A Lesson in Blatant Spinning by Rangers – How It Reported the Charity Investigation Decision

Back in the mists of time, when Duff and Phelps roamed the earth, and only investors in Middle Eastern construction firms and fans of Sheffield United had heard of Charles Green, there was a football match arranged to raise funds for the Rangers Charity Foundation and for the AC Milan charity.

However the nature of the match changed and, in some unexplained (until this week) way, it became a game to raise money for Rangers.

I was amongst the first folk (a month before the game was actually played!) to raise concerns about how a charity could effectively treat the football club with which it was closely connected, and whose Trustees were employees of the football club, as a case for charity despite the terms of its founding deed. You can read what I wrote here and here. The issue was also publicised on Scotzine.com. And I posed a couple of questions for the Trustees here.

The dogged pursuit of the issue however came from the person known as @corsica1968 on Twitter and through their blog which can be found here.  

It was announced that the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) had started an investigation.

But, as the months dragged on, it seemed that the issue had been forgotten about.

There was from time to time an outburst of anger on Rangers supporting websites about (a) me for having the temerity to “attack Rangers Football Club by attacking a charity” and (b) all of the presumed Celtic fans driven like sheep to bombard the OSCR with complaints.

Just to get things clear – I made no complaint to the OSCR personally, nor did I encourage anyone else to do so, and anyone who read any of the pieces I wrote will see that, far from “attacking” the Rangers Charity Foundation (RCF), every piece I wrote praised it for the sterling work and excellent fund-raising it carried out since its formation.

The issues I raised were simply about the propriety of what took place, and the seeming failures by the Trustees to fulfil responsibilities.

Time continued to pass, and apart from @corsica1968, the issue seemed to have dropped off the table. But, behind the scenes, and I am sure motivated by @cosrica1968’s prompting, the OSCR continued its investigations until, this week, we saw the white smoke emerge from OSCR Towers.

I saw the first reports of the decision on the official Rangers website. I read the reports, which are reproduced below and took from them that the RCF had been exonerated.

The first statement, from the RCF, is shown below and can be seen on the Rangers site here:-

FOLLOWING the publication of a report by OSCR into an agreement regarding the proceeds of fundraising events (Rangers Legends v AC Milan Glorie match and dinner) involving the Rangers Charity Foundation and The Rangers Football Club plc (in Administration) the trustees of the Rangers Charity Foundation wish to make the following statement:

The trustees of the Rangers Charity Foundation have noted the findings of OSCR’s report and are pleased that OSCR has concluded that the decision to assign the rights of the fundraising event to the Club was done “in good faith and in the interests of the Charity given the risk that otherwise the event may not have taken place, in which case the Charity would have received no benefit at all” and their investigation is now at an end.

In the event, the Rangers Charity Foundation received £63,288 from the events in March 2012. If the events had been cancelled then the Foundation would have lost over £12,000 in pre-paid deposits and our ability to generously support worthy causes up and down the country would have undoubtedly suffered as a result.

The circumstances surrounding the period when the Club entered Administration were unprecedented for everyone connected to the Club, and the Rangers Charity Foundation was no exception.

Extensive legal advice has been sought by the Foundation during the last year in order to enable new trustees to be appointed and new aspects of governance to be established.

These actions, which are now concluded, were an inevitable consequence of the situation faced by the Foundation following the changed circumstances of the Club – whether or not an investigation by OSCR had been opened.

Whilst it is regrettable that the Foundation was never party to the premise or nature of the original complaints made to OSCR, and that this matter has taken such a long time to be concluded, the Foundation believes that supporters of the Foundation can be reassured that the Rangers Charity Foundation was and continues to be a force for good sustained in large part by the loyal support of the Rangers Family.

The generosity and charitable spirit of Rangers fans is second to none and the Foundation looks forward to further expanding its activities going forward – in Glasgow, across Scotland and throughout the world.

This was followed by a statement by the Rangers CEO, Mr Mather:-

FOLLOWING today’s report from OSCR Craig Mather, Chief Executive of Rangers Football Club said:

“This match took place during an unprecedented time for Rangers Football Club and we are delighted that OSCR concluded that the decision to assign proceeds to both the Club and the Charity Foundation was done ‘in good faith and in the interests of the Charity given the risk that otherwise the event may not have taken place, in which case the Charity would have received no benefit at all’.

“The Rangers Charity Foundation has and continues to do great work and with the support of the fans has donated over £1.1 million in cash awards to charity and over £1.9 million of in-kind support, making a combined total of over £3 million since it was set up in October 2002.”

I have repeated the statements in full so as not to be accused of selective editing.

Now, I like to think (although there are many who will disagree with me) that I am reasonably intelligent. Reading documents closely, and paying even ,more attention to what is between the lines is part of my daily work.

I read the above statements and was of the opinion that the OSCR had found nothing to criticise. Indeed, from the RCF statement in particular, it appeared that the Charity was being praised for achieving some return for the charitable causes.

This struck me as surprising. The English Charity Commission (which it is accepted works under different rules – although not substantially so) dealt with a similar case involving an effort by a charity linked with Plymouth Argyle Football Club to save Plymouth from insolvency by lending the football club money from the charity! All of the trustees were connected to the football club, whether as officials, employees, or shareholders. The Charity Commission made it very clear that there required to be proper separation between the limited company and the charity in situations like this, and that Trustees had to be very wary about acting, even for the best of motives, where there was a conflict of interest.

Reading the official Rangers reaction made me wonder how the OSCR had been able to find so differently from the Charity Commission determination in the Plymouth case. I had written about the Plymouth case here.

Then I read the OSCR website (and I will look at the full decision in the next post).

But the first parts of the Executive Summary were as follows:-

• OSCR found that the Charity’s decision-making process which allowed important decisions to be made by one trustee acting alone was in breach of trustees’ duties and constituted misconduct on the part of the charity trustees as a whole.

• OSCR also found that the way the decision regarding the fundraising event was taken did not comply with the requirements of the Charity’s Trust Deed.

• OSCR identified that issues of conflict of interest inherent in the Charity’s structure had not been appropriately dealt with.

So, we have:

  • “breach of the trustees duties”
  • “misconduct on the part of the charity trustees as a whole”
  • decisions being taken in ways which “did not comply with the requirements of the Charity’s Trust Deed”
  • “issues of conflict of interest inherent in the Charity’s structure had not been appropriately dealt with”

I thought that I must have clicked on the wrong link – the verdict of the OSCR had nothing to do with what Rangers had actually said!

Rangers fan websites rejoiced at the news. They had been cleared and the malicious complainers who wanted to destroy a charity had been thwarted.

Why, went up the cry, had people intent on hating Rangers been able to force the OSCR to spend public money investigating spurious allegations?

Here, went the victorious shout, was another victory for Rangers over the “haters” to go along with the victory in the Big Tax Case, and the victory in the Nimmo Smith tribunal.

(Of course, it was found that Rangers had broken tax law in relation to some of its players in the Big Tax Case, so at best it was a partial victory. The Nimmo Smith Tribunal found Rangers guilty!)

One must admire the bare-faced cheek of the statements. Clearly whoever drafted them worked on the basis that people would not actually read the full decision.

Sadly that plan did not work, although if it was intended to keep the Ibrox paying customers loyal fans happy, it seemed to have succeeded and was taken as one piece of good news in an otherwise bleak week.

The only problem, although it might only seem to some to be a slight one, if indeed a problem at all, was that the statements failed totally to reflect the actual decision!

Posted by Paul McConville

Next – the decision itself and what it means



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119 responses to “A Lesson in Blatant Spinning by Rangers – How It Reported the Charity Investigation Decision

  1. fisiani

    Defeat is victory. Damnation is praise in the brave new world of Rangerspeak. The MSM will gloss over this report and move on. You have to realise that Rangers are above the law and each new revelation comes hard on the heels of the last one. It is like finding the ball under the three cups. Rangers , of any version will never e allowed to die.

    • Eastside

      It’s all ok because at the time things were “unprecedented”!
      Nothing to see as the charity took “extensive legal advise at the time”, unfortunately NONE of the extensive legal advise concerned the charity match in question as clearly stated and condemned by the OSCR! So although the “extensive legal advise” had absolutely eff all to do with advise on the subject actually being discussed, it doesn’t actually matter as advise seems to have been discussed on other issues at the time!
      Sevconian logic, “yes I mugged the old granny, but I took extensive legal advise that same week on a completely unrelated subject, therefore how could I know I was breaking the law when mugging poor old Doreen”.

  2. Ed Paisley

    Take a bow @corsica1968 – a true public spirited citizen. Thank you for your dogged persistence from all of us who work hard to guard the integrity of Scottish charities.

    • Eastside

      Let’s not forget that Corsica1968 fought on for the truth despite the best efforts of Chris Graham and others to intimidate him into silence. Threats to reveal his identity and address on Twitter to the hordes were constant but despite this real fear he fought on. If only the Sevconians had someone with an iota of his integrity to speak for them.

  3. Monti

    Morning Paul,
    Appreciate the work you do & our friend Phil Mcghiollabhain. in unearthing the facts.
    Looking forward to this morning’s champions league draw.
    Glasgow is Green & White!

  4. Monti

    I note with interest the new club are claiming to have £10m in the “bank”?
    If so they could pay the charity back they stole from & as they are the same club, presumably happy to accept the same debt, maybe they could pay a creditor or 200?

  5. robertg

    Great to see the Fourth Estate steaming in and making sure that everybody got the facts about this. You obviously picked up the vibe that there was something hooky afoot from them.

    Ah. Maybe not.

    Once again (to borrow your own phrase) The Rangers Family conflate a Community Service Order with a not guilty verdict. Family?? Sawney Bean and his tribe in an asbestos lined cave.

  6. @fisiani
    The BBC online carried full report on Tuesday highlitghing the facts of the outcome and clearly identifying that one of the 3 individuals concerned refused to assist with the enquiry and answer any questions.

    For a change the BBC actually reported fair coverage and content.

    It is a concern that these individuals names are not known publically as they obviously hold positions of power, or did, within the club themselves. Possibly some of the more vocal past ledgends form bygone days and they should be named and sahmed publically, but never will.

    • tykebhoy

      We can only guess at which trustee refused to cooperate although one has a track record. I think Paul and definiely Alzipratu (Corsica?) have named the 3 trustees at the time and they should be a matter of public record.but here’s a hint


    • roorback

      “…one of the 3 individuals concerned refused to assist with the enquiry and answer any questions.”

      Dignity being The Gers #1 behavioural trait

  7. Steven Brennan

    Spotted a wee flaw in the rangers statement myself, wonder if anyone else did.
    Sentence should have have read
    The generosity and charitable stupidity of Rangers fans is second to none.
    Just saying!!!

    • gortnamona

      “The generosity and charitable spirit of Rangers fans is second to none and the Foundation looks forward to further expanding its activities going forward – in Glasgow, across Scotland and throughout the world.”

      Yea why not. More money to line the pockets of the spivs/charity thieves. What’s your cut little Cam?

  8. Fra

    Cheated the taxman. Cheated their own fans. Cheated all football fans and players. Now we have, cheating a charity. I do hope they’re proud of themselves the cheating bas**rds. Kill this abomination.

    • Mac Tomas

      must be a new world record for “Cheatin”, … I agree Fra, phone the vet & put this miserable, malformed, terminally ill beast out of it’s misery

      • Fra

        @Mac…I think it’s terminal Mac and the longer the spivs hang around the the decline will be never ending

        Mather is going to remove Chuckles.hoho. Brilliant. Who said he should come back?? I don’t know but I’m glad they did.

        The story that keeps on giving. HAIL HAIL

  9. “Blatant Spin” is a special talent attributed to both old and new Rangers.

    Before it was casino’s and hotels.
    Today it is “same club” apart from the debt thingy.

    If “spin” was a sport in its own right, both Rangers clubs would be world record holders and they wouldn’t need to break any rules to achieve it.

    When you can turn blatant defeats into victories, when you can turn truth into lies, when you have something that is so wrong and you make it look like it’s so right, that’s propaganda even Joseph Goebbels would be proud of.

  10. Bigden1972

    Great piece Paul, the depths of depravity to which this abomination will sink is unbeleivable. This circus continues to rumble on, pretty much unhindered by the authorities which only allows them to feel they can get away with murder..!!! Which they do on a daily basis..!! I really really hope they go into administration and liquidation again and this time are killed off forever..!! They have soiled Scottish football for too long and I for one would take great pleasure in never having to hear their name again..!!

  11. An excellent post from SaMule on the Kerrydale Street Forum explaining the predicament of the tribute act and the role of the fans in its Downfall.

    “Wondering where all the money’s gone huns?

    Look at the fat lump of shampoo you’ve got for a manager on £750k a year. Look at his assistants haud it & dod it taking home the same amount between them. You’re the ones who’ve demanded that they be kept in place.

    Look at the players you’ve signed on SPL wages to struggle to defeat teams made up of postmen and joiners. You’re the ones who’ve demanded that such players be signed.

    Look at the salary and bonus paid to Charles Green. You’re the ones who backed him to the hilt, until you had a rare moment of clarity and demanded he left – at which point he took a sizeable payoff.

    Look at the salary paid to Walter Smith to be a non-executive director and later Chairman, two jobs which he wasn’t even remotely qualified to do, but who demanded his presence on the board? You’re starting to get the hang of this.

    Look at January’s interim report which revealed that the club was losing £1m a month. It’s taken you eight months to realise that this may have been a bad thing.

    Ever since your club was founded, Celtic fans have been telling you that your club was doomed to failure because that’s precisely what the people running it wanted to happen. We told you the same thing about the club you used to support as well if you remember, and were proved correct. But no, you couldn’t bring yourselves to listen to Timmy, because you couldn’t accept that we were right and you were wrong.

    And what’s your reaction now that you’ve suddenly realised that life at Ibrox isn’t all hunky-dory? “The guy in charge must be trustworthy, so let’s see how it all pans out”.

    Failure to learn from your mistakes leads to extinction. You utter, utter twats”.

  12. The RFC statement smells to the high heavens of Jim (tub of toxic guts) Traynor who is trying hard to justify his inflated wages for the Zombie tribute Act!

    • portpower

      The fat plick.

    • Eastside

      During all the chaos it is important to remember some important facts, let’s not forget how Jabba Traynor was discredited and shamed as a man never mind a “journalist” when it was shown he was sending his articles to Rangers for approval. (Also let’s not forget that despite the blatantly obvious brown nosing of Rangers and then Sevco, the Ibrox follow followers were vocally calling him a Timmy Mhedia man!)

  13. bigz

    Lying, vicious, defectve unprofessional, malicious, delusional, deceitful, shameful, deranged, senseless, embarrassing,vengeful, paranoid, cheating, ill disposed dishonest, shameless, manipulative, mean, idiotic, bitter, impractical, immoral untrustworthy, shameless irresponsible, noxious, socially impaired, frenzied,
    incompetent, unfit dysfunctional, unethical,derailed, venomous, lewd dishounorable, negligent, maladjusted, ignorant, impractical, spiteful, detrimental, petty, hateful, , humiliating, reprehensible, corrupt and plundering clowns !!!

  14. the bottom line is they should be jailed for stealing from
    a CHARITY they had absolutely had no right to use that money

    • Gobsmacked

      For CLARITY that was the Old Rangers. New Rangers have no connection to anything (except the history). There’s an “L” of a difference between Charity and Clarity. They have managed to tarnish their own Charity, an absence of any conscience – “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”

  15. AntoniousF

    I have expanded the meaning of my new word which I am attempting to get included into the Oxford English dictionary.

    Mediot(s)- A person or persons who believe everything they read or hear in the Scottish or ‘The Rangers’ Media about The Rangers football club.

  16. Barry Ferguson in today’s Daily Record

    “I would like to see the vast majority of its shares given over to the people who matter most – the fans.”
    ( Barry knows the don’t do buying into the club)

    Some thing for nothing, get other people to spend £millions buying shares then demand that they are handed over to the fans that care, they care so much they will spend next to nothing to save the club, this is the lot that were going to spend in Excess of £10m to buy a stake in the club,
    how did that work out,

    McColl,the guy they say is the richest Scotsman in Scotland, a true blue with the best interest of Rangers at Heart, how much has he invested in the new club, about £5,
    Ferguson took around about £2M in EBT money, how many shares did he buy,? he claims he is a fan, so like all the other fans,not a lot,
    he is a multi millionaire,what’s his share holding, he’s just like Smith,McCoist and all the rest, milking the easiest duped fans in the country, or is that the World.

    • AntoniousF

      If the fans were able to raise 10 mil through the share issue in order to fill Ally’s war chest and buy old Chico’s yacht, why did they not just cobble together and buy the club for Murray mint for £1 and use the remaining £9,999,999.00 to get the club on an even keel.

  17. Budweiser

    According to alzipratu RCF received zilcho dinero.

  18. Mac Tomas

    “The issues that I raised were simply about the propriety of what took place”

    Raising issues of propriety concerning Sevco – Rangers is more than enough to get you on a “Rangers Haters” wall collage, (as you are well aware Paul).
    The “Rangers Haters” tag is what is wheeled out to undermine the validity of any criticism of Club Britannia, that is the one constant that unites all Sevco Blogs & forums.
    Propriety itself is an interesting word to use in connection with the ASBO Dome, as it seems to be in rather short supply, there is no sense of PROPRIETY, everything is deflected, the grubby self preservation ethos dominates over objectivity & any overview of how this institution has morphed into something “even more foul” than it initially was. I did not think that was possible, but effectively redirecting money initially destined for a charity……….ffs!
    At the time of the charity game in question, I remember a caller to SSB raising the issue. A member of the panel dismissed the concern raised by saying….”But the situation has changed, & Rangers really need the money”.. (words to that effect)…….That is the measure of both the club & it’s relationship with a significant chunk of the Glasgow Sporting press. I would say Shame on both of them, but that would be pointless, they are both incapable of experiencing that emotion.

  19. Geddy Lee.

    Sadly, none of the Laptoployal will follow up on these revelations.

    Just look how they are now desperately ignoring last night’s farcical summit, going instead on a piece desperatley association the hopeless McCoist with poor Sandy Jardine.

    The reason they act with such arrogant impunity, is because they are so used to the laptop Loyal hanging on to their every utterance.

    Truth and accuracy are irrelevant, if it helps to keep the hordes from going into total meltdown. or Civil unrest as one imbecile once threatened.

    As McCoist, despite the recent cup humiliation, is once again , King of the Hill over in Govan, and the club saviour Green? He can “Get tae F#ck”.

    Talk about sleep walking into disaster.

  20. Monti

    Shakhytor Karagandy of Kazakhstan stand between Celtic & the Champions league group stages.
    The first leg is away from home, While I won’t dismiss the Khazakhstan side, Celtic have been handed a very decent draw,especially with the second leg at paradise.
    I have complete faith in our manager & our players,
    Buckle up Bhoys & Ghirls, this isn’t the end, this is just the beginning!

    • JimBhoy

      @Monti could be another plastic pitch… 😦

    • Geddy Lee.

      yes, but the journey to that part of the world is what all the club@s were dreading.

      The Bulgarian mob would have been better, with the prospect of both games at home.

      can@t complain though. If we can’t beat such a team, we would have struggled anyway in the group stages.

      Ok Sir Peter, … cheque book out !!

    • Fra

      Mr Monti…..I am so proud to be a Fenian / Tim / Republican / Bhoy / Catholic / Irish Scottish / Celtic supporter.

      God bless my gone but not forgotten parents for the wonderful upbringing laced with integrity and honesty and a sense of decency.

      • Maggie

        God Fra,if your parents were anything like mine,you wouldn’t have lived to tell any tales of misbehaviour.
        I’ve been constantly thinking about my dad,who died very young,and how much he would have loved going to the new Celtic Park with my husband & son,and now my son in law too.The man had a moral code just shy of a saint’s,nightmare when you’re a teenager,but correct none the less.
        We’ve got a lot to thank that generation for Fra. That’s what makes the Celtic family what it is. HH.

        • Fra

          Lovely sentiments Maggie. Hail hail

        • JimBhoy

          Nice one Maggie, I too lost my da early, me and him in an ambulance waiting to get a bed at a hospital, hard to take at the time for an 18 yr old JimBhoy.. HOWEVER he taught me much and was a pretty laid back kinda guy which Jimbhoy hopefully has instilled in his kids (FFS 3rd party speak I am listening to Chico far too much).. Anyhoo he was brought up protestant but was not religious, so religion apart good people are good people and as much as I have had a chuckle about our football rivals it pains me to see shysters and spivs make easy money at the ordinary joe’s mysery… It seems to be happening all too frequently in all walks of life.

      • Monti

        Something inside so strong, oh something inside so strong……you know the rest!

      • portpower

        I`m a Celt.

    • portpower


  21. ccl

    So they’ve spent the 22 million raised from the share issue. That’ll cheer the investors.

  22. JimBhoy

    Howdy all, TFI Friday… WRT the charity money it is scandalous that a charity can supply a business with that funding, however where did the money actually go? Directly to rangers (old) or D&P for costs? It actually irks me more that OSCR do not seem to have any powers to make sure this did not happen again, Just making recommendations… Lastly on the subject was this an isolated event or has there been more of this happening at rangers… I seem to remember another of Alzipatru’s very long analysis pieces…

    So where the 50 questions suitably answered last night? I read something about £10m in the bank..!!!! Wouldn’t that be roughly the amount for 37k SBs? Where’s the sponsor’s money, the 3 new strips on sale, the £22m ??
    More importantly are the rangers boys happy with what was answered or will my pitchforks and torches stall doon the Barras get a wee boost this weekend?

    • Geddy Lee.

      They don’t know if their happy yet until they have heard from “the gaffer” LOL.

      it really is the blind leadimng the blind.

    • Maggie

      I particularly liked Mather saying that Chico’s remarks were “immoral and unethical.” What morality did Chico sin against by saying Fatso’d have a problem if he didn’t get his act together ?
      What was unethical about Chico saying that the team were the worst in Rangers’ history…..well maybe that was a teensy bit mischievous,considering it was HRH Walter who allegedly said it first,but hardly in the same ball park as Stockbridge anonymously releasing videos of Malcolm Murray to discredit him,Imran Ahmad’s wee foray onto Social Media and Mather’s own dissemination of the facts of the SFA’s punishment and fines fiasco.
      Maybe he’s getting his statements all muddled up Jim.Maybe the immoral and unethical quote should have been in the statement regarding their swindling of the charity.Aye! Right! Irony free zone.
      Just when you thought they couldn’t descend any lower into the quagmire
      of their own making,they add charity swindlers to the roll call of disgrace.
      Interesting to see that Mather’s now promising to have a board meeting to ostensibly dismiss Chico ( AGAIN ) He’s only back a week and he’s created even more mayhem ( I LOVE it ) Good luck with that Craigie,Chico isn’t going anywhere for less than 14 million.

      “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war…..”
      That Shakespeare dude has a saying for every occasion. 🙂

      • JimBhoy

        Hey Maggie, Happy Friday to ya…. Good to see Chico back in the news, generally he has provided so much enjoyment over the past year and more..

        That report on last night’s wee get together says it all… Not one of them are fit for purpose… Stockbridge comes across like a buffoon. No-one questioned Sally’s £750k sal (or his 2 cohorts taking in that again), do they ALL get bonuses if the football team is successful FFS, a CEO who swears at a formal meeting, Jabba as bullish as ever, the top PR man saying he cannot do his job because of various Crises, top notch Public Relations there JT you Doctor of spin you..!!!

        I have to assume the £10m must be without a lot of the current SB monies, otherwise things are pretty bad for the gers, especially with no overdraft facility..Stockbridge did say the audited accounts will be out mid September, need a pinch of salt with that I fear..

        I think there is a way of raising funds, rallying the fans and breaking another record.. 2 new kits.. For cup competitions, a cup home game tap orange at the front blue at the back and a cup away tap blue at the front orange at the back…. 🙂

        But on a more serious note, no rangers fan can be overly ecstatic with any of the names currently associated with their club or the others supposedly waiting to step in. It is gonna take a lot of that £10m to get rid of the numpties hanging around Ibrox like a bad smell. Is it true McColl has a £4 investment in rangers, is that not a good indicator from a successful businessman who knows where to put his money..

        • Budweiser

          Of the £10m – reports from the meeting say £1.5 m is ‘ income’ from Sports Direct. Whether this is a ‘draw down’ or actual income is unclear.

  23. Dhougal

    Advertising Standards Authority also said they missed out ”some details” when claiming to be the same club and overturned their decision .Where are you HMRC ?

  24. jimlarkin

    What about the charity money from the Man U – game at ibrokes?

  25. JimBhoy


    Some answers leading mostly to more questions.. Good to see the roof of the training ground has been fixed…

    • JimBhoy

      “Unfortunately Brian Stockbridge was not so popular on the night following some dithery answers and alleged/ perceived association with Charles Green. He was robustly questioned on his role in Malcolm Murray’s departed and conceded that, “The issue with Malcom was a misjudgement on my part and I have apologised to him. I’ve had to carry him to bed 4/5 times. The video was to show to him the next day.” The room remained largely unimpressed and at least one gentlemen strongly urged him to resign.”

      • Maggie

        OMG!!!! Did he actually say that Jim?
        What a shower of …….I’m actually speechless !!!!!
        ( enjoy it while it lasts JB:-) )

    • portpower

      sallys` quote.
      “our wage bill has come down to around one-third of what it was a couple of years ago.”
      sally you`re only one and a bit year old ffs. Is that one-third of the now defunct rfc1872(IL) wage bill your comparing wages to?


  26. Monti

    You have to laugh at rangers fans because…well you just have to….:D

    • Maggie

      You know, normally Monti,I just can’t laugh enough at them,but they have really plumbed* new depths with this charity swindle,and the crap issuing from their own mouths at that meeting.
      They have managed to convince themselves of their innocence of ALL those guilty charges. How can one collective group be so stupid? Are they descended from ostriches,who at the first sign of trouble bury their heads in the sand? A massive learning support intervention is need at the Bigot Dome as people SO clueless shouldn’t be allowed out on their own.
      If this was happening at Celtic,I’d like to think we’d we “black burning ashamed” ( as my old Catholic granny was wont to say ) and contrite about this level of chicanery and downright criminality…..surely it has to be a crime to take money raised,ostensibly for a charity, for your own purposes.If it’s not,then it bloody should be.

      * or as Keith Jackson of the DR would put it “depths that were STOOPED”
      It sounds a bit like Max Bialystock in The Producers having to SCHTUPP
      all those geriatrics to get money to stage his shows.
      Maybe Keith is onto something,Sevco are definitely SCHTUPPED. 🙂

  27. captainmoonlight

    Looks like a good draw for Celtic, we need to be professional and get to the group stages, a much better performance than Wednesday’s is required to progress. On another note, Billy Dodds and the usual suspects on shortbread last night with their fake tears over St.Johnstone’s exit on pens was totally vomit inducing, “it’s always the hard luck story with scottish teams, always glorious defeat”, Richard Gordon ” but Celtic are winning/flying the flag for Scotland” – cue tumbleweed. dodds; aye but Celtic are winning!!!??
    Stupid hurtin huns

    • Stevie

      That last paragraph will hurt Monti ye know.
      He’s got this allergy to anything that isn’t Irish.
      Flying the flag for Scotland…he he…Doddsy’s quote was class.

  28. Paul,
    is the ‘excuse’, that without this donation to Rangers, the charity match would not have gone ahead valid? This seems to be the only defence, other than the ‘acting in good faith’ bit, or is it more of an excuse? Yet again, an entity very connected to Rangers is found guilty of a breech of the laws of the land and/or football, for the benefit of Rangers, with either no, or no meaningfull, penalty. Will this lead to yet another world record? And surely, within the verdict, there should have been some severe condemnation of the Rangers administration – something BDO might well have had to take into consideration in their examination of it’s conduct.

  29. Just a thought or is it my imagination but I do not see the usual comments supporting/deflecting from our ‘friends’ on this matter. (They know who you they are)

    Perhaps even they find that they cannot defend the indefensible?

    • Maggie

      Just thinking the same thing deek.No cause for concern though,he’s probably in the shed,worshipping at his shrine to HRH Walter,he’ll be back.We’re not that lucky 🙂
      Oh btw,it was only last week that he was bragging about “seeing us all off” Such fun 🙂

      • cam

        Good timing Marge,,just oot ma scratcher and a quick tour along the ramparts finds my favourite harpie dispensing smilies like wee Odd Job from Goldfinger. 🙂 🙂
        Yes a couple of weeks is a long time in obsessionland and we find the usual suspects launching their shoite filled ballons at the glorious red brick walls,,,sad little piss- ants.
        I see Mr McMurdo mentioning our busy host,whose rate of fire has been increased and whose tone is becoming more fraught by the day,,,always a good sign! oops hang on 🙂 🙂 🙂 ,,,there that’s better 🙂
        Better let you get back to scurrying between trenches rallying your bhoys 🙂
        I think you’re just missing PB from your platoon and once MCFC gers back from singing Celtic songs at unsuspecting kangaroos,you shall have a full complement of ballon launchers 🙂 ,,,alas poor Marge your lieutenant Eco is still strutting around TSFM in his latest guise,,pink spandex,jodphurs and a riding crop,,,have a word in his ear Marge :-).

        • Ed Paisley

          The Rangers Charity Foundation gifted 200k to Rangers plc that should have gone to Help for Heroes, SCIAF and various other worthy causes.
          I am absolutely outraged that Mathers didn’t take this on the chin and accept that this was wholly unacceptable behaviour which could undermine the whole charity sector in Scotland. I am shocked to the core by the Rangers Charity Foundation behaviour. I have advised my nephew to request a refund of his entrance fee forvthe charity match – I’ll let you know what happens

        • joe

          I love it when you come to the surface of your wee goldfish bowl with your wee goldfish memory. Remember Forfar last week, and Sally getting humped in 8 cups in 2 years. Now sink back to the depths of you wee bowl.

        • Paul

          Scratcher my arse you were spotted in the town with a tin asking the public to support good causes,mmmmmm.

    • graham

      We are still here ma man , I see the charity still got something what would other wise been nothing under the very difficult cut circumstances , but lets twist it into the whole rangers fc and their fans have robbed a charity fest !
      Filled with anti rangers hatred,,
      It would be like me using the auld peado shit against your club based on the actions of a few and the lAck of action of others !!
      It is just wrong and wouldn’t do it but you , monti and the gang fill your boots
      I know the vast majority of good rangers fans contribute to many scottish charities even the big box and wee box wan in a totally no bigoted way !
      To all of you who are putting the boot in my club on this issue I say it’s not big and its not clever and beware karma ,

      • Budweiser

        ‘ I see the charity still got something what would other wise been nothing under the very difficult cut circumstances , but lets twist it into the whole rangers fc ‘


        The AC Milan charity got , I believe, £86k- which is laudable. The rangers charity [ according to their own accounts ] got – nothing .The rangers fans have done nothing wrong here. They paid up for a charity game ‘ in good faith ‘. The trustee[s] of the charity and the administrators [ duffers] have switched the charities money either to duffers or high wage earning players to the detriment of deserving people ,like Erskine ex servicemen disabled charity. Surely not right.

  30. cregganduff

    The Rising Of The Moon

    “O then, tell me Bomber Brown
    Tell me why you hurry so?”
    “Hush a bhuachaill, hush and listen”
    And his cheeks were all aglow
    “I bear orders from the Capt’n
    Get you ready quick and soon
    For the pikes must be together
    At the rising of the moon”

    By the rising of the moon,
    By the rising of the moon
    For the pikes must be together
    At the rising of the moon”

  31. cam

    Time for a wee jog in the fresh air,,,the daftie is out with his Oirish crap,,,sandwiched in between Jeanette Findlay and my favourite leprechaun,,,:-(,,,,oaft!

    • Cam

      This drivel and your previous post perhaps sums up your contribution to this site. Your obviously one to skip when reading comments.

      • cregganduff

        Yea Deek – came the charity thief
        And his incessant drivel, which the sticky fingered little turd thinks is witty. Just give him a TD and pass on, everyone else does.

  32. Ed Paisley

    I remember the Moonbeams charity where popular sweets were being sold at exhorbitant prices, ostensibly to raise funds for childrens’ charities in Scotland.
    Of 300k raised one year, less than 3k found its way to the advertised charities. The two trustees of the charity were living high on the hog with 100k salaries, plush cars etc etc
    I describe that as a revolting abuse of peoples’ generosity, Craig Mathers probably spies a business opportunity.

    • Ed Paisley

      Little Big Shot energy drink (with secret minerals drawn from the ocean bed).
      Net proceeds will go to the Rangers Charity Foundation. “Haw haw haw”.

  33. R. MacGeddon

    Did anyone at the meeting request cashflow/income-expenditure forecasts for seasons 2013/14 and 2014/15?

    If not, why not?

    • Ed Paisley

      R MacG
      No need – Rangers operate on a one season financial horizon. They will be skint at the end of this season and their continued operation will require a huge SB price hike for 14/15. This is probably a bad time to tell the supporters that the IPO money has been wasted and THEY are the ones who will need to keep the club going with their hard earned cash next season.

  34. Raymilland

    Ibrox no more! A letter from America arriving 2014:

    A joint statement from the Rangers Supporters Trust, Association and Assembly expressed concern at the Ibrox club’s financial position –

    “We are extremely concerned to learn that there is only £10m left in club funds after the IPO and season ticket monies have gone into the club and will be seeking more detailed answers from the club’s board.”
    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” 😉

    • Stevie

      Ray…everybody knows (apart from Fra,and effinduff) that photo is Parkdump section 111. The board were very pro active during the close season with the GB ejector seat upgrade.

      • Raymilland

        Tick tock…….

        You will soon need a crow bar to separate the protesting bears from the gates at Ibrox. My name is on the waiting list for a new penthouse overlooking the Clyde (An exclusive Green and Whyte development project).

    • no unless they are rankers supporters

  35. Monti

    It’s just funny…..:D

  36. Dr Who (Formerly Malcolm Tucker)

    Spinning like a turd in a toilet bowl.

  37. Sevconians, Their hope is that one day they will fly as high as a bird, the sad fact is the bird the most resemble can only do WALKING away.

    Not a blush among their fans, for the fact that a charity got robbed, they will deny,and deflect and when that fails they will defend every despicable act carried out by both RFC 1872 and THE Rangers International football club,

  38. Paul

    Will the tins be out for charity tomorrow at the Asbestos dome. Celtic brought together to create charities to feed the most needy. Brother Walfrid created a scheme to feed the the needy who were victims of the plight created by foreign occupiers of the destroyed land they fled from.
    Sevco created a charity to fleece their fans to support their failings to maintain the club the fleeced supported for 140 years and who still believe they are supporting the same club. Shameless.

    • flump

      sally reaction to OSCR

      “Make no mistake about it, this is an SFA decision. Both have the word Scottish in their name so therefore they are working for the SFA, but who are they?”

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