “the Club”.

By 4th September he did!

Would it be unkind to suggest that, for all of Mr Mather’s undoubted skill as a businessman, he was simply no match for the persuasive powers of Mr Irvine?

Maybe the sentence in the August announcement should have read, in the interests of accuracy:-

Finally, Jack Irvine of Media House does not speak for this Club today, but give it a couple of days and he will do again!

Welcome back Jack!

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  1. Ed Paisley

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Charlotte Fakes is releasing private correspondence without permission and that is a serious infringement of our right to privacy in our business and personal affairs.

    It is terribly intriguing though – is it Craigy Whyte, Gary McKinnon or some taig working at GCHQ? Will we ever find out? Will he/she suddenly disappear like DB Cooper? It is quite exciting and it keeps SEVCO in the mire – that’s got to be a good thing.

    Jeez, I’m feeling conflicted!

    • cam

      Well take off that party frock and those 4 inch heels,,,Ted i’m getting concerned about you.

    • willy wonka

      @mick, “Jim most Celtic fans are non denominational and chose Celtic ”
      Is that right ? What about the clown I quoted from the 442 magazine earlier in the thread. The one hoopygirl is getting all upset about ?
      He’s a sellik man, says you are all RC’s and that you all flew into Lisbon and went straight to mass.
      A non-denominational mass ?

      • mick

        Willy my wife’s Islamic and loves mass she went up for bread before she’s Celtic were for all faiths our masses and Celtic was founded by rc people but not just for us but for all so go fuck your self ya clown chas the topic today not faith and who’s excluded your bonkers get a grip of yourself go down to your local chapel and chat with the priest and question him and he will tell you all you need to know a know rangers men that love a mass and a know rangers men that won’t step foot in 1 due to narrow mindset which camp you in ???

        • willy wonka

          @mick – Your wife is Islamic and loves mass ? She went “up for bread” ? Really ? Has she been baptised ? If not, I suspect your own priest won’t be too happy as that’s forbidden. She can attend mass but your church expressly forbid her receiving “bread” unless baptised. Lol.
          “go down to your local chapel and chat with the priest ” ? A good churchgoing citizen such as yourself should know then that the head of your church has stated the rest of us who aren’t members of that particular church are all going to hell. In short, we are devil worshippers. You know Rangers men “that love a mass” ? How does that square with the usual line trotted out here that all Rangers fans are proddy masons ?
          Try again mick.

          • Monti

            Did your Crisis loan not come this morning Wanka?
            No Mad dog 20/20 for you tonight eh?


          • Steerpike


            Mick is lying, no Muslim would participate in a mass, they do accept Jesus is divine, he is just a prophet to them.

            • Steerpike

              edit: They do NOT accept Jesus is divine.

            • willy wonka

              Steerpike, I know that that mate. I’m well aware that he’s just another romancer seeking to keep the spin of those all inclusive beloved jolly craicsters going. Sometimes you get the impression you know the ins and outs of their religion more than they do, And believe me, I know nothing about it.
              I left it for a few hours in the full knowledge that yet another exposed liar would simply disappear off the subject Maybe him and his Muslim wife are at the chapel for the next two or three days. Lol.

        • Gortnamona

          Very revealing about Wonka

          He has worked himself into a rage at the idea of devout Catholic Celtic fans going to Mass pre-match.

          It’s the comparison to the majority of the Huns who only want to get drunk mouth threats and obscenities and sing sectarian songs that upsets him.

          The truth can hurt as well as set you free.

          • willy wonka

            @ gonorrhea, no “rage” in my posting. I simply pointed out that a fantasist / liar had managed to gain exposure in a national football magazine.
            In doing so I somehow seem to have exposed another fantasist / liar from this forum.
            What about it cockrot , nothing to say about Micks wee fairytale about him and Osamas daughter stepping out lightly to the chapel for bread and wine ?

    • Winston Smith

      If Charlotte has quit, she definitely kept the best to last… Revelations last night were undoubtedly nuclear.

      There was a huge debate not long ago about the connection between Green and Whyte and their respective roles with Sevco 5088. This raised the highly thorny question: is Craig Whyte involved in the current Rangers, does he have any claim on any of the assets?

      The answer we were given was a unequivocal “no”: Green and Co did enter into an arrangement, they said, that covered the possibility of the CVA being accepted, but since it was not accepted the Sevco 5088 arrangement was Irrelevant. They argued that they had to be prepared to deal with Whyte because he essentially owned 85% of shares, etc., etc..

      We were told in clear unambiguous English that the arrangement Green had with Sevco had no relevance whatsoever after the CVA was rejected — the assets, we were told, went from the old co straight into the hands of Sevco Scotland. Last nights revelations make a mockery of that and reveal not only that there remains huge questions marks over the legitimacy of the asset transfer but that there might well have been a serious crime and fraud committed.

      It is known and undisputed that D&P entered into a binding agreement with Sevco 5088, that latter of which was to buy the assets in the event of a CVA being accepted or, if it wasnt, after liquidation. Nobody has disputed that Whyte had an interest in Sevco 5088 and indeed was a director. The argument was that his involvement with Sevco 5088 was irrelevant since the CVA failed. But…

      Based on minutes leaked by Charlotte, it is clear that the assets could not simply go to Green and Sevco Scotland without a Deed of Novation which would need to have been signed by the directors of Sevco Scotland, Sevco 5088, and D&P. This deed would essentially relinquish Sevco 5088’s rights in terms of purchasing the assets to Sevco Scotland. So where is it? It’s lost.

      Since Whyte didn’t sign the Deed of Novation, and Whyte absolutely as a share holder and director of Sevco 5088 would be required to sign it for it to be legal and valid, this raises some interesting questions about who did sign it.

      Did someone sign it on behalf of Whyte, without his consent or knowledge? If so and that can be established, we are into a whole new area of law: criminal law. Also, if true, the acquisition was unlawful — this doesn’t meant it would be rescinded as such, it would mean that it was unlawful and in effect did not happen, as I understand it. That’s as nuclear as you get.

      The saga continues….

      • Cregganduff

        Very interesting indeed Winston.

      • willy wonka

        Winston, do you seriously believe that fakes had “nuclear” information about Rangers and decided to hold on to it for months and months until putting it on the web just an hour after announcing that it would be disappearing under a rock never to be seen ever again ?
        I mean, SERIOUSLY ? Lol.

        • Winston Smith

          I can’t be expected to explain Charlotte’s behaviour any more than I can be expected to explain yours. It is what it is, it happened. If the minutes are genuine, RIFC is in big trouble. You assume Charlotte had that info all along and held back. I make no assumptions except this: if those minutes are genuine and give an account of what happened last summer, well, you’d be better paying him off than going to court…. If that was the deeds of my house they were talking about, I don’t think I’d be doing any DIY or gardening until it was resolved and I’m not sure I’d be ale to sleep.

        • Winston Smith

          One more thing, another of your assumptions, I wouldn’t be so sure that it will not be seen again… Don’t be.

  2. Monti

    “I see dead people. Walking around like regular people. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know their dead.”

    . The sixth sense. 🙂

  3. Monti

    ” Stay out of the black & stay in the red
    No money left coz the huns have been bled,
    Bully’s star prize is by no means certain,
    Coz your Sevco 5088 & that should mean curtains”

  4. Monti

    ” Round & round the garden
    with the deady bears,
    The Sun’s away full moon is out
    Zombie bears everywhere”

    • Gortnamona

      Bluenose Shyster – Let me see if I’ve got this right Mr Cam.

      You are a friendly chap who loves everybody and a Rangers supporter. Hmm.. Unusual, but let us move on.

      Every so often you, get your kicks, I believe that is the current expression, by disguising yourself as a more traditional Rangers supporter and making racist and/or sectarian comments about the Irish, the Catholic Church and the management of Celtic F.C. The purpose being to enrage the supporters of the aforementioned Celtic F.C.

      You then remove your disguise and gleefully exclaim, “caught you out again”

      A delighted smile then appears on the faces of your victims and they utter expressions like “Oh it’s you little Cam, you really are priceless.”

      How am I doing so far Mr Cam?

      • Gortnamona

        Blue nose Shyster –
        So Mr Cam you’re happy enough with my summation so far.

        Now we come to the crux of the problem. A number of ‘thick Fenian terrorist loving bogmen’ as you put it, are taking you at face value, refusing to see the joke and turning people against you. The upshot being that you are being called ‘a sneering sectarian rat.’ Very upsetting I’m sure.

        And you want me firstly to obtain a restraining order against them and secondly to, ahem, ‘sue their papish asses’ for defamation of character.

        Well this is indeed a challenging case Mr Cam and the advice of Senior Advocate essential. So that will do for today.

        Miss Rutledge will arrange your next appointment and if you could make a small deposit of one thousand pounds..

        What’s that Mr Cam ‘no win no fee?’

        My oh my Mr Cam, but you really are a funny little man.

        • Monti

          I do believe you are onto something here, a pattern if you like. Well said!

        • cam

          Can you find a post of mine with the word Fenian or papish used to describe anyone?
          I’m very happy for you to use abusive language to describe me as it shows you up for what you are and you lose the argument instantly.
          So get to work little angry man.

      • @gortchomhor

        All spot on, but I’d have mentioned how painfully boring and predictable it all is.

      • cam

        I think i’ll have you compile a list of my sectarian/racist comments now Mr Gort.

        • willy wonka

          @cam, yon guy is just another empty headed bigot. You’ll get no “list”.
          The sad part is, about 80% of the posters on here won’t even blink an eye at that.

  5. Monti


  6. Arb urns

    Morning n

    How’s the cash flow comin along , got past September yet…..October is the next month as a wee guide……btw auditors have eagle eyed yesterday’s rubbish from you and just to let you know from what you posted you now need 18.5m income in the next 9 months to just reach zero at the end of the season…..tough school………

  7. Monti


    the the second rangers currently have NO bank willing to offer them a credit facility, get that? NO Bank!

    £22m in the bank 9 months ago & just under £10m of the £22m lies in someones mothers account somewhere!

    Celtic are going for 3 in a row & are again, in the group stages of Europes premier tournament.

  8. Monti

    I predict somewhat confidently that the Lloyds banking group will NOT offer second rangers a credit facility 🙂

    How embarrassing!
    I’m so grateful to St.Peter the LAWwell on how he manages & controls Scottish foot….i mean runs Celtic!

    • mick

      Goon morning all are they dead agian yet? Oh well not long now judging by the over spending and crookedness of every individual involved hail hail st Monti and a other hail hail to St. Peter the unseen Fieian hand lol sorting sevco right out

  9. Monti


    Tonight Matthew we are going to be…….the ORIGINAL rangers!!!!

    ( the audience all look at each other with an exclamation mark above their heads)

    • mick

      Sevco is coming to a end sooner than yous think sevcoians Sally and all the spivs are knee deep in criminality laundering and borderline phoniexing of a tax ridden business was always doomed to fail there is no light at end of tunnel it’s just a long dark tunnel with no bright light at the end help its the ultimate long dark tunnel lol

  10. GaryAbbot

    Shows Green stating Sevco 5088 bought assets from D&P, and then as sole director of Sevco 5088 and with “oral” approval of other shareholders (aka Whyte) then transfers assets from Sevco 5088 to Secvo Scotland for no consideration.

    I therefore conclude – the tape releases by Charlotte are Green&Co giving the hint to WHyte that THEY have tapped HIM all along , and have him giving “oral” consent for this action…!!!!!

  11. Everything’s good.
    No debt, everyone in agreement, £10mill in the bank, Sevco will soon be in the Champion’s League and be the richest club in the world…


    Rangers: New Twist as Boardroom Battle Continues…

    The group seeking to gain entry to the Rangers board deny agreeing to a “vote of confidence” in the current regime.

    Rangers confirmed on Wednesday they would consider a request to add former chairman John McClelland and three others to their board of directors.

    The club added that the “requisitioners” were not seeking to remove any of the current directors.

    However, the group has now stated that shareholders deserve the right to vote on the re-election of any director.

    A group of disgruntled investors led by businessman Jim McColl want former director Paul Murray, Sandy Easdale – the brother of current non-executive director James – and accountancy expert Frank Blin to join the board along with McClelland.

    The group had previously called for an extraordinary general meeting in a bid to have chief executive Craig Mather, finance director Brian Stockbridge and Bryan Smart removed from the board.

    But the last statement from Rangers suggested that they had signalled their intention to withdraw that request in the event that the quartet were admitted to the board.
    Paul Murray and John McClelland

    Murray and McClelland could be returning to the Ibrox board

    In a statement issued to the Stock Exchange on Wednesday, the club said: “The board considers that any decision on any proposal for the withdrawal of the requisition would be subject to the provision by the requisitioners of a vote of confidence and continued support for the current directors and to all necessary regulatory approvals.”

    But the rival group has now issued a response.

    “On behalf of the requisitionists we have made it clear to the Rangers board that we are proposing the additions to the board now to enable it to operate more effectively as a balanced unit in the run-up to the AGM in October,” it read.

    “However we have also made it clear that, in accordance with the club’s articles of association, all directors, both existing and new, have to offer themselves up for re-election at a vote at the AGM.

    “We believe that this is fair and gives all shareholders the opportunity of voting for who they want on the board.

    “We agreed this position with the board on Tuesday and were therefore surprised to see the statement issued by the club on Wednesday night which seemed to suggest that any agreement was conditional on a ‘vote of confidence’ in the current board members now and on a continuing basis.

    “We wish to make it clear that this is contrary to our understanding of the agreement we had with the board.

    “Whilst we believe that the proposed changes will make the board more effective and balanced, it is for the shareholders to vote on the re-election of all directors at the AGM.”

    The Rangers’ board are seeking to avoid an EGM that could cost the club £80,000 and want discussions on boardroom changes incorporated into the agenda for the annual meeting, which is to be held in October.

  12. Steerpike
    September 6, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    Evening Arby boy,

    Not much working out to arb, not even for you, if you have a 6 million surplus and 10 million in the bank,

    So now it’s a £6m surplus AND £10m in the bank,

    can i ask, if there is £10m in the bank,
    where do they keep the £6m surplus,
    under the bed ? in one of Easdales bus depot safes , down the back of a sofa ?

    • Monti

      Hopefully on the top deck 😀

    • Steerpike


      Never mind nit picking semantics my friend, you cannot even come up with two simple figures, you are as bad as arb, bitching about balance sheets versus P&L statement of accounts.
      Is this what I have reduced the circus act to ?

      If it makes you happy, Rangers has 10 million in the bank, of which 6 million is a cash surplus from 2012-13, now where are your figures to counter my projections ?
      I want figures that support the claim Rangers is not a viable business model in 2013-14 and will run out of money in December. This has gone on for days and nothing but smoke and mirrors.

  13. Surely concern over the Charlotte Fakes leaks should be aimed at whether there is any truth in them. rather than who is responsible for the leaks.

    Time and again in the Rangers farce of the last two years, the focus has been on outrage that dirty little secrets have been exposed, rather than on their accuracy.

    A responsible media would have investigated this story impartially, but instead have buried their heads in the sand in fear of offending Rangers, which perhaps may indicate that the CF revelations may contain more than a hint of truth.

  14. if you have a 6 million surplus and 10 million in the bank,

    gives the impression of a £16m total.

    you have now edited it to this

    Rangers has 10 million in the bank, of which 6 million is a cash surplus

    gives the impression of the magic number £10m in the bank.

    CHIEF Executive Craig Mather told angry fans the Rangers board would meet next week to discuss whether to oust Green again but also admitted the Ibrox kitty had shrunk to £10m.

    can you tell us why is the answer always £10m to any question about money at Ibrox

    SDM was offering £10m to settle with HMRC

    Green could go out today and easily raise £10m if Sevco needed money,

    The long-winded takeover of Scottish giants Rangers has been given a boost with a commitment of around £10million in spending money from Craig Whyte.

    Green has come out with a host of outlandish statements, such as handing McCoist a £10m war-chest for signings

    the fans were going to buy £10m worth of shares

    But he admitted the combined total of those cash remnants and this summer’s season ticket sales is only around £10m.

    The Glasgow club’s annual financial report shows their debt had increased by almost £10m for the year to 30 June 2009.

  15. Monti

    Celtic football club are in the Champions league group stages, it’s SHOWTIME!



    • mick

      Is any1 mentioning the APA asset purchase agreement between d&ps and agent whytes sevco 5088 5.5mil is the figure lol who owns the deeds lol willy wanker rear pipe cam Carson or any our sevcoian friends care to put us straight on this lol APA the new enomics that could out whyte as deed holder lol

  16. Rangers Certificate of Incorporation…

    Of particular interest check top of page 8.

    “It wasn’t the club, it was the company that ran the club!…my arse!

  17. Monti


  18. Steerpike
    September 6, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    Evening Arby boy,

    Not much working out to arb, not even for you, if you have a 6 million surplus and 10 million in the bank, in a front loaded business like football, you will have 6 million surplus every month. Even if you just add the 7.5 million still to come in on SB’s that gives you 17.5 million to play with, the


    you state £6m AND £10m in the bank,
    you state that this £6m will be there every month and at the end of the year the £6m will still be there,
    you state that there is £10m in the bank, if you add £7.5m to that you get £17.5m.

    so just where is it i am playing semantics, £6m and £10m,your figures ,not mine

    £7.5 m STILL to come in from SB’s ?

    £258 for Adults, £65 for Kids and £179 for Concessions.

    would it be unfair to say, £220 average per SB

    £220 x 34,000 = £7.480,000
    is there a vat liability attached to SB sales ?

    did some one not say that the magic number £10m included some SB money

    • Steerpike


      You can squirm but you cannot hide, let me repeat, if I was giving the impression there was 10 million plus 6 million then how does adding 7.5 million add up to 17.5 million ? eh ? eh ?

      Just to cover up your idiocy you now wish to dispute the 7.5 million figure, does that make your above tripe true ? Nope, so why bring it up ?

      The balance of SB money was used for cash flow calculations, if it is too high then I am sure the average attendance of 45,000, the hospitality income, the sponsorship income, the retail income, the TV income, the advertising income and the catering income will more than make up for my over estimate. How you do not understand this is actually mind boggling, I am debating with a complete diddy.

      You are simply inept, totally inept, you dispute meaningless crap to cover your lack of figures, now show me your figures or just admit you are clueless.

      Are you a masochist, do you enjoy being whipped…lmao.

      • The balance of SB money was used for cash flow calculations

        so the £7.5m is the balance outstanding on SB sales,
        tell us just how much did Sevco net from 34,000 SB’s.

        what average price per SB are you using in your now @
        September 7, 2013 at 3:20 pm acknowledge OVER ESTIMATE, yet again, you sneak in an EDIT to your original posts.

        guesstimates, projections and over estimations and you acctually think people want to debate with you on this sort of nonsense you post, your a fool, i am getting bored forcing you into one edit after another on your posts, your a tiresome ineffectual little troll,

        6 and 10 does not equal 10, your post, not mine, i just highlight your funny wee errors and force you to admit your over estimates, you can’t even defend your own figures never mind dispute anyone elses.

        how many millions are the slot machines going to bring in, are the slot machines the place that Sevco “bank” this £6m surplus you elude to

  19. Arsenal have taken ‘strong disciplinary action’ against academy coach Mark Arber, son of Gunners scout Bob Arber, ahead of an inevitable FA probe into a possible breach of gambling regulations.

    This follows Sportsmail’s revelation of Arber’s tweets suggesting a 14-1 deadline-day bet on Mesut Ozil’s signing. ‘All Arsenal employees and workers are well aware of their responsibilities in this respect,’ said a club spokesman.

    Arber, a former professional footballer, boasted on social media he was ITK (In the Know) about Arsenal transfer activity, tweeted: ‘Lovely bit of 14-1 Mesut.’

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    leading the way for the dead club 5088; one might say.



    The commercial report was discussed and it was pointed out that there were a number of commercial income streams that were being developed including media, in stadium WIFI and proposals for a members bar with gaming machines at Edmiston House.


    FAO Steerpike,

    you’ve forgot to included the multi millions in profits from the one armed bandits,

    Puggies FC, back were they belong, getting laughed at

    • Steerpike


      For a man with no figures, you post too much, give us a shout when you actually intend to join the debate, remember the debate that is supposed to be about the commercial viability of Rangers in 2013-14 ?

      What a bore.

      • since when was it deemed compulsory to debated with a lune like you,

        i have posted a few times, my fun on here is to post my random thoughts on Sevco and the fools that support them and the failed football club that they claim to be.

      • tell us again, £6m and £10m = £10m is that it

        is that you at the School in East Kilbride or is that the one in Methil, telling the Head how to teach the children your business plan for Sevco

        so that will be 13 times, one for each month of the year and one for the surplus account.

      • willy wonka

        Steerpike, I honestly admire your patience in dealing with the drivellings from yon halfwit. Many a temperate man would have turned to drink through sheer exhaustion trying to make sense of and answer days and days of absolute garbage from him.
        I’ll raise a glass in salute to you.

  21. GaryAbbot

    Charlotte gone from twitter…. end game arrives.

  22. Maggie
    September 6, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    Very interesting post from Mr Walker above @ 2.04pm
    Not only doesn’t he appear to have been an East Fife supporter ( proven from his posts on TSFM ) it appears he isn’t the hard of hearing, kindly grandfather from Methil with grandchildren at a Catholic school and gazillions of his extended family who support Celtic either.
    Apparently he now has two sons at that school in EK where the creationists are running amok

    well spotted Maggie,

    • Steerpike


      Excuse me weirdo, can you focus on the debate topic, a moron could work out the above is still true, but it is beyond you, you are letting your emotions affect you.

      Are you starting to have problems sleeping, try counting, try using the income and expenditure numbers of Rangers in 2013-14 to send you to sleep.

      I am driving you into an unstable place my friend, and this nightmare never ends…..sweet dreams.

  23. Steerpike

    Try counting sheep, 10 million sheep plus 6 million sheep plus 7.5 million sheep, equals 17.5 million sheep, no wonder you cannot understand accounts.

    • £10m in the bank + £7.5m in some fantasy SB SALES = £17.7M AND
      that £6m surplus that never ends.

      tell, my,just for a bit of fun, where did the outstand £7.7m in season book figure come from,

      34,000 SB’s sold @ an average of £220, most likely the average is less than that, is just less than £7.5m before deducting VAT, so go tell us where the £7.5m comes from

      7 into 28 goes 13 times does it ?

      • Steerpike


        Excuse me kind sir, just for a bit of fun can you confess your sins, you made a mistake, didn’t you ?

        Did I give the impression there was 23.5 million or not ?

        ” tell, my,just for a bit of fun, where did the outstand £7.7m in season book figure come from,——————————————————-

        mmmm, it was from you , are you having dizzy spells ?

        More red herring nonsense to get out of my coils, no chance, the squeeze is on.

        Let me help you out here coatbrig, it is obvious you are lost, I will take it nice and slow.

        10 million in bank, little is SB money… got that, that is what we know.

        Let us assume ALL the 10 million is from this year’ income, it is all the SB money( call it 7.7 million) and whatever, and there is NO surplus at all, all the income from last year has been spent, every single penny. The 9.5 million is gone, the 22 million is gone and the 20 million income is gone….IT IS ALL GONE….now are you following me, am I going too fast ?

        If Rangers turnover is 28 million and their expenditure is 28 million, then Rangers is still a viable business model and Rangers still will have no cash flow problems. Do you understand….is it slowly beginning to sink in, it does not matter if my SB estimate was high, does it now, think about it sweetie ?

        In other words my friend, even given the worst case scenario, my argument stands and you are still drooling like a child.

        It is called a knockout, and the count has started…..10….9…your turn.


        • Steerpike
          September 6, 2013 at 8:15 pm

          blah blah blah …………Even if you just add the 7.5 million still to come in on SB’s
          Now that’s YOU claiming over £7m still to come in from SB’s

          so back up your figures,

          what is this “10 million in bank, little is SB money”…..

          funny is it not, a man like you that has tried to impress us all with NUMBERS is now using a WORD “little” to try to deflect from the issue, how much of the £10m is from SB’s, in numbers please

          Care to tell us,how do you know what percentage amount of the £10m is attributed to SB money
          It is quite amusing, can you back up your claim, as to how much is a little.

        • Steerpike
          September 7, 2013 at 4:21 pm

          Let us assume ALL the 10 million is from this year’ income, it is all the SB money

          and you earlier reckoned a further £7.5m SB money is still to be collected,

          so we now have to believe Sevco have managed to sell a minimum of £17,5 m worth of season tickets ( VAT ?)
          is that not about £515 per season Book, bit steep is it not,

    • School i went to, it equals 23.5m sheep

      • Steerpike


        ” School i went to, it equals 23.5m sheep ”

        ….and yet I counted 17.5 million sheep dear, so I did not try to give the impression the 6 million was on top of the 10 million, did I ?


        How easy are you.


        • Steerpike
          September 7, 2013 at 3:48 pm

          Try counting sheep, 10 million sheep plus 6 million sheep plus 7.5 million sheep, equals 17.5 million sheep, no wonder you cannot understand accounts.
          so I did not try to give the impression the 6 million was on top of the 10 million, did I ?

          I am not sure what YOU mean by on top,

          if someone says 6 and 10 ,well i tend to add then together, is that wrong ?
          when the same person, to prove me wrong says

          6 plus 10 plus 7.5 = 17.5 , well my brain came up with the answer 23.5
          so Steerpike tell me what is the answer if you say
          6 plus 10 plus 7.5

          what is the answer if you say 6 and 10

          • Steerpike


            You are out cold, if I was trying to mislead, the total would have been 23.5 million, it was not,it was 17.5 million, this should have cleared up any doubt in your mind, it did not, maybe you are innumerate.

  24. Steerpike



  25. Paul

    September 6, 2013 at 1:57 pm


    Come on Paul, give us your income/expenditure estimates for 2013-14……please.

    September 6, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    For who?
    still waiting for you to reply

  26. Steerpike
    September 7, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Try counting sheep, 10 million sheep plus 6 million sheep plus 7.5 million sheep, equals 17.5 million sheep,


    10+6+7.5 = 17.5
    crushing the will to live out of everyone on here with your pathetic guesstimates on the profitability of Sevco

  27. Arb urns

    N….. U r obviously struggling here is how a cash flow forecast looks……




    Wages etc

    Net cash flow + or –

    Opening bal. £10m
    Closing bal.

    Now get on with it u need to do it for 9 months to get to the end of the season but be warned from the rubbish you have been posting your sales along the top need to total 12.5m and when u get to may come back and tell everyone what figure you have in that closing balance… will make your melons leak believe me…………

    Returning to yesterday when I asked you a simple q and confused u with linking in your surplus… is the question in simpler form … you think under aim rules your beloved club/company will need to issue a profits warning for financial year end ’13……

    • Steerpike


      You haven’t a clue how a cash forecast looks and if you knew anything about cash flow, you would know a 6 million surplus in a break even model, where most of the income is front loaded does not need a cash flow forecast, it is plainly obvious to anyone with business acumen.

      Arb, don’t try and con a man with 30 years of accounts experience, I know you have no business acumen, I can tell by your requests.
      Ifyou want to make out a cash flow forecast that proves my simple statement wrong…then step up to the plate.

      ” .here is the question in simpler form … you think under aim rules your beloved club/company will need to issue a profits warning for financial year end ’13……”

      The question is not in a simpler form, it is finally been delivered in plain English, since the original projection was an operating loss of 3.5 million, I suspect Rangers operating loss to be between 8-12 million,so the answer is yes.

      • Steerpike

        p.s. arb,

        ….and get on with it, stop wasting my time, I have heads to chop off.

      • Arb urns

        30 yrs experience and you put I and E in the balance sheet……Nah pull the other one about being an east fife fan…….try that cash flow forecast u r in for a big surprise……………..

        • Steerpike


          Stay away from the google mate, if I want to use the term balance sheet instead of Profit and Loss statement of accounts then so what ?
          You are the yo yo who believes Julie means I am not an East Fife fan who originally came from Methil, your reasoning is almost moronic.

          I smell BS a mile off arb, you show me the surprise, and I bet you cannot, starting from now.

          I will not let you forget either.

  28. PR, politics, conflicts of interest, no barrier to the truth. Could this type of influence repeat itself once again with the SMSM or do you think they will fight back? Or will the real stuff be reported by the ‘internet bampots’ Your good selves and others?

  29. If Rangers turnover is NOT 28 million and their expenditure IS 28 million, then Rangers ARE NOT a viable business mode.

    good fun this,
    that wee word IF lets you do some sums that allow you to sum up some things to suit your own agenda,

    • Steerpike


      AHA… were nearly counted out, and now you decide to debate figures.

      I have supported my estimate of 28 million, if you disagree then you must rebut with figures that you can support…..anytime.

      ” If Rangers turnover is NOT 28 million and their expenditure IS 28 million, then Rangers ARE NOT a viable business mode.”

      Only ifthey do not have a surplus from last year, Rangers projected a loss in their first year, this did not make them not a viable business model,

      You are getting there slowly.

      • Steerpike
        September 7, 2013 at 5:07 pm


        AHA… were nearly counted out, and now you decide to debate figures.

        debate ? me ?
        sorry ,i just took the piss out of your, if but and maybe post, where did i debate anything with you, doing a wee edit job to one of your posts is not debating , is it ?

  30. Steerpike

    I find it rather ironic that I am accused of repetitive posting when coatbrig asks me for figures I have posted all week on the very same blog, he must have read them, maybe he just cannot digest figures.

    How many times must I demonstrate things before it sinks in ?

    • david

      An eternity would not be long enough for the crazies on here.

      BTW I thought Mulgrew was outstanding last night, however the 2 full-backs got absolutely murdered.

      • Steerpike


        I can smell ignorance a mile off, there is not one single poster on here who has even the faintest knowledge of business, it is why they cannot produce any figures to rebut my case.

        One week ago I posted my estimates and no one has come back with anything remotely relevant, it is embarrassing.

    • OK, one more time, before i throw you back, your flapping around like a wee fish out of water,

      6+10+7.7 = 17.5 at Steerpikes school of economics

      Sevco have sold £17.5m worth of SB’s according to Steerpike,

      £10m worth of SB money in the bank and a further £7.5 in the pipeline.

      lets be clear, you keep editing/ altering your figures,

      what did you say, just a wee while ago, about you over estimating,

      • I done it again, 7.5, not 7.7,
        i would hate that £200,000 to make or break Sevco, it’s Jabba’s salary after all.

        A prudent club, running a sensible business budget, would not pay a head of communications about £4,000 a week then pay an extra £2000 a week to an outsider to speak for them, would they ?

        • Steerpike


          LMAO….now do you want me to go on and on about a mistake that really does not matter, nope, because I do not have to.

          Don’t panic coatbrig, I am not as desperate as you, I am not choking to death.

      • Steerpike


        If you are not drunk my friend, you are deranged, let us be clear here, you are trying to get out of my choke hold and you cannot.

  31. Steerpike

    Any parents out there remember when you had to repeat over and over before your child got the hang of things ?

    Meet coatbrig, this was post to dear old arb, coatbrig takes it out of context and even with this is still wrong.

    ” Not much working out to arb, not even for you, if you have a 6 million surplus and 10 million in the bank, in a front loaded business like football, you will have 6 million surplus every month. Even if you just add the 7.5 million still to come in on SB’s that gives you 17.5 million to play with.”

    Where did I say 6 million surplus PLUS 10 million in the bank ?

    Where did I say 16 million in the bank ?

    Since when did a surplus count on top of the bank figure, a surplus is part of the bank figure, and the total of 17.5 should have been enough to clear up any doubt.

    What this demonstrates is coatbrig is unfamiliar with anything to do with accounts or its terminology….and he is just thick.



    • Arb urns

      Your making some progress dear steer……. You have 10m opening balance and 22.5m expenditure to meet between now andthe end of May …. Hence the reason the auditors are insisting you do the cash flow forecasts sept to may on a month by month basis….. Get them on here by Monday lunch…..

    • why did you say £6m surplus and £10m in the bank,

      you later edited it to read

      If it makes you happy, Rangers has 10 million in the bank, of which 6 million is a cash surplus .

      Sevco where asked how much money was left, the answer came back, about £10m, when did they reveal the additional £6m surplus, where did this come from,

  32. The Prospectus
    Gives some basic detail about where some of the flotation money will go, upgrading Ibrox £5.5m, land acquisition £4.5m, other projects £3m and an undisclosed amount for “general working capital purposes”.
    Now if the 5.5m never went on the above. Was that used for general working capital?
    Some land deals did occur.
    Other projects, Not identified (maybe it was to upgrade Ed House?) nor is the money still there for that use, yea?
    Undisclosed amount for general working capital! Hold up,
    As I read it here from the resident expert… it’s (all) being used as working capital, all worked into his break even model? Yea?
    Would that fit right with an investor; one who invests to (make money as it were)?

    The paragraph titled “Exposure to litigation” raises other risk factors the main one being in relation to the purchase of assets from the administrators of RFC plc, the Directors while conceding that any action raised could have “a material adverse effect” with regards to “business growth, prospects, sales, results of operations and/or financial condition” and that any claim may not be covered by insurance, are of the opinion that time has mitigated the risk and any material liabilities would be known by know.

    The following paragraph covers much the same ground as the one above but more specifically relating to the possible actions of the liquidators of RFC plc under the Insolvency Act 1986 to challenge the acts of the administrators (Duff & Phelps) once again the Directors are of the opinion that everything is in order however concede that should such an action occur it would have an impact on the management’s ability to properly run the business, given the relatively recent appointment of the liquidators and the potentially lengthy job ahead of them I’m not convinced enough to share the Directors apparent confidence.
    If the above or any threatened actions occur, what then? Are there contingencies to deal with this? I’d bet not and this puts them in a very precarious situation.
    Sustainable business model? My arse.

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