Why Doesn’t Rangers Web Statement re Green Match the AIM Announcement?

I wrote last night about the sad end (or is it) to the relationship between Mr Green and Rangers.

But, as regular readers know, I delight in finding nit-picking inconsistencies which might (but probably don’t) signify something bigger.

Ladies and gentlemen, can I offer you the Rangers website statement and the Rangers Stock Market announcement regarding Mr Green’s departure?

Rangers website statement:-

THE Board of Rangers Football Club has issued the following statement today.

Following a Board meeting this morning the Club’s directors decided to terminate the consultancy agreement with Charles Green. The decision was unanimous and takes effect immediately.

The Stock Market announcement:-

Following today’s Board meeting a discussion was held between CEO Craig Mather and Charles Green. The result of those discussions is that the consultancy agreement between Rangers and Mr Green has today been terminated by the Company with immediate effect.

So, according to Rangers on its own site, the Directors decided unanimously to terminate Mr Green’s consultancy. It might seem slightly odd to say that the Directors decided to dispense with Mr Green after the meeting – maybe it would have been decided during the meeting?

But the Rangers statement which, after all is the one it wants its fans and customers to read, makes it clear that the Board united to sack Mr Green, thus emphasising the unity referred to in the rest of the statement.

But what did the Stock Exchange announcement (intended for investors and potential investors) say?

According to that Mr Mather met Mr Green after the Board meeting. It was as a result of these discussions that that the agreement was terminated.

So what really happened?

If the Board had decided to wield the axe, what was there for Mr Mather and Mr Green to “discuss”? Could it be the case that he was agreeing a pay-off from Rangers?

If that is the case, then it might lessen the PR advantages of being seen to get rid of Mr Green. If he has been dispatched with nothing, then why not mention that?

Clearly the Stock Exchange announcement is accurate – misleading the Market would be unthinkable.

Therefore the website statement is intended to act as the “spin”.

Maybe if Rangers still used Jack Irvine and Media House, they would not have “spun” this so blatantly!

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  1. portpower

    Honestly, I was just listening to sport sound extra. When will they realise rangers are no-more. You`re to wear black for the rest of your life.Graham Spiers, this is and still is a man that believes(remote control repeater) that wants everyone to believe sir(?) david murray was duped. Chick Young? Where can we place this man? Well I certainly think he`s just jabbas` little bitch. You`re deid, dream on zombies. Gone and forgotten . This is a feeble argument to continue to the deid. Gone and pleased to be forgotten.
    May your God Bless You, because they`re pissing themselves laughing that rangers(IL) WILL be finished. Different shade of bloo. We`re all waiting.


  2. portpower

    Think I`ll find this post in winter wonderland?
    Sit and listen.

  3. dan

    Can Jabba possibly survive the latest shenanigans at Sevco? Or is each faction going to have a Director of Communications—and what happened to the mob that , just last week, replaced Jack ‘The Quill’ Irvine’s mob? Curiouser and curiouser.

    • Reading the MSM reports, sounded like a good old fashioned threat to me, maybe i’m wrong, “in the spotligtht like never before”, under close scutiny, and ” not like mainstream business is run”. Mr T, i’ts news to me! so far out the game he does not even know it and here’s another thought; Charlotte released a trench of Media House emails in the past, will the ‘succulent lamb’ journos now be at the beck and call of media hoose? and will they control how the scottish game is now run or reported in future?

      • If Mr T is telling the truth and never knew about this, bet your bottom dollar he’ll be building a claim for ‘constructive dismissal’, more dough down the spout.

      • hector

        it matters little just sit back and watch sevco rip into sevco.looking forward to jabba and jack knocking lumps off each other.a fight you wish they could both lose.

  4. Ed Paisley

    I see Rangers Utd hammered Airdrie Utd. A lot of parallels between the two teams. Both are new clubs of course without history to speak of. Both the predecessor clubs collapsed with huge debts – £3m in the case of Airdrieonians FC. Although I have nice memories of the old pavilion stand at Broomfield and that stalwart Bobby Watson who was also a lay preacher.
    Yes these two sad impressions of the old clubs are a warning to the decent clubs of Scotland – spend millions of pounds you don’t have and you will suffer the embarassment of a tribute act desperately trying to invoke old glories of the past.
    These new clubs are an insult to the true greats – Bobby Watson and Erik Bo Andersen ( isn’t that the chap that Gazza pissed on – what a hilarious jape, I’m sure Ally and Jukebox laughed themselved hoarse).

  5. jimmy white

    Took a wee peek at what that shameless excuse of a so called sports journalist “shuggie the rat keevins” recent activity was all about, to see if he was defending t.r.f.c. and was surprised, shocked even, to read this :-…..

    Releasing details of the allegations against Black was decried as a witch hunt against Rangers.
    But if the SFA had kept the details of his hearing private they’d have been accused of secrecy and cover up.
    Cleaning up the game has now been wrongly portrayed as an attempt to target one club, which is nonsense…… at last shuggie, some sensibility until this…….. The SFA would far rather the first high-profile case of gambling on football matches hadn’t involved one of the two Glasgow clubs whose fans see victimisation at every turn……

    Why oh why the two glasgow clubs, eh! I know what he’s saying but is there a need? What was wrong with him saying, “would rather it didn’t involve the the rangers”?… Is he not just as guilty? By using “the two” is he not showing his fear of exactly that! Is he afraid of becoming a victim (is he a victim) of the rangers with his fear of appearing to be singling the the rangers out? Is it not them he was writing about, is it not them that are back in the news again for all the wrong reasons? Has that other glasgow club, celtic of course, got to be mentioned every time that club is dragging the game through the mire? It really is becoming a bit more than tedious, it is becoming a concern, what I mean is is what if shuggie is terrified for some reason, what if others journalists (twenty five was mentioned sometime back) are terrified, if these men have been “got at” then they deserve sympathy rather than denegration, most of all the full protection of the law, after all what a rotten way to have to live your life, there is absolutely no reason to mention the “other” club, there is no connection, certainly there is no such thing as the old firm, excepting of course those who are now deemed by others in scots football as being a sevconian or a the the ranger or new company(ies) follower, I don’t believe these hacks are on the payroll anymore, who would pay? But I do believe there is fear and this is where some real digging needs to be done.

    • bennybhoy

      I think a lot of it has to do with Newspaper sales. Nobody wants to stick their necks out and condemn one team when they think they will be accused of onesidedness. I think the betting scandal has opened a can of worms though.why cant they bet on football ? As long as it isn’t their current team. I personally have not bought a paper since the thugs and thieves headline..gutter press..

      • jimmy white

        Agree benny, to a certain extent, and I’m not arguing mate, do you not think the press already stuck its neck out over the last two years of none reporting and question avoidance? I think in some of cases this does come down to the succulent lambers but in other cases sheer terror, I have no doubt threats have been made and certain journos are unable to carry out their work in a safe and untroubled environment, btw I too have not bought a paper for almost two years now (read keevins on the net) and the reasons being is what is on offer and what is blatantly being held back, as far as I am concerned the media has been one sided, threats and lamb? I don’t know but the blue pound is certainly valued higher than the green in scotland!

        • Ben McGinlay

          No I agree. I didn’t explain myself too well. Posted on my phone that is why there is a different name(don’t know why). Yeah, over the last two years especially there has been a non reporting of the facts, no journalistic digging present, not asking probing or pertinent questions to the main players..it’s all been left to the so called “Internet Bampots” to unearth the real story, who have incidentally have and still receive threats and ridicule, when in reality they were the only ones telling it how it was/is…or are we just paranoid ?

          • jimmy white

            Too right mate, paranoid indeed ha ha.

            • jimmy white

              Another point, he asks what do we have against honesty in the game here! Well put I thought, and then thought who have been the only ones to whine, wail and gnash their teeth? God only knows what has been hidden or brushed aside, but the thought of honesty and fairness sure seems to raise hackles down govan way.

            • Ben McGinlay

              Keevins defo has an agenda..never ever looks on a positive as regards to Celtic.

    • Geddy Lee

      It’s simple. He is simply trying to avoid death threats from “Ra Peeple”.

      Not easy in this day and age.

  6. Monti


  7. Monti




  8. Arb urns

    I have to tell you honestly Gym, I won’t lie to you it’s been a tough start to the season…. We put up a great fight against the athletic men of Forfar then we had to contend with the whole city of Brechin fortunately Stranraer only has one name and they were no match for us west of Scotland boys…..a can honestly say Gym with some class we are on our way now and am delighted we knocked six past our liquidation friends airdrieonians a mean we went under fur a dam sight Mair than them so to have lost that one wid hiv been hard ti take…..a wee burd tells me yer likely gettin expelled Gym …it’s hard tae remember tae bring yer jimmies Gym…….am sure ye’ll no b oot o’work fur lang Gym Trainer…….did ye collect ma winnings fur the six nil btw…………….

  9. JimBhoy

    Total bollox 7% of the universe support the rangers, surely!!!

  10. jimmy white

    Worldwide diaspora[edit source | editbeta]
    Celtic has developed a fanbase in a number of countries around the world, including Japan since 2005, when Japanese international Shunsuke Nakamura joined the club.[7] In 2009, marketing agency, Sports Revolution reported that there were an estimated seven million Celtic supporters in Japan alone.[8] There are Celtic supporters clubs in South Korea,[9] Sweden[10] Denmark and Norway[11] while the club’s profile in Kenya has been boosted by a team in Nairobi. Kibera Celtic, who were inspired by Celtic’s charitable roots and use the profits from football to fund charitable initiatives in Kenya and throughout Africa.[12] After the signing of Emilio Izaguirre in 2010, Hector Zelaya, the general manager of Izaguirre’s former club Motagua, said that Izaguirre had sparked “Celtic mania” in Honduras and that many people now supported them.[13]
    In 2003 it was estimated that Celtic had a fanbase of one million in the United States and Canada.[1] In 2002, former Rangers F.C. director Hugh Adam claimed that Celtic were “the best-supported football club in North America” and that the club’s “Irish connection” was a determinant factor in their popularity.[14] In 2004, The Sunday Times, when commentating on several European teams who were touring in the U.S at the time, stated that clubs such as Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester United attracted support in the United States only when touring the country. In contrast, Celtic were said to “have such a strong pre-existing relationship with a huge expatriate following here that their support will endure.”[15]
    There are over 60 Celtic supporters clubs in North America[16] and nearly half of all U.S states have a Celtic supporters club.[15]
    Celtic have developed supporters clubs in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.[17] wikipedia.

    • willy wonka

      ” In 2003 it was estimated that Celtic had a fanbase of one million in the United States and Canada.”
      Aye, that will be why only a few thousand turned up to watch sellik when they played over there.
      Or were the rest dressed in seat costumes ?
      Wiki as a source of statistics. Lol.

      • All this global support stuff is rubbish.
        When Rangers still existed Celtic had a bigger footprint around the world – but not by any great margin.
        Celtic are not a big global club. They have fan clubs with ageing ex-pats who left Scotland in the 50s and 60s plus a few modern recruits in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.
        It is an insignificant number compared to truly global clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal etc.
        Go to China, Africa, South America, India and South East Asia and many people are conscious of these clubs, with lots of them actively following them on TV
        Wear a Celtic strip and very few will recognise it. They are not a global club in this regard. Celtic may be a big club in their own country but they are based in a peripheral northern European nation and play in a toytown league that nobody outwith Scotland is really interested in.
        That is the reality of the situation.

      • jimmy white

        David and sevco bye bye. enuff is enough….. or izat enough is enuff! am hevvin a rite nitemer, soonds awrite if yer a scooser a suppose, there again a cud always look at wik…. bwaaaaa ha ha or copy what a rangers director said, better still pick what a want and believe it bwaaaa haaaaa ha ha n be a nice lovable hater of all things that jist wanna get on.

  11. portpower

    EXCLUSIVE: Transfer record smashed as sevco land Bale with £86MILLION swoop as Tottenham finally let him go.

  12. lordmac

    this not just about Ian black betting on any old match this is about Ian black and there maybe others involved, in match fixing and as Kenny Clark says he aint bothered too much about players and assistants linesmen having a bet i see it different this is RANGERS and players can give out information as to what player is carrying a injury and also who will not be playing, what would bet 360 do if they knew rangers
    ian black would not be scoring a goal do you think they would give you your money back i guess not but ian black would not be betting himself for the first goal scorer either, but there are other mugs that have done so
    at a great cost to themselves and there family’s this is “match fixing” and ” RANGERS” are involved in it, no matter how they try to spin it with others, About betting here. Kenny Clark ,should be made to explain who his side kick was, as he is quoted in the Scottish sun page 4 of the goals verdict, that his side kick might not want to know the score to that effect might have had a coupon busted, after all he seems to know a lot about who gambles and who don’t.

    • lordmac

      betting your team to loose has this helped Ally Mc Coist or is this a god send to get him of the wages structure legally i would not put this past
      there PR to spring this surprise up to save money on wages and i find it strange a manager will defend a player that has undermined his instructions as to go out and not play for him

  13. Monti

    2 sleeps to go…..C’MON CELTIC!

  14. david

    Overseas Supporters Clubs
    A quick look at websites gives the following number of supporters clubs in the following countries;
    Canada 20
    USA 26
    Australia 6
    New Zealand 1
    total 53
    Canada 29
    USA 24
    Australia 13
    New Zealand 3
    total 69

    Not the most scientific indicator, and it gives no indication of the strength of each club, but it destroys the myth of Celtic having a bigger worldwide fan base. It is nonsense to count diasporas with no understanding of who they support or even if they like football at all.
    Toronto once hosted the 2nd largest Orange Walk in the world, and loyalism is still strong in Ontario.
    The Irish diaspora in the US is still heavily concentrated on the Eastern seaboard and Chicago.

    • @gortchomhor

      If, as you say, it’s “not the most scientific indicator, and it gives no indication of the strength of each club”, how can it also “destroy” any myths?

      It would be key but I would say not all important to measure the membership numbers of each club. Also, you have no idea how many clubs exist since some very well might not have a web presence.

      This brings us on to other factors.

      To be honest, Rangers fans are probably more inclined to join a club. They seem to enjoy that sense of the official and being subservient in a organisational heirarchy, doffing caps to authority etc; it all seems to go hand in hand with joining a fan club. They are basically followers — no surprise that they sing things about following and name fan groups things like “follow follow”.

      Celtic fans are more inclined to just support the team quietly by themsevles — generally speaking they are more anti-establishment. I’m not saying they are leaders in comparison to the followers of Rangers but they just aren’t as inclined to bow to some flimsy club pecking order.

    • Monti

      Then argue with Sir Alex Ferguson then, before the last time Celtic & Man united met in the Champions league group stages, at a press conference Fergie admitted Man Utd play in a stronger environment, playing wise & financially, Fergus also went on to say ” globally, Man Utd couldn’t live with Celtic in terms of world wide support”……you still want to argue?

    • Geddy Lee


      I remember Charlie boy when he went “Down Under” to talk some real utter crap to the ex-pats. It was the usual “Training centres across Asia” and “A friendly in Indonesia” LOL

      He also gave out membership figures for those clubs in the region and complained at how few there were. Indeed most clubs had way under
      50 members.
      This from SYDNEY TRUE BLUE Website:

      n Feb 2012, just 2 weeks after the club went into administration we held the ORSA AGM in Perth and we had enquiries from people looking to set up supporters clubs in Sydney and the Gold Coast – the support has been phenomenal with the guys here in Sydney staying up until 2am to watch the games. We now have 11 RSC under the ORSA umbrella with additional interest to start clubs in Phuket and Indonesia. Right now the membership currently looks like this:

      • Hong Kong – 15 members
      • Perth – 79
      • Adelaide – 18
      • Melbourne 1 – 22
      • Melbourne 2 – 20
      • Northern Beaches – 20
      • Sydney – 55
      • Gold Coast – 18
      • Brisbane 24
      • Northern Territory – 14
      • Kiwi True Blues– 28


    • “loyalism is still strong in Ontario.”
      My time in Ontario tells me that the reality is that “loyalism” is a supported by a tiny minority of the population. I would go as far as to say that most of the population of Ontario do not know anything about “loyalism” and have never even heard of it.
      I would therefore suggest that that it is more appropriate to say that loyalism is weak in Ontario.
      Not only that – I will be as bold to say that it will only get weaker.
      The great waves of emigration from the UK peaked in the 50s, 60s and 70s and it will never be repeated.
      The small sliver of ageing loyalists who live there will disappear over time as the majority culture overwhelms them and transforms their descendents into Canadian citizens who will think of better ways to spend their time.

  15. @gortchomhor

    Johannesburg C.S.C.
    (South Africa)

    Hong Kong C.S.C.

    Hua Hin C.S.C.

    Papua New Guinea C.S.C.

    Tokyo C.S.C.

    Malaysia C.S.C.

    Singapore C.S.C.


    Brisbane C.S.C.

    Jock Stein C.S.C.

    Number One C.S.C.

    Perth C.S.C.

    Sydney City C.S.C.

    Western Sydney

    CSCs IN

    New Zealand C.S.C.

    Rio Fergus McCann C.S.C.

    Pedro Campbell C.S.C.


    The Barga Bhoys CSC

    Brussels C.S.C.

    Dusseldorf-Bhoys C.S.C.

    French C.S.C.

    Ibiza C.S.C.

    Island Celts C.S.C.

    The Italian Bhoys CSC

    Luxembourg C.S.C.

    Madrid Emerald C.S.C.

    Norway C.S.C.

    Nuremberg C.S.C.

    C.S.C. Polska

    C.S.C. Switzerland


    Bedford C.S.C.

    Birmingham No 2 C.S.C.

    Brighton C.S.C.

    Bhoys of Croydon No. 1 C.S.C.

    Daventry C.S.C.

    Robert Emmet C.S.C. (London)

    London No. 1 C.S.C.

    Manchester C.S.C.

    Medway Emerald C.S.C. (Chatham)

    Oxon Shamrock C.S.C.

    Preston Emerald C.S.C.

    Rotherham Emerald C.S.C.

    Chris Sutton Southampton C.S.C.

    St Albans C.S.C.

    Tameside Emerald C.S.C. (Manchester)

    Henrik Larsson C.S.C. (Manchester)

    Watford C.S.C.


    Celtic Dragons C.S.C.

    South Wales No. 1 C.S.C.

    Swansea Bhoyo’s C.S.C.


    Association of Irish
    Celtic Supporters Clubs

  16. Raymilland

    Traynor’s been on Scrabble board all night….


    Is ALISTAIR MCCOIST on to something?

    IS CM RAT’S TAIL COI (conflict of interest?)

    Nostradamus foretold of the coded massages of the twin brothers torn apart by chaos (Jabba & Sally) 😉

  17. Dave's a currant!

    @David,capital letters Dave for starters. Not your team,PISH,so what you are saying is that you feel the need to defend a club who stole,cheated and winged their way through a season stealing from the Queen and creditors and you think that’s worth defending,that in itself tells me you are a HUN,no ifs no buts. What do YOUR fellow supporters at YOUR club think of you defending the indefensible or do they all tell you to eff off and go to Ayebrokes where you belong,condoning theft,stealing and tax evasion,you should get a job with Alex Salmond as you sound just like him,save the institution that steals from everybody else,well done,give Dave a Knighthood to match his former owners business acumen.

  18. hector

    Troll alert you were warned now there are two please do not feed.wonder if they are related or the same person you never no with trolls cunning little devils.anyway goodnight and god bless.

  19. http://www.scribd.com/doc/163221599/Media-Pals.

    Charlottes latest offering proves what a genius Imran Ahmed really is! After experiencing the difficulties involved in parting a Sevconian and his cash (even the threat of instant death didn’t work) he came up with a novel way to gee them up a bit.
    Use some has beens from the deid club and add a wee splash of hatred………Who would have thought it!

  20. Steerpike

    ” Let the good times roll: Celtic golden era beckons with Rangers out the picture, says Hoops chairman “.

    Is one good year really ” a golden era ” ?

    A golden era of flogging the best players because they are not needed to win everything In Scotland.

    I can smell fan apathy from here.

  21. Geddy Lee

    Strachan was not hated by the fans you moron !!!!.

    How do you explain your own fans proven HATRED of Lennon, O’Neil or any Celtic player representing Norn Iron? Take your time.

    How do you explain Stein’s popularity at Celtic, what with him being a Scottish Protestant?

    Honestly, you lot need to get it into your thick skulls, that Celtic fans do not have the same “Built in” prejudice that so many of you lot suffer from.

    Look at the furore caused on your fan sites when Daly signed. There are still plenty who can’t stand the thought of him being at your club. No player or manager at Celtic has taken pelters from the fans for his perceived religious background.

    Now, back to “Munter Media” where you belong.

    • gortnamona

      Geddy said

      “Honestly, you lot need to get it into your thick skulls, that Celtic fans do not have the same “Built in” prejudice that so many of you lot suffer from.”

      I may just repeat that every day. And it is even more true as regards the Catholic/Protestant divide in N. Ireland.

  22. gortnamona

    “If spivs are running Ranger’s”

    No if about it.

  23. lordmac

    should the SFA call Kenny Clark into there office to explain who the linesman
    was that bets on football matches, and who else he knows bets the football coupon. can William hill, Ladbrokes, bet fred, and all the bookies
    guarantee that the teams we the punters are picking, are playing the game in the right spirit, if ian black was involved with rangers then this should be
    made out in the open and how much was taken out the betting industry as there will be records if jockeys and owners and trainers can get life banns rangers as like them should also be banned min time 3 years going up to life ban cheating lizzy out of money, now trying to cheat the people out of money, match fixing greed old co new co makes no difference both have cheated the people

  24. jimmy white

    If this club is guilty of match fixing now then there really should be no way back for them.

  25. Monti


  26. Monti

    No more troll feeding from the Mont, official!
    Anyone who claims the the Rangers are the same club as before liquidation & believes Rangers HAD more fans worldwide than Celtic,is clearly in need of a visit to their G.P. & possibly sectioned.
    So if you are one of these poor in denial souls, you will no longer get a response from myself,you are clearly insane!

    P.S. @David, you are a the the rangers fan, but your reluctance to admit to this shameful fact is to be applauded!
    Deep down your blue David….aren’t you?

  27. Eastside

    Sevconians don’t seem to grasp situations very well. The latest “Celtic are in tens of millions in debt” Jack Irvine agenda driven drivel does nothing to actually help the new football Club he is being paid to help. Regardless, the thing that really eats up the Sevconians is that they know that even if their desperate baseless dream of Celtic’s debt was actually true, and even if it materialized today, the Celtic board would rather pay it than allow the Club to die like Rangers did. Miracle of miracles the board wanted to go dead/new co the fans would not stand idly by and watch their Club die, once again they would invest their own money and time to save the Club, just as they did before.

  28. Monti

    Have the creditors been paid yet?

  29. Steerpike

    Remember the good old days when top teams like Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal stole Celtic’s top strikers………..Norwich……..4 million……double wages.

    No one else worried where this is all leading ?

    Sorry to interrupt your Rangers orgy, carry on.

  30. Geddy Lee.

    For goodness sake, let the new defenders settle in first before damming the whole lot of them.

    Remember how much of a liability Wilson looked when he first joined?

    Understanding between the players breeds confidence and stability at the nback.

    if we can get through this tie, we have some time to bring more structure, and forward impetus to the team.

  31. Paul

    When people accuse Sevco of been knuckledraggers and low on intelligence in the sporting arena is it any wonder when this is taught to them as youngsters from people who should know better.
    Take it away McTurddo
    “The hatred directed at Jack Irvine is all down to some leaked email in which he describes Rangers legend John Greig as thick and contributing nothing.
    It wasn’t a very nice thing to say about Greigy but I have heard worse and I know the great man has. Like all genuine hard men in football, he grew a thick skin hearing much worse from even his own fans.
    I grew up watching John Greig as captain of Rangers. He was a dour character and for me the quintessential Rangers leader. Although I had watched him as a player and knew he would kick his granny into the stands, I was still shocked when years later at a football q&a I was hosting, Greigy justified a vicious tackle by Graeme Souness and continued by saying emphatically that the rule was do them before they do you.
    That’s the Greigy I grew up cheering and respecting.
    And that was how football was back then. Give no quarter and expect none back.”
    So good to know what the board at the time thought of the greatest ever ranger, and their testimony was that he was thick and vicious, yet appointed him onto the board you just cannot make it up and more to the point Mc Turddo goes along with the comments and justifies them.
    Surely comments such as these should be kept to yourself as it must no matter what people think hurt the great man himself personaly, and i personaly as a Celtic fan liked John Greig for his commitment to his team and his contribution to the Scotland teams in which he played.

  32. Steerpike

    Ben, sorry about your post, the site has a few glitches and it got lost:

    ” There are others who believe these temples and buildings could have been built by a more advanced being…there are good arguments for this…some archaeologists theories just dont add up. I read a lot of alternative material..Graham Hancock(fingerprints of the gods, heavens mirror and the mars mystery to name a few). Academics are quick to rubbish this material, but it does make you think about your own existence. What are your thoughts on Steerpike…?”

    I KNOW about our existence, we used to eat termites with twigs and moved on to bashing things with stones, the rest is evolution by natural selection.
    I read ” Chariot of the Gods ” as a teenager, and this tripe would have died a death but for the internet, you can fool some of the people all of the time. The fact some buildings were constructed to very high standards doesn’t prove aliens did it, it proves humans knew more about geometry earlier than we thought. Any alien who can get around Einstein’s theory of relativity to get to earth, didn’t use this mind boggling technology to help us stack rocks in a neat pyramid.

    David Icke is a multi-millionaire, this just about sums up human nature, and you wonder why we need to be governed !!

    • Ben McGinlay

      That’s your final word then. So what you believe is always right. No doubt in your mind whatsoever. Have you ever wondered why everyone disagrees with you. It’s not because your maybe right or wrong, it’s your condescending attitude towards other people’s ideas or opinions…I get the feeling you have no grey areas or doubt as regards to any subject. Cocksure and Ego Central…are you the Oracle from the Matrix, then again you would probably think that film was a load of Sh#t because that would never happen !!!!!!!!

      • Steerpike


        Do you know how big our universe is and do you know what happens to physical mass traveling at light speed ?

        Add these two factors into any alien scenario and it vanishes, a 400 year round trip just under the speed of light is the best case scenario, all to sexually molest some string vested trekkie fan in his trailer park.

        Not even aliens can get around the universal laws of physics.

        • bennybhoy

          How do you know, if there are aliens,do they have the same mass and body density as ours. What you are saying is what humans know so far is by theory disproving the probability of beings on another planet/ universe..maybe ( we’ll call them ) aliens exist to different physical and biological laws as ours

  33. Cluster one

    sectarian incidents caused by greater percentage of Rangers fans……True Fact

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