Imran Ahmad v Rangers – It’s Terrible When Friends Fall Out!

Mr Ahmad was one of the key members of Mr Green’s consortium which bought Rangers* last year.

(By Rangers* I mean the assets and business which make up Rangers Football Club and which were bought by the company which is now 100% owned by the PLC – clear enough?)

In fact, if one accepts the version of events put forward by some of the Rangers-supporting bloggers, Mr Ahmad in fact pulls the strings of Mr Green and is the eminence grise behind the recent boardroom strife at Ibrox.

Mr Ahmad is now, according to many press reports and to some detailed posts on the blog of my good friend (though we have never met) Bill McMurdo, proceeding with a claim against Rangers for £3.4 million of damages for his departure in April.

Mr Ahmad was quoted on the STV News website saying:-

“It’s true the club does owe me money. Charles Green has agreed to tell the truth if it goes to court, i.e. I am due a five per cent bonus on all the commercial deals I negotiated on behalf of the club.

“I am hardly going to turn my back on a bonus which is due to me when I’ve directly negotiated £67m worth of contracts which benefit the club over the next five to ten years. Neither I nor Charles wanted this to go to court as we are substantial shareholders. Charles had already brokered a deal with the club for a fraction of the full liability but the club has not signed up to it.

“I had also offered to reinvest all my bonus proceeds plus an additional extra £500,000 of my own money back into the club.”

Mr McMurdo detailed in his post where Mr Ahmad said, in his own words, the £67 million figure came from:-

Sports Direct Puma is a 5 year contract and should produce profits of £4m per year for the next 5 years.

That’s £20m of benefit to Rangers I have directly negotiated on Puma.

£12.5m pre-IPO cash I directly negotiated and introduced.

£23m of IPO Cash I negotiated via Cenkos.

By buying Albion Car park I saved the club £3.5m over 10 years as lease was an astronomical 350k per year.

On Azure I got them to cough up another £7m over existing contract.

Bought Edmiston House for £1.5m which when developed will bring £2m per year into club.

My 5% bonus is only based on cash profit into club. Total size of Puma deal over 5 years is circa £100m of cash-flow but I’m only making my claim on the profit Rangers would get i.e. £4m per year for 5 years if that makes sense.

I was speaking about this with a group of experienced and wise lawyers yesterday, and it was noted by all of them that, according to Mr Ahmad, “Charles Green has agreed to tell the truth if it goes to court”!

If the case ever made it to a court (which is highly unlikely in my opinion) that comment would give the lawyer cross-examining both Mr Ahmad and Mr Green some heavy ammunition. After all it implies that there would be a possibility that, despite taking an oath to tell the truth, Mr Green might not do so if it did not suit. On top of Mr Green’s previous admission that he lied to Craig Whyte to get him to do what he (Green) wanted regarding Whyte’s shares, there is a lot of scope for Mr Green to be questioned about whether or not he is being truthful.

Mr Ahmad’s departure from Ibrox was very odd.

He was described in the Rangers International prospectus as one of two “Key Employees”, the other being Ally McCoist, “still the club’s all-time leading goalscorer”. He left his role as Commercial Director late in April in the aftermath of the allegations about Craig Whyte’s connections with Charles Green and the suggestion, strongly denied by Mr Green, that Mr Whyte was actually the owner of a Rangers subsidiary company.

Mr Ahmad’s fate was sealed, apparently, when a Rangers fans’ website alleged that he had been posting comments on a message board for Rangers fans, and revealing secret boardroom information, all under the pseudonym “IAmRangers”.

At the time authoritative Rangers bloggers suggested that he was dismissed from Rangers with no compensation.

At the time I wrote:-

“That, to be frank, seems rather surprising. Even in a clear case of gross misconduct (and from what has been made public this is a long way from being confirmed as that) company directors and senior staff usually are successful in reaching a compromise settlement, as the alternative can be a long, expensive and embarrassing court battle for the company.”

In addition the independent report prepared by Pinsent Masons seems not to have established any wrong-doing on Mr Ahmad’s part in connection with Mr Whyte.

From a legal perspective there are some interesting points. First of all, against whom does he make his claim? After all, he cannot sue “Rangers”.

(That is not, under Scottish rules, strictly true as a defender can be sued under a trading or descriptive name. However that runs the risk that, if decree is granted against the trading name, it turns out not to be the correct party when the decree is enforced – although that, in this case, could lead to the bizarre situation of the company denying it was “Rangers”.)

Mr Ahmad was said to be the Commercial Director of “Rangers”. He was however never a company director of RIFC PLC but instead was a director of the Rangers Football Club Ltd (formerly Sevco Scotland Ltd). Some questions arise.

  • Was he an employee of the PLC whilst still being a director of the subsidiary?
  • As the PLC did not come into existence until 16th November 2012, and the first “Rangers” Directors only appointed in December, Mr Ahmad could not have been employed by RIFC PLC until then. Did he sign a new contract with the PLC?
  • Did he transfer to the PLC via the TUPE regulations?

Apart from the issue about which entity he actually sues, the next one relates to his contract.

  • Did he have a written contract with “Sevco”?
  • Did he enter into a written contract with the PLC?
  • What did the written contract, if there was one, say was his “cut” of income he brought in?
  • How was his contribution defined?
  • Does it include profits not yet achieved (and which might never come into existence)?
  • Does it include capital raised before the share issue?
  • Does it include the capital raised as part of the share issue?
  • Is Mr Ahmad claiming he is due a 5% return on the capital he himself invested to acquire his 2.2 million shares?
  • Does it include money raised before the incorporation of the PLC? (It must do, as all of the matters mentioned above (or almost all) pre-date the incorporation.
  • If his contract was not written, then who agreed it with him? Was it Mr Green or Mr Stockbridge, or both?

None of which is to say that Mr Ahmad has a valid claim or does not, but rather that, as is often the case, there are many questions still to be resolved, even before the case ever gets to a final hearing.

There are, within the Companies Act, restrictions on paying compensation to directors for “loss of office” unless approved by the shareholders. However, if Mr Ahmad’s claim is against the PLC as his employer (or against Sevco) he is unaffected by that rule. Either way his claim is not against a PLC of which he was a director (and so far at least there is no mention of a claim for “loss of office” in the media, although that would almost certainly be part of his case).

Mr Stockbridge (who one should remember came to Ibrox from Zeus Capital with Mr Ahmad) is quoted saying, in relation to the claim:-

“We are aware of this but it is without legal merit and any action will be robustly defended on behalf of the club and its fans.”

Terrible when friends fall out, isn’t it?

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438 responses to “Imran Ahmad v Rangers – It’s Terrible When Friends Fall Out!

  1. Steerpike

    ” At 31 August 2012 the Directors valued the Freehold Properties, comprising Ibrox stadium and Murray Park training facility based on a value in use calculation of the net present values of future operating cash flows.”


    • portpower

      @ Steerpike,
      Exactly 12 months later where will your allegiance lie on Saturday 31st August 2013? Division Three game.
      _______________________________ Line in the sand.

      follow…..follow…..follow. PinDrop.

      • Maggie

        With Sevco,though I see he’s still claiming allegiance to East Fife on the previous page.That’s the thing with liars port,they have difficulty remember which lies they’ve told when,and to whom,so invariably are found out.Then again if I was a Sevco supporter I’d lie about it too…….Eh,actually I wouldn’t,because I never lie as it gains one a terrible reputation and decent people then have difficulty believing anything you say.Prime example Charles Green.Maybe Steerpike / deNiall is Chico,how much fun would that be 🙂

    • portpower

      @ PinDrop.
      Are they the same directors that are there now? Your comment is full of it mate. According to you`re sevco phycologists theory: “If they are not there at the minute to access the books we can not believe them.” PinDrop read the conjuring minutes of all sevco minutes. I think you`ve access mate? If you don`t want to read the last page of the ” sevco horror show” then stick to you`re Mills & Boons mate.

      Shit happens, then you`ve get sevco.

      • Steerpike


        ” Are they the same directors that are there now? ”

        You seem to be suffering from a nasty bout of ignorance, I do not care what any minutes of TRFC says, it is owned lock stock and barrel by the RIFC plc.

        If you wish to prove me wrong then step up the podium and make your case.

        • portpower

          @ PinDrop,
          hang-on a minute here. By your reckoning with-in the physiological world you explain to us, we are with-in the minute so we should know. Yet we do. Ffs you`re so 2012. Yet blind today to see tomorrow. Skint!

        • portpower

          @ PinDrop.
          Nota bene, your club is deid.

        • portpower

          @ PinDrop.
          “I do not care what any minutes of TRFC says”
          So you`re a company/company Bhoy? It`s lonely with no club.

          sevco psychology.

    • eastside

      Serious couple of question for you steerpike, why would you believe anything that comes out of Ibrox? Why, after what happened to RFC RIP would you not listen to the people who were RIGHT then? It’s illogical as far as I can see to put your faith in people who are known to lie, manipulate and distort the truth, people who are proven to have got it so badly wrong so uncountable times.

      • JimBhoy

        @Eastside maybe he has a vested interest..

      • Steerpike


        I believe company accounts and title deeds displayed for public scrutiny, I do not believe a bunch of amateur sleuths with no knowledge of business or accounts.

        Using the goings on in the past as some kind of evidence for the present is totally illogical, I may ask you the same question in reverse, why do you not believe the evidence in front of your eyes ?

        Some of the claims on here better be a wind up, if not then it is not intellect I will be questioning, but sanity.

        • eastside

          Good! Keep up the excellent work! It’s that kind of thinking that ensured the death of Rangers and will ensure the death of Sevco FC!

        • eastside

          Maybe you should direct that question at the Real Rangers Men!!? They are pretty insistent that by Christmas Sevco could be going down the bog.

        • Stevie

          Afternoon S/P…
          Could you post a link to the title deeds revelations?
          I’ve not seen any evidence to be fair that RIFC own the rights.
          Most commentators on the subject seem to think they’ve been hidden.
          There’s even speculation that they were illegally/intelligently??? moved out the reach of the creditors pre cva/admin.
          Either this was done prior to RFC going bust or D&P are bent as a two bob note.
          P.S. The land registry site doesn’t clarify this either.

        • Eastside

          You believe that nobody knew Craig Whyte was a skint con man? Despite documents proving that David Murray payed to have him checked out extensively and was told he had no ascertainable wealth, a risk he was money laundering and a history that Del Boy Trotter would be ashamed of? Not to forget that blogs and sites were presenting definitive proof that Whyte was a shyster within hours of his name being mentioned as a possible buyer? Lol, you are definitely either a Jack Irvine employee or on a wind up.

          • Steerpike


            ” Not to forget that blogs and sites were presenting definitive proof that Whyte was a shyster within hours of his name being mentioned as a possible buyer? ”

            Proof my ass, show me any document that proves CW was a skint con man, it is impossible to prove, he had been disqualified in the past, end of story and his wealth was enough to persuade Ticketus to loan him 20 million plus, without any further checks.

            Seriously, bloggers fire out a 100 accusations, and if just one proves right along the line, they are queuing up for their Pullitzer Prize, this is now becoming mass delusion.

            Let me explain something about business and journalism, If a paper spreads rumors about my company’s credit worthiness or my honesty then it can cause a panic that may result in my company going bust, they do not have to be true.
            I would sue the ass of the paper and win because they caused the insolvency, this is why journalists have to be responsible and deal in facts not rumors, bloggers haven’t a clue about real journalism and its responsibility not to create events but report them.

            • Eastside

              Truth? Like Whyte being a Billionaire financial whiz kid? Lol. The newspapers only had to report facts, not what they were told to by the likes of Jack Irvine.

            • portpower

              @ PinDrop.
              No contradictions to say you`re the Fifer? For every Fifer you spend you`re wasting your money, it`s a tribute act.

            • coatbrigbhoy

              Newspapers have to deal in facts, not rumours,

              what if the rumours are true, ?
              who printed the true rumours of the state of RFC 1872’s finances, who printed the rumours that the sheriffs officers would be popping round to Ibrox,

              the man that got himself a job at Sevco after saying RFC 1872 was a dead club was the newspaper man that told the world that Whyte was a billionaire, the man that took his job followed it up with wealth off the radar statements, As you say, they have to get near to the truth,
              BILLIONAIRE, someone worth a £1,000,000,000, how close to the truth do they need to be ?
              when Traynor was asked who his source for the billionaire exclusive was, he laughed and said the PR people told him,
              I always wondered who’s PR people, today my money would be on Jack’s people,
              funny how the papers will not mention Cha fakes but KJ ran ONE story for all to read, with regards to Cha fakes disclosures, that, it has transpired, was the opening salvo in the rangers men reappearing,

              the Scottish newspapers will print what they are told to print, Fek the truth, the Rangers fans could have be alerted to the facts of the shambles SDM was leaving in his wake, but that was not allowed, still is not in many papers, so cut the BS about how careful newspapers need to be,
              Scottish jurno’s SDM picks up a phone and say’s careful son, and the truth dies, the rumour that RFC is solvent keeps getting the headliness

        • portpower

          Sanity answered the answer is #CELTICBELONG.

        • portpower

          “why do you not believe the evidence in front of your eyes”
          Why were they (sevco5088) allowed to be part of the SFA?

        • coatbrigbhoy

          buying shares in RFC again and again……………..

          Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

          Albert Einstein

          Insanity, coming onto a blog like this calling yourself Niall, claiming to be deaf when your not, claiming to be an East Fife Fan and posting non stop on RFC/sevco, then changing your name to Steerpike, a fictitious Machiavellian character, it’s how he sees himself, fool.
          As Niall. he spent weeks saying CG did not need CW’s shares, kept repeating it in spite of links to quotes from Green and D&P,
          tonight as Steerpike he has ,without a blush, converted to the facts we all tried and failed to convince Niall, no shares no CVA,
          it’s a wee shame that rather than just say, you guys are right and i have been making a fool of myself, he drops off the blog, weeks later he resurfaces on the TSFM site, people on there show up his posts for what they are and lo and behold, he comes back here copy and pasting his TSFM posts,

          this is the fool that claims he will question others sanity,

      • portpower

        @ eastside,
        because he sat next to wonka in the corporate box and lined his chest pocket.

  2. JimBhoy

    @Steerpike is that not one ‘Hello’ too many for you mate? 😉

  3. Steven Brennan

    I am sure that last year when defending the price Chico paid for the dead clubs assets, Niall or someone of his ilk, claimed the price was
    “Fair and proper based on the retail value of land in that area”
    Stadium was valued at £1m or there abouts, so what is it worth now?
    Also the leaseback will definitely be under the standard repair and maintenance terms of all commercial property. Which means the tenant will still have the asbestos etc to fix.
    They cannot afford it now so with another £2m rent to pay and cut backs in the team, how much will the fans be willing to pay to watch eternal 3rd tier football.
    Cue camster with ” as much as it takes”

    • Steerpike


      Top of the morning to you sir, the price paid for the assets reflected the value of the assets at the time of purchase. Can you provide me any evidence of a leaseback, who are the parties involved ?

      • Steven Brennan

        Good morning to you,
        I am not saying the value was wrong, never have.
        The value asda or tesco etc would pay for a vacant retail lot in sunny Govan was about right I think.
        As for the leaseback, I am speculating along with everyone else about the comments in the media. Re the sale of assets.
        You have speculated that the sale of shares recently involved ” rangers men” so in answer, I cannot give you the details but my question
        / statement still stands.they cannot afford the repairs without the added rent.
        Can anyone else on here tell us who the parties involved? No because its speculation.
        What is your understanding of the sale of assets being banded around?

        • JimBhoy

          @Steven Names have not been supplied as yet and will not until Green/Whyte/Imran set up a new company, may I suggest Sevco property leasings… They can effectively purchase the assets with what they made on bonuses and commissions while at rangers. This (bonuses and commissions) will be confirmed in 2014 when the accounts are available. It is effectively a 3 way pension plan..

          • Steerpike


            Anyone can effectively purchase the assets if they come up for sale, in fact anyone can purchase the PLC if they so wish. Why you believe any of the aforermentioned would succeed is pure speculation, they would have no exclusive rights to purchase the property, they pay their money they take their chance.

            • JimBhoy

              @Steerpike Maybe this was the goal all along. I have ‘speculated’ a few times in the past 6 months that chico would not settle for a couple of mill, I think the assets will belong to him and the others who have bought and dismantled rangers in some complex way and he will be a very rich man way into his retirement..

              Could anyone have bought the assets when D&P where in charge, I think you will find the TRUE answer to that was NO.. There have been furtive deals made all along and i don’t mean the one with the Dallas Cowboys.. 🙂

          • JimBhoy

            I went for the WAG* consortium.

            *WHYTE, AHMED, GREEN, they are laughing all the way to the Bank.

        • Steerpike


          ” What is your understanding of the sale of assets being banded around? ”

          All the conspiracy theories are utter tripe, for goodness sake the assets are listed on the PLC accounts !!!

          • Steven Brennan

            I am not debating who owns the assets, what I asked was who would be involved in the asset sale?
            Who would buy?
            Who would rent? Which company would that involve? How many people want a wee slice before the football team get a rental figure?
            Who would maintain?
            And so on.

            • Steerpike


              ” I am not debating who owns the assets, what I asked was who would be involved in the asset sale? ”

              If the shares collapsed and the company ran out of money, it would be taken over by Rangers men willing to invest with them in control of the cheque book.The assets are nigh on worthless except to Rangers.

            • JimBhoy

              @Steerpike, Rangers men getting the cheque book out, that would be a first unless you are talking about Malkie paying the £600k leccie bill or was that Stockbridge…? Answers on a postcard to

          • eastside

            The conspiracy theories? What like the one about RFC RIP going into Admin? Or the one about RFC RIP being liquidated? Or the one about Craig Whyte being a skint con man? Or the one about Chuckles telling the Sevconians what they want to hear so he could rob them blind? Or the one about Murray using Tax scams and non affordable bank loans to pay unaffordable players? Or the one about. dirty tricks and smear campaigns stemming from Ibrox and their PR men? Or the one about the SMSM being in league with RFC RIP and Traynor and co sending articles to Ibrox for

            • Steerpike


              I dismantled the original theorist quite recently, Phil predicted the BTC would ruin Rangers, it did not, it was a fair enough guess but he guessed wrong.
              Liquidation or not was a coin toss not a conspiracy theory.
              No one had any evidence CW was a skint con man until after the sale details emerged, no conspiracy theory, only reporting the facts.
              Screaming foul about CG was based on another myth, his so called links to CW after the CVA failed, if you fire enough bullets one will eventually hit, doesn’t make you Nostradamus or a marksmen..
              The SMSM stuff is laughable, the media bends over backwards to placate its readers, both Celtic and Rangers fans read papers, as for the SFA guff, give me peace, I am sick to the teeth of both sets of fans screaming bias.
              HMRC lost the BTC, and Rangers were affording to pay their bank loan prior to CW arriving, try and keep up with events.

          • eastside

            The conspiracy theories? What like the one about RFC RIP going into Admin? Or the one about RFC RIP being liquidated? Or the one about Craig Whyte being a skint con man? Or the one about Chuckles telling the Sevconians what they want to hear so he could rob them blind? Or the one about Murray using Tax scams and non affordable bank loans to pay unaffordable players? Or the one about. dirty tricks and smear campaigns stemming from Ibrox and their PR men? Or the one about the SMSM being in league with RFC RIP and Traynor and co sending articles to Ibrox for approval?

            • Frankie

              Steerpike, I think you should keep up with events. Rangers did not win the BTC, there was 85 EBTs on which HMRC said that tax was due, Rangers appealed against 49 of these (admitting tax was owed on 36 and never paid). On appeal Rangers won 44 and lost 5 which the Tribunal said tax was due.

          • portpower

            And the adage history?

      • Monti

        Have the creditors been paid yet?
        Yes or no answer Niall?

        • Steerpike


          The creditors cannot be paid until the affairs of the old company are fully wound up, why do you ask ?

          • Monti

            So when the affairs of original Rangers football club are wound up, the creditors will be paid?

            • Steerpike


              The creditors will receive a percentage of their debt, how big a percentage is yet to be determined, you seem very concerned about creditors, I hope you are not using their unfortunate plight to score points against Rangers. There are literally thousands of creditors left unpaid every year, it is unfortunately part and parcel of the risk and reward nature of business.
              I am sure most Rangers fans share your concern for the creditors, but not your motivation, it is unseemly.

            • Monti


              What sticks in the throat of many people is the fact that, hundreds of creditors due money from Oldco Rangers have been left empty handed through no fault of their own, then soon after you have Chuckles Green giving it ” we are the richest club in the country” which they clearly are not.
              It stuck 2 fingers up to the creditors & don’t give me any shite about Rangers fans feeling bad for the creditors,no they don’t, the only thing they feel bad about is their team are dead & gone, they don’t give a fcuk about anybody.
              Call it how it is Niall & drop the smart arse stuff, you can’t carry it off, by the way, do you like antagonizing ladies, calm down where Maggie is concerned Niall

            • Mac Tomas

              Niall……..”liquidation was a coin toss”……….seriously….. !
              Liquidation was inevitable…..
              Niall, your bluster is beginning to look like someone covering their ears & screaming because they don’t like what they are hearing.
              Also, eastside DISMANTLED your all predictions were looney conspiracy theories with astonishing ease………..quite embarrassing!

      • Raymilland

        The Landlord (Craig Whyte)

        The Tenant (TRFC)

    • portpower

      Tenants sponsored by Tennents.

  4. portpower

    Agent Whyte, Agent Uncle Charlie, Agent Imran & Agent Charlotte. They Bleed for the Green. sevco Cone of Silence. Not bad money for being a Cleaner?

  5. Steven Brennan

    In reply to your Neil diamond song
    They cant pay they cant play
    But who cares they look like the rangers
    The wanted, even the bands name is relevant

    • Maggie

      @Steven Brennan
      Back to Neil Diamond
      “I am ( Rangers ) I said,
      To no one there,and no one heard at all,
      not even the chair ( man )
      I am I cried,I am said I
      and I am lost,and I can’t even say why
      I got the tin tack…..I am ( Rangers)I cried
      I am……..
      Not great Steven,pushed for time,I’ll get my coat just in case 🙂

  6. hector

    Craig Whyte” can I have my pound back”?

  7. Raymilland

    @Private Pike

    The share price is not the major issue to the principal players, control of the assets is what it’s all about.

    Green has no obligation to continue the use of Ibrox as the home ground of TRFC, unless under his demands.

    The last admin process will not be repeated.

    There is no way that Green will auction off the assets to allow another owner to play football at Ibrox.

    Mr Green is a devious character don’t you know? Just ask Bomber Brown or indeed Chuckles himself.

    It’s a Green and Whyte Ibrox one way or another, whether that will be penthouse suites or a football ground is yet to be decided 😉

  8. Steerpike


    You forgot to provide me any proof CG has any hold of any assets, simple error, easily corrected.

    • Raymilland


      Ask the SFA for proof of ownership

      • Steerpike


        I am asking you, you are the one making the claim, not the SFA or me.

        • Raymilland


          This is not a court of law; it’s all a guessing game.

          I can afford to guess, that’s where the fun is to be had. By the time the facts are made known; I’ll be in my penthouse overlooking the Clyde.

          I’m not so sure where TRFC shall be 😉

          • Steerpike

            ” I can afford to guess, that’s where the fun is to be had. ”

            Ray, title deeds have been produced and the assets are listed in the accounts of the PLC, ignoring incontrovertible evidence is not a guess, it is a delusion.

            I have to laugh at those who claim on one hand the assets were worth more and then claim it is riddled with freakin asbestos lolol.

            • JimBhoy

              @Steerpike It was one of those dodgy surveys though, cash in hand say no more.. They couldn’t really check on the asbestos problem because of the rabid zombie rats who live on the stuff…

              The survey was akin to the PM investigation…

            • Raymilland

              Ray, title deeds have been produced and the assets are listed in the accounts of the PLC
              Could you kindly explain the relevance of your argument above; i.e. what is to prevent sale of those assets out with the current use of the owners?

              Do you honestly believe that Charles Green is genuinely concerned of the future use of the assets?

              This is where brinkmanship enters new territory; let the games begin!

          • hector

            @raymilland it will be handy with a Tesco within walking distance.

  9. JimBhoy

    Can the SFA get anything right….

    FURIOUS SPFL clubs will be hit in the pocket this season after a last-minute decision to scrap payments for fielding Under-21 players.

    Top-flight and lower league sides will lose out on thousands of pounds after the SFA’s 11th-hour removal of the Performance Awards Scheme that encouraged managers to play youngsters.

    Crisis club Hearts will be the most severely hit and will miss an estimated £76,000 this season which could have been accrued by the youthful Tynecastle squad.

    A £2000 award was paid to clubs last season for every game where three Under-21 players were included in the starting line-up, dropping to £1500 for two players.

    St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour insists withdrawing the scheme will have severe financial consequences for many clubs.

    And he said: “It’s a poor decision. The rug has been pulled from under the feet ?of the clubs and I don’t ?understand why.

    “The SFA asked clubs to spend on youth development and more young players are now being introduced at first-team level.

    “We’d already worked out our budgets to factor in these payments, as others have.”

    Several clubs have written to SFA chief Stewart Regan over the board’s decision to divert funds into performance-based programme Club Academy Scotland.

    • Raymilland


      Contrary to assisting football clubs; the SFA continue in their self inflicted harm of the sport.

      BDO’s recent survey of Scottish football clubs bucking the economic disaster does not fit with the SFA’s vision of Armageddon. ‘Rentamob’ will soon confirm of the SFA’s forecast of “social unrest”.

      Interference from the SFA is most likely to oppose any plans by Green’s consortium to threaten the future of Ibrox with regard to his manipulation of a leaseback deal. I would not expect that the SFA could prevent such commercial transaction in any event.

      I believe that Green’s offer will be of the ‘take it or leave it’ variety.

      The establishment club is on the brink of losing Ibrox.

      • JimBhoy

        @Ray remind me of the last Scotland u21 result… If ever we needed money in youth development..!! Sad state of affairs..

    • eastside

      Why are they asking silly questions? How can we pay ‘brothers’ like Longmuir hundreds of thousands on top of their huge salaries if we distributed the money fairly?

      • JimBhoy

        @Eastside £400k for allegedly ensuring the SPL fed £1m thru the SFL leagues…That can never be justified in a million years and I hope that bigot Ballantyne gets his jotters too and the SFA ask if he is fit and proper and he gets dispelled from the KKK at Airdrie..

        • tykebhoy

          Longmuir was on a better deal than Ahmad then. 40% bonus on commercial contracts (and not just the profits). Spivco still have a lot to learn from their partners in crime on the 5-way-agreement.

          Mind you thinking about it is the 5 way agreement now null and void seeing as 2 of the 5 (SFL and SPL) no longer exist

  10. jimmy white

    Wasn’t it rumoured that craigy bhoy wanted £1 million a year for life to walk away?
    Could this be craigie’s pay off once the new company has been set up, if it has not been set up already, for the club, company or companies even to pay the rent into and so into craigy bhoy’s deep tight pocket?
    He ain’t going away until he gets what he wants from his club!

    • Steerpike


      There will be only one person paying CW off for breaking an agreement, and that is the man who broke the agreement, he cannot afford to pay CW the 18 million he flushed down the toilet.

      • portpower

        He was the only one to pay a debt. Lloyds were happy. What ever happened to the paperwork Lloyds found to do with david murray & rfc1872(IL) ?

    • Raymilland

      Shhhhh…..Don’t tell anybody!

  11. Steerpike


    ” Do you honestly believe that Charles Green is genuinely concerned of the future use of the assets? 2

    Charles Green does not own the assets, the PLC owns the assets.

    ssssh, don’t tell anybody.

  12. Steerpike

    Bomber gets told about CG screwing CW through a company switch, drinks15 pints and starts screaming about title deeds. Neither CW nor CG pay for the assets but they own them secretly, the yo yos who paid 5.5 million and the shareholders who coughed up 20 million do not own the assets……………………it is just utter utter garbage.

    • Steven Brennan

      Wind your neck back 2 years
      And with the benefit of hindsight, would you say the same if I told you all the things were going to happen that actually did?
      Nothing is beyond the realms of possibility with these money hunting people.
      Ps We all love them

      • Maggie

        I love Chico,
        cam loves Craigie Mather ( Morag on the phone to me all night “sharing” and greetin’ says she always knew deep down,he was too fond of all that regalia,especially the apron 🙂 it was a dead give away,that and his worn out copy of Brokeback Mountain )
        Paul Mc now BFFs with agent orange junior,and JimBhoy’s just a bit too quick to let us all know the thoughts of Leggo.
        Who is your favourite Sevconian Steven? Difficult choice I know,so many worthy spivs,it’s hard to have a favourite.

        • Steven Brennan

          On a different note
          I see after the high court ruling today that Carson is off for a vasectomy

        • Steven Brennan

          My favourite is Old big hands himself
          Chief liar and Self confessed crook.
          At least he admits it.

        • Steerpike is mine Maggie. It used to be Niall but he vanished like the £22m & the Season Ticket money.

          • Steerpike

            Happy Friday Ian,

            I am running circles around you and sundry, I think you may need a bigger boat.

            As long as we are all having fun, no harm done.

            • Steerpike,

              You are not running rings around Me, I haven’t responded to your latest round of Bullsh*t. Your EGO exceeds your ability, remember self praise is no Honour.

              You are like a broken record, you go on & on Ad nauseam..

              I was actually going to vote for david because he has a better sense of humour than you, but I did not want to embarrass him, He hides his Sevco support under a bushel.

              He is in DeNiall… Jeezo how sad was that?

    • JimBhoy

      @Steerpike See that is bollox because i know Bomber is partial to a wee dry sherry or a chardonnay…His tipple of choice.

    • tykebhoy

      “it is just utter utter garbage”

      Out of the mouths of babes……… You just summed up everything you post.

  13. Poor Steerspoke ,, Desperate defending here. Are you Chartered Accountant or a lawyer well geared in these shenanigans .. I was asking Paul’s opinion and nobody else. Certainly not an Orc apologist,

    • JimBhoy

      @Dhenbhoy PR man allegedly, likes starwars, has been on the same sal past couple of jobs.. 🙂

      • Maggie

        According to my pal from TSFM he’s also a management consultant ( guffaw 🙂 ) with “an accountancy background” Didn’t he claim to be something different when he first appeared here ? As I said above Jim,hard to keep track of so many lies,too much crying wolf.Yoda would NOT be happy with his behaviour 🙂
        Good luck to your boys’ team at St Ambrose Jim.I felt as if I was always
        at St Ambrose when my Bhoy was young,if it wasn’t football it was Tae Kwan Do competitions.Have a good weekend,hope they get a result.

        • Steerpike

          Maggie, you are spending far too much time worrying about little old me, it is starting to take over your life. The internet consumes the weak minded, try and focus on the issues and not me, it is very worrying, my wife considers you unhinged.

          Was your pal Miss Brodie……LMAO.

          • Stevie

            “Was your pal Miss Brodie?”. Lmao.
            Don’t think so S/P.
            The bold Jeanie was at her prime in a different era from Nanny Macphee was she not ? He he. Hi Magz!

          • Monti

            Ask your wife if she knows Monti Niall……remember the eyes give it away….

        • JimBhoy

          @Maggie similar MO to DeNial for sure…. Niall though was a Windae cleaner (Licker)…
          Maybe we should ask Mr Steerpike, who obviously wants to see the back of Chico Pyro what he thinks of some of his appointments at rangers, let’s start with Jim Traynor? PR Guru/Journo extraordinaire/Liker of the lamb OR Fat Jabba clownface????

          Never been over at the school, sounds like good facilities, some good teams and we have 6 new boys on show. My boy says they have a good school team, good catchment area, I recall playing St Pats a few times when I was at school always a great team. Looking forward to that and 2 friendlies next week before the season starts a week on Sunday..

          • Steerpike


            I have no thoughts about PR appointments, the jury is out on Mather and Stockbridge, if they are good at their job then they stay, if not then it is goodbye, just like any other company.

            • Raymilland


              How long until the jury comes in?

              Your trust in guys like Mather and Stockbridge is misplaced at best. By the time you come to your senses the rent money will be overdue on the tenancy agreement 😉

            • JimBhoy

              And Traynor?

  14. R. MacGeddon

    Walter Smith, King, McColl, Murray et. al smell a rat, big time. No, they’re just mischief making because they want a piece of the action and are prepared for that reason to challenge the stability (?!) of the organisation they supposedly love and have had a long term affiliation with. Which do you believe? Who can you believe? Something is far from regular here.

  15. jimmy white

    Nial what i wrote will not be too far from what will happen, bomber, steakbake and the cardigan know who has the deeds and who will need to be reimbursed i,e chuckles and his pals for their hard graft and craigy bhoy because…. well because it’s his and he will only rent out as the properties are now to be passed down, properties with a fair sized annual income, why give that up? No matter what he is in a win win situation!

    • Steerpike

      Sure jimmy, whatever you say, let us ignore the title deeds and the PLC’s accounts and believe a pished ex footballer with the business acumen of a lettuce on crack.

      • JimBhoy

        Humans share a lot of DNA with lettuces and bananas, just for the record..
        Mr S.Pike did you see the deeds or are referring to that newspaper article and picture where some journo saw some paperwork… Definitive indeed!!!
        We all trust journos to be unbiased and deliver the truth, why wouldn’t we..
        Let me quote you something from an eminent sports writer past… Jim Traynor: “Rangers FC as we know them are dead. It’s all over. They are about to shut down for ever…They’ll slip into liquidation within the next couple of weeks with a new company emerging but 140 years of history, triumph and tears, will have ended… No matter how Charles Green attempts to dress it up, a newco equals a new club. When the CVA was thrown out Rangers as we know them died.”

        • Steerpike


          Everyone is lying, is this your argument ?

          Journalists, accountants etc etc……all lying.

          Jesus wept.

          • JimBhoy

            Mr Pike you like your drama thats for sure.. So are you suggesting Mr Traynor’s comments above are accurate and true? Mr Stockbridge after the meeting of the 200 INFLUENTIAL fans was quoted by some money men as not doing his job as he had no idea what was coming or going, would I trust him hell no..What did the oldco accountants do when they saw no NI or tax going out and HMRC confirming this in correspondences?

            I don’t want to generalise too much about Journos there may be a few who actually do a good job, the rest regurgitate old crap or supply pointless churnalism, just my opinion of course..

            ‘Jesus wept’ nice one haven’t heard that since the last millennium…!!

          • Raymilland


            You’re not in the least concerned over the security of the assets? You’re giving atheism a bad name 😉

      • Raymilland

        My ol’ granny used to say the cure for intestinal ‘worms’ was to put a bit of lettuce in your crack, if you want to get rid of parasites you need to tempt them out with some bait.

        Eaten from the inside out, yucks!!!

        You’re gonna need a bigger lettuce Niall.

        • Steerpike

          “You’re gonna need a bigger lettuce Niall.”

          You think ?

          Nah…condescension works every time.

          • Raymilland


            I would not stoop so low, you may have got the wrong end of the lettuce.

            The parasites are within your club, I did not infer to your good self as being so exploitative.

            Greens are supposed to be beneficial, however, some need to be removed by extreme measure…

  16. dan

    Have a look at Charlotte’s release of letters between Regan and M Murray/Chico, re Wee Craigie, Sevco 50 whatever number it was, and Sevco Scotland etc. Regan’s missive is actually quite rigorous in its questions. Chico’s response is an absolute hoot. Yes, they gave The Sainted One sort code and account numbers but didn’t expect him to pay anything into the account–they’re still not entirely sure who deposited the money int to Imran’s mammy’s account. It gets even better. Apparently they returned the K137 to an account ‘but don’t know’ if the account was Craigie’s or not.

    They’ve got this ‘cover-all’ defence whereby anything that smells remotely ‘off’ was only done to keep wee Saint Craigie sweet.

    And it would seem Regan has sucked it all up!!!!

    You’ve got to hand it to Chico, he’s running rings round everybody.

  17. lordmac

    jim bhoy why do you explain this in simpleton terms, regarding rangers and there liquidation we all know they are dead, you are treating us like Huns
    that have no savvy of the seriousness of the case

  18. Steerpike

    ” Call it how it is Niall & drop the smart arse stuff, you can’t carry it off, by the way, do you like antagonizing ladies, calm down where Maggie is concerned Niall ”

    Monti, here is a piece of advice to you my friend, don’t give me advice…..about anything, and I mean anything.
    I suggest the volume and contents of Maggie’s posts is evidence she is the one needing your expert advice, tell her to calm down, she is coming across as a complete nutter.

    • JimBhoy

      @Steerpike Doesn’t sound like you are getting the victories you think you are fella… 🙂 Sounds like oor Maggie has you well and truly rattled and Monti has you on the run back to methil.. 🙂

      But hey I like that you know everything is great in the big hoos, nothing bad has happened and all those associated with rangers are all great guys.. Long term future tied down no assets getting sold and money streams opening up all over the ship.. It must fill you with a warm glowy feeling… Not sure many rangers fans share your optimism.

      • The Hidden Fortress

        ‘…a disaster day from day one…’ – major institutional investor’s opinion of Board’s management. So, if you’re a fan of disaster movies…

  19. dan

    Just for info. The Easdale boys have increased their stake in Sevco. They’ve bought £500,000 worth of shares from Imran. Doesn’t that strengthen Chico’s hand for the forthcoming bunfight? James (is he the old lag, or is it the other one?) says he’s fed up with people who haven’t put a penny into the club saying how it should be run. Who could he mean?

  20. dan

    ps the above info from Jack Irvine who is described as ‘the Easdale family spokesman.’

  21. Steerpike

    A familiar trend my old amigos, you try to debate content, lose miserably and must resort to personal abuse to save face.

    I love the smell of face palm in the morning….it smells like victory. lol

  22. Peter Campbell

    Paul, as regards your comment “(By Rangers* I mean the assets and business which make up Rangers Football Club and which were bought by the company which is now 100% owned by the PLC – clear enough?)” what would happen if, I don’t knopw, the assets were sold? Does this mean the club moves to yet another holding company (assuming all the assets are sold to the same “holding company” (come to think of it, what if they were sold to different companies?)); or does it mean the assets have nothing to do with it being the club?

  23. jimmy white

    Nial we all know that you know that tha phuk’d, we also know that you know that we know that your a ex rangers supporter albate, still a hun, therefore the only reason for your behaviour is that you just love to argue, seempils! unless of course you’re one of them sevconians who believe themselves to be….. well erm of the undead… no not you nial your too intelligent for that, aren’t you?

  24. arb urns

    how many ‘aniallations’ does a steerpike need ?……Is the easdale dynasty among your ‘rangers men ‘ Niall……haw haw haw……………………………….

  25. paul

    Take CG to court enter admin and settle a CVA(no relegation) penny in the pound and once again toxic debt and tax money gone.Take the point reduction and let the show begin again. No shame Sevco just like the old co.

  26. arb urns

    how many ‘aniallations’ does a steerpike need ?……is the easdale dynasty part of your ‘ rangers men’ moving into position niall along with the clyde ‘blowjob’ man…….. haw haw haw………only 10m left…….haw haw haw…………………….

  27. paul

    To think that all the Sevco on here give monti it tight and suggest that if he likes Ireland so much he should go and live there. Enter McMurdo and his piece on his blog.
    “The minute the Tartan Army started to boo God Save The Queen last night I was reminded why I support England and not Scotland.
    The disgusting jeers could be heard very clearly and were a clear indicator of the anti-English and anti-British nature of the C-U-Jimmy battalions”
    Well if you feel so strong about England why not go and stay there and fight for an independent England and as they say the Sevco don’t do irony .

    • Steerpike

      McMurdo is not my cup of tea, a relic that panders to bigots to eek out a miserable living, the internet is spawning a new kind of pond life, say anything regardless of its effect on society for profit.

      I mourn for his soul, I mourn for all your souls…..sniffle.

      • eastside

        You’ve been in mourning since RFC committed suicide. You will be in further mourning when RFC’s Tribute Act follows suit.

    • Stevie

      Paul. I’m confused, perhaps you could explain.

      What’s Mcmurdo got to do with montzter… and this site?
      Your defence of your pal is heart warming but misplaced. Even Montz admitted he was out of order, and apologised.

      • tykebhoy

        Mibbe its mcmurdos love and support for “the scottish football institution” while being totally oblivious to the views of scottish fitba fans. Plastic paddy is used often enough, maybe we should lable mcmurdo and his ilk plastic tommies

      • Paul

        What is there to explain. His words speak for the followers of the tribute act they plague his site hanging onto every word. Just generalising like Monti, Ireland, Scotland wanting away from the British Empire that has been robbing them for centuries.

      • Monti

        You still weren’t big enough to accept my hand tho Stevie?

  28. hector

    @paul Had a look at McMurdo rant.Was not aware people like that exist unless he is just wind up merchant.If not the man clearly microwaves with the door open.If he heads south can he take rearpipe, steerpipe or whatever he is called and raise the average IQ of both nations in one go.Only found this blog recently and seem to have to wade through tons of crap to get to the good stuff.

  29. Steerpike

    Ignore McMurdo and listen to Mather at an investor meeting:

    ” RANGERS…The new CEO Craig Mather was in London yesterday and shrugged off the latest rumblings from the fan base/shareholders, and stressed he was trying to put an end to the internal battles and bring the club to profitability as well as a decent shot at European football when back in the SPL. The board is suitably equipped for this monetary task. They are overseeing the monetising of the Rangers brand, chipping at costs( inc security), develop the image rights revenue and now own the kit merchandising having done a deal Sports Direct( Ashley owes 4% of Gers). Care has been taken not to affect the infrastructure of the club with overly aggressive cuts. As an example of this new commercialism, Rangers purchased Edmiston House, a site opposite the ground to converting it to a superstore/casino/function room with an added focus going forward making a “game day” atmosphere and keep money within the club rather than at the Horse shoe Bar! The PLC is debt free and has c.£10m in the bank. The management are targeting an increase in revenues towards £30m this year with a goal of £60m pa as they return to European football. While the shares have performed disastrously the muck spreading caused by board members and local press they are a public PLC and need to deal with things correctly. The transfer ban and a shrinking of the players’ wages came about as a result of league demotion has enabled the club to institute a 30% players wage/revenue ratio and focus on building up a squad through free transfers! The shareholder list is worth reviewing for compliance reasons.”

    Please not the targeted revenue for this year, yes, it is my figure of 30 million, I am a genius.

    • Mac Tomas

      P R O P A G A N D A……………………….!

      “with a goal of £60M pa as they return to European football”………:) 🙂 🙂
      £60M pa……there is more fantasy in that than a Mervyn Peake trilogy

    • Gortnamona

      No Niall
      You are not a genius. You are an idiot and a gullible one at that.

    • coatbrigbhoy

      League DEMOTION , who got demoted ?

      Ring Ring,
      Hello boss , i’m calling to tell you i won’t be in for work on Monday, it’s ma granny, she got demoted yesterday and the cremation is on Monday

    • coatbrigbhoy

      307, another one over the 300 mark

  30. lordmac

    I can not understand why the rangers fans are getting up tight, when cam and Niall where praising up Mr green and giving it big licks, that Charlie was entitled to walk away with a few million. i want to know do rangers fans hate charlie

  31. Ed Paisley

    Mathers lands on the figure of £30m because this is the minimum required along with the much reduced cost base to arrest the catastrophic losses.

    Should we have faith in Mathers’ forecast? Well, SEVCO has traded for over a year and during that year they lost control of their spending. In addition, the jury is still out on the reality of Imran’s future building efforts. A prudent person would surely doubt their ability to achieve the forecasted numbers. Even if they do it is likely that they will need a fresh injection of capital before next year’s SB renewals. But I’m sure someone will pay the electricity bill in an emergency just like last time.

    What is certain is that the year of plenty for the balding porcine Ally and the rest of the executive fat cats has well and truly ended. The time of austerity for SEVCO Rangers has finally begun (maybe).

  32. Paul

    We Don’t Do Walters Away

  33. Steerpike

    I would like to give you my reasons why I believe Craig Whyte will succeed in his claim against Sevco 5088 and Charles Green.

    Fact 1: D&P’s priority was a CVA in the best interests of the creditors, Rangers without a CVA would be liquidated, lose their history and face football sanctions, both of these would seriously affect the market value of the club. It is a self evident fact Rangers was worth more via a CVA rather than a liquidated sale.
    Fact 2. A CVA is not possible without Craig Whytes shares.
    Fact 3: No other interested bidder had agreed terms with Craig Whyte for his shares.
    Fact 4. Charles Green gets the inside track against all other bidders because he has CW’s shares, this enables him to insist on a fallback condition if the CVA fails, they get to buy the assets, no more dutch auction bidding for the assets.
    Fact 5. D&Ps agree to the CVA/liquidation deal because, (a): the CVA is their first priority, ( b):the CVA bid is the only one and therefore the highest and ( c) the liquidation bid is also the highest of all the liquidation bids. D&P are professionally covered in all the bases.

    CW is right to argue that the CVA FAILURE is irrelevant to his claim, because without the CVA priority there would have been no fallback deal, it was his shares that enabled CG to get the inside track and tie up a liquidated sale option.
    Charles Green’s argument will be that his liquidated bid was the highest anyway and he did not need nor had agreed a deal with CW in the fallback condition. The problem with this, is there was a post sale offer higher than his, and if there was no priority CVA bid then he may have lost out in the open bidding race for a liquidated sale, a bidding race he avoided by using CW’s shares.

    In effect without his shares there would have been no successful liquidated sale bid.

    • Stevie

      Why would CW make a claim against himself?

      • Steerpike

        Hello Stevie,

        CW is making a claim against CG and Sevco 5088, not himself.

        • Stevie

          Haud the bus a minute S/P.
          CG said to CW on tape…”You are Sevco”…
          Sevco5088 was CW and IA…
          CG changed/switched to Sevco Scotland Ltd.
          So if CW claims against 5088 he is chasing himself, is he not?

          • Steerpike

            CW was not all of Sevco 5088 in the original deal, there were other directors and shareholders, it was a director of Sevco 5088 acting on behalf of Sevco 5088 that broke the deal. Both the company and directors must be found liable for his loss, if the company has no funds then the liability moves on to the director.

          • Stevie,

            You will never understand them, you are too honest & just want a team to support, they rely on that. Guys of all ilks will support their team & put their money where their Hearts are…Spivs rely on this & use PR & placements like Steerpike to create a Feelgood factor within the fans to generate income,These placements, called Trolls by some,also generate stories which boost the client & deflect from the underlying truth.

            Ask yourself WHY Steerpike is so active right now when the sh*t is hitting the fan & factions are fighting & squabbling within the boardroom at Ibrox.

            Why is he proclaiming that everything is great & just needs tweaked & a couple of bob to achieve Nirvana, when everyone knows all the money has gone & Spivs have taken most of it?

            What true good news is there? In Reality ..none, things are actually getting worse for the guys who want a team to support & money reserved to improve it. . .

            You touched on it in your post:
            “Stevie August 15, 2013 at 10:55 pm”.to me & I answered as best I could & said I believed an Administration was needed to sort it all out.

            There are too many con men involved.& The SEVCO thing is the basis of the con.

            D&P gave SEVCO 5088 exclusive rights to the assets of RFC. Sevco 5088 consisted of .Whyte, Earley & Green as directors. D&P brought Green on board to handle RFC matters while he was the official public face of SEVCO 5088.

            Green was then in a position to manipulate RFC & SEVCO 5088 matters. The other two directors of 5088, Whyte & Earley remained in the background while Green’s team, including Stockbridge & Ahmed tied in with both. Hence the reassurance to Whyte .. YOU are Sevco

            Green then proceeded to cheat Whyte & Earley by creating SEVCO Scotland. He transferred the assets into HIS Sevco Scotland rather than Sevco 5088 which was Legally entitled to be the purchaser..

            TRFC website carried a statement saying the assets had been transferred from SEVCO 5088 to SEVCO SCOTLAND because 5088 was English & it tidied things up.

            The problem with this is IF the assets were in Sevco 5088 then Green acted ILLEGALLY in transferring them without Whyte or Earley’s agreement. Green later said assets went STRAIGHT into Sevco Scotland.

            That creates ANOTHER problem, Sevco Scotland had no Right to buy assets legally allocated to SEVCO 5088 & confirmed by D&P. (That is the reason given to the Blue Knights etc) that D&P’s hands were tied & the assets were already confirmed to be Sevco 5088’s right to purchase. This opened the door to Green, Ahmed, Stockbridge etc to run amok..

            These Spivs have done just that, ONE Million Pounds spent to kid on that there was NO Tie in between Green & Whyte.& then Green back in causing havok.

            As I have already said they spent MORE in fees for pals & salaries + 100% BONUSES than they have on a PLAN or Model to bring a TEAM on & invest as required to succeed.

            I will now wait for Steerpike to say it is just a fall out between Green & Whyte & Green is responsible for any loss Whyte made .This is nonsense.

            SEVCO SCOTLAND had no right to the assets & that is the base of Bombers Allegations, He found out about Green & Whyte.

            Spivs will NOT go to Court unless they are forced to. If those two went the Lawyers would be loaded… They are anyway because Spivs take advice to stay ahead & the CLUB pays…. TRFC paid out more to Lawyers & PR companies than they did in looking after the club because it was in the interest of the SPIVS. … ,

            Like I have already said, Administration ,then sort out who owns what & restart Honestly & bin the Spivs. If they don’t it does not matter how much money comes in THEY will make sure it goes OUT the way they want it to.

            • Raymilland


              The spivs continue to be one step ahead of the game, the only hope for TRFC is if BDO intervene with regard to the original sale.

              A voluntary liquidation will already be planned for; this would deny any opportunity of any sale to an unwanted ‘outsider’. The next carve up will in include a sale and leaseback of the assets via a collaborator of the spivs.

              If the leaseback deal goes through it will be a long way back to the top for TRFC; and with the assets gone; a further admin event would become likely; with further debt run up by the spivs. Only then would the carcase be leftover for the ‘diehards’ to piece together a future.

              The SFA may yet assist BDO in some sort of rescue.

              McCoist is already making noises over a fans buyout; that would appear to be the only option in the long term.

              Only one thing is certain; there is no quick fix.

            • Raymilland


              On second thoughts; if that BDO did decide to negate the original sale; the IPO; Sevco 5088; the White – v – Green action; the entire fiasco would implicate D&P.

              I just don’t see BDO opening Pandora’s Box; the Spivs will be banking on the above exploits being too toxic to be aired in public.

              It would appear that the path is clear for Green to manipulate the major shareholders to do what they so wish with regard to any sale and leaseback of the assets.

              The apparent lack of funds will be an excuse to hatch the leaseback ploy. The duplicity of the Green/Whyte relationship has already demonstrated the vested interests of those involved.

              The entire trick will require manipulation of the shareholder vote; this would appear to be the principals’ field of expertise. The wheels are already in motion, the gravy train is unstoppable.

              If it was any other club, the general public may have felt a degree of sympathy. It seems that we are all witness to the great train robbery, with no means or desire to apprehend the culprits.

              I look forward to watching Green’s coy explanation of the unfolding master plan to secure the future of such a magnificent football club for the benefit of such loyal fans. How he manages to keep a straight face is a feat in itself.

        • Monti

          Niall I want you to go & spend the weekend in Cairo, wearing a purple mankini & a pair of donkey ears,run through the Muslim brotherhood protesters shouting, chase me chase me 🙂

      • tykebhoy

        Ahmad alledgedly is! Claim against RIFC for his lost bonus which he supposedly will reinvest in RIFC. RIFC and/or Ahmad incur legal costs just for money to B&B?? Don’t think so. Or mibbee Ahamad abd MBB have a share of profits in the legal eagles 😉

        • Steerpike

          Nothing wrong in making a claim against a company you are a director or shareholder of, obviously this does not apply if the claimant owns 100% of the shares and the company.

      • Monti

        because he’s Charles Green 🙂

      • Ed Paisley

        Didn’t Rangers Interglobal plc announce to AIM that SEVCO 5088 Ltd was their subsidiary?
        That means his claim is ultimately against that £10m cash reserve that is supposed to see Rangers through the coming year.
        Apparently Whyte and Earley have counsel’s opinion that they have a prima facie case against Rangers/5088.
        It will be interesting to see how this contingent liability is described in the Rangers accounts.

    • Raymilland

      @Private Pike

      What does mother think?

      Not forgetting….. Niall,,,,..does he agree with your synopsis of CW v CG?

      I’ll wait in the fruit cellar.

      • Steerpike

        I am amongst my kin, you included Mr Music Man.

        • Arb urns

          Hey Steerpike there used to be a clown on here called Niall who scoffed at the idea cw could possibly have a claim on anything…..suggest u have a word with him….he was an east fife ranger and came from lower methil too. He was neglected as a child but nobody blamed his parents….trust that will help you locate said Niall !,

          • Steerpike


            Nial scoffed at the idea that CW could have a claim against TRFC , you must have misread.

            Cheer up arb.

          • coatbrigbhoy

            As the truth dawned on deNiall, a wee name changed was called for,

            Niall/Steerpike, one agenda, deflect,and deny, change the story ,”rangers” men are back stabbing each other, talking of suing the club/company.
            so STEERNIALL comes on shouting about how rosy the future will be for a tribute act, Rangers, before they died, spent £100’sM trying to better what my club managed on a biscuit tin budget,
            banks, creditors big and small HMRC, ambulance service, the police ect ect all had to lose money to fund RFC 1872 in it’s dying seasons,
            but don’t worry, the Spivs and the Rangers men with short arms and deep pockets are going to do what SDM could not do in over 20 years.

            you have to wonder why Steerpike did not get SDM’s knighthood,
            Steerpike is able to forcast figures that SDM could only dream about and SDM had his own wee pet bank manager on his side.

            First action Whyte did when he took over RFC 1872, he buckled to the fans demands to keep season tickets at the same price, when was the last time season bok holders had a price increase at Ibrox

    • coatbrigbhoy

      344 word, short novel ,

      you post this then dig at me for posting less than 160 words and call it a short novel,

      more so when your repeating yourself on blog after blog, trying to deny and deflect all day and night for a club/company that you don’t follow,
      your one helluva fool

  34. Steerpike

    The role of D&P is clear in my view, even if they were convinced the CVA would be rejected by HMRC, they could not know for a FACT it would be rejected. The CVA had to be submitted to be rejected. This enabled them to pursue a CVA in the creditors best interests, run up millions in fees and if the CVA fell through as expected, go to a liquidated sale.
    They did not need to collude with CW/CG in this enterprise and risk their livelihood, the conditions were tailor made anyway.
    It really doesn’t matter if both CW and CG ALSO believed the CVA would fail, and the CVA was just a smokescreen for the liquidated sale bid, just like D&P they knew the bid had to be rejected first.

    Nobody can just assume HMRC will reject a bid in these circumstances and not bother, one must proceed on the basis they may consider it no matter the improbability, only HMRC can determine the outcome.

    • lordmac

      do you not think hmrc waited long enough and listend to the sob storys long enough, and had rangers made payments before then there might of been a chance but rangers made no such payments and where told
      they where going to court to recover as much as they can

    • Raymilland

      @Private Pike

      Have you been in a coma for sometime?

    • Steerpike,
      That was a LOT of words which actually amount to Nothing.. I have noticed you do that a lot.

      D&P appointed Green to assist with RFC issues while he was the face of Sevco 5088…Green’s partners were already active in this, Both Stockbridge & Ahmed are tied into Whyte… Assurances were given that WHYTE was SEVCO..

      Sevco 5088 then was either morphed into, or replaced by, SEVCO SCOTLAND. You brushed over that previously, by mentioning Green was a director of 5088. Green did not have permission, nor did he form a Quorum with other directors to make his actions legal.

      D&P rejected a better bid because the assets had been committed to SEVCO 5088. D&P allowed the SEVCO deal to go forward.

      Did they believe Sevco Scotland was SEVCO 5088, or did Green say assets were transferred & this was accepted at face value?

      I believe that he gave assurances that the assets were Transferred.

      When the issue first arose TRFC released a statement confirming this.

      Either way steerpike THAT is some improved Model to put your faith in.

      Mind you, when I think on it, maybe out & out Spivs are easier to deal with than shiny Knighty ones with connections.. .

  35. lordmac

    the Samaritans have refused to take anymore phone calls from the rangers support, as even they cant save them.

  36. Oldco then……Newco now…..Tesco forevermore

  37. coatbrigbhoy

    Steerpike /Niall
    August 15, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    buying Rangers through a CVA was a different animal my friend, and it did not happen.

    He tells us that the Rangers men are making a move to buy the club at a reasonable price,

    Why did they not move before, could they not have offered SDM £1.50p and gazumped Whyte,

    the CVA agreed between Whyte and Duff and Phelps
    it sure was a different animal, an agreed £8.5m loan to be paid back by the club at 8% PA over 8 years with a stick on right to buy the assets for £5.5m attached.

    Are we to believe that Rangers men could not have done a better deal, say £10m to secure the preferred bidder, make it a loan if your interested in fleecing the club, maybe only 4% PA or less, then a £6m right to buy for the assets, was that beyond McColl,Kennedy and yon cling on, Paul Murray

    Prior,he popped up out of nowhere and invested six figure sums into the pot, yet all the Rangers men carry on doing what the do best, stand on the side telling others how to spend their money.

    • Steerpike


      ” Why did they not move before, could they not have offered SDM £1.50p and gazumped Whyte,”

      Hello my friend, let us try and be civil, the reason they did not want to move before are obvious, they did not want to, it is their choice, not my money. I suggest there are probably many reasons why these Rangers men did not buy Rangers from SDM or D&P, why is this even relevant ?
      I am sorry finance in football does not pass your little boy scout loyalty badge, but in the real world even Rangers men are entitled to make up their own mind for their own reasons in their own time.
      I suggest their reasons were financial, they allowed their head to rule their heart, it was going to cost 40 million either way, too much for a break even business for 4 men never mind one, especially without majority control. Now they have the opportunity to just buy out the spivs, the 28%, they can then control the board with the rest of the Rangers shareholders and some institutions, in other words…..CONTROL, for maybe 7 million or less.
      The Rangers men involved do not want to own the bloody thing, just to stop it being abused by carpetbaggers and to control its secure future, at a personal cost of 7 million, more than Fergus McCann guaranteed, and he was expecting something in return. The Rangers men know it is a gift, there will be no return.

      • coatbrigbhoy

        one minute they are Rangers men ,
        the next your asking why it’s relevant that they stood back, did not make any attempt at rescuing the club by a CVA,
        even more so, why did none of them make a timely move to buy from SDM, don’t count Murray he is potless and nothing more that a rich man’s cling on,
        SDM had the club up for sale for 4 years, no rangers men in sight,
        D&P crying out for serious rangers men to put in a realistic bid, again no Rangers men in sight, Green wins the day, a stranger from Yorkshire, popped up out of the blue and gets the assets for him and the rest of the spivs,
        why is it relevant, you ask
        that has to be about the stupidest question asked so far on the demise of RFC 1872 and the farcical goings on at the HQ of the tribute act

        • Steerpike

          Thank you for your short novel I may have missed a birthday.

          Just screaming it is relevant is not really a convincing argument, I gave you possible motives and they are understandable to any rational mind.

          I get the impression your ivory tower is in the stratosphere my friend, you are very keen to judge others to eye watering standards, the financial reasons for their inaction does not make them disloyal, but their financial intervention does make them loyal.

          It is all a matter of balance and perspective,try and avoid absolutes, it is too old testament for my liking.

          • coatbrigbhoy

            only a fool like you would try that on, thanking me for my short novel,
            you post a 251 word post,
            i replied using 159 words,


            Possible motives,
            just a funny way of saying reasons for not spending any money but playing to the gallery (MOB) without the burden of buying shares,

          • tykebhoy

            “Thank you for your short novel I may have missed a birthday”
            You have probably missed many while trolling. If you are so concerned about that why do you spend so much time posting often contradictory rubbish that is easily dispelled as such about the goings on at a club you claim to have no allegiance to? I don’t expect an answer to my earlier post below because you obviously won’t have time to read a long novel as you will probably miss your own funeral;

      • Steer pike.You are a FANNY.

      • Eastside

        And what exactly are they going to do if that did happen? Annually put in a million each to keep it going? Or are they willing to run the Newco within it’s means and settle for a mediocrity where even dodgy refs won’t be capable of making enough of a difference? Borrow? See how it pans out? Lol

      • Steerpike,
        YAAAAAWN, How BORING are you willing to be to mix things up?

        How many “Rangers Men ” have put money in so far? How many have taken money OUT?

        When are you going to explain the Improved Model to me?

        I quoted Green on King saying he invested £20m & received a Blazer & tie but NO Brogues…

        It was pointed out to me that I am a divot & King has never Invested into the Sevco Shamble, he invested into RFC(IL)… I admit I was wrong & stand corrected, thus cancelling my divot status.. Why not try it?.

        THAT is the difference between us, when i’m wrong I admit it.

        When you are wrong you just Double up on the Sh*t you write, THEN, write some more Keech to cover up.. Maybe your NOT a Troll,

        Maybe you’r just a nobody’s Child looking for love & recognition.

        If it’s LOOVE you want,.. ask MONTI, nicely, for an introduction.. he knows another like you who offered him an Apprenticeship & Brotherly love..

        Jeezo how nice is that, it’s turned into a Dating agency & proved the old adage right..

        NO Matter how strange you are .. There’s always SOMEONE out there.. Just for you.

        Be Happy together.

        PS Monti.. Charge a fee for the intro & buy some SEVCO SHAMBLES SHARES & go to the EGM… YOU can be Happy Too.. See a Silver Lining on that cloud which is Sevco..

      • tykebhoy

        “let us try and be civil,”

        I notice that you deNiall use that or similar often early in a post, usually when you are floundering. You then in the same post continue to be arrogant, patronizing and condescending while implying we are all numpties because you think we will all believe the guff you post.

        I’ll tell you why the point about Rangers men buying from SDM or D&P is relevant. It would have cost them a helluva lot less not the much more you were suggesting. The Rangers man the MBB paid SDM £1 and promised to pay off the £18m debt Had he actually been able to do that without the equivalent of a pay day loan then that might have worked with a few tweaks to the business model. But he did go to Ticketus to pay of the debt and didn’t end the profligate spending so he failed. Spivco then managed to secure the assets from the administrators for £5.5m. Before Spivco were given exclusivity Rangers men could have bettered that offer and the one for the CVA for nowhere near the £40m you are sugesting. While I agree that until it was proposed and rejected nobody knew HMRC would reject it but given HMRC had such huge influence because of deliberate witholding of tax and NI (WTC,BTC and deductions from Summer 2011 onwards) it was always highly unlikely especially as Hector also wanted a head on the pike to scare other tax dodging football clubs with.

        Had Rangers men beaten Spivco to the assets they too could have had an IPO, only using money on the tribute act rather than paying the spivs huge salaries, consultancy fees, arrangement fees, commissions…….

        Where now? Well it will take many millions to buy out the Spivs shares. Despite Lady Charlotte’s advice not to settle out of court with Ahmad there may well be some basis for it and a potential 7 figure payout. There is also the MBB’s claim against RIFC for what they claim to be a subsidiary company but all proof suggests should be the legitimate owner of the assets and who knows what other claims and payoffs may be needed with skeletons Chuckles has tucked away in cupboards. All this to take over a football club playing in the 3rd tier of scottish football and at least 2 years away from the top tier but still operating on a business model that suggests its in the top tier. That business model will need to be funded or adjusted. Adjust it in palying terms and there would be a grave risk the Premier League is more than 2 years away. Fund it and you will need to put in several millions more with no chance of a return.

        Finally you have repeatedly on this thread posted the guff about the land assets being in the accounts. They were mentioned in the IPO documentation but there was some qualification and that wasn’t accounts. SoI repeat my question of earlier which accounts?

        The last audited accounts of RFC(IL) which covers a year entirely under MIH that ended over 3 years ago?
        The last accounts of RFC(IL) that at the time of Administration were over a month overdue and only covered the first few week of the MBB’s reign and were overdue presumably because the auditors wouldn’t certifyr them without qualifications MBB would not accept?
        The accounts of Sevco Scotland or RIFC which have yet to be published?
        Or your madee up and completely fictional set of accounts?

      • portpower

        The rangers(IL) men are just like cling wrap. There is nothing left for them to cover. It`s gone, what they had. They`re just embarrassing themselves.

  38. Steerpike


    ” I was actually going to vote for david because he has a better sense of humour than you, but I did not want to embarrass him,”

    There is something peculiar about this revelation, but I cannot quite put my finger on it.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    • Cregganduff

      David has no sense of humour. When he tries to be funny it’s over to Dr Johnson and the dog walking on its hind legs.
      So where does that leave you?

    • Are you still here FUD, ffs; what is your point? no-one here seems to give a toss but you still keep coming. back Do yourself a turn, cfuck off back to where you belong. You have no place, influence nor grace. You’re a bully and a bigger bum than ten arses. Your closer to the dead club than you will ever let on, everyone is onto you and in the end will out you. Do yourself a favour and fuck off before you make things worse not only for you, but for the people you represent.

    • How BLIND are those who CANNOT See, Steerpike.

      Look in The MIRROR, read your mince out loud & all will be revealed.

  39. Raymilland

    Big Hoose rent blues

  40. dan

    I feel weird. It is Friday night, I’m not pished , and am not about to make an arse of myself on the blogosphere. I feel all—disorientated. Goodnight all. Yes, even you, Steerpike. (indeed!)

  41. As Butler of the marvellous Psychedelic Furs once sang…….’Let it Stay Forever Now’……………Martybhoy is loving the Orcs suffering lol

  42. Rangers and Sevco……..twofurapound….twofurapound

  43. Fra

    To a man, we sit and watch this car crash playing out before our eyes. We have watched while it veered all over the road and the inevitable consequence is a write off. We know it, they know it and it just gets better and better.

    Then we have DeNiall. A different animal to Cam. Cam knows its coming but his loyalty won’t let him walk away, which is admirable, so disperses his humour to try to gain an upper hand. DeNiall on the other hand is the classroom bore with no friends who thinks he’s better than everyone else.

    Takes me back to my youth and standing in a bar listening to this idiot. Drone, drone, drone, losing the will to live then the inevitable occurs..
    Bang, right on the dish, followed by a ‘why don’t you shut the f**k up’. As the snivelling little shit is holding his face, everybody tells you “well done”.

    DeNiall, I do not advocate violence against you but you are really one irritating guy. Your pomposity is really quite trying. I tend not to reply to your murmurings no matter how much effort you put into your replies.

    I’ll make it quite simple for you. Rangers are dead! The new club are on shit street! There is no harmony in the boardroom! The fans are lining the spivs pockets yet abuse anybody who disagrees with them. Every other decent fan wants Ibrox park sold to pay what they owe to creditors. No matter how many smart arsed answers you can come up with, they are fecked my friend and we are witnessing it on a daily basis. AMEN

    You entered the arena as DeNiall, the east fife supporter defending all things of a rangers/sevco nature and got your arse skelped on numerous occasions. You then entered TSFM and spread more drivel and got skelped in there as well. I’m beginning to see a pattern emerging here.

    You try to defend the indefensible, reality throws your arguments on its arse. You then have another go, reality leathers your position again. Like the spoiled child, you don’t like getting beat so you return. Yep, you guessed it, leathered again. Do yourself a favour mate and just do one. It’s for your own good and I’m only trying to help

  44. lordmac

    the reason Walter walked, he was told too, should have he stayed
    he would have had to stay loyal to Charles green. he was given the job by Green. OK Walter doesn’t look like the sharpest knife in the box, and Green knew that, but he had a use in selling season tickets, JABBA
    is another blunt knife, but with the whiff or money soon had him on his tip toes

  45. Monti


  46. Monti

    Paul Gascoigne has turned up in Cairo, carrying a fishing rod, some chicken breast & a six pack of lager. 🙂

    Night night see ya all later. COYBIG!

  47. cam

    Its just like one of David Attenboroughs marvellous series in here.
    Niall you have brazenly flew into this little aviary,took the top perch,ruffled Marge’s dyed feathers,shat ever so daintily, on the flock of starlings desperately awaiting a morsel of attention and led them all a merry dance.
    The alarm call has went up and they are queuing up, determined to try to last a round.
    We have the guys who don’t get out much, with dossiers of stuff that they can’t talk about to normal folk,we have amateur psychologists trying to profile you,Marge has embarassingly tried her smiley onslaught, but thankfully has slunk away and reverted to urging on her bhoys who are making a proper arse of themselves.
    The scary thing is, they don’t even realise how pathetic they have become.
    Here is some required reading for any unfortunate who strays into this nuthouse.

    Don’t worry bhoys, your keeper will be along shortly to top up your seed trays and put clean paper down.Hopefully he doesn’t attempt to breed any of you,mixing bird flu with swine flu could create something truly horrific,,Monti how are you? Apologies for bringing poultry into the conversation,i know you have an aversion to chicken suppers.
    Hang on,,, i thought i saw a pussy cat,,,nope its ok, it was just Marty,,,a proper pussy.Caw caw caw.

    • tykebhoy

      Niall is actually the Norwegian Blue. You know, the one lying on the floor with its talons pointing upwards.

      Actually perhaps not you would get more sense oot of the dead parrot!

  48. cam

    Here,,i was just thinking???,,,remember that obsessed cabbie,Rab?,,you know the guy who had the dossiers of stuff about tax guff that he forced fares to listen to?
    Wonder what happened to him?
    He probably is over on that arsehole site run by Arty’s backing band.
    He will have missed the latest theories in here.
    Imagine the poor guy going through his sad little life not knowing that Craigie works for Ticketus in an offshore tax haven operated by the Mafia, overseen by Department S in the Vatican.
    The Orlit switcheroo, which funded the pre pack CVA of the Sevco 5088 vehicle, which was cut n shut into Sevco Scotland via a back street garage, run by a transvestite mechanic called Charlotte with a penchant for taping men with their tools out.
    All of this would have went unnoticed if an unknown lawyer hadn’t had a bad spell of luck and had some free time and an inexplicable urge to write about men with their tools out.
    Synchronicity meets obsession meets inadequates = Random Thoughts
    Its a funny old game….
    I’m away for a kip.

  49. Pingback: Imran Ahmad v Rangers – It’s Terrible When Friends Fall Out! - Speymouth

  50. hector

    God it is like a nightmare old rearpipe heads to his bed after casting his pearls of wisdom and before we can catch our breath the day shift Troll rears his ugly head and we are off on another sh1tefest.

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