Rangers and the Schrödinger EGM

I’m sure my readers are aware of Schrödinger’s cat.

For those who are not, it is a “thought experiment” by the extraordinarily clever Edwin Schrödinger designed to analyse and explain (!) aspects of quantum mechanics and quantum superposition.

Wikipedia provides a helpful explanation as below.

Schrödinger’s cat: a cat, a flask of poison, and a radioactive source are placed in a sealed box. If an internal monitor detects radioactivity (i.e. a single atom decaying), the flask is shattered, releasing the poison that kills the cat.

The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when one looks in the box, one sees the cat either alive or dead, not both alive and dead. This poses the question of when exactly quantum superposition ends and reality collapses into one possibility or the other.


Popularly it is taken as referring to a situation where two alternatives simultaneously exist.

And so we turn to Rangers and the famous EGM.

On 22nd August the following announcement was made to the Stock Exchange by Rangers Intergalactic PLC.

The Board has secured the written commitment from the Requisitioners that they accept the validity and logic of this view and the Company and the Requisitioners are now exploring the mechanics of rolling the business of the General Meeting into the business of the Annual General Meeting, on the understanding that an agreement will be reached on the terms upon which this will be done, by the close of business on 27 August 2013.  Failing such agreement being reached by this time, the Board will be required to send notice to shareholders to convene the General Meeting by no later than 30 August 2013.

Later that day the official Rangers website saw a more detailed announcement which suggested that the matter had been agreed and that the issues had been resolved.

Having to convene two meetings, a General Meeting and then the Annual General Meeting, back to back would have caused a huge drain on Club resources.

However, the Board is pleased to tell the Club’s fans that it has managed to avoid such a damaging scenario.

Through negotiations with Jim McColl, who has endorsed the General Meeting requisition, Rangers Chief Executive Craig Mather has managed to persuade this group that it would have been wrong to double the Club’s expense, time and effort when the solution was always obvious.

The Chief Executive has secured verbal and written commitment from the requisitioners that they accept the validity and logic of Mr Mather’s stance and are now willing to roll the two meetings into one session.

It must be stressed this would not have been possible had it not been for the insistence of the Club’s Board and Chief Executive. The requisitioners had originally wanted to press ahead with a separate General Meeting until Mr Mather made it clear this would have been an unnecessary waste of the Club’s money.

It is disingenuous now of anyone outwith Rangers’ Board to attempt to claim any credit for this initiative.

The truth is Rangers would have been spending well in excess of £150,000 to convene a General Meeting and then an Annual General Meeting almost back to back and it is categorically the case that it was only through the determination of the Board which made the requisitioners back down on this issue.

The upshot of all of this is that this agreement means it is not necessary to meet the statutory deadline for producing the circular which must be sent out to shareholders to convene a General Meeting. The Club had prepared the document and was ready to send this but common sense prevailed.

Arrangements for the Annual General Meeting will be revealed in due course but the Board has managed to avoid what would have been unnecessary extra expenditure.

I have added all of the emphases.

Can anyone read that statement and NOT think that the agreement in the Stock Exchange announcement had been reached?

But there was not, until this morning, any follow-up announcement to the Stock Exchange.

Today we see the following:-

Further to the announcement on 22 August 2013, the Company confirms that the Board’s discussions have continued with representatives of the group who requisitioned (together the “Requisitioners”) a general meeting to consider the proposed resolutions (“Requisition”) detailed in the announcement on 2 August 2013 (“General Meeting”).

Progress has been made to agree a basis upon which the business of the General Meeting would be included in the Annual General Meeting.  The Board wishes to reach agreement for the withdrawal of the Requisition without delay but is waiting for certain Requisitioners to authenticate details of their holdings pursuant to the Companies Act 2006 before being able to finalise the agreement.

The Board, which is determined not to incur unnecessary cost for the Club, has therefore secured an extension to the written commitment from the Requisitioners to withdraw potentially the Requisition pending agreement as stated above.  If no agreement is reached by the close of business on 30 August 2013, the Board will be required to send notice to shareholders to convene the General Meeting by no later than 5 September 2013.

Further announcements will be made as appropriate.

So the agreement which the official website made clear existed on 22nd August is not quite the agreement which actually was in place, if indeed there was one!

The “excuse” offered in the statement today is that Rangers are “waiting for certain Requisitioners to authenticate details of their holdings pursuant to the Companies Act 2006” before being able to finalise the agreement.

However, if there was any doubt about the validity of the requisitioners’ shareholdings, surely this would have allowed the requisition to be rejected.

If on the other hand some of the requisitioners have undoubted shareholdings, then why does the holdings of some of them affect the position?

And so we have “the Schrödinger EGM”.

It has been agreed to roll it up into the AGM, whilst, at the same time, it has not!

I will refrain from extending the analogy about the flask of poison and the hammer which breaks it any further into the Rangers scenario.

What is the betting that a statement will appear later on the news section of official Rangers website which will sow even more confusion!

Clearly Mr Mather thought he had a deal – but equally clearly, he did not.

And after claiming the exclusive credit for sorting the problem, will Mr Mather accept responsibility if there is the need to “waste” the money in holding an EGM?

And people wonder why this verbal shuffling is interesting to me?

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367 responses to “Rangers and the Schrödinger EGM

  1. wastrel

    am I the only person astonished that sevco can`t afford a double 150k bill? sure it`s a lot of money to us mere mortals, but in football terms, have you seen the offer for Bale??!!
    Sally alone could pay these costs with his recent bonus payments, why Sevco can`t afford them backs up Phil Macs projections to the hilt
    (I could say “sorry Cam” at this point, but I wouldn`t mean it)
    the EGM/AGM fiasco rolls on!
    &- I`m not in the slightest bit sorry Cam, but it really doesn`t bode well for Sevco:-)

    • Cregganduff

      ” The truth is Rangers would have been spending well in excess of £150,000 to convene a General Meeting and then an Annual General Meeting almost back to back”

      I interpret that as £150 grand for both meetings and if they can’t afford that their circumstances must be even more straitened than you supposed.


      “and it is categorically the case that it was only through the determination of the Board which made the requisitioners back down on this issue.”

      Such language might impress the Neanderthal element in Ranger’s support (most of them) but is hardly likely to achieve consensus.

  2. Celtic fans, had no doubt we would reach the group stages of the CL

    a Sevco fan feels the need to express his optimism,

    “ramsdens cup,who knows we MIGHT go all the way this year”

  3. Jason

    Amazing result watching from behind my sofa in New Zealand. So Sally wants Miller in from America? I thought Bill had already said “No”.

  4. lordmac

    Celtic once more, feed the Scottish game, after qualifying for the champions league

    • @gortchomhor

      Sorta stuff the orcs were saying last year…. The Scottish game needs their money etc.

      Celtic should try to be different.

      • jocky bhoy

        Celtic are different – we win in Europe!
        In truth we all need all Scottish representatives in Europe to do well – it shows the rest of the world that we can compete despite being papers at the table, it improves the coefficient meaning Scottish clubs will get more favourable draws in the future and in the case of getting to the group stages, it means solidarity payments of some £1.5m to be spread amongst….hmmm amongst who now? Serious question: it was the SPL that benefited previously, will it stick with the top tier or trickle down more under the new structure.
        BTW I don’t think Lordmac was saying that in the way you are taking it, but either way this is money coming from UEFA, payments for success, not a hollow threat to be used to get rules bent or amended to favour one party at the expense of others.
        BTW, last year’s £15m translated to £136k on average/team. That’s a £2500/week salary for a player taken care of. Not to be sniffed at in these straightened times.

        • @gortchomhor

          I never said he was wrong. I just don’t agree with the gloating and rubbing Scottish Football’s nose in it. The orcs were not completely wrong either when they said stuff like that.

          • jocky bhoy

            I really don’t think that was the tone. Think you may have a wee chip on that shoulder there Gort.

            If you think what Lordmac wrote (which I wouldn’t have written btw) was gloating or rubbing Scottish football’s nose in it, you certainly weren’t around in OldGers run-up to destroying Manchester in 2008 (shurely and unprecedented “quadruple”? – which was only preceded by Celtic’s 1967 “quintuple”).

        • jocky bhoy

          paupers at the table, doh!

  5. Kerrygirl

    Just home from the game, fantastic last 16 here we come,guess we’re gonna have to grin and bank it as big Ron said ,hail hail

    • Maggie

      Hail hail Kerry,great night.:-)

    • Steven Brennan

      Did you listen to Niel Lennon on radio?
      He was totally pissed off, no help from board, sick of negativity from ITV, fans need to get of James Forrest back, he has done it without support.
      I honestly think if we had gone out tonight he would have left.
      But great result
      Did you watch the big team win tonight?

      • Just showed how much pressure was on him. Champions league hels him get the players he wants watch them come now.

      • @Steven

        In the interests of accuracy, at no time during Neil Lennons’ post interview did he mention the board.

        • Steven Brennan

          I think the reference was about the board, I also think Peter Lawell was holding back from spending until we qualified. If we had not gone through he would not have sanctioned the spending As that would have been outside the business model he has.
          We wont spend what we dont have.

          • robertg

            I’m not entirely sure it was the board he was having a go at. I think it might have been the scheduling of league games, the timing of the start of the season, the notion that a club which qualified for the last 16 has to play 3 rounds of qualifiers, the astroturf and the presence of a club the same distance from Western Europe as New York might have been at the root of it.

            • Robert
              That’s pretty much the inference I took as well. NL has always had a good relationship with PL and the board so I don’t think he’d have a public pop at them. Could be wrong.

      • jocky bhoy

        I read it that he was saying the “old” team had no help as the new guys weren’t fit to start. Celtic have signed a few players, but want more – there was another quote when he was asked about getting more players in – Lennon said “you’re asking the wrong person” – again I don’t think he was disparaging the board, more the agents and the players Celtic are currently negotiating with.

        I am hopeful now the question mark over whether Celtic were going to be playing “proper” Champions League has now been removed, we’ll see some rapid movement from our targets…

  6. JimBhoy

    just sayin it is a success, they give us 6 games as Champions to get to the 1st stage…We are there, wooooohoooo

  7. Gortnamona

    “ramsdens cup,who knows we MIGHT go all the way this year”

    Cruel CBB

  8. Iain Mcg

    Ach, well.
    Lets just celebrate Scotland’s finest (and only) European participants.
    Well done, Celtic.

  9. Eastside

    Superb result for Celtic and Scottish Football, a real shame St Johnston couldn’t get further but they certainly made an impact. The common perverse hope for “Armageddon” which surrounds the game took another blow tonight which makes it all the sweeter.

    Ps, anyone else see Cam at the end of the game in the away end!? Thanks for the support and the money, I don’t know if you knew but Celtic have loads of debt, like tens of millions of debt! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, they have millions of “soft loans” from Dermot Desmond and without Sevco winning the SPL with the help of tax payers money and corrupt referees! Until Sevco are in their rightful place stealing CL money Celtic are also losing fans by the gazzilions and all! So again, thank you helping the needy out!

  10. lordmac

    can anyone out there help me listing to this tape recording i am shocked to here words from a company, that has the creditors interest at heart then say, wanting to take rangers forward. hope you can all listen in. there is also the word crystallization where have i heard that before http://glasgowradio.blogspot.co.uk/#!/2012/05/call-2-duff-and-phelps-from-few-weeks.html

  11. lordmac

    http://glasgowradio.blogspot.co.uk/#!/2012/05/call-2-duff-and-phelps-from-few-weeks.html why would they protect rangers as stated when it is the creditors they should protect the guy from duff and phelps wants to help rangers not the creditors he says so

  12. Think this has to be lennys finest hour,even ahead of the Barca win.
    To get to the champions league,having lost the heart of his team,through the sale of his centre back,centre midfielder,and centre forward,is unbelievable. This game saves our season from mediocre to looking forward to those big European nights that no other ground can compare.
    Well done to the bhoys,but most importantly well done Lenny.HH

  13. The champions of Scotland qualifying again for the ‘big show’ as Lenny put it, may just speed up the 5088 sevco tribe to implode far quicker than you could ever imagine. Were coming to get you.

  14. Raymilland

    Shakhter Karagandy….where it all went wrong… it was all down hill from then on.

    Well done to Neil and the team, a fantastic result!

  15. jjbhoy

    Where are all those silly billies,telling anyone who cares that they’ll be back! Enjoy the mighty ramsdens cup ya robbin’,cheatin’ tribute act. We’re considerably richer than you an’ there ain’t Jack shit ye kin dae! Thieves!

    • graham

      Eh sorry to burst ur bubble but we will be back …..

      • Cregganduff

        Yea Graham
        Back in Stubbs Gazette

        • graham

          No we will be back in the top flight in two seasons from now !!
          So enjoy ur free run At the title for now !!

          • Geddy Lee

            graham, I think your team will find that playing at the top level in Scotland, will be a whole different ball game.

            Especially if this ludicrous,zombie like support for McCoist continues. Like so many Sevco’s, you are exhibiting this “entitlement mentality”
            that helped kill off the old rangers. Are you assuming , that once in the SPL, that “the rangers” especially under McCoist will somehow
            Qualify for Europe? Bizarre.

            Your appearance at the top table is far from guaranteed. Especially with the current squad he has put together. Of course, he is making yet another attempt to sign Miller(LOL) . Someone needs to tell him that not only has Miller recently signed a new contract, but his club state that he is going nowhere.

            Yes, bring this tactical genius on. LOL

            Cards on the table, do you honestly think McCoist is capable of taking on Lennon on the managerial/ Tactical stage?

            McCoist may be the highest paid manager in Scotland, but he has yet to demonstrate that he knows anything about managing a club.

            Do you honestly think he would be able to prevent “the rangers” from being skelped all over the SPFL if, and when they make their debut
            At the top table?

            I’m not even sure he has the moral fibre to hang around and find out. I imagine just the thought of drawing Celtic, or Aberdeen in the Scottuish Cup, must be giving him sleepless nights.

            Assuming, he is gotten rid of before that, who would you like to see replace him?

          • hector

            @graham back in administration by Christmas.

          • Geddy Lee.

            Earth to graham

            Earth to graham. LOL

      • tykebhoy

        Sorry to burst yours but you can’t “be back” to somewhere you have never been. And judging by Sevco baulking at paying out 150k for an egm it looks like the tribute act’s cupboard is bare so no chance of them getting anywhere close to the forever tainted record of the club currently being liquidated

  16. cam
    August 28, 2013 at 11:41 am
    Whats happening Jojo?,,,are Celtic leaving?
    Only for EUROPEAN Away games Cam…. Never mind you can still travel the country seeing new places & worshiping The Chairman from afar…. Better watch Fat Sally though, the way he was flirting with the Easdales shows he is in to hair too.

    He has away form for cutting other peoples grass so Mather will be easy meat, how could he refuse the cheeky chappies patter?… Poor Cam, you should have stuck with the ram.

  17. lordmac

    after yesterdays result Celtic have sold another 15,000 season tickets making it only 3 remain, the board say they will not sell them so as to give the support a wee bit more room to do the huddle.

  18. In my stupid imagination, i can see all the low down hacks from the SMSM vying to get on the forthcoming excursions in Europe through far and distant lands. “oh boss, remember that piece i did last year”, ya squints, your names in the book.

  19. Clydebank fenian

    In the heat of Lisbon, we’re going in we’re thousands, to see the bhoys become champions 2014.

  20. I hope the people this is aimed at get the point.

    We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. Mind is your only ruler, sovereign. The man who is not able to develop and use his mind is bound to be the slave of the other man who uses his mind …

    Bob Marley, apparently a good footballer and had a penchant for The Glasgow Celtic alledgedly.

  21. “How long – not long” Sevco, whyte, green, ahmad, 5088, we have your number. Truth and the lord will out in the end scumbags as the great man said.

  22. portpower

    Mind that gap sevco.

  23. Monti


  24. Monti

    Birth of my children apart, don’t recall being as happy as I am today!


    • david

      I hope they dont turn out like you Monti, terrorist and fascist loving jerkoff

      • Monti

        Go fcuk yourself.. Clown!

        • david

          Stick your many past apologies and handshakes up your arse, and while youre at it, stick your head up there as well, itll be a better view.
          You just cant help yourself, back to your terrorist loving, fascist sympathising , Bik- fantasising pish.
          Didnt last long, did it?
          You are what you are, the biggest twat in the history of blogging.

            • david

              Terrorist loving scum

            • Cregganduff

              Davey Bhoy seems to be a little bit peeved Monti.

              Please stop taking the the piss.

              This is a moment for us all Fenian and Orange to get together and celebrate a great achievement. Maybe even have a little parade together. I can see you and Davey marching side by side. You holding a banner saying “Bik is Best” and him holding one saying “My Hero Johnny Adair” with appropriate photographs attached .

              Just been talking to Morag on the blower, she says that he has locked himself in the bedroom with a litre of Johnny Walker. She can hear muttered cursing and the sound of furniture breaking, but is not too worried. She says it has happened before and he will eventually settle down and start surfing the net for some dirt on the the Catholic Church and/or the Republic of Ireland .

          • hector

            @david I think that title belongs to rearpipe.sorry my angry little pal.

        • MONTI my friend [as you say]
          david is that bent and twisted he could manage that
          FCUK HIMSELF I bet he will try it now
          hail hail

      • Steven Brennan

        Shields up

  25. dan

    Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a wonderful feeling, cos millions are coming our way da-de-da-da-de-da!

    What a night! What a privilege to be a supporter of the wonderfully wonderful, very, very solvent, law abiding, tax-paying Glasgow Celtic!

    Thank you bhoys. Thank you the Lurgan Lion. Last night your roar was heard all the way to Govan——and I’m betting there was much shaking in boots.

    Thank goodness our forefathers came over from the ‘oul’ country to carry the flag of our adopted nation into Europe. For without us—who else is there to do it?

    Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a wonderful feeling cos Sevco will soon go away da-de-da-da-de-da.

  26. cam

    Absolutely gutted about last night!
    There i was all built up,nervous,excited,confident and apprehensive all at the same time.
    Could Scotland do it? Was last year just a fluke? Would we fall at the first hurdle?
    And what did they do?

    The stupid American eejits and their tv schedule, have Scotlands greatest sportsman playing his first round match as defending champion at 04.30 British time!!
    Jeez,they haven’t a clue about class,tradition or how to treat a champion.
    Still.Andy delivered in style and it will be interesting to see if the major tournaments still inspire him,now that he has scaled the Everest of Wimbledon.
    I actually watched the whole Wimbers final again as a build up.What a crazy country,a month ago baking heat,now its getting greyer and darker.
    In other news; a sheep survived to fight another day at the piggery,60,000 folk urinated on each other in a strange Celtic tradition.
    A wee angry man got angrier about being angry and his angry team can take their angry style of football and spread the love.
    C’mon Andy,lets knock that Argie out on Friday!

    • Maggie

      An excessive use of the word anger and it’s superlatives there camster.
      It’s ok,we understand your pain and your efforts to deflect it onto others.It’s a common reaction to preserve the sanity of the disturbed mind.I’m very sorry to tell you that I don’t foresee any respite for you at this time,maybe you’d better call a mental health professional for some anger management. Hail Hail. 🙂

    • Geddy Lee.

      In other words cam, you GUTTED. Unlike Shaktar’s sheep LOL

      Oh how the sight of Lennon running down the touch line, to join in
      the celebrations, just as Sevcovia was settling down for extra time, must have hurt Lennon haters like yourself.

      Remembering the naked hate this man faces from sad-sacks like your good self, makes these victories 10 times sweeter.

      I understand the hate , anger and frustration, across Sevcovia last night, actually registered on the “richter scale”

      And just to think, there’s SO much more to come. Marvellous.

      How did it go down over on “Munter Media”. Are they all shrieking “F#ck them, ah didnae even know they wur playing”

      That’s the usual stance. “We don’t care about Celtic” blah blah blah.

      Aye right. A thread about offering Shaktar Ibrox park for training was universally supported on MM, and has so far, ran to SEVEN pages. LOL

      Now we have one from a Sevco complaining that Lenny has done it again, yet the highest paid manager in Scotland is Sally, and he, as we all know, serves up dire football.

      You want to see the reaction. Tops are being blown , right left and centre, as they line up to see who can up with the vilest abuse to aim at Lennon.

      The pain and frustration, of the prospect of months more of Celtic in Europe, and the huge financial rewards that brings, is palpable.

      Marvellous times.

  27. Ed Paisley

    Everything is going so well that you fear fate is sending a big equaliser your way. Celtic FC are in the ECL, the Rangers are deid, the successor club are mired in a permanent crisis, Cam has become our well-behaved wee lap-dog orange mascot and my tomatoes are looking brilliant this year.

    I mean – that is just too good – so what is wrong with me?. Maybe I caught some presbyterian misery bug? I did walk past Pastor Glass’s old church in Polmadie on Saturday – I might have caught some airborne nasty. I don’t want to end up all fearful and prejudiced – I know, a week in Lahinch for a bit of R&R. Lovely! Have a beautiful day all you good folks out there – you too Graham and Cam.

  28. Monti

    @David 🙂

    Morning. 🙂

  29. graham
    August 29, 2013 at 7:50 am
    Eh sorry to burst ur bubble but we will be back …..

    There I sorted that for you..

    Although to be accurate THIS Administration will Not be anything to do with the RFC(IL) Administration which is now an ongoing LIQUIDATION.

    The Sevco Shambles will be a NEW Administration, complete with a new set of Spivs.but the same suckers, oops Supporters.

    • graham

      Ian ,
      So are you saying we won’t be back ?
      Let assure you that as sure as shite smells we will be back .
      So there diz that clear it up for you .
      And I and many other rangers fans are awaiting justice for what had been done to our club

      • graham,

        Shite smells & so does THE COVER UP for your Old Club… They still Died though…

        The SAME smell of Shite lingers on around the Sevco Shambles & all the Rule breaking which went into creating & maintaining it…. The more revelations about Ogilvie & company’s actions the stronger the smell becomes.

        RFC(IL) DIED…THEY won’t be back… TRFC are a shambles, RIFC are run by SPIVS & I honestly don’t know how it will end up,except that THEY will get the money…OOOP’s They already HAVE..

      • Geddy Lee.

        LOL. ” And I and many other rangers fans are awaiting justice for what had been done to our club”

        Yes, well just go stand in the corner for now. We will be with you in a minute. Oh and can you stop crying please LOL

  30. cam

    Looks like the David and Monti cyber battle is back on.
    Who can deliver the most hurtful insult?
    Monti sounds the much younger fighter and has the stupidity of youth.
    David has the experience and the longer reach of wisdom.
    OMG,,,Monti in his madness has started punching himself.
    David is pulling his shorts up like Simon Cowell.
    David is placing a lot of trust in the referee to keep it a good clean fair fight,,boy he’s in for a shock!
    Monti is looking at his pictures of some chicken supper abstainers for motivation,word is he has some high explosives in those gloves,but likes to hit and run away.
    David must withstand the early flurry,not get dragged into clinches,biting and spitting.Keep the head down,chin tucked in and a steady jab will soon discourage the village idiot.
    What’s this?,,,in the crowd some lunatic dressed in an orange boiler suit has started throwing old teabags at Monti,he’s holding up a Union Jack and a banner saying “nae giro bashers in Gib. and Port Stanley”,,,what does this mean fight fans?,,,gawd, a wee wifie in expensive shoes,fur coat and aaarrrhggh,,,nae knickers! has started attacking the boiler suit lunatic with what looks like a credit card.
    The whole crowd has joined in,the orange clad madman has got them chasing him around the room,the Benny Hill tune is on and the mad barsteward is laughing his head off.
    David meanwhile has decided to take advantage of this distraction and is pummeling the snivelling Monti on the ropes.
    The referee is making a long boring statement in the centre of the ring,but the place has gone crazy.This orange maniac is taking on all comers and knocking them over like ten pins,,,he’s got a wee helper now,a rather foxy looking chick in a Mrs Incredible catsuit and a lovely sash, and she is heading straight for Milngavie Maggie,,ooh,arrgh,,,this is just awesome fight fans,,,hang on there’s a sweaty looking fellow just joined me in the commentary box,wearing an old mac,,what’s that?,,,no! you can’t get a copy of the Maggie v Morag catfight ya horrible wee Paisley creature!
    Well fight fans ,what a night! our orange hero has cleared the place,there are a few hecklers dressed up as garden gnomes shouting from a safe distance but nobody wants to tangle with the dynamic duo.
    The fur coated harpie is being led away by a jovial looking chap holding a cat and sooking away at a wee drink,,poor wummins hair is in tatters,heels broke,handbag burst and lipstick smudged,,an awfy sight.

    • graham

      Cam .
      Clever stuff there . Hope the other chaps see the witty side of it !

    • Monti

      Decent Cam, however the only time I would hold a union jack up, is to torch it!
      Don’t know what’s wrong with David today tho….

      • Cregganduff

        ” Don’t know what’s wrong with David today tho….”

        Permanently constipated Monti – I would have thought that was obvious.

        CAM’s shit (to prolong the metaphor) is the same boring one one string banjo that we have been getting for what seems like years.

        But at least he gets his shit out.

      • simple answer,
        Commons, Sammi, and James the baby faced assassin.

      • Geddy Lee

        Union jack Cam?

        As a staunch “loyal” Scottish unionist , you should only refer to it as the “unionflag.

        That@s you “outed” as a Taig LOL

    • bennybhoy

      Camino, you would make a good story teller. Fertile imagination.

      • cam

        I must tell the stories of our tribe Ben,so that the People know that the crazy folk from across the water,drinking their firewater and holding beads and graven images, tried to take the sacred ground.They used powerful medicine and had many witch doctors called bloggers, who blew smoke out their arse.Their incessant chanting drove the Bluenose People crazy but they had among them a great warrior who was immune to the voodoo,he could see through the smoke and showed the People that the witch doctors were sad crazies.
        He called out their greatest warriors and fought them mano a mano,he took their scalps back to Morag,his Beloved Woman.
        Cam Who Dances with Flutes led the enemy a merry dance and let them grow bold and expose themselves(please Ted don’t!).
        I must go now Ben and commune with the Great Spirit and make more arrows.
        The pie muncher tribe in the east have slaughtered all the buffalo to take to their great cook McDonalds,so Morag has been fishing and her warrior will eat fish tonight,,,,but never on a Friday.
        May your mocassins last forever.

        • bennybhoy

          ‘Cam who dances with flutes’. Much humour daniel san. Think you maybe overdone it with the Peyote, its a strong hallucinagin, you really should take it easy with that stuff,fcuks with your mind. Baby wipes are good for getting the bloo off your nose, just remember not to blow, it gets messy. Well “Dances With Trains”.. better get back tae work. Powwow later Hoka hey

    • Maggie

      Camster the anger issues are causing a teeny little bit of a meltdown je pense.The best satire is usually the sort containing a modicum of reality ( see Mr P Mac Giolla Bhain for an excellent example )

      FYI I would NEVER take my credit card out in the presence of a Sevconian,that way madness lies.Before I could say “Morag,shall we go for a little refreshment hen,and you can tell me all your problems” some tattooed, Sumo sized wearer of an orange tap,would have it in her pocket cloning machine and be off on a spending spree.

      Then again how much would a spending spree in,what was the name of that shop you recommended to me again camster, come to?
      You know, on second thoughts,I’ll just hand it over to Miss Sumo Sevco,,it’ll be much less than my usual monthly bill.
      Such fun.Hail Hail

    • Geddy Lee

      Cam. 3-0 Last night. LOL

  31. Monti

    Another Bowl Bik?

  32. hector

    First well done Celtic.Second old Leggo is having a good rant debating the lack of a backbone in Mr Mather, questioning his manhood,having a go at the root of all evil MR Irvine and even having a swipe at the chuckles brothers the Easdales.I just love watching sevco do our work for us and self destructing.All we need is for Jabba to walk to make it perfect.Wonder how the audited accounts are coming along.

  33. Eastside

    The SMSM are one sad bunch of duds, their excruciating pain at yesterdays result is palpable! Keep hurting ya mugs, the days of fawning over Walk On Walter Smiths droll 0-0 draws are long gone!

  34. I just read McMurdo,he is as good at bull as our resident Troll.

    It seems the more Celtic win in Europe the WORSE their Financial situation becomes…It is as if the unfair qualifying rules are Celtic’s fault& selling players for a PROFIT is a major Business defect.The Finances are fecked& The Rangers are ready to take advantage of all this in THREE YEARS Time..

    Feckin’ dingbat.

    • hector

      @ian 12 million reasons why McMurdo is talking crap all of them £s sterling thanks to last nights efforts.NEWS FLASH Rangers intergllactic AKA sevco have posted two sets of audited accounts in govan library.One in the fiction section the other under comedy.

    • Geddy Lee

      LOL, it’s wonderful stuff.

      And how about this storming quote from Munter Media, as the sevcos fall over themselves to try and drag Swally out of Lennon’s shadow……..

      “I really hope Ally gets to manage our great club without any shite that’s been going on the last 3 years !!! The way we played at Airdrie in particular gives you a small indication on how he wants his team to play so start of next week let that be day 1 from when we can judge him”

      Yes that’s right. It’s just been a bad dream up until now. And of course, if he keeps serving up the dire football he is currently, there’s always next year LOL

      In fact feck it. Give the man a payrise. LOL

  35. Monti


  36. Steerpike

    An outstanding performance by Celtic, it restored my respect for the club and repaired all damage done by the nit wits on here, first class excitement and entertainment.

  37. dan

    Who is this Graham titty?

    Steerpike. Your magnanimity (see trying to say that word!) is much appreciated by this nit wit. Thanks my man.

  38. Steerpike

    Rangers use some financial common sense to save 150k and some unfortunates see this as a sign Rangers has no money and Phil is right !!

    I blame ” faith ” schools, teaches them everything except the ability to reason,the clue is in the title.

    Rangers are doomed because they waste and save money ?

    • JimBhoy

      Sp “rangers” and “commonsense” in the same sentence come on mate..!!!

    • £150,000 savings ?

      £80,000 per meeting x2 = £160,000

      1 meeting at £80,000 amounts to a £150,000 saving in your business plan does it

      • Steerpike


        Tell it to wastrel, it was his figures I was quoting, more importantly the actual amounts are irrelevant to the point being made, even someone of your low intellect must see this.

        Sometimes it is just best to say nothing.

    • Eastside

      No Rangers were doomed when they extended their delusional sense of entitlement to include stealing Tax, Sevco on the other hand are doomed because they are being bled dry by spivs and have an identical sense of delusional entitlement which resorts in their supporters sitting on their hands and “seeing how it pans out”.

  39. JimBhoy

    Jeez how much is agent orange jnr hurting today… It’s no rangers that are skint it’s the Celts… I think the man’s obsessed with the hugely successful and wealthy club across the city.. There must be some bad sh!t news coming soon about the rangers.. Close eyes, hands over ears, Teflon deflectors to the ready bears..!!!!

  40. JimBhoy

    Seems old sticklebricks has pinned Mather to his wall of rangers haters also… So just catching up so my summary, rangers say Jackie boy doesn’t speak for them, then the following week mather employs him to fight off the threat from some purported major shareholders who want to oust the current board and the Easdales also contract Jackie boy for their own means….Jackie boy must be good.. And John Greig is thick apparently..!! There is/isn’t gonna be an EGM, delete where appropriate.. Ally wants more players but has yet to call for a cleansing and clarity..!!

  41. portpower

    Oh happy days Ghirls and Bhoys.
    Welcome to Celtic Nir Biton.

  42. Ed Paisley

    The success of Celtic will make things even worse for Sevco. Mark my words – there won’t be any more talk of restricting wages at Sevco because the fans will be demanding that they get into the ECL after their first year in the Scottish Premiership.
    Chico knew what the bears wanted to hear – £200m turnover, 500m followers worldwide and Rangers up there with Madrid, Barca, Man U, Bayern, PSG and St Mirren. It was all fantasy but the mob loved it. I remember Chico went to a Rangers supporter Rally in Dubai that was attended by 12 people. Chico clearly had other business in the Emirates – it certainly nothing to do with Rangers.

    They say don’t kick a man when he is down – but Rangers haven’t fully accepted their new lowly status yet. Therefore it is our duty as good citizens to keep kicking until the pips stop squeaking (yes you Mathers and skeekit McCoist the highest paid duffer in Scotia).

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