“For the Avoidance of Doubt” – Rangers Stamp on Inaccurate Stories And Dump Jack Irvine

Saturday evening seems to be a time for interesting news on the official Rangers website.

A couple of weeks ago we had the incredible disappearing post on the Rangers website – after Ally McCoist blamed Charles Green and his “contempt” for the defeat to Forfar, and the prompt removal of all reference to Mr Green shortly afterwards.

Tonight sees an unusual piece appearing (at least for now) and I have some comments on it below. However, you will see that I have summarised and paraphrased the piece, the original of which can be read here, as a result of the appearance of a copyright message on the website. I did not notice one until today – perhaps Rangers have realised the value of its intellectual property?

The copyright clause reads:-

Copyright 2013 Rangers Football Club. Permission to use quotations from this article is only granted subject to appropriate source credit and hyperlink to www.rangers.co.uk

First of all, I do not think that it is a breach of copyright to repeat the terms of a copyright clause! If it is, I will apologise and remove it.


Secondly, what is this “Rangers Football Club” which claims the copyright? As we know “Rangers Football Club” is not a legal entity, being something nebulous made up of assets and business sold by the administrators of Rangers Football Club PLC to Sevco Scotland Ltd, which changed its name, as we will be aware, to The Rangers Football Club Ltd and which is 100% owned by the shareholders of Rangers International Football Club PLC.

So, if someone does breach the copyright, then who enforces it? Is it “Rangers Football Club” which is not a legal entity? Is it The Rangers Football Club Ltd? Is it RIFC PLC?

The small print at the foot of the page provides an answer of sorts. It has a copyright statement in the name of Rangers Football Club and above it there are the words “The Rangers Football Club (SC425159)”. Of course it is incorrect to use that company name with that company number – to do so correctly would require the use of the suffix “Limited”.

We then turn to the message which goes out under the heading “For the Avoidance of Doubt”.

Now, as you will see, I suspect that whoever within the Rangers media outfit who authorised the piece might regret it. Why? Because stamping on untrue or incorrect stories is likely to be a full-time job, and if Rangers start doing so about some, then the failure to deny other suggestions will be taken by some as giving them the ring of authenticity!

The post refers to the football club having awareness of “wildly inaccurate” rumours on the internet. The club tells its supporters that these “flights of fantasy” are being “monitored” by the solicitors for the organisation.

If it remains Biggart Baillie who act for the various Rangers entities, then I am sure that some junior assistant or young associate there is delighted to have the job of reviewing websites for incorrect stories about Rangers! I suspect that could be a full-time job, and by that I mean 24 hours per day, not just 9 to 5! I imagine that the partners of BB will be delighted to watch the meter running on this activity, which will not prove cheap!

It might not be as much fun listening to these "Rumours"

It might not be as much fun listening to these “Rumours”

I suspect that Rangers would be able to ask its computer-literate fans to keep an eye on stories about the Ibrox outfit and to pass them on to the relevant people for free! That might reduce the legal bill quite considerably!

The post then focuses on what is stated to be a “malicious” article regarding the old chestnut, as memorably summarised by John “Bomber” Brown: – “Show us the deeds!”

The post does not mention where this “malicious” piece is published.

Frankly the issue of “the deeds” has been a red herring from the point it was raised. Why?

Because the Scottish system of Land Registration is a public one and anyone can request a copy of the relevant Land Certificate (for a fee) or can go to Edinburgh to inspect the Land Register. If someone owned Ibrox and Murray Park, and this was not a body connected to Rangers, then that would be very clear, and indeed would be there in black and white.

"Show us the deeds!" "By all means Mr Brown, come right in!"

“Show us the deeds!”
“By all means Mr Brown, come right in!”

Now people have speculated, and will continue to do so, about ways in which the land could be used, if needed, to raise funds for the company – that is a long way from saying that someone else already owns the properties!

The piece on the Rangers website then suggests that the fans should treat what it calls “these idiotic and lumbering articles with the contempt they deserve”. In fact, it goes on to suggest that the better course is simply to pay no attention to them at all.

The post then deals with the point I mentioned above, indicating that it is impossible to devote the time to publicly denying every “ridiculous” rumour.

It then goes on to comment on the “dangerous proliferation of anonymous obsessives” to whom Rangers do not want to give any credence. Thankfully they are not referring to me – as I am not anonymous! 🙂

They then have a pop at the Daily Record for an inaccurate headline which, they say, misrepresents what Mr McCoist said at a press conference. That is one of the issues of course of headlines – they are usually not written by the journalist and ever more frequently it seems bear little or no relation to the story under it!

It might be seen as noteworthy that, whilst the post by Rangers complains about the headline, it does NOT complain about the article itself.

And then, in its penultimate paragraph, the fans are advised that only by reading Pravda the official website will they know the truth – thus implying that every media organisation and newspaper is “anti-Rangers”.

And then, in twelve words which I will quote as the message it sends would be diluted by using my own words, the end of a long and mutually fruitful marriage is signalled:-

“Finally, Jack Irvine of Media House does not speak for this Club.”

The doyen of Scottish PR and crisis management - no longer on the same side as Rangers?

The doyen of Scottish PR and crisis management – no longer on the same side as Rangers?

Jack Irvine and Media House have been “hand in glove” with Rangers over many years – they were closely connected to Sir David Murray in his time as owner (and with his companies outside football). They worked for Craig Whyte and also continued to serve Rangers loyally during the Duff and Phelps reign. Between February and June 2012 Media House did £124,000 of work for Rangers which, by that stage, was being run by administrators. (In addition Rangers (in administration) paid almost £30,000 to Spreckleys for “media consultancy in connection with the administration” – as I commented at the time, the administrators needed PR people separate from those of the football club, but still charged the company in administration for that!)

Media House continued to work for Rangers until only a few days ago. And now that has come to an end.

Knowing Mr Irvine’s extraordinarily successful track record in PR, crisis management and the rest, and on the basis that he is now, apparently, advising the Easdale brothers, one suspects that placing Rangers on the opposite side from Mr Irvine might not be the wisest move they have ever made.

It will be interesting to see how media coverage of Rangers changes, if at all, over the next few weeks – how prominent will the Easdales become? How likely is it that they will seek to speak directly to the fans via the media because, after all, if they are in the Green camp, they will not have use of the official Rangers sources to do so?

So, to conclude, as I am going to have my dinner, exactly who has the copyright on the Rangers site?

How much money will be spent in having the lawyers monitor the internet?

Will the dropping of Mr Irvine in such a blunt way rebound on Rangers?

How soon will a story be given credence simply because Rangers do not deny it promptly?

And, finally, how much will the loyal Rangers fans rally round the flag on the basis that their team is “taking on” the media and the internet?

“No one likes us – we don’t care” has been an unofficial motto of many football teams over the years, and it rarely fails to unite the fans – I suspect that most supporters (or at least those vocal on the internet) will praise this as the club “speaking out”.

Good night all!

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  1. Budweiser

    Niall. Well hello there. New name – new personality ? Anyway. Re: child abuse. Does your critique on child abuse condemn the masons ?


    I could of course post previous links to dunblane ??? Just askin like?

  2. I’m hearing that there’s a female employee at ibrox due to be immenently arrested by crown officials under corruption charges and deliberate miss-appropriation of charity donations.

  3. Raymilland

    There’s an elephant in the room named Chuckles.

    “It’s gonna take a lot of magic to make this big guy disappear.”

    More smoke and mirrors?

  4. Geddy Lee

    Remember that old American comedy show SOAP?

    At the beginning of each episode, the voice over would run through the plethora of scenarios taking place in the programme. That’s what it’s like reading about “the rangers” and the vultures squabbiling over it’s carcass.

    As for jabba’s latest “moan then” diatribe, looks like he is desperate to shore up his increasingly precarious position. he knew he would have to play to the Sevconian gallery, with plenty of hand wringing paranoia and occasionaly lashing out at his previous employers.

    All Media outlets please take note of just how wretched this dreadful man is, as he will be coming knocking, cap in hand soon, looking for a job.

    It was however a stroke of genius ordering the Sevconians to assume “Ostrich Stations” and to ignore everything they see, read or hear about “the rangers”.

    It’s exactly what they wanted to hear, and Traynor is going down a storm over on Munter Media.

    That’s how frightnngly easy it is to manipulate the sevconian support. No wonder the Easdales are all over them like a rash. We can now sit back and watch as “the rangers” take no legal action whatsoever against anyone.

    They don’t dare risk having to take the stand, especially under oath.

    “Oh NO, not at all.”

    • cam

      My sources tell that that a full scale investigation to uncover a link to Rangers in this story is being undertaken.

      Watch out Creggy,hide the charity tin!

    • cam

      I suppose we shall find out how media relations are progressing when Rangers stoop to Celtic’s level of holding press conferences in the Celtic minded pubs and clubs.

    • Ed Paisley

      I am not comparing the Ibrox hierarchy to Nazis, however…

      Why were such unappealing personalities like Hitler, Goebbels, Hess and Goering able to hold the German people in thrall right up to late 1944?

      Of course we had a viscious security apparatus, but we also have people whose instinct is to defer to authority combined with an effective propaganda machine.

      Think of Jabba as Dr Goebbels without the club foot and appeal to the ladies. Walter is Otto Skorzeny being parachuted in from time to time to save the SB sales. But who is our Schickelgruber?

      Anyway, a characteristic of totalitarian militaristic regimes is the use of those long banners and sloganising. The Nazis loved them, the Mao regime had them and look at the mad regime in North Korea.

      Before too long the Archibald Leitch facade will be draped with long banners proclaiming: “KARL GRUNE IST DER SIEG – GOTT MIT UNS”

      Reichsfuhrer Traynor will be storming about in a tight fitting black uniform. Oh the horror!

      • Ed Paisley

        Mind you Mathers could develop into a mini-me type of hitler. He is already keeping a note of the enemies of the party – sorry, I mean club, and he was punching the air at that meeting with 200 inebriated supporters are the beer-keller. He has the colouring to grow a toothbrush tache very sucessfully too. Hiel Mathers!

        • cam

          As one of the literati who is allowed to use offensive terms(huns,,,use it at work today) to describe folk and has carte blanche to make derogatory remarks about someone’s mother(a real internet hero) i shall use you to test the limits of my handicapped powers,,,if this passes the filter i shall escalate, but fear not foul thing,your mother’s honour shall be held sacred by me,,its just the way my parents raised me.

          You’re not a nice person,,,test!

          • Ed Paisley

            Is that me you are referring to Cam? I thought we were buds. I know we have had this debate but personally I think Hun is a playful and affectionate appellation just like Tim or Jock.
            If you find it offensive then I won’t use it any more and I apologise – that’s what mature adults do when they offend people inadvertently.
            The mother thing – are you referring to the time I accused Carson of giving his mother camel pox? Yes that was an unfounded accusation – just like his accusation that CFC were covering up child abuse. But I apologise. In my defence it was late at night and I was tired and emotional (almost at the Nicky Fairbairn stage I have to confess).
            You know that behaviour was out of character for me Cam so I hope you believe in redemption and you will forgive me. Hey you’ve given the younger Easdale a second chance so why not me?

          • Cregganduff

            ” its just the way my parents raised me.”

            Who put the LSD in your bottle?

      • cam

        “but we also have people whose instinct is to defer to authority combined with an effective propaganda machine.”

        mmm,,,that sounds familiar.
        Now which large secret organisation was friendly with the Nazi’s during the war?
        Ooops i forgot ze filter,,,i can’t mention ze war!

        • Ed Paisley

          I can think of a few organisations that collaborated with the Nazis.
          First of all we have the Swedes who supplied the Nazis with iron ore right up to 1945.
          Then we have the Swiss who provided international banking facilities to the Nazis and handled plundered art and, horribly, gold pulled from the corpses of the innocents the Nazis murdered.
          ThenThen we have a whole host of allied multinationals who traded with the Nazis most infamously IBM and Standard Oil. I could go on but I can’t be bothered right no.
          But Cam, you are referring to the Vatican of course. That is a big question that I don’t have the knowledge to answer. I know that Poland has more names in the Yad Vashem list of the Righteous Among Nations than any other country, despite having been victims themselves. I’m sure you know that the vast majority of Poles were Roman Catholics.

        • Kerrygirl

          The royal family

      • Maggie

        @Ed Paisley
        Morning Ed,here’s a quote that pretty much covers it.

        ” Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state” Noam Chomsky

        Oars, one of guys put it : “Treat them like mushrooms,keep them in the dark and feed them s**** ”
        Such fun 🙂

        • Maggie

          Oops should be OR AS…….

          • cam

            Marge sticks her oar in it again.

            • Maggie

              Eh,why wouldn’t I camster,it’s what I do.
              You are becoming completely unhinged since Paul had to force you to draw in your horns. I’d love to know just exactly what prompted Paul to take such action.I can only imagine it must have been an off the chart,
              massive rant on your favourite subject,child abuse,or maybe it was so bad that Paul was worried that the offensive behaviour act had been contravened,as God knows you’ve been pretty heinous in your posts in the past so it must have been a doozy ( even for you)

              Seriously camster,we all know the great pride you take in being the most prolific poster on here,but I just didn’t realise the extent to which this blog is actually your life,you are clearly distraught at being reprimanded and restricted in your melon twisting activities.This makes me feel bad camster as I’ve been ridiculing you as just a typical idiotic,low level bigoted,in denial,deluded Sevconian former Rangers’ supporter,when in fact you are actually coming undone over the plight of a FOOTBALL club.
              I’m sure the bhoys will join me in offering our profuse apologies for all the “skelpings” ( as you would say ) that we have given you.If we’d know how desperate you were we’d have gone easier on you.

              I will now drop into my local church or maybe take a wee jaunt to Carfin Grotto and say a decade of the Rosary,and light a candle for your swift recovery,and ask St Jude,the patron saint of hopeless cases, to come to your aid.No need to thank me camster,it’s what we RCs do,we pray for the well being of others.

            • cam

              Paul can maybe e-mail you with my “heinous” activities and we can do a gocompare survey.
              I’m greetin Marge,pure greetin with laughter at the double standards that you display.If you think i’m prolific just think of the man hours dedicated to running this site,and as someone asked,,what’s the payoff?
              Marge doll,you don’t possess the intellect or wit to ridicule anyone.
              You have lots of fun with your activities but don’t be praying on my behalf.
              You can save that mumbo jumbo for your good self.
              Some nutter once told me that some other nutters believe that after detonating a high explosive device and killing children that they can go say sorry to a wee guy who will make it all better??,,,ffs.

        • Cregganduff

          For mushrooms horse manure – most efficacious in every way.

  5. Raymilland

    There’s an elephant in the room named Chuckles.

    “It’s gonna take a lot of magic to make this big guy disappear.”

    More smoke and mirrors??

    • Maggie

      Unhinged 🙂

      • Maggie

        @Paul Mc
        Well Mr Mc Conville,I hope you’re proud of yourself.Your actions in censoring “the camster” may just have pushed an already unhinged man completely over the edge into full blown psychosis.
        His very own melon is leaking juice by the gallon,even his trusty kamikaze sash is unable to stem the flow.Morag’s worn to a frazzle mopping it up.The juice is of course true blue. 🙂
        I feel you perhaps didn’t fully comprehend that “the camster” is one of
        THE PEEPUL,and this sort of thing doesn’t happen to THE PEEPUL.
        They make the rules,they don’t abide by them.Have you forgotten this Paul.
        PS Can I pick anything up for you from the Carfin Grotto shop Paul,book on exorcism maybe ? 🙂

  6. Monti

    Imagine the stench with the Carson & Cam in the cooler ? 🙂

    • cam

      Morning Mr Montagu,Paul has obviously felt that you have suffered enough at my hands and has placed you in a protection programme.
      You may fire at will until i find a way around this rigged roulette wheel.

    • cam

      You looked lovely in that Celtic mankini away strip

  7. Steerpike

    ” Your example of Hitler is inherently wrong simply because he was an intolerant Bigot too. That is what I oppose, self righteous folk who KNOW they are right & would impose their will on others.”

    There is none more self righteous than religion, and they do not tolerate the truths of other beliefs, the rights of individuals nor the rights of children to choose their faith. Religion is by definition bigoted.

    • No Steerpike, there are none so self righteous than those who would deny others the freedom to CHOOSE, within Legal parameters..

      What business is it of yours if families follow a faith or not?

      What right have you to dictate the terms of their beliefs, held & practiced, again within Legal parameters.

      As I have already pointed out SECULAR Governments are not the shining image of humanity you portray.

      Nazi Germany was Secular, as was Pol Pot’s Government, the USA is a Secular Government too.

      They all have one thing in common They all knew what was best & inflicted death & suffering on Millions to impose THEIR will on others.

      Substitute God for Queen & Empire & you can add Britain to that list..

      • Steerpike


        ” there are none so self righteous than those who would deny others the freedom to CHOOSE, ”

        Now you have got it, I think that is known as check mate, children do not get to choose, do they now ?

        Seriously, buck up or you will be my whipping boy forever.

        • Steerpike,

          This latest mince is you desperately trying to score points against other peoples beliefs.

          In this Country Children Do get to chose when they reach the age of reason,again this is within those Legal parameters I spoke about.

          You are a clown trying to isolate a sentence from a post to win a point & yet again you fail miserably, how sad is that?

          Self delusion must be a comfort to you, I don’t think you have won a debate yet..

          As a Troll you are not doing a very good job of muddying the waters, everyone can see right through your efforts, you are beginning to sound desperate….

          • Steerpike


            ” In this Country Children Do get to chose when they reach the age of reason,again this is within those Legal parameters I spoke about. ”

            In this country a child should be left alone to freely choose when they reach the age of reason, this is the difference my friend, in legal terms it is called enforced coercion.

  8. Geddy Lee

    Oh Dear.

    As Jabba continues to drive a wedge between “the rangers” and the “Daily Ranger”, the rag comes out fighting. It really does look like the end of a Love Affair destined to last forever…………

    keith Jackson seems to have “dumped” the rangers in his article today.

    He’s just made himself the next candidate for “the rangers” Death threats special.

  9. lordmac

    looks like there will be no board room rumpus
    Rangers FC have new directors Brian Stockbridge and Craig Mather have both landed a JOB, with the Rangers Development fund ltd as directors IT was announced today at company house

  10. lordmac

    rangers development fund and new directors, sounds to me they have agreed to hire the lease of the park, on Greens terms if so the rangers own nothing no title deed nothing

  11. Steerpike

    Click to access PEER_stage2_10.1080%252F01419870.2011.607506.pdf

    ” Yet “the problem of sectarianism” continues to loom large in popular culture in Scotland and in the Scottish Government’s equality agenda (Scottish Government, 2006) and initiatives. These policy initiatives arise largely in response to press reports of violence in connection with football matches. Kelly (2010) argues in his analysis of press reports of sectarianism in relation to football that “press voices continue to indulge in fetishizing what appears to be a waning social problem whilst furnishing the illusion of widespread sectarian malaise”.
    Nevertheless, football-related violence with sectarian links is no myth. Bruce et al. 2005 argue that this bad behaviour may have little to do with
    religious conflict, but is simply part of group identification. Patrick (1973) and Holligan and Deuchar (2009) argue that religion, per se,
    contributes little to gang-formation or gang-identification in Glasgow. ,”

    It seems my personal experiences are supported by facts and statistics, basically we have a bunch of Celtic fans creating the myth of anti-Catholic sectarianism in Scotland, and blaming it all on Rangers football club.

    In reality the two clubs have a minority of thugs.

    • Kerrygirl

      True there are thugs in all walks(orange)of life, but when it comes to institutional bigotry then that’s a different ball game,so you expect the signing policy of rangers to be wiped from history? Jobs for the boys in the comic book press Harland and wolf ship yards , to quote evening times job advert of the 40s Catholics need not apply ,stormont had to be closed down and power taken back to Westminster because of the shocking levels of bigotry shown ,that wasn’t down to the Catholic Church that was down a unionist political system So full of hatred ,British government was instrumental in the setting up of partition throughout the world ,not religion

      • Steerpike


        You are supposed to be ignoring this troll, shame on you.

        I expect you to accept sectarian bigotry is no longer institutionalized in Scotland, and the facts support this. I must point out I am uninterested in the sectarianism in Ulster, it exists, what has that got to do with Scotland ?

  12. Raymilland

    “Mr Green, the former chief executive to Rangers, is now acting as a consultant for the club, and reportedly told minority shareholder Jim McColl that his consortium would be willing to sell its 28 per cent holding in the club for £14 million by Friday.

    In May 2012, Green and the 20-strong consortium purchased the assets of Rangers out of administration in a £8.5 million arrangement, forming a newco club to take the Rangers forward.”
    From the above comment taken from the Business Sale Report, it looks like Charles Green’s consortium owns 28 per cent holding in the club; although most importantly; his consortium owns 100 per cent holding of the assets.

    Remember the wee guy from your school days who had the only decent football available for a kick about; and when things didn’t go his way…..”its ma baw; the games a bogey!”

    Craig Mather has a very difficult problem to solve 😉

    • Steerpike

      ” his consortium owns 100 per cent holding of the assets.”

      Not according to the accounts they don’t, please provide the evidence to support this claim.

      • Raymilland


        “In May 2012, Green and the 20-strong consortium purchased the assets of Rangers”

        There are some things in like of which you just have to place some faith 😉

        • Steerpike

          mmmm, they bought the assets and the assets are now owned by the PLC shareholders.

          I have read 18 months of utter fantasy about anti-Catholicism in Scotland, and guess what ?

          There is no evidence, we have Catholics who FEAR sectarianism as if it exists, probably a throw back to their historical Irish roots.

          • jocky bhoy

            I let your earlier reference to religion with its obligatory “schools” reference slide because it was a) dealt with magnificently by other posters and b) it was the biggest pile of horse manure I have read on here in a long while.

            You know the bit where your posted that Catholics had overcome the centuries old protestant hegemony in Scotland and were now the dominant church-going religion in a the country defined by its presbyterianism and indeed you even had stats to prove it. However your position that others were “living in the past” was weakened as the only backing you had was a report from 2008 projecting possible outcomes based on a research project conducted in 2005 if memory serves. However that flew in the face of other more recent information – even with the boost provided by immigrating Poles estimates were that Catholics comprised 16-17% of the Scottish population – the same demographics as in the 2001 Census. We are still awaiting the results of the 2011 one – though England has managed to publish theirs (hmmm).
            Your view that there is no anti-Catholic ethos in Scotland is contradicted by, er, police data: in 2010/11 there were 693 charges aggravated by religious prejudice – up nearly 10 per cent on the previous year and the highest level in four years. The 2011-2012 the number of Religiously Aggravated Offences was 876 – a further increase of over a quarter on the previous year. That’s an increase of nearly 40% in Religiously Aggravated Offences in only two years.
            Your suggestion that only “whingers trying to get their own way” (like not being assaulted or abused in public because of their faith) is as insulting as it is wrong. Your and indeemany Scots’ stance that there’s no problem is the exact reason why there is a problem. Can’t fix something unless you accept its broken. I can’t definitively speak for others but I would suggest that and the overtly antagonistic position of many in Scotland to Catholic schools in contradiction to the rest of Great Britain’s view on the subject (yourself included based on your many posts on the subject) might be a couple of reasons some Catholics are reticent to embrace Scottish independence as fully as others.

            • Steerpike

              Good afternoon Jockybhoy,

              ” Your view that there is no anti-Catholic ethos in Scotland is contradicted by, er, police data: in 2010/11 there were 693 charges aggravated by religious prejudice – up nearly 10 per cent on the previous year and the highest level in four years. The 2011-2012 the number of Religiously Aggravated Offences was 876 – a further increase of over a quarter on the previous year. That’s an increase of nearly 40% in Religiously Aggravated Offences in only two years. ”

              Thanks for your input and I welcome the debate, I require the police data for 2010/11 and 2011/12 to analyze, the criteria for such charges are almost laughable, for instance the last figures for ” sectarianism ” included countless cases of calling a policeman a ” tim ” or a ” proddy “. hardly a religious motivation.
              Once you provide this I can establish how many were anti-Catholic, how many were football related and how many were actual incidents involving religion, I bet you it will shrink this paltry figure to next to nothing.

              We have 5 million people and the cultural anti-Catholic ” ETHOS ” seemingly produced less than a few hundred instances, mostly if not all football related. To support my conclusion, the 40% increase coincides with what event two years ago, a certain football club went bust !!

              Half of all Catholics in Scotland marry non-Catholics, no differences in education or income or employment, Catholics and Protestants attend each others worship place for weddings funerals etc etc. Less than 1% of Catholics have experienced any form of sectarianism in the last 5 years.

              In a nutshell my friend, even with your stats, I bet there are more holocaust deniers in Scotland than anti-Catholic bigots, does this mean Scotland has a holocaust denying ” ETHOS “.

              You people need your head looked, it is bad enough you believe in bronze age myths, you are trying to reenact Christian Martyrdom, get real.

            • Maggie

              @jocky bhoy
              Awh,did you have to go and rain on his parade.He’s spent hours and hours on Wikipedia putting together his selective evidence and trying to start,and keep going,a thread on Sectariaism and RC schools.

              Several posters,now including yourself,have responded to his provocation,but it seems to escape him that there is no appetite among the others to oblige him with an ongoing “debate”
              He is a troll,jocky,if we all ignore absolutely everything he posts,then he’ll get fed up and go back to TSFM,where he thinks we can’t see his self proclaimed allegiance to Sevco.You do know that he is Mr Wikipedia himself,Niall Walker the supposed East Fife fan ?

              I regret not taking my own advice a few days ago,and ignoring him after I shared his post from TSFM where he thanked investors for rescuing HIS club,but one of the things I was indoctrinated in at my RC schools was that it is wrong to tell lies.It is a reprehensible character flaw,one which I despise.Who knows why he lied about being an East Fife fan,maybe he thought people would give more credence to his borefests if they believed him to be a neutral,who can know the mind of a liar Jocky.That he was very quickly rumbled on that tactic,shows that he’s no mastermind. .Pathetic doesn’t cover it.
              Don’t feed the troll.

          • Raymilland


            Surface tension is mounting.

            Where do bubbles go once they pop?

            • Budweiser

              Might not be chico who goes tomorrow.

              Phil MacGiollaBhain ‏@Pmacgiollabhain 2h
              For the avoidance of doubt:Don’t be surprised if Charlie is back on the board tomorrow. 2 weeks ago a press release on this was pulled.

          • Raymilland


            With the assets in the hands of the PLC shareholders; given any proposal for a sale and leaseback; would 51% of the vote be enough to carry the vote either way?

            • Raymilland


              There’s bound to be a few surprises tomorrow, it would be a pity to lose Charles from the front line, he is worth his weight in comedy gold 😉

            • Steerpike


              Think what you are saying, the assets are now valued at 40-60 million, not 5.5 million, that is a lot of years rent money, in fact enough to build a new stadium, who is going to buy them my friend ?

            • Raymilland


              As far as I’m aware, the banks will not facilitate TRFC via mortgage of the properties involved.

              The value of the assets is not strictly relevant to the question. It the owner needs to liquidate said assets to release funds, the terms of that transaction would be between the parties involved.

              The above transaction would be an alternative to another period of administration.

              Quite how Green manipulates and prescribes the buyer to suit his ends; is another question best answered by a business man with a bent for devious means of finance 😉

          • Kerrygirl

            Explain away nimmo smiths conclusion that rangers gained no sporting advantage ,that is a miscarriage of justice .dr Hiedi poon conclusion was correct and will be proven so , there are definite leanings towards rangers, if you are from fife then know doubt you will never have witnessed what people in the central belt have to being catholic.the east has not been fully exposed to the clan mentality

            • Maggie

              Kerry, anti catholic bigotry is rife in Fife ( unintentional rhyme there,sorry. 🙂 ) across all social classes,but especially prevalent in the professional/ business areas,much more so than in Glasgow and the west among the business community,in my experience.
              Friends of ours from Fife have stories that you wouldn’t believe regarding the bigotry expressed openly and above board to them in professional situations.You’d be shocked to the core,as I was,much worse than here by a long way.

            • Kerrygirl

              I stand corrected sister maggie

    • coatbrigbhoy

      £8.5m, there was me thinking it was £5.5m

      The £8.5m was to be a loan to ” buy” the club.
      Duff & Phelps preferred bidder ( GREEN ) was to loan the Club £ 8.5m the club was then going to have to repay the full £8.5m plus 8% interest PA,
      Green and his consortium were to own the club and get back ALL the money they had spent to save it by a CVA.
      Not one Rangers man could better that offer, not one Rangers man thought to loan the club £9m and get there money back,

      • Pie man hates bridies!

        @coatbrigbhoy….that’s quite astounding CB what with a 500 million worldwide fanbase,world record holders in everything(especially crowds),unblemished business acumen and plans to rule the football/sporting world for the foreseeable future. And all this from the lower divisions,personally i don’t know how they do it,oh aye a dae,they effin cheat,steal and rob from anyone and everyone,its RA gers way!

  13. Steerpike

    The more I research the more convinced I become, it is a myth.

    ” Research by NFO Social Research commissioned by Glasgow City Council corroborates the reading of the existing figures carried out by Bruce et al. The research found that in fact, homophobia, racism, anti-Muslim bigotry and prejudice towards asylum seekers was far more common than any form of sectarian feeling. Their results further…
    …challenge the common belief that serious sectarian actions are prevalent in Glasgow. Neither different forms of crime, nor different forms of discrimination experienced by respondents themselves were commonly believed to be caused by religion. Less than one percent of all respondents said that, in the last five years, their religion had been the motivation of a physical attack against them (0.7%), a threat of physical violence (0.8%), vandalism (0.6%) or another form of harassment against them (0.4%). Similarly, only a small proportion of all respondents believed that, because of their religion, they had been turned down for a job (1.1%), unfairly treated at work (1.1%) unfairly treated by the Council (0.5%), unfairly treated by the Police (0.3%), or unfairly treated by another public service (0.2%) in the last five years. ”

    All this guff has been spread by some yo-yo called Tom Devine, whose agenda is to increase the number of faith schools !!!

    • @gortchomhor

      I thought it was your mission to tackle child abuse? It seems more and more like it’s your mission to try and belittle Catholics.

      As if anybody gives a toss about your mission… I’d strongly urge people not to give this lightweight the attention he clearly craves for his sectarian views. And his views are sectarian, so much so that I’ll be keeping an eye on them with a view to contacting FOCUS.

      Let’s be clear, attempting to use the cloak of anti-religion to disguise the main thrust of your attacks on Catholics and Catholicism isn’t going to fool anybody. His attacks on Islam are noted too and are consistent with that supremacist viewpoint we are all too familiar with amongst “the people”.

      I’m tempted to ask you if you would “rather be a Paki than a Tim”, since you have obviously given the matter a lot of thought; a question introduced by a song you are no doubt familiar with… so much for your enlightened schooling.

      Your continued description of faith schools as a form of child abuse introduces and represents another flank in the assault — again, an all too familiar slur designed to degrade and dehumanise. I’d be surprised if you haven’t already made reference to what “big Jock knew”.

      So, continually referring to catholics schools in the context of child abuse and brain washing. Insults towards Islam and Muslims. Praise for non-faith schools (as he knows these are schools generally attended by non-catholics and protestants) which he presumably attended. Need I go on?

      If it quacks like a malicious, sectarian, pig, it’s probably one of “the people”.

      I’d be willing to bet you are, or were at some point, a member of the Orange Order.

      • Steerpike


        I ridicule all theists, my attacks are solely against religion not its adherents, you are becoming hysterical because you are inept at debating, and inventing my position is lightweight.

        I do not know what planet you are on my friend but speaking out against religion and ridiculing beliefs is not sectarian nor is it a criminal offense.

        However your attempt to portray me as a sectarian bigot is getting very close to one.

        • Maggie

          You are however a proven,inveterate liar

          • Steerpike


            You have proven nothing, but thanks for mentioning me again.

            • Maggie


              Steerpike August 2nd @ 2.11pm on TSFM
              ” I thank all investors for contributing to the rebirth of MY football club,but only if they are genuinely interested in MY football club and not some short term smash and grab”

              Proven,inveterate liar.

            • Kerrygirl

              Lets all just blank this guy ,no replies no bites

          • coatbrigbhoy

            Please don’t forget, this is the poster that claimed he suffered from deafness to avoid answering a question i asked of him, he later tried to laugh it off, he then tried to belittle me as i told him that only scum would fake a disability on a blog like this to try to score a point,
            if your low enough to lie that you have a disability, your low enough to lie about anything, he expects to get taken as a serious poster , yet he will say or do anything to try to score a point.

            Ask yourself, if you met him in the real world ,how many seconds would you spend talking to him before you wised up to his agenda and told him to fek off

            • Maggie

              I’m going to be generous and say about 5seconds cb, 🙂

            • Steerpike

              Coatbrig is back showing his belittlements to Maggie, ooh you are awful but I like you.

            • cam

              How does one feign deafness on a blog site?
              Don’t tell me there’s been an audio link all this time and i didn’t know!!
              Morag get the Black Skulls LP oot!

          • hector

            @Maggie im afraid you do not seem to have got the hang of this don’t feed the troll carry on.If you ignore old rearpipe long enough he will go away.He is a bit slow on the uptake but will eventually get the message and crawl back to where he came from.As an aside got a look at the invite to the SEVCO bash at the asbestos dome and it is B.Y.O.B .Bring your own baggage?bring your own bigot?Answers on a postcard to Mr J Thehut greyskull govan.

            • Maggie

              I know,I know hector,but I’ve got to get rid of this zombie meat that Monti brings me,best to feed it back to them 🙂
              No need to bring your own bigot to the asbestos dome hector, more than enough there already,must be bring your own bampot 🙂

      • Steerpike

        I am becoming convinced dear old gort is illiterate, he plainly does not comprehend the English language.

        • @gortchomhor

          I think you’d be more comfortable and happier at Rangers Media.

          The problem with that is your views would just blend right into the background there and you wouldn’t get the attention you need — last time I looked, there was a good few of them with very similar views tackling the very same subjects.

          • Steerpike

            Ah……poor old gort, reduced to juvenile jibes and name calling, totally devoid of content and full of straw man arguments that put Wicker Man to shame.

            You better sharpen up your act before you decide to have another chat, your first attempt just imploded in your face, I chew up pseudo intellectuals for breakfast.

            You come back anytime, you hear boy !

            • @gortchomhor

              August 17, 2013 at 1:32 pm
              “I like this guy Gortchomhor, his brain functions”

              Nuff said.

        • You can tell when Steerpike is getting beaten, he changes the subject or gets into insult mode or BOTH.

          Gort, & Maggie, looks like your kicking his ass.

          • Steerpike

            Hello Ian me old buddy,

            I am not the one changing the subject and I am not the one dealing only in insults, you obviously are butt hurt, cheering on crazy Maggie and poor gort must make your ass feel better.

            • Steerpike, You have not won an argument on here, you ignore facts & repeat tripe ad nauseum. That is Not Debate it is childish garbage.

              The sum total of your contribution confirms you have an inflated ego & can bore the arse off of others by quoting selective bits of wiki.

              You have not came near to beating Gort or Maggie with your bullsh*t tactics & I will leave others to judge our exchanges but frankly I am completely underwhelmed by your efforts..

              You are a Boring Troll

      • Monti

        Well said Gort, he’s a clown.
        Wife makes a slap up breakfast tho…..ahem.

      • graham

        Maybe better a member of the orange thing instead of that charity money steeling A.O.H organisation !!

        • @gortchomhor

          He’ll soon burn out and fade away. It’s just annoying that we need to wade through so much neo-sectarian junk to have a discussion. Painfully boring stuff too — a 5 year old could make a case against religion and he thinks he’s going to change the world with it.

          • Steerpike


            Don’t be such a sore loser, you underestimated me and you got crunched, it happens all the time. I am sure you will come better prepared the next time, any 5 year old can call people names, debating content not so easy.

    • YAWN, You are one BORING FART Steerpike. If people want to go to Catholic Schools, or Jewish or or any other it is none of your business.

      All this to detract from the goings on over at the Asbestos Dome & the Sevco Shambles.

      RFC(IL) are dead & gone, RIFC have moved the money on & TRFC is skint, it was a pathetic attempt at a Tribute Act anyway…

      Get used to it sad-sack..

      • @gortchomhor

        Spot on. He’s probably a rangers media regular who thinks it’s time to take the fight to the taigs or something… they talk like that on there and say things like “if we are going to fight back we need to get clever like the taigs…” Hard to believe this might be his idea of getting clever, I know…

  14. Paul

    commentator on mcmurdos site speaks the logic.
    “We do not need to hate them; they hate us because the Protestant interpretation of the Bible is then and now, correct”.
    Now we have the truth the bible has been interpreted fact.No longer open to interpretation.Fact,fact,FFS who are these people.

    • Maggie

      …….” who are these people” Have you not been paying attention Paul? They are THE people.:-)
      Mc Murdo is another former Ranger becoming unhinged,the worse things get at Sevco,the more the follow,followers resort to their old tactics of WATP superiority.

      For evidence,see camster’s unedifying rage at Paul for daring to question his right to say what he likes,when he likes and to whom.That it is Paul’s blog,and Paul CAN do what he likes,seems to have eluded him.His self proclaimed sense of humour seems to have failed him.This is what happens when a Sevconian is obliged to follow the rules.

      Then we have Mr Wikipedia Steerpike/ Walker ploughing his lonely trolling furrow,trying to get an unfavourable reaction to his endlessly provocative statements that RC ( he says faith schools,but he means RC) schools are a form of child abuse and sectarianism doesn’t exist.
      Well I suppose it keeps him in the house out of harm’s way after all.
      The desperation in palpable ……..end game for Sevco.

      Ps I really hope Paul doesn’t put them into moderation again,we’ve already lost Mr Steerpike once before,and if lose him again and the camster,what will we do for fun Paul 🙂

      • Steerpike

        Mentioned in dispatches again, you get a few league points for that.

        • Maggie

          Dishonourable mention.

        • Leerpike
          You will not league points your team will soon be out of the league
          HAIL HAIL

        • Delusions of Adequacy Steerpike you are still on zero points, at least Cam is funny sometimes & Carson is…. Carson.

          You are just in DeNiall.

        • @gortchomhor

          Individuals who cause trouble and act like fruitcakes in civilised company will often feature in discussions. I guess in YOUR usual company it goes unnoticed…

          • Steerpike


            I know who was acting like a fruit cake in our little entente, you don’t have lose it my friend, not cool, it is only opinion, not life or death.

            Try anger management….or confession.

            • @gortchomhor

              In case you never noticed, I totally discredited you in public. It was fun, although a bit too easy. I did do it on a few different levels though, to be fair, making it slightly more difficult for myself.

              Thanks for that compliment earlier when you said how you thought I was really clever and stuff, by the way. I pasted it for everyone to see. Are you officially retracting that now? I hope not.

              Another succulent, pseudo-intellectual, lamb to the slaughter. No fava beans or chianti but, even so, went down a treat.

            • Steerpike


              ” In case you never noticed, I totally discredited you in public. ”

              You called me a bunch of names, sober up for goodness sake man.

            • cam

              interesting,,,pawn to b3,i’m white of course,its an equine thing!

            • Budweiser


              Blue knights to pawn Ibrox – check !

    • Kerrygirl

      Correct they are Protestants ………………… Of the Catholic Church their whole religion is based on protesting against our very existence

      • cam

        Factually defective fair Kerry.
        We recognise the Catholic faith but don’t wish to adhere to the Vaticans interpretation of the teachings of Christ.
        If some strange buggers would just have stopped burning us because we don’t want to bow our knee to Papal authority then that humphy sneckit little Dutch barsteward wouldn’t have been necessary.
        The score is still Boyne 1- Rebels 0
        There is no appeals process and Billy Nimmo said we had no sporting advantage in the first leg.
        We expect the rebels to come out fighting in the second half,but they will resort to the long ball and we shall not surrender our lead.
        love and kisses x

  15. Monti

    Cam the cooler queen:) nah nah nah nah nah nah 🙂

    • Maggie

      He’s pure dead raging btw Mont,I can almost see the orange mist of rage emanating from his every pore into cyberspace.:-)

      • Monti

        It’s about time Cam cooled his jets Maggie, I’m very offended & regularly hurt by his innuendo & language.
        This is a site for mannerful & respectful debate, there is no need for profanity or Bigotry.
        It is much better to be invited to the party because people want you there, rather than looking in from the window.
        Cam I have no sympathy….a common rapscallion! 🙂
        very distasteful individual…..another bowl please 🙂

        • Maggie

          I have a goodly supply of Equi’s Scottish tablet flavour ice cream in my freezer Mont.I keep it well away from all that zombie meat you brought me from your slayings,we’ll need that for JimBhoy’s big cats when the zombies are no more,any day now. 🙂

        • Yep a right wee Slinky Malinki, is our rapscallion cam.

          Maybe Maggie will adopt him & give the poor raggedy cam a home or at least leave out a wee bowl for him. I feel sorry for him & like Slinky Malinki he has promised to change his ways…

      • Monti

        :D…..gutted for him Maggie….miiiaaaaoooowwwww 😉

  16. Geddy Lee

    The ASA have now outed themselves as “the rangers haters”.

    It seems there is doubt over the earlier claim that “the rangers” are the World’s most succesful club. It seems all was not exactly above board with the previous decision.

    Amazed the laptop Loyal of the Scotsman have let this pass for publication.

  17. Geddy Lee

    Sensational debate over on Munter Media. Thoughful topic for today is “how dae wae force the club tae play GSTQ before every match”

    Again, I’m not making this up. Apparently , both teams should also stand to attention and belt out support for their Queen, regardless of nationality. LOL

    Apparently, they need to reinforce their BRITISWH Identity before the Commenwealth games.

    One very offended poster can’t understand why they are ridiculed for singing about the battle of the Boing Boing, while tartan trannies get away with singing about the defeat of King Edward.

    The fact Ed was a pathalogical Scotland hater, and that britain did not even exist then as a political union, is totally beyond any of them. It’s all “Jacobite this and Catholic that” it certainly takes only a few key words to set them all straight to “Tasmanian Devil Mode”.

    Just wait to they realise that at the Commenwealth Games, GSTQ will be being roundly booed , inside Ibrox, whenever Englandshire take the field for
    the rugby.

    I guarantee, that as that finally dawns on wheever has the duty braincell over there, will call for “the rangers” to withdraw their “support” for the games.

    It really is going to be hilarious. Will they have the Orange Order bouncers patrolling the stands looking for “boo-ers” I wonder.

  18. lordmac

    Wednesdays headlines the rangers board are kept on board stockbridge and mather but they will fail to mention they are new directors of the new RANGERS development FUND LTD BY THAT THEY are in charge to the new arrangements, they are there there to oversee that the rangers pay there rent on time, there will be fans shocked to find out
    in the words from Charlie and from BROS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCoBKbMeX98

    that rangers even after a share sale in the words from BROS will get to here from Charlie and the bohys

  19. Steven Brennan

    Ignore them and their poor attempts at deflection
    Shields Up
    You know the rest.

    • Maggie

      @Steven Brennan

      Hi Steven,
      The dilithium crystals are running low,the shields just can’t be kept at optimum power,they’re having to bring in the big guns of deflection,RC schools.Desperate times call for desperate measure. 🙂

  20. Steerpike

    ” Proven,inveterate liar.”

    Poor Maggie will never make a lawyer, let me repeat you have proven nothing.

    But thanks for the mention, you are sitting proudly alongside another nit wit at the top of the league.

    • Maggie

      Hope you’ve got a nice big ledger to record your league results in,as I plan to fight to the death to retain my place at the top.

      Proven inveterate liar.

      • hector

        @Maggie D.N.F.T.T. If you feed rearpipe again you will get detention ,flogged,100 lines or a season ticket to the asbestos dome(soon to be a large bus garage /Tesco .)

        • Maggie

          Ok,I promise.
          I’m a little bit scared of you hector,I know what you did to those Greeks,back in the day 🙂

        • hector I know, I’m as bad. But it is good fun reading some of the crap steerpike thinks of as clever debate.

          • Steerpike


            I rampaged through MSM USA with 8,000 members for 5 years, there aint many better out there than me, I conquered all. I was famous.

            Now seriously, sharpen up your act.

      • Steerpike

        I am etching your name on the trophy as we speak, I think it is safe to say I have got you hook, line and sinker.

    • Poor Steerpike, Maggie has got right under your skin, she is beating you up for fun.

      You are lucky she does not need any zombie meat for her cats or you’d be filleted by now.

      • Stevie

        Ian. You generally contribute intelligent posts on here.
        However you seem to be lowering your standards.
        Has something or someone unsettled you?
        Backing Maggie and Gort is self defecating for obvious reasons, people only need to read the guff they post to realise you are simply taking sides.
        Lending support to embittered bigots reflects badly on any individual.
        Don’t get dragged down into their murky depths of hatred, keep your bucket but find another well.

  21. Steerpike


    ” The value of the assets is not strictly relevant to the question. It the owner needs to liquidate said assets to release funds, the terms of that transaction would be between the parties involved. ”

    Unfortunately the value of the assets is strictly relevant to all shareholders( not just 51%), gratuitous alienation…..remember ?

    If you seriously believe 51% can just steal assets by flogging them cheap for some cash flow problem, then you are talking to the trees. It is called Fraud,and 49% will scream fraud from the rooftops.

    • Raymilland


      Perhaps you have nailed it right there.

      Green could successfully argue that if the club entered administration again, the value of the assets would revert to a similar amount paid to Duff & Phelps.

      To release the above funds tied into the assets would require a voluntary liquidation.

      If for instance someone was crazy enough to pay the price (at which you value the club; 40 – 60 million) then there would most certainly be a question of gratuitous alienation if Green and his consortium walked away with such gross profit.

      Green is not so greedy 😉 it would appear that (he) his purchaser of the assets would settle for an annual income of around £2m.

      Whatever the actual amount TRFC receives in return from such a deal remains to be seen. If the above deal did materialise; Green and his cronies would of course be entitled to their share of the income from the sale.

      The above scenario is entirely for the purpose of debate; and bears no semblance to ‘the truth’.

      This blog is for entertainment purposes only 😉

      • Steerpike

        ” This blog is for entertainment purposes only 😉 ”

        You betcha, witnessing Maggie frothing at the mouth is just extra cream.

        • Steerpike, your a wee bit deluded there.

          You are the one resorting to insults, Maggie is running rings around you & you can’t see past your pouted lip to realise it.

          Everyone knows you are a troll & although we know we should not feed you, it is good fun, , you are the joke of the blog & that says something, given you’d think Carson would win that hands down…. He will have to up his game, I also think Cam should get an average mark while he is in detention to try & keep the competition open…

          • Steerpike


            Maggie is behaving exactly like someone who is being trolled to perfection.

            Think about this.

          • cam

            Ian, by converting(see bottom of the page) i have brokered a deal,using a shell company,with Mr McConville.
            He will restore all my posting privileges if i agree to be a Census enumerator in Coatbrig in 2021 wearing my full regalia.
            Do you sometimes put a visual image to a poster?
            I think its an involuntary reflex in order that the brain can rationalize data with its currently loaded program.
            You, i see as a wiry,James Woods energetic figure with a penchant for samurai swords and macrame.
            Marge i see as a hybrid of a young Bernadette Devlin and Fran and Anna.
            I of course realise i’m setting myself up nicely and can only ask that you fulfil my expectations of your literary skills.

    • Kerrygirl

      Fraud ! You lot ……..never?

  22. jocky bhoy

    Here you go Steerpike. Always happy to help the less internet-literate posters. http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2012/11/7685
    This contains exactly the data you request. I note that many times you have mentioned your secularity so it is interesting to note that only the religions of those targeted are specified, not the religions (or lack thereof) of the perpetrators.

    Whether you arbitrarily remove offences deemed serious enough by the police and courts to be charged is frankly immaterial. As is your “ostrich” position of head buried in the ground. A 40% increase in these recorded offences is proof positive there is a problem in Scotland, regardless of its catalyst, yet you dismiss it as myth? I can only say your

    Maggie – I know he’s a troll, we’ve crossed metaphorical swords before, however my responses are not so much to him, he’s up to his knees in spurious statistics, but more to explain to anyone else who accesses this site that what he airily dismisses is a real issue.

    • jocky bhoy

      ” I can only say your… lack of willingness to take on official sources damages your credibility in an argument.

      • Steerpike

        ” I can only say your… lack of willingness to take on official sources damages your credibility in an argument.”

        Jocky, coming from a Celtic fan this is rather ironic, I will look at the stats.

      • Maggie

        @jocky bhoy
        Good work there jocky.
        Phil Mac had an interesting blog today,part of which is pertinent to what’s been unfolding here today.

        ” Make any mention of this stealth ( anti Irish Catholic ) racism in Scotland and the first response from the host community is outright denial that the problem exists” Sound like anyone today jocky ?

        “Then there is the banter defence ( cam et al ) and finally there is the personal hostilities to the complainant” cam,carson,willie Wonka and of course Steerpike’s insults to,well everyone.

        As I’ve said many times on here jocky,they continue to condemn themselves from their own mouths and resort to unfounded insults of the sort seen here today.If you can’t win your argument on the facts,resort to ad hominem attacks,it’s all they’ve got jocky.

        • coatbrigbhoy

          it’s all they’ve got and all they ever had, that’s their history
          DeNiall, only purpose is to deflect and deny, he is so deluded he thinks people believe his bone crushingly boring stats are of any interest to anyone other than himself,

          As Niall, he was an east Fife fan that felt the need to post continuously about RFC/Sevco.

          As Steerpike, he is now an atheist, that feels the need to post continuously about Catholicism.

    • Steerpike

      Okie Dokie Jocky boy, let us examine the evidence that Scotland has an anti-Catholic ethos outside of football thuggery.

      First off, anti Catholic = 60% and anti Protestant =40 %, I would hardly describe the 20% difference as a cultural anti-Catholic ethos, anyway let us bash on.

      So we start off with 867 charges in 2011-12, of which 509 were against Catholics, of these 509 victims just over half were police, this reduces the figure to 255 victims. Football thuggery was one third, this reduces the figure to 180 Catholic victims against 150 Protestant victims.

      So, your evidence that proves there is an anti- catholic cultural ethos in Scotland, is 30 extra victims per year out of a population of non -Catholics of approx 4 million ???

      I will not dwell on the obvious drink and youth element in the stats, but it is safe to say rival gangs with football leanings may have had something to do with these demographics.

      I bet there is more holocaust deniers in Scotland, and you have failed to make your case.

      Sectarianism in Glasgow never mind Scotland is factually a myth outside of football thuggery.

      The defense rests.

      • Steerpike

        p.s. the increase in the last two years must be down to football, this reduces the actual numbers of religious victims to roughly 100 Catholics and 80 Protestants per year.

        Wow….it is just like Ulster innit ?


        • Steerpike

          The statistics prove there is no anti-Catholic attitudes in Scotland of any note, what there is, is a perception of sectarianism by Catholics, and this victim playing is a residue from their ancestral culture.

          ” Less than one percent of all Catholic respondents said that, in the last five years, their religion had been the motivation of a physical attack against them (0.7%), a threat of physical violence (0.8%), vandalism (0.6%) or another form of harassment against them (0.4%). ”

          The difference between a Catholic and a Protestant is 20%, which equates to 0.16% down to 0.08% differential.

          Get real, wake up and stop playing the victim.

          • Steerpike

            I suggest all Catholics watch this, it presents a fair balance:


            • coatbrigbhoy

              you claim to be an Atheist,
              yet you have spent about two days talking about Catholicism,
              Faith Schools, as it relates Catholics, you have put up post after post full of statistics with regards to anti catholic sectarianism,
              very odd behavior for a man that claims to be an Atheist,

              I myself am Atheist , that’s up to me, i feel no need to crusade against religion, if people have faith in a god, if they get comfort and a sense of well being from that that, then who am i to attack them for it, it is for them, Faith and belief, personals thing to be sure. open to all men and woman to choose,
              why do you act as if it is OK to come on to a blog and attack peoples beliefs or faith, do you think that because you don’t believe in a god that that somehow gives you the right to accuse others of abusing there children because they teach them about the faith and beliefs that they as parents hold,
              what kind of world do you live in,
              would you have people punished for this “child abuse” as you call it,

              I am happy to be an Atheist, I am sure many people are just as happy with their religion or personal belief in a god or a “higher power” .

              you claimed to be an east Fife fan, you have discarded that now,
              at the time you denied you were a fan of RFC 1872 and or Sevco, now your one of the peepil, why did you feel the need to lie about the club you choose to follow, was it because of it’s anti catholic anti republic of Ireland stance.
              thankfully, your out the closet now, as a fan of Sevco.

              you ran with the story you suffered from deafness, you abandoned that lie , indeed you tried to laugh it off, claiming a disability FFS

              how long do we need to wait for you to abandon your claim to be an atheist,
              for me your track record shows that you will pretend to be something your not, so you can attack whoever or what ever does not mirror your beliefs or prejudices.

            • portpower

              @ PinDrop.
              I bet your wife wishes she was deaf instead of you.. Even Ian Black would put a few quid on that sure bet.

      • OK, you Worzel has his maths head on does he? Tell me the percentage chances of having a sectarian offence aimed at you against that of other faiths?

        You are doing a very good job on focusing on the smallest possible number and then dismissing many of those but the fact is these are purely offences deemed criminal acts of committed against individuals – ones deemed serious enough for BOTH police and court involvement, rather than merely having tens of thousands of Rangers fans telling you to go home or singing about being up to their knees in your blood or offensive songs about a spiritual leader. OK, outside of football what about churches that get damaged routinely? Bullets being sent to religious leaders? What about the lack of surprise in these examples in Scotland. I guarantee in England they wouldn’t be dismissed so casually. It is in this that the “ethos” you are so keen to identify is evidenced.

        • Tell me the percentage chances of having a sectarian offence aimed at you if you are Catholic against that of other faiths?

        • Steerpike


          First of all I am a first class debater and any attempt by you to deflect from the topic will be crushed without mercy. You provided statistics to prove your case and the statistics contradict your case, you should have studied them first, no point in complaining to me about small samples in your proof, you were running around with your 40% increase in the air as if you had discovered gold.

          The topic: ” Is their evidence of an anti-Catholic ethos in Scotland outwith football thuggery.”

          Fact 1: You now wish to introduce evidence of football thuggery.
          Fact 2. It is not my fault the victim rate is so low, it represents the scale of the problem.
          Fact 3. You have provided no evidence of Chapels being routinely damaged nor bullets being routinely sent to religious leaders. I suspect this to be utter fantasy, this kind of evidence would be included in the countless studies and they are not.
          Fact 4. A catholic is more likely to be a victim than a Protestant by 0.15%. ie a Catholic has a 0.8% chance and a protestant has a 0.65% chance.
          Fact 5. The 40% increase coincides with Rangers going bust.

          Come on, just admit it, it even surprised me, there is no anti-Catholic ethos it is just football thuggery, and a false perception from the past.

          • jocky bhoy

            The topic: ” Is their evidence of an anti-Catholic ethos in Scotland outwith football thuggery.”
            Fact 1: You now wish to introduce evidence of football thuggery.

            Why would you want to exclude the largest and most visible manifestation of anti-Catholicism in Scotland from a debate about anti-Catholicism in Scotland? That seems perverse. So my response: there is thuggery in football in Scotland. There is also football thuggery in England, in Holland, in Italy, in Turkey etc. However only in Scotland does it have a sectarian element and the majority of offences are against Catholics (or those perceived to be Catholic). Ergo, Scotland does have does have an anti-Catholic “ethos” and why football brings it out is well recorded.
            Fact 2. It is not my fault the victim rate is so low, it represents the scale of the problem.
            Firstly, I do not know if it is not your fault the victim is so low 😉
            But that aside, the victim rate is not low – not in my mind, nor in the minds of victims or those most at risk – groups that you decry as being whingers. BTW the statistics I posted were clearly only for the for the number of charges not the number of offences – and that conviction rate is increasing by 40% over the past two years. What number is your trigger point? At what number will there problem in your opinion? 1,000 crimes? 2,000? What number point will make you happy to address the problem?

            Note these are only incidents where police and proc fisc thought it serious enough to take to court, so are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of “ethos”.

            Fact 3. You have provided no evidence of Chapels being routinely damaged nor bullets being routinely sent to religious leaders. I suspect this to be utter fantasy, this kind of evidence would be included in the countless studies and they are not.

            Goodness me, you want me to shake it for you once you’ve pee’d as well? OK, again, as you seem to struggle to find stuff on the old “interweb”: http://www.selkirkweekendadvertiser.co.uk/news/local-news/vandalised-church-window-irreparable-says-secretary-1-2957826
            Note: it is not in the West of Scotland, and it is not football related. And it is not the first time vandals have targeted this church. Think that ticks all the boxes. It’d take me 5 minutes to find 5 more examples, as I assume it would you…
            Again do you really not remember the issues surrounding the Pope’s visit only 2 years ago? http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/cardinal-keith-obrien-sent-live-1100866

            Utter fantasy? No, actual “reality”!

            Fact 4. A catholic is more likely to be a victim than a Protestant by 0.15%. ie a Catholic has a 0.8% chance and a protestant has a 0.65% chance.
            Hahah you really don’t understand statistics do you?

            Catholics account for 16% of the Scottish population, Church of Scotland 42% (source: census 2001, we are still waiting for the 2011 results; we’ll just have to go with CoS at the moment as other protestant groups are not specficed).
            There were 509 charges of Religiously Aggravated Offending recorded against Catholics and 353 were recorded against “protestants”. So 509 charges against 16% of the population versus 353 against 42% of the population. 44% more charges brought for crimes against a 60% smaller subset of the population.
            As a Catholic in Scotland you are therefore nearly 4x as likely (385%) to the the victim of Religiously Aggravated Offending than if you are “protestant”. If you want, I can go through those numbers again, in bigger writing.

            Fact 5. The 40% increase coincides with Rangers going bust.
            Actual facts – Fact: Rangers are in liquidation.
            Separate unrelated fact: there is much higher incidence of sectarianism in Scotland, specifically anti-Catholic Sectarianism, and there has been for decades, than in comparable countries. Is that evidence of an anti-Catholic “ethos”? I would say so.

  23. tykebhoy

    Oops what’s the betting Ian Black is found not guilt by the SFA. Or alternatively its a minor misdemeanor. Close to match fixing AGAIN 😉

  24. coatbrigbhoy


    © Sevco warning
    All sevconians Will need to log onto the Ofishal webshite to get the troof on this story, ©

    I would BET it was a simple case of 160 acts of good faith.

    • tykebhoy

      Their new PR company will be earning the corn but is it just another ploy to get a high earner off the wage bill

      • coatbrigbhoy

        I would think that after getting their fingers burned with Sandaza having to be paid off,that they can’t afford to many more lump sum payments reducing the £10m in the bank.

    • tykebhoy

      I’d have bet against that 😉

    • @gortchomhor

      Would it surprise you to hear he was grassed by his own management/team who wanted an excuse to get rid of him? Yah, just like Sandaza… got to get the wages bill down right? Keep the fans on side.

      Problem solved.

  25. dan

    Oh dear me. You turn your back for a couple of days and things just seem to get Blacker for Sevco. What were the odds?

  26. See there’s as story breaking over betting by Ian black

    Rangers midfielder Ian Black has been issued with a notice of complaint by the Scottish Football Association for allegedly betting on matches.
    It is alleged Black bet against his “then registered club” three times between March 4, 2006 and July 28, 2013.
    A Rangers spokesperson said: “The club is aware of the SFA’s notice of complaint and are currently investigating the matter.”
    Black has until 26 August to respond.
    The former Hearts and Inverness CT midfielder has also been charged with breaching the SFA’s disciplinary rule 22 by “betting on a further 10 football matches that involved then registered club”.
    Disciplinary Rule 22 has been allegedly breached by:
    * Betting on three football matches on then-registered club not to win.
    * Betting on a further 10 football matches that involved then-registered club.
    * Betting on a further 147 football matches.
    The SFA’s Disciplinary Rules 23 states: “No club, official, team official, other member of team staff, player, match official or other person under the jurisdiction of the Scottish FA shall knowingly behave in a manner, during or in connection with a match in which the party has participated or has any influence, either direct or indirect, which could give rise to an event in which they or any third party benefits financially through betting.”
    Black moved to Ibrox in July 2012 after his contract at Hearts expired. He joined Inverness in 2004 and spent five seasons with the Highland club before joining the Tynecastle outfit.
    A hearing has been set for Thursday 12 September.

  27. R. MacGeddon

    Tax evasion, administration, liquidation, rule-breaking, deception, threatening, shafting, Watergate style taping, backstabbing, lying, charity scamming, money laundering, no there can’t surely be another one for the list, can there? Yes there can. Accusations of wrongful betting. Groan. What the hell next? Bodies in the Clyde? We waant Goad Save The Queen played at the gemmz! Nice to see the support have their priorities in order.

  28. R. MacGeddon

    Carson / Cooler King

    Is it a coincidence in your opinion that British fascism in the 20s and 30s found support in Scotland among the Rangers supporting ‘Billy Boys’ of Brigton?

  29. Monti

    People can say what they like about Ian Black’s propensity to collect cards last season….

    . yellow 10
    . Red 6

    scratch cards, 6,253

  30. Steerpike


    I rarely debate with buffoons but I will say this one time to clear matters up once and for all.

    I do not accept religious ideology benefits society, it is an obstacle to reason, unity and progress , this is my right, just as it is your right to reject the ideology of Thatcher. I value truth and reason over everything else.

    Some ideologies concern me more than others but I object to them all in principle, they sell the spirit world, and this is a lie..

    I accept the right of individuals to choose their ideology, but I do not accept the right of parents to inflict their ideology on their children from birth. Our children have rights, and must be free to choose their own ideology when they mature, it should not be imposed on them.

    I am not just an atheist, I am an anti-theist and I reject all religions and all faith schools.

    I do not hate Catholics, Muslims, Irish people or Celtic supporters, and as a humanist I love everyone as my neighbor, I do not hate in plurals.

    I dislike bigotry and thuggery, end of story.

    • coatbrigbhoy

      inflict their ideology, no they should only be allowed to inflict yours,
      is that it ?,
      who are you to tell others how to rear their children, what they can and can’t teach them,

      do parents have the right to send their children to school if a child makes a decision not to go, if a child demands his rights to eat only crisps and chocolate must the parent respect the child’s independent right to choose his own menu.
      does a child have the right to refuse to be immunised because he does not want to be injected

      As a child i was reared in the Catholic faith, by catholic parents, i left it all behind me as an adult, that was my mature choice.
      many other adults have made their choice to stay with their religions, who am i to tell them they are wrong, i am no preacher,unlike you.

      your making a bigger ass of yourself with ever post ,

      your not running this democracy, your hatred, and that is what it is ,for faith schools is of no importance to anyone else, if you want to change it then stand for parliament, stand on your anti faith schools ticket,
      this is not a secular country,
      the Queen is also head of the Church of England, an anti catholic position, no catholic can become king or queen in our democracy, how does that fit in with all of your no anti catholic sectarianism exists here statistics, it exists at the very top of the pile,

      tell us how many catholic prime ministers have we had in our democracy ?

      Under the Roman Catholic relief act of 1829, sect. 17, no roman catholic may advise the sovereign on ecclesiastical matters, which is one of the Prime Minister’s roles.

      • Steerpike


        You put the right of a parent over a child, and yet you oppose abortion, a principle that puts the rights of the child before the parents.You have no right to teach mythology as truth, to contradict knowledge and reason, a child should be entitled to make its own mind up in adulthood. You have it the wrong way round, the child has the right to leave after it has been force fed nonsense for decades. The ones that stay cannot have freely chosen, there is no free will if there is causation, they are products of their programming.

        I don’t give a monkeys about the queen or religious nonsense, I want a truly secular nation with a state that stays out of religion.

        • See you steerpike, you are a BORING LIAR…end of story my erse, you are still prattling on.

          You are a product of something, but I’m not sure what the mix is…. Is your Real name Damien?

          • cam

            I saw a remake of that in the Louden.
            It was called The Day That The Jackal met Lenny.
            The absinthe has blurred my recollection but the plot was about a Ginger assassin with three nipples,who had a birthmark that looked like 1967.
            His favourite method of despatching his victims was to stand close to them and spray them with halitosis scented saliva.
            It had a strange ending though,he woke up one morning surrounded with 23 silver cups and read the Royston Record and found out he had been sacked after his Colts team had lost a game in extra time to a team from Govan who had to play without any boots due to a 12 way agreement brokered by Faithful Navigator Reganus the 1st.

        • coatbrigbhoy

          Oh what a fool,
          you have decided for me what my views on abortion are, on what evidence did you come to your conclusion ?

          I teach no one anything about mythology of any sort, i am an atheist, have been since the age of 14, I informed my parents that i would not have anything more to do with god or the catholic church, they were not happy about that, but let them deal with that.
          you seem to have some sort of idea that people are frog marched to chapels and churches every Sunday against their wishes, no adult is forced to attend those places in this day and age, many a child have become adults and stay with their religion, who are you to tell them they must stop, freedom to choose as adults is theirs not yours.
          your so immature and insecure you think everyone must think as you think and believe as you believe, your the biggest PREACHER that comes on this blog, did you not know that, every day a sermon from the man of multiply identities,
          you were not man enough at the outset to just say you were a sevco fan, you faked your allegiance to east Fife, what type of ADULT would do that on a blog like this ?

          further proof that i do not deal in mythology, Rangers died, no resurrection, when your dead, your dead.

          AS for this bit of mumbo jumbo…… “a child should be entitled to make its own mind up in adulthood.” say that out loud,
          did you mean when a child becomes an adult he should choose ?
          is that not what happens, who is forcing adults to stay with religion ?

          your coming across as an adult that is still a child

          then this one
          “the child has the right to leave after it has been force fed nonsense for decades”

          decades ? so that’s. a minimum of 20 years, so your saying a child of 20 years should make it’s own mind up, a 20 year old child EH

          • Steerpike


            It is not you that has views on the rights of an aborted child but the Catholic church, and if you do not understand the obvious effects of decades of indoctrination on a young brain, then you have been brainwashed or you are just thick.

            The fact a few bail out is irrelevant, most do not, and that is the whole purpose of indoctrination.

            • coatbrigbhoy

              But i am not the catholic church, not even a member of it, so why did you tell ME what ME views on abortion were,
              your one sad sacks of a man, how many times is that now you’ve replied to me with an edited version of your first post, maybe if you took the time in the first place to state what you mean rather then having to come back and edit.
              I am not catholic, and i am not the catholic church, as i said before, for a so called atheist, your very obsessed with the Catholics.

        • coatbrigbhoy

          @ Steerpike

          yesterday you PREACHED all day about the absence of Sectarianism in our society

          I replied

          the Queen is also head of the Church of England, an anti catholic position, no catholic can become king or queen in our democracy, how does that fit in with all of your no anti catholic sectarianism exists here, statistics, it exists at the very top of the pile,

          tell us how many catholic Prime Ministers have we had in our democracy ?

          Under the Roman Catholic relief act of 1829, sect. 17, no Roman Catholic may advise the sovereign on ecclesiastical matters, which is one of the Prime Minister’s roles.
          your reply

          “I don’t give a monkeys about the queen or religious nonsense”

          that’s your response to the question of sectarianism at the top of the pile in Britain, state and religion joined at the hip, anti catholic at the very top of the pile, add to that the no catholic has ever or will ever be allowed to be Prime minister as no Catholic is allowed to give advice on certain matters to the king or queen of Britain, yet your last two days on here was spent giving silly little statistics to prove that there is no anti catholic agenda at work in modern Britain, for some one that does not give a monkeys about religion,you spent a lot of time researching it over the last few days,

          I am an Atheist, i have no interest in god or religion, why would i want to try to convince any one of the statistical difference between Catholics and protestants in Scotland, nothing more boring to a true non believer,
          your as much an atheist as you were an East Fife Fan,

          • david

            How can it be anti-Catholic to be Head of the Church of England?
            There is currently nothing to prevent an RC Prime Minister though I would prefer a First Minister, and I couldnt care less what religion he was.
            John Swinney might make it, a more decent man you could not hope to meet.
            Blair was a closet Catholic but did not come out as such until after leaving office.
            Being a turncoat suits him, lying warmongering ratbag

          • Steerpike


            My apathy is based on the irrelevance of the monarchy, any my interest in Scottish sectarianism is obvious, I am an atheist and live in Scotland, it is not just barbaric but surreal in the eyes of this atheist. I am not a racist but I take an interest in the BNP when they pop out of the slime.

            You actually think funny coatbrig, you seem unable to accept or understand broad concepts, you seem blinded by hate and prejudice toward my good self, and that is unhealthy my friend.

            There are a number of posters on here who are emotionally fragile, and I fear sometimes for their well being.

    • Good now that you have played your one trick & bored the blog to death…Please make that the end of the story.

      Steerpike i hope you don’t have kids, they will be in therapy for years listening to you.

  31. Cat lady and Kerry ( girl ? ) Wee bit of a love in going on there ! Watch yourself Kerry ( girl ? ) or the cat lover might “herrie yer nest “

  32. Steerpike

    In effect we have Catholic Celtic fans blaming Rangers for sectarianism, where little sectarianism exists outwith football, and yet Rangers has not promoted sectarianism for decades.

    Both Rangers and Celtic have a sizable minority of thugs who are not religious, but justify their thuggery under some spurious religious pretense. The Catholic minority( fueled by the Catholic Church) for historical reasons perceive these thugs as the thin end of an anti-Catholic wedge, one which includes the Government and the SFA.

    They are simply wrong, the evidence is conclusive, nobody gives a monkeys in Scotland about your religion or Irish roots.

    Time to face reality and this is not easy for a theist, they prefer faith and martyrdom.

  33. Ed Paisley

    These quoted assault statistics seem a bit strange to me. The chance of a randomly selected RC having suffered a sectarian assault in the prior 5 years is 0.8%. The equivalent for a Protestant is 0.65%.
    However, Protestants outnumber Catholics by 7:1 if you take the whole of Scotland. To have such similar percentages would suggest the the absolute number of assaults on Protestants in Scotland is greater than on Catholics by a multiple of 5 to 1 or thereabouts. That is nonsensical.
    Who produced these statistics – Ian Duncan Smith?

    Lies, Damned Lies and Ian Duncan Smith

      • The Hidden Fortress

        Thanks Officer D…an excellent s(h)earing of the Damascus-bound Daily Lamb’s record,..lest we forget ! Has news of Mr B made it into the ‘official’ organs yet or is it being dismissed as yet more bigoted tripe from a bunch of bampot obsessives who should behave more like ‘normal’ people, drinking, gambling and diverting charitable funds etc. ? Oh well, at least tomorrow should be a quiet news day. Nothing much ever happens on a Tuesday. Must just dust the boardroom blunderbuss before I lock up and leave a note for Giuseppe V, the chef – Domani.: dominoes and dice, and some old country hints of spice…whatever will work best with chopped tomatoes ! (I leave a note as he’s always too busy listening to ‘Requiem’)

      • willy We signed young players oldco would not sign because their names sounded Irish. wonka

        Ah, George King, who secretly wrote articles for An Phoblacht.
        I wonder if ten-names and him get mixed up with what to call each other when they’re writing their fantasies.

    • Steerpike


      You are right to be careful about the use of statistics, for example if religious crimes are split 60/40 in number yet the 40% is only 20% of the population, this means the correct ratio should be 80/20 and the 60/40 proves Catholics are far more likely to attack a Protestant as a Protestant a Catholic.

      Perceived victims live on the edge of paranoia, this leads to increased sensitivity and over reaction.

      It is understandable.

      • Steerpike

        I would like make on important conclusion from my research, and I touched on it earlier, the power of the internet blog. There has been a 40% increase in sectarian crime in the last two years( since Rangers went bust), and I put the blame on irresponsible bloggers fanning the flames of sectarianism on both sides.

        Journalists have a responsibility to report facts not create news, you are all contributing to a worse society as is your blogging counterparts.

        By the time Rangers get back in the SOL sectarian crime will have more than doubled, think about this……seriously.

        • cam

          Looks like that survival bunker i built might come in handy after all.
          I do agree that the situation is reaching critical mass(no pun).
          If it wasn’t for the good humour of the law abiding Rangers fans we could see scenes not witnessed since Hugh Dallas sent Mahe off.

          • Ed Paisley

            You’ve been pummeled by the ladies today Cam. I hope you take it in the right spirit – it’s all just sticks and stones after all. My regards to Morag and the bairns.

        • What? all those NON EXISTENT ones you have bored everyone with.

          Go ask Cam for a shot of his Bolisha Beacon, it seems to calm him down, maybe it will work for you.

          If not Maggie may have to put you out of your misery..

          • Stevie

            Ian. Behave…Garfield couldn’t put herself oot at night.
            The massive chip on her shoulder, and her swag-bag of smileys prevents exit via the cat flap. Upgrade to patio doors may facilitate a return to howling at the moon, however planning permission may well be refused. I’ve petitioned the cooncil, on enviromental grounds.

      • Ed Paisley

        Statistics are extremely useful where appropriate and unbiased methodology is used. The methodology used here is highly suspect. I wouldn’t draw many conclusions from this.

        • Steerpike


          The methodology is sound enough for academics and bureaucrats, there is no real scale of anti-Catholic attitudes outwith football thuggery, it is a myth. The numbers speak for themselves, they are tiny and you know it.

    • cam

      Apologies,but i’m not reading that as the argument is fatally flawed from the outset.
      If Dougie wanted to “cheat” Celtic,then why would he even consider awarding a penalty in the first instance?
      He changed his mind (rightly in my sporting judgement) and realised he was now in a world of hurt due to the out of control behaviour of the worst thing that ever hit Scottish football,the Lemon.
      Thereafter he travelled a road that deservedly reached the terminus.
      The climate at the time was 1999 all over again.Celtic just can’t handle defeat,Lennon’s hatred is etched on his face.
      Hugh Dallas was a target during the 1999 game and forever afterwards.
      The image of an official being assaulted by Celtic fans at Parkhead and his family terrorised in their house is to the eternal shame of the worst losers in sporting history.
      Mr Kearney’s role in hounding this man and then disappearing during the worst crisis to hit HIS organisation’s history, is a testament to his moral fibre.
      Shame on you for not putting up a link to a picture of a man assaulted by cowards.

      • Budweiser

        Apologies,but i’m not reading that’

        Are you waiting till it’s on the erfishal gers site cam ?lol. You wont have seen the charlotte tweet either, when Mr Dallas and Mc Donald were ‘ honoured guests at Ibrox ?

      • Budweiser

        TBH I didn’t see the game as I had no interest in it. The point about the article isn’t about whether it was a penalty or not . [ although the English ref in the article seems to think it was ] It’s about the alleged cover up and Dallas machinations. Re the other game – I did see that on telly. Not excusing the coin throwing in any way – totally unacceptable. The perpetrator should have been jailed. On the ,was it mahe, the ugly French guy,incident. Dallas had totally lost it imo. Nowadays holding up a hand [ with imaginary card is commonplace ]. Dallas was never a good ref in my opinion – and not because of a perceived anti – celtic bias – but just because he wasn’t a good ref.

        • cam

          Hugh Dallas made mistakes,Jeez even i do.
          The hounding of this man is a stain on the name of CFC.I believe that CFC employed a body language “specialist” to prove bias on his part.
          His ” crime” of forwarding an off colour e-mail was dealt with through his employers proper channels.
          In light of the recent scandals, the owner of the silhoutte in the e-mail image,is up for debate.
          Mr Kearney has gone quiet on that.It seems that the heinous intent of a referee is more important than the protection of the innocent.

          • Budweiser


            I believe that ‘dougie’ was also involved in some ‘controversy’ over a ‘gig’ at some masonic function. Dallas in the e-mail thing and dougie with the masonic thing, coupled with the link I provided [ please read it ] showed at the very least. very poor judgement for people who are supposed to be unbiased and impartial. For the HEAD of the ref. association it was sheer stupidity. His position was untenable.
            I have no idea what Kearney had to do with anything.

          • Pie man hates bridies!

            @cam….hounding of a man,eh?terrorist threats,arson threats and RA gers threatening to boycott clubs,because they chose to tell the SSFA that your club had cheated. An off colour e-mail,now if that was the head of the referees making a racist comment about your Queen…..employers proper channels,they are all masons so you know what the outcome would be.

    • Sevco United

      Bud, are you still masquerading as a St Mirren fan. LOL

      What type of St Mirren fan keeps links to stories about referees alleged bias against Celtic and looks up links to Masons etc in a tit for tat exchange against people speaking out about the Catholic Church ?

      Anyway, the real cover up in that penalty incident, a game which i attended incidentally was Craven himself. Ex Celtic season ticket holder and self confessed Celtic fan Craven KNEW it wasnt a penalty to Celtic, ” I told him(McDonald) I believed the goalie played the ball and that it wasn’t a penalty” but took his position up and did NOT make contact with the referee to tell him he got it wrong.

      Imagine that eh. An official knew it wasnt a penalty but thought he would let it go, perhaps due to his allegiances for the team on the park.

      On McDonald, he shouldnt have been back on a park refereeing.

      On Dallas, reading that article, you wouldnt know it was written by a Celtic fan. Essentially what it says is that there is absolutely zero evidence that Dallas was guilty of a cover up but his language in 1 disclosed interview was “clever” Oh well. Every public speaking person the world over is guilty of something then. 🙂

      And finally, Steerpike, you are talking utter p1sh about faith schools, but are absolutely spot on about sectarianism being a cry from constant victims. I also read with interest, as its something i havent saw argued before, that the statistics support that Catholics are more likely to offend than Non Catholics given that 15% of the nation is committing 40% of the offences. I hope i have read that right and not getting the stats wrong. Apologies if ive misread.

      • Steerpike


        I disagree with faith schools on principle but I accept your right to disagree, a right kept from children.
        The stats are what the stats are, the split in numbers is 60/40, basically both Celtic and Rangers have a group of thugs that carry out sectarian attacks, and one is as bad as the other.

  34. Steven Brennan

    Is one very boring man with an ego the size of Ally McCoists arse.
    Please ignore him and he will stop posting long boring made up rubbish.
    He is agent orange*
    Sent to deflect away from the embarrasment of his club, no wonder he denied being a fan of sevco

    • Steerpike


      None of my genius is made up, facts do not lie, you are inventing sectarianism to supplement your status, and please stop attacking Protestants.

      • cam

        Steven is a very nice fellow,he has the intelligence to realise that this is just an irrelevance and he likes Star Trek,,he is my brother and i shall get up close and naked with a Klingon to defend him.
        That of course is just a program on the holodeck.
        He is a rival in my quest to win the heart of the fair Uhura(Marge) communications officer 2nd class and cunning linguist.
        My phaser is set to malky and my photon torpedo won the Blue Riband for its stupendous dimensions.
        My tricorder has detected an alien organism,,,Monti,stop lurking.
        Morag,beam me up!

        • cam

          Bearing in mind that since the dawn of radio transmissions, the collective thoughts of humanity have been “leaking” into space,,,my sources tell me that an advanced species, constructed of pure energy and able to transcend the Einsteinian limitations self imposed by the pursuants of Galileo are looking Earthwards

          This species, known as Struthians have powered up their weapons,,,,i do hope you Aristotelians are in possession of sunscreen.

          • cam

            In the beginning there was only void,so Walter created the heavens and Govan,now Govan was empty and had no Subway,So Walter said “let there be Rangers” and there was Rangers and he separated Rangers from the darkness.
            Walter called the light Rangers and the darkness Celtic and there was good and evil and 1872 was the first day.
            Walter said let us make the People in our own image,in our own likeness and let them rule over the fish eaters in Parkhead and the cuckoos in the blog.Walter made the People in his own image to rule over the fish eaters in the east and the dafties in the blog and Walter saw that it was good-the 12th of July day.
            Walter created the People in his own image,in cardigans and tank tops he made them,Walter blessed them and gave them all the green victims they could laugh at and it was so.

            • Pie man hates bridies!

              @cam,Walter blessed them all,has he converted to the Catholic faith as well as walking away from your club and presbyterianism as it wisnae working for him or the club….saw the light moment methinks. The only Green victims are the victims of Chas Green,victims to laugh at,what league are you in and why,Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! FOOL!

        • Steven Brennan

          What attack on protestants?
          I fear you will loose out in the race for Uhuru’s favours, as You are like the android Data. You have nae knob.
          The gay Sulu would be more your thing.
          Off to watch the champions play in the champions league( play offs)

    • tykebhoy

      He thinks he’s a genius but he doesn’t have the smarts to work out he isn’t even a legend in his own lunchtime and never will be

  35. Steerpike

    Goodnight children, remember now, no talking about me behind my back, the spread sheet never sleeps.

    Somebody check on gort later, he worries me.

  36. Budweiser

    The fans banner;- ‘end the rangers soap opera’ !!

    No No No!!!!! It’s not in the script – or is it ?

    • cam


      August 20, 2013 at 12:42 am


      Blue knights to pawn Ibrox – check

      Normally a sound counter to the Larsen opening,but Castle Greyskull takes Dave King out of the bishops reach,,my white horse is Bearing down upon your weakened centre,,i predict mate in three.

  37. lordmac


  38. lordmac


  39. portpower

    Celtic are on the Silk Road to PARADISE.
    Good luck Bhoys. HAIL HAIL.

  40. portpower

    Celtic are on the Silk Road to PARADISE.


  41. Fra

    Will somebody please put this toxic entity down. It would seem to be the most compassionate thing

  42. R. MacGeddon

    Steerpike! In my opinion I am a first class lover, sportsman, intellectual, wit, musician, artist and all round raconteur. I wonder how many would agree?

  43. Steerpike

    I have some time on my hands today, my wheelchair is in for repairs( please don’t mention Nam), so I would like to get some positive feedback on my latest theory.

    Even Tom Devine accepts there is no structural ethno-religious sectarianism in Scotland but he claims there is still ” attitudinal ” sectarianism, there exists an anti-Catholic psyche in Scottish society, although outwith football he seems to have no evidence to support this perception.

    I disagree entirely with his views, recent studies clearly show that 75% of Catholics perceive sectarianism exists but only 1% have actually experienced it. I think there are a number of factors that contribute to this fallacious perception, one historical, one generational and one psychological.
    The historical is fairly obvious, Scotland back in the days when most went to church had a structural bias in the blue collar sector of society and football in particular.There are many Irish-Catholics living today who will have experienced this bias, and aggrieved victims are not predisposed to forgiveness or memory loss. When you are being victimized, ones cultural identity becomes even more important as a defense mechanism and this is built into the psyche of the communities that form.

    This sense of injustice is passed down to their offspring and the next generation inherit the victim status. It does not help that this bias is still practiced back in their ancestral homeland, it is an open wound, and acts like a permanent reminder of the recent past, almost an affirmation of their victim status.

    The evidence clearly shows most attacks are carried out by young drunk men, full of teenage angst and rebellion from the lowest. socio-economic groups.They see Rangers and their football thugs as proof of biased attitudes in the whole of society still existing.
    In their minds they look for reasons why they have failed in life, and blame societal bias for their lot, it is the natural mindset of an impoverished minority. Hence we have the arrival of the Green Brigade tackling perceived injustice and bigotry with a manifesto straight out of a student’s bedroom, insisting they are defending all oppressed minorities.

    In summary, there is an attitudinal problem in Scotland but it lies in the Irish-Catholic communities themselves, they are cultivating a culture of victim hood and they are not victims of anything but the past.

    Time to move on, this attitude is by definition a delusion, the evidence is incontrovertible.

    • Sevco United

      I dont believe it is restricted to Irish-Catholic communities, but it is my opinion that it is more rife in that community. There is even clear evidence of that on this very forum where posters still believe everyone is against them. Contrast that with the idiots on Follow Follow and Rangers Media and they think everybody is against them. They cannot all be right. But they can all be wrong.

      • Steerpike


        The only point I wish to highlight is Rangers fans do not think there is an anti-Protestant societal ethos in Scotland, just anti Rangers.

  44. Stevie
    August 20, 2013 at 8:06 am
    Ian. You generally contribute intelligent posts on here.
    However you seem to be lowering your standards.
    Has something or someone unsettled you?
    Backing Maggie and Gort is self defecating for obvious reasons, people only need to read the guff they post to realise you are simply taking sides.
    Lending support to embittered bigots reflects badly on any individual.
    Don’t get dragged down into their murky depths of hatred, keep your bucket but find another well.
    Your dislike for Gort & Maggie does not detract from the facts & those facts are basic & simple.

    There is a Troll on here boring the arse of of all & sundry & both Gort & Maggie ran rings around him.

    He proclaims himself a great debater yet can’t actually answer any points made to him, he is purely set on deflecting from the subject in hand.

    I normally don’t mind that if the patter is good or funny, like i already said cam can be funny, I almost told him not to take his flute to Chapel after his conversion as he could get it into trouble.

    Steerpike is a Sanctimonious, Boring, wiki quoting dick with not a lot to back up his ego & do you know what?

    After pages of mince it has made no difference, The SPIVS are still there, Jack has joined up with the Easedales & all of a sudden THEY have “Rangersitis”, same pish from Media House,just a different employer .

    I await developments with interest, I fully expect the Spivs to give & take between themselves. Spivs did for RFC(IL) & other Spivs are doing for TRFC, the money has gone. They are now on this years season ticket money & Fat Sally & his team stay in a FIVE STAR Hotel when they went to play Stranraer… Is THAT ripping the Pish right out of it or what?, yet Fans would rather deflect & deny than face up to it & actually DO something about it.

    , .

  45. Eastside

    Will anyone be shocked by any revelations of wrongdoing by Hugh Dallas? I certainly won’t be, the man was a Rangers man when he was on the field of play and was one of their many placed men within Hampden off of it.
    The referee “strike” was nothing but an agenda driven nonsense, there was always something dodgy about it, especially when the Rangers apologists in the media backed it to the hilt and set their sights on blaming Celtic FC. It became even more sinister when the SMSM intentionally and proactively sought out the replacement referees, got them on air and pretty much forced them into a U-turn. How strange that the media would do that? Surely they weren’t part of an agenda? Let’s just hope that the truth comes out.

    • Sevco United

      Hugh Dallas has 2 sons both of which went to Cardinal Newman and swayed the Celtic way.*

      Hugh Dallas had a Celtic season ticket as a bhoy.**

      * This bit is true.
      ** This bit is made up but equally as un-provable as your notion that he was a Rangers man.

    • coatbrigbhoy

      aye “JACK” was the lad right enough.

  46. Budweiser

    So chico leaves once again. Where did he hear the Champion’s League music ? Are Monaco playing tonight ?

  47. hector

    The bunfight at sevco will not be as funny as it may have been as BBC news states that chuckles has stood down and is to sell his shares.We will miss you Charles and thanks for the memories and all the laughs.

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