Rangers Bid Farewell to Charles Green (Again)! But Has He Gone or Is It a Fatal Attraction?

Most readers of the blog will have seen a horror film where the evil monster/zombie (by the way that is not, nor should be taken as, any reference to a “Sevconian”) is killed off but, to then shock of the audience, reappears from the dead.

Many great, and some not so good, films have used that as a plot point. Traditionally, for example, vampires might be killed off but, until the stake is driven through the heart, you can always expect Count Dracula to rise again … and again … and again.

For some reason part of the announcement below from Rangers today brought those images to mind.

Wait a minute - didn't Dracula land at Whitby ... which is in Yorkshire ... where Mr Green comes from!

Wait a minute – didn’t Dracula land at Whitby … which is in Yorkshire … where Mr Green comes from!

The relevant section reads as follows and can be seen in full at this link:-

THE Board of Rangers Football Club has issued the following statement today.

Following a Board meeting this morning the Club’s directors decided to terminate the consultancy agreement with Charles Green. The decision was unanimous and takes effect immediately.

Charles Green of course has already left Rangers, when he stepped down as CEO during the investigation into his links (alleged) to Mr Whyte. As we were told, the investigation “cleared” him yet he did not take up his role again at Rangers.

He made his first resurrection a few weeks back when he came on board as a consultant. He managed to lose Rangers the match against Forfar by playing very badly in goal making comments to the media about how poor the standard of the players was. Or at least Mr McCoist blamed him – after all, it could not be the manager’s fault, could it?

Mr Green was seen sitting in the Directors’ Box at Ibrox with the Easdale brothers, and he has confirmed that he will sell his shares (he remains the biggest single shareholder) to them. That is old news however – it had been reported previously that he was going to do so.

Why do I think there is a possibility that Mr Green might not be gone for good from Ibrox?


First of all, what self-respecting “villain” only comes back once! What is more shocking than to see the twice-killed baddy rise yet again?

Fatal Attraction

Secondly, he remains the biggest single shareholder and is clearly on good terms with the Easdales. (He may wish to remain on good terms so that they pay him the price of over £2,150,000 which his shares are worth at the present market price! Along with his salary, expenses and bonuses, not a bad return for 18 months’ work!

If though he is closely connected to the Easdales, then surely, if they achieve the pre-eminent position at Ibrox now being forecast for them, they would not want to dispense with the services of such an excellent businessman as Mr Green? After all, he turned a business worth £5.5 million (being the price paid for it) into one worth over £60 million based upon the share flotation! How can such expertise be dispensed with?

And does Mr Green really want to leave Ibrox?

After all, on the official Rangers website in January 2013 he was quoted as follows:-

“It’s interesting Duff and Phelps contacted me,” Green said. “They’ve obviously been contacted by clubs and it would be improper to name them.

“It’s flattering now people in some ways associate Charles Green with rescuing football clubs.

“But this isn’t about my position. It’s about the state of football and it’s not just Scottish clubs that are having problems.

“There are Championship clubs having issues too and I think there is a continuing downward force in the game. We’ve turned against that movement and gone forward at Rangers.

“I came here at first unashamedly looking to make some money and disappear but during the process that has changed.

“I was asked last night how long I’m staying and I’ve made a commitment to fans. I’m here until I retire.

“Of course, if fans want to turn up at a shareholders meeting and sack me and they’ve got power through their shares to do that then fine.

“But I want to now make sure this club continues its rise and I will keep fighting the corner for Rangers.”

Green added: “I’ve always managed to raise money for Rangers from the first day we talked about it in London last February or March.

“Now that we’re listed (on AIM), that gives more transparency when previously people were investing in a Charles Green dream that may or may not happen.

“What people are investing in now is reality and they’re seeing we’ve audited the club and put it on the stock market.

“They can see exactly what this club is about, they can see stability and they can see the investment upside.

“Lots of people are now interested and we’ve seen lots of shares change hands in the few weeks we’ve been listed.

“What we now have are sophisticated investors who previously perhaps weren’t sure but now are.

“You have to remember that when we did the IPO, the only investors were the institutions who we met privately and Rangers fans.

“Nobody else was allowed to buy shares and some millionaires who are interested in football didn’t have the opportunity to invest.

“It’s those people who are now calling asking to speak to myself and Imran (Ahmad) and looking to become part of the investment team at Rangers.

“It is key we get the right type of investor in. That is always going to be under scrutiny because it’s about what they can bring, not just that they can sign a cheque.

“What we want to see, particularly from people wanting to invest larger sums, is they engage with the club and bring in complimentary skills and assets to help the club.”

(All emphases added)

Isn’t it sad to see his dreams apparently quashed? And it was not the fans who turned up at a shareholders’ meeting to get rid of him either (and a wee point about that will be mentioned in my next post).

And, after Mr Green’s pledge of lifelong love of Rangers, guess who had these kind things to say about him?

“It’s really encouraging. I think he actually said he was staying until he was 70 which was a heck of a statement.

“I think what Charles was doing there was pledging his future to the club because he believes there’s a lot of work to be done, like the rest of us, and we want to get that work done and get back.

“I think it’s important that the fans – who have been fantastic – are sent the right message that there is a lot of work to be done.”

“He was very up-front and honest and said he’d only be here for a short period of time. He said he wanted to get the club back on an even keel and back moving forward again and make a bit of money – that’s fair and square.

“It looks from where I’m sitting that he’s appreciated the support and, while not underestimating the size of the club, I think now he fully appreciates the size of the club and the people within the club and the support and he’s enjoyed being part of it.”

Did you guess who said that?

McCoist GReen

So, I would not put it past Mr Green still to be involved with Rangers in the future – after all, he said he wanted to be, and who could doubt his word?


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144 responses to “Rangers Bid Farewell to Charles Green (Again)! But Has He Gone or Is It a Fatal Attraction?

  1. graham

    Ooops a daisy celtic .. Let that auld British teams down tonight !!
    Get into Uefa bout they orange taps
    Should nae be allowed
    As borat says great success !!
    But think the craptic will leather them next week and go through .. Good luck to them next week !! But until them
    GIRFUY !! Hahahahahahahaha

    • Colshy

      Aye, fair enough Graham. We were shite! 🙂

      • graham

        Chin up u will still go through

      • Ben McGinlay

        How is it fair enough. Do you know what GIRUY stands for…think graham might have a stutter, he keeps repeating ‘orange taps’…

        • graham

          I have had the GIRFUY at me from a few on here more time than u can wave a stick the chaps know who they are but just in case they don’t .. I have put in the stuttering orange Taps because the same people when on about them as well .
          It not for the majority of celtic fans on here .. Just ta few

        • Colshy

          I know what GIRUY means – I’ve been saying it since the League Cup game. Don’t give it out if you can’t take it is what I was always taught. If I feel qualified enough to have a chuckle about Rangers (whichever incarnation you like) getting papped out the Cup then I don’t see why Graham can’t do likewise.

    • tykebhoy

      First time Oot of hiding since you were trounced in the league cup?

      Celtic didn’t travel well. Meanwhile the Sevco board didn’t travel far to play even worse.

      • Paul C

        Didn’t travel well??

        Did you see the pics of them on the private jet kitted out with beds and leather seats?

        The sevco bus couldn’t hold a candle to that jet (maybe that’s what caused the fire).

        Basically missing wilson, wanyama and hooper

      • graham

        Celtic didn’t travel well ..double beds on the plane .. 5 star hotel in the caspian Las Vegas ..
        Played the opposition off the park ..
        Should have win 2-6 ..
        What you talking about ..
        I can in took the stuck fir the league cup exit ( including plenty GIRFUYs ) and have been in a couple if times since also
        But it’s quite refreshing to see that the mighty craptic with the greatest fans in the world are also human ..

    • graham,

      I wish that story on Black had not been published before the game….I’m looking at that defence & thinking BAD thoughts.

      A few players on that park want to have a hard look at themselves, I thought they would have bust a gut to be in the team & stay in it..

      Mind you that’s what makes football interesting, if Celtic can win through it will feel all the better.

      Full House guaranteed…. it will be some atmosphere.

      • Steerpike

        ” A few players on that park want to have a hard look at themselves.”

        Not like you to understate things.

        • I always tell the truth & say it like it is. I have no need to pretend MY team still exists & make excuses….RFC(IL) are dead & the Sevco Shambles is a Spivs dream come true.

          You steerspike will never convince anyone that they will survive the reign of the Spivs.

          The IPO money is gone, the spiv pack shuffled. All that sponsor money & season ticket money which Green said was in the bank UNTOUCHED all gone & nothing to show for it. TRFC have this season’s money & little else. That is Buttons compared to the overhead & waste.

          The reality is RFC(IL) are no more & will never play in Europe, I can’t see the Sevco Shambles doing it either.

          We under performed in Europe & as I said some players disappointed me with their attitude, we have a chance to rectify that at Celtic Park

          I can’t see where I have understated Celtic’s position & I have described RFC(IL) & Sevco’s accurately too. I know which Team is doing well & it ain’t Sevco no matter how much Bullsh*t you try to trowel on… .

      • graham

        If black is found guilty of this he should be sacked on the spot ..
        If it runs deeper than one or two players having a punt on the fixed on coupons of a weekend then our football is in big trouble ..
        Of course your team will go through .. And good luck to them if they do .
        I think that team will disapear quicker than snow off a dyke when they face a wall noise from the scottish / British / Irish partisan supporters at porkhead
        Next wed !

        • Cheers graham,

          I notice TRUE Rangers men are on with a bit of give & take banter & Cam is back to his funniest but right in the middle of it all is STEERPIKE, in DeNIALL, dripping venom & stirring it up & He claims Not to be a Rangers man.

          If I supported TRFC I would tell him to take a flying feck at the moon & stop giving us a red neck with his Boring Mince.

          The Black issue is a funny one, i did not know that footballers could not bet on Any game, i thought it was just their own. I agree it is rife & wonder if this is just the first or if there is more to it..

          I don’t mind players having a punt on football in general but agree anyone betting against their own team should be sacked.

    • Fra

      Graham, as I replied to your post, there was only your post. By the time I had finished and posted, Cam the gobshite had about four and the total was around the ten mark so it looked a wee bit muddle.

      I accept you think we are brilliant and I bow to your superior wisdom. Are you a Tim in disguise?

    • AntoniousF

      we may have embarassed ‘british’ clubs last night. Rangers embarassed them for their whole existence

    • Kerrygirl

      Thanks for your support

  2. Budweiser


    Isn’t Green still a director of Rangers retail ?

  3. Pie man hates bridies!

    @graham….sorry couldn’t hear you from all the way down in the lower leagues. Has your club paid back the charity monies it stole as your club is DEBT FREE! CHEATS!

    • graham

      Ah hahahahahahahaha
      Gid save the queen ..
      Your team were unlucky and all you and some of your pals can throw back are tax pish and robbing the queen and such like !!
      GURFUY … Fir this week at least ..
      Oh and how about the AOH steeling from charities last week ..
      Orange taps
      Aye it’s been not too bad a week after the last year of stick from you lot !!

    • No Chance they spent the money on a FIVE STAR HOTEL when they traveled to take on the mighty Stranraer, Finders fees, Lawyers fees, £1m on Chuckles activities alone & PIES… that is why Sally is so happy..

  4. Pie man hates bridies!

    @graham….have you paid the Queen back her monies yet?

  5. Pie man hates bridies!

    @graham….have you paid back your creditors(250+)you stiffed?

  6. Pie man hates bridies!

    @graham….do you not feel ashamed that YOUR club who laud the Queen at the drop of a hat,robbed her of monies?

    • graham

      Pie fella ,
      Not guilty of the big tax case !!
      Or did you miss that ..
      Our club and supporters are victims of a fraudulent take over and hopefully we will have justice !!
      But does all the tax thing have to do with you responding to your team getting beat av a team of borats ??
      Ah hahahahahahahaha
      Celtic defence played well …. Pause ..
      Not ..
      Great success !!
      Yak shamash !!
      I love the lovely pam Ela !!

    • graham

      Pie guy ..
      I am a tax paying law abiding rangers fan .. Oh and not a bigot ..
      So to answer your question aye I have paid my taxes to the queen .
      Ah hahahahahahahaha borats gubbed yae !!
      Get over it .. It’s only one game ..
      By the way we are not dead
      54 titles and still going on

  7. cam

    Get the highly respected Mr Blin on board cut the costs,tell Ally he and his team are staying nowhere before a game,they drive up in a McGills bus 30mins before kick off,in their strips,score 4 goals and get back on the bus.

    In a Carlsberg world Celtic would score 3 goals next week,60,000 folk screaming for every decision,,,and then in the 94th minute,in Shaktars only attack, they get an exact replica penalty like Sami’s dive against Spartak,,,light green touch paper and watch the gnome go mental!
    Now that would be fun!

    • Cam, even if all that happened yer still fecked.
      Cut Costs? The money is ALL GONE…. The Sevco con is a shambles.

      In a Carlsberg world Green would ride off into the sunset with his payoff & the History of the deceased RFC(IL) which he Personally purchased for One Pound. He will.sell his story to the sun admitting that the Sevco Shambles was a con & all the loonies bought into it.

      When questioned by our Elite members of the press, he will admit he is a Snake Oil Salesman who sold his wares to Snakes & Tax dodgers, I was going to say soap dodgers…But that is part of the tradition TUPIED over to Sevco something when Rangers died, NEW CLUB same Boggin’ supporters.

      THEN, on would come Steerpike telling us all for 36 hours straight that it is all going to plan… Jeezo what is that Numptie doing in a Carlsberg World?

      He is more VIMTO.

      • cam

        Don’t worry Ian where there’s 50,000 loyal fans there will be a way.
        We just need 4 gallant pioneers and a ball.
        I was gonna put Johnny Cash’s Hurt on for you but we need to watch our cash these days.
        Chin up,there’s a league title decider in November to look forward to.

        • Jeezo Cam, I didn’t think it was that bad not a ball between the lot of you.

          I feel guilty now for calling you a Fanny baws, I retract the Baws bit & give you the title you are, ahem, entitled to.

          Here was me thinking that was Steerpike’s first name Just shows you.

        • Pie man hates bridies!

          @cam……50,000 LOYAL supporters,how much did Sir minty moonbeams have to pay to prop up the share issue for your deid club.Methinks wee swally has needed more than jist a baw an four idiots as his 3rd division wage bill shows,you live in a strange fantasy world that you,and only your kind know and want,meanwhile everybody else just shakes their heads in disbelief,knowing your old and new club cheat. Chin up old bean,just a few years till you get back in the big league and your new club can try and achieve the success we have,without cheating!

  8. cam

    Chico was entertaining and did what it said on the tin.He fought the hate mob,said the right things at the time,rallied the Bears,raised a lotta dosh,made a lotta dosh but its no longer “Chico time”.
    Every owner,chairman,board member is just a temporary figure in the history of Scotland’s biggest club.
    The world famous Glasgow Rangers will continue and the big wheel of fortune will spin our way again.
    Get the club efficiently run,give Ally this season to prove he has what it takes,get the PR team earning their corn and slowly gather momentum.
    When you see the youngsters coming along to watch,45,000 folk turning up,strips and merchandise being bought it just makes you proud to be a loyal blue nose.
    Let the others come after us we welcome the chase.

    • Ben McGinlay

      I think you will find your team are 2 divisions below us. Your new club have all the catching up to do…

    • tykebhoy

      raised a lotta dosh, made a lotta dosh.

      Strange that nobody of a Sevco persuasion has worked out that the latter is mostly the former meaning there is very little, if any now, of the former left.

    • Can somebody help me here,how do you get those song videos?

      I can just picture Cam, Carson & Steerpike singing that McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken & a Pizza Hut song. What has that to do with football, you are entitled to ask?

      Feck all but it makes a change from pies & makes more sense than Cam rambling away as if the Sevco Shambles Had a future.

    • Stephen

      Ah gotta love the defiance. Fair enough.

      Although officially the race ended for you lot in 2012 but we kept going.
      Your runner in the race collapsed after 140 laps. Game over. Race over. Chase over.

      We’re still in the race, the chase, the game. Unbroken.

      Every taxpayer in Britain has been robbed by Rangers. You want to claim to be the same club but have no intention of paying your dues.
      But you don’t care about that, do you? Neither will the other 44,999 bluenoses.

      Dignity eh?

      Just remember that the next time you have an Armed Forces circus at your place.


      Dunfermline have won something you will never win.

      A CVA.

    • Kerrygirl

      More like spin the bottle

  9. Fra

    And the honour of irony falls to Graham. Celtic are half time in a two game leg and our friend Graham has it ‘game over.’ Why come onto a blog and laugh about your country’s representative in Europe, who is after all, helping your team by trying to raise the co-efficient in Europe. This may not apply to the newest team in Scotland as they could go bust before reaching these giddy heights so we’ll assume your just a bigot. SKELP

    Not having watched the game, I cannot comment, except to say I’m disappointed in the result. Will Graham be first on apologising next week if Celtic win? I somehow don’t think so but that is more a measure of the man and we will hold our own counsel on the outcome.

    Personally, I have been very proud of Celtic in the last couple of years with their stand alone policy of fiscal prudence. A business model which most, if not all, teams in Britain would be proud of. When rated alongside the car crash which we have had the misfortune of witnessing, then Peter Lawwell must be saluted by not just fans of Celtic but every club in Scotland.

    Scottish football is going through a trying time lately. Lack of investment in comparison with other countries is severely hampering our game. The fans are slowly returning and hopefully we are on an up slope. If the toxic club think they will be dominating any time soon, then I would have a serious word with them as they’re living in a fantasy bubble.

    The new derby, with regard to the two biggest teams in Glasgow, Celtic and Partick Thistle, is one to be savoured and the whole of Scottish football should welcome this fixture, minus the poisoned atmosphere which seemed to hang from the very entrails of the now dead toxic club. Sounds good doesn’t it. The two biggest teams in Glasgow, Celtic and Partick Thistle.

    Scottish football is entering a new chapter and each and every one of us has a part to play. The dead club are gone and are not welcome in this fresh and clean football arena in any form. Killed by their own greed and arrogance, The corruption has been outed and the bampots are on the case. Scottish football has gone a long way to cleansing itself. The job isn’t over but hopefully won’t be long now.

    • graham

      No I don’t I think you will still go through I have said as much .. But don’t let the truth get in the way !!
      Iam enjoying my night !!
      Just take it on the chin safe in the knowlege that u will make the group stages !!
      You really can’t take it can you

    • graham

      Oh and fra
      141 years
      54 titles and still going on

      • Fra

        @Graham…For a man of your years, you really should understand the concept of ‘liquidation.’

        Dead as in no more. Gone. Kaput. Au Revoir. Aul Weidersen. TA TA.

        • graham

          Fra fra fra .
          Don’t ask me ask Uefa and all the authorities that the celtic fans have constantly pleaded with to say we are dead .. Gone.. No more .. An ex club ..
          Only to be told the opposite . Alive and kicking !!
          Unlike celtic football and athletic club ..
          Remember them they one the big one !!
          Unlike celtic fc who if you want to split dead club hairs huvnae !!

          • Ben McGinlay

            Why can’t the new The Rangers not play in Europe for another two years then. There are differences between the two situations. Celtic did not enter administration or were liquidated, their brand name was changed, the company name was changed when wee Fergus bought the club(company/club). Rangers’ situation was different, they entered into administration, hoping to pay some of their debt through a CVA, this was a no go due to the HMRC( the wee tax case) being the biggest creditor knocking the CVA into touch, thus liquidation was the only route…

      • tykebhoy

        Yup Duped then
        Duped now
        Duped forever.

        Your team is new it has earned one title that of the fourth tier of Scottish football. It may just survive long enough to ad the third tier to it but I have my doubts. The cupboard is bare and shareholders are squabling over who owns the crumbs in the bottom

    • BHA1

      Aye Graham I think you may have got under wee Fras’ skin!!

      • graham

        Bh ,
        They love to give it out big time but as last night showed a few a very very touchy when it comes to taking it back !!
        Only a bit of football banter!!
        Great sucsess !
        Borat fc !! Number one club in my house today !! Yak shamash !!

    • Ben McGinlay

      Spot on Fra, BTW I have totally changed my mind on the independence issue, partly due to a comment made on Phil macs latest post, FREEDOM !!!!!

      • cam

        Ben,i think i’m correct in saying that you have an interest in the American Indian tribes.
        Fascinating subject,any chance of you doing a wee guest post?
        I think i would have made a great Chief.

        • Maggie

          Yeah me too camster,Big Chief Sitting Bull ( s*** )

        • Ben McGinlay

          @Cam, I don’t know about Chief, you would have to earn that honour. And apart from a bit of humour, there’s not much else going on..firstly we would have to find a suitable tribe for you.. I’m thinking the Pawnee, they were a warlike tribe from around modern day Nebraska, whose traditional enemies were the Lakota and Cheyenne, but generally fought with everyone(similarity 1). They also lived in earth lodges(similarity 2), and some villages in some of the bands(similarity 3) ranged from a few hundred to 45 to 50 thousand souls(similarity 4). You would probably have to earn respect from the tribal elders through your skills in battle. To make Chief that would be your best route. You could even wear a red white and blue headdress(ceremonial) or roach(in battle) and orange breechcLOUTs to make you feel more at home. Your battle cry would be WATP( we are the Pawnee). You need a name too, how about ‘Little Knob’ or ‘Buffalo Breath’. You can’t pick one yourself, that’s not allowed. We could have a ballot. What do you think ?

          • cam

            Excellento Benjamin,now thats what i’m talking about!
            In a previous life i was a pwoud brave Apache warrior and i still like to collect a few scalps in here.
            I asked my father Grand Master Geronimo if it was true that he named us when we were born, by looking out of the wigwam for a sign.

            He said “when your sister was born i looked out and saw the great moon and an owl ,that’s why she is called Wise Moon”

            “when your brother was born i saw a great stallion on the prairie,that’s why he is called Swiftfoot”

            “Why do you ask Two Dogs Shagging?”

            • Ben McGinlay

              Touché Cam, I have reservations on the joke though lol

            • Ben McGinlay

              Ps, the Apache tribes lived in different types of dwellings. Not lodges or wigwam’s I’m afraid. Geronimo would have slept in a teepee or a wickiup(dome shaped teepee). Hogans(very similar to the earth lodges of the Pawnee)were also used by some Apache bands for sleeping and ceremonial rituals. Dreamtime and sweat cleansing.. Are you sure he was your father. You might have been adopted or captured in a raid on Mexican villages. Your biological father could have been a gardener in California working for less than national average wage and your biological mother might have made a fortune selling her wares…

            • cam

              Good God man!
              I try to strike up a wee pow wow and the next thing i’m a low down son of a bitch sod buster. 🙂
              My tribe the Bluefoot shall be making mucho war.
              I give my solemn oath to drive you up the totem.

            • Ben McGinlay

              That’s it Cam, broken arrow time, the lines have been drawn. You know what they say. You always know who your mammy is lol…you’ve no chance of taking my scalp. Hirsutely challenged. As I’ve insulted you, you can’t count coup by taking an ear or the tip off my nose..then again a powwow sounds a better option. A big roaring fire, a good looking Indian female and a skinful of buffalo ribs….

            • Kerrygirl

              More like wounded knee

      • Fra

        Ben, I salute you. I fight the good fight every day. Welcome aboard comrade.

      • graham

        Ben .
        If you think independence will be good for this country I think you should think again and have a good long look at what the financial repercussions will be .
        Your a free to vote as you wish of course , but I think it will cost us a lot of jobs particularly in the defence sector , which includes our last two remaining ship yards on the Clyde .
        And if certain figures are to be believed , we as a nation take far more out of the social warfare system than we put in .
        So freedom yes .. To vote as you wish

        • Ben McGinlay

          I have said in the past between a rock and a hard place. I do think with the advent of independence, everything will get worse/harder before we see change for the better, and yes I am concerned about jobs lost through industry and the public sector, also the validity of the claim for our oil.. and the freeloaders(that is people who are able to work, but can’t be arsed.) who bleed the system dry. I also have a lot of contempt for politicians, but what else can you do, vote and hope for the best..

      • david

        ” Spot on Phil”

        • bennybhoy

          Oh its David the fanny back. More shite patter and self righteous views. Martybhoy was right, you are indeed a fanny.

  10. Dhougal

    Who would want to get off the merry-go round that is Thé Rangers(2012) ,although i’m feelin a bit dizzy wi all the corruption down Govan way

  11. Budweiser

    Is anybody else having difficulty with Paul’s next post ? Keep getting ‘ page not found ‘ !

    • Don’t worry Bud!

      That is what happens when I press “Publish” rather than “Schedule” and quickly fix it!

      No outside intervention this time!

    • hector

      no but a slight technical problem with grahams posts is this a wind up?

      • Budweiser

        hector. — Paul’s next post .

        Why Doesn’t Rangers Web Statement re Green Match its AIM Announcement?

        Am I having a clairvoyant moment ?

        • tykebhoy

          The aim statement is about as succinct as it gets. The RIFC statment is fawning and is presumably an attempt by Jabba to prevent chuckles’ latest bestest mates setting their new pet pitbull on those with whom Mr Charles has just parted company

          • Budweiser

            tykebhoy.:- ‘
            Why Doesn’t Rangers Web Statement re Green Match its AIM Announcement?

            Okaaay! Now that I’m officially clairvoyant, I’ll just handle the next post . No need to finish it now paul – do you want me to post the rest, using my special powers ?

        • hector

          this dejavu is a pain again.

        • Fra

          Bud…which year am I winning the Oz lotto coz my heart belongs in paradise. God, I miss the Celtic. It better be soon.

    • cam

      As Shaggy said,,,It Wasn’t Me!

    • Steerpike


      I just assumed he had switched the phones off, closed the curtains and hid under the bed, I would if 20 million quids worth of duds could not beat possibly the worst team in CL history.

      Certainly puts the SPL into perspective.

      • You definitely do need a Therapist you dork.

        Let me correct you yet again, Steerpike, RANGERS FC(IL) were the worst team ever in the QUALIFIERS of the CL under Fat Sally..

        How an apologist for Sevco who lies & tries to kid on he doesn’t support the Tribute Act can come on & comment about Champions League Football without getting a red face amazes me.

  12. Shiva

    1sensible paragraph from 2 an improvement.

    Well done.

    • Shiva

      Uhm….appeared in wrong place, was actually reply to cam, there we go.

    • cam

      Thank you kind sir,,,i’m trying to correct my behaviour patterns and become a more rounded individual.
      My target is to shed all my inbred bigoted vermin like character flaws by next year and go on a fact finding mission to Ireland to better understand the highly complex sociological elements and eventually go for a pint with Creggy and just sit and listen.

  13. cam

    C’mon now bhoys,its just a wee defeat,don’t get too depressed.
    There’s a statement from Ibrox to cheer you lot up.Show a bit of initiative and analyse it for messages of doom and gloom.Stop leaving all the hard work to your leader,poor guy must be exhausted!
    Anyone got any idea about a time scale for Craigie’s court action?
    Police raids?
    Padlocks and bailiffs?
    Sale and Lease?
    @Bud,,,,c’mon m8,you usually do a lot of good spadework for the bhoys,whats the cross dresser saying today?
    What about another wee hundred or so phone calls to the ASA saying that the weans are greetin cos Rangers urnae really deid.
    What about getting the cooncil to put the rates up in Govan?
    Monti,,,are you hiding 🙂

    • Budweiser

      You are probably unaware, that due to clairvoyancy, I’ve been put in charge of the next post .Do you really want to be on the naughty step again ?
      Ok Paul – thoughts nearly transferred – should I post them ?

      • cam

        Thought transference Bud?,,,ya dancer!
        Ok who wants a trolley dash around ma napper?
        Bud,,you can tell me and i’ll keep it a secret,,,who do you think your fav burd Cha is?

  14. @gortchomhor

    That’s the first time in 2 years I’ve seen the treasonous scumbags happy.

    Life reduced to hoping others fail? Not much of a life, is it?

    • cam

      Six out of seven dwarves aren’t Happy 🙂

      They are quite touchy for some reason Graham,,,,unleash hell!

    • Steerpike


      ” Life reduced to hoping others fail? Not much of a life, is it? ”
      Relax my dear friend, go and lie in a dark room for a few hours and chant monotonously ” Rangers is dead….Rangers is dead…..I am good……Rangers is dead ” .

      I am positive it will lift your spirits.

      No fee.

    • graham

      Gort ,
      Iam happy every day in life , but today is just a little extra sweeter !!

    • graham

      Gort .
      But one question who are the scumbags you speak of ?

  15. hector

    Oh god its the twilight zone we have a graham,a cam,all we need now is a rearpipe and we have the full set.

  16. cam

    I feel a barbie coming on!
    Cheer up guys,there’s a lot of dosh to be made next week.
    Get £100 on Celtic getting a penalty,,,,,training at Lennoxtown this week will be like one of those old war movies,,,dive,dive,dive.

  17. cam

    Look bhoys,your leader has been kind enough to put up a blog to take your minds off the skelping by the Anagram Utd miners.
    I’m not going to keep reminding you of the 2-0 thumping and the possible humiliation,the wisdom of selling off your best players,the Co-op calling in the mortgages and Lenny getting told he’s signing nobody,,,lets forget all of those horrible things.
    Now,in the Ibrox statement there are words like hopeful,reservations,belief and intelligent.Surely one of you guys in the know can make something up out of that.
    Reading between the lines even this optimistic,gullible, thick eejit can see that Friday is liquidation day,,,i’m in an awfy state,pure greetin wi worry.
    Anybody know if there’s a highlight programme of the game today?,,i didn’t watch it and would like to see those orange taps.

    • Steerpike


      Tears running down my face, back to your best….Anagram Utd miners…lmao.

      I find it disgusting that you are point scoring when an innocent life has been lost, no sporting integrity in killing a sheep, and I am checking UEFA articles to see if voodoo is technically cheating.

      I hope they are not going to sacrifice a sheep in front of the Green Brigade, what a world….21st century line technology and sacrificing animals to whoever.

      Born way too soon.

      • Budweiser

        ‘ I find it disgusting that you are point scoring when an innocent life has been lost, no sporting integrity in killing a sheep,’


        Couldn’t agree more. See when that club was killed last year – I nearly cried .

      • cam

        Wow,never thought of that.Can Celtic possibly appeal to UEFA and say that their players were too traumatised to play?
        @Fra,,,you’re the sheep handler in here,,whats your thoughts? none of that woolly thinking now.

        I think i’ll open up a kebab stall on the Gallowgate next week,lamb kofta wi chips,wrap it up in a wee Celtic napkin,pigs in blankets, jerk chicken in a basket, eleven dumplings on a bed of pishy seaweed.

  18. hector

    a Barbie coming on a lot of dosh to be made ?hope you are not torching a coach or anything.

  19. Steerpike

    I refuse to be a heartless schadenfreude, anyone know the name of the sheep they sacrificed ? What was all that about ? Talk about religious symbolism, what next ffs !!

    The big goalie’s feet kept getting stuck in the entrails.

    Celtic were defeated by voodoo, plain and simple, just more evidence of a global anti-Catholic ethos.

    Seriously, no I mean seriously, how bad were Shaktar……..

  20. hector

    that will be the full set then Zombie time, time for all right minded tax paying charity giving non bigots to hit the sack .god bless you all.

  21. cam

    Monti,Maggie,Creggy,Paul,Gort,c’mon out of the lobby cupboard,take yer lumps and say something.
    Were Shaktar any good?
    Did Celtic play poorly?
    What about tactics and subs by Lenny?
    Are you hopeful for next week?
    What about green flares?,,should they be worn with a snakebelt and platform shoes?
    Will shutting section 111 harm the teams chances?
    Who is the ref and can you pan his windaes in?
    Was signing a Dutch sicknote carrier a bad move?
    Do Celtic rest some players against ICT?
    Am i annoying you?

    • Maggie

      Who’s hiding,not me camster.Some people actually have real lives,lived in the real world.I’m truly sorry I cannot answer your questions re were Shaktar any good,did Celtic play poorly as I haven’t seen the game.I’ve only recently returned home.
      My bhoys disappointed,but not downhearted,some you win,some you lose,thems the breaks.Home game still to come,so all to play for.

      Enjoy your gloating,but your team are still dead,your tribute act still “up to their knees” in internecine warfare.You still have barely enough money to last you until Christmas,you are still Scotland’s permanent disgrace,still tax dodging,charity money stealing cheats.HRH Walter still walked away.Chico is now outside of the Sevco circle of trust,free to run his mouth off as only he can,oh and fatboy is still your manager,so I’m feeling pretty good camster.

  22. Monti


  23. Fourtytwo

    Hi Paul
    I thought you had gone to ground.
    My thoughts from “dan saff” rangers are a complete head case. Green saved the day, made some ( lots)of money, moves on. Are all clubs in danger of the same. If Abramovich walks from chelsea are they rangers in disguise? Football 2013, I don’t agree with it, but is that where we are? IMHO very sad.

  24. Budweiser

    New post on Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville

    Why Doesn’t Rangers Web Statement re Green Match its AIM Announcement?
    by Paul McConville

    I wrote last night about the sad end (or is it) to the relationship between Mr Green and Rangers. But, as regular readers know, I delight in finding nit-picking inconsistencies which might (but probably don’t) signify something bigger. Ladies and gentlemen, can I offer you the Rangers website statement and the Rangers Stock Market announcement […]

    Read more of this post

    The Ranger’s website statement can be read here
    GIRFUY sellick !!! c’mon the shakkies !! We’re gonny kill a sheep at every home game from noo oan !!! — whit ? – oh aye ! wur really sorry tae announce that chico the clown has left the building. With mutual consent.
    [ insert photo of guy in toga getting chibbed by other guys in togas ]

    The AIM announcement can be read here

    BTW – GIRFUY sellick.

    Comment and discuss.

    How did I do boss ?

    • Maggie

      🙂 🙂 🙂

    • cam

      Dear Mr Bud Wiseguy

      We have been monitoring this site for quite a while now and our sleeper agent Cam has been building a comprehensive dossier on the contributors.
      We feel that this derogatory fake statement is a malicious attempt to negatively affect the reputation and good standing of the noble institution that is the Glasgow Rangers.
      We have had occasion to have a genial conversation with a chap from this site before regards Rangers stock market dealings.
      We ask that you remove the post forthwith,speak to a therapist regards your fascination with livestock,attend more St Mirren games and as a piece of general lifestyle advice,,,stop meeting that big tall burd in Gauze St,have you seen the size of her hauns?

      yours without prejudice

      Satchi and Levy

  25. Steerpike

    ” Comment and discuss.”

    I do not believe Celtic are capable of scoring 3 goals at Parkhead, and they do not like throw ins for some reason.

    I am afraid 11 men behind the ball means you are out, the Manyama fee will pay the losses.

    • cam

      I read that the Miners and Wheeltappers are a big physical team who can cause a fragile defence problems.
      They shall be contacted by Rangers supporters clubs and warned about tackling Sami in the box,he does love a good tussle.
      The visitors should play offensively and go for the away goal.
      In the event that Shakeyergranny go through the police will have to be firm with the ragin mhob and any mass outbreaks of public urinating should be dealt with by tweezers and Tazers.

  26. Maggie

    @Paul Mc
    “Did you guess who said that?”

    I’m sorry Paul,I give up,you’re going to have to tell us.
    I see what you did though,you uploaded that photie of Sally & Chico to throw us off the sent.

    It couldn’t possibly have been said by fatso as there was not one single mention of bafflement or indeed absolute bafflement ,there was no call for the avoidance of doubt, or sincere,heartfelt claims of not lying to us,and no demands to know anyone’s names,nor were there any veiled threats along the lines of “west of Scotland boys don’t scare easily” and of course it’s “not his gig”
    So who was it Paul? 🙂

  27. Maggie

    Off the SCENT,sorry guys,too tired.

  28. Steerpike
    August 20, 2013 at 11:34 pm


    I just assumed he had switched the phones off, closed the curtains and hid under the bed, I would if 20 million quids worth of duds could not beat possibly the worst team in CL history.

    Certainly puts the SPL into perspective.
    I’m sure that’s Fenerbache after putting oot the huns then losing all 6 CL games. Maybe I’m wrong.

  29. Dave S.

    Nice reference in the Rangers statement to an ‘enhanced but perfectly balanced Board’. I’m wondering what they are balancing on – a knife-edge perhaps.

  30. Cregganduff

    We do need investment but you will be lucky to find anyone who will spend 30-40 million to buy everyone out then fund us with 20-39 million capital. You’d need to be out your tits to do that.


  31. robertg

    Would Chico not be more reasdily likened a turd which won’t flush away than the lady out of the said suspensful thriller?

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