Someone Has Just Traded 2.02 Million Rangers Shares For £838k!

The Stock Exchange is a marvellous thing. Openness and clarity in dealings!

The following line hgas just popped up on the “ticker” regarding shares in Rangers International Football Club PLC.

15:03:26 41.50 2,020,000 838,300.00

Translated into English, that means that at 3.03pm (corrected as I cannot read) today there was a trade of 2,020,000 ordinary shares in RIFC PLC at 41.5p per share, at a cost of £838,000.

As some of the large investors are tied in until December and cannot trade their shares, who can this be?

Who is selling up and who is buying?

We await with interest!

Posted by Paul McConville


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721 responses to “Someone Has Just Traded 2.02 Million Rangers Shares For £838k!

  1. Monti

    Excellent David, life is indeed too short & I look forward to locking horns in a more constructive & humorous fashion going forward.

  2. Ed Paisley

    My old man was disgusted at the Scotland supporters whistling throughout our national anthem.

    He wouldn’t listen when I told it was just a bit of fun. Mind you he did his national service in the early 50s in Germany – he was our frontline, defending Western Europe from those dastardley Ruskies.

    It’s a generational thing isn’t it? I feel no sentimental attachments to England. I know Johnny Mills and his Scottish pal held back the Nazis at Dunkirk but that is ancient history now. The independence vote is about economics and reflecting Scotlands greater degree of mutuality and solidarity in our spending priorities. That’s all.

    Becoming a satellite of Rome can wait a wee while – we will focus on our economy for 10-20 years before we open negotiations with the Vatican. Have we got a plan Cam?

    • Gnipper83

      I don’t like the booing of anyone’s national anthem. Sport is about a fair contest, inherent in that is respect for the competitors whoever they are and at whatever level they are at. Also, in practical terms nothing could fire a team up more than to hear the opposition booing your anthem.

    • Geddy Lee.

      For goodness sake, even when the rangers fans supported Scotland, GSTQ was roundly booed.

      To see them crying their eyes out across the net, and using it as an excuse for their disgusting , anti Scottish diatribes, demonstrates clearly the complete lack of moral fibre running through them.

      Culture , traditions, and Standards pouts the cringing McCoist.

      No wonder it’s easier to teach a dog card tricks, than it is to get a rangers man to explain what they mean by it.

      it’s the question that must never be asked. A bit like asking a Scottish unionist MP or zombie supporter, why they refuse point blank to consider standing on their own 2 feet , and taking responsibility for their country@s future.

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