In Which I Thank Bill McMurdo For His Kind Words!

There are lots of sources of information for those outside the “Ibrox bubble” who want to gauge the feelings of the Rangers faithful. As well as various fan message boards, which pass wry comment on their football team and the rest of the world, with a spirit of tolerance and goodwill to all men which is only too rare these days.

There are also various fan groups who have differing agendas and view the situation at their club from a wide range of perspectives.

And there are the “Rangers bloggers”.

I won’t do a run down of them today (although I wonder what reaction I would get if I put up a poll here for readers to tell me who their favourite Rangers blogger is). Not today anyway…

Occasionally I am mentioned in these blogs – sometimes in terms that I would not want my Parish priest to read – and sometimes even worse!

Today my attention was drawn to my name popping up in the blog of Bill McMurdo.

Earlier in the year we exchanged blog posts on the question of whether or not I was a “Rangers hater”. It is fair to say we agreed to differ.

So it was with some trepidation I clicked on this link today.

On reading however I must say that I was pleasantly surprised and would like to express my thanks to Bill. I would also commend his full blog post to my readers.

I might even decide it is worthwhile placing his coments at the top of the blog, like the quotes on film and theatre posters!

This one would read:-

“McConville’s article was a hilariously funny and frighteningly accurate appraisal of the constant yearning for a messiah figure in the Rangers ranks. – Bill McMurdo”

Bill did not provide his readers with a link to the piece, which is here. However, as he had been good enough to link to it on Twitter, I make no complaint.

I do appreciate, as Bill points out, that it seems unusual for a blogger on one side to praise one seen as being on the “other side”. Indeed he mentions that he was criticised by some of his Rangers-supporting readers for having the temerity to do so.

And all of this, as Bill wisely points out, is itself proof of the awful in-fighting now present amongst the Rangers fans, and the roller-coaster of emotions which they must feel, never knowing who they can trust. Bill too is now being lambasted on various of the sites in a way which shows that internecine strife is almost always more bloody and more vehemently expressed than conflict between opposing countries/organisations/football teams!

Although there is one little point I want to correct Bill on – he refers to me, along with the excellent and amazingly prolific Andy Muirhead of Scotzine, as “Uber Tims”.

I suspect that my protestations that my first footballing fan loyalty was to the home town Albion Rovers have fallen on deaf ears in McMurdo Towers!

Posted by Paul “hilariously funny and frighteningly accurate” McConville



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79 responses to “In Which I Thank Bill McMurdo For His Kind Words!

  1. Maggie

    @Paul Mc
    There’ll be no living with you after that. 🙂
    Will Heidi,Morag and I have to come to Mrs Mc’s aid in putting you back in your place ? Morag’s the real expert at that obvs. Such fun.

    • Gerrald

      Bill caught spinning lies for Green and Imran – god knows what they paid him for it….? Leggo exposes that Imran will try to undermine McColl and McMurdo runs the smears as stated…..

      Bill has certain comic relief, and not one word on how FD says just £10m left – now he flock claim this before ST arrived….. ho ho

  2. cregganduff

    Beware of Bears bearing gifts!

  3. Back in December 2012.

    Bill Mcmurdo:

    “The Rangers now are the Rangers then and will be Rangers forever.

    And, after today’s share issue closes, the club will be greatly capitalised and ready to face whatever the future brings.

    Seeing as I am evangelising here on behalf of Scotland’s biggest team, I would like to give this opportunity to anyone who follows lesser teams, particularly those who support a team in the sinking SPL:-

    Leave the darkness and come into the light! Repent of your folly in supporting teams distorted by hate and greed. Join the ever-growing band of those who have seen the light that shone in the night and follow the happy throng.

    Be converted and come support the famous Glasgow Rangers. There’s room for you, friend.

    All are welcome if you leave the bitterness and lies behind.

    The land of milk and honey awaits you.

    Leave it all behind and be one of The People.

    Receive the Good News today!”

    Happy times – “happy throng” no worries.

    • JimBhoy

      Imfamous surely.. 🙂 Gonna be TD central for that one.

    • Eastside

      The horse has bolted, Mcmurdo knows the New SevCo-op Club are on the brink of collapse. I suspect it’s just a case of him writing something which he can refer to at a later date and say “I said it all along”, it’s a favoured tactic of Rangers bloggers and the SMSM, deny, deflect and lie until it’s too late despite uncountable warnings and then claim to have “said it all along”.

    • Geddy Lee

      At which point he was finally coaxed off the roof and back to his padded cell.

  4. dan

    Paul, I think in the land of Mc Murdonia, the term ‘Tim’ refers to more than just a supporter of the wonderfully wonderful, tax-paying, solvent, law abiding, non-robbers of poor boxes, Glasgow Celtic. In which case, and judging from previous posts of yours, he’s absolutely correct.

  5. Monti


    • Fra

      Bigot who tries to pass himself off as an intellect. Few words in each blog with big wide margins to make it look as if its huge. A word count would show it up for what it is, a badly written piece of drivel shouting out bigotry to the uneducated hordes. Maybe I’m harsh but he spouts unionism as if the hordes will all follow the disciple Bill. The mans a fecking Eejit

      • Shiva

        Not sure he’s that bright.

        Particularly contemptible was his “crusade” against child abuse. Did posta comment asking if he was involved in any charities etc supporting victims but funnily enough question didn’t pass moderation.

        What makes it all even more amusing is chris graham promoting leggats block with his lack of trust of non Christians and a dream of a return to traditional Presbyterian Christmases.

        Maybe a #askbillmcmurdo and/ or#askleggo, similar to the recent #asktommyrobinson twitter thing woud be appropriate to find the truth

      • JimBhoy

        meejit or mediot plz

        • Fra

          JB, I’m more inclined to ‘mediot’ as meejit has a certain Glaswegian slang feel to it therefore could be confined to Glasgow boundaries as opposed to the whole country. Hope that helps brother

    • graham

      Did your maw tell u that

  6. Shiva

    Oh hell. Going to be swamped with Cams wee pals next.

  7. JimBhoy

    Paul you gotta watch mate some of us Ranger haters are no liking this Paul McC looking to jump that dyke.. There’s a field of bear sh!t on the other side mate… 🙂

    Ok gonna get myself out to play with my masonic pals for a couple of hours.

  8. Cluster one

    Sometimes you have to work with your enemy to achieve your objectives

  9. Michael

    I see Voluntary Strike Off of Sevco 5088 Limited continues to be suspended. I guess Craigy Boy hasn’t gone away.

    The gift that keeps on giving.

  10. Glazert Tim

    Re: The Fans Meeting

    The BBC describe them as “200 influential Gers fans”. WTF exactly makes them influential?

    I know Andy Cameron can influence an audience to run like fk when he starts singing but apart from that I’m at a loss.

    Could one of them be the ‘Big Hoose Must Stay Open’ guy? Although it seems his main focus would be “the buffet must stay open”.

    It is fine orators such as those that helps set Seconians above above other inanimate blocks of wood.

    Talking about other bits of kindling, the bus fire might have been down to him trying to reheat a steak pie with a box of matches and a wad of ‘Gift Aid’ slips.

  11. JohnBhoy

    It’s just occurred to McMurdo that if you can’t say anything nice, you probably don’t have any friends. Now, which club does that remind you of?

  12. jimlarkin

    When will you – paul – and bill mcmurdo realise

    . . . Rangers are gone

    They were replaced with Sevco (5088 or Scotland, ask duff ‘n’ phelps)

    Sevco then changed their name to The Rangers, before starting the brand new football team up to play out of i brokes.

    If we refer to them as if it is the original rangers, then this gives some kind of credence To their lie of it being the same rangers, when it clearly NOT.

    • cam

      I bet you know the address of the ASA off by heart,,hehehe,,,sad wee thing.
      What about using your local cooncillor?,,,you could say that the weans cannae get to sleep cos the big zombie won’t play deid.
      What about the Europeans courts or the U.N?
      We still haven’t plumbed the depths of the chip on the shoulders brigade’s hatred,,,is there a bottom?
      If the Gers got busted down to the highland league or the juniors i’m sure that this blog and others would still keep firing away.
      Its not about the fitba anymore bhoys is it?
      Wonder what it feels like to be 2nd class?

      • “Wonder what it feels like to be 2nd class?” don t know Cam pray tell us………..pass the bridies.

      • Schadenfreude CSC

        If its not about the football how come I canny help picturing Neil Lennon lifting a tenth league title in a row? We might even overtake that South American team that holds the most league titles.

        Who knows when yer competitiors are haemorrhaging cash and dropping like flies!

      • The Gers can’t get busted down, they died, end of, Sevco might end up way down there but it’s to late for the Gers,

        It was never just about the Football for RFC 1872 was it, tell us what has sectarianism got to do with fitba,

        the club died, those sectarian racist bigots that paid to watch it have now attached themselves to Greens new club, he owns the titles, and the mob follow them, singing the old songs of hate as the pay to watch the tribute act

      • Monti

        Look in the mirror ya Hun prick!

      • JimBhoy

        Actually unless I read something different to Cam’s retort I do no think the replies to that were nice, a quirky funny post does not deserve that sh!t.. Cam our most enduring son of William I have respect for, we all have daft moments but Cam’s replies, well the ones I care to read generally are funny. Like I said we all have our moments but we can also regret the daftiness that sometimes we all get embroilled in..

  13. “The issue with Malcolm was a misjudgement on my part and I have apologised to him. I’ve had to carry him to bed 4/5 times. The video was to show to him the next day.”

    Sorry Malcolm, just in case you didn’t see it the video was helpfully posted on-line.

    Oh and while I’m apologising I feel it’s necessary to point out that there were 4/5 more video opportunities.

  14. cam

    this ones for you.

    Rangers now,then forever,,,deal with Jamesbhoy!

  15. i read his blog posting and most of the comments after, he actually goes on to futher defend you within the comments, and also commends some of the commentors, not named, as having reasonable points of view.

    still having discussed with some bear aquaintances this week the goings on I am still shocked that none of them can unite their points of view and hold the club to task.

    If they raised £22m plus last seaons SB sales and then this seasons sales that gives roughly 22+10+10 according to their own base figures. With just £10m left in the bank where has it all gone? £32m for just over one year operating costs even taking out the purchases at say £2m that leaves OE at £30m and I have not taken into account sponsorship deals. by my reconing thats leaving around 4-5 months operating funds with no where to go after that unless more money is raised by Share issue or white/blue knight comes in to the rescue. The assets may now be unemcumbered but currently the stadium is a liability requiring extensive work and repairs to be carried out.

    It shocks me that these basic figures are not taken onboard by the bears and serious questions asked….no one seems capable of taking control and maybe its just because the juggernaut has lost control its self and therefore it really seriously is a crash waiting to happen.

    Further point, they (the bears) keep referring to the rangers as being the only Scottish club without debt ( internal and external now by all accounts) and in a solvent place. But no accounts issued to support this position and definately no disclosure of expenses. meanwhile back on the other side of Glasgow, when the full accounts are published I am sure you will see that CFC have pushed back into the black again with Ki, ( his transfer missed last years accounts) Wanyama, Hooper and Wilson combined fees of say £25m plus £22m from CL etc etc etc will show a healthy state of affairs with everything paid up to date and ample credit faciliities in place should they ever be needed again. With the prospect of European football again until christmas its not a bad place to be in, Nike and Magners will be pleased as well as the other major sponsors, but most of all so will all the Tims out there, sorry Paul you realy should consider it…..come away the rovers……:)

  16. Their new team are hanging on to the coat-tails of Celtic, with constant referencing and comparisons. Trying to resuscitate the O** F***. ! Are their bloggers deid tae?

    • Eastside

      During the 2 or 3 years leading up the death of Rangers, there was a concerted effort by many Celtic fans to disassociate our Football Club and their Club, comapny, company that owns the club, institution, fabric of Scottish society and the Old Firm brand. Celtic fans were sick of the two sides of the coin s&ite and the guilt by association, sick of scum like Traynor and puppets like Spiers concocting a product they could line their pockets with, and shamelessly so at the expense of the Sport and those who paid into it.

  17. Just thought I would pop in for a moment. Sad to see that all the scottish teams are now out of Europe. I note that Monti earns about as much a month as those with reasonable jobs earn in a week. Can people really live on £1700 a month. But I guess the benefits help.

    I am now treating this site much as one would treat a rotting corpse – it is horrible to look at, but the maggots have a strange kind of fascination. I have no idea how the memory of Bobby Sands has any place on this site and some of Monti’s comments look actionable to me, not that he has the wit to realise it. Cam seems to be getting more desperate, but that is because he is tired fighting the fight almost alone.

    This site now looks like a wholly biased anti RFC diatribe and I am not talking about the comments. Paul has completely lost it and is now in the obsession camp.

    Whatever happens, and it does not look good for RFC or my own HMFC, Rangers playing in blue and embracing their history will remain. True they might be in the Crabbies Ginger Wine semi-professional league 3, but they will be the best supported team in that league. Now if only CFC would piss off to the land they love so much, many of us would be happier. I wonder how wrapping themselves in the Satire will go down in presumably Dublin.

    Monti will mention my tooth – that man is such a wit – and others will fulminate. I look forward to it.

    • Eastside

      What a racist little plonker you are.

    • “I am now treating this site much as one would treat a rotting corpse – it is horrible to look at, but the maggots have a strange kind of fascination.”

      Must be why 48,000 sevconians turned up at Ibrox every other week, it surely was not to watch the shite football served up,

      48,000 human equivalents of wee Grayfriars Bobby,

    • notnearlydeadbutreallydead

      Vile, just vile!

    • Monti

      Jesus loves you Violet & I forgive you your words of hate,
      You see my hate died when our leader Bobby Sands rose from the grave & spoke to his people ” Victory will be in the laughter of our children”, I know only love Violet, Bobby Sands broke the chains of captivity forever & I raise my glass to him & his 9 brave companions!


    • timtim

      So according to you a “reasonable” job is one which pays £138 000pa
      before tax
      Maybe you dont realise it Violent but 95% or more of the population do not earn anywhere near that amount of money .
      Lowlifes like nurses ,firemen , police,members of the military ,teachers,
      ambulancemen and other peasants contribute a great deal to society and we all have to rely on them at some time in our lives .
      Snobs like you who look down their noses at others , who judge peoples worth by their financial standing in life know the cost of everything and the value of nowt . I don’t know what Monti does but I know he pays his taxes ,reserve your criticism for those who steal from charities and the ambulance service rather than trying to show yourself as superior to others . I’ve got news for you -you are not

      • Ed Paisley

        Well said @TimTim.
        Although I confess that I enjoy Violet’s wee racist and snobbish rants. The fact that she doesn’t feel welcome on this site is actually a commendation for us. Violet, have yourself a glass of wine tonight and try to relax – you are way too uptight.

    • graham

      VC ,
      Well said and good luck to your club with their troubles !

    • cregganduff

      ” Cam seems to be getting more desperate, but that is because he is tired fighting the fight almost alone.”

      Yes Violet, but when he does finally flip his lid we probably won’t notice much difference

      In the meantime could you ask him to leave back the collection box he is hiding under his coat.

      Just when one thinks they can’t sink any lower, they take a perverse pleasure in proving one wrong.

      Have a good one Vi.

    • madmo67

      Maybe you are just trying to be a wise crack and I am just being wound up but what are you saying about salaries. Maybe you could specify what you earn so that we can all be so jealous!!!!! I don’t know what team you support but the Rangers Mark 2 seem to need no help from any enemies rather than within. People on this site have had great respect on many occasions for genuine Rangers fans who care about the club. But even in the last weeks despite all the guff – from within it still seems that someone else is to blame. I am no blog expert but to me the Rangers fans are being had and had and had. I miss Old Firm Games but having seen what has gone on at Ibrox and continues to be the way forward I am now glad that the RANGERS are no longer part of the SPFL

    • JimBhoy

      Hey Violet I like MOST of your posts 🙂 Jeez the Jambos, having worked mainly in the capital I have lots of Jambo pals… I really hope it works out I truly do.. Good and funny posts I hope you do more, you are a smart cookie don’t let anyone get you down (from a celik fan). I love the Celtic but a true blue Scotsman (ok some Irish roots and a proddie da)..

      Good luck to the jambos..

      • Budweiser


        You are too trusting Jim. Violet ,to quote said: ” sad to see that all the SCOTTISH teams are out of Europe ” .ie Celtic are not a Scottish team .
        All those words from a Hearts fan, and considering all that they are going through at the moment , she mentions HMFC ONCE.

  18. I just gave myself a TU – I didn’t know you could do that. I wonder if I could give myself another.

  19. tamtic

    They say they have 10 million left in bank, I’d be surprised if there’s half that. Paul, beware McMurdo giving you praise, he’s up to something!

  20. tamtic

    Violet’ if they are in the Crabbies Ginger Wine league and Ally’s still there then whats the betting they’re knocked out the Crabbies Ginger Wine cup in the first round

  21. JohnBhoy


    We’re f***ed.

  22. Ben McGinlay

    I don’t trust McMurdo. He is a snake in the grass..partner in crime Mo…As other people have stated on here and other sites. Denial and deflection, then whataboutery seem to be the common response..gullible then gullible now gullible forever..the only thing that has stayed the same is the new clubs fans, horrible then horrible now horrible forever…


    They have £10m in the bank, will that be enough to keep them going?
    “The Rangers manager rubbished claims allegedly made by director Imran Ahmad that he and Smith are “running Rangers into the ground by not cutting costs at Murray Park from £10million to £5m”.

    how much have the managed to reduce the running costs of Murray park ?
    Did the mange to cut it down to £5m ?

    so £10m in the bank, £5m for Murray park and £5m for everything else,

  24. Monti


  25. Ed Paisley

    Craig Mathers had a slug of Little Big Shot (with half an ecstasy tab) before he hosted his open forum with a group of 200 supporters. That’s why he spouted gibberish for an hour.

  26. JimBhoy

    Wee Lennie give us a spine… Centre half, play making centre and a striker fella…. Do your magic fella, money should be there…Speculate to accumulate £15m awaits at least..

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