Some Links Well Worth Reading – 1st September – And Goodbye to Heaney and Frost

I know people can easily find good stuff themselves to read, but sometimes I come across something which I would heartily recommend, and ever more rarely, I manage to remember to do so!

So below are a few links to pieces which I think are well worth reading, for various reasons.

I hope you find them as interesting and thought-provoking as I did.

First of all, and whilst also by way of a public health announcement for men, something which, in the circumstances, is an excellent piece of writing. Malcolm Combe is an academic lawyer at Aberdeen University. What he has forgotten about property law is far more than I ever knew. But in this piece here he writes not of law but of health.

Good luck and best wishes to you Malcolm – I hope you have many long years ahead of blogging on piping (of the musical variety) and property law!

From health let’s go to Syria.

Here are two contrasting pieces for you.

The first comes from my good friend Martin Kelly. Martin is (a) a top chap; (b) a fine writer; (c) the most prolific and long-running blogger I know; and (d) a top chap. (He is also NOT, as some half-wits decided to accuse him of being a while ago, the man behind an anonymous blog about a certain football team).

Here he writes about his thoughts on the Syrian situation, and the change in his views since the Iraq conflict ten years ago.

This, as is all of what Martin writes, is well worth a read.

By contrast I offer the thoughts of Rany Jazayerli. He is an excellent writer on the rising and falling (mainly falling) fortunes of the Kansas City Royals baseball team. He is also a man whose parents came to the USA from Syria and so his thoughts on the conflict are rather more informed than much of the comments of politicians and journalists.

In his latest blog post here you will find his thoughts on Syria at the foot of the article, after thoughts on the Royals’ pitching rotation and bullpen (which I accept are likely to be of limited interest to some).

Finally in the links, can I commend Ian Smart’s latest blog post to you? Ian is a fine lawyer, past President of the Law Society, and shamefully passed over by the Labour Party for selection as a parliamentary candidate. He offers his views regularly on the independence debate and on the state of Scottish politics. The reason for recommending this post? Apart from his always thought-provoking views on Scottish politics, his piece has the best title for a blog post I have seen this year!

And this week we have lost Seamus Heaney – one of the world’s great poets. The Telegraph offered short extracts from some of his best poems in a “highlights show”.


You can read them below:-

Death of a Naturalist
From Death of a Naturalist, published 1966.

“But best of all was the warm thick slobber

Of frogspawn that grew like clotted water

In the shade of the banks. Here, every spring

I would fill jampotfuls of the jellied

Specks to range on window-sills at home,

On shelves at school, and wait and watch until

The fattening dots burst into nimble-

Swimming tadpoles.”

Requiem for the Croppies
Written in 1966, on the 50th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. Printed in Door into The Dark, 1969.

“Terraced thousands died, shaking scythes at cannon.

The hillside blushed, soaked in our broken wave.

They buried us without shroud or coffin

And in August… the barley grew up out of our grave.”

Two Lorries
From The Spirit Level, published 1996.

“So tally bags and sweet-talk darkness, coalman,

Listen to the rain spit in new ashes

As you heft a load of dust that was Magherafelt,

Then reappear from your lorry as my mother’s

Dreamboat coalman filmed in silk-white ashes”

Mossbawn: Two Poems in Dedication
Published in North, in 1975 and dedicated to Mary Heaney.

1. Sunlight

“Now she dusts the board

with a goose’s wing,

now sits, broad-lapped,

with whitened nails

and measling shins:

here is a space

again, the scone rising

to the tick of two clocks.”

1. The Seed Cutters

“They seem hundreds of years away. Brueghel,

You’ll know them if I can get them true.

They kneel under the hedge in a half-circle

Behind a windbreak wind is breaking through.”

The Tollund Man in Springtime
Published in Metre, Spring 2005.

“The soul exceeds its circumstances”. Yes.

History not to be granted the last word

Or the first claim … In the end I gathered

From the display-case peat my staying powers,

Told my webbed wrists to be like silver birches,

My old uncallused hands to be young sward,

The spade-cut skin to heal, and got restored

By telling myself this.”

From Opened Ground: Selected Poems 1966-1996, published 1998.

“I returned to a long strand,

the hammered curve of a bay,

and found only the secular

powers of the Atlantic thundering.”

Written as an objection to being included in an anthology of British poetry, as he claimed his identity was Irish, in 1982.

“Be advised my passport’s green.

No glass of ours was ever raised

to toast the Queen.”

September 1969
From Whatever You Say Say Nothing, published in North (1975).

“I retreated to the cool of the Prado.

Goya’s ‘Shootings of the Third of May’

Covered a wall – the thrown-up arms

And spasm of the rebel, the helmeted

And knapsacked miliatry, the efficient

Rake of the fusillade.”

Beowulf: A New Verse Translation
Published in 2000.

“It is always better

to avenge dear ones than to indulge in mourning.

For every one of us, living in this world

means waiting for our end. Let whoever can

win glory before death. When a warrior is gone,

that will be his best and only bulwark.”


And finally, farewell to Sir David Frost – known around the world for interviewing Richard Nixon and getting far more out of him than any interviewer ever did after his fall – and in Britain for saying “Hello, Good Evening and Welcome”.


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183 responses to “Some Links Well Worth Reading – 1st September – And Goodbye to Heaney and Frost

  1. Thanks Paul always interested to read new angles on any story.

    I would like to share one of my own if thats ok, anyone interested in true history and not the propeganda produced by western governments as well as the more traditional “true slayers” should watch this series by Oliver Stone, The Untold History of the US. It is very relevant in todays situation not just with Syria but also the middle east in general AND the wider global situation as its is unfolding now. Link for free download is – no copyright infringment is intended.

    Every sane person should watch this as it is fact based and delivered in the style of the excellent historic series ” world at war”.

    When you have John kerry standing up and claiming the Syrian gvmt has deliberately used chemical weapons against their own people ( where its true or not ) is the pot calling the kettle, he is single handedly responsible for the death destruction and ongoing injury of millions in Vietnam and Cambodia after the use of agent orange the effects of which are still being felt without any addressing by the US.

    Assad may be a regime that is unpalitable to some in the west, however it was a stable, secular society all embracing and far better than the situation the CIA have flung the region into now all for US sponsored regime change to suit the $ and oil greed. The fact that the US and brits support the dictators in KSA, bahrain, Qatar and UAE as the puppet Arab league says it all. Anyone in Iraq, Libya, Allgeria or Egypt will tell you they would rather live in a settled society than the murderous one created by the west today.

    Enjoy watching and reading folks.

    • Fra

      Micheal, as I keep reiterating, it is not about people, be they nasty or nice. It’s all about oil and power. Controlling the oil controls the power. Unpalatable to many but this is the reality.

  2. Monti

    Morning Paul, God bless Seamus Heaney & David frost this morning & all days! R.I.P. Gents!

  3. mick

    Great article Paul 1 of your finest a broad mix of emotion for any1 reading it and highly educational also a would like to thank basedrone for opening our eyes to men’s health issues it’s time as a nation we stop burying our heads in the sand when it comes to health hopefully the article will save a life or 2 today as for the Syrian situ what a mess why did the in not go in 1 year ago ? And stop the killings we are all sick of this war all the time it’s not right there can be world peace if all our academics put there heads together to find a solution but with bush and co owning all the armoury company’s and making a penny on a bullit fired it will never happen war now is about business sick sad and sinister
    As for the poet the lads were speaking about that throw week it was nice to read over some of the mans stuff after which a would call him the mordern burns of Ireland thanks agian for taking time to do multiple stories for us all to read

    • Monti

      God bless you too Mick!

      • mick

        Thanks Monti a have been clicking throw the network on phone and see cha is back but waving the 5 way agreement this time am hoping soon 1 of the bloggers will do a summery on it judging by the comments it seems well shady and stinks of sfa trying to con Scottish justice via the tube rules well shocking and this is just 1 bit of it most likely Monday Tuesday articles will appear discussing it we can get a better insight to it ,hope your weekends going well and you enjoyed the wonder goal by tony bhoy yesterday

  4. Steerpike

    What does God bless men exactly ?

    • mick

      Thanks Michael we have been waiting on this for ages now its public what was the reason for secrecy ? it’s going to be a interesting few days with this we might even be blessed by a return of ecojon as it involves the tupe issue

      • cam

        C’mon mick,with all that cash you’re earning you still haven’t got broadband installed in your single end?
        Are you trying to stay off the radar with your wealth?
        I notice a much more mature mick nowadays and as i’ve always said,when you physically remove yourself from this cesspit ,then the parochial mindset of Billy and Tim gets left behind,like a bit of baggage that the courier refuses to carry.
        Just like when you go on holiday and mix with folk from different parts of the UK and abroad, the petty affairs of two rubbish fitba teams and religious nonsense are cast aside.
        Unless of course you’re a proper sad sack and try to convince total strangers like barmen,waiters and pedalo operators that the rantings of mad Phil and Arty C should be forced upon them.
        Then there are the real hardcore nutjobs who spend their holidays clattering in here!

        • Cregganduff

          “This has to be said about Rangers, as a Scottish Football club they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist.” Ian Archer (journalist, 1970s)

        • mick

          Hi cam hope ur well a have to right to landlord for permission to do holes for virgin they do it so all be up and running for winter it’s a 1 bedroom flat and not a single end my wife likes a nice also the kitchen is joined to living room a got big place so when friends are down its comfortable for them am loving it down here and spreading the word sevco bad and new club lol

          • cam

            C’mon mick,get the Hilti out,get the holes bored and get a guy who knows a guy to fix you up!
            What about the weans mick?
            Leave the madness behind,support Chelsea,join the Masons and if you see wee Craigie, give him one from me.

        • @you,
          “the petty affairs of two rubbish fitba teams and religious nonsense are cast aside”
          Who you talk about here? I reckon one to TRFC (2012) cos they are a bit rubbish as you state.
          My religion is not nonsense, why would you state that? I take offence to this.

        • cam,

          please do us all a favour and go away, your sell by date has expired.

  5. Have just read through it, its interesting but most of it, assumin its the final draft that was agreed and signed is pretty much known other than the bit about court costs and the transfer of share technicalities. Seems CG and D&P basically agreed to everything to stay registered members of football community. Reading behind the lines they were basically over a barrel and no where to go so signed it off. Where CG gets off stating later that everyone back tracked on their words is pure fantasy from him, its clear everything was agreed well in advance and he knew what the position was. His subsequent rants at the SFA were just that and all without foundation, fleg waving to sell the season books is all and run the IPO out as soon as possible. The bears should take a careful look at the situation he put them in and has done all along. Commmentators were right on here ….he was always only about the £.

  6. cam

    Ted i want you to read this.No doubt as part of some ancient training course you were forced to undergo to gain your credentials at the University of Tipperary,you had to sit through this.
    Being a Rangers fan is like a fast-track Maslow express.All of the needs are achieved through joining the Peoples club.
    In contrast the Celtic family get stuck at the bottom of the pyramid and are strangely obsessed with toilet needs,,,try to get it sorted Ted.

    • Cam……Just toilet needs? Personally I’d be happy with the eating drinking and sex, a wee wash and clear out is only then natural after all that good stuff, just think if we’re all stuck there then a’ these new wee Tims will be the majority soon…….or maybe we are already…………

      • cam

        I admire your economy of effort Michael, and unfortunately now have the mental image of you holding a slice of pizza,a pint and getting jiggy.
        Get your mind out of the gutter please.
        You’re just the noisy neighbours and an ASBO is en route.

      • mick

        cam thinks he’s superior cause jackbirvine said so in the sun lol superior cam lol

        • Cregganduff

          Naw Mick

          He knows he is bigoted scumbag descended from generations of same. In fact he has actually admitted as much on a number of occasions


          He has a massive inferiority complex because of his intellectual insignificance when compared to David and Niall, which they have both recently pointed out. He attempts to make for in quantity what he lacks in quality and is currently attempting to filibuster the discussion with a flood of his usual puerile drivel.

          He has taken the hump in a big way at Dave and Niall’s dismissive attitude to his low wattage contributions and has been quoting Marcus Aurelius* of late to try and impress them. So a little advice from the great man for an unappreciated purveyor of low quality bigotry .

          ” The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane”

          *M. A. Top dog in Rome 161 – 180 AD

          • cam

            Do you have a statue of me in your bedroom Creggy?
            Reach deep down inside your hate filled wee soul and spew forth your best/worst insults,it shall provide a release valve for your madness and a laugh pour moi.
            Sweeping generalizations are never helpful and give the lie to your character.
            “Being a Rangers fan is being a sectarian scumbag educated in the gutter”

            Definitely not Aurelius standard.
            Please tell me you don’t have access to young unpolluted minds.
            Now trot on and read the house rules and guidelines and be more respectful or i may have you removed from the blog.

            • Cregganduff

              ” and be more respectful or i may have you removed from the blog.”

              The Great Cam is on the ropes and whining to the referee. “He doesn’t fight fair.”

              An orange towel is thrown in from the blue corner

              Right that is one sneering Rangers scumbag disposed of. Who will be next to emerge from the gutter to oppose the Forces of Light.

        • cam

          Mick,i was born superior!
          Like Gaga says,,,i was born this way!

    • Cregganduff

      ” Being a Rangers fan is like a fast-track Maslow express”

      Cop yourself on Cam

      Being a Ranger’s fan is being a sectarian scumbag educated in the gutter.

      Nothing personal of course

  7. Afternoon Mick ! You seem to have ditched all that bitterness and hatred since moving to another part of Her Brittanic majestys land ? Good for you Mick ! Getting away from the hate , spite and bigoted people who have poisoned your impressionable mind I look forward to the day when our two clubs meet on league business ( and the mighty Rangers give your mob a good caining ) good luck to you and your family Mick take care and work hard.

    • cam

      Brother Carson,does it not fill your heart with pride to look out the window and know that all you can see belongs to the People?
      I feel like one of those great Victorian industrialists who built a magnificent manor and treat my employees in a gracious Protestant style.
      God bless the Queen and gentlemen,,,,all rise for the Glasgow Rangers.

      • mick

        Cam that was more moving than agent whytes loving cup speech lol

      • Brother , it fills my heart to know when I wake up that I live in a country built by the people for the people in accordance with the protestant work ethic and I support a club founded on those very principles , we have had a few imposters in that last year or two but the club has survived and is rebuilding slowly but surley and it’s only a matter of time before the mighty Rangers are back at the top of football in this spiteful wee land and our detractors will be scratching their bigoted hate filled heads , God save our Queen and play up the Rangers !!!!!!!!

        • a play with words surely, Pay up the Queen I hear all over the peoples palace

        • Gortnamona


          ” club has survived and is rebuilding slowly but surley”

          There no ‘e’ in surly.

          And there is no ‘f’ in brains in your head.

        • paul

          carson/coke ring.
          Sorry to burst your bubble but if you go back and scan the building work done in this city. all tims. Lafferty group etc,city chambers, lord provo(ist), remember the proddy bit only came with john knox, but life had begun before him it was called evolution you narrow minded half wit.

    • mick

      Thanks Carson its nice to see your sincere side you should apply it more to the blog and then u won’t have to keep changing your name us meeting for league business is well along way off yet yous will have to sort ownership and control first u never know it could be a cup match before league match now the McGill mob are there am diveded weather to change my tesco campaign to a bus depot 1 lol

      • mick

        It’s a non sevco news day and were all friends the rest of the world will think the Scottish goverment is issuing happy pills long may it continue jabba and Irvine will need to up there propaganda levels to keep us devided that’s the last thing the msm want us friends as its bad for business lol

      • Cup match ? Bring it on ! Last year your mob would have cained us good style but I would fancy our chances in a one off game at the temple of football ! Regarding the boardroom ? Things won’t settle down until the turn of the year it was always going to happen this way so it’s no great surprise .

        • Kerrygirl

          This is the second time you,ve used the word caining ……….. Are you partial to that type of thing ‘who’s a naughty boy then

  8. cam

    So gentlemen;regularly check your family jewels,don’t holiday in the Middle East,don’t get caught peering through someone’s keyhole and to paraphrase the bard.
    Terraced thousands laughed,shaking FTTT verdicts at cannon fodder
    The bloggers blushed,soaked in our IPO
    they shackled us without legal remit
    and in September we arose, the sword of justice aloft.

    • Arb urns

      Or alternatively camp bell……

      Terraced creditors fell amid the blue carnage
      A landslide amongst an invoiced wave
      They scoffed at all with club and co anew
      But RTC and Charlotte rose to represent ‘ the peoples rage ‘

  9. cam

    Mick,did you know that there’s a connection between the Pope and Dr Who?

    They just keep being replaced by different white men!

    • mick

      Cam the soccer world has yous on the critical list due to income monies in and monies out are not balancing so there is still lots of issues for sevco to sort out all the spivvery is draining the funds

    • mick

      There will be a black pope soon as more and more African people join our faith we have a South American pope now why focus on a black pope why not orential 1 or middle eastern ? skin couloir is not a issue at the Vatican or what continent your from our faith grows everyday all over the world thanks to Jesus and god being universal our faith began in the Middle East and Eastern Europe Mary is Turkish Jesus is Palastiane so there you go can any1 highlight were joesph was born ?

    • Cregganduff

      And not a single Orange man?

      Definitely bigotry discrimination gerrymandering and shockingly insensitive treatment of the retarded and the criminally insane in Scottish society and the Shankill Road and Sandy Row diaspora.

      I wonder was Sandy Jardine named after Sandy Row? Any help Cam?

      • cam

        Just a sad wee angry man sitting all alone at the end of the bar muttering under his breath.
        I’ll just keep flicking peanuts off your beeling napper whilst you veer ever closer to exploding in a tirade of madness.You’re playing with the big boys now sonny,,,, 🙂

        • Gortnamona


          ” Just a sad wee angry man sitting all alone at the end of the bar muttering under his breath.”

          Give the wee man a wave, you’re looking in the mirror behind the bar.

          Seriously though, you are sounding increasingly wretched and pathetic and being kicked from pillar to post, maybe you should take a break and recharge your batteries.

          And never forget its only a game of fitba’ and you are after all only third division.

    • What do you mean by this statement? That white people make better popes? and white people only can time travel,
      Are you stating that WHITE PEOPLE are better than others?

      If so I am offended by this

  10. Hopefully cardinal Napier won’t get the gig.

    • mick

      We on here forgive you Carson for your comments lets try and keep it clean as fans from all round the world read the comments and will leave thinking that yous are mad

      • Ed Paisley

        You must be reading your bible Mick:
        “The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love”. Poor Carson is so full of bitterness and hatred it can’t be good for his health. He is also misdirecting all his anger at Celtic, Scotland and the Church when it was David Murray who destroyed Rangers – Mr Murray is the man who spent all the money and then delivered the club into the hands of Craig Whyte, the corporate undertaker.
        I hope Carson can find a little peace in his life.

        • mick

          Ed ur right all the hate is similiar to msm myths its up to us to show class and forgive and educate deep down Carson knows he’s wrong he’s been been here longer than most if its not related to sevco then he’s ok but the minute it turns to his team he’s of on 1 blaming the schools and so on the fact he gets his news here means he’s clued up

  11. jimmy white

    5.1 As the members of the SFL in general meeting have given approval to the SFL Resolution resulting in the admission of Sevco as an Associate Member of the SFL and the admission of Rangers FC to play in the Third Division of the Scottish Football League during season 2012/13 (at a minimum), the SFL irrevocably undertakes to take whatever steps are necessary on Completion to record Sevco as an Associate Member of the SFL in substitution for Dundee FC immediately following transfer of the RFC Membership to Sevco from RFC by the SFA and the registration by the SPL of the transfer of the RFC Share to Dundee FC

    Note the sentence :- resulting in the admission of Sevco as an Associate Member of the SFL. And….. the SFL irrevocably undertakes to take whatever steps are necessary on Completion to record Sevco as an Associate Member of the SFL. Also in the next section :-

    5.2 On Completion, the SFL shall accept the transfer of the SPL Player Registrations from the SPL to be SFL Player Registrations as if Rangers FC had been relegated from the SPL to the SFL

    As if had been relegated, it say’s quite a lot really.

    • mick

      Hi jimmy that’s the same club issue sorted then its not we knew that anyway so deep down do sevcoians

    • @gortchomhor

      As if it’s the same club, when we all really know it isn’t…

      As if the club remains alive, when we all really know it’s dead…

      As if liquidation means the opposite of what we all thought it meant, until July 2012…

      As if we are all buttoned up the back…

    • Ed Paisley

      Oh Jeez – we are going to have Chris Graham on his blog and twitter feeds greetin’ like a 4 year old again. Whenever there is an official statement confirming that Rangers are dead and gone forever, the man regresses to a child-like state: “Rangers unrnae deid and if you say that again I will thqueam and thqueam!”
      Grow up Chris and accept reality – it will be easier for you in the long run.

  12. Oh FFS Mick ! Nobody is disputing it’s a new company that owns the mighty Rangers but it’s the same club !! Now get your ‘ tin flute ‘ on an and take your lovely family down the ‘ rub a dub dub ‘ for a good ol english Sunday roast and stop obsessing about the big club and listening to Muppets like Jimmy (SH) ite and gonarea gort .

    • Ed Paisley

      Dear Carson,
      The club collapsed owing over sixty million pounds in football debts. The club is therefore dead and gone forever. That’s why Charles and everyone else was so bitterly disappointed when the CVA failed. That’s why the assets were bought for a paltry £5.5m – no one was sure that the supporters of the old club would follow the Sevco club. Rangers FC died and we now have a team of third rate footballers masquerading as the old Rangers.
      I’m sorry, but you have to be forced to confront the truth or your delusions will know no end. I’m being cruel to be kind.
      God bless the Queen and all that.

    • jimmy white

      Read it and grow up ya misery, bet your a right good laff a minute, btw way you pyoor hurt ma feelings there.

    • mick

      it’s a new club to even Walter said so way back lol

    • portpower

      Charles Green enters the story.
      Red Card to Liquidation – good plan.
      Dave King tells them not to buy season books – good plan.
      Green says if CVA not agreed Rangers will lose their History.
      CVA not agreed.
      And the rest as they say is (“1 year”) history.

    • Gortnamona

      Keep it coming Carson. I believe that you truly represent your wonderful club better than any other supporter that posts here.

  13. Raymilland


    As reported in The Telegraph in April 2013;

    Worthington Group Ltd is a professional litigation company and, if its court action is successful, it will either end up owning Rangers or the consortium will be forced to pay £22 million.

    The original investors – Green, Ahmad, Stockbridge and the rest – exchanged their ownership of the Rangers subsidiary for shares in the plc worth £22 million.
    That is what Worthington Group value the club at and, should they acquire the assets, then Whyte will collect another £7.33 million.

    Further, if Rangers lose to Worthington, then everyone who invested in the share issue will end up with nothing.

    Ironically, Green, although he is no longer chief executive, remains a director of RIFC. While he is also technically a director of Sevco 5088 (which Rangers on Monday told the Stock Exchange they owned), he would inadvertently appear to have a foot in both camps.
    Green has since sold his shares to Sandy Easdale (according to the above Telegraph article those shares could soon be worthless); Green would now appear to have left the Rangers ‘camp’.

    Obviously big Sandy can read; so we must assume that come what may; Mr Green has given the big man some sort of assurance with regard to security of the assets in lieu of the shares now supposedly held by Mr Easdale.

    The possibility of Whyte’s court case would cause alarm bells within the terms of the 5 way agreement; and untold damage to TRFC. As much as I would enjoy the damage caused by a court hearing; it is unlikely any such court hearing will ever take place.

    Taking account of the above posturing over ownership of the assets; while those assets cannot be mortgaged; a sale and leaseback would best suit the ‘original investors’ (especially with the threat hanging over the validity of the IPO as laid bare in a hearing of CW’s claim).

    Will it be possible to pull off such an audacious ‘freeing of funds’ without attracting outrageous cry of ‘blue murder’?

    • mick

      Am wondering what’s brewing why the 5 way now what’s about to pop out that would compliment it seeing the light of day don’t forget we don’t know who cha fo is or what her game is it will be interesting to see what the script is this week over at mill lol

      • Raymilland


        I would guess that Cha’s public outing is a mock hearing of CW’s claim. If the spivs don’t get what they want (Ibrox); the consequences of a court hearing would force the SFA (and possibly BDO) to take action against Sevco/Rangers.

        The lesser of the two evil may be to allow the sale and lease back of the assets.

        Any fight to prevent the leaseback may provide us ‘rangers haters’ with years of entertainment. It looks like a win/win whatever happens.

        The Gallant Pioneers of 2012 are on a long and treacherous journey; they will need Indiana Jones as head scout. 😉

        • mick

          It’s a right mess for them ray the sfa and green lol what a team 1 was as incompetent as other whytes sevco and green stole sevco so the 5 way was drew up via deceit that in its self makes it invalid and there is a dozen spivs waiting at the till taking all the money it’s well shocking and can only end in tears agian for the sevcoians it’s lol every time a think of it while we bank 20 mil every year there clinging to life lol

    • Steerpike


      So CW is going to own all the assets without paying a dime because CG said ” you are Sevco ” ?

      Even in a CVA he would not get 51% of the company for his shares, and yet he seemingly he is promised 100% for nothing !!!

      There was obviously an agreement in place involving a minor share for CW, and that is what he is suing for, maybe 10%….maybe 5%……100% is utter nonsensical.

      • Raymilland


        100% would be greedy 😉

      • the paperwork say’s he is Sevco 5088
        Green hi jacked Sevco 5088’s binding agreement to purchase the assets,
        arguing percentages and how much Whyte put in is neither here nor there, smoke and mirrors

        Green got his shares for 1p each, how much did a fan have to pay per share, all things are not equal are they ?

        you were to scared to listen to the Cha tapes to get yourself informed, you faked deafness when asked why you don’t listen to them,
        your a pathetic low life

        • Steerpike


          ” the paperwork say’s he is Sevco 5088 ”

          Oh does it now, show me the paperwork that confirms CW owns 100% of the share capital of Sevco 5088.

          ” arguing percentages and how much Whyte put in is neither here nor there, smoke and mirrors “.

          Eh ? Of course it matters, who gives a monkey’s if he was entitled to 5% or 10%…….whereas 100% matters.

          ” Green got his shares for 1p each, how much did a fan have to pay per share, all things are not equal are they ? ”

          Does Green own all the shares, or is the amount you contribute neither here nor there.?

          Clueless, just clueless, I find responding to your drivel almost demeaning.

          • Green Hi Jacked Sevco5088s binding agreement t buy the assets, do you agree,
            anything after that is immaterial.

            • Steerpike


              Can we agree we have no idea what CW ‘s share of Sevco 5088 was supposed to be before and after the assets were to be purchased, but can we agree it was not 100% ?

              I have done a post agreeing CW has a case, just not one that can cause the sale to be reversed or one that actually affects Sevco ( Scotland), his claim will be against his fellow directors of Sevco 5088 at the time of the hijack. CG changed the deal as a director of Sevco 5088 and the claim will be against him and the other directors.

      • Gortnamona

        “There was obviously an agreement in place involving a minor share for CW, and that is what he is suing for, maybe 10%….maybe 5%…… 100% is utter nonsensical.”

        Niall you don’t have a clue. But what’s new about that?

  14. Off for a shift now ghirls have a nice evening going round in cirlces chasing your tails ! Mick ? Best wishes to you and your family in engerlund God save OUR Queen .

    • mick

      Take care Carson and have nice shift and week ahead remember if u want to see a big club just head east to paradise remember we forgive you

  15. Steerpike

    “The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love”.

    He created the female mosquito out of compassion and love for humans ?

    Very gracious of God to give us volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis to play in.

    Slow to anger……ever heard of the great flood ?

    • mick

      The sfa gave sevco the membership not trfc or old or new co but sevco lol no wonder it was a secret lol that’s why the tribute as we all new anyway really is sevco lol the sfa were trying to con the the players to via tube being mentioned in 5 way this to me is the most shocking part trying to rewrite justice to fill green and whytes pockets lol what a great news day can cha athenticitie the doco ? As we don’t want msm saying its not real

    • mick

      Steer pike a usually avoid u but u have no right to use gods name in vien as a Christian a respect your atheist views why don’t you do same to others

      • Steerpike


        I will respect your views if you explain to me why only one god, and not two, three or a committee of gods, why does it have to be a single supreme being that created our universe ?

        • @gortchomhor

          The bible says there’s only one God, what more proof do you need?

          • Steerpike

            “The bible says there’s only one God, what more proof do you need? ”

            And God said, let US make man in OUR image. Genesis 1:26

            And the Lord God said, Behold, then man is become as one of US, to know good and evil. Genesis 3:22

            Let US go down, and there confound their language. Genesis 11:7

            Rather confusing evidence in my opinion.

            • BB

              It’s called Godhead

            • @gortchomhor

              He is testing our faith by giving us reason to doubt and you just failed the test, buster…

              The good news is he will most likely forgive you which might lead some to ask well why bother with the test of faith in the first place; people who ask that typically end up in the clergy.

        • BB

          Because He came and lived and walked among us. And he died for us. Please don’t go down the route well, you know, Jesus was a great guy, but not who he claimed to be. He can’t be great guy, as well as a liar and/or lunatic. You can’t have it both ways. As chuck colson once said of the watergate stuff, it’s human nature to talk when covering up a lie, you had these powerful men in the whitehouse, and one of them burst. He goes on, regarding the resurrection, why didn’t any of the disciples burst when suffering all manner of persecution, if it wasn’t the truth? I believe there is but one God, creator of heaven and earth. If you find that concept ridiculous as you appear to do, then that is your choice. Personally I find it ludicrous the idea humans evolved from pond scum. Genetic mutations lose information, they never add to it, they do not improve the ‘kind’. I do not believe we evolved. Iredducible complexity-of the human eye for example, exposes the folly of that theory. We are fearfully and wonderfully made-yes-even Mick :-). There is enough information contained in a pinhead’s worth of our dna to pile books from here to the moon. Chance? I don’t think so. Yes, like yourself, there are many who don’t believe, they don’t want to look in the mirror…. It doesn’t need to be like that. Taste and see that The LORD is good. Come near to Him and a He will come near to you. What are you afraid of? It’s the great wager. Be in the world but not of the world. It’ll save you from a lost eternity.

          • Steerpike


            Jesus was a man of his times, and the times were mythical, the fact Jesus believed his humanity was inspired by the supernatural hardly diminishes his compassion or his martyrdom. God was the most common explanation for most effects, it is difficult for us to imagine a human mind immersed in superstition and ignorance.

            I see your knowledge of evolution, biology and genetics is limited, and I advise you to stay away from Creationists websites, they are pseudo scientific and no creationist has ever submitted a scientific objection to common ancestry for peer review. There is not one piece of evidence that disproves common ancestry, because if there was, the loony creationists would be banging down the doors of the science community, they aint.
            I will not bore everyone with the technical data but genetic mutation does not lose information, the eye nor any other organ is irreducible and natural selection is not random.

            The volume of evidence for common ancestry is so diverse and voluminous, every science academy on the planet and 99.9% of the relevant scientists consider it an evidence based fact
            I am really not interested in your unqualified opinion nor the unqualified opinions of religious loonies, the evidence FOR common ancestry is incontrovertible and it would be perverse to deny it.

            If you really believe God created the dinosaurs out of clay, then 65 million years ago decided to send a meteor to wipe them out, you are mentally ill.
            Please don’t tell me you think the universe and the earth is 10,000 years old, these people should be committed.

            Look up the definition of delusion.

            • FairBairn

              S/p, you talk of facts but your put down of those who don’t think like you are they are mentally ill. ??. Follow your own rules.

            • BB

              You’ve been hanging out with krauss and dawkins for too long. For me there is nothing more delusional than reckoning we came from the primordial soup. More chance of us coming from lentil soup. The fact is this. Scientists have found NO proof regarding the first living cell originating from chemical reactions. It’s guesswork. Like so much of evolution. Guesswork. So they fill the gaps, hypothesising, ironically doing what they accuse christians of doing. The concept ‘absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence’ can cut both ways you know .Science is knowledge, but very limited knowledge. They prove this continually by blowing one expert theory after another out the water. The more they learn, the more they actually scratch their heads. Jesus didn’t just believe in the supernatural. He IS the supernatural. The I AM. ‘Nations will mourn’ on His return, as it will be too late by then. No Mike Reid giving it ‘runaround now! It’s a sobering thought. Whosoever shall call upon the name of The LORD shall be saved. Come on board for the big win. An eternity in the glorious presence of the almighty God. Football, whatever, it’s all temporal stuff in the scheme of things. Our lives are but a vapour. Don’t leave it too late.I’ve witnessed to you, as a christian I am compelled to do so. It’s up to you Niall.

            • kerrygirl

              definition of delusional ……………… that a rangers fan?

          • Steerpike


            ” What are you afraid of? It’s the great wager. Be in the world but not of the world. It’ll save you from a lost eternity ”

            Ever notice all the religions in history offer life after death, sounds like it is not me who has something to be afraid of.

            • BB

              Afraid of Christ Jesus saying ‘depart from me’? Absolutely. You may know OF Jesus , at this moment anyway. I KNOW him, having called upon him and been filled by his spirit. It’s supernatural alright. As millions worldwide THIS day will testify. It may sound crazy to you, did to me also at one point, and to many others. Not now. I put it to you you are afraid of dealing head on with your own sin.much easier to scoff, to look away.

          • @gortchomhor

            There’s actually nothing in evolutionary theory that rests on chance as such; this is a misconception. The process of natural selection, as described, is more like a filtering process whereby more useful and effective characteristic are retained in the gene pool.

            Natural selection, then, isn’t a random process, it’s more nearer the opposite; it’s a process that feeds off the random dynamics of procreation.

            The eye isn’t irreducible either. We can see in other animals and organisms how the eyeball might have developed, with basic light sensitivity in bacteria at one end of the spectrum and higher definition in more complex organisms at the other.

            Interesting that you mention genetics which probably provide the best, albeit circumstantial, evidence of evolution by natural selection. It is understood that we share about 99% of genes with most other mammals. That is to say, genetically speaking, we are pretty much the same — this implies we all evolved from the same genetic stock (or is at least consistent with that view).

            For me, one of the most convincing arguments for natural selection and against the biblical creationist explanation, revolves around the evidence of dinosaurs. I don’t think we have had a convincing explanation from Christians yet as to why no mention of dinosaurs was made in the bible, yet other animals and their creation is mentioned and attributed to God.

            The only explanation of this that makes sense is that the authors of the bible were not aware of the existence of dinosaurs at the time of writing — scientific proof of their existence manifested over the last 200 years, some 2000 years after the bible was written. On a prima facie level this immediately calls into question the claim that the bible is truly the word of God…

            It’s possible God thought we need not know about dinosaurs, forgot to inform us of their existence, or wanted to test our faith, I suppose. But in a court of law, I think this would be regarded as a smoking gun.

            Finally, it might be worth pointing out that many people are happy to believe in a God on one hand and accept the veracity of evolutionary theory on the other. In other words, science might be at odds with doctrine, but there’s no logical contradiction in believing in evolution and the existence of God. That said, for the record, I don’t.

            • Although not a believer in God, I think my now deceased father-in-law’s mantra of believing in good to be a much more balanced outlook. I don’t doubt Jesus’s existence, but see him more a prophet than the son of God, Mohammed,Buddah,Ganeesh being the same. They can all teach us a worthwhile path to take, sadly few followers of religion adhere to their teachings as greed,bigotry,racism and envy come to the fore in human nature. We have the “Christian” USA threatening to bomb and invade every country who dares to disagree with their pseudo “democratic” capitalistic ideals. The self same ideals used by the money-lenders banished by Jesus from the synagogue. We have a Muslim population demonised and feeling constantly under attack and reverting to barbaric atrocities all in the name of Allah. We have Zionists systematically Ethnically Cleansing Palestine on the pretext that their God gave them that land, shamelessly using the Jewish faith as their modus operandi. Waken up people! of all faiths and none. This is being done in all you’re Gods names. Its time to start questioning the motives of all governments, all leaders, then and only then can religion be a force of good and unity instead of being a force of hatred and divisiveness.

            • BB

              The book of Job refers to certain creatures which may well be dinosaur types. Take away one component part of the human eye it doesn’t work. Evolution is ALL about time and chance. When I see hedgehogs debating how it all began on The Big Question with Nicky Campbell I’ll start to believe we’re not much different from animals. Not trying to be sarcastic you must understand, it’s late is all and that’s why so blunt.

        • Kerrygirl

          No one is forcing you to believe , this site is obviously your church ,how does it feel to be surrounded believers

        • portpower

          Unlike God, man doesn`t read the instructions.

    • JimBhoy

      Some would say he created you in his image mate… Mistakes will be made along the way I guess..

    • Ed Paisley

      Yes I understand Niall. That is one of the reasons many of us agonise over our faith. Look at the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, already the poorest country in the world, where up to 300,000 were killed.
      You may recall that John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, responded to this question with “There is nothing I can say that can make any sense of this horror”.

      There are many questions in science and religion that will never be answered in a satisfactorily empirical way. That is why we have philosophers. I could venture an answer: what kind of life would it be without pain or sin? Would it be a life at all? Perhaps this life is a very small part of our existence under God.

      God demands that we alleviate suffering wherever we find it. Our scientists are mapping the human genome and creating nanotechnology devices that will cure many illnesses – perhaps even the scourge of malaria that you refer to.

      But I am not here to evangelise or proselytise. I personally have faith in the God of the Bible and I feel that it enriches my life.

      • Steerpike


        I have no qualms if people believe in a deity, what concerns me is when his activities contradict scientific evidence and common sense, it is not about comfort, it is about truth, I do not appreciate my culture being based on mythological beliefs. How would you like to live in the culture of the ancient Greeks, you would consider most of their beliefs and traditions primitive if not backward. There is a guy on here denying evolution, he is probably a plumber, do you think he ignores science when it is from his doctor ?

  16. Monti

    The the rangers ladies (sic) 1 v Celtic ladies 4……..nice one!

  17. Will someone inform that auld misery carson that its the club that gets the membership no the company the thick git, am no talkin tae him, he hurt ma feelins so he did lol. sevco and out.

    • mick

      Great new cha tapes the bold criagy chatting about David White House of d&ps going with hookers lol and David Grier joking about it lol is White House married if so his wife will be well angry lol lots of tapes what a return cha has made back with pure classic tapes and 5 way what a day lol

  18. Paul

    Not responsible to the ordinary creditor (man on the street) as the debt was from the old club before transfer of assets. Responsible for the debts owed to other clubs even though the debts were from the old club before transfer of assets.
    The man on the street as far as the SFA are concerned is just a piece of shit. The clubs who were owed the debt have more clout to punish the SFA. Scotland’s shame is a 5 way agreement to the detriment of the Scottish working man. Hide your head in shame all sevconians for you have demanded that cheating be allowed to protect an institution based on corruption.

  19. JimBhoy

    Mick, Monti i have obviously missed things the weekend but check this…. a;;; for some greasy chicken…

  20. Pingback: Some Links Well Worth Reading – 1st September – And Goodbye to Heaney and Frost - Speymouth

  21. @gortchomhor

    Since we are all talking about faith, I’d like to explain where I stand.

    I believe macaroon bars point to the existence of some higher order of understanding. I’m not saying a god, relax, more like… Some sort of cosmic dietician.

  22. cam

    My regular readers will know that i enjoy finding nit picking inconsistencies that tumble from the mouth of football managers,well to be precise ONE football manager who happens to be the top goal scorer of the club that fills my waking thoughts.
    So in a moment of unaccustomed balance, this morning i shall turn the spotlight on Neil Lennon the top Lucozade bottle kicker of the club that i never think about.
    Mr Lennon as is his duty, is quick to venture forth a strong opinion on what he perceives to be attempts to unsettle his players and act in a “naughty” fashion regards player transfers.
    We can see this here;
    And here;
    Now Mr Lennon is not the gent responsible for the manner in which his club do their business,so the “naughty” attempt to acquire the services of a player from England;,is of course not his doing.
    One wonders if Mr Lennon will be on the phone supporting his fellow manager at Peterborough.

    • @gortchomhor


      Usually when you ‘people’ target Lennon you put emphasis on his looks, his teeth, his Irishness, his religion, his taigness, and his supposed luck in being in the right place at the right time (when Rangers died).

      You seem to be opening up a whole new front. Why? You definitely have nothing to gain when most Sevco fans foam at the mouth just thinking about him as it is.

      I don’t see you winning any Celtic fans over. Champions league football two years in a row, league cup double, etc, etc.

      • Gortnamona

        We are finally seeing the true face of Cam.

        As Cregganduff wrote:

        ” Being a Ranger’s fan is being a sectarian scumbag educated in the gutter.”

      • cam

        I only caught two little gorts in my net.The Cam alarm cannot be properly installed at chez Creggy.I had visions of him being awoken and hobbling over to the PC, tightenening his cilice,walking past his framed scenes from Dante’s inferno and collected works of Hieronymus Bosch in his hellish garret.
        And there you were Gort 1,trying so very very hard to appear learned,but you can’t see that the real point of my fantastic voyage into the inner workings of Lenny’s tortured mind,was to highlight the “unbalanced” bias of Paul’s clatterings.

        “You” folk really need to lighten up.

    • Steerpike

      ” The book of Job refers to certain creatures which may well be dinosaur types.”

      The Flintstones is not a documentary, dinosaurs became extinct some 65 million years ago, humans evolved some 200,000 years ago.

      As gort pointed out most mainstream faiths accept evolution, they simply believe god directed it, and evolution is the explanation for the diversity of life not the origin of life. Science may not know all the answers but filling the gaps in our knowledge with god is bronze age reasoning, no need to quote Dawkins, evolution is taught in every school in the developed world, you must have went to one of those faith schools, another reason to close them down.

      However fictitious it is, the King James Bible is a literary masterpiece, I rate Tyndale alongside Shakespeare, unfortunately the Catholic church strangled him.

      • BB

        65 million years….wow. So much for the red blood cells found in that t rex thigh bone then…. Have a google at this. ‘Bone building. Perfect protein. Osteocalcin’ That’s the last of the ‘pearls’, for now.

        • Steerpike


          Please stop using religious websites for scientific ” pearls “, let me repeat, there has never been one scientific ” pearl ” submitted for peer review by any creationist institute, not one piece of evidence that contradicts evolution. Ask yourself why the Creation/Intelligent Design movement spends so much money and effort publishing misleading scientific data to their layman audience, but submit nothing to the qualified experts, it is sheer fraud and deception.

          ” 65 million years….wow. So much for the red blood cells found in that t rex thigh bone then ”

          The existence of red blood cells is being debated, how they could have survived is being debated, but the age of the fossil bone is not being debated, it is 67 million years old. Please stop with the pseudo science, I have crushed it for years.

          ” Have a google at this. ‘Bone building. Perfect protein. Osteocalcin’ ”
          Let me first put you out of your misery before you start digging out the flagellum and other examples of Behe’s black box of irreducible complexity( since 1996 all have been demolished by science). Irreducible complexity is not in of itself proof it could not have evolved, the function could have previously used more parts than necessary, and the part no longer exists

          I googled your bone building nonsense, surprise surpsise…nothing from science, if you are going to submit scientific evidence then the source must be accredited. It summarizes with the following claim: ” Which explains why there is not only no fossil intermediate between invertebrate and vertebrate, but why it could not exist (and mainly because God didn’t create one!).”……hmmmmm………..wrong, there are at least half a dozen transitional fossils.

          Any ideas on the common structure of DNA ?

      • BB

        Ficticious. Your opinion. Isaiah 53 tells of Christ’s suffering and sacrifice for us centuries before it happened. I reckon you’ve read more of the viz than the good book. My opinion. As for tyndale, yes, murdered for enabling the Lord’s word to be accessible to all, not just the church hierarchy, but also the boy who drives the plough. Murdered as the cat would be well and truly out the bag regarding indulgencies and whole lot of other guff.

        • BB

          The book of eli movie loosely portrays this.

        • Steerpike


          The Jewish Scriptures are funnily enough Jewish, and no Jewish scholar or Jew accepts Isaiah 53 relates to Jesus, stop stealing other peoples scriptures and misinterpreting them.
          The suffering servant was ” Israel ” , the Jewish people not Jesus.

          Christians who are not familiar with Jewish terminology get easily led, in Judaism, everyone is the ” son of god “, it has no divine implications because the Jews and Jesus were strict monotheists.
          But if you are a pagan Christian then a demi-god is winner, Christians separated from the Jews because the Jews kept telling them to stop inventing shit about their faith.

          • BB

            ‘Could have been’, ‘is still being debated’ conjecture on one hand, clueless on the other, so much for evidence Niall. As for Isaiah, the jews may well dispute the meaning, I mean they’re going to, think about it! Did you seriously expect anything else? Read it yourself and stop skipping off into wikiland every 5 mins. Read it, meditate on it. It is unequivocally The Christ ch 53 refers to. Its back to the crux. Your heart is darkened due to sin, and you don’t have the courage to face it. Far easier to lob bottles from the back in blissful ignorance. ‘Let us drink, for tomorrow we die’. No more pearls to swine. No insult intended, but a biblical metaphor, of course.

            • BB

              Ps. There are NO transitional fossils. Stop lying. So desperate were the national geographic they ran a story on one they KNEW to be a hoax beforehand. Desperate indeed.

            • Steerpike

              ” Could have been’, ‘is still being debated’ conjecture on one hand, clueless on the other, so much for evidence Niall.”

              It is your clueless evidence not mine, and it does not alter the fact dinosaurs existed and went extinct 65 million years ago, not sure why you even posted the link.

              Anyone who suggests there is no transitional fossils is mentally ill, anyone who denies the overwhelming evidence for evolution is delusional.
              Just google both for goodness sake man, and pick a science site instead of your fraudulent creationist asylums.

              I must say you lot are if nothing else consistent.

            • BB

              ‘Fraudulent’…like the national geographic you mean. There are holes supposition and hypothesis ALL over evolution. And not one transitional fossil to speak of. No knowledge either of how the first living cell came into being. You keep pointing to the groundswell of scientific opinion, has the majority in science never been wrong? Are you for real? And then there is the little matter of faith. Christianity has no monopoly on faith. Scientists are all people of faith. To suggest otherwise is ludicrous. You turn your back on your creator, your saviour, and are comfortable wallowing in your sin,instead of turning from it. It’s the easy option. If you SERIOUSLY think your great great.etc etc…grandparents were pond scum, thats your choice.i’ve tried, it’s all I can do. ‘Its a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God’ Doesn’t need to be so.

  23. portpower

    Charlottes` latest. Insider trading? Oh dear sevco.

    • cam

      Oh dear Mr Whyte,nowt to do with the mighty glorious Glasgow Rangers.
      Oh BTW,when is that court case of the “taper” gonna start?

      • Cam
        It is about the old Rangers. The creditors were stiffed through a fraudulent scheme cooked up between Minty, Grier, Withey and the ugly sisters Whyte/Green. The dogs on the street know it and it is undermining public faith in unfair legal protection for asset strippers. In fact it has become such a festering sore that someone is going to suffer exemplary punishment and I think it will be Minty. Bar-L awaits the moonbeams merchant. Never mind, it might mean we get Britain’s first prison casino!

        I notice Whyte is still as free as a bird. You promised me that Castle Grant was going to be re-posessed and wee Craig taken into protective custody. You fibber!

        P.S. Are there atheists in the Orange Order? I thought you had to be a practising christian of the protestant sect?

    • @gortchomhor

      Shorting on shares of your own company is tantamount to one of the players betting that his team loses…

  24. Steerpike
    September 1, 2013 at 10:43 pm


    Can we agree we have no idea what CW ‘s share of Sevco 5088 was supposed to be before and after the assets were to be purchased, but can we agree it was not 100% ?

    Can we agree we have no idea what CW ‘s share of Sevco 5088 was


    can we agree it was not 100%

    if you want me to agree we have no idea how the shares were split, if they were, then how can i agree CW did not own 100% of them,

    tell me, how many shares were issued in Sevco5088

    What we both KNOW is Sevco5088 had a binding agreement to buy the assets,

    CG hijacked that binding agreement,

    I have no way of knowing but i would guess Whytes lawyers will paint a very rosey picture of how things would have went, if Green had not hi jacked the assets,
    What sort of IPO would Whyte have launched,if any, what sort of contracts over what sort of time frames would he have negotiated,

    • Steerpike

      ” if you want me to agree we have no idea how the shares were split, if they were, then how can i agree CW did not own 100% of them,”

      I think if you use some logic it is possible to agree his share was not 100%, one must assume Green, Ahmad and the original investors who paid 5.5 million would be entitled to some share in Sevco 5088. At the end of the day the binding agreement and the company were worthless without the guaranteed funds. I suggest logic dictates his share could never have been even a majority never mind 100%.
      I suggest CW is suing for his minority share and it will be calculated based on the IPO capitalization value.

      ” You are Sevco ” is evidence CG promised him a share in the newco, as Sevco was not needed for a CVA, how big a share could be calculated using the original share allocations of the main investors, their side of the deal never changed. I assume Ahmad and Green pocketed CW’s share for themselves, the original investors would be non the wiser.

      Either way it is not a big deal and nothing to do with Rangers.

      • Raymilland


        “Either way it is not a big deal and nothing to do with Rangers.”

        Purchase of the assets may in deed have nothing to do with Rangers; as long as the rent arrives on time; everyone is happy 😉

    • Can we agree we have no idea what CW ‘s share of Sevco 5088 was supposed to be before and after the assets were to be purchased,
      Your still at it.

      you asked my to agree WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CW’s SHARE was,
      I agree, we,that both of US have no idea.

      next thing we know you’ve got him as a minority shareholder,

      your a time served straw clutcher.

      ” You are Sevco ” is evidence CG promised him a share in the newco,

      back to front is it not,
      Whyte is Sevco, , yes, Sevco has the binding agreement to complete with or without a CVA.

      no one knows what Whytes end games was going to be,
      uour ASS U MING a lot.

      one minute you demand fact,next minute we have to agree with your assumptions,
      well for your infornmation ,we don’t.
      Sevco 5088 had a binding agreement, everything else is immaterial,
      thats Whytes case,

      you sitting cutting the company into percentages is all just your imagination at work,
      go back to “Can we agree we have no idea what CW ‘s share of Sevco 5088 was ” then accept as CW was Sevco, Green hi jacked the deal, after the fact.

      look at it like this,
      me, you and Monti set up Sevco5088, you, as the dogsbody get sent to set up a deal with D&P, we want a binding agreement for a CVA rescue on a £8.5m loan and an Asset sale on £5.5m when the CVA bid dies on it’s ass, the deal is secured in favour of Sevco 5088,
      you then set up Sevco Scotland and hi jack the deal, well done you, the only problem, Monti & Coatbrigbhoy have a binding agreement from the seller (D&P) for the assets,

      we sue you for the assets, i would ASSUME everyone else would want a part of you also,


      A London bridge is for sale, if anyone is interested.

      • Steerpike

        @coatbrig, stop the silly editing, this was my full statement:

        ” Can we agree we have no idea what CW ‘s share of Sevco 5088 was supposed to be before and after the assets were to be purchased, but can we agree it was not 100% ? ”

        You answered NO to the latter, and I have provided ample reason for you to change your mind, if you cannot accept logic then I suggest you avoid any form of deduction or debate, if you really believe his agreed shareholding is not the point then you are missing the point.

        Of course his agreed shareholding is the key issue, and it is obvious it was not a majority, he was not putting up the money in the original deal, he did not organize either the financing of the CVA or the liquidated sale and the only thing that changed in the switch was his shareholding, use your brains man.

        • ” You are Sevco ” is evidence CG promised him a share in the newco, as Sevco was not needed for a CVA.

          If Whyte was the majority shareholder it was not Greens place to make promises on the shares in the assets of newco, (RFC’s old assets)

          you say Sevco5088 was not needed for a CVA, are you sure ,they had the binding agreement for a CVA & Assets deal, the other thing your overlooking, no CVA was possible without Whytes Shares in Deadco, so Whyte called the shots, he dictated the CVA through his shares and he had a binding agreement for sevco5088 to purchase the assets, Green stole the deal.

          ps see my post at the end of the thread.

  25. Monti

    “CELTIC HAS THE GREATEST ATMOSPHERE IN EUROPEAN FOOTBALL” ……That ladies & Gentlemen, is respect!
    Nice of you to say Leo.. HH!

  26. Dan

    Interesting blogs, Paul. I watched John Kerry giving his ‘we know’ speech, but am still waiting on him saying ‘how they know’ and where their ‘knowledge’ came from. Without divulging his source ( probably Israeli intelligence, and therefore wholly dubious) he is only giving us bald assertions. It would be sort of like me coming on here and saying ‘I know’ Sevco will go into administration on December 10th, at five past two in the afternoon, and expect all and sundry to take my word for it.

    But let’s give Kerry the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume that Assad did use chemical weapons on his own people and killed men, women and children. How can we say that that deserves punishment, when Israel is allowed to use white phosphorus ( known as ‘Willie Pete’) on Palestinian men, women and children? Willie Pete is a chemical weapon, a banned substance. You cannot choose whose actions to punish and whose to turn a blind eye to.

  27. Fra

    @Dan…..and the Brits were flogging it to Syria even after their people had been attacked. Tut tut. Sleazy Tory bastards.

    The SNP have just released a poll showing for the first time the YES vote in front of the NO vote. Is this the turn in voting that has been forecast.

    BTW, I love CELTIC

  28. Monti

    She definitely has the rage……is she the the rangers ladies star striker? 😀

  29. Geddy Lee

    Once Iraq starting killing the Kurds, both Britain and the USA actually

    increased export licences to Saddam.

    It was only Israel, for once doing the right thing, who ordered their western

    puppets to cease immediatley, that stopped us selling even more to him.

    Don’t forget, it’s the British government that demanded Megrahi be released in order to secure juicy export contracts with Gadaffi.

    Profit, even from the deaths of civilians, is more important to these wretches than anything else.

    Makes one ashamed to be tainted with the “British” brush.

    On a lighter note, that Poet is “rubbish” at rhyming.

  30. Steerpike

    ” Ps. There are NO transitional fossils. ”

    Read them and weep, maybe you should read more than one book.

    The list is endless.

    • BB

      Ah! The evolutionary tree. That old chestnut. One tiny flaw. Half the lines in it are dotted. Guesswork. An example. They are actually teaching kids about a whale that had feet. Drawing pictures. Seriously. The evidence for this transitional webbed wonder whale? Part of a skull. That’s it. Quite a stretch I’m sure you’ll agree. No wonder national geographic were so desperate to get the dinobird out there. A hoax, and they knew it. Why would that be with all this plethora of evidence? Why would it even be newsworthy at all? Baloney. All of it. Best get back to roger mellie on the telly. More sense than the drivel you pull out the bag. Or even better The Bible.

  31. Steerpike
    September 2, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    @coatbrig, stop the silly editing, this was my full statement:

    ” Can we agree we have no idea what CW ‘s share of Sevco 5088 was supposed to be before and after the assets were to be purchased, but can we agree it was not 100% ? ”
    Q. can we agree , WE HAVE NO IDEA. Answer. yes

    That’s it,……………we have NO idea,
    if you have NO idea,why insist on declaring him a minority shareholder,
    on what evidence or facts are you basing you ASSUMPTION.

    no one knows how the company would have looked after the assets were purchased, Green hi jacked the deal, Whyte never go the chance to put HIS plan into action, it’s all conjecture on your part

    tell me, how much did it cost to set up Sevco5088, how many shares were issued ?
    we are not talking shares in RIFC or shares in TRFC we are talking shares in sevco5088,
    so how much was spent setting it up ?

    it was SEVCO 5088 that had the BINDING agreement

    • Steerpike

      coatbrig, this is my final offering on this topic, we are just going round and round in circles.

      If there was an agreement between CG and CW involving a company called Sevco 5088, then in my opinion the terms of this agreement are the most relevant aspect of this case. It is these terms I have outlined.
      For some inexplicable reason you consider the terms of this agreement to be irrelevant, and can only focus on the binding agreement Sevco 5088 entered into.

      It is very simple, just replace CW with CG, he may have owned 100% of Sevco( Scotland) and Sevco( Scotland) were now the buying company.
      CG had his shares diluted numerous times and ended up with a small percentage, now why should CW be any different ?

  32. nobody disputes there was a Sevco 5088, it had a binding agreement to purchase the assets,
    no ifs buts or maybes

    when there was only one Sevco,Green concedes that Whyte controls the company, Green hijacked that companies deal, ,
    every way your trying to slice the cake is immaterial. big slices or small,it was not Greens cake to slice.

    • Steerpike

      Green does not concede Whyte controls the company, you are now just making things up, and the size of the slice is not immaterial, it is the most relevant aspect of the case,what were the details of their deal ?

  33. Steerpike


    ” Fraudulent’…like the national geographic you mean. ”

    Are you suggesting every piece of evidence on planet earth could be fraudulent ?

    ” There are holes supposition and hypothesis ALL over evolution. ”

    You cannot dismiss the evidence my friend, just screaming its not true is not very scientific, there is no evidence that contradicts ……none.

    ” And not one transitional fossil to speak of. ”

    I have already demonstrated this to be a false statement, the science community insists they have the evidence to support transitional fossils, if you cannot discredit the evidence then you must accept it, just claiming there is no evidence is not very scientific either.

    ” No knowledge either of how the first living cell came into being. ”

    Are you on a loop, I have already informed you evolution is not about the origin of life but the diversity of life, you know absolutely nothing about the topic. For your information if God begun life, it evolved, evolution is an evidence based fact regardless of how life begun.

    ” You keep pointing to the groundswell of scientific opinion, has the majority in science never been wrong?”
    I keep pointing out the evidence my friend, that is what convinces the groundswell of opinion, and they have concluded the evidence is so comprehensive and conclusive it is now considered a scientific fact.
    In modern science few theories or facts are ever wrong, they may require refinement, God poofing things into existence is not a minor refinement.

    To accommodate your hypothesis, the following sciences must all be wrong:…..every single one of them
    Biology, genetics, paleontology, archeology, geology, anthropology, Physics and anatomy.

    Now a rational mind would compare the evidence that supports the two opposing ideas, you have no evidence and evolution has it coming out of its ears, what would a reasonable mind consider the most probable explanation to be ?

    • Fra

      Niall. Do you have any mates? I sincerely doubt it.

      Talk about mogadon FFS

    • BB

      Darwin’s theory on evolution-the origin of the species-did I miss something. Ream off all the ‘ologies’ you want, it proves nothing. I gave you a specific example of how the evidence you speak of is exaggerated. And ridiculously so. If you want to play dot to dot that’s your call. I personally believe the world around us, the cosmic fine tuning, how we are made, points to a designing agent rather than chance. Going by your philosophy we should all be winning the lottery every week. There’s the presence of Christ himself, the written Word, and the working of the Holy spirit, not just in me, but in millions. If you want to pin your hopes on a whale with feet-all from a portion of skull, knock yourself out. The more ‘evidence’ we look at, the more conjecture we find. Of course people want to dispute God’s existence, I get it totally. It would make us all answerable, and demand we live by a moral code written down, when really the world wants to live in blissful ignorance, to look in the mirror regardless of lifestyle. The battle is not against flesh and blood however, but against powers and principalities. There is a game on alright. Beware who your bidding for. It’ll end in tears if you don’t.

      • Steerpike


        You gave no evidence anything is exaggerated, and this does not affect the voluminous amount of evidence that you cannot deny, try using logic in your argument.

        Fine tuning is irrelevant to you because evolution is a fact, you are a creationist, try and remember what you are.

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