“For the Avoidance of Doubt” – Rangers Stamp on Inaccurate Stories And Dump Jack Irvine

Saturday evening seems to be a time for interesting news on the official Rangers website.

A couple of weeks ago we had the incredible disappearing post on the Rangers website – after Ally McCoist blamed Charles Green and his “contempt” for the defeat to Forfar, and the prompt removal of all reference to Mr Green shortly afterwards.

Tonight sees an unusual piece appearing (at least for now) and I have some comments on it below. However, you will see that I have summarised and paraphrased the piece, the original of which can be read here, as a result of the appearance of a copyright message on the website. I did not notice one until today – perhaps Rangers have realised the value of its intellectual property?

The copyright clause reads:-

Copyright 2013 Rangers Football Club. Permission to use quotations from this article is only granted subject to appropriate source credit and hyperlink to www.rangers.co.uk

First of all, I do not think that it is a breach of copyright to repeat the terms of a copyright clause! If it is, I will apologise and remove it.


Secondly, what is this “Rangers Football Club” which claims the copyright? As we know “Rangers Football Club” is not a legal entity, being something nebulous made up of assets and business sold by the administrators of Rangers Football Club PLC to Sevco Scotland Ltd, which changed its name, as we will be aware, to The Rangers Football Club Ltd and which is 100% owned by the shareholders of Rangers International Football Club PLC.

So, if someone does breach the copyright, then who enforces it? Is it “Rangers Football Club” which is not a legal entity? Is it The Rangers Football Club Ltd? Is it RIFC PLC?

The small print at the foot of the page provides an answer of sorts. It has a copyright statement in the name of Rangers Football Club and above it there are the words “The Rangers Football Club (SC425159)”. Of course it is incorrect to use that company name with that company number – to do so correctly would require the use of the suffix “Limited”.

We then turn to the message which goes out under the heading “For the Avoidance of Doubt”.

Now, as you will see, I suspect that whoever within the Rangers media outfit who authorised the piece might regret it. Why? Because stamping on untrue or incorrect stories is likely to be a full-time job, and if Rangers start doing so about some, then the failure to deny other suggestions will be taken by some as giving them the ring of authenticity!

The post refers to the football club having awareness of “wildly inaccurate” rumours on the internet. The club tells its supporters that these “flights of fantasy” are being “monitored” by the solicitors for the organisation.

If it remains Biggart Baillie who act for the various Rangers entities, then I am sure that some junior assistant or young associate there is delighted to have the job of reviewing websites for incorrect stories about Rangers! I suspect that could be a full-time job, and by that I mean 24 hours per day, not just 9 to 5! I imagine that the partners of BB will be delighted to watch the meter running on this activity, which will not prove cheap!

It might not be as much fun listening to these "Rumours"

It might not be as much fun listening to these “Rumours”

I suspect that Rangers would be able to ask its computer-literate fans to keep an eye on stories about the Ibrox outfit and to pass them on to the relevant people for free! That might reduce the legal bill quite considerably!

The post then focuses on what is stated to be a “malicious” article regarding the old chestnut, as memorably summarised by John “Bomber” Brown: – “Show us the deeds!”

The post does not mention where this “malicious” piece is published.

Frankly the issue of “the deeds” has been a red herring from the point it was raised. Why?

Because the Scottish system of Land Registration is a public one and anyone can request a copy of the relevant Land Certificate (for a fee) or can go to Edinburgh to inspect the Land Register. If someone owned Ibrox and Murray Park, and this was not a body connected to Rangers, then that would be very clear, and indeed would be there in black and white.

"Show us the deeds!" "By all means Mr Brown, come right in!"

“Show us the deeds!”
“By all means Mr Brown, come right in!”

Now people have speculated, and will continue to do so, about ways in which the land could be used, if needed, to raise funds for the company – that is a long way from saying that someone else already owns the properties!

The piece on the Rangers website then suggests that the fans should treat what it calls “these idiotic and lumbering articles with the contempt they deserve”. In fact, it goes on to suggest that the better course is simply to pay no attention to them at all.

The post then deals with the point I mentioned above, indicating that it is impossible to devote the time to publicly denying every “ridiculous” rumour.

It then goes on to comment on the “dangerous proliferation of anonymous obsessives” to whom Rangers do not want to give any credence. Thankfully they are not referring to me – as I am not anonymous! 🙂

They then have a pop at the Daily Record for an inaccurate headline which, they say, misrepresents what Mr McCoist said at a press conference. That is one of the issues of course of headlines – they are usually not written by the journalist and ever more frequently it seems bear little or no relation to the story under it!

It might be seen as noteworthy that, whilst the post by Rangers complains about the headline, it does NOT complain about the article itself.

And then, in its penultimate paragraph, the fans are advised that only by reading Pravda the official website will they know the truth – thus implying that every media organisation and newspaper is “anti-Rangers”.

And then, in twelve words which I will quote as the message it sends would be diluted by using my own words, the end of a long and mutually fruitful marriage is signalled:-

“Finally, Jack Irvine of Media House does not speak for this Club.”

The doyen of Scottish PR and crisis management - no longer on the same side as Rangers?

The doyen of Scottish PR and crisis management – no longer on the same side as Rangers?

Jack Irvine and Media House have been “hand in glove” with Rangers over many years – they were closely connected to Sir David Murray in his time as owner (and with his companies outside football). They worked for Craig Whyte and also continued to serve Rangers loyally during the Duff and Phelps reign. Between February and June 2012 Media House did £124,000 of work for Rangers which, by that stage, was being run by administrators. (In addition Rangers (in administration) paid almost £30,000 to Spreckleys for “media consultancy in connection with the administration” – as I commented at the time, the administrators needed PR people separate from those of the football club, but still charged the company in administration for that!)

Media House continued to work for Rangers until only a few days ago. And now that has come to an end.

Knowing Mr Irvine’s extraordinarily successful track record in PR, crisis management and the rest, and on the basis that he is now, apparently, advising the Easdale brothers, one suspects that placing Rangers on the opposite side from Mr Irvine might not be the wisest move they have ever made.

It will be interesting to see how media coverage of Rangers changes, if at all, over the next few weeks – how prominent will the Easdales become? How likely is it that they will seek to speak directly to the fans via the media because, after all, if they are in the Green camp, they will not have use of the official Rangers sources to do so?

So, to conclude, as I am going to have my dinner, exactly who has the copyright on the Rangers site?

How much money will be spent in having the lawyers monitor the internet?

Will the dropping of Mr Irvine in such a blunt way rebound on Rangers?

How soon will a story be given credence simply because Rangers do not deny it promptly?

And, finally, how much will the loyal Rangers fans rally round the flag on the basis that their team is “taking on” the media and the internet?

“No one likes us – we don’t care” has been an unofficial motto of many football teams over the years, and it rarely fails to unite the fans – I suspect that most supporters (or at least those vocal on the internet) will praise this as the club “speaking out”.

Good night all!

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508 responses to ““For the Avoidance of Doubt” – Rangers Stamp on Inaccurate Stories And Dump Jack Irvine

  1. Budweiser

    Eastside. – Did someone mention Dallas ?

    upthehoops says:
    August 20, 2013 at 7:21 am
    31 0 Rate This

    So what is going on here then? ❗

    Look out for a breaking story about Hugh Dallas in a wee while. Anything to deflect attention. #headonaplatter— awayonholiday (@corsica1968) August 19, 2013

  2. coatbrigbhoy

    Man overboard, Again !!

    how many times do you need to bale out of a sinking ship ?

  3. Ed Paisley

    Poor Ken Maginnis. Another motorist peeped at him for driving straight out at a road junction and he confronts the 21 year old driver and his younger sister with: “you yellow bellied bast*rd”, “you big poofter”. Apparently Ken grabbed the young man’s arm and tried to punch him through the window.

    Ken’s defence lawyer claims that what Ken said was “stop trying to intimidate me with your car horn” and of course Ken has such severe arthritis he had to give up his Riverdance fitness class.

    The old former UDR Major was prominent in Ulster politics during the troubles but he couldn’t quite convert himself into a respected statesman like his namesake Martin McGuiness. His equating of homosexuality with bestiality in a recent radio interview didn’t help him a great deal. It’s a shame because he was a strong supporter of the Good Friday Agreement.

  4. Steven Brennan

    Thought that was Peter Brady!

  5. Steven Brennan

    Is it just me or is this blog all over the place?
    Posts are turning up anywhere.

    • tykebhoy

      Most of what’s below (after Cam’s 9.02 post of 18th ) are replies to or replies to replies to an original post which has been removed. I suspect Cam is respondng to himself so it would be one of his posts Paul pulled

    • Monti

      A bit like our fkn defence…..:)

      • Stevie

        Heh heh heh! It is I wee Chico, standing right here where I am.
        What a glorious Champions league experience for the supporters of the mighty, omniscient, unparallelled magnificence and omnipresent teddybears.
        Sheep farmers of Kahzakstan 2- Ra Sellick 0.
        Ahem…ah mean that’s a wee shame!

      • graham

        Orange taps !!!!

        • Stevie

          Heh heh.
          Good evening Graham.
          So glad scottish football is prospering during our current sabatical from the upper echelons.
          The CFC board are getting it in the neck already, you’ve got to laugh. Seems the “old firm” is alive and well. We both want shot of our board’s.
          Oor mob cannae stop spending, and the eastenders have went back tae the biskit tin. Some things never change.
          GIRFUTLOY’s. Heh heh heh.

          • Ben McGinlay

            No such thing as the ol f##m….you all wish that was the case. Was that ‘orange taps’ Karagandy had on,,? What’s that got to do with anything ?

  6. @gortchomhor

    Going off on a bit of a tangent, I suppose, but certain people in here have talked about schools a lot and it sorta got me thinking…

    It could be my imagination or bias or whatever, but I honestly get the impression most Rangers fans are a bit simplistic. Is it just me that thinks that? I’m being serious. Seriously.

    I know there can’t be a genetic explanation which makes me think well what is it — so what is it? Schools? Sub-culture?

    Maybe one of those clever evolutionary biologists like Dawkins or someone could explain it.

    I don’t just mean the ones online, I mean in real life too; there’s this simplicity to them. Is that a bad thing to say? I’m trying to be diplomatic and am just being honest, that’s my perception.

    I actually sort of admire it in a way, it kinda reduces all the complexities of life to simple little issues like the queen, and loyalty, and support our troops, etc. For me those are all very complicated, thorny, issuess.

    If they could remove the racist / sectarian / male chauvinistic tendencies they’d probably be good company.

    They make good workers, I’ll say that. Complain a lot but they do what they’re told and are usually punctual and quite hygenic. Polished shoes etc, you get the idea.

    No offence to anyone intended.

    • Steerpike


      ” It could be my imagination or bias or whatever, but I honestly get the impression most Rangers fans are a bit simplistic. Is it just me that thinks that? I’m being serious. Seriously. ”

      I think anyone who attaches their ethno-religious culture to a football club is seriously simple.

      I see Celtic got beat by Borat and the sheep killers, this is a real set back for a united Ireland and the Catholic church.

      • @gortchomhor

        And what has any of that got to do with anything I said? Duh!

        In a sense, you serve as a good example of what I was talking about… Simplistic.

        But try and keep up, lard ass 😉

        • Steerpike

          And what has any of that got to do with anything I said? Duh!

          I suspect English is your second language.

  7. Steerpike
    August 20, 2013 at 1:16 pm
    I do not read nor comment on posts that bore me, may I suggest you do likewise.
    Poor Steerpike, poor diddums or should that be Diddy? I will read what I like, are you trying to control that too?

    There are people who bring wisdom, wit & knowledge to this blog, you are not one of them, you are a Troll & not even a good one.

    Let’s look at your failures you claimed RIFC are a success well, almost ,they have a New model which just needs tweaked & possibly a bit of investment from all these Rangers men willing to invest.. we hear of yet ANOTHER Billionaire & when it is checked out, what is the result? he bought FOUR Shares… Typical Rangers man Big mouth, short arms & deep pockets.

    In truth there is NO new model, just a bunch of spivs who have removed All the money & shuffled the pack each time one of them gets found out. You declared £10m left in the bank, which Includes THIS Season’s ticket money as a success story which was unfolding & Rangers men will supply the cash to bring the good ship dignity safely into port… What a crock.

    Fast forward to the biggest borefest yet of wiki fodder presented as , I don’t know because everyone knew you were trying to deflect away from the Infighting at the Asbestos Dome, again we are back on subject, it just won’t go away will it?

    So here we are the Sevco shambles stutters on & you have a wee pouted lip.

    Isn’t life grand?.

    • Steerpike


      Sorry Ian I was just trying to help you overcome your boredom, it was a piece of advice not a commandment, you have hurt my feelings now.

  8. Steerpike

    Well……………..that wasn’t very good.

  9. graham

    Orange strips …. Oops a daisy
    Still u will pump them next week but for tonight !!

  10. portpower

    The silk has turned to barbed wire at half-time Ghirls and Bhoys.
    Well done to Shakter youse deserved the win.

  11. Kerrygirl

    We weren’t good enough ,we can score 3 at parkhead but they will score to .back line full of haddies

  12. Monti

    2-0 down but not out, ticket purchased & with a close to sell out at Parkhead, I expect Celtic to turn this round.


  13. portpower

    Pot luck where this post ends up?

  14. dan

    Shite performance, but we can still do it at Paradise. Heard a great one on the bus today: there were two Sevconians saying (loudly) how much they hoped the wonderfully wonderful, tax-paying, law-abiding, non-poor-box-robbing, Glasgow Celtic FC would ‘get pigged'(? not sure if I heard that right) tonight. Then this old codger, getting off, leaned into them and said: ‘I’m off to watch the Celtic in the Champions League. By the time your mob get into it, if ever, it will be an intergalactic competition!’ The whole bus burst into laughter. From the Sevconians—-silence.

    • Stevie

      I was on that very bus Ed!
      You were correct, you misheard the old fella.
      What he actually said was” I’m off to watch the Celtic get pumped 2-0 by a bunch of unknown sheep fairmers, by the time I get the bus hame the night, the self proclaimed best fans in the world will be greeting intae their beer and wanting shot of the board.”
      What a visionary! Heh heh.
      The bears on the bus just heard the word board and ducked for cover.

  15. Pie man hates bridies!

    You really have got to laugh at Kevin Kyle saying the SSFA are opening up a can of worms by investigating irregular betting. Sorry Kev but if you are doing something illegal which ultimately could reflect on the outcome of a game then you and anyone else involved should be punished to the letter of the law. I know this must be hard given the cheating that eminates from his rancid club.

  16. graham

    Ooooops a daisy !!
    Must have been they orange taps eh

  17. JimBhoy

    Note to wee Lennie… Maybe not a great idea playing a new central defensive pairing in you biggest game of the season against unknown opposition..

  18. There once was a liar called Steerpike,
    Whose trolling consisted of vile-sh*te.
    Unmasked as deNiall,
    A brainless Sevco-phile.
    Don’t give the bigot even a wee bite!

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